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For the Valentine's headcanon could I get Mutsurie or Tousaki (or both)? Please and thank you!

(check out my main blog for another mutsurie fix if you need it <3 i bleed that shit)


Urie goes out of his way to impress mutsuki on valentines day and ends up spending excessive amounts of money on things mutsuki never really needed. Like an aquarium.

Mutsuki thinks making handmade chocolate is sweet and he tries his damned hardest to make it good for urie. he just sucks at it, but Urie doesnt seem to care and eats the bitter heart blocks anyway.

Sasaki has permanently removed the locks on his childrens bedroom doors. because of this Urie blueballs frequently.


Touka was invited to the Chateau around valentines day and got a lovely surprise of chocolates from shirazu, mutsuki, saiko and sasaki as a group. She couldnt eat them but she liked the smell.

Haise has developed a habit of placing his hand on the dip of Touka’s back when hes standing beside her, she loves it.

Sasaki thought ghouls had mating dances and made an ass of himself when he started waving his kagune around like a sexually frustrated bird. Saiko made sure to keep a video recording of it.
An Open Letter To The Twenty-Something Equestrian Who Refuses To Give Up

This has been on my heart lately and I wanted to share it here.

”To the twenty-something equestrian reading this-

To the groom who has spent the past three hours braiding horses and it’s 10:30 PM and your fingers are raw and bleeding, but you still have three more manes to do and that 4:00 AM alarm is already sounding off in the depths of your mind and you wonder what miracles will need to be performed before you get so much as a thank you-

To the working student who wonders how many more stalls need to be mucked before you find a sense of validation; how much more grass mowed, how many horses fed, how many arenas dragged, how many lessons will go un-had before you remember why you came-

To the veterinary technician at the equine hospital who is covered in fluids and guilt for not having been able to save this one and you just want to know why it all has to hurt so much and how many more times you’ll have to run an IV line into a helpless, dying horse before the ones you save outnumber the ones you lose-

To the college student who had to give up riding all together in order to focus on school; that dedicated pupil who wonders how many finals you will need to pass, how many credits you need to achieve, how long it will be before you have a job that lets you pursue your passion again-

To the young trainer who takes on all the rank, green horses that everyone else avoids; how many setbacks will you face, how many more people will refuse to take you seriously, laugh patronizingly at your age, before the work you do starts to matter-

I want you to know that I see you.

I want you to know that He sees you.

Hey, groom.

How do you feel when that horse you so lovingly care for takes their victory gallop, shining and elegant because of your attention to detail? Does it make your heart blossom to see them healthy because you take care to notice and remember every part of their “normal”? When the rider waves you over to stand beside them for the picture, do you choke back tears because you remember why you took the job in the first place?

Hey, working student.

When you make a sudden breakthrough, do the piles of manure feel worth it? When you establish a connection with someone influential, do you sing praises that you were blessed enough to be in the right place, at the right time? How does it feel to have the trainer compliment how neat you manage to keep the barn? Do you cherish those things you learn when the lessons finally come?

Hey, vet tech.

When you see the relieved smile on the owner’s face, do you mirror it with a grin of your own? When they reach out to hug you, can you feel the gratitude down to your bones? As you change the dressing on a wound and that precious foal reaches around to nuzzle your neck, do you feel your calling as a healer coming back to life?

Hey, college student.

When you get an A on the exam, do you rejoice knowing that you’re building a future for you and the horses you will own? When you get the internship you wanted, does it fill your head up with dreams? Do you relish in the joy of peacefully grazing horses in the fields you drive by?

Hey, young trainer.

When that flighty horse realizes he can trust you, does it all start to make sense? When you win the ribbon at the show and people ask for your business card, can you feel the hope rising within you? As you bed down the horses for the night and make a plan for tomorrow, does that vision start to creep up and come alive again?

It may not feel like it today or tomorrow or even the day after that, but I promise you that what you are doing matters. You matter. One day, these moments will be distant memories and you’ll look back and see the things you learned and hey, you might even miss it.

I promise you that future you’re building? It’s worth it.

