my heart is swelling because perfect

The unfathomable meeting of us still shakes me. How unlikely it was. How exactly perfect in position the universe must have been. How sweet she was when she cradled us both in her palms and said “yes, them.” Because we were 100’s of miles away from each other and years apart. Because you were grown and responsible. Because you’d already found love and lost love and seen the ugliness of that. And I was just starting with it. I’d somehow thought that my heart had been broken already but it was swelling, making room for you and them and all the light you’ve brought into me. So even now, gentle as the night is, while I lie against your side, you softly breathing with sleep, I am astonished and awed at the unlikeliness of it. Of you and me, forever away, in this room now, together.

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Hello I hope I'm not bothering you, but I was wondering which bakushima/kiribaku fanfics your favorite are on AO3 ? You're an amazing writer so I'm curious as to what you would recommend to read and what you think of the fics! :)

anon, you are totally not a bother! i honestly don’t have as many kiribaku fics bookmarked as i thought, but here is a quick list of some of the ones i’ve really enjoyed–

by this point i hope everyone just reads eggstasy’s stuff by default; a heart swelled to bursting is my definitive kiribaku recommendation, but i’ll also put in a plug for like ribbons, which is one of my favorite aus and exactly my kind of emotional fic, and all of their canon verse fic (marketable and downhill, especially) because the class dynamic in those is perfect and they are great pick-me-up fics for a rainy day. but i also recommend everything on their ao3 in general– it’s all good stuff and their characterization is hands down my favorite. 

shizuumi151 is another favorite of mine– you looked at me is a no-Quirks college au that i enjoy a lot! the kirishima voice in that fic is amazing and the energy of the story is really great.

crunchwrapsupreme is, again, awesome. one to ten is a great getting together fic and a really sweet depiction of kirishima and bakugou’s evolving relationship. i want you to show me is my exact favorite sort of sex scene that has a lot of good emotions and characterization backing it up. 

ragtag by sportsanimeruinedmylife is a great fic to read when you’ve got a lot of time to dive in– it’s an action adventure story that reads like the best superhero comics, with a well thought-out plot and lots of screentime for various characters. 

found your fingerprints (all on me) by starsupernova is another au i really enjoy– no-Quirks, future fic with a lot of subtle emotions and good characterization. plus i’m always interested in the scenario of kirishima and bakugou falling away from each other but then finding their way back together, and this fic does an amazing job of depicting that. 

oh, and theroyalsavage’s stuff!! particularly detonate and not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all. the latter is a great no-Quirks au based on ten things i hate about you (with an awesome kirishima pov), and the former is just, really poetic and poignant and i love it.

and those are the ones that i can think of off the top of my head! i’m sure there’s lots of other great ones out there (and you can feel free to drop me recs at any time), but this would be my starter set for the ship. 

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Hey friends so like how's your cat and Taylor swifts cat related

So basically i’ve wanted to adopt a kitten and raise him from a baby for ages, because all the cats I’ve gotten have been around 4months-1 year when I’ve adopted them, and I’ve always wanted to get a tiny kitten and raise him! So I think scottish folds are the cutest cats, and after doing some research their personalities made me melt and i realized that they were the perfect type of cat for me. on a whim i started researching breeders in NYC. i came across a listing of this little 7 week old nugget who immediately made my heart swell, and i knew i had to have him. the listing also said that this cat was related to Olivia Benson, and I was like “yeah sure whatever probably a marketing ploy”, and didn’t think much of it. So I started emailing the breeder and she sent me more photos of him, and I fell head over heels. I picked him up a week later, and it was love at first cuddle. I decided to ask if he was actually related to Taylor’s cat, and she said “yes, she came and picked her up with Karlie and a security guard” and showed me a photo of Taylor in her backyard that she had instagrammed, so sure enough…

Ziggy is half siblings with Olivia, and they share the same mom :) crazy coincidence but I couldn’t be more pleased!

Party of the Century/ Archie Andrews

Hi! I loved your last Archie imagine so I wanted to request one 😂 I was wondering if you could write an ArchiexReader one where the reader and Archie are kinda a thing, they spend a lot of time together, hold hands, kiss, etc (even at school) but aren’t official yet, and when the reader arrives at Jug’s bday party all happy and ready to party, she sees Arch kissing Veronica? And it’s all sad and angsty and I’ll let you end it like you want to 😂💕

So here’s another imagine! Thank you to @sweetvengeancee for the first request! Hopefully I’ve delivered well!


To say the least, if someone asked me this time last year that I would’ve ended up with someone who reciprocated feelings for me, I would laughed in their face. But, things have changed, I’ve changed.

Meeting Archie has changed me for the better. He’s brought out the best version of me that I could ask for and I couldn’t thank him enough.

When we first started dating I was worried. Due to his history with Ms. Grundy, I wasn’t exactly trusting of him. Thankfully, he respected that choice and waited patiently for me to trust him and I’m glad that I did.

We’d spent every moment together, playing guitar, writing songs, going to Pop’s, it was honestly blissful. He was never shy about his feelings towards me. He’d kiss me in front of the gang, causing Veronica and Betty to gush over his cuteness towards me, he’d hug me from behind at my locker, holding me closing to him and giving me cheeky neck kisses, causing me to blush madly. To me, even with his imperfections, he was perfect to me.

The only thing was, because after my experiences with males in the past and getting hurt continuously, I didn’t want to make anything official just yet. Archie respected it and said that he would wait, which caused my heart to swell.

But when I found out that we were throwing a small gathering for Jughead for his birthday, I was pleasantly surprised that we were going through with it, since Jughead sinned his birthday.

I was setting up the food, placing everything on Archie’s dinning table. Betty went above and beyond, as per usual, having party hats and even made him a burger cake. I chuckled at her set up, seeing Ronnie walking into the kitchen.

She looked miserable, probably due to everything happening with her father. It crushed me to see her the way that she was, shattered. I gave her a smile, walking over to her and grabbing both of her hands. ‘You okay there, Ronnie?’

She gave me a half hearted smile, giving me an unconvincing nod. 'Yeah, just…its hard, Y/N.’ I nodded, agreeing with her.

'I get it. I don’t understand personally, but I get it. I’m here always for you Ronnie, don’t forget it.’ I pulled her in for a hug, seeing Archie enter the kitchen.

Ronnie pulled away and turned her head back, finding Archie. 'I’ll leave you two alone.’ She sighed, walking past Archie and out of the kitchen. Archie stumbled slightly over towards me, causing me to frown.

'Archie, are you - have you been drinking?’ I asked, my eyes widening and crossing my arms over my chest. Archie chuckled, wrapping his arms around my waist. I frowned at him, making him sigh dramatically.

'I have, but, I’m not drunk. I’m just tipsy, I promise.’ I rolled my eyes, moving out of his gasp. He knew my feelings towards drinking yourself blind and I hoped he didn’t attempt anything stupid. 'Don’t get mad, I promise I’ll be on my best behaviour.’

'You better keep that promise.’ My phone vibrated, Betty texting me telling me they’d arrived at Archie’s house. 'Guys! Hit the lights - he’s coming!’

Kevin turned off the lights quickly, the rest of us scattering around and hiding. I ducked behind the wall next to Archie, hearing Jughead enter the room with Betty.

'Surprise!’ We cheered, Jughead’s face reading anything but happiness. Archie stumbled over to his best friend, hugging him. Jughead seemed confused, probably because he said he didn’t want anything special.

After we sung happy birthday, the door bell rang, causing all of us to freeze in our place. I frowned in confusion, walking to the door and opening it to reveal Cheryl and Chuck, along with the rest of the school waiting to enter Archie’s house.

'You didn’t think you could throw a party without having me?’ Cheryl smirked, a hand on her hip.

'Or me?’ Chuck smirked, making me raise my eyebrow, my facial expression evident with annoyance.

'Where do we put the keg?’

'Put it out the back, let’s get the party going!’ Archie cheered, making me turn my head to him, not believing what I was hearing.

It was a few hours in and everyone was drunk, making out, or making a mess everywhere. I sat on the kitchen isle, my elbow resting on the bench and my chin resting in my hand, watching my peers making fools of themselves.

I hadn’t seen Archie in over an hour, making me frustrated because I wanted to finally admit to him that I was ready for our relationship to turn to us being boyfriend and girlfriend. This party has managed to put a spanner in the works, and in my mood.

'Y/N, have you seen Ronnie?’ I turn my head to find Kevin. 'I haven’t seen her for a while and I’m getting worried.’

