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Drabble Challenge! #1 - 150

Rules: Followers send a number to your ask and you write a drabble using that sentence/prompt in your piece. Try to keep up! Expect a TON of requests!

  1. Take the long way around
  2. Can you shut up for five minutes, please???
  3. He’s been gone for quite a while
  4. I can’t see anything.
  5. I heard a noise.
  6. Scary movies are for chumps.
  7. You’ve gone to the bathroom fifty times today.
  8. The floor is lava.
  9. Where’s my food?
  10. I bet you feel like an artist
  11. Did you ever clean the attic?
  12. Can I be of assistance?
  13. Get out of the way before I murder you.
  14. I think you forgot who wears the pants in this relationship
  15. You’re breaking my heart, babe.
  16. Cry me a river.
  17. Build a bridge.
  18. Get over it.
  19. Another credit card?!
  20. It’s just rain, you aren’t gonna melt!
  21. When’s the last time YOU cleaned the bathroom?
  22. I don’t know why I married you.
  23. Have you ever lied to me?
  24. If I trip over one more of your shoes, I’m throwing them all away.
  25. Aren’t you supposed to be the adult?
  26. I’m stuck! Help me!
  27. I swear, I’m not scared.
  28. What do you think a cupholder is for?
  29. You know when your phone buzzes, it means I’m trying to talk to you, right?
  30. Turn that sh*t off!!!!
  31. When’s that last time we went on a date?
  32. I thought you didn’t like cats?
  33. The door’s locked.
  34. Remember when you were a kid and you ______ (insert memory)
  35. I’ll just tell your mom on you.
  36. I thought you were nice.
  37. I had a dream about you.
  38. I work pretty hard around here, but you get all the credit
  39. What color do you like better?
  40. Am I your husband or your taxi service?
  41. Take notes, sweetheart.
  42. This is where you impress me, right?
  43. Pick up lines only work when I’m drunk.
  44. I can’t believe you didn’t remember
  45. If that makes me a child, so be it.
  46. I could beat you up, you know that right?
  47. Would it kill you to help people?
  48. I bet you can’t go 24 hours without cussing.
  49. But, I said I love you.
  50. Is it just me or is cold as hell in here?
  51. I’m not weird, you’re just basic.
  52. Just sleep with one eye open, that’s all I’m saying
  53. Take off your shirt.
  54. Why’s there a pregnancy test in the trash?
  55. Way to go, kid.
  56. I found the candles, we’ll be alright.
  57. We could get struck by lightning, but you want to kiss in the rain.
  58. You’re never this quiet, what’s wrong?
  59. …or we could make out….
  60. I said “I HAVE AN IDEA!”
  61. Down the hall, second door on the left.
  62. I warned you. He warned you. Your freaking mom warned you.
  63. Sit still, for the love of all that is Holy.
  64. Are you even human?
  65. We’ll talk later.
  66. K.
  67. I’m afraid.
  68. I thought there was time.
  69. Can you just leave me alone?
  70. I’ll carry it.
  71. We’re not ‘fine’.
  72. Are you really taking his side right now?
  73. I like proving you wrong.
  74. Girls can’t drive, plain and simple.
  75. Who are you?
  76. I think you need stitches
  77. Must be a coincidence
  78. Can you be romantic for once?
  79. This is your fault by the way.
  80. Nothing bad is going to happen, baby, I promise.
  81. Excuse me for falling in love with you.
  82. I have fans. More fans than you to be exact.  
  83. I paid for half and you ate three-quarters.
  84. I knew you’d be mad.
  85. If you die, I’m going to kill you.
  86. You’ve never smoked anything in your life.
  87. You gave me a black eye.
  88. Stop looking at me like that, weirdo.
  89. What if it sinks?
  90. Birds can’t fly without wings.
  91. Sorry I’m protective over the things I love.
  92. That SOOO classifies as a date.
  93. No backsies.
  94. You’re an idiot. I married an idiot.
  95. I never liked it, I lied.
  96. Remember, we have to get up early tomorrow.
  97. Are you trying to flirt? Because, you’re embarrassing yourself.
  98. Remember when we were dating and you _____
  99. Be brave, sweetheart.
  100. I’m sorry, but that was adorable.
  101. You don’t hate me, quit lying to yourself.
  102. You hear that? That’s the sound of my awesomeness.
  103. She’s my daughter, I can read her diary.
  104. That’s a fact, Jack.
  105. Actually, I couldn’t care less.
  106. I try my best.
  107. Doesn’t make a difference to me anyways.
  108. I’m glad you’re mine.
  109. You look pretty good for your age.
  110. You passed out for like an hour.
  111. Delete it. Now.
  112. You’re a jerk.
  113. Are you high?
  114. No, you’re MY bitch.
  115. Ew ew ew. You’re so gross.
  116. Spare change for the poor and lonely.
  117. She’s 6, how can she scare you?
  118. When’s the last time we ______
  119. He’s spoiled rotten.
  120. I can’t stay long.
  121. There’s nothing we can do.
  122. Do you ever stop smiling?
  123. Step aside and watch a pro.
  124. Never give him stuff like that!
  125. You’re the one who left it laying around.
  126. I’m a lucky girl. I’ll admit that.
  127. Teach me how to play?
  128. It’s called a prank.
  129. Well, you’re a prick.
  130. Good, I hope you feel bad.
  131. You have cold, you’re not dying.
  132. I have reasons. You wouldn’t get it.
  133. I hope you have a cold shower.
  134. You don’t mean that.
  135. Sing to me, please.
  136. Did you enjoy yourself last night?
  137. Why do they behave for you?
  138. Stop making your own rules.
  139. Don’t open an umbrella in the house.
  140. You know what happens when you assume things.
  141. That’s open for discussion.
  142. Oh, what a shocker, you have an excuse.
  143. Be serious for two minutes, please.
  144. I cheated.
  145. What’s the biggest lie you ever told?
  146. Pillows are over-rated.
  147. Zombies aren’t real, I promise.
  148. Are we lost or do you know where we are?
  149. We started with one and now we have seven. You have no chill.
  150. *Make up your own*

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Experiment #2 - Request

Originally requested by @newts-fan-caseSo could you do a Sherlock x Reader were she is riding his face? (Lol I’m a sinner but I ain’t sorry) like for an experiment ‘cause Sherlock thinks a person can’t get aroused just by giving pleasure to someone else, but he is wrong and yeah ;)
& Anon:  Hi! Can I request a smut one shot with Sherlock where he wants to try have the reader sit on his face and eat her out and she’s shy & a bit self conscious with her body and he makes sure he makes her see Stars (with a little fkuff)? Thank you!
Requested by anon:  The “Experiment” was awesome! Can we have a part 2? Pleeeeeaaaaseeee
& a shit load of other people.

