my heart my brain

My brain is trying to kill me

Or my heart, either one.

Abnormal ekg in July.

Repeat one today that was abnormal too although in a different way.

Stat cardiologist appointment made per my doctors request.

Now I just wait until Wednesday and hope my head doesn’t explode from what if’s and shit.

Just when I thought things were getting better my body decides to stage a coupe.

Le sigh.

Caught up in your calmness, now I know the wind won’t shake me
They can strap my ankles to a rocket, they ain’t dragging me away
And I’ll take on lions and tigers and bears if they should come between us
You’re the sertonin in my brain and have made my heart courageous
I’ll swear you make everything fine
You’re in my mind all the time
—  JP Cooper is such a larrie and tries to kill me with his songs

he just fucking stops in the middle of his speech about games to show yugi his flexed bicep for some fucking reason and then continues without any explanation. what the fuck is going on here


• The 1975 - new albums music Lockscreens !
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  • Me, to other people: It's okay if you don't feel inspired for a little while. Just give yourself some time, don't put too much pressure on yourself, and you'll break out of it.
  • Me: *doesn't write for 3 days*
  • Me, to myself: you are literal trash

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