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The drawing meme thing results are so cute X3 But what about-- Sleepy human OmniPj snuggles? I can just see it now X'3 My heart melts. Anyway, wanted to say you did wonderful, honey! X3 They all look great! (And Omni would really be confused af about being in a police officer uniform)

AAAH fudge! This started off as an ask!!!

OK - first, gosh thank you!!! I had a feeling that Omni would be so confused about why they would be wearing that. And second… 

I’m gonna put the pics I doodled here! I know I’ve shown them to you but here we go!

And bonus!

[And a brief description: Omni wanted to show PJ (who would be in an M!A to be human) how warm cuddles can be as humans. PJ was skeptical at first but then over time, he fell asleep while cuddling Omni (who also fell asleep) due to the warmth. He almost didn’t give Omni enough room to breathe due to how deep in sleep he was! But when Omni woke up to readjust themselves, they could see how happy he was.]

I just watched Socalyalcon and....

OH GOD, WE’RE FINALLY GETTING SOMEWHERE!!!!!!! Here are my thoughts (totally out of order I guess)

• Cece worried about Jess again and giving her advices (WHY DID IT TOOK SO LONG THOUGH?)
• Schmidt being a friend too (WHY ONLY NOW?)
• I already smile and my heart melts just by seeing Winston and Aly sharing the screen. I don’t even care what they’re doing.
• I think this is the first time we saw Reagan all smiley and nice, and it finally felt like she actually cares about someone (Jess) and isn’t just like “someone please get me out of here”
• All those brand new flashbacks were cute
• All those flashbacks to old episodes got me screaming. Most of this season makes sense now!!!!! The execution is still terrible though, because a lot of things still don’t make sense and I can list them if you want to, first of them being the “I’m in love”) and It took them 20 episodes to address their point here, that’s not good story telling. This definitely helped me to tolerate this season a lot more but it’s still a bad season.
• Jess constantly breaking into Cece and Schmidt’s house got me laughing all the time lol
• I love how comfortable Nick is around Jess, it’s very natural to them. I guess this counts as something coming from Nick, right? Also the fact that he did notice at the end that he kept going to Jess as a girlfriend when he should be going to Reagan.
• FINALLY we saw Jess actually having an attitude about this whole situation she got herself into. First she tried to put an end on being Nick’s “girlfriend”, then when she noticed she was the architect of her own misery, in her own words, she quickly decided to fly away to Portland to give her, Nick and Reagan a break. I can’t believe they’ll still last two more episodes without her though, just like I can’t believe they’ll last 6 episodes after “Glue” and so many episodes in total!!
• Cece saying that it’s not like Jess introduced them and Schmidt reminding hem that Reagan and Nick met because Jess went on jury duty LOL.
• Cece mispronouncing the episode title, hahah, I feel ya, Cece.
• I still think NICK (and Reagan) need to notice they don’t survive without Jess. I would love if they explicitly noticed it like Jess did, but I doubt this will happen.
• I’m still not really excited for the next episodes because I don’t like when Jess is completely separated from the rest of them but if that ignites something on Nick and if it’s implied somehow that Jess not being there for them anymore is the reason they’ll break up I’ll be okay.
• Very excited for the finale!!

Feral/stray cats update: 

We’re now regularly feeding a group of 3 (one blonde, one orange, and one calico). A definite 4th (tiger stripe) and potential 5th (tortie? I only got a brief glimpse, and I’m not 100% positive it wasn’t just a distorted flash of the tiger stripe (like 85% sure though)) showed up this morning. The main 3 are still skittish but won’t go far when they see us. The blonde is the only one who routinely gets close; he’s clearly the bravest one. 

I don’t think they have a max food consumption. I put out 8 (!) cups of food tonight, and they went through it all. They were still hanging around, so I put out another 2. We’ll see if they eat all of that too (given that I saw at least 3, maybe 4, with the other regular presumably not far, I assume they will). 

We’re looking into options, whether it be TNR or getting them adopted. They all look pretty young, so I don’t think they’re too set in their no people ways. 

I do wish people didn’t have such capacity for sucking. Every article I’ve read, along with my own instincts, warn that openly feeding them is a bad idea, because you don’t know what others will do. And that’s not really an option, because the only covered area we have is right by the front door, and the only bowl I currently have available for at least 4 cats is bright yellow. People are going to see. And I like to think that everyone here is civilized and would never harm them, but I still felt a bolt of fear when a passerby obviously noticed the congregation. And I don’t even want to think about the nosy, image obsessed next door neighbors. Just let us feed and care for the poor darlings. 

I have yet to name any of them, but I’m totally going to. They’re now my babies, and I love them.


Once Upon a Time 4x01 - ‘Do You Want to Build an Empire?’

