my heart is so weak already

au where cas is colorblind and experiences pure color for the first time (‘with these cool glasses, cas, i saw them online’ 'im not sure about that dean’), and is fascinated by the blue sky, the red cars and berries, the golden sunlight but most of all he’s fascinated by green

his heart tightens as he sees all the colors the leaves can be, and he doesn’t understand how people can just step on grass so green and alive… he’s already tearing up until he turns around and sees a happy, beaming face and twinkling eyes with the most gorgeous array of green and gold he’ll ever see.

weak-kneed, cas takes a few steps forward, cupping dean’s face in his hands. dean looks surprised, blushes, and sam observes with a shocked smile once cas whispers a choked, shaking, “dean… your eyes.”

.moments i have a weakness for.

no. 6



yuri!!! on ice, otabek pov


he skates. 

he skates his heart out. for himself, for his family, for his country, for the new friendship that is already so dear to him.

he skates. his programme is stronger than his last one was this time a year ago. he didn’t qualify for the final last year, but he medaled at worlds, so he knows he can only evolve from here on out.

he skates. he thinks of his family, of their continuous support over the years, of the effort they had to put in for his dreams to be realized. and he is grateful.

he skates. he thinks of his country, of all the people that have placed their faith in him, of that sense of pride swelling in his chest with every passing second.

he skates. he thinks of green eyes burning with determination so fierce it took (it takes, it still takes) his breath away. he thinks of a budding friendship that has been years in the making, the potential exhilarating rivalry that can grow and challenge him more thrilling him more than anything.

he skates and he skates and he skates.

and he knows that, no matter the results (though, obviously, he wants to medal, he wants to win), this is only the beginning.  

I Forgive You

I forgive you for hurting me
I forgive you for loving me for seven years, only to break my heart
I forgive you for breaking my heart in the most devastating way
I forgive you for cheating
I forgive you for ignoring me, for never even calling to break up with me
I forgive you for emotionally abusing me for all those years
I forgive you for taking all my pain, weaknesses, & insecurities & using them against me
To tear down my already limited self-esteem
I forgive you for constantly lying
For constantly making excuses
I forgive you for using me
For walking all over me
I forgive you for manipulating my love for you into putting up with so many problems
So many red flags
I forgive you for insulting me
For publicly humiliating me time and time again
I forgive you for saying such hurtful, scarring things like, “How do you think it makes me feel when one of our friends looks at a girl SMALLER than you & says she’s too BIG for them?”
I forgive you for wasting all of my time
I forgive you for tainting every good memory of my life over our years together with your betrayal
I forgive you for having no remorse
I forgive you

What I can’t forgive is myself
For putting up with you
For putting up with your intolerant, judgmental, & dysfunctional family
For always taking you back whenever you’d cry your eyes out to me because I never wanted to hurt you
For sacrificing my own happiness to stay in an unhealthy relationship to make you happy
For giving you a place to live when you needed it, rent free for 5 years, and never thinking that you were using me
For keeping the pain of our problems inside because I was too embarrassed to tell anyone, even my closest friends, because I knew they’d all judge me for not leaving you
For not having any self-respect
For never listening to other people’s concerns about how you treated me
For still dwelling on our relationship & the pain you’ve caused me after all these months
For not learning these lessons sooner
For not loving myself

Because that’s what it all boils down to, right? I didn’t love myself when I loved you.


But I love myself now. More than ever.

I love the person I’ve become
Stronger, smarter, more resilient, happier…

So, thank you.
Thank you for being weak enough to lie & cheat
Thank you for being a coward & never calling me to end our relationship
Thank you for hurting me in a way I could never have even imagined hurting you
Thank you for making me realize what a wonderful, deserving person I am

I’ve learned & I’ve grown so much. And now I know what I won’t put up with in my next relationship.

Thank you for setting me free for the guy out there who actually deserves me. I can’t wait to give him all the love I have bottled up inside of me that I would’ve wasted on you.