This is Sequel Friday first winner.

Pairing: Sherlock x reader.

Word count: 2,886

Warnings: Smut (unprotected), un-edited, secuel (yup, it’s a warning)

A/N: Amazing way to wrap an amazing week. Thank you to everyone who voted!


|PART 1|

After Sherlock’s little “experiment”, his relationship with (Y/N) turned somewhat odd. They would continue to work together and act professional during the cases, but the tension between them was too much.

He had showed her a side that not a single human thought existed, or at least didn’t want to see. He had been patient with her, loving even, making sure to make her feel comfortable at all costs, complimenting her, being gentle and respecting her limits… Definitely thing a real gentleman does, but not the kind of traits one would expect from Sherlock Holmes.

Then there was also the fact that John was sensing some change of vibes in 221B. Of course, he figured it had something to do with Sherlock’s usual arse behaviour, but it was weird to see (Y/N) affected by it.

Sherlock was sitting on his seat, Watson was on his and (Y/N) was between them on the “victim’s chair”. Watson had a stern, determined look on his eyes and Sherlock was calm as usual, thinking that John was too dumb to have figured anything about him and (Y/N).

“What is going on?” John asked carefully.

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Epilogue - Names (Drabbles Series)

Bucky | Barnes | Buck | Sarge | Jamie | Soldat | Love | James | Epilogue

Character Pairing: Bucky x Female Reader

Summary: She calls Bucky by many different names. Each one portraying a different emotion, motive behind her words changing and telling with every utterance off her lips.

WC: 603

A/N: I’m sad to see this series end, especially because it was so well-received and loved. I’m going to make a chronological master list of this series soon. I’m going on vacation in a few days so I might not be able to respond to everyone for a while, but I promise I’ll try. Thanks for reading!

Originally posted by sebtrashianstanimagines

His favorite name was the one she only used when talking to one other person.

30 hours of labor and their little angel was finally here. The cries that filled the room were music to his ears as the nurses placed the baby on his wife’s chest for the first time.

“Hi sweetheart. Welcome to the world.” she cooed to the newborn

He could feel the tears welling in his eyes as he beheld the perfect view before him.

“James, can you believe it? She’s all ours.” his wife asked, not taking her eyes off the bundle in her arms.

She leaned down and gave the baby’s forehead the softest kiss.

He couldn’t speak. He knew if he opened his mouth the tears wouldn’t stop.

The baby let out a soft whine.

“Shhh. You want to go meet Daddy don’t you? Go ahead.” she whispered, softly adjusting the infant to hand her over to him.

He gently took her in his arms. It was if his eyes had been closed his whole life and now they were finally open.

This little bundle of wrinkles was all his. Perfect, pure and innocent, not to be corrupted by the demons of his past.

“Jane Agatha Barnes, you are perfect and I love you.” he whispered as tears rolled down his face

Over a year later, he was still just as smitten with this amazing gift the world gave him.

He walked through the front door of their apartment, arriving home from a boy’s weekend celebrating Sam’s bachelor party.

He heard babbles and giggles coming from the kitchen and rushed excitedly to see his family.

“Look! Daddy’s home!” his wife cheered to the infant in the high chair at the counter

His daughter’s face lit up at the sight of him and he scooped her out of her seat.

“Hi Princess.” he said as he peppered kisses all over her face

She giggled and his heart melted.

“Hey doll.” he finally turned his attention to his wife, giving her a kiss as well

“Hey, how was it?”

“It was fun, but I missed my favorite girls.” he replied

“Give Jane to me. I have something to show you.” she said taking the baby from him

She walked to the other side of the room and set Jane down on the floor.

“Can you show Daddy what you learned while he was away?” she asked

The baby looked curiously at her mother for a moment, before pushing herself up and balancing on her feet. Shakily, she took a few steps towards her father.

“She walking?!” Bucky exclaimed, reaching down and picking his daughter back up

“Yep! Did it for the first time last night. Don’t worry I got a video.” she replied

“Walking! She’s growing up too fast damnit.” he complained

“She’s only one!”

“I know but it feels like it happened in the blink of an eye and now I’m old…” he trailed off

“Pfft, Bucky you’re over a hundred years –”

“Don’t you dare!” he cut her off

Jane began to fuss in his arms.

“Awe what is it sweetheart? Do you need a nap? C’mon let’s get you down for a nap so mommy and daddy can go make you a little brother.”

“Or sister.” his wife rolled her eyes, following him down the hallway toward the nursery

“Nah this one’s gonna be a boy. I was right last time, wasn’t I?”

“Barnes, I’m not even pregnant yet.” she replied

He gently placed Jane in her crib.

“Well let’s go fix that.”

Daddy. The father to her child. Her husband. Those were his favorite names.

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Ours Part Two

Originally posted by jughead-thethird

Originally posted by elizabethccoper

Paring: Archie Andrews x Reader

Requested by Anonymous: Loved, loved, LOVED, your most recent imagine “Ours” and was wondering if whenever you got the chance you could maybe do a part 2 where Archie and the reader tell Fred about the baby? I just think that it would be totally adorable for Fred to get home from the hospital and just see a little archie!

Words: 1274

Part One

Note: Just like the first one, this one is pretty sappy and kinda short but God, I loved writing it! I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to send in a request yourself! Also, I know absolutely nothing about children, so if there is anything unrealistic, please forgive me.

For the rest of the afternoon, the three of you just hung out in the living room. Veronica went home to give you and Archie some quality time. The house was warm and cozy, so you couldn’t help it when you dozed off for an hour or two. It had been a long car ride down from the city and you definitely enjoyed finally getting to rest. When you woke up, you found that you weren’t the only one that was sleepy. Archie was laying on the floor, his eyes closed and mouth parted in a miniature smile with a little Freddie fast asleep on his chest. You moved so that Archie’s head was in your lap and lightly moved a piece of ginger hair out of his face. His sleepy smile widened and his eye opened slightly.

“Hey.” He said. You put a finger to your lips and pointed to the baby sleeping on his chest. “Oh.” He grinned and whispered. “How long do you think until I can move?” You shook your head.

