my heart is about to jump out of my chest


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Do you understand? It’s just because my heart is jumping out of my chest. No, but I can’t breathe. It feels as if I’m going to die.

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Some borderline smut in where reb calls you princess h oly fuck please?

((I’m really sorry if this is bad!! I tried.))

Eric is confusing. I can’t understand him. I know he cares about me and everything, but I never know where I’m at with him. I don’t know whether we’re just friends or if we’re dating. I’m not sure whether it’s me or him, but fuck it’s confusing.

I hear a knock at my door, my mother was in the shower so I answered. I see a familiar face. It was Eric. I was surprised, in a good way. Every time I see him, my heart jumps out my chest. It’s strange, I’ve never felt that way before. I’ve never felt the way I feel about him with anyone before. I begin suddenly panicking. FUCK I LOOK LIKE SHIT. I wasn’t expecting him to be here. He just stood there with that smug little smirk he always had on his face.
“Oh shit, Reb, what you doing here?” I play with my hair a little bit, I was nervous as fuck.
“I dunno,” he was avoiding eye contact just as much as me, “just wanted to hang out… I guess.” He rubbed the back of his neck.
“Oh,” I pause and look at the ground for a second, “wanna come in?” I ask, making a space for him to enter through the door.

He smiled and nodded, he made his way in through the door and we headed to my room.

We sat on my bed for a while, just talking about shit. We put ‘Natural Born Killers’ on in the background, as we both enjoyed the movie. I was looking at the screen when he placed his hand on my cheek and turned me so I was looking at him. I stare into his green eyes, they honestly pierced my soul. No matter what he did, it made my heart flutter. Every second I sat staring into his eyes felt like an hour. He slowly leaned in, my heart pounding as he did so, and placed his lips on mine. He kisses me softly at first, then it becomes rougher and more passionate, I mimiced his actions. I automatically move my hands to his neck, pulling him closer in. My hands grasp his shirt tightly and his tongue slid across mine, I let out an accidental moans, causing Eric to smirk and me to feel extremely embarrassed. I suppose my moan gave him some confidence, as after I did he began moving his hands across my body. He started at my hips, and slowly danced his fingers up to my breasts. He gently uses one hand to cup me, and uses the other to pull me in closer. I do as he wants, and shuffle over, making every part of my body accessible to him. He’s rougher with me this time, biting my lip as he grabs my breast hard. I let out another small moans, my whole body shivers and I cant help but tug on his hair.

He rolls me onto my back, placing himself between my legs, he begins kissing my again. He uses one hand to balance himself and the other to go up my shirt and under my bra. He kisses me harder and harder as he plays with my now hard nipples. He draws his attention to my neck now, not wasting any time being gentle, he viciously licks and nibbles on my sensitive flesh. I claw at his back and bite my lip to suppress my moans.
“F-fuck,” I moan, “Eric you’re making me so-”
He interrupts me, his voice was filled with demand, “You’re my fucking princess, okay?”
I nod at his statement, not too sure what to say next. He puts his crotch against mine and grinds himself against me, causing me moan his name. He swiftly places his hand over my mouth to muffle my unstoppable moans. He keeps kissing my neck, touching my breasts, and grinding against me. By doing this he sends my into a frenzy. I want him so bad.
“Eric, I want you so bad right now.” I whisper into his ear, causing him to grind on me harder.
“I want you too, princess,” I close my eyes, enjoy every moment of him, “but not right now.” He says pulling away, and sitting where he previously was.
He places a sweet kiss on my lips, and tucks my hair behind my ear, “Not yet, Princess.”
The look in his eyes explained it without having to use words. I just nod and listen. I placed my head on his shoulder and snuggled into him.

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Fact: I am really passionate about the microbiology of the human gut. THERE'S A LOT OF COOL STUFF IN THERE.

NAHHAHAABAsnncnnc no no thank you!! I dunno how you do it!!

I once saw a science post on my tumblr dash about how your heart doesn’t sit on anything? Its constantly suspended by heartsrings? And yfjhfjfn man even typing this out it freaks me the fuck out like. I saw that and I get so creeped and skin crawly, I feel like I can feel those threads in my chest and they hurt and im afriad to jump up and down cause I think my heartstrings will snap and my heart will fall and I’ll die. 

