my heart is melting

iron bars locked my heart away / she drank the sun to melt me free

a caged lust to kiss her chapped lips / iron fists kept me chained

steeled traps scraped our heels / we trudged on the pathway home

freedom rang in rusted bells / iron bars clanked against the currents

drowned out the tetanus shot / morphine dripped from iron chokeholds

zippered lips never said goodbye / only iron bars screamed the end

this long awaited season

this path i’ve trod, spanning
the comings and goings
of so many empty seasons
my heart, hying to its destiny
to find myself with you now
in this fullness of our time

my heart, so bruised and scarred
you have so lovingly reformed
to melt into the sweetest warmth
of your own heart’s yearnings

my head, so weary of all the lies
finds tender solace upon your pillow
my laughter, reborn from sadness
being birthed within your lovely eyes

finding ourselves so entwined
your hands, a balm to my ache
a comfort to my every want
i cannot hold you close enough

i come to take my sovereign place
in the familiar curve you provide
within the destiny of your shelter
to sup the ambrosia of your love

i give myself completely, solely
opening my heart to you wholly
come!  enter so we both shall know
a love beyond any we’ve imagined

here within this long awaited season

anonymous asked:

Biting his lip in a nervous gesture, he shyly looked up "Want hugs and kisses" // *dont mind me just dyING OF CUTENESS WHILE IMAGINING JIYONG SAYING THAT* s!jy

My heart melts a bit and I wrap my arms around him, pressing kisses all over his face over and over.