You’re going to be okay.

It will all work out the way that it should.

Keep going.

Keep dreaming.

Keep building.

a twenty-something equestrian who refuses to give up“

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I have been following you for more than a year and loved the content bowie or not my heart bleeds too and i love seing bowie posts on my dash keeping his name and voice and face alive however even if i wasnt a big bowie fan you deserve your time this is your blog and you should have the freedom to post whatever you feel like if people here dont understand they dont deserve to be catered with the content they are asking for i mean you deserve respect and time you're not here only to entertain

Wow, thanks for the outpouring! It means so much! 

I actually don’t have any problems with somebody who started following me when I was doing maybe 1 or 2 Bowie posts a day for 3 years, with a bunch of other stuff mixed in, but who now isn’t digging me doing more like 15 Bowie posts a day for 3 weeks with almost nothing else mixed in. 

And it’s funny, I really did show up at tumblr just for amusement, but it really does mean something after all, doesn’t it? I’d never have guessed how important tumblr and all of you here would become to me. So I take those criticisms to heart, especially when phrased as kindly as the one I replied to (others were not so nice), and I take seriously the idea that I haven’t been keeping up my end of the deal. Gettin’ there soon, though! 

And of course in the meantime, thank you again to the many, many people who’ve been writing me to thank me, and sharing their own Bowie stories too! I keep private conversations private, so anyone can feel free to contact me non-anonymously if they have something to say. It’s been really wonderful talking to you all, and I’m just sorry I didn’t start talking about all this with you sooner! 

Peace, Tim

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i was having a snowball fight outside and you were casually walking by and oh my god im so sorry i accidentally nailed you in the face, could you do that.

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Good Fun Gone Bad |Wanda Maximoff X Reader|

Thank you for the request!

You strolled down the sidewalk, watching Pietro and Wanda have a snowball fight, your heart warming at the smile on Wanda’s face. As you almost reached them, you daydreamed, unaware of the high speed snowball aimed at your face. Smack. You groaned as the force of the tightly packed snow sent to spiraling towards the floor, your hand flying to your bleeding nose. “Goddamn.” You grumbled, trying to massage your throbbing nose.

Wanda rushed towards your slumped body, “I’m so sorry, (Y/n)! Are you alright?” The brunette asked, her eyes analyzing your face. “Let me see your nose, please.”

“No, it hurts too much.” You replied, covering your nose more firmly.

“I need to see the damage, (Y/n).” Wanda sighed, gently coaxing your gloved hands from your face. “Oh God, it may be broken.” Wanda gasped sheepishly, turning to send her brother a worried look. Pietro shrugged, a calm smile on his face.

“You did nail her/him in the face.” Pietro stated nonchalantly. 

“It was an accident.” Wanda hissed at him, shooing him away. “You’re not much help.” She shook her head and helped you to your feet. You chuckled at their little argument. “How about I treat your wound inside?” Wanda suggested and you nodded in agreement.

“Please.” You responded, following Wanda into her and Pietro’s home. Once Wanda settled you into a chair, she immediately sprung into action, going to retrieve an ice pack while you and her brother chit-chatted.

Wanda returned quickly, her hands gently cupping your face as she placed the ice pack lightly against your nose, “Sorry about this.” She said, her eyes avoiding yours and her brother slipped out the room with a small smirk. You placed your hands atop Wanda’s, a smile gracing your features.

“It’s fine. You were just having fun and this happened on accident.” You replied, sticking your tongue out playfully. Wanda saw and turned away, her laughter filling the room at your childish expression.

“Thank you, (Y/n).” The woman thanked, her eyes meeting yours, “This is much more fun.” Wanda added and at your pout, the brunette laughed more, her eyes tearing up.

The Epenson Awards

Voting begins today!! 

 So many great stories and art to look at.  I so so want to read them all for each category I plan to vote on , but I know that’s near impossible. Unless I quit my job….hmmm tempting. 

I want to wish everyone good luck. This is such a fun event. YOu are all amazing.