Deals With Our Devils

-Me before the episode: I am so excited for this “three amigos” dynamic with Coulson, Fitz, and Robbie. I bet Fitz is gonna’ try to explain science at some point and Robbie will be like, wat?  Literally the episode:  that exact thing happens. 
-Robbie being all cute and vulnerable is MORE THAN MY WEAK FAN GIRL HEART CAN HANDLE. 
-Can Phil and Melinda juuuuust DO IT ALREADY!?  Amiright Philinda corner of tumblr?
-Fitz missing Simmons and crying and Simmons being an angelic science gem helping scared inhumans and that loving embrace at the end…*happy sighs*.
-Mack getting to play Ghost Rider for like an hour is more than his cinnamon roll heart can handle.  Bless him.
-Robbie: Aren’t you a doctor?  Me:  Oh Robbie, you lovable oaf.  That’s a PhD, not a medical degree.
-Coulson is so Dad.  May is so Mom.  May had to play Mom when Dad is at work and the children are tearing the house to shreds and breaking everything and I feel like she really needs a margarita and a girls day out after this.
-That new Director is some kind of moron.  Lawd. 
-A Daisy, Robbie, Elena team-up next week but I will scream to the heavens once more WHERE IS Joey?  Like the dude who can melt shit isn’t going to be useful in defeating the guy who can create shit that he can melt?  I just. Ugh.

Listen…. V and Minho…in a drama…together…. V and Minho….in a historical drama….together…my eyes are leaking. V and Minho are too beautiful to even be near each other…i cant handle them in the same scene!!! I can feel my heart already beating too fast


Can we all appreciate how Kyungsoo and Jongin are dancing and singing to each other at 2:47?

I want to point out that the line they’re singing is: “Cause, you’re my earth, air, water, fire.”

And at 2:52 Kyungsoo is (some kind of) pointing at him, there’s another fancam where you can see it better. (

I love cute little moments like these.

Taken For Granted - Part Eight

Spencer’s POV

I sat there by Y/N’s bedside for the next 4 hours, not leaving unless it was to go to the bathroom or water. It was almost 12 AM and the team had gone back to the hotel.

Y/N hadn’t woken up yet, and I wanted to make sure that I was there when she did. If it wasn’t for the slight rise of her chest, I would have thought that she wasn’t really alive. It was quiet in the room, except the sounds of the heart rate machine. Just looking at it, you could tell how weak she was. Her heart beat was slow but steady.

By now, her cheek was full blown dark purple and even more swollen than it was when I had first walked in here. Every time that I glanced at her, I felt my heart crack even more. I shouldn’t have pushed her away. She had suffered so much already and now she had to go through this.

I leaned my head down on the bed and let out a sigh. I hope that she’ll forgive me. I won’t be surprised if she didn’t though, but I prayed that I’d be able to make it up to her somehow.

After a few minutes, I heard sheets rustling and looked up. Y/N was moving in her sleep. Was she waking up? I stared at her sleeping form for a bit and soon her eyes shot open.

“NO! PLEASE STOP! GET AWAY FROM ME!!” she screamed, thrashing around in the bed. I pressed the call button, quickly got up and grabbed her shoulders. “Y/N, Y/N calm down! You’re okay. You’re safe now!” I yelled.

She froze and looked at me. “S-Spencer?” she breathed out.

I nodded at her and gave her a small smile. “Yeah, it’s me. Are you okay?”

She observed the surroundings, looked down at herself and looked back at me. “I-I can’t feel my legs Spencer. I can’t feel them. Spencer what’s wrong with my legs?!” she screamed out, grabbing her legs.

Tears were running down her face and she was having a hard time breathing. Before I could say anything, two nurses ran into the room. “WHAT’S WRONG WITH MY LEGS?! Why aren’t my legs moving?!”

“Shh. Y/N, please calm down okay?” one of the nurses spoke. The other nurse took a needle and put into Y/N’s arm. Y/N was still thrashing and crying when she put it in, so I helped the nurse to hold Y/N down.

The nurse that was trying to calm Y/N down, ran her fingers through Y/N’s hair and shushed her. “You’re alright hun. Your legs are fine, they just lost a lot of blood and need time to heal. Just go back to sleep okay?”

Y/N slowly nodded her head and I could see her eyes starting to droop from the medicine that they had given her. I pushed back her back down onto the bed gently, and brushed the hair out of her face before turning to the nurses.