'C'mon, I’ll help you find her. I’m tired of waiting for Archie.’ I sighed, moving from my seat and following him back into the crowded living room.

'You still going to tell him?’ Kevin asked. Kevin was the only one that knew I wanted to have Archie as my boyfriend and that I was going to do it tonight. But, now I wasn’t sure.

'I don’t know, Hun. He seemed drunk before the party even started.’ Kevin grabbed my hand, taking me upstairs to look there.

'Where the hell is she?’ I muttered, checking the bathroom and the other spare room, finding nothing.

'Wait - Y/N, I hear shuffling in here,’ Kevin pointed to Archie’s bedroom door, which was closed. I didn’t know if I was ready to see what was behind it.

'Kevin, maybe we shouldn’t-’ it was too late before I saw Veronica and Archie both locking lips with each other, 'open the door.’

My heart broke into two. I felt my eyes instantly becoming glossy. Their eyes found Kevin and my shocked expressions, causing Archie’s face to drop when he caught my gaze.

'Y/N-’ Archie started but I didn’t let him finish before I moved away from Kevin and sprinted down the stairs, pushing past everyone to make it to the front door.

'Y/N, what’s wrong?’ I looked up to see Cheryl, a smirk planted on her face. 'Archie finally realised that he could get better then you, even if it is with Veronica Lodge. Guess the pauper doesn’t get the happy ending after all.’

I pushed past her and out the front door. I looked at some students who were standing on the lawn, drunk and stupid. Now I knew why I hated parties. I jogged down the stairs, stopping at the bottom.

I started sobbing right there on the spot, my hands gripping my sweater as I bend over, feeling like I was going to vomit. I lifted myself up, running my fingers through my hair and looking left and right, trying to figure out my best escape route away from here.

'Y/N, please, stop!’ I turned my head, seeing Archie, now clothed, running down the stairs. I sprinted left, running down the footpath, away from him. 'Y/N!’

I knew it was a matter of time before he would catch up to me, but I never stopped running. I could no longer hear the thumping music, but the sound of my breath, and my heart thumping. He broke me in more ways then one and so did Veronica.

I felt Archie grab hold of my hand, pulling me back towards him. I ripped away from his grip, shoving him at his chest away from me. 'Is this some type of game, Archie?! Do you want to hurt me so badly that I’d get jealous or something?! You’re a real prick!’

'Y/N, let me explain-’

'Explain what?’ I screamed at him, cutting him off, 'Explain how your tongue was down Veronica’s throat? She did it to Betty and now me, see a pattern?’ I went to walk away from him, but he stopped me.

'Y/N, I swear on my life and everything that I am that Veronica kissed me. She was lonely and dealing with everything with her father she’s lost her way. She feels horrible for what she did and I know it’s no excuse-’

'You god damn right it’s no excuse! Can’t you see it? I don’t belong here, Archie. I’m weird and not like everyone else here. I’m better off going back to who I was.’ I wiped my eyes of my tears that continued to fall, seeing Archie’s lip tremble whilst looking at me. 'Cheryl’s right; I don’t belong with you.’

'No,’ he shook his head, standing closer to me. This time, I didn’t move away. 'No, you’re perfect. You’re too perfect for me, Y/N. I fucked up, not you. But please,’ he grabbed my face in his hands, keeping my eyes on him. 'Don’t leave me, I need you. I have no feelings for Ronnie. It’s only you. I wouldn’t have waited if I wasn’t serious. Because I’m seriously in love with you.’

My mouth fell open, hearing him speak the words out loud. I moved my hands up to hold Archie’s wrists. 'Archie…how can I trust you-’

'You can trust me. I only need one chance to prove to you this. Only one.’ Archie pleaded. I sighed, showing his face drop slightly. I watched him sigh and mutter 'screw it’ before kissing me with all the passion he had left.

I closed my eyes in bliss with his lips against mine. We’d never kissed like this before and I was glad to experience it. I was willing to give him one more chance and only one.

I pulled away wrapping my arms around his neck, whilst he wrapped his around my waist. 'I’m never letting you go, Y/N, and that’s a promise.’ Archie whispered into my ear, before kissing my forehead.

You are my Stars

Alright, so this is my first Feysand headcanon. So… take it easy on me okay, I know it’s not perfect.

Word Count: 2,718

I don’t know where this came from quite frankly but I hope you guys enjoy it!

Feyre’s point of view with Feysand fluff (NSFW)

I would love your feedback, so don’t be shy!


Bolting straight up in bed, the absence of warmth beside me pulled me from my dream. I looked over at the empty side of the bed. My fingers fumble for the sheet.

Cold –they were cold.

Rhysand must have been up for a while now. Nightmares had been plaguing him for longer than either of us would like to admit.

After my feet find the cool floor and I pad across it to where I had discarded Rhys’s shirt earlier in the evening, I throw it over my head. The soft cotton fell to just above my knee –it smelled like him too, like us. No matter how many times I lazily throw on his clothes, or how many nights I spend hours unable to sleep just breathing in the scent of him, I would never be able to get enough of it. It was intoxicating.

Our townhouse was dark, quiet. The others begrudgingly slept in the House of Winds, refusing to let us sleep there because we have a tendency to “keep other people besides ourselves up” as Cassian had put it.

I roll my eyes at the thought. My feet barley make any noise as I ascend the staircase to the rooftop garden.

And he was sitting there, back to me, wings spread, as he sat in a wrought iron chair. His dark hair was in a disheveled mess, highlighted with gold from the lights of Velaris; and his skin was glowing as he gazed out towards the sea, towards the stars that hung over it. His wings –his glorious wings were spread leisurely over the arms of the chair.

My beautiful High Lord. I wanted to paint him like that.

Of course he didn’t put his shirt on, not that I minded since I now wore it: but I don’t know how he did it. As I stepped out onto the stone, the chilled night air hit me like a brick wall and made me shiver. My body protested, demanding I head straight back inside and burrow myself under the blankets of our warm, cozy bed.

I walked over cautiously. It was a very rare occasion to catch him so lost in thought. He must have sensed me as I was right behind him because he was not surprised as I draped my arms over his broad shoulders.
My lips left a trail of kisses over his shoulder as he said. “Feyre, darling, you should be sleeping.”

“So should you,” I countered. I peered at him as I made to rest my chin on my arm.

A ragged sigh escaped my mate’s lips. “I needed air,” he said simply. I needed to see the stars to make sure they were still shining, he seemed to say.

“Do you want to talk about it?” I ask softly. A slight shake of his head.

“Why didn’t you wake me?” I rasp. I still want to go back to bed. We both knew that wasn’t happening until he came with me.

“Because you looked too peaceful for me to wake you. Plus, I just love seeing you in my clothes.” He made the attempt to lighten the mood but the humor failed to reach his eyes.

I sighed through my nose. I knew he wanted some time alone, to think. To make sure that everything was still fine.

We sit in silence for a while, I look at Rhys while he looks out over the city.

He finally turns to meet my eyes. The pain that lingered there, the worry, it was enough to cleave my heart in two.

“Will you come back to bed?” I ask softly.

He shook his head, “No, but will you come fly with me?”

Of course of course he wanted to go and fly. The sky was his sanctuary just as his arms were mine.  A smile breaks across my lips. “Only if you get me some pants. We wouldn’t want anyone seeing the little lacy things I bought only for you,” I say, hoping to get a smile from you.

It worked because it made him, take a generous look down my body as he stood, snapped his fingers and then had a pair of my leggings draped over his forearm.

He hands then to me with a mischievous smile.

I barley even had them on before he scooped me into his arms and took a running leap off the roof. His wings snapped open and propelled us out over the city.

I laugh at the sensation, the fear of him dropping me faded just as heights had. I kept my arms around his neck, my fingers buried in the back of his hair. Every so often, when I would find his eyes on me instead of the city lights below us, I would kiss him, and I swear his wings would flatter every time.

We stayed in the vicinity of Velaris, circling the city from both high and low. Banking and swerving with the wind.

“A thought for a thought?” I ask finally, breaking the comfortable silence between us.

His eyes flick to mine. “I’m thinking that I will never stop being thankful for you being my mate. Because you know when I need to talk and don’t push me when I’m dwelling on bad thoughts. And I’m thinking that you are the only person that can bring me back and make me happy. You are my starlight during the darkness nights.”

“Not your moon?”

“No, my stars. The stars are always shinning. But the moon, even the moon isn’t there for me sometimes,” he says. His eyes train on me and my heart swells with love for the male who now carries me.