“I don’t know. It might be a couple hours.” You leaned down and placed a kiss on his forehead, followed by his nose, before reaching his lips. He sighed into the kiss, but you pulled away, shushing him again. “You don’t want to wake him.”

“You are evil.” He growled softly, bringing his head up to kiss your jaw. A sound outside caught both of your attention. A car engine. Archie’s eyes grew wide. “My dad’s home.” You cautiously lifted your son. He started to cry, but you got him to calm down with his favorite bear. Archie had already run outside to meet his dad, but Mr. Andrews was through the door before Archie could even begin to explain the situation.

“Y/N? When did you get-” He stopped, his gaze falling to the ginger headed baby in your arms. He looked at you, then Archie, then back to the baby. Then back to you, then Archie, and back to the baby. He brought his hand up and smacked the back of Archie’s head. “When were you planning to tell me about this?”

“Now actually.” Archie groaned, rubbing the spot Fred had hit. You laughed.

“Archie didn’t know until today either, Mr. Andrews.” You stepped closer to the pair. “This is Freddie.” A bright smile spread across his face.

“You named him after me?” You nodded and he held out his arms. “Well let me see him.” Archie sighed in relief and you handed Freddie to his grandfather. He grinned down at him and Archie moved to put his arm around you. Fred glanced up at you. “He looks just like you, Y/N.” He shifted his gaze to Archie and smirked. “Thank god.” Archie rolled eyes and smiled.

“Now that you’re here, I can finally show off my new cooking skills.” he said and excitedly pulled you into the kitchen. “I started learning while you were away.” Fred followed the two of you with Freddie tugging on the collar of his shirt.

“I don’t know Arch, maybe it’d be better to head to Pop’s.”

“I am perfectly capable for cooking a meal for my girlfriend and my son.” He beamed when he said the last word. The part of you that worried about Archie’s acceptance to being a father faded away. Obviously being in high school and having a kid was not ideal, but having Fred and the Lodges was hopefully going to make it a little easier. Fred rolled his eyes and went back into the living room, bouncing little Freddie in his arms.

“Are you sure you know what you’re doing?” You snickered as Archie wondered helplessly around the kitchen looking for the right pan or the correct ingredient. “What are you even making?”

“It’s a surprise. Now go.” He shooed you out of the kitchen and you laughed, sitting next to Fred on the couch.

“I’m not old enough to be a grandfather.” He groaned and you laughed. He turned to you with a sincere look in his eyes. “Do you need a place to stay? Cause I’m sure we can fix up a room for you and this little guy.” He tickled Freddie’s foot, sending him into a fit of high pitched giggles.

“Actually the Lodges have already set up a place for me to live like they did when I was in the city. It’s small, but it’s nice.” He nodded as you explained. “I made sure it was near here. I wanted you and Archie to be close.”

“Are you planning to go back to school?” You blew out a breath.

“Yes?” He gave you a puzzled look. “I want to, I really do. I just don’t know if I can take care of Freddie and go to school.”

“We can make it work.” He promised. The two of you began hatching a plan that would allow you to go back and attend Riverdale High while still being able to take care of Freddie. Schedules were made, babysitters were researched; you were quite productive as a team. It wasn’t until after you had figured out when Fred would be working and when he’d be home that the smoke alarm from the kitchen blared. Freddie started to cry and Fred tried to calm him down while you rushed in to find Archie swatting at the fire coming from one of the pans on the stove.

“Archie!” You yelled. Since the fire wasn’t too big, you grabbed a large pan lid and dropped it over the flames to suffocate them, yelping when it nearly burned your arm. You turned to Archie with your hands placed firmly on your hips. “What did you do?”

“I don’t know. I tried to fry some vegetables and it just… whoosh.” He pouted, staring down at his feet. You ruffled his ginger hair, your heart melting for the puppy-dog-look on his face. “I just wanted to make you dinner and now my kitchen looks like I’m some kind of tornado.” He huffed. You looked around. He was right: there was water all over the floor, smoke created an haze between you, and utensils were strung about the counter.

“Maybe next time.” You said, kissing the tip of his nose. He pulled you closer to him, wrapping his muscled arms around you. Someone coughed and the two of you pulled apart. Fred stared at the two of you with a knowing smirk on his face. He had managed to stop Freddie’s wails and the baby was now rocking peacefully in his arms. He raised an eyebrow at the sight before him.

“I take it we’re going to Pop’s?” Archie nodded mournfully. Fred handed Archie his son and gave him a pat on the shoulder. “Don’t worry kid. When I was in college, it took me four months to actually put a frozen pizza in the oven.” He grabbed his keys. “I’ll be in the truck.” Before he left, he turned to deliver one last message. “And don’t think I’m not grounding you, because I am. You are so very grounded so that this,” He motioned to the red headed baby, “doesn’t happen again.” He left the kitchen and you could hear the door close behind him.

“This is happening.” Archie said, looking down at Freddie who was reaching his tiny hands up at him. “I’m a father.” You stood on your toes to kiss he cheek.

“Yeah. And I have a feeling you’re going to be a great one.” You laced your arm through his and your new family walked out of what finally felt like your home.

Part Three

Overprotective El Diablo x Reader

A/n: sorry for not posting this sooner , with school in hardly had any time to write . And i used Google translate for the very last part so sorry if it’s not correct

Warning : guns , angry J

Pairing : (El Diablo ) Chato Santana x Reader

Plot : the reader is Jokers sister and she’s dating El Diablo.


Have you ever wanted an overprotective psychotic big brother? 

Well then your in luck. 

Joker was never seen as a time to be a bid brother none the less to be a caring and overprotective big brother.  Yes you heard me . You are the only family he has left and you accept him fully,  even if he is a psycho. 

To everyone’s surprise you , his little baby sister,  were the only person who he actually,  genuinely cared for . You could get away with so many things others would be dead for .

But this time you were dead for sure .

You have been dating Chato Santana aka El Diablo for almost 6 months now and you still didn’t have the guts to tell him that you are Jokers little sister , nor did J knew about Chato . He would kill him on the spot for even touching you .

Oh so how did Joker found out ?

Note to self : KILL HARLEY LATER .

Yeah she walked in on you and Chato having a hot (literally) make out sessions. So of course she ran to tell J .

“Shit . Fuck . God damn it.  ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? !” you kept swearing while pacing around the room around , Chato , seems not bothered at all at the fact that the most dangerous man was on his way to kill him . How do you know . J sent you a text : i will kill both of you in all the ways in know you fear .

Now you knew you were fucked up. 

