my heart is still beating fast

Okay, guys. So my lights are off and I’m in bed mobile blogging and my leg is hanging off my bed. I did not hear my dog walk in and HIS NOSE JUST RUBBED AGAINST MY FOOT AND I AM NOT EXAGGERATING WHEN I SAY I JUMP SO BAD THAT I KICKED HIM IN THE FACE. It is 3:30 in the morning. HE COULD HAVE BEEN A MONSTER UNDER MY BED OR SOMETHING. I’m going to sleep. This is what happens when I stay up past my bed time.

I thought it was over, that I’d never have that feeling ever again. But tonight someone brought you up and I hadn’t heard your name in almost 2 years, and that feeling was there again. That feeling of my heart beating really fast, my breathing pattern changing and feeling dizzy and feeling like the world is ignorant to what’s going on. I felt like that because I remembered everything you put me through and how I foolishly trusted you. I’m so over you but I’m still not over what you did to me.
i’m finally learning to live by myself, for myself,
i let go of your hand and it’s okay that at first my fingers won’t stop shaking;
i take off the necklace you’ve given me and feel myself breathe deeper;
i’m so scared of walking alone but i open the door and take a step, then another one, and another one;
my heart’s beating fast but it means it’s still there,
and i know that there will be a day when i’ll look in the mirror and see a girl
who is not afraid anymore.
—  a.b., i’m finally learning how to be free.

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If it's not too much trouble, can you do what would happen if Hiroki fell in love with the MLFK MC after she had already fallen in love with one of her childhood friends? You can do it for a single character if you can't think of a different scenario for all the guys.

Base on Hiroki POV
It has been a while since ____ worked under me as my secretary. I am also not sure since when it is started, I find her getting more mature and more reliable. I can’t even deny that my heart is beating fast and I blushed occasionally when she is near to me. She really has way to people heart. Am I falling in love with her? No, I need to shake off this thinking. She is already dating Makoto. I looked at my watch and realized it is end of workday but I still had many work to be done. Maybe I should go grab a cup of coffee from the pantry.

I can’t believe I bump into her at the pantry as well. I feel nervous when I walked toward her. She looked at me and smiled, “Working late tonight?”

“Yes, plenty of works to be done.” I smiled back at her, trying to keep my cool.

“You must take care of yourself. Don’t let your health affect by your work.” She said in concern tone. She is still so concern of me. Does she still have feeling for me? There is an urge for me to tell her how I feel and I stepped in closer to her while she simply stare at me in confusion.

“____, I..” I opened my mouth but was interrupted by a familiar voice from behind.

“_____, sorry I am late. I tried to call you but you are not picking up.” Makoto rushed over and stepped in between us, forcing me to back away a few steps.

“Oh, I left my phone at my desk.” She smiled embarrassing at Makoto. That eyes when she looked at him is so full of love. It is so different from how she looks at me. I realized that she has instead move on.

“Mako, can you wait here while I go get my phone?” She asked and Makoto nodded his head lovely at her. “Oh Hiroko, you were saying something earlier.” She asked me.

“Nothing urgent, I just need some help on work tomorrow.” I lied.

She left the pantry, leaving Makoto and I alone. Makoto gives me a firm look and gripped his fist tight. I know what he is thinking. He has always been caring for ____.

“Thank you for taking care of my GIRLFRIEND at work.” Makoto said to me, emphasis the word girlfriend strongly. He is indirectly telling me not to get close to her.

“It is my responsibility as her Supervisor to do that. No other intention.” I replied calmly.

Just then she returns and both of them take their leave, leaving me alone in the pantry. There is no reason for me to be in her life. I give her up first and she found her happiness. I am sure Makoto will give her the happiness she need. I will be able to let go this love, after she is just another woman. At least this is how I comfort myself.

