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I made you guys this little picture of Bendy and Boris sleeping! ^^

I made this special for you guys! So special, I’m probably not even going to post it on my page.

I hope you guys like it. ^^


I’m going to scream- THIS IS SO CUTE! AAA

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BTS Reaction to Their Girlfriend Secretly Being a Badass Rapper

(A/N): Oh, good lord this request is amazing. x’D. Thank you, anon.

Kim Seokjin-

The moment you opened your mouth to rap, his jaw would drop. He would be in shock. Did such degradation, such foul language, and such roughness come from his cute little girlfriend? NO! He refused to believe it.

“ Was that /really/ you, jagiya??!” 

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Min Yoongi-

This boy would be pleasantly surprised when you showed him your secret talent. You went from his cute muffin to his sexy baby in 0.3 seconds and he loved it. He would rub it in the other members’ faces a lot, but wouldn’t let you show them since he said that your “tongue technology” was only for him.

“Wah… I guess I’m not the only one with a fast tongue in this relationship~.”

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Jung Hoseok- 

Freak out! Hobi would be a literal mess once he found out how you turned from this cute little thing to a badass rapper. In a way you kind of reminded him of himself when he got a little too much into rapping on stage. Unlike Yoongi, he would drag you around the dorms and make you show all the members your “hidden talent” as he put it.

“Baby, show hyung what you just showed me.” *When you showed the other members he’d begin jamming out*

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Kim Namjoon-

He’d be gone. No way in hell did his cute baby girl just chew him out through a rap. His eyes would bulge at you and he’d make you do it again so he could record you on his phone. He would then go on and on about how you and him need to make a song together.

“Oh my god, baby. I need to have you in a song. Please?”

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Park Jimin- 

When you went from literal squish to holy shit, he would finally understand the pain you always told him about. He had always wondered what you meant when you told him that he was a whole other person on stage, but now he finally understood, and holy crap. He would give you a shocked expression before breaking out in a smile. 

“Ah, you’re cute and sexy all at the same time. You’re going to make my heart explode, jagi. “

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(Does anyone else get distracted by the bunny Kookie in this gif? Like he just pops up all smiley and cute XD )

Kim Taehyung- 

Tae would become a little bit jealous. How could you, the most adorable, cute, sweet girl he has ever met in his entire life become one of the best female rappers he had ever heard? After you showed him, he would begin to pout and mope around the house until you spoiled him in hugs and kisses.

*He whines* “It’s not fair, babe.. I want to be really good at rapping too.”

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Jeon Jungkook-

You just got 100 times cooler in this boy’s eyes. The moment you broke into a rap he literally began to fanboy. Of course he loved your cute side to the moon and back, but this badass side you had shown made him almost bust a nut.

“HOLY SHITTTT” *He watched you in awe before freaking out and dancing.*

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One day I walked into my free period class room and I saw one of the kids from the autistic program at my school and I had some friends in there already so I was like you know what sure I’ll sit next to him he looks nice. So I sat next to him and he was the sweetest little dude in there world. He was older than me but really short and when I sat down he got the biggest smile on his face. Then he got all shy called me pretty and my heart fucking exploded. Then people from around the other tables looked at him and were like “Looks like you’ve got a crush there.” and he get all flustered and he still had a big goofy grin on his face and I couldn’t stop smiling

But that not the best part


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I might be the only one but, I'm like REALLY excited for Dad!BTS. Soft babies...😘😘😘

AHH yes!! Just imagine all the members as dads, my heart would not be able to handle it. Like when Jimin wanted to buy a cute pair of baby shoes after spotting them while shopping during Bon Voyage Season 1 and asked himself if that’s how he would feel as a dad. And when the members interacted with the baby in Hawaii💗 They would be so amazing as dads and would bring up their kids to have the same kind and thoughtful behavior like them. My heart would just explode from cuteness at the sight💕

(Prepare your hearts for the series of pictures below)

Sirius Imagine 6

Request: Hey it’s my birthday and I was wondering if you could do a Sirius x reader but it includes all the marauders and it’s just really fluffy and sweet but Sirius is I dunno he’s just the best

lol i 100% agree he is the best. and happy bday!!! sorry this took so long I’ve been super busy and i have to do my requests in order :( but anyways i hope u like this!!! 