“Mi amor just calm down,  what’s the worst he can do?  ” he said looking at you slightly worried.  You never usually get so worked up over things .

“Chato.  Sweetheart.  This is my psychotic brother we’re talking about.  He will literally skin us and make a rug out of us ” you saw in a serious tone while trying to keep calm . Inside you were about to : a) burst into  tears b) melt in to your carpet c) explode all together . Probably the last one .

“Amor …” Chato started before you two heard a loud knock on your front door.  Your heart dropped to your stomach.  He was here .


That was the last thing you said before the door went flying of its hinges and landed on the floor 5 feet away .

You saw your big brother with a surprisingly sweet smile on his face as he walked to you . “Good to see you my dear sister.  How have you been doing? ” he asked the same smile on his face. Ok this was one : creepy as fuck and two : super uncharacteristic for him . You saw him look at Chato and he clicked his fingers . Suddenly there where like 20 men around you 3 . All pointing guns at Chato , who stood there without a single idea how to react . J slightly chuckled and looked at him with a dark and threatening expression.

“I will only say this once lighter boy . Hurt my darling baby sister and I will make sure to find you , torture you , brake you , hurt you in all the ways you fear . Show you real hell . And then kill you , slowly and painfully.  Got it ?” He threatened with a growl in the end .

You never seen your fire boy this intimidated and he has a skull tattood on his face .

“Yes sir .” Was the only thing he said . At this Joker smiled again “great ! Glad we have an agreement!  Now boys time to go home ” he said leaving the apparent “ill see you soon  (Y/n) ” he said before leaving.

It was now 15 minutes after he left and the two of you still stood in the same places.

“Mi amor ? ”

“Yes babe ?”

“Tu hermano es de miedo.”

“I know babe , I know ”

Photobooth: Fred x Reader

Request: Hey there! I hope you’re not too busy with requests and if not I was wondering if you’d mind writing a Fred weasley oneshot please? Like maybe it’s Y/N and Fred’s wedding(after the war&lupin etc lived pls😭) and it’s all cute abd fairytale like with silly things like photo booths,fairy light&like silly carnival stalls and a really emotional Molly and a really cute George best man speech please cause Y/n is his best friend too?

Warnings: super adorableness


Originally posted by maarch-24th

“(Y/N), are you ready?” Hermione asks, standing behind me. I turn to look at my maid of honor and half smile.

“Hermione, I’m so nervous,” I say.

She giggles, “Well, I’d expect so.” She pulls me to my feet and smooths out my dress, takes my hands in hers, and looks me in the eyes. “You can do this, (Y/N).”

I nod and smile, before hugging her. I grab the bouquet from my vanity, and turn back to her. “Then let’s do this.”

He waits patiently at the end of the aisle next to Remus as the bridesmaids and groomsmen process in. As George comes to stand next to Fred, he whispers in his ear, “Just wait, mate. She looks incredible.” Little Teddy Lupin in a tiny tux brings the rings up to meet his father, followed by four-year-old Victoire, the eldest brother’s daughter, delicately tossing white rose petals along the aisle. He looks to the front row of the congregation and locks eyes with his mother, who has tears streaming down her face, but smiling nonetheless. He winks at her, and she feels the most proud of her son than she ever has. 

Fred’s grin grows even more and he looks up as (Y/N) rounds the corner in the dark, being escorted by her father. She’s framed by the lights behind her, as the fairies in the bushes try to get a better look at her, too.

Incredible was an understatement. (Y/N) looks like beauty itself, perfect from head to toe, in a magnificent white dress, and her (y/h/c) hair perfectly styled. She immediately looks down the aisle of the white tent and catches Fred’s eye, and both feel their breath hitch in their throat as their hearts leap. (Y/N) is so grateful that her father is there supporting her, because she’s shaking so badly, she feels certain she would fall over without him there. As she and her father reach the end of the aisle, he is in tears. He lifts her veil, kisses her on the cheek, and gives his beloved daughter away to the Groom. Fred takes her trembling hand in his, holding it tight and leads her to the front.

“You’re perfect,” he whispers to her.

She blushes and squeezes his hand, trembling a little less now. And then Remus begins, “Dearly beloved, we are gathered her today…”

I hear a clink to my right, drawing my attention away from Fred, as his twin stands up from the chair next to me.

“Alright, you lot! Time for my speech!” George says smiling broadly, and Fred releases my fingers, moving his to my back as I turn to look up at George. I move my hand to his knee, and rub my thumb gently back and forth on it, and he lightly traces his fingertips along my back, knowing fully well that it’s my favorite thing in the world.

“I remember the first time Fred and I met (Y/N),” George says, and I immediately blush, knowing the story he’s about to tell. “Third year at Hogwarts and Snape gives both of us detention, and we walk in, expecting it to just be the two of us, and here’s this girl in the room, too. We’d seen her around before, but Fred sits in the seat next to her and asks what she’s in for. She’d charmed all of Snape’s ink to write in changing colors of the rainbow, with sparkles and all.” I start laughing as I remember Snape’s face when he wrote my detention slip in the sparkling rainbow ink, instead of his normal black.

“I could tell right away that (Y/N) was a brilliant and charming witch. But that went out the window with the morning owl when she started dating Fred, because, let’s be honest, mate, she’s totally out of your league. And y’know, if she was gonna date one of us, I expected it to be the better looking twin,” he says, gesturing to himself. Fred and I both laugh, as well as the entire congregation. George continues telling stories about the three of us in our days at Hogwarts, filled with Fred-deprecating humor.

“But honestly, when you look at these two, all you can see is the realest of love, and I can’t believe how lucky I am to call (Y/N) my sister,” George says, looking down at me. I squeeze his hand lightly, and he finishes his speech, “To the bride and groom!”

“To the bridge and groom!” the congregation echoes, and I turn back to my husband. He’s looking at me with so much love, I feel my heart melt all over again.

The music starts playing, and he leads me to the dance floor, and he passes me off to my father, whose face is smiling but tear-stained. My father and I share a dance, and he passes me back to Fred. The music picks up a bit and Fred and I dance together, in our normal silly, excellent way.

After we share a few dances, he pulls me away. “My dad found this thing, and you need to see it,” he says, pulling me toward a little red and white striped booth with a black curtain in front of it.

I giggle as he pulls me in beside him, and there’s a large screen in front of us with our faces. He pulls out a basket of props and finds a veil, which he puts on his head, and a mustache-on-a-stick which he gives to me. I’m now laughing uncontrollably as he presses the button to take our pictures.

