my heart is swelling because perfect

anyway Bellamy Blake has finally learned that it’s not him that’s incapable of being a perfect leader, it’s that there is no such thing as a perfect leader and he’s going to stop looking for Approval from all the Correct Authority Figures because that’s never worked out for anybody ever least of all himself and he mf called Kane out tHAT’S MY BOY YOU GO BELL 

Okay I wrote this when I was having major feels bc people were hating on Jungkook for being popular so that’s why it’s so long but it pretty much sums up has I feel about him. (Also my kpop sideblog is @aebts just so you know I’m not a random person idk).

Jeon Jungkook is the purest angel I have ever seen. He is so caring and sweet and silly and beautiful. But he’s also so insecure because he has been practically raised in the spotlight and had every movement judged and it breaks my heart know that he doesn’t think he’s good enough. He is so talented and works so hard. Even when he was dancing with Hoseok he practiced before he came on camera because he wanted it to be perfect for us. He is incredibly talented at such a young age and he’s only going to get better. His voice is like silk and makes my heart swell every time I hear it. Not only is he talented, he is the sweetest kid ever. He always tries to make everyone laugh and smile and he tries to put off this tough guy image because he wants to be good and in all honesty he doesn’t need that act because he is so strong and takes so much criticism from people. But he does it while still thinking of others and trying to be care free and thankful for everything. He is such a baby boy and he will definitely make mistakes in the future but I trust that he will learn from them to become a better person. His smile makes me melt and I never want it to leave his precious face. His silly dancing makes me laugh every time I see it and his own laugh makes me glow inside know that he’s happy. He is so attractive and he does get a lot of lines but that’s because he’s so fucking talented and deserves every bit of praise he gets because no matter many people love him he won’t think he’s good enough. His personality makes my heart flutter like the butterfly that he is. He has come so far musically and achieved so much for someone his age and he will grow into an incredible man, husband, father, and human one day because he has amazing and loving people to support him. And of course I know he’s not perfect and has flaws and that makes him even more real to me. Like holy shit this person exists and makes me smile all the time and he’s doing what he loves and that just makes me really happy.