My mate. My perfect beautiful mate.

“Your turn,” he says as he swoops high enough for us to see the glint of the crescent moon over the Sidra.

The clean mountain air fills my lungs. “I’m thinking that I love you. And I will pull you from the darkness whenever it tries take hold on you. And I’m also thinking that you should put a shirt on, even though I love to see you without one. And now that you bring it up I would gladly be your stars over your moon.” I say and grin. I lean over, my lips close enough to graze down the side of his throat.

The slight groan that comes from his is ripped away by the wind. And just like that I wanted him again. I wanted him, and I wanted to offer him a distraction so he wouldn’t reel back into himself.

“I’ll never wear a shirt again if it makes you happy. I like them better on you anyway.” I can feel his fingers tighten around my waist. Oh, I was going to tease the hell out of him while we were up here.
“Do you? I prefer to see them on the floor,” I murmur into his ear. My teeth nip at his earlobe.

“You really want me to drop you tonight, don’t you?” he asks, his eyes finally gleaming with amusement, with lust.

“I want you to do a lot of things actually, none of which involve clothes –all of which involve one of us sprawled across the bed, or the floor, or the wall.”

I allow myself to keep one hand braced around his shoulder while the other idly strokes the top of his wings.

“Oh I am going to have you moaning my name so loudly, all of Velaris will hear us,” he grits out, teeth clenched.

I run my fingertips down the silken membranes near where his wings meets his back and I feel his harden against my side. A smile breaks across my lips.

“Oh Rhysand, darling, I don’t believe you. And I don’t think Cassian would appreciate the noise anyway. You know how he is,” I challenge him.

“All the more reason to do it then.”

I look up at him through my lashes to see the strained, ravenous look in his eyes. It was etched all over his face. Like he was trying his best to reel himself in before we got home.

All it took was a kiss –all it took was my tongue brushing the seam of his lips and he winnowed back to our bedroom.

I jumped out of Rhys’s arms before he hand a chance to set me down and pin me to the sheets.

Rhys took a step towards me but I winnowed behind him. My hands skimming his wings had him stopped dead in his tracks.

“Feyre,” he barked my name my hands grazed the sensitive spot near the joints.

“Stop being such a sensitive Illyiran,” I coo against the skin of his back. It was easy to get a reaction from him as I leave a trail of kisses down his spine. One of my hands reaches around his waist and I palm him through his pants.

A hiss escapes him, the bulge twitching as I twist him and push him back onto the bed.

A wicked grin crosses his lips, the glorious muscles of his chest and abdomen laid out before me.

I crawl over him, a hand continuously stroking him through the thin cotton as I press a kiss to his jaw, to his throat, his collarbone. My teeth graze the skin of the muscle between his shoulder and neck and I bite down on it. The groan that comes from him has me smiling as I pull back kissing the same spot. A bruise already forming on his skin.
He thought I was torturing him. I know because his breath was ragged by the time I got down on my knees between his legs. I gaze up at him as I remove his pants and he springs free. His head was tilted back against the bed.

The moment my mouth touches him he is undone. His fingers tangling in my hair as I slide my tongue across the entirety of him. I try to fit all of him in my mouth but I can’t and take the rest of him with my hands. Up and down, up and down I move on him.

“Feyre, please,” he groans.

Rhysand has only every begged me a few times, enough for me to count on my fingers. I’m glad I can add another finger to that now.

I keep doing and going, twisting my lips over him, flicking my tongue over the head of him before he bolts up, picks me up by the waist and claim my lips, tasting himself on me.

His strong arms set me down with a gentleness that only he knows I appreciate. “Why you’re still fully clothed is beyond me,” he breathes.

Just like that my shirt is gone, and his hands are kneading my breasts between his fingers. He twists and tugs until my nipples are hard and peaked. A moan ripples through me as I shiver.

Rhys’s eyes bore into me like he’s waiting for me to ask him.

“Rhysand,” his name escapes me. The heat pooling in my core makes my whole body tremble.

“I’m sorry what was that?” he growls. His lips traveling like a wave of hot pleasure moving across my skin. He takes his time on my neck, leaving countless marks as retribution for the one I left on him.

And then he finds my breasts, and he sucks and nibbles on them in a way that has me moaning his name again.

He trails lower, his wings spreading as he kneels before me. Kneels on those tattoos that he knows I love.

I lift my head to look at him and he hooks his kisses me through the fabric of my leggings.

“Rhys,” I moan, wanting him so badly my legs started shaking.

The smile he gives me is a lust filled one that sets my instincts on edge. He hooks his fingers around the elastic at my waist and yanks it down and off in one swift motion.

The way he spreads my legs for him and the glint in his eyes makes it look like he’s about to feast on me…not that I minded. But my blood thrums through my veins and I can’t do anything but wait for him.

My head falls back onto the bed; I can still see him as he lifts his head and brings kisses the inside of my knee. Then lower, lower, lower. Just when I think he’s going to unleash himself upon me, soothe the ache I have in that bundle of nerves, he brings his lips to my other knee and goes painfully slow. Down and down and down.

When his tongue finally dips between my center and I moan so loudly that I bite down on my lower lip to halt it.

Rhys brings both of his hands up, his arms on either side of my hips as he massages my breasts again.

He works me thoroughly, so thoroughly that I go over the edge twice. Both times his name on my lips like a prayer to the Mother.

He rises and hovers over me on an elbow as he gazes down at me.
“Look at how you lovely glow,” he whispers, love lining his voice as he gravelly voice.

I smile at him, my fingers reaching up and cupping his cheek as I bring my lips to his.

“I love you Rhysand,” I murmur.
“I love you, Feyre” he whispers back.

And with that he nudged my legs apart and slide so far into me that I bite down on his shoulder to keep myself from being too loud. Rhys goes in deeper and deeper until he can’t anymore.

The growl he releases make my head roll back. His arms slide under me and pulls my body against his until we are flush together.

He pulls out and thrusts back in torturously slow. He was going to take it slow, and I was going to let him; that doesn’t mean I still didn’t squirm under him. My nails dig into his shoulders, adding to the mark I left on his throat.

When he looks down into my eyes I can’t see anything other than love. The violets of his eyes holding so much more than he had to say at the moment.

My hips meet his slow and tedious rhythm. At the last moment he bucks his hips up, thrusting into me with a force that made my lips open in a silent gasp.

Rhysand. Rhysand. Rhysand.

His name was lost on my lips.

Rhysand. This male above me. My mate. The love of my life.

I could see it then, the darkness that was curling around us, the control slipping from him as he pulled out and pushed himself back in. There were no stars in his darkness tonight. It almost broke my heart.

I loved him too much, he made me too happy to be dwelling I his own darkness. I wanted to make him happy. That’s all I ever wanted to do. I wanted to make him as happy as he made me.

When I open my eyes I see his smile. A glow –my glow –shines through his darkness.

“Feyre,” he groans.

I was so close, so close. And the sound of my name on his lips was my undoing.

“Rhysand,” I cry out. My whole body tensing as my climax rips through me.

A few more strokes and Rhys jumped over the edge with me. My name on his lips, my body cradled in his arms.


Her skin was still glowing as she laid next to me. Her head on my chest.

“I’m disappointed in myself. You weren’t as loud as I could have made you,” I rasp.

Her eyes flick to me, those gray pools of happiness landing on me.

I felt a spark in my chest, a wave of joy settling over my heart.

Feyre. She was my salvation. She was my sun. She was my stars in the darkness night.

Feyre was the missing half of my soul that I didn’t know I was missing until I found her.  And I don’t think I could ever be happier.

“Don’t be a prick,” she muttered, sleep muffling her words.

Sleepwalker--Imagine #18

Anonymous asked: I just thought if this idea and I’m in love:) could you write an imagine where me and my crush have JUST started dating and one night he is sleepwalking and he tells you how much he loves and all that he loved about you?:)

A/N: I truly don’t know what the shit this is. I’m sorry. Keep dreaming!~Logan

I woke up to the sound of someone banging around in my kitchen. 

What the hell, I thought. My parents were away for the weekend, I was alone except for–

My hands searched blindly over the comforter. C/n should be in bed beside me, since he was staying for the weekend, but instead the spot next to me was void of him. 

I heard some mumbling coming from the kitchen and untangled myself from the sheets, wondering what he was doing in the kitchen at fucking four o’clock in the morning. 

I tripped over the rug, my vision bleary with sleep. As I reached the kitchen I saw c/n sitting there, his broad back facing me as he sat in the chair at the breakfast bar island, hands intertwined as if he was making some business deal with some invisible business partner across from him. 