You looked around, trying to find whoever was shouting.


You looked around the Great Hall again.

“Over here! Over here!”

You saw James Potter waving his arms frantically. Remus was sitting next to him, his face red with laughter as he and Peter were watching Sirius with his head in the hands, like he was trying to hide from the world.

You walked over to the Marauder’s slightly confused. You could never be too careful around them, and prepared yourself for a prank as you approached the table.

“Hey guys,” you said, sitting down slowly next to Sirius.

James, Remus, and Peter were giggling like idiots and Sirius was trying to hide in his cloak.

“Y/n,” Remus said laughing, “Gue-guess what Padfoot just said.”

Sirius groaned and you got a glimpse of his beet-red face when he wiped his face with his hands.

“What?” You asked, suddenly curious.

“H-he, h-he- Oh Merlin I can’t,” Remus fell over.

“He said-” Peter began but James cut him off, howling with laughter.

“You, and I quote, make him ‘feel like the sun is always shining on his heart.’”

Sirius let his head fall onto the table and groaned. 

You laughed, “Aw, how cute. Someone’s got a crush!!”

Sirius lifted his head up and glared at you, he was still blushing furiously and trying not to laugh from embarrassment, “You’re my girlfriend!!”

“Still..” you winked at him.

“Ughhh!! I hate you,” Sirius put his head back down on the table. 

You put your head on the table next to his and he moved his so that the two of you were looking at each other.

You both remained silent for a moment and then both exploded into laughter. 

You both sat up and after you quit laughing you smiled at him, “Do I really make you feel like that?”

He moved his face closer to yours and winked, “All the time.”

ok so this is short but its super cute!! happy birthday!!

Got7 Reaction To You Getting Randomly Hyper/Playful

Request: hi ! could I request got7 reaction to their s/o randomly getting hyper/playful? thank you! 💓

A/n: I’ve been so dead lately, I’m so sorry about how inactive i’ve been and hopefully I can start to finish my requests!~Joy


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“You’re too cute Jagiya!”


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“Jagiya, let’s be cute and hyper together!”


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*Heart explodes from cuteness overload*


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Get’s super happy seeing you all hyper.


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“Jagiya, please let me sleep I don’t want to get out of the house I want to sleep, let’s go out later” 


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Is always hyper so when you suddenly became playful he started to grin “Welcome back to the fun side”


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He would probably try to calm you down so you would stop yelling or running around while he was trying to practice.

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The way you draw Silvally is so friggin' cute!! Every time I see your art pop-up somewhere I feel like my heart is going to explode from how cute it is. I just wanna hug the floofy pupper. *//A//*

thank you sm anon!! silvally appreciates it <3

Harry Styles Your Son Calls Him Daddy For The First Time Imagine - Part One

[Enjoy! Harry with kids… UGH YES. haha

Part Two Part Three Part Four]

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Your OC's review

For Rem and Aoimotion (Hi Rem, if you like this submission could you possibly share it with Aoimotion, since i can’t find a way to submit it to her and i want her to know how much i appreciate and love her share of the work as well as yours!!)

OK, so after seeing a few posts about tons of people people giving you shit for reasons i don’t really understand (or want to) i figured i’d try to do something nice and write the both of you a review about why i love your OCs (Cynthia and Jack most of all, since they have the most content, though Zac, Stella, the chief and his wife all have their turns in the spotlight as well.

Also, i want to clarify one more thing; all of the following gushing about your OCs characterization comes from both Rem’s drawing and Aoimotion’s writing. Without your writing, Rem’s drawings wouldn’t convey some of the subtler, deeper emotions that come through in the characters dialog and actions, while without the drawings Aoimotion’s writing would lack the visual that made me fall in love with each and every one of your characters before they even said a word. You two work together brilliantly and it is wonderful and amazing to see and we all are blessed to be able to enjoy all of it.