“Is she okay? Why did she freak out that badly? I thought the wounds weren’t that bad. The doctor said that she’d only be in a wheelchair for two weeks.” I asked confused.

One of the nurses sighed and smiled softly at me, “I believe she’s still traumatized from the torture. She has no feeling in her legs right now, and it’s caused her to think that she’s paralyzed for good. Your girlfriend will be just fine dear, she’s just going to need someone to be there for her until she gets feeling back into her legs.”

I nodded and thanked them. When they left, I slid into the hospital bed beside Y/N, being mindful of the wires connected to her arm.. I ran my fingers through her hair, leaning down to kiss her forehead. “Don’t worry Y/N, I’ll be here for you the entire time. I’m going to make it up to you in any way possible.”

I wrapped the blanket tighter around us and pulled her body close to me, wrapping my arms around her waist. “I love you so much Y/N.” I whispered softly, before falling asleep with her in my arms.


You woke up feeling drowsy. Your face was pressed into someone’s chest and you could feel someone’s arms wrapped tightly around you. Looking up, you were met with Spencer’s sleeping face. You could feel your heart race, the sounds of your heart machine proving how much it was racing.

What was he doing here? Why was he sleeping in your hospital bed with you with his arms wrapped around you? So many questions were running through your mind at the moment and it was giving you a big headache.

You gazed at his sleeping face and smiled softly. Lifting up your hand, you lightly traced his features with your finger. He was still asleep and you could feel him pull you closer to him (if that was even possible) and his arms tightened around your waist.

Running your finger across his lips, you looked at him to make sure that he was still sleeping. You leaned forward and softly pressed your lips against his. When you were about to pull away, you felt a hand press against your cheek and his lips respond to yours, deepening the kiss. 


Yup rather weak performance this time too lmao. But I just really wanted to draw suits and and and…. *deep sigh*

Absolute kudos goes to The Ancient Magus Bride for making the already compelling story even more interesting and appealing with such great characters and this awesome plot twist. I’ve longed for a story about a woman/girl becoming a monster who is also falling in love with a monster that is becoming human and he/it falling in love with her.

My heart-it’s so wonderful and the development is so good. Heart eyes all around.

V’s purple hair appreciation post

first thing first, i don’t know if there is someone already done this but excuse my weak heart for taehyung’s purple/ faded-purple hair (▰︶︹︺▰)

the most vibrant

the faded plus kissy face

the faded side look plus glasses

the faded plus thinking face(?)

the faded-purple side look

the faded-almost-pink side look

the faded-almost-pink front look

plus the you-can-not-resist-face look

ps: i miss war of hormone era so much ಥ_ಥ

ivanzaytsev  asked:

22, 25, 31 :)), 37, 46

22. what’s a team that’s not your main team but you still have a soft spot for

plusliga teams and Russia NT

25. 5 players you will always love

beside my top 3 (aka Cristian Savani, Piotr Nowakowski, Igor Kobzar because they are in seperate category) Krzysztof Ignaczak, Łukasz Żygadło, Ivan Zaytsev, Simone Parodi, Dmitry Muserskiy lmao 

31. best hair







37. what picture makes your heart melt

volleyball players with kids make me weak so every picture of that but also this because it’s melting :))))

(I’m too funny)

46. a player whose retirement you’ll definitely cry over

I mean… I’ve already cried when Savani said HE WILL NOT LONGER PLAY WITH THE NATIONAL TEAM??????? BEFORE I COULD MEET HIM???? my world crashed on the December 20, 2013…. christmas preasent from CHristian 

Thanku youuuuuu 😘😘😘😘😘😘

we’re watching we were here and straight kids are laughing and I just found out my dads heart is so weak he will die if he exerts himself physically at all i already h8 this day


Alix … matured into a remarkably beautiful young woman. Queen Victoria, always preoccupied with marital plans for members of her large family, had already decided the ideal match for her favourite grandchild. The Queen revealed her plans to Princess Victoria:

“I must tell you, who have so much influence with Papa & generally in the family, that my heart and mind are bent on securing dear Alicky for either Eddie or Georgie. You must prevent further Russians or other people coming to snap her up.”