We exit the photo booth, and a strip of pictures is printed and he hands it to me. He’s making ridiculous faces in the first two as my face is scrunched up in laughter, the mustache-on-a-stick held in front of me. In the third he’s looking at me with such admiration and love that it’s making me blush. And in the final one, it’s a rather gorgeous shot of us as he brought me in for a kiss.

I bite my lip, tears filling my eyes as I look at the wonderful pictures (which for some reason, are not moving) that perfectly some up my love for this man. My eyes wander up to his, and he’s looking at me with the same look as he did in the third picture.

I wrap an arm around his neck and pull him close to me, and hold up the the strip. “We’re keeping this,” I say before bringing him to me for a kiss.

A Surprise- Day 4 Lutteo Fic Week

“uhoh i’m dating my boss’ child and had no idea until i took them as my date to a work function”

Matteo had planned a very special night for Luna. They had only been dating for a for a few weeks, but tonight he was going to ask her to become his girlfriend.

By 6:30 p.m. sharp, Matteo arrived at Luna’s University apartment doorstep with a bouquet of red roses behind his back. She opened the door in delight to see her date.She wore at tight cobalt blue dress and black heels, as Matteo had told her they would be going somewhere nice. And he in slacks and button down with an almost matching blue tie.

Matteo greeted her hello and leaned down to kiss her cheek and presented the roses. Luna blushed at the gesture. “Wow, Matteo. they’re beautiful. Thank You.”

She went back inside for a brief moment to put the flowers in a vase, Matteo following her trail. As she was preparing the flowers, curiosity came over her. “So where are we going tonight on this ‘special date’” Luna asked. Matteo grew a cheeky grin. “You won’t know it until we see it.”

Matteo was taking her to an exclusive work event. About a few months ago when Matteo was looking for a job, he applied for an opening at a new restaurant that was opening up in Buenos Aires. There are several restaurants around South America, originally owned by a couple from Cancun, as it is a Mexican restaurant. Tonight is the grand opening. He hasn’t started working yet as they still hadn’t opened yet and won’t be on duty until tomorrow as his position allowed him to attend the opening as a guest. The event was exclusively for important business people and potential sponsors, but off duty staff members were invited as well. He felt this was the perfect opportunity to ask her at such a nice event and show her where he works as well.

Once Luna places the now beautifully arranged flowers into a vase, she places them on the dining table and grabs her purse. She takes his hand and they walk down stairs to the parking lot. He opens the car door for her and rushes back to the other side to drive. A few minutes in, Luna’s phone alerts a new voicemail came in. She starts listening to it only to groan and delete it a few seconds later.

“Is everything alright?” Matteo asks. Luna looks over at him with a soft smile. “Yeah, it was just my mom. She’s a little bit mad I’m skipping an event she wanted me to go to tonight but I told her I couldn’t.” Matteo didn’t know how to respond. “I’m sorry about that.” was all he could think of. Luna shrugged, “It’s fine, I always follow through and go to tons. One night shouldn’t be the end of it.” She gives him a reassuring smile and grabs his hand and holds it on top of the console.

A few minutes later, they pull up into the restaurant parking lot and Luna kept twisting her head back and forth between the building and Matteo in disbelief. Matteo noticed but continued in an excited way. Once in park, he finally spoke again. “So remember how I told you I got a job? Well, it’s actually the opening night dinner party that we’re attending, surprise!” Luna just gaped at him, mouth wide open.

“Matteo, this is where you work?!” Luna asked. Matteo nods his head slowly, a little scared at her reaction. “Matteo, this is my parent’s restaurant. The one they started back at home in Cancun! My parents are your boss, you work for my parents!”

All Matteo could do was stare at her in utter shock. “When you told me that your parents worked in a business, you never mentioned the fact that their business was a restaurant! Not to mention the fact that it was one I got hired at!” Matteo raised his voice at Luna. She shrunk in her seat and Matteo immediately regretted it.

“I didn’t mean to yell at you, I’m sorry. I’m not mad. I’m just very confused with all of this.” Luna nodded her head to accept his apology.

“Well, first of all, you never told me exactly where you were working in the first place, so I couldn’t have told you anything about it. And second of all, I don’t tell people because I’m not part of the business, it’s theirs. They wanted me to be a part of it for so long. I even waitressed when it was just one place in Cancun for a bit. They wanted me to study business so I could carry it on. But I really wanted to study environmental engineering. They’re okay with it, supportive. It’s just a bit hard. But I’m glad I left. I’m doing what I want for myself for a change.”

Matteo really liked her attitude on her perspective. He leaned over for a comforting hug. “I’m proud of you,” he whispered in her ear. Luna smiled into his shoulder. They sat for several moments, her breathing in his scent. When they pull away, Matteo notices they are a bit late, right where he wanted to be. “Shall we get going then?” he asked. Luna nodded her head yes. “I’m just worried how I’m going to explain why I am here when I said I wasn’t going to be. And that I am in attendance with you.” Matteo bulged his eyes. “Wait. They’re going to think you blew them off to go on a date with me you thought was going to be somewhere else. Shit, am I going to get fired?”

Luna put her hand on his knee in reassurance. “No, you won’t get fired. I’m the owner’s daughter I wouldn’t let it happen. And about me not going before, we’ll just tell the truth. I think it’ll be alright.” Matteo nods and kisses her hand and she blushes. “Okay. Let’s roll.”

Matteo goes over to the other side of the car to help Luna out. He offers his arm and she gladly takes it. They walk inside and are greeted by waiters who offer them flutes of champagne. They each gladly accept one. They scan for an empty table, where Luna puts her purse down. Luna spots both of her parents near the stage where a live band was performing, greeting people and engaging in in-depth conversation.

“I think we should go over there and talk to them. Just for a minute.” Luna advises Matteo. He makes a not so pleasant face. “Can’t we wait just a bit? I mean we just got here, babe.” Matteo had slipped out. He had never called Luna that before. Not that he had regretted it or anything, he just didn;t want to catch her off guard like that. And here she was as red as a tomato.

“I think we should just get everything out of the way. It’ll be quick, I promise.” She tugged on his arm and he dragged behind. Her parents were just waving someone off when her father sees them approaching and is surprised. She goes to kiss both of her parents hello. “Hi, Mom. Dad.”