So first, let’s talk about the two main characters, Jack and Cynthia. I first encountered them in the Black Jack comics, and i instantly fell in love. Jack was so calm, so cool, so collected and suave and unflappable even in the face of Nick’s outright hostility. The first comics gave us both a verbal and visual introduction to Jack: professional to a fault, clearly experienced based on the scars on his body and the simple fact that he is in charge of this team. At first he seemed almost entirely too professional and rational, given how he dissected the possible team members like a surgeon with a scalpel.

But then it got so much better with the introduction of Cynthia Walker in Chapter 4. Because it showed a different side of Jack. A side of vulnerability and awkwardness, weakness and a hint of shame, as well as a sense of familiarity and camaraderie. We saw Jack ask for advice, which was a huge character development moment as it showed that he was capable of knowing when he needed help, swallowing his pride and asking for it.

At the same time, WE GOT TO MEET CYNTHIA (and Stella, though at the time i don’t think she had a name). Beautiful, deadly based on her targeting skills and sharper than a sword, but at the same time totally unwilling to put up with Jack in any way. He called her, which was something she had wanted but totally denied for a long period of time, then the moment he strayed off topic she got fed up with him and almost hung up the call. It was such a funny interaction and way to introduce her as a character, and i fell in love instantly.

Over the next few chapter releases, we saw more of Jack and Cynthia discussing his main problem, namely one officer Wilde, and we saw more of the interactions between them.  It was so enjoyable to see Cynthia continue to dig into him mockingly, jokingly, in a way that only true enemies or extremely close friends can (speaking from experience here, as my friends and i regularly insult each other one second and proclaim our shared love the next). But then suddenly things became serious, and we saw the colder part of Walker’s side come out. Despite what we as the viewers might have wanted, Jack denied Wilde a spot on the team per Cynthia’s advice. That moment, and the moments where Hopps confronted Jack, showed a bit more of Jack’s dangerous side. The glare in his eyes, the ferocity and anger Jack showed in that gaze, was amazing. Even i was a little taken aback by it.

At this point, i discovered that Animotion had some individual pieces of writing on archive that delved further into Jack and Cynthia’s backstory, as well as more individual drawings that added so much to the characterization of both characters, and gave each of their backstories tragedy, pain and love in equal measure. I must confess, i have read them but haven’t added comments, something i feel terrible about. But the depth, the characterization, Cynthia’s agony and Jack’s awkwardness, the emotions roiling around in these two; the love and fear, the confusion and anger, back and forth between two people who care deeply for each other but are unable to voice it. Because of fear. And because life has been difficult and terrible to these two mammals; they have been forced to be strong, resilient and savage their entire lives, so it makes perfect sense that both of them have to dance around each other like this.

AND YOU KNOW HOW I KNOW THIS??? YOU KNOW HOW I CAN TELL THEY LOVE EACH OTHER DESPERATELY. THE NECKLACE CYNTHIA WEARS, AMONG OTHER THINGS. It is such a small thing, but we always see her with it. A constant reminder of Jack, a piece of him that is with Cynthia always. When he first presented it to her, there was a moment of openness, of vulnerability and affection. And at the same time, it was a truly good pick for Cynthia. She is like the moon; beautiful, pure, changing, always moving across the sky endlessly. She changes, adapts and evolves, and exerts influence on everything within her sphere of influence.

AND THEN YOU CAME OUT WITH THE DINNERTIME COMIC AND MY HEART JUST ABOUT DIED. it was so precious and adorable to see Cynthia so dressed up, and see Jack in an apron, acting domestic and concerned about Cynthia’s health (as an aside, i just realized that Cynthia’s face exploded in a blush when she saw Jack’s bed. So adorably cute.) And the cupcakes, oh god the cupcakes. I died from the sweetness of that scene.

And then we hit the second comic, and i love how Walker eggs Jack on. Teasing him, messing with him, and finally lightly mocking him, which drives him over the edge and causes him to drink. Probably more then is safe, considering his assumably low tolerance from not drinking and how he just slams two glasses of wine. (as a prediction, I AM BETTING JACK JUST TEARS INTO CYNTHIA, WHICH SPAWNS A MASSIVE ARGUMENT THAT LEADS TO A HUGE CONFESSION. IF THAT IS WHAT HAPPENS I WILL SCREAM IN HAPPINESS AND DIE FROM JOY.)