“I just–I have all these thoughts of you and I can’t find a way to say them,” I heard him slur, his words running together with sleep. 

Oh my god, he’s sleeptalking, I thought, a lazy grin tugging at my lips. 

Curiously, I walked to the other side of the island and leaned over it, careful not to make a sound and wake him up. 

His eyes were half-open and he looked stoned, but despite that, my heart swelled at how cute and innocent he looked. His eyebrows were knitted together and he looked concerned. 

He didn’t register I was standing in front of him, and scratched at his puffy-from-sleep cheeks. 

“God, like, you’re so pretty, ya know?” 

I stood still, leaning, my whole body frozen and my breath caught in my throat.

“And, I feel so out of your league, because you are so perfect to me and when I look at you I wonder how I got so lucky. All the guys at school keep asking me how I managed to get close to you, close enough that you love me and I keep tellin’ ‘em I just don’t know,” his eyebrows raised lazily, eyes not focusing on me even though my face was two feet from his. “I wish you could hear the conversatiosn guys would have about you before you were mine. And of course, some idiots still talk as if they can steal you from me. But that’s just it, you’re so loyal and I keep telling them that, but they keep saying no guy like me can keep a girl like you.”

His face became devoid of emotion for a second and his body wavered in the seat. I thought he was going to topple off it for a second but he grabbed a mug that I didn’t see before off the island and sipped air from it. I couldn’t help the giggle that escaped my lips. He must’ve been thinking he was drinking something, when in reality he was sucking air into his mouth from an empty mug. 

“You make the best food. You think you’re a horrible cook, but the fact that you’re so cute with all those splotches of whatever you’re cooking all over your face makes any burnt piece of food worth it. I hope you love me because if you didn’t this conversation would be really awkward,” he went quiet for another few moments. 

My face was on fire. He said he loved me. I cannot believe it. We’ve been dating for awhile and I wanted to tell him but didn’t wanna scare him off. I wished I could tell him I love him, too, but he’s asleep and I’d want him to be completely conscious. 

My hand, of it’s own accord, slid over the back of his and I stroked the soft skin. His eyebrows knitted together a bit again, and he shook his head, clearly upset with dream-me. 

“No, y/n. Shhhh,” he slurred, sloppily placing his finger on his pink, puffy lips, and then dropping it to grasp the empty mug again. “You need to listen. You are so important to me. Like more important than anyone else. The thing that made me fall even deeper in love with you is how kind you are to everyone, but you still manage to be the baddest chick I’ve ever met. You are so badass, y/n, you intimidate me. And I love how your eyes shine and glow in sunlight. You also have the cutest way of scrunching up your face when you focus on your homework and work on your hobbies. And, oh my god the hottest thing is when you get so passionate and riled up about something, I could sit and listen to your powerful rants all day long. Your intelligence is so sexy. And I love tracing your perfect little birthmark. You don’t like it but I think it makes you even more adorable.”

He took another “sip” from the mug, but I didn’t giggle this time. His words were unfiltered and instead of complaining about me in his dreams he was professing his love to me. He never found it easy to tell me how he felt, so this was something I knew wasn’t going to occur again for awhile. But I think if I could tell him I loved him also he wouldn’t be so scared of telling me how he felt. 

“I just wish you knew how much my body craves you when you’re not near me and how even if we’re just lying together, I am completely content,” he sighed, his voice quiet. 

I wanted to kiss him so bad right now. He looked so small and vulnerable, and so irresistibly cute. Dark circles under his eyes told of many late nights, many he’d spent with me, listening to me rant. I didn’t know he enjoyed listening to those stupid angry declarations of mine so much. But now that I think back I remember how when I’d glance at him, his eyes were so full of something I couldn’t pinpoint in those moments, that I can now. Love. He looked at me like a man smitten. And here he was telling me little details about me he cherished like jewels, in his sleep

His body slumped over the counter, and I realized he’d finished. 

Moving to his side of the island, I placed my lips on his cheeks, giving him a small peck. He hummed in what sounded like approval. 

“Let’s get to bed, my sweet baby,” I whispered in his ear, hoping he would either wake up or follow me to bed in his sleep. There was no way I’d be leaving him out here.

I moved my lips to the back of his neck, right above the first bone of his spine poked out from his white sleep shirt. Giving him a tender kiss on his favorite spot, his body moved to crush me in a very warm and sleepy bear hug. When he released me, I was disappointed to see his eyes still in their half-open state. He hadn’t woken up. At least he was responding to me. 

Gingerly, I slipped my slender hand into his large one, and led him to our bedroom once again. I tucked him and me into the bed, but before I could move back to my side of the bed, c/n pulled me into his side, so close you couldn’t slide anything between us. 

“Mine,” he growled, and I was surprised by the ferocity and internsity in his voice. It made my toes curl. 

Seconds later I heard his soft snuffling snores caressing my ear in hot breaths and I fell asleep to the warmth of his body and his heart beating under my ear.


My eyes opened sleepily to the soft glow of sunlight that warmed my room, indicating it was the first rays of the morning. 

What could have possibly woke me up this early? 

That’s when I felt my answer on the nape of neck in the form of two soft lips. C/n had spooned me at some point in the night and I gave no indication I was awake now, pondering over if I should tell c/n what I had witnessed last night. 

I resisted the urge to let out a satisfactory sigh as c/n’s lips traveled languidly lower down my neck, tugging gently at the top of my shirt to trail his kisses farther down. 

“Damn clothes always have to get in my way.” 

My insides twisted at his husky voice and the feel of his hot breath against my skin. I had to resist the urge to chuckle at his frustration. I had listened to him complain before about my “damn clothes” whenever our kissing started getting heated. 

He moved his lips to my ear and ran his tongue along the top of it, pulling my hair gently away from the side of my face. My breath hitched, but I tried to keep my facial expression neutral, not wanting to give away I was awake. I could feel his hot breath against my ear, coming in soft puffs. 

“I love you,” he mumbled, his voice still gravelly from sleep.

The words, and the passion and tenderness with which he said them, broke me into a million pieces and molded me back together again in a more beautiful way than before.  He moved away from my ear, resting his head against the pillow we were sharing, his large, toasty hands under my shirt, drawing patterns on my stomach. 

“I love you so goddamn much,” he whispered to himself it seemed, and I heard the awe in his tone. 

I couldn’t act anymore. I flipped over, lying my body on his and attacked him with my lips, feverishly. I kissed him hungrily, and our labored breathing and small mewls and loud, short grunts of pleasure were the only sounds in the quiet, still morning. 

“Oh my god,” I gasped before his teeth captured my bottom lip and tugged gently before releasing. “I love you, too,” I gasped. 

We stopped and stared at each other for what felt like an eternity, cheeks flushed with passion and shyness. Our eyes studied every feature of our faces and memorized the love that was stirring in our expressions. 

C/n brushed away a fly-away and tucked it behind my ear.

“You’re amazing,” he smiled, looking at me like I was a million bucks. 

“You’re incredible,” I sighed, caressing his face. “You’re also a sleepwalker and talker,” I giggled as his face flushed even more red. 

“Oh shit,” he groaned, rubbing his hands over his face.

“You kind of were blathering away about me last night,” I nudged him with my nose on his cheek as he let out a string of muffled grumblings. 

“Damn, I really need to stop doing that,” he said, pulling his hands from his face, and resting them around me and rubbing my back. 

“You kidding me? I hope you never stop,” I grinned, and he captured my smiling lips in another passionate kiss, leading to more confessions of love and passionate explorations of each other. 

anyway Bellamy Blake has finally learned that it’s not him that’s incapable of being a perfect leader, it’s that there is no such thing as a perfect leader and he’s going to stop looking for Approval from all the Correct Authority Figures because that’s never worked out for anybody ever least of all himself and he mf called Kane out tHAT’S MY BOY YOU GO BELL 

All The Little Things - Part 2

Alright! Part 2! I’ll give links to the other parts of this fanfiction later.


Part 1

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7


“You create good art, Feyre Archeron. Excellent art, even. But not fine art.” The interviewer scrutinized my rough sketches of the coffee shop costumers for a few more moments before she spoke again. “Thank you, that will be all.”

I left the university with a bowed head.


Tamlin had long since returned home, and I was left alone to walk back in the rain. I could have called him, but I couldn’t be certain he wasn’t drunk or in an important meeting, and I sure as hell didn’t want him to know about the not-so-good interview I had spent days practicing for.