I’m not going to promote my story. It had been out for sometime and it’s angsty, not everyone likes stomp on your still bleeding heart angst.. So anyone who wanted to read it I imagine already did. and opinions on my writing already formed.

Here’s the story for anyone interested in reading it.  Angst! Why category. A story about Rumple having moved on, But Belle and him finding their way back to gether.

I do want to thank everyone for getting me on the ballot. You cannot imagine my delight in that alone. Being part of this great fandom with great stories, meta, art, but most of all friends has always been what we are about.

Good Luck Everyone…   Voting ends Feb 6th..  vote

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You asked for music? I recommend Sound of Your Heart by Shawn Hook. It's making me think of all the angst we'll get come 4x15.

OOH! It was on The Feels playlist, but not the angst one (that has been remedied - THANK YOU!). VERY MUCH ABOUT THE ANGSTY FEELS.

Listen to the Song

Full Lyrics

Listen to The Feels HERE and Angst Edition HERE

You were my courage, My sword and shield
Grace under pressure, My wall of steel
I was a stone weighing us down
You were the angel I chained to the ground

I miss the way you undress
I miss your hair on my chest

Can’t stop this bleeding
Can’t stop you leaving

I’m missing the sound of your heart beating
Baby I’m in love with you
Oh, and I’m missing the sound of your heart beating
Baby you were mine to lose
Oh, and I’m missing the sound of your heart beating

A Forgotten Goodbye- Drabble

Summary: Dean visits a dying woman in her few remaining hours, but you’ll cry when you find out why.

Warnings: ANGST

Word Count: 400

A/N: Second drabble, and I love it soo much. I’m fangirling over here at my own work and hope you like it too. Actually, just got the idea, wrote it in about half an hour, then spent the next half hour editing and crying. Really think it turned out well.

Please share and give me feedback, and remember the boys are still here for questions so send in ‘em asks. Also, thank you, my amazing beta @demondean-for-kingofhell!

Originally posted by stylinswallows

She laid still on the raised hospital bed, her skin pale as snow. Massive blood loss caused her heart to stop working at normal pace and the bite marks on her neck continued to bleed, despite the doctor’s best bandages.

An elder doctor hovered over her. “And your son?” he asked.

She struggled to form any words, her hands shaking. “He's… he’s at a friend’s house,” she managed.

“We’ll have to get him. You do realize, unless we can get a suitable heart transplant, I’m not sure how much longer you’ll be able to hold on.”

“Open the window,” she said, her only response, and the doctor obeyed. Once the window was open, the bright, colorful light of a perfect sunset shined through her small room, and she shooed the doctor away.

Dean, who was leaning unnoticed against the door, filled the place of the doctor when he walked in. She was still staring outside, not seeing Dean as he moved next to her bed.

“Hey,” he said.

She jumped a little and turned around. “Hi,” she said weakly. Dean took a seat in the chair and grabbed her hand. Even if she had the strength to resist him, she didn’t. “Do I… do I know you?” she asked.

“Yeah,” he said, giving her a small, warm smile. Tears formed at his eyes as he tried desperately not to cry. “I’m a friend.”

“I’m sorry,” she stuttered, “I don’t remember you.”

“No,” he replied. “You wouldn’t.”

She looked back over at the sky. “Come to see my final hours?”

“Yeah, something like that.” A few tears fell as he bit his lip. “But you’ll be fine, I promise.”

“The doctors say-”

“Screw the doctors,” he interrupted. “You’ll be fine.”

She gave him a weak, but warm, smile, and he returned the gesture. They both sat there for a while, looking out as the sun settled beneath the mountains. Maybe five minutes after that, a group of adults and one young boy- her family- filled the room, swarming around her. Not wanting to test the memory of her family, Dean left and rejoined his brother in the impala.

Sam started up the car. “You were in there for quite a while.”

“Had to see someone,” Dean replied. “Had to say goodbye.”

“To who?” Sam asked.

A single tear fell from his green eye and he looked up to where the sun used to be, shifting then to the open window on the side of the hospital.