My hands are trembling as I punch in the numbers on the yellowing phone handset. There’s a long pause, my heart seeming to still, before the droning ring of the phone connecting cuts through the air. Another beat, and then a voice.
“911, what is your emergency?” The voice on the other end of the line is kindly and patient as I gasp out my address.
“Illegal activity on my property,” I manage, goose flesh crawling across my arms as a cold chill grips me. “Please send somebody as fast as you can.”
The voice attempts to reassure me, but I gently place the handset down and stand still, gazing out of the window at the dying sunlight. The air feels as though it has been sucked from my lungs. It seems like hours before the police arrive though it could only have been moments. I am unable to move as I hear the sounds of the door being torn from its hinges as they force their way inside. They rush into the room, firearms at the ready, eyes trained on me.
“We received a report of illegal activity?” the officer ventures, looking somewhat befuddled by the situation before him. I nod, and open my copy of Graph. I point at a picture of a sienne wearing a suit.
“Illegal,” I whisper.


Okay but did I ever mention about how much I love her ? How her dark brown eyes reflect these gold rods that warm my heart. Or when she tries to get my attention by making this cute whining noise and giving me a puppy dog look. Or after we have sex and lay there with our bodies up against eachother. Or when she lays her head on my chest and I pet her head. Or when I lay on her chest before I fall asleep and listen to her heartbeat. Gosh her heart beat could be the rhythm of a song that I can listen to forever. It’s funny how in a few days we have spent exactly ¾ths of a year together. Time flew by fast, and it’s still flying by. Everyday I still continue to fall more and more in love with you. I love you more than I did the previous day. I can’t wait to spend my future with you. I want them nights where we come home to each other with our dogs and cats in bed with us. Talk about our days and have deep conversations. (Well more so you talking to me as I play Zelda 😂) God damn it I just can’t wait for our future together and it’s coming soon. I’m too eager and impatient but I have to wait. Anyway, I love you so much my princess. Forever and Always.


My heart beat fast and thick: I heard its throb.  Suddenly it stood still to an inexpressible feeling that thrilled it through, and passed at once to my head and extremities.  The feeling was not like an electric shock; but it was quite as sharp, as strange, as startling: it acted on my senses as if their utmost activity hitherto had been but torpor; from which they were now summoned, and forced to wake.  They rose expectant: eye and ear waited, while the flesh quivered on my bones.
—  Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre

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Honestly the only reason I even started think about it was bc of your post on conpulsory heterosexualitystuck because Loathing is that to the letter like "wow when I see this girl my heart beats fast and I flush and I have this inexplicable feeling of ecstasy it must mean I HATE HER."

Listening to Loathing after becoming a Homestuck is always such a trip, bc before Homestuck it was like “well this is queerbaity and I ship it anyway” and after Homestuck it’s like “the authors were still intending it as queerbaiting, but imo they just got hate-married”

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A moment off weakness (if you still do it)

My muse is in a frightened or nervous state.

Gabriel was pacing back and forth, back and forth. His boots made a rhythmic beat on the wood floors.

His heart was beating frantically fast and he was trying to keep his hands from shaking. All of his emotions were hidden behind his mask, but visible tendrils or smoke snapped like live snakes. He kept pacing back and forth back and forth.

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Someone got a little too close to me the other day. It wasn't in a threatening way-in fact they were being nice. And not in a sexual way either. I completely freaked and my heart started beating a little too fast and I almost hit them to get them away from me. I told them to get away yet they stayed for a little too long thinking my words a joke. Last night I had a dream about the same person getting too close and my heart was beating so hard I woke up and it hurt. It still hurts. I need help.

Take a nap and wake up. Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat. Take a nap and wake up. Take a nap and wake up. Rinse and repeat. Shake off your fears. Wipe off the tears. Rinse and repeat. It’s only one week. Your heart won’t always be weak. It’s only one week. It’s only two weeks. It’s only three weeks. Take a nap and wake up. Make a map and be found. Rinse and repeat. Kiss your bed sheets. It’s only a day. The week is almost over. You won’t always be weak. It’s almost over. It’s almost over.


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