I watched the lights and shadows of the buildings and cars. The interviewer had thought I wasn’t observing my surroundings closely enough.

Perhaps I wasn’t.

I remember the medley of colours and textures in my early life. Then, my father died and the beauty left with him. I had chosen to drop out of high school and earn for my sisters. I stopped painting.

Then Tamlin came into my life and the world grew more vibrant, degree by degree, day by day…

Before it finally shattered.

Tamlin had come home one night, disoriented and wasted from a local club. He hit me and slapped me and kicked me. The next day, I covered up the bruises with makeup and long-sleeved shirts. He didn’t seem to remember anything.

It began to happen more regularly, and I genuinely feared this other side of him. His temper would get the better of him, but he would always apologise and try to make it up to me. Some nights, he wouldn’t just hit me, he would—

A red Porsche slowed beside me. I took a step back, apprehensive, but the driver window rolled down to reveal the handsome face of the man from the coffee shop.

“Where are you going?”

Honestly, I shouldn’t tell strangers any of my details, but more honestly, I was cold and wet and hungry and tired and I wanted to go home.

“Park Lane,” I replied.

“Lucky you, that’s where I’m going. Get in.”

I threw open the passenger door and collapsed onto the seat.



Rhys turned on the radio, and some instrumental music gently played in the background, interspersed with the occaisional static because of the radio. What was I doing? For all I know, he could be a serial killer or a rapist. I was about to speak, but I sensed a pause in him, so I stayed silent.

After a moment, he asked: “Why does a young girl living on Park Lane with a Maserati for a car need to work at a coffee shop?”

How much about myself was it wise to tell a stranger? But I remembered him laughing with his little friend group at the café, and truly, I wasn’t scared.

“Actually, it’s my boyfriend who owns the house and the car. I just stay with him. I’ve applied for a couple of universities, but it’s hard for me to get admission because I dropped out of school. I don’t have much else to do, so I decided to get a job. It makes my day less tedious.”

“You dropped out of school?” Rhys repeated.

“Yes. I thought I could be more useful to my family if I was earning rather that wasting money on school. I was never good at learning, and it was a waste. We were just about managing, and I wasn’t helping with my terrible grades.” I didn’t mention my father’s death, or my sisters’ rejection, or Tamlin’s…outbursts. He didn’t need to know anything. Hell, I didn’t even know anything about him!

“What about you?” I asked.

“Oh, I do a little work for my company here and there. Mostly, I fund projects to help people from Illyrian slums get on their own two feet.” The Illyrian slums were large areas of shodily built homes containing thousands of illegal immigrants fleeing war, famine, drought or persecution in their own countries, seeking shelter until it was safe to return. The children there were all bastards – the government refused to accept them as citizens. Often, newspapers would come up with headlines about the devastating conditions or the fatal accidents. I had urged Tamlin to donate a few times, but he had refused.

When Rhys spoke of it, though, it was as if his life and soul were into making these people’s lives better. He was a natural at speaking, and I found myself listening to how the charities were helping. His passion was something people were drawn too. I could see how he got himself a Porsche, and I light-heartedly pointed it out.

“I can see how you got so high on the social ladder.”

He chuckled, flashing perfect white teeth, and replied: “My family died in a car crash. I was the only one not there because I was trying out for the football team in our school.” I felt my heart swell with pity. I knew how he must have felt – I had been through the same thing. And when he was still at school, an aspiring sportsman…It must have been traumatising. “I inherited a huge fortune from my parents, and I’m trying to put it all into a good cause.”

Well…shit. Tamlin had never used his money for the greater good, as far as I knew. He invested a lot, but never donated. Lucien had, a couple of times, for blind people. But I had never seen someone as dedicated as Rhys. I chided myself internally.

Stop comparing them. Tamlin is your boyfriend, and Rhys is a stranger you just met today.

Rhys pulled up into Tamlin’s driveway. I didn’t open the door. I didn’t move.

I didn’t want to leave the warm car with the lovely music. Or perhaps, I didn’t want to leave the handsome man who gave me butterflies just by cutting me a sly glance. I huffed, and pulled out my phone.

“What’s your number?”

Rhys typed it out, and we took a quick selfie for the profile picture. I gave him a little smile as I got down from the car.

“Thanks for driving me home. See you around, I guess.”

“My pleasure, lady.”

I rolled my eyes and watched as his car pulled away. A sort of sadness tugged at my heart but I pushed it aside and walked through the door.

I’m Here (John Laurens x Reader) - Part 2

I’m a lil sad today so here’s a fluffy conclusion to I’m Here!

Requested?: Yes! By an anon and @saint-toes

Words: 1,572

Part three?: Nope! 

Warnings: Swearing, slight angst, fluffy ending

Please let me know if I need to tag anything else as a warning!

Part One Masterlist


A few weeks after John told me what happened, I was sitting on a couch at the Schuyler’s house, curled up between Peggy and Eliza. Angelica was off in the next room making food because ’eating junk food all day is not sustainable.’

“(Y/N), how’s John doing?” Peggy asked, playing with a strand of her hair that fell out of a bun. They didn’t know exactly what happened but we told them enough for them to know that John and I were working through some things.

I sighed, “He’s okay. Getting better every day.”

Eliza smiled brightly. “Aw I’m glad. I didn’t like when you two were going through a rough spot.”

“Neither did I, I mean I’m pretty sure he was going to pro-” Peggy got cut off by her sister slapping her thigh.

“Peggy!” I looked between them confused and Eliza sighed, turning towards me. “Remember the night of the party when you walked in on me and Peggy arguing?”

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Business Casual - Part 8 (Final)

Hey everyone! Here’s part eight, the final chapter of this saga. I have another multi chapter I’m going to start putting out maybe next week. That one is actually the longest fic I’ve ever written so yay!! But anyway, I hope you like this last part! You guys have been great and I’ve loved ALL your comments! Really truly you guys’s responses are why I keep posting. 

This last part has a good deal of sap so just gear up for it :D Thanks for reading!

Part 8:

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BTS when you feel insecure about your weight

How would bts react to you feeling insecure about your weight (like you didn’t want buggy back rides or sit in his lap. You like avoid things like this at all costs)?

Jin: Being the protective and caring guy he is, I get the feeling he would sort of scold you a little for being so silly, and in all fairness, because these insecurities, even if they start off small, can lead to serious health problems, and eating disorders. He would caress your face softly, and remind you that you are perfect the way you are, and that being healthy makes you a lot more beautiful than frowning and worrying over petty little things like these does.

“Please, stop being silly, come sit here” he would tell you, patting his own lap, while looking at you with that charming smile of his.

Originally posted by bangtan-jin-v

Jimin: I think he would understand you the best, being a little insecure himself, he would look at you with sad eyes whenever you stared at yourself in the mirror, mentally pointing out all the things you don’t think are quite right about you. However, the second you mentioned anything negative about your weight, he wouldn’t take it. Before you had even finished the sentence, he would have picked you up bridal style, running around with you still in his arms. He would then stop abruptly, and would begin lifting your body up and down effortlessly.

“See? You weigh nothing. Now be my skinship queen and let me carry you on my back so I can show you off to the rest of the world” He would tell you, dissipating all the clouds of worry that were invading your thoughts.

Originally posted by jung-koook

Rap Mon: Whenever you’d start complaining about your weight, or your figure, he wouldn’t even let you finish your sentences, interrupting you with nonsensical sounds loud enough to cover your voice with his own. He would stop as soon as you closed your mouth, only to begin once more the moment you started repeating yourself. After a few times of this happening you would give up on trying to complain, and he would just flash you a cheeky smile, clearly happy about his small victory today.

“Do you not see how beautiful you are?” He would say, sometimes sweetly, as he pecked your lips, and sometimes dramatically as he throws whatever he has in his hands up into the air, making you laugh.

Originally posted by asdfghobi

Suga: He’d see how uncomfortable you are when he asked you to sit on his lap so you could both cuddle and watch a movie together, and his mind would begin analyzing the situation. He would notice your small movements, pulling the hem of your shirt down, hiding your thighs, or the way you stared at his lap, a frown on your forehead, and he would understand. He wouldn’t say anything to you though, he would simply slide you onto his lap and hold you close, refusing to let you get up or move about until you relaxed into his arms.

“I’m heavy…” You’d whine, trying to get up once more.

“Hmm.. as heavy as a cloud. Now sit still, the movie is starting” he would tell you, wrapping his arms around your frame with more strength, smiling as you stopped moving, and leaning back into his body. He would then kiss your cheek, not being able to hide how happy he was.

