my heart is melting

remember when louis was in the middle of a solo interview and in the middle of it he started grinning like an idiot and laughing and he stopped the interviewer to apologize and tell them that “sorry harry’s pulling a funny face” behind the camera do you guys remember that because I do and it’s making my heart melt

All the Emotions!

It was happening. It was happening. It was THERE! OH MY LORD! Lexa came in there with her hair down and I was like, WAHH! Clarke said come in and I screeched! Lexa and Clarke are on the same bed and I COouLDnT BrEAThE! Lexa SMILED at Clarke and my heart fucking melted. Lexa and Clarke fucking FLIRTED and I fell over and DIED! This is too much for my heart.

Mari & I - Hanbin

I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO JEALOUS OF A BUNNY BEFORE. B.I stared at the bunny so lovingly from across the room & he even pet it to sleep as he slowly knocked out too. THE BUNNY EVEN PLAYED THE PEPERO GAME WITH HIM ugh just imagine if it was you in place of the bunny :( My heart would melt and I would die happy. Forreallll.

Based off of what I’ve seen in Mari & I:
At night, Hanbin would probably just be stroking his girlfriend’s hair & holding her till she falls asleep in his arms. He’d totallyyyyyyy spoil her & do whatever he could to please her. She’d probably just be admiring the sunset and he’d be staring at her in awe. And if she was ever stubborn & really wanted something, he’d eventually give in.

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I've come to reluctant acceptance regarding the way the writers are choosing to handle the Baby Mama story line. The unfortunate part about it, is that they used a secret kid story line primarily to break up Olicity, rather than use it as a way to show Oliver developing a relationship with his kid. The kid probably won't show up until next season. So every time its ever brought up again on the show, I'll always get an uneasy feeling. Kind of like every time they brought up the LOA.

It is unfortunate that William hasn’t been around more so that we can watch Oliver forming a bond with him. The one moment in 4x08 where he sat with him on the floor and played with his action figures melted my heart. I think that they’re using the kid storyline more for Oliver’s development than for anything else - the idea for this was born when Olicity was still just a little bud. Oliver’s development happens to include Olicity’s breakup, so there’s that. 

I do think William will show up again on screen this season, even just for a little bit at a time. 

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anyway can we talk abt when Ryan painted himself a black eye bc bden got bottled n he didn't want him to feel alone that was good

I KNO!!!!!!!!!!! RYAB IS SO GOOD 2 US ALWAYS!! imagine ryan doing that 4 brendon tho. my heart is MELTINg

My husband melts my heart. He got Rayelyn a teddy bear for valentines and just brought it home for her. He also gave me his credit card taped inside a Valentine’s Day greeting card and told me to go buy something for that night. (My moms keeping her that night for a couple hours). He’s so sweet. And hot. And thoughtful.

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Hello,I need some advice.. There is this girl, who brightens up my day,who makes my black ad white life bloom with color.. Her smile makes my heart melt, your laugh is contagious, her voice gives me butterflies. She's amazingly beautiful and I'd do anything for her. We're currently friends but I don't know how to tell her I'm completely in love with her, and that she's always on my mind. Tomorrow I'm taking her to the dance (she thinks as friends) but I want to tell her.. Help? (I'm a girl to)

Push her away and make some thing unforgivable like flowers in the middle of a beautiful place and say something cool!

This ol’ cat has had quite the night and needs to sleep. Thank you to everyone who encouraged me with asks and messages on the IM thingy here. Y'all are just so sweet it melts my little heart! I hope y'all have amazing days and rest well when you do. I need a bit of a cat nap, nyahahaha!