I know i’m late but i just want to say that i loved 2x07. I mean, all the malec scenes were super cute and beautiful and they made my heart jump out of my chest, and knowing that they had their first time is really cute too.
The rest of the episode was amazing, i loved the interactions between maia/magnus simon/jace and magnus/izzy and the scenes where luke had to face valentine and clace fought to save the angel were flawless.
I’m really excited for 2x08 and seeing magnus and jace talk about alec and the whole party disaster.

Mother told me to go to our bedroom and wait for her. I could hear jingle of her belts as she selected one from her closet. She found her favorite one. Wide. Long. Worn brown leather.

She came in and asked me why I didn’t have my progress report. My heart beat at my chest the way I knew she was about to attack my tender ass.

My dick jumped as my stomach sank. Then I lied. I said there was a delay for my report because my teacher had a few more assignments to enter for me.

That’s when she pulled out my progress report.
I could see the F in English on the page, even though my eyes were pouring tears my this point and my voice grew shrill and panicked.

“I’m sorry!” I screamed, but it had begun.

She grabbed my arms above my head with amazing strength and brought the belt against my trembling cheeks.
My knees gave as she tore my ass with steady rhythm of a lecture about lying and low performance.

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So you might have answered this some other time but what advice do you have for starting a poké ask blog? I'm thinking of of starting a slowpoke one.

The best thing to do when starting a poke blog is to have fun! No joke, when you have fun with the Pokemon your drawing it makes you more motivated to keep posting! Engaging with the rest of the community is a big plus too! I know it can be scary, I suffer from anxiety so it was feels like my hearts going to jump out of my chest when I first talk to people haha. But everyone In this community is super cool and chill everyone’s down to talk and want to talk about their oc s as much as you do haha.

Set up a queue if you feel that you need to but don’t be discouraged if you don’t post daily and your a ‘daily’ blog. I feel a lot of peeps feel down when they can’t keep up with a daily blog but it’s okay it’s your blog go at your own pace! Don’t be too concerned with followers if you stay active and talk to peeps you’ll start gaining a following. Whether you rp or just post daily pics of your favorite Pokemon.

I hope this helps! Let me know when you make the blog I’ll give it a follow ! Good luck!!!

Crushed Heart

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Requested By: @captainchris357

17,18 + 21With Isaac please

I was sitting in class when Isaac Lahey walked in. Gosh, he was so attractive. Especially at Pack meetings because he looks so focused on what we are talking about and it was so adorable. I wanted to ask him out but I was scared he would say no. Maybe he wouldn’t. Lydia told me that she thinks he likes me too, hopefully she was right.

After class, I decided to confront Isaac and ask him out. Walking over to his locker, my heart was beating so fast, I thought that it was going to jump out of my chest. I’m sure he could hear it even before I turned the corner.

He was getting the books that he needed for the last two classes of the day. I took a deep breath and walked up to him. “Hey, Isaac.”

He looked over and smiled, “Hey, Y/N! What’s up?”

“Well, I was wondering,” I began, “if you wanted to go out and get a bite to eat sometime?”

He looked at me for a second and was quiet. This was like an awkward silence and it seemed to last for an eon.

“Um, I don’t know, Y/N. I just-”

“It’s ok. I’m not forcing you to.” I reply, trying not to cry.

“I’m sorry. Are you okay?” He asked, probably seeing the tears swell up in my eyes.

“Yeah. It’s just that I guess you sometimes need to lower your expectations.” And with that I walk off, heading to the girl’s bathroom to cry.

That night at the Pack meeting, I never looked once at Isaac, but he was looking at me.  I could feel his eyes boring into the side of my head, and to be honest it made me feel uncomfortable.

This continued the next day, and the day after that. It was really starting to creep me out.

After school, he was still looking at me and I had had enough, I look over at him and say, “Stop looking at me!”

That night, I was doing homework, and I heard I knock on my window. Looking over, I saw Isaac crouching down, looking at me. I rolled my eyes and stomped over to the window. Opening it up, I whisper yelled, “What are you doing here?!”

He whispered back, “I’m here to see you! Can you move aside so you could let me in?”