“Hi, Luna. I thought you weren’t coming tonight. Who’s this?” Her mother asked, making it clearly aware in her facial expression that she did, in fact, know who he was. This made Matteo very uncomfortable. Luna spoke up, “I didn’t know I was coming actually. This is Matteo, I told you about him over the phone. We were about to go out to dinner, but I had no idea it was going to be here. He actually just told me that he’s a new employee here. Isn’t it great?”

Luna looked over at Matteo who was just giving a nervous grin. He could feel her father’s cold stare at him. “Yes, It’s wonderful, Mija.” her father told Luna. He then directed himself toward Matteo. “I had no idea my new head host was taking my daughter as his date tonight.” he gritted his teeth. Matteo felt himself shrinking and unconsciously taking teeny tiny steps backward in fear.  

“Sir, I had no idea at all. We met through mutual friends at the university. Your daughter is by far the most intelligent and kind young woman I have ever met. No harm by any means. I didn’t mean to steal you away from her on an important night for you.” Matteo breathed all at once. Luna was floored by his response and felt her heart melt. Her parents looked over at each other in awe.

“We know you no harm Matteo. We are glad that you came Luna, and that you brought a wonderful date,” her mother said. Her father spoke next, “We know you are doing a wonderful job. Now go sit down, enjoy yourselves. Dinner is about to start.” Luna smiled all three of them, tugging Matteo in her direction. “Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Valente., we will indeed.” Matteo joyously says.

They walk back to their table, where Matteo pulls her seat out for Luna like the true gentleman he is. They spend the night talking with each other and the people at their table, they drink a bit more champagne and keep dancing like there’s no tomorrow.

The dinner ends at 11:30. They walk out as one of the lasts so they can properly greet Luna’s parent’s goodbye. Luna walks out, heels in her hand being carried bridal style out of the building and to her apartment. When they reach her doorstep, she turns to him. “Thank you for a wonderful night, Matteo. Such an unexpected turn of events, but amazing.” Matteo grinned at her. “You’re welcome, Luna. I’m glad you had fun.”

They stand there in uncomfortable silence when Matteo decides to ask the big question. He takes her hands in both of his and looks down. He has never been so nervous than he is now. “Luna, I’ve been wanting to ask this for a while now. These past few weeks going out with you have been the best. You make everything better. I want more nights like this. I want to spend more time with you. I want to go through everything with you. I never want it to stop. So I am asking you, will you be my girlfriend?”

Luna’s smile spreads a mile wide and she jumps into his arms throwing her hands over his neck, his going across her back. “Of course I will!” Luna exclaims. Matteo cannot stop smiling in excitement. He lets out a breathy laugh, letting out all of the nerves from before. She pulls away and grabs his cheeks, pulling him into a long and slow kiss. They are consumed in each other in the kiss. Her hands on his face, his snaked around her body. He pecks her several more times until they finally pull away.

He kisses her cheek once more before she starts to head inside. “Goodnight, boyfriend,” Luna says. She smirks and shuts the door, not allowing herself to see his childlike happy expression. She slides against the back of the door, beaming with happiness. On the other side, Matteo pumps his fists in the air full of content. A successful night for them both.

All we need is love

A peter-pater of little paws
never asking for the moon
never questioning your love
A floor covered with mud
covered with toys
joy spilled to every corner
of your heart
I never questioned the devotion
I never intended to pour such emotion
into a small disregarded
thrown away rag doll from the pound
but it took over me
and held me with its sad eyes…
and when I finally held her in
my arms
I melted with tears dripping from
my heart
we all need this in our lives
Love is
all we need…

Love assassination

x Park Jimin

Angst || Words: 1772 || Master list 

AU: Park Jimin, the professional hitman is assigned an assasination, but something keeps getting in way for him killing his prey, you.

Warnings: Killing, death threats, unstable mentality, provoking suicide, Ignorance towards the heart.

Originally posted by vminv

I placed the knife back up my sleeve, his body hunched over on the ground in front of me, blood sipping out of the fresh wound across his neck.

“Tsk.” I let out and poked him with my foot before proceeding out the door, picking up my phone on the way out.

“He’s gone.”

“Good job.”

And the call ended.

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Recycled Air

Happy Spideynova week! This is probably the longest any of my contributions are going to get because oops I waited until the very last minute to start writing. I decided to kick things off with an au where Spidey never joined SHIELD and kept up the vigilante thing, but also got busy in other ways oops. 

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Okay so you know how I kept posting some cryptic things (like and 


You have no idea how long I’ve been sitting on this news. Well, honestly, not THAT long in the Big Scheme of Publishing Stuff, but it FELT LIKE A LONG TIME OKAY.






*falls over*

*rolls around on the floor a bunch*

Okay, coherent talk time: 

So, yeah, no title yet. BUT all you really need to know is that I am mad in love with this series. Mad, crazy, passionate, melt-slowly-off-a-chair in love.

SNOW LIKE ASHES was, and always will be, the series of my heart. It was the first series I ever started (way back when I was a wee preteen authorling); the first series I ever sold (which was hella serendipitous and still makes me tear up like crazy). But this series…

Guys. This is the series of my OBSESSIONS.

In a totally perfect and mostly unintentional aligning of fate, this series has pieces of everything I am embarrassingly obsessed with. So all that stuff you see me flailing about on Tumblr/Twitter? It’s in here:

  • Raiders who were inspired by the Golden Age of Piracy? YUP THEY IN THIS MOFO
  • An overarching culture that comes from my childhood obsession with Felicity the American Girl and Colonial America (which means I can totally write off trips to Colonial Williamsburg)? HELLS YES *puts on petticoats and corset* *okay takes off the corset*
  • A sarcastic, roguish Raider Boy who is basically a young Jack Sparrow? YEAH I JUST SAID A YOUNG JACK SPARROW
  • A heroine who is strong, smart, caring, passionate, broken, vulnerable—and totally me being all “I love both Katara and Korra SO LET’S PUT THEM TOGETHER IN ONE PERSON OKAY”
  • (I can’t even say this one without SCREECHING so just imagine me all red-faced and screaming at you): LGBT ROMANCES because I have long surpassed Dangerous Levels of Fangirling over books like Captive Prince and The Traitor Baru Cormorant
  • A relationship that was entirely inspired by me bingeing Zutara fanfiction and absorbing all the delightful Zuko/Katara bantering (guys there is SO MUCH FLIRTY BANTERING in this book Icantevenstandit)
  • Botanical magic buried in riverbeds. Raider mobsters. A psychotic religion enacting an inquisition. Betrayal. Politics. ACTION. BATTLE SCENES. BLOOOOOOOOD.

