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  • Dan’s little “excuse me” is so cute and the look he’s giving Phil is beautiful. Phil talks with his mouth full, and I usually hate that, but it was adorable somehow. Phil stares at Dan for awhile and my heart has already fallen out of my chest. What a start!
  • “That sounds suspicious” and Phil’s little laugh. Very good.
  • Phil looks genuinely concerned about the dented wall. Dan has accepted they’ll never get their deposit back.
  • Dan almost poked Phil’s eye multiple times during his hair check.
  • Dan looks so annoyed at Phil messing up his intro moves.
  • Phil’s “that’s what she said” jokes never make any sense and that’s why I love them.
  • Dan patiently waits for Phil to explain Yasuhati. He just quietly waits for it to work with a little smirk on his face. I feel like, if this moment had originally been intended for us, Dan would’ve been yelling and grabbing the iPad, telling Phil to let him do it. But, this wasn’t for us, so he was patient and calm.

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“Can I See Him?”

I wanted to take a closer look at that scene in the hospital at the end of 520. The emotions between Oliver and Felicity that have been languishing in the background for so long really came out in this scene.  

When I initially wrote about it on Thursday, I was quick to jump on the Felicity bandwagon, feeling a little let down when she apologized to Oliver for…well, for feeling that she abandoned him and their relationship by walking away. The argument that Oliver did the same thing by lying about William is a valid one. He fucked up; he knows it and he paid the ultimate price—losing Felicity and William in one stroke.

When Lyla told Felicity that Oliver was asking for her, there was no hesitation. She went to him and there was purpose in her steps as she made a beeline to his room. When she opened the door and saw him on the bed alive and waiting for her, Felicity’s smile was one of relief—and quite possibly, one of happiness too. Oliver looked happy that she was walking again. She voiced her fear by saying everyone had a scare over his injuries. She also implied that him still living was more important than her being able to walk again. She came up next to the bed and Oliver tried to humor her by saying she should be used to him being near death. Felicity wasn’t laughing. She told Oliver she would never get used to it. Ever.

Then she took Oliver’s hand.

That casual, familiar and comforting touch reminded me (and maybe them as well) how natural they are when they touch each other. It was a small intimacy, one they had denied themselves for far too long. Then Oliver brought up his confession to her. He might have still been feeling a little apprehension by it, but he wanted to let her know that her response to it was appreciated. She didn’t react with horror or a need to get away from him. After telling her his deepest fear, Felicity did like she has always done whenever he loses himself in his darkness—-she reassures Oliver by reminding him she still believes in him. When she told him she wouldn’t have fallen in love with him or want to marry him if he wasn’t the kind of man she knew he was—my shipper heart was ready to burst out of my chest. Oliver always thought that if she knew the truth about him, If she ever caught one glimpse of the monster inside him—she would not love him anymore.

But there she was with him in that hospital room holding his hand. Because in spite of what they had gone through since the breakup, all the distance and anger and sadness and lack of communication—she still believed in him. She still believed in them. When he spoke of his appreciation, Felicity asked him if any of what she said to him in the Bunker stuck.

Oliver said he was hoping it did. Maybe there was a part of him still thinking about that conversation they had the morning after their sexual encounter last summer in the Bunker. She told him she wasn’t ready yet to have “the talk” with him, (the sex they had looked like she was.) About the sex—it wasn’t what reawakened their need for each other. It was an emotional and spiritual connection that only death can break. It is a natural attraction that is never going away. Okay, maybe the wine helped a little bit. Felicity was the one who initiated it because Oliver wouldn’t make that move on her. He still respected her need for space and intended to keep his distance. Flirting and heart eyes were okay, but touching her, kissing her, making love to her—that was no longer left between them.

When Felicity acknowledged to him that it had been wrong to walk away and that she was sorry, Oliver didn’t know what to say. Was he thinking that she didn’t have to apologize, that he is the one who lied to her? Would she understand if he told her he was being devoured by the monster? Does he ever think about that early conversation with John after Felicity joined the team? He would protect her and ensure her safety. She would never get hurt. Maybe that is why he didn’t say anything to her that day in the loft, didn’t go after her. Not only did he betray her, he betrayed himself.

Which brings me to Felicity’s second apology.

           Felicity: “I’m sorry.”

           Oliver: “For what?”

           Felicity: “For being a hypocrite.”

I think she was acknowledging her dark spiral and how she saw herself becoming like him. I am still hard pressed in believing that it was solely Billy who pushed her down the rabbit hole. Helix, her unwavering need for revenge against Chase, the lengths she was willing to go and the sacrifices she was willing to make—all of it was a macrocosm of everything Oliver had gone through over the past ten years. She told him her experiences gave her a tiny taste of what he went through.

Billy is dead. Susan is out of the picture. So is Helix (for now.) All of this was in the Bunker with them. But there was something else happening between Oliver and Felicity down there in the dark; they put aside their differences and worked together to survive. There was the subtext of the episode—trust. Not only in overcoming the physical and tactical obstructions in their way, but also looking for common ground they both could stand on with it’s time to be in each other’s lives again.

There was no ‘I miss you’ or ‘I need you’ declarations spoken. But there really was. It was through the actions they took in helping each other. It was Felicity still pointing out that Oliver needed to listen to her. It was her patching him up when there would have been no need if he had listened. It was Oliver willing to try her suggestions and plans. It was him literally carrying her on his back. It was both of them understanding they worked better as individuals when the worked together. It was Oliver telling her about his monster and Felicity still accepting him. They had each other’s backs and that is the foundation of their love.