So…..i may have been focusing a lot on Jack and Cynthia and i am sorry about that, BUT I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH. THEY ARE SO REAL AND FLAWED AND STRONG AND TOUGH AND OH GOODY LORD I CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF THEM.

So thank you both so very, very much for sharing your characters and your world with us. I love and appreciate you and your creations so much. I hope you liked my gushing about your characters, and i hope that both of you have a wonderful everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh, gosh…thank you so much. You’re one of the first people who wrote to me, you follow me since almost 2 years and I wish I could hug you, from the bottom of my heart…people like you are special, diamonds for people like me. thanks for all the kindness and the support you always give me, @moonwatcher13. ;________;


Shownu’s Uh, N-no, Nope (he prob said that is my FAVE part tbh in this episode-) . Along with tons of showki moments.

Him stuttering is the best and you can even hear staffs and members laughed for his acting and it looked so unscripted but his cuteness is exploding. I love this expressionless man who brings out the most laughter from all ^^

Betty x Reader: "I'll start a kitten hotel!"

Warnings: none
Requested: no
A/N: this is short but is full kitten love I promise. I was heavily inspired by Bubbles’ love for kittens.

*Betty’s POV*

I was lid on my bed, hugging a pillow and sobbing into it lightly. There wasn’t a particular reason other than I had a shitty day and needed to let some pent up emotions out. I missed Archie, and I really thought we had a chance, but he was caught up in an older woman’s web like a curious house fly. I missed all the nights we’d sit at Pops and share a milkshake. To him it was nothing more than two friends sharing a milkshake, but to me it was everything. Suddenly, the phone rang and I popped up out of my position to answer it.

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BTS Reaction #6 - You dress up in a cute onsie and cuddle them to death

monsta x / black pink/ bts how would they react if you would dress up in a cute onesi and cuddle them to deathxD

And the final part is here! I’m a little sad since this is so cute!! ^.^ Thank you again anon!

Seokjin (Jin): *practically has a heartattack from how hard he’s fanboying over you* “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! How can one person be this cute??”

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Hoseok (Jungkook): *this is his favorite moment of his entire life and he acts cute with you* “You are the most perfect human being I have ever met~”

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Namjoon (Rap Monster): *blushes and smiles super widely* “What got into you, you little cutie?”

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Jungkook: *malfunctions from adorableness but is also still a dweeb* “BABE WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME? MY HEARTS GONNA EXPLODE, IT’S SO FULL OF RAINBOWS”

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Taehyung (V): *happiest alien ever* “Yah, how did you know just what I needed tonight? You know me so well sweetie. I love you.”

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Jimin: *always up for a cuddle session* “Aww, babe! You’re so warm and cuddly~ Want to watch some movies and just chill tonight?”

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Yoongi (Suga): *usually initiates the cuddles so he’s happy for the switch* *lughs* “Yah, why are you so weird?” *gives you a gummy smile and laughs more at your pout* “I love your weirdness though!! I swear!”

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sometimes i have such a surge in love for you all, like honestly in my heart i can feel the adrenaline from it as well.. i just wish u guys are all always super happy and doing the things you love with the pets and people you love and always safe and super cool and cute, meeting equally cute and kind people that love and cherish u like ur supposed to be… mm and its okay if ur having a trying time and i wish u will always feel in those time that ur in control x

iconic jung hoseok lyrics
  • “make money, good money”
  • “all the girls of the world are
    in hope world, lined up”
  • “ABCDEFGH Hakuna Matata”
  • “i will bite down on you first”
  • “i’d kiss you starting from the morning
    can’t forget to grab some brunch”
  • “a killer of girls’ hearts”
  • “her hair, body, waist, legs,
    even her other unspeakable parts”
  • “after fighting my hormones again today,
    i’ll pop my pimple”
  • “my swag explodes”
  • “wiggle wiggling jingle jingling
    rolling around, beagle beagling”
  • “getting physical and acting cute”
  • “you’re a thief, i’m the police, pay for your crime”
  • “all of you are so weak, such losers, crybabies and idiots”
  • “today, i’m it, mini miney mo”
  • “i wanna see the stars on your shoes
    haha, without Namjoon knowing”