I didn’t want too, but he did climb up onto my roof, risking falling and being seen by dad, so I felt bad and moved aside. Mumbling a thanks, Isaac crawled through the window.

“Whatever.” I muttered, getting back to my homework.

“Why do you hate me? Is it because I said no to going out with you?” Isaac suddenly asked.

I stop what I’m doing and looked up at him. “Isaac, I don’t hate you. It’s just that you’re the first boy that I have ever really liked, and to have gathered up all of the courage to ask you out, and then have my heart crushed, it makes a person feel very insecure. I just didn’t want to talk to you or look at you because I felt like I was going to cry if I did.”

“Y/N, I said no because I’m a werewolf, and a lot of bad things happen, and if I dated you, I didn’t want you to get hurt. I didn’t say no because I didn’t like you.”

“Isaac, I’m part of the Pack remember? I can take care of myself.” I reply.

“I know I just didn’t want to take the chance.” He whispered.

“Wait. So are you saying that you like me too?” I wonder.

He looks at his feet for a moment, and then back up at me. His head bobs up and down, causing me to laugh. “Really?”

“Yeah.” He smiles.

I stand up and kiss him. I’m so happy I could care less if he pulled away. No. I take that back. I would be really hurt if he pulled away. And guess what? That’s what he did.

He pulled back and looked me in the eyes, “Y/N, I like you, but I don’t want to be in a relationship right now.”

My eyes widened, and my mouth opened just a tad bit. Can you believe this guy? I was about to yell at him, but then he said, “I’m just kidding, come here.”

And then he pulls me closer to him and he kisses me.

And then I hear my dad walking calling my name, and walking towards my room.

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What do you think of Dirty Laundry? Personally, I love the new direction 😍😍

let’s just say that the moment Alex started singing I fell off my chair and spent the rest of the video clutching my chest ‘cause I thought my heart was gonna jump out of it haha! 

but seriously, I loved it since the first second, it’s such a different sound but so nice and beautiful, it only makes me more hyped for the new album! I get that some people might not like this new direction but I’m all for it!!

talk to me about anything, please


Right now Justin and i have a lot on our plates especially Justin if you know what I mean,
Well We both are so busy right now.
i still try my hardest to make time for Justin.
It seems to me like Justin just doesn’t care anymore so I decided maybe we need a break.
Me even thinking about being away from Justin breaks my heart,I have been crying my eyes out, I’m waiting for Justin to get home so i can tell him I’m leaving for a while.
while i was packing my bags i here the door open and my heart jumped out of my chest.
my mind was running about how was I going to tell Justin i was leaving I really didn’t want to leave,at all.
“ y/n”
I heard Justin yell but I couldn’t speak I just started to pack my clothes in my suitcase faster
“Didn’t you hear me calling y-why are you packing,y/n where are you going”.
I feel a tear drop and Justin walk closer to me and i look him in his eyes and say
“ I’m leaving Justin,me and you need a break ” as soon as i say that Justin starts to shake his head saying
“ no,no we don’t ,we don’t need a break”.
He was now walking to my suitcase taking my clothes out that I just packed.
I started crying harder
“ Justin STOP yes we do you don’t even notice me when I’m here why would you care if I’m gone, you don’t make time for me well us anymore i can’t do this”
“ y/n please stop i do notice you how could I not baby please don’t do this to me,to us please don’t”.
We where now close looking each other in the eyes
Justin got on he knees and grabbed my hands saying
“y/n please don’t leave me I can’t cope without you” I started to feel guilty maybe i was being selfish and inconsiderate of Justin’s feelings. You
“Y/n I promise I will make more time for you for us please baby ill be a better boyfriend I know I haven’t been here I know you feel neglected but I’ve been really busy please y/n don’t leave ”
He said getting up off his knees and hugging me tight I hugged him back and told him
“ i-I’m not going to give up on us Justin i was just feeling like you didn’t care”
“I do care,so will you stay ?”
“ yes”

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y oo my heart literally almost jumped out of my chest;;; I mean I definitely would, ya know, if like it's not a bother cause I mean I'm a mess rn just thinking about talking to you I just keep smiling and chuckling nervously haaha h a

thats cute haha, really have no fear, i mean im mostly a text talkative person so please don’t feel like a bother (besides im terrible at talking)