5.5 x 8.5- original
$30 plus shipping
For purchasing details or commissions email Thanks!
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15% off these pieces:
DON’T GET ME WRONG- The Pretenders
LET IT BLEED- Rolling Stones
DYSLEXIC HEART- Paul Westerberg
MIND GAMES- John Lennon
95 THESIS- Shane Sweeney
I’LL STAND BY YOU- The Pretenders
EVEN HERE WE ARE- Paul Westerberg
UNTIL I AM WHOLE- The Mountain Goats

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Folie a Deux and Danger Days? :)

oooh great thank u let’s see

headfirst slide bc do i have to explain? it’s so good. my heart. ‘what if you peaked early’ i’m fuckigng sobbing.

20 dollar nose bleed bc it’s been a #1 fave of mine pretty much since the album came out. i truly lost my shit seeing it live with brendon. like tears. it’s 2 good.

also 27 makes me feel things. the guitar solo and also the meaning adn im’

bulletproof heart because FUCK ok i am an atheist but like 4:04 of that song makes me question things sometimes how can that level of beauty be possible please tell me how

save yourself because im crying like ‘i’m the only friend that makes you cry you’re a heart attack in black hair dye’ // ‘it ain’t about all the friends you made but the graffiti they write on your grave’ /// ‘YOU MOTHERFUCKER, WHOAAAAA’

honorable mention to DESTROYA cause gerard…please….behave yourself and goodnight, dr death because wtf why don’t we jsut put thE FUCKING NATIONAL ANTHEM on our cd it’ll be great

send me an album and i’ll tell you my favorite song(s) from

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just wanted to say I adore your tags and I love your writing and getting a notification that you've reblogged a poem of mine makes me smile so wide (it's only happened twice but I Aspire 😄) <3

precious bird, don’t blame me for sharing your kind words with the world - they shall breathe on top of my blog. i adore your words and your smile, how you hold yourself so graciously no matter the mess. (i am a horrible sharer and tumblr tends to hide people from me. imagine me in sighs and stutters because i’d rather share your words than mine these days.) i aspire to write in tune! you feel so comfortable and familiar even when bleeding. maybe that’s why i keep you favorite, hidden between my bones. thank you bb bird. thank you. take a slice of my heart home: <3

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First impression: she's really nice. Her URL makes it sound like she's a writer, lemme just... Oh she's a good writer too! — Current impression: amazing writer, total sweetheart, angst warrior that makes my heart bleed but somehow also makes me appreciate it. (In other words, A+ human being, thanks for existing 💕)

Okay…akjfhasiughapih…ahhhhhh!! You are such a sweetie Brea! I don’t know what I do to deserve a friend like you! Seriously, you are an absolute darling!  💕 Ehe oops…sorry but not sorry! *hugs*

No, thank you for existing!! You are absolutely perf and your writing is incredible! You always manage to brighten my day :)  💕

(Also how did I not see this till now!? I remember reblogging something along these lines but apparently I didn’t see this)

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Call the ambulance. I got excessive nose bleed and my sugar level in my blood is off the hook. Your beautiful rinharu birthday art is killing my fangirl heart with its magnificence. Waifu, I'd bow to you if I still have strength.

…I’m just a blushing sobbing mess by now orzz THAT’S SUCH A SWEET MESSAGE WAIFU WTH WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS SO PERFECT
Thank you so much <333 I’m very happy you like it, even though I didn’t have much time :’)

Song Tag Game

I was tagged by @ladyhonoria, and funny thing is that some of these songs are actually on your list already :D Thanks hun!

Write the first 10 songs that come up on shuffle (no skipping) and quote your favorite lyric(s) from each song, then tag 10 people.

1. Alt-J - Tessellate

Bite chunks out of me
You’re a shark and I’m swimming
My heart still thumps as I bleed
And all your friends come sniffing

2. Dotan - Home

The sound of the wind is whispering in your ear.
Can you feel it coming back?
Through the warmth, through the cold, keep running ‘til we’re there.
We’re coming home now, we’re coming home now.