OKAY okay OKAY calm down, Sara.

But seriously. I am SO EXCITED to share this story with you. Stay tuned to my Tumblr/Twitter for more news over the coming months—title announcements, updates, ways to join the Raider Crew, etc. In the meantime, you can check out my Pinterest board (the one mysteriously titled “Pirate Book”: to get a better understanding of this series’ aesthetics.

But MOST IMPORTANTLY, just stick around to see me freak out incoherently.

This book just might kill me. IN ALL THE BEST WAYS. 


Where is left to land?
When you have left your mark across the world?
I dashed for nothing,
running from no one.
I trip out, and trip over,
as the sky takes your name.
Day is all around,
the floor is broken,
but there is cuteness to the cracks.
The concrete cages are open,
and we’re off to Oz, on the next house.
I’m falling where the fearless fear to float,
I can’t hold back my icy heart a day longer,
for it is melting with desire,
desperately dripping into yours.

I notice I love you more everyday. That’s probably the most cliché thing I’ve ever said but bare with me. I have so many days I wake up and wish I hadn’t. This is how it’s always been and how it always will be but I notice I love you more when Im falling asleep tangled in your limbs and I can’t wait to wake up smiling with you the next morning. I love you more when I’m too tired to give you my all so you give me more than you have. You warm my heart and melt my soul every day you hold my hand first or lean over to kiss my cheek. If I could purée my heart and pour it all out on the floor for you I would, but for now just know that it’s more.
—  I can’t tell you how much I love you, I can only tell you I love you more today than I did yesterday, and I will love you more tomorrow than I do today.

jenothesquish  asked:

im just here to thank you for sitw again,,,,,, i love it so much and i read it like three times a month and can never reblog it bc mobile tumblr always crashes (thank god for safari lmao) it's like my #1 jungkook fic its written so well and i know you hear that about it a lot it's just ah thank you so so much

Bye my heart has just melted all over the hecking floor and I am trying to scoop it up and place it back in my chest cos I need that shit to live buT YOU ARE CLEARLY SET ON ENDING ME. SO THANK YOU. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. YOU SWEET, BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEING. THANK YOU.

New beginnings

“I can’t do this anymore, I’m sorry Liam.” and with that you started to walk away tears forming.

“Y/N please don’t go” You ignored him and continued ignoring your problems. 

You had been holding on to the relationship for too long, you put so much effort while he ran around “helping” and “protecting” Hayden. At first you understood her being a chimera and all but, after weeks you started to feel neglected.

After felt upset when Liam bailed on another date for Hayden,you took it upon yourself to just drink all your problems away. You put on a slim black dress and headed out to Sinema. 

You had already had about five shots and decided to dance,on your way to the dance floor you bumped into a tall, lean, down right hot guy.

“Sorry I…Um…Sorry.” when u looked up at his shining blue eyes your heart melted and your words started to get mixed up.

“Oh… No its my fault I wasn’t looking. I’m Brett.“ He extended his hand and I took it. “Y/N” You informed him. “Would you like to dance?” Brett yelled over the loud music. I took his hand and led him to the dance floor.

After a couple hours of dancing, drinking and getting to know each other I told him it was time for me to go and he walked with me home. He gave me his number and then a kiss on the cheek.

Then next day you broke up with Liam.

After making your way home, you pulled out your phone and clicked the picture of Brett he took and the phone began to ring. 

“Hey Y/N, Whats up?”

Still sobbing you manged to let a few words fall from your mouth.

“Can you come over?”

“Yeah sure. Are you okay?”

“Not really I need to talk.”

Isaac Lahey Drabble Game (23,27,29)

23•"well, maybe I AM jealous!”

You were finishing the final touches on your outfit when the doorbell rung. Taking a deep breathe you slid down the stairs, your dress fluttering with you as you approached the door. A small gasp poured from your boyfriends lips as he saw you; your eyes bright and hair curled as you shot him the most radiant smile.

“God you’re so gorgeous!”

You blushed, “Thank you Isaac. You don’t look too bad yourself!”

He laughed looping his arm with yours, “Ready my lady?”

“ISAAC WHO IS THIS ADORABLE LITTLE CHILD!?” You shouted the moment the small boy clamped onto your leg giggling and calling you “pwetty”

“That’s my little brother, Ethan!” Isaac smiled as he watched you play with his little brother. You and Ethan hit it off almost instantly, he’d show you all his Pokémon cards and video games as you gave him tips. Eventually the two of you decided to have a nerf war, which was basically you guys shooting at Isaac numerous times until he got fed up and chased you around the house threatening to shoot you all back.

When he finally caught up to you two you pulled Ethan into your lap shielding him from Nerf bullets crying out dramatically, “Not my precious little Ethan! Please sir, take me instead!”

Isaac laughed, “I’m starting to think you love Ethan more than me.”

“Maybe I do!” You giggled as Ethan stuck his tongue out at Isaac. “Isaac, are you… Are you jealous!?”

“well maybe I AM jealous!”

“Don’t be babe!” You giggled standing up and planting a long, reassuring kiss to his lips. “I love youuu”

“Promise?” He pleaded shooting you the most sweet, unassuming puppy dog eyes you had ever seen.

“Of course!” You smiled gently your heart melting under his loving gaze. That is, until he shot you.

“What the heck was that for?” You shouted staring at him in shock. The little nerf dart he had shot at you was now on the floor with the rest of the ammunition from that nights battle.

“Vengeance!” He laughed.

“Oh its on Lahey!”

27•"Are you coming?”

“Excuse me sir I finished all my work can I leave now?”

“No detention is not over yet!”

“I thought it was only supposed to be an hour long!”

“It can be as long as I want it to be Mrs. Y/L/N!”

You huffed defiantly glaring at the old jerk of a teacher who wouldn’t let you leave. Sighing you looked down to see it was nearly 6 and you were already late for Movie night at Isaac’s. Isaac was your best friend and had been for years, so things like Movie night had become sacred traditions for you! Isaac had texted you,

‘Are you coming?’

‘Ugh I wish! Detentions holding up a lot longer than I would have liked! :(’

‘I’m on my way’

‘what?’ you replied but he never responded. Shrugging you turned back to the front of the room plugging in head phones to cancel out the noise. About ten minutes later you were jamming out to music and doing homework when the fire alarms went off! You grabbed your bag and ran outside your teacher nowhere insight.

“Miss me?” You heard a familiar voice chuckle from behind you.