An old flame of Regina’s mysteriously glides into in Storybrooke (played by Natalie Dormer, inspired by this (x).  Her name is Elsa and she wants Regina’s help in finding her missing sister, Anna.  And if she also happens to want to recapture the magic she once had with Regina…

Let me tell you why I love JonMatt / Jon and Edd gang friendship so much

It’s not just because it’s absolutely adorable no. (Although I will gladly take endless amounts of cosy cuddles and smiles between those two oh my gosh, every single piece of art and writing makes my heart melt)

(This is quite long too, sorry ^ ^“)

Now just imagine, let’s say with the situation starting off with Eduardo finally crossing the line by punching him way too hard Jon has to seek refuge away from his house to feel safe and Matt decides to let him stay with him, Edd and Tom for a while:

Jon learning what a good, comfortable and friendly house environment is by the atmosphere of the guys just hanging out and doing things like watching a movie or cleaning the house together,

Jon learning what HEALTHY arguments and teasing remarks are from Tom’s sarcastic quips and Edd and Tom initially arguing about letting Jon stay. Tom suspecting Eduardo’s using him as a spy to find ways to annoy them, but Edd being the compassionate one points out ‘Jesus Tom Jon is really hurt how can you be so cruel, can’t you see he’s not a bad guy?’.
Tom sighs and compromises, yet another thing Jon doesn’t see much of in Eduardo’s house.

Jon learning what good leadership is from Edd, who’s the first to give orders but does not rule with fear or physical over-powerment and is willing to negotiate and listen to his friends. A leader can be effective as a peace keeper and though he might not be the one with smart ideas (that’s Tom) Edd has a good heart.

Jon learning self confidence and care from Matt, that’s it’s okay to be a little selfish and self indulgent and not take orders from people sometimes because hey, everyone should be able to love themselves (though maybe not exactly like Matt). Also trying to flirt with the ladies solo and not be Eduardo’s tail end for once.

Ringo immediately warming up to Jon and demanding cuddles, much to Jon’s surprise, Eduardo’s dog is always aggressive or ignoring him. Cat cuddles are always good.

In turn:

Edd confirms his idea of Jon not being bad, just hanging around with the wrong people and along with realizing Eduardo’s unhealthy solution to dealing with insecurities in PowerEdd, understands that they don"t have to be enemies (or not as bad ones). Eduardo takes out his anxieties through aggression, which in turn makes Mark and Jon have to act along cope with it, with Mark, who adopts Eduardo’s behaviour, over-powering Jon as well who copes by being passive and just taking the abuse.
If he can somehow get Eduardo to start acting in a healthier, safer way to deal with his emotions everyone will be much happier.

Tom reluctantly admits that Jon isn’t as bad as he thought, but then grows more angry and irritated at Eduardo and Mark, ready to help put them in their place by teaching them a lesson.

Matt actually being selfless and going out of his way for someone else for once. He spends the most time with Jon, usually with just the two of them attempting to flirt but failing, so they eat the meals for the dates that didn’t show up/left or watch the cooler films that are on instead. Turns out Jon really likes horror films, but even if they frighten him to death Matt still watches them with him, because he knows how much it sucks to be alone on a failed date. 

 Eventually, after so much time together they just naturally end up in each others company, looking out for things the other might like, like a cool frame for Matt’s wall mirror or a funny video. Matt even goes out to buy ice cream for Jon after an unfortunate encounter with Eduardo, the self conciousness and lack of confidence and fear creeping back for a moment. Nothing major happened, but with how nice and cosy it’s been with the others he forgot what it was like being under him and caught him off guard. They grow even closer after that.

It’s an ordinary night, just lounging on the couch and laughing at shitty TV movies, the others having gone to bed a couple hours ago leaving them to sit side by side, Matt with one arm slung over the back of the sofa. They’re both nodding off in the haze of the screen, bored but too comfortable to get up just yet, slouched and practically leaning on each other. Finally, Matt stretches with a tired grunt and mumbles his departure, Jon giving a small hum in response. And then, without thinking, Matt pecks him on his temple. Just a quick but sweet gesture before dragging himself to bed. 

Jon smiles, thankful the room was dark to cover his blush, before giving in to sleep.

And then they all kick Eduardo’s sorry butt.

Little one smiles all the time when being interacted with now.
It just melts my freaking heart.
She gets excited and starts kicking too, she’ll make sounds like she’s trying to talk, it’s so funny😂
She has also started trying to propel herself off me with her legs when I’m holding her, I’m like chick you where do you think you’re going with those tiny little legs?
She has such a big personality already, I honestly didn’t know what motherhood would be like, but it’s amazing, I just love her so much, and everyday is the best day ever when I wake up to her.

Breastfeeding has been easy now since about 4 weeks.
Her latch is perfect, it’s not painful at all anymore, and I absolutely love it.

She hates napping during the day and takes what I am now calling milk naps (5-10 minute naps after nursing.)
She doesn’t sleep longer than 3 hours at a time at night, but I can usually get 6-8 hours of sleep out of her with quick feedings.