Daryl x Reader (Ch. 7)

Imagine: Hi so I took inspiration from “Can you do an imagine where the reader (age about 18) is Rick’s daughter and she’s in a kind of unofficial relationship with Daryl. Rick walks in on reader and Daryl in bed together in the prison cell and Rick kind of freaks out because of the age gap and stuff. :)” but changed it up a little and the reader is actually 20 years old! Hope that’s okay! Love you my little walkers 😍 

Warnings: eh the usual. No smut yet 

Word count: 1,333 

Author: Caroline 

 My heart was pounding so much. Does Rick know how I feel about Daryl? Oh god what could be worse… Rick finding out how Daryl feels about ME?! My chest felt like it was going to explode. I went to find Hershall who was resting his leg and eating a small meal. Everyone jumped up when they saw me walk in, covered in blood and my hand bandaged. They all rushed towards me. “It’s alright, it’s just a glass cut. No bites." 

 "You’re pale as a ghost, how much blood did you lose?” Hershall asked me. He started unwinding the bandage and it instantly started bleeding again. “Beth I need my kit from my cell, bring the antibiotics, and new rags…” Hershall started giving orders all around me. I was starting to feel myself start to drift away… Black started to cave into my vision… I was blacking out. Before I could say anything I started to fall backwards. Someone had caught me, and the last image I saw was Daryls worried face. 

 "I gotchyu (y/n)…“ 

 ••••••••Time Lapse••••••• 

 I woke up in my cell. An IV in my arm and a table full of medicine and tools. My other hand was handcuffed to the other side of the cell bed. My vision was blurred and I waited for it to adjust. "She’s waking up. Go get Rick.” It was Hershalls voice. My eyes started to see figures. I coughed and grunted. “Here sweetie, drink some water. Can you hear me?” I nodded. And my eyes cleared. Hershall and Maggie were by my bedside. I looked at my handcuffed hand. “Get her out of those.” And Maggie unlocked me, while Hershall handed me a water bottle. “You lost a lot of blood. Don’t know how much but Rick’s bandage wasn’t tight enough so you fainted on us. How are you feeling?” He put his hand on my forehead.

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Please Skip Over This

I wish I had never met you.

I wish I had never known what it felt like to feel beautiful.
I wish I had never known what it felt like to feel special.
I wish I had never known what it felt like to be held.
I wish I had never known what it felt like to have my heart jump out of my chest.
I wish I had never known what it felt like to be lied to.
I wish I had never felt my body shake from all the nights I’ve lost of sleep, and the amount of tears that I cried, and the hurt that crawls over my skin that make me want to tear it all off.

I wish I could just give you up.
I wish I could just forget.
I wish that in the end I never had any of these feelings, because now it’s all I fucking think about.
I wish that I could just never have felt anything, because I know I’ll never get anything like that again.
I wish I was someone who deserved to be happy.

I wish I wish I wish.

  • Me: the next chapter is coming soon.. what will happen now? what if they parted ways after that and jian yi started crying again?.. omg i am so not prepared..
  • Old Xian: here's the new update!.. about the side gays
  • Me: OH MY GOD i thought my heart's gonna jump out of my chest for a second.. i still have days to prepare myself.. what if zheng xi stayed overnight at jian'yi's instead?
  • Me: ...
  • Me: /silent sobbing/

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imagine when they did the do during teikou, Aomine would give tetsu compliments and praise his body every time and tetsu would be so embarrass, boyfriend pls stop that's embarrassing. Aomine would shush him with kisses and whisper his tetsu is perfect in every aspect while thrusting into him and just be so fluffy and cute with him-I'm so sorry omg I was just thinking about it when I read your aokuro post asdfgh


Sometimes people touch and when they mix, there can be such beautiful correlations but after so many touches pink becomes brown and everything gets so messy and you’re spitting out his name in the public restroom and coming out smiling and your heart hurts so much you think it’s going to jump out your chest, and you’re thinking about when you used to be green and he used to look at you like you were the midnight sky and his touch felt like God might actually exist but now he doesn’t even know you exist and his name still burns your throat no matter how many times you wash it down with vodka or another’s guys spit.
—  I heard you liked someone else and my hands shook so much I couldn’t even hold my phone