Originally posted by hugtae

J-Hope: would whine every time you refused to let him give you a piggyback ride. He wouldn’t understand why you were being this way at first, but then, suddenly as he watched you stare at your reflection in the mirror he would understand, and he would be heartbroken. I think he would confront about it directly.

“Look woman, you are wrong. You look beautiful, and healthy and sexy. Now get on my damn back so we can let everyone see how much of a cute couple we are!” he meant to be serious and tactful about it, but he knew making it sound goofy would make you smile, so he changed his speech. You’d giggle when you heard his sassy outburst, and would comply, shyly getting onto his back, before he wrapped his arms around your thighs, and began carrying you around the way you see in movies.

Originally posted by frostbittensuga

V: V would be incredibly upset when you voiced your insecurities to him, wondering what the hell you saw when you looked in the mirror, and what even caused you to think this way in the first place. He wouldn’t understand why you couldn’t see yourself the way he saw you, radiating beauty wherever you went, turning heads, making people smile, and making him feel like the luckiest man in the world for having someone as beautiful as you, inside and out.

“I don’t understand what you see when you look at yourself, but I promise you this: if you could see yourself through my eyes, your heart would not understand the concept of insecurities. I love you Y/N, and I don’t want to see you hurting because of something that shouldn’t even be on your mind. You are perfect, okay?” He would tell you, his body behind yours, arms wrapped around your waist as he makes you look in the mirror in just a tank top and shorts. You’d start to tear up at your boyfriend’s confession, heart swelling with the happiness of realizing someone thought so highly of you. You’d turn around, grabbing onto his face with both hands, and crashing your lips onto his passionately. *pretend you are Jimin*

Originally posted by secret-exotic

Jungkook: At first he would think you refused to do those things with you because you were shy about PDA, but then he would get upset. He wouldn’t know what to say to you, because it isn’t something he could easily fix. He could describe you exactly what he saw when he looked at you, but the moment you looked in the mirror, everything he had told you would have gone right out your other ear. After the fifth time you had rejected his attempts at sitting you on his lap, he would have had enough.

“Look Jagi, you are being silly. You are not heavy, and you genuinely do look fantastic. If you are worried about your health, we can go for a run every day, together, and start eating less snacks, but I honestly don’t think you need any of it okay? Just don’t push me away. It hurts me. Please?” He would tell you, and you would nod, sitting down on his lap, arms wrapped around his neck, and he would smile, for he had made one little step of progress towards making you feel better.

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A/N: None of these gifs are mine, credit goes to their rightful owners

anonymous asked:

(Oneshots, please!) fem! s/o just lounging around until their lover comes over and starts using their boobs as a pillow. (Junkrat, Genji, and Lucio)


Junkrat’s s/o was just lying on the floor of the living room with the TV on. The TV was just on a random channel that looked mildly interesting, it was that period of the day where there was nothing interesting on. So she wasn’t paying much attention anyway.

Junkrat had just been tinkering with his bombs and his frag launcher when he came in to see his s/o laying there. He was covered in soot and smelled like gun powder. Junkrat let out his signature giggle and jump down to lay his head on her chest. His s/o had not expected this so she let out a squeak of surprise.

“You could’ve given me a heart attack Junkrat!”

He grinned, “But you didn’t.”

She rolled her eyes at him and then she patted his head. She turned her head back to the TV to see if the show got any more interesting. It didn’t. She took a deep breath in from lounging for so long and when she did she noticed something. Junkrat was probably just playing with his bombs, so he smelled of gun powder and dirt from blowing things up.

“Ewww. Junkrat, you smell! Go shower, you’re gonna get soot all over me!”

He let out his signature laugh, “Too late for that, love.”

He pointed down at her clothes, she was covered in dirt and soot! You could clearly see an imprint of his face with a smile, it looked like a design on the shirt. She gave an exasperated sigh, she loved this shirt, but oh well. She just accepted it and when he noticed, he gave a grin and laid his face back on her chest. She could feel his smile.


Genji had just gotten back from meditating with Zenyatta and saw that his s/o was outside on a picnic blanket with her sketchbook. He thought she looked so beautiful sitting there surrounded by the cherry blossoms. He saw that she was sketching the scenery, so he decided to mess with her.

While she was looking at her sketchbook, Genji used his ninja skills to quietly sneak in front of her. He laid down on his side and used his arm to prop up his head. When she looked up, she let out a squeak because she was not expecting him to be there. He chuckled.

“Paint me like one of your French girls.”

You can’t see it, but he winked at her. She knew him long enough that she could practically see the wink and she rolled her eyes. He was so silly and she loved that about him. She reached over to remove his visor, she had always loved looking at his eyes. She traced all the scars on his face, he leaned into her touch. After being together for so long, he felt comfortable enough to be around her without his visor.

“I love you, Genji.”

He smile and gave her an ‘I love you’ back. Although meditating with Zenyatta was very relaxing, he found this more relaxing and could feel his eyes getting a bit heavier. His s/o noticed and suggested a nap. So she laid back waiting for him to lay next to her. Instead he surprised her, once again, by laying his head on her chest instead. That was one of the best naps he ever had.


“S/o! S/o where are you?”

Lucio had been working on his new album and he wanted to take a much needed break so that his brain doesn’t get fried from staring at the screen for too long. So he decided to go visit his cute s/o for some cuddle time and he was starting to miss her.

When he arrived at the house, he couldn’t find her anywhere. He had checked the kitchen, the bedroom, the living room, he even checked the bathroom! He was getting a little worried until he heard rustling coming from the attic.

“I’m up here!”

That was odd. Maybe she was cleaning. He made his way into the attic, and when he got up there, he saw his s/o laying on a bunch of pillows and blankets. The room was lit up with fairy lights and there was a cute little lantern. She had a book in her hands, her finger in the middle of the closed book to keep track of her place. He was amazed, when he had been up there before, it was just a mess and now it looked like a great reading nook.

“When did you do all this?”

“The past week, since you’ve been so busy I thought I’d make a place for you to come and relax! I was going to call you over, but I started reading my book, so…”

Lucio chucked. She was such a thoughtful person, it made his heart swell. Since the spot was made for him he would make the most of it. Right now. He quickly made his way over and hugged her with his head on her chest.

“You’re perfect.”

His s/o giggled, and she patted his head. The rest of the evening was spent with him holding her and using her chest as a pillow, while she read to him. His friends called several times because he was supposed to come back to work on the album, but he never came back. He would rather be here instead of working anyway.

A Night to Remember

Seth Rollins/OC. For @gelinas22:  Reader talks Seth in to going to a concert of their favorite band (let’s say A Day To Remember). He doesn’t want her to get hurt in the mosh pit but she takes off anyway and ends up pulling her weight in the pit, punching some guy that tried to touch her inappropriately before Seth gets there. He gets worked up and it just ends up in some smutty goodness.

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To my darling Sebastian,

I debated for a while over how to start this letter to you but I decided to start simply, so: I love you. I really do… Love you. It’s funny, isn’t it? A sort of cruel irony that I don’t experience romantic or sexual attraction and yet… I love you so completely that just the sight of you can often make me cry. 

When people ask me about you, I tell them that you’re my reason. It’s true and it’s the best way I can explain how I feel for you. You’re the reason I get out of bed each morning, the reason I persisted in signing up for university, the reason why I’m still looking for a job. You’re the reason I realised my worth after Those People hurt me. You’re the reason I cut my hair, the reason why I study hard, the reason why I smile, laugh, cry, exist and take care of myself each day as I do.

You are everything to me and nothing I can say or do will ever be able to sum up that love well enough. You are just so beautiful, are you aware of that? Are you aware of how beautiful your burgundy eyes are, up close? Are you aware of how your very presence demands to be noticed? Are you aware of how you make murder look like an art and how blood contrasts nicely with your alabaster skin? Are you aware of how my heart pounds in my chest whenever you’re in a fight and get hurt? Even a scratch on you makes me worried sick and I have to look through my fingers. Are you aware of how I’ve begun to sound like you, how I channel you in day to day life because I feel that much closer to you by doing so, even subconsciously? 

Everything about you is beautiful. You may be a creature of the night, a creature of darkness, but my mortal heart swells with pride, affection and love at just the sight of you.