“ISAAC!” You squealed jumping into his arms. It had only been a few hours since you last saw him but that detention had made it feel like an eternity! “How-? Why-? Did you plan this?”

He smirked, “you know it! Now come on we gotta get out before they notice there’s no fire and you are gone!”

29•"I cant focus with her in the room!“

You and Isaac weren’t exactly enemies, you were both on the same side and shared all the same friends but anyone could note there was a definite tension between the two of you. Whenever you were around, his mind would fog over and he’d lose focus. His mind always seemed to drift to you and it terrified him, he refused to allow himself to divulge in your fantasy. Thus when you were around, he tended to be more aggressive and tense than usual, unaware of how to cope with his feelings. One day you had been called to Scotts for a pack meeting, a new threat had emerged in Beacon Hills and it was up to you guys to find a way to stop it before people were hurt or worse killed.

“Does anyone have any ideas?” Scott asked the group, it was silent before Stiles spoke up.

“We could set a trap maybe Y/N could be the bait since she’s one of the most unusual creatures in beacon hills-”

“Never going to happen, any other ideas?” Isaac stated turning to the rest of the group. You were in shock as you stared Isaac down. Why would he say that?

“Hey I liked Stiles plan, I think it was really effective!” You protested curious as to how he’d respond.

“Yeah we cant just say no to his idea because its not safe, Isaac!” Scott argued.

“Uh YES we can! Its incredibly dangerous and unpredictable and utterly unnecessary!”

“Do you have a better idea?” Malia challenged.

Isaac growled rubbing a rough hand through his long hair, “I would but I cant focus with her in the room!”

anonymous asked:

Hi so its been a couple of days since I last talked to you!! its your DLSS!! how are ya? Something did make me laugh on that day so thank you! I will honestly tell you work has been driving me crazy in the best way, so I haven't been able to drop by as much as I may have wanted. How is that winter chill treating you?(Are you getting sick and in denial like me?) What are your fave Darcy fics? Also I am sending Christmas cheer and hugs your way!

Hello darling! :)

I’m doing pretty well. Just applied for a new apartment. So here’s hoping we get it. I’m glad work is good!busy. I hate when I sit around waiting for work, because it makes my days so. MUCH. LONGER. 

The Winter Chill is non existent. I live in Florida (UGH, the SWEAT is awful.) I can’t even drink a hot chocolate comfortably. :( and I love hot chocolate…

I’m sorry you’re sick hon! Wrap up like a burrito in cuddly blankets. Not only is it super comfy, but it’ll force you to REST like a good recovering burrito. 

Ooooo Favorite Darcy fics. That’s a tough one. I’m totally going to cheat and mention favorite authors cause chances are I ADORE these authors for their writing style and will smash my subscribe button on AO3 anytime I see something new. 

@awwheartno- HOLY SHITTAKE MUSHROOMS. Miin doesn’t have it in her to write a crappy Darcy story. I think I’ve messaged her on anon about every single one of her stories. SO. GOOD.

@themonkeycabal- Run Verse is epic. I have LITERALLY no chill when it comes to this series and will pterodactyl screech anytime I read it. Hint, I’ve read the whole series several times. Hits me in the feels every time.

@amusewithaview- Oh. MY. GOODNESS. Have you ever read a fic, that hits the right spot, hits you in the feels, and just overall makes you SEE the character so intensely, you feel like you are watching a movie? This TIMES 1000 with all of her stories. Basically inspired a lot of fics across Darcyland, especially the Soulmate AU, ABO AU. JUST LISTEN, so freaking creative and plot driven. I just want to eternally throw petals at her. Or chocolate. Or hugs. All of the above.

@steeleholtingon- Listen. JUST Listen. This author has a story on AO3 that is 85 fucking chapters with over 300,000 words. Tell me how I’ve not only read that specific store MULTIPLE times, but it hooks me EVERYTIME. I know the story, I know what happens, BUT THE SCENES, AND THE FEELS AND WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?? And now theres a wingfic in process, and I’m just dead on the floor anytime I read it. 

@wahwahwaffles- ABSOLUTELY. SQUEE. WORTHY. Her Darcy is so kickass, I just melt over her. :D :D :D I feel like I’m watching an expertly planned rom com that flutters my heart every time I read something from her. 

@cinnaatheart- In absolute AWE at her world building. Like it blows my mind that she can connect her characters and plot points into epic, hair raising adventures. 

@ozhawkauthor, @pinkpandorafrog and @dresupi- Okay, hear me out. These authors are vastly different, but I’m reccing them all together because in my head they are like the founding fathers. They give the fics to the people. Not only do these lovelies write crazy epic long and short fics, but they take prompts from tumblr and absolutely make peoples’ fucking day. I love combing through their rarepairs and challenges. We all win when it comes to these authors. National treasures. Each of them. 

@rainnecassidy and @leftylain - another group rec. These two have made me cry with their own stories and other authors in Darcyland love them so much that these lovelies have inspired SO. MANY. STORIES. Like not only are these authors kick ass and have an amazing handle on words and fic, but that they double as muses for this awesome fandom? Double hitters, holy shit man. 

One last group rec, Cause damn, now I just want to flail at all these amazing authors that have a piece of my heart.

@pepperpottsblogs, @lullabyknell and @iamkatebishop -KNOCK ME ON MY ASS AND GIVE ME BREATH. Let’s talk about supernatural Darcy for a moment. We’ve got Witch!Darcy, Dragon!Darcy and Banshee!Darcy in fics so good, my mind has been blown so many times with how many ideas these guys come up with. It’s one thing to write an AU, and there is world building so epic that my jaw is on the floor with excitement and awe.  

Aw man. That got out of hand so fast. And I STILL HAVE AUTHORS I NEED TO FLAIL AT. Oof. Because, that’s the thing. Darcyland has some epic writers. It absolutely boggles my mind how different and amazing they all are, and I can freak out about them for hours. I use to be scared to comment on fics in case I said something to an author in a complete 180 to what they meant. But lately? EVERYONE GETS A COMMENT ON EVERY CHAPTER CAUSE HOW ARE YOU SO PERFECT AND MAKE ME FEEL THIS WAY????


I just have a lot of feels about these people.

Faith (Part 1)

Genre: Angst/fluff

Pairing: Reader/Taehyung

Length: 2,104

Summary: Unable to accept the feelings you have for Taehyung, you constantly reject him in order to preserve your loyalty and faith to your boyfriend.

Part 2

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

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