The Queen greatly desired to keep Alix as close as possible, in fact she already pictured her as the future Queen of England, in light of which she considered Albert Victor “Eddie” the most convenient match imaginable for the Hessian Princess. After loosing Ella, the Queen was determined to disrupt any effort the Russians would make to ensnare Alix as well. Impressionable, weak-willed Eddie accepted the idea of being deeply in love with his cousin as soon as his grandmother suggested it. The prospective bride could not be as easily convinced. When Eddie proposed to her early in 1889, she respectfully but firmly declined, breaking her grandmother’s heart rather than his, as the Prince quickly moved on to another of the love affairs he was famous for. The Queen inquired from Alix’s sister:

“Is there no hope abt. E.? She is not 19 - & she shld. be made to reflect seriously on the folly of throwing away the chance of a very good Husband, kind, affectionate & steady & of entering a united happy family & very good position wh. is second to none in the world!… What fancy she got in her head?" 

Given Eddie’s tarnished reputation, which the Queen conveniently ignored, it is doubtful Alix would have agreed to the marriage even if she had not already fallen in love…

Alena Dufková: Victorian Influence on the Russian Imperial Court Through the Family Ties Between the English and Russian Royal Houses at the End of the 19th century (aka me and my bachelor thesis)

The end or the beginning? How time could last through this place of long memories of a past when our souls were happy and content …pleasures ,dreams ,goals are still engraved into this dying walls,in every corner of these decadent and moody wood,fabric and tools….They are all whitnesses of moments of sorrow now carried by the wind of changes.Was it a dream or a nightmare? Can i hold in my heart a word,a whispering ,a touch while im still in pain for a sudden blow which slashed into pieces my little world? I still hear the voices ,they are telling me a new tale,a new start but how can i rebuilt what was already washed into a flood on my mind? The spirit is strong but the flesh is weak …how can i turn my face away of  new moments by staring the place i had been once in a whole,completed and statisfied ? This very moment ,is so precious but also so scaring…can i complete the circle? Tell me, walls of ages ago…   then, i will walk once again …


First Impressions: Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Okay picture this… Imagine Attack on Titan, but it’s set in Feudal Japan, except it’s steampunk, and instead of titans you have zombies, and the zombies’ weakness are their iron-encased heart. That’s basically what Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is about.

I’m not surprised that this show gives of the AoT/SnK vibe since it’s from the same studio. The action sequences are badass and the art is really surprising from a show with so little hype.

One episode and I’ve already fallen for the world and the premise. I’m not sure about protag-kun yet, he seems a little too angsty for my taste, but living in a zombie apocalypse where you can’t even damage the zombies’ weakness will do that to you.

A must-watch for fans of Attack on Titan, zombies, steampunk and bloodfest, apocalyptic anime.

Guys, Stiles is breaking my heart. I hate seeing him this stressed out and anxious and upset. This season has been so bad for him already- his relationship is being threatened, his friendship with Scott is deteriorating, and you can tell how bad it hurt for him to see his father without his mom’s wedding ring. He can’t accept that his best friend is growing apart from him and onto bigger things. You can tell that Stiles hates feeling weak and powerless next to all of his friends, and hates how even when he is scared (of Theo) and tries to protect them they all ignore him and act like he’s paranoid and his opinion doesn’t matter. That must hurt like hell. Dylan is playing Stiles’ frustration and anxiety perfectly. It’s really painful to watch…

A conversation between me and @stebbhaus:

Her: Fuck, Hanzo is too handsome, I get all weak at the knees!

Me: Hanzo is a total babe.


Me: There’s already a husbando skin ingame, the best skin, Okami skin <33333

Her: Nope.

Me: Yep.

Her: He needs to be shooting heart shaped arrows and stuff. Gosh. With a red rose in his mouth.

Me: Okay true.

Her: And speaks Spanish for some reason. “LET THE LOVE CONSUME YOU!”

Me: HAHAH…Holy shit, I must draw this.

Her: And the pattern on his hair ribbon has to have hearts.

…and this happened. I hate you for giving me the inspiration to make this monstrosity.