But while you support, encourage and love me in my daydreams as much as I love you, in reality I am all alone. Today, I watched the live action film, with Hiro Mizushima. He’s the perfect Sebastian, don’t you think? He’s who I see when I think of you and I simply adore him. But I had a sickness in my throat, a lump, and tears that I ended up crying because you’re there, right there, on the screen. I can hear you, see you and if I focus for long enough I can even smell you and feel you… And yet you’re not there. You’re a part of me, you live in my heart, but you’re not a corporeal presence in my life.

I bring you to life in my writings, my thoughts, my daydreams, and sometimes I think I can feel talons in my hair and i pretend it’s you, crossed over from another realm to visit me, but I know it’s not true. It’s cruel that the only time I’ve ever truly been in love with anyone is the time that they’re not real, except in my mind. Do you realise just what I’d do for you, to make you mine in every sense of the word? Do you realise the lengths I’d go to to bring you into this world to be mine?  I can’t even tell if you ever would be mine but I’m gonna allow myself to believe that we’re soulmates… I like the sound of that, being soulmates with a demon. Being soulmates with you.

You haunt me. You’re in my every waking thought and sometimes, when I’m slacking off or dong something I shouldn’t, I hear you. There’s no time for thumb-twiddling, Erika, so get to work! or You haven’t showered yet… Might I suggest that you do? or Time to awaken, my love. You just… You get me through the day and I could never thank you enough. Just the sight of your face makes me want to curl up and cry at the injustice of it all. I wish I could give you every soul you could ever want, and I joke that my soul is on loan for you so that when you get here you can exchange it for my heart, which is wholly yours.

I lay in bed at night, scared of the shadows, and pretend you’re holding me and keeping me safe. I get up in the morning and pretend that you’re busy with Ciel. When I write for you, I pretend that Y/N is me so I can sink deeper into the fantasy. How can I ever find love in this realm when the only one I want is you? Not an imitation or someone like you, not a Japanese man called Sebastian or even someone who can copy your way of being. I just. Want. You. I wish I could reach through the sceen and bring you to me and I can’t and it hurts. It hurts so much that I genuinely cry from it, more than is healthy.

I feel lonely and heavy a lot of the time, especially at night when I long to curl up beside someone who will wrap an arm around me and hold me to them and will kiss my forehead but understand that I don’t always want to be touched. I just… This reeks of desperation, I know, but Sebastian… As I am now, at twenty years old… You’re it for me. I want no other.

So, thank you for being who you are, for being what you are, for doing what you do and doing it well. Thank you for being Sebastian Michaelis and answering Ciel’s call. Thank you for teaching me strength, loyalty and the meaning of love. 

I’ll carry you with me forever and always, my precious demon.

With more love than a mortal heart can bear,

Erika. ❤

Aftermath Part 1

(Inspired by a prompt given by @ofcoffeeandunhealthyobsessions: imagine some dorky Garrus cooking sheps favorite meal but fucking it all up??? I dunno I just finished the third game and I need some fluff. the second part will feature the cooking but I was rly inspired! so its going to be longer than most prompts I do!)

“Eyyo Lola—er, Councilor! ”  

Shepard lifted her gaze from the data pad, lifting her gaze to James as he walked through the doors to her office. “Please, James. You’re my friend, no need to switch to the formalities just because I have a new job.”  

James came to stand at her desk, fidgeting awkwardly. “Yeah, okay counci- Lola.”  

“what did you need Vega?” Shepard stood from her desk, bracing her hand on the desk as a sharp pain shot through her leg, phantom pains and a dull ache from the synthetic limb. James immediately offered his hand, which she took. He helped her steady herself, giving him a grateful smile.  

“Thanks James.” She sighed, stretching out the cramping prosthetic leg with a pained hiss.

Her friend shook his head, looking irritated. “It ain’t right, Lola. The council should let you rest before giving you all this work.” Shepard shrugged and pat his shoulder reassuringly.  

“Yeah, well. A hero’s work is never done, as they say.” Letting herself stand on her own, she walked over to the large window overlooking the rebuilding Citadel.  

After the war, the citadel was… almost beyond repair. Once the Mass Relays were repaired, the reconstruction on the citadel had begun. It was… eerie being on the space station once more. Knowing all that happened here… Javik and Liara worked with the Prothean VI to get the basics of the station on blueprints, and while most of the residential buildings and such were destroyed, within the first few months over half the citadel was back to normal.  

Shepard was in charge of overseeing the reconstruction efforts on earth, coordinating heavily with the quarians and the geth to get the proper technology, and even enlisting the help of the Krogan for the heavy lifting. Athena Shepard had not had a day off in weeks. The closest thing to a vacation she had after the war was when she was in a coma for three weeks, not as Athena Shepard but as Jane Doe. If Jack hadn’t given her that damn tattoo… she didn’t like thinking about it.  

“Hey, Lola, you there?”  

Athena was shaken from her thoughts, her gaze refocusing on her friend. “Yeah, yeah, I’m… I’m good.” She sighed heavily, running a hand over her face. “just tired.”  

“How long has it been since you’ve slept?” He questioned, leaning against her desk.

Shepard shook her head, staring at the bustle of activity out the window; construction on the lower wards, new apartment complexes… “I dunno… A few days?”  

James shook his head. “I guess it’s a good thing I checked up on ya. Buggy wanted me to give you him and the docs latest report on the installation of the Prothean VI up in the council towers. Your office up there is almost done by the way.”  

James had been a big help in overseeing repairs, he acted as her arm of sorts, having been promoted to commander after the war. Shepard snickered at his nickname for Javik, the grumpy Prothean always bristled at the endearment. “You know Javik hates when you call him that.”  

James shrugged. “He hasn’t said anything to my face. Also, your little girl is terrorizing him.”  

Athena laughed softly, picturing her daughter chasing Javik around Liara’s study was humorous and lifted some stress form her shoulders. “Takes after her father. Isn’t she supposed to be with Joker?”  

James shrugged. “Yeah, he was up there too, but EDI was doing most of the work. Oh, you got a message from the Turian Primarch by the way.”  

Shepards head snapped back to him, her eyes widening and her breath catching in her throat. “What did he say?”  
James laughed at her expression. “well don’t you look like a blushing schoolgirl, Lola.” Shepard punched his arm with a scowl. “What did he say james?”  

James rubbed his arm, shaking his head with a laugh. “I’m not a secretary. he’s downstairs. Why don’t you ask him yourself?”  

That was all the motivation she needed to leave her office. Thanking her friend, she quickly walked out of her office, anxiously twisting the black gold ring on her left hand.  

She hadn’t seen him in almost a month… the thought of seeing him again made her heart swell. She hardly ever left her office, only when things were dire did she leave and make an appearance. She was just lucky that reporters weren’t swarming outside, especially after the wedding.  

She couldn’t move as fast as she may have wanted, her synthetic leg giving her issues, but she ignored the pain and pushed on. Moving through the newly rebuilt presidium and through the embassies when she saw him.  

Her breath catching in her throat, overwhelming relief flooding her veins. Her voice barely a whisper. “Garrus…”  

His head turned, his gaze meeting hers. It took everything in her to not break her image and just run to him, but she was carefully aware of the reporters surrounding them, each eager to capture the most popular interspecies relationship in a tender moment.  

Carefully making her way towards him and keeping her posture professional, she greeted him warmly with one of her rare smiles. “Primarch Vakarian.”  

Garrus met her halfway, his entourage lagging behind, unsure whether to follow. “Councilor. It is good to see you again.” He clasped her hand in his, his grip familiar and grounding, the rumble of his subharmonics speaking his feelings when his words couldn’t. Letting their hands fall, resuming their professional demeanor and ignoring the flash of cameras on the other side of the embassy.  

“Likewise. How are the reconstruction efforts on Palaven?”  

“It’s going well. The alliance with the krogan is holding.” Garrus’ mandibles flared slightly, his gaze flickering to the reporters whispering behind them. “There are some sensitive matters we should discuss.”  

Shepard nodded, keeping her demeanor professional. “Of course, if you would follow me.”  

She led the way to her office, Garrus sticking to her side as his guards followed behind him. Luckily the reporters didn’t follow. Once reaching her office, she entered the key code and Garrus ordered his guards to stay outside. Once the doors shut behind them, Shepard let her resolve drop and she let out a heavy sigh.  "have I mentioned how much I hate politics? Because I hate politics.“  

Garrus’ laugh made her heart swell, she couldn’t help the smile that came to her lips. "Isn’t that why you gave Anderson the job before? Because that made him perfect for it?”  

Athena shook her head with a laugh. “I guess I’m eating my words now.” She feels his arms wrap around her waist, a content purr rumbling in his chest. “I’ve missed you, Athena..”  