3. Jaymes Young - I’ll be good

My past has tasted bitter for years now,
So I wield an iron fist
Grace is just weakness
Or so I’ve been told.
I’ve been cold, I’ve been merciless
But the blood on my hands scares me to death
Maybe I’m waking up today

4. The Neighbourhood - Flawless

She planned ahead for a year, he said, “Let’s play it by ear.”
She didn’t want him to run, he didn’t want her to fear
Nobody said it’d be easy, they knew it was rough
But, tough luck
You’re a doll, you are flawless
But I just can’t wait for love to destroy us
I just can’t wait for love 

5. Les Friction - Who will save you now

Alone with this vision
Alone with this sound
Alone in my dreams
I carry around

I will not take from you and you will not owe
I will protect you from the fire below
It’s not in my mind
It’s here at my side
Go tell the world that I am alive

6. Arrows to Athens - Dust & Gold 

It’s down to you and me,
In this cold and empty street-
Forgotten what we’re living for.

7. Imagine Dragons - Battlecry 

Stars are only visible in darkness
Fear is ever-changing and evolving
And I have been poisoned inside
But I, I feel so alive

8. Mozart: L’Opera Rock - Le Bien Qui Fait Mal 

C'est le bien qui fait mal
Quand tu aimes
Tout fait normal
Ta haine
Prend le plaisir
C'est si bon de souffrir
Succombe au charme
Donne tes larmes

9.  Indian Summer - Shiner ft. Ginger & The Ghost

All these pieces and all this noise
Step back, I’m facing the war
All this despair alone, sets dust in your bones
Hiding through stone

10.  IAMX- Great Shipwreck of Life

To the brave and the petrified
We all fall down
To the slave and the civilised
We all fall down
To the lovers we left behind
The bad days, the good nights
In the great shipwreck of life
We all fall down

Aaand I tag: @blueink3, @msynergy, @weirdcombination, @reginasidiot, @ellacassidy134, @youfoundus3, @dolphincrash-dinosaurs, @oh-my-ouat, @romanaisalive, @jazzymbf

Have fun! :)

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Holy shit, Ash !!!! My heart is bleeding, why the fuck is Brad so fucking hot, like damn that last picture !!!! Girl, he is not real... i know i know you met him but really... He is a DREAMBOY in my imagination !!!!! <3<3<3<3

Okay before we get to Brad, I saw the notif for this ask and I legit thought you were hurt and bleeding and mY HEART SKIPPED A BEAT seriously it’s still beating really fast rn lmao but thank god it’s not serious omfg I think I need to lay low on caffeine ok sorry back to the topic

Girl idk like no ones supposed to be that hot and attractive???? HOW??? HE DIDNT SEEM REAL WHEN I MET HIM EITHER I THINK IT WAS ALL A DREAM??? And he could change in a fucking instant like I met him he was cutesy and giggly and stuff then BAM SERIOUS SEX ONSTAGE JFC I NEED TO LAY DOWN FOR A WHILE AFTER THIS WOW

Tagged by @tmiipb (thanks fam)
Rules: write the first ten songs that come up on shuffle (no skipping) and quote your favorite lyric from each song, then tag 10 people.

Tear In My Heart - Twenty One Pilots // Sometimes you got to bleed to know that you’re alive and have a soul. 

Johnny Boy - Twenty One Pilots //  No one really knows his mind and no one knows behind his eyes.The man deserves a medal. But he’s never really won a prize before.

Follow Me - Muse //  When darkness falls, and surrounds you. When you fall down. When you’re scared. And you’re lost. Be brave. I’m coming to hold you now.

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SOMEBODY TO SHOVE- SOLD 5.5 x 8.5- original
$30 plus shipping
For purchasing details or commissions email Thanks!
#morningsongdrawings #shanesweeney

15% off these pieces:
DON’T GET ME WRONG- The Pretenders
LET IT BLEED- Rolling Stones
DYSLEXIC HEART- Paul Westerberg
MIND GAMES- John Lennon
95 THESIS- Shane Sweeney
I’LL STAND BY YOU- The Pretenders
EVEN HERE WE ARE- Paul Westerberg
UNTIL I AM WHOLE- The Mountain Goats