Shepard hummed softly, turning in his arms to face him and press a soft kiss to his mouth plates. “I’ve missed you too Garrus..” Taking his face in her hands, she looked him over, worry beginning to shake her. “Have you been sleeping?”  

Garrus’ mandibles flexed, his silence was her answer. Shepard sighed softly, her fingers gently brushing against his scarred mandible. “neither have I…” she pressed another kiss to his mouth plates before she pulled away, their foreheads resting against one another.  

“Where’s Solana?” Garrus murmured, rubbing his thumbs over the back of her hands. Shepard laughed softly, enjoying their tender moment. “Terrorizing Javik. She’s hanging out with Joker and EDI up in the Council towers.” Garrus snorted out a laugh, shaking his head. “sounds accurate.”  
Shepard and Garrus had adopted the little girl after she had been found amongst the rubble on earth, just a small infant crying in her dead mother’s arms. Shepard had assisted with the excavation efforts and had found the poor kid. It was impossible for any of the doctors to get the child to stop crying unless Shepard was holding her. After she was nursed back to health, Shepard and Garrus signed the adoption papers and named her after Garrus’ sister.  

Shepard reluctantly pulled away from their embrace when a ping went off from her datapad.  


Get this child of yours before I eat her.  


Shepard sighed softly. “Javik is threatening to eat our daughter.”  

Garrus snorted. “Well, knowing him he’s not bluffing. We should probably intervene.”  

Shepard nodded. “That would be best.”  

Written on the wrist - Dean Winchester x Reader - Chapter 10 (French Mistake/Soulmates AU)

Title: Written on the wrist

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word count: 6k+

Warnings: Suicide (mention)

Prompts: Your Imagine getting zapped to the Supernatural universe and meeting Dean.” imagine is perfection!! Please please write a mini story or something based on it! It would be so good! P.S. You are one of the best writers whose stories I follow! :)

Im so glad requests are open! What about a readerxdean with French mistake reader whose soulmate is Dean?? Maybe soul mates have each other’s names on their arms so her name is on his arm and she enters the spn universe and he gets nervous because she doesn’t have his name on her arm since she’s from a different world?? I’ve never seen this done before so I think it might be nice to see! and your writing is amazing! Thank you!! ❤️❤️❤️

Read: Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3 l Part 4 l Part 5 l Part 6 l Part 7 l Part 8 l Part 9

“What is your soulmate’s name, Dean?”

“Wh-why do you want to know?” his voice was rough, raising an interested eyebrow.

You shrugged, looking down at your food “Don’t know. It’s just- she is Dean Winchester’s soulmate. Must be something special right? And besides that-” you chewed on your lower lip “She’s not with you. Wouldn’t you want that?”

He sighed, leaning back in his seat “It’s not that simple (Y/n). You might think it’s all rainbows and unicorns because oh soulmates are just so romantic but- with this kind of life? The least I want is to drag somebody else into it, much less mysoulmate.”

“I know things aren’t easy, Dean. Hell I’ve gotten to realize it lately myself and I’m scared to no end but- you won’t bedragging her as you say. If she’s with you I doubt she’d have the mind to worry about anythig else. I mean, although I don’t know much-” you shrugged “-meeting your soulmate must be pretty big thing right?”

“It is.” he sighed “Some don’t even get the chance to meet their other half before they die but I mean- look at me sweetheart? You know the shit I’ve been through. Would you really think anyone would stand to be dragged into this mess?”

“No. Not anyone.” you pursed your lips “But your soulmate would, and I’m sure of that.”

“How come?” he couldn’t help but breathe out, a small smile forming on his lips as he saw the small spark in your eyes.

“Because she’s your soulmate obviously! And you- you are Dean Winchester! Dean freaking Winchester! There are so many words to describe you yet none is enough. Hell I know I wouldn’t think a second and jump straight into this mess as you call it if I could have you as-” you cut off yourself immediately, pursing your lips as you caught yourself saying things out loud you probably shouldn’t.

Dean’s eyebrows shot up and his lips parted, a small breath leaving but he didn’t find it in him to question anything further as he only could breath out “Would you?”

“I would Dean.” you sighed, looking down sheepishly “And I know so would she. The love for your soulmate is far stronger than fear or anything else. Besides- wouldn’t you want to have her by your side?” you dared lock eyes with his.

“I only don’t want her to get hurt.” he mumbled in a rough voice.

“She wouldn’t. I’m sure if she had you by her side then she wouldn’t have to worry about anything else. You would risk everything for her wouldn’t you?” he gave you a small nod “Then why worry? And I’m sure she’d want you by her side too. You would have to ask her too, Dean. Making a decision that has an effect on her life without asking her is wrong, trust me.”

“You seem pretty sure about it.” he whispered in a statement and you shrugged with a small smile.

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Different Pt 1.5

Read Pt 1 here

Suga x Reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Word Count: 546 

Warnings: Mature/Sensitive Themes

Originally posted by nnochu

Fluff Version:

Tears filled your eyes as soon as you left the office, and the entire journey home was one of the most uncomfortable silences you’d ever experienced. It was odd, because silences with Yoongi were never uncomfortable, but rather the opposite, you didn’t always need words to communicate, silence was the best sometimes. But even if you wanted to say something in that moment, what would it be?

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cajuncherrybee  asked:

You know what would be a perfect wedding song for viktor and yuuri? All this Time by One Republic. This song is my theme song for them. Like it's so sappy but it makes heart swell everytime I listen to it because I couldn't help but imagine Yuuri and Viktor dancing to this. "All this time we were waiting for each other. All this time I was waiting for you. We got all these words, can't waste them on another. So I'm straight in a straight line running back to you" me: *melts on a corner*

That song fits so well!

Top 5 - Anidala/Vaderdala fan vids

for @jedifest16′s Top Picks challenge

Herein lie enshrined the five Anidala/Vaderdala fan vids that I viewed most this year. Prepare thyself for feels. 

1. Where’s my love? by AnneSoshi 

Oh my god, this fan vid.  So haunting. No matter how many times I see it, it still physically HURTS. The editing, clips, voiceovers, and music flow together to create the most exquisitely painful Anidala vid ever. 

2. Somebody To Die For by koppiezus

Another that I’ve watched many, many times this past year, this is an absolutely lovely fan vid that evokes my Hades and Persephone/Death and the Maiden feels for these two. The part where it says “when i’m standing in the fire, I will look him in the eye, and I will let the Devil know that I was brave enough to die”, I tear up, every time. But ultimately, I love this one so much because not only is the editing and music combo just gorgeous, but it also has an uplifting feeling to it at the end, telling us not to “go gentle into that good night, but to rage on against the dying light”.  

3. ’Cause I’ll remember you by anakinspadme

Probably the fan vid I watched more than any other this year. The perfect depiction of Anidala-as-fairytale. The lyrics are absolutely beautiful – Anakin as the ‘charming prince’ with a ‘warm soul and arms of steel’. I mean, how perfect is that? And Padme as the ‘angel who prayed for him’. *sob* I adore everything about this one – the song choice, the editing, the colours. Palps as the ‘evil hag’, lol. ;D And when it says ‘though the shadows tried to keep our hearts away forever, it never came true’, I get such chills and my heart swells at the same time. And finally, the ending. is. perfection. Force ghost!Anakin and Padme looking happily upon their children at the end of RotJ. WHAT MORE CAN YOU WANT? :’) 

4. long after you’re gone by GandalfsTruth

A seriously awesome fanvid that manages to capture the essence of both Anidala and Vaderdala all at the same time. I included this one here because not only is it beautifully constructed, but it also stands out from the crowd. It’s just so unique. The music choice, especially. But it totally works, and is all the more memorable for it. Perfectly edited for maximum feels. GO WATCH THIS NOW.

5. Echo by MEOW.DK

Lord Vader, standing on the bridge of his Star Destroyer, looking out ‘across the stars’ while thinking of his beloved Padme. In other words, THE quintessential Vaderdala fan vid. I JUST LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT OKAY. The clever overlaying of PT and OT clips is just…. omg, ahhhh. So well done, and perfectly captures the ‘romantic’ side to ‘Vaderkin’ that IS TOTALLY REAL SHUT UP IT IS. I am not ashamed to admit this one makes me weep sad and lonely Sith-lord tears every time. The ending is the sort of knife to the heart that you gladly welcome.  For me, this is not just ‘headcanon’, but is up there with other Vaderdala fanworks like the famous ‘Vader’s dream’ as CANON.