Felicity told Oliver that she gets it now. What is it? Well…it’s Oliver she gets. What they went through together in the Bunker was an obstacle course in making decisions. It was also clear to both of them that those kinds of decisions are not always going to be the right ones. No one is perfect. Oliver made a bad one lying to Felicity about William. Was it enough to kill their realationship? Maybe. Felicity thought it was. She talked about inclusion and trusting your partner when the shit hits the fan. They’ve both trusted each other before over the years. Felicity always knew that some of Oliver’s actions were influenced by his tortured past and how it shaped him into who he was. But he was able to overcome a lot of that trauma and set a heroes example, not just to her but to a whole city. It brought their hearts into alignment.

So I think when he lied about William it wasn’t about not trusting her. It wasn’t about him discounting everything they built together. It wasn’t about protecting anybody. It was about fear. Oliver was afraid that if he brought Felicity into the part of him that felt the need to keep her away from William—he would have to let her all in. He was afraid of the darkness, and if it touched her, he would lose Felicity forever. It was a conundrum that he lost himself in. He thought he was doing the right thing in keeping his son safe, but he had to lie to Felicity to do it.

So maybe Felicity telling him she “gets it” has to do with the decisions she made with Helix, with hooking up with Billy instead of trying to fix her life with Oliver. Maybe it had a lot to do with Havenrock as well. Maybe, that’s why she understands the William lie. Her apology for judging him might not have been warranted, but Felicity, I think, was coming to terms with herself. She was vanquishing her darkness before it could take hold, like it has with Oliver, and not let her go.

But Felicity does know one thing in her that won’t let go—her love for Oliver. He is a part of her. He gives her life purpose, (her words, not mine.) He makes her the best version of herself. When Oliver told her he didn’t know what kind of person he is, she still did. He is not a monster. He is the man she chose to stand by and continues to stand by. If he is broken, she is too. If he makes mistakes, so does she. They’re imperfections and both have them. So when she suggested to Oliver that he should figure out what kind of person he is, I heard the door she closed on him last year swing open. I saw the love for him in her eyes and the smile on her face.

I saw her forgiving him and herself.

So in this context, maybe what happened in that hospital room makes a little more sense to me. Felicity was right. Oliver needs to shake loose from Chase’s influence and find that belief in himself. And now that he knows Felicity will be there waiting for him when he does—he will embrace the hero in his heart.

Oliver and Felicity are still moving on. But now it’s towards each other. They rediscovered their purpose—working together and loving together. It’s comes with all the faults and disagreements and arguing. It’s the thought of losing each other. It’s the darkness and the light. It’s the pain and the tears and the comfort they bring to one another at the end of the day. It’s the life they’ve chosen.

Some have said they should have told each other “I love you” when they were safe in that hospital wrong. They did.

When Felicity opened the door and they saw each other. Perhaps for the first time.

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I'm just gonna hop on the scenario band wagon here because I've fallen in love these little scenes we get to see. Say the MC and RO, who are at the crushing stage, are snooping through someone's office for a file or something, and they have to hide because RO heard someone walking towards the office. But the only place to hide is a tiny closet that barely fits two people. What would the reactions be? I can imagine Adam would get flustered but he wouldn't be able to storm off this time. ~ Cheers!

Oh, I love this kind of thing in romances! :D It’s under the cut.

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Sirius Black x reader

 Requested by anon; Imagine request (for anyone you want, but preferably James or Sirius) based on the lyrics of Voodoo Doll by that one band called 5 Seconds of Summer

Based on the song “Voodoo Doll” by 5SOS

         “Sorry!” she says after bumping into me in the hallway.

         “It’s alright.” Comes my answer.

         Then we walk separate ways.

         But she doesn’t realize the way my heart started pounding when I met her gaze, the way my chest fluttered when I realized who she was. Because it was (Y/n) (L/n). The one Slytherin girl in all of Hogwarts who is actually very nice. And I have a problem with that. Because how can I truly hate that house if she’s in it? They’re supposed to be mean, prejudiced purebloods who care so much about power that they’ll bully anyone down to stay at the top of the food chain.

         But (Y/n) isn’t like that. And it infuriates me.

         She helps other students in our Potions class because she has top marks.

         She has friends in every house.

         She is kind to everyone regardless their blood status.

         She’s friends with Remus.

         She sits under a tree and reads a book during her free periods.

         But she gets up to stop any of her housemates from picking on the younger kids.

         And not to mention she’s pretty. Gorgeous, even. With her (E/C) eyes, and (H/C) hair. You can’t miss her.

         And I can’t stand it. Because how can you hate someone so sweet? How can you not fall for someone so captivating?

         And then… the moment’s over. She turns the corner of the corridor, and I walk into my next class. She’s all I can think about these days.

         I drown out the noise of the classroom, because there’s no way I can continue on like this. Bumping into her in the hallways, catching her gaze at meals, watching her in Potions. My chest getting tighter and tighter, as if it will explode, and my heart beating faster and faster. She’s beautiful, and I’ve fallen for her.

         So I’ll tell her. I’ll meet her tonight where she normally studies in the Library, and tell her. Because my feelings will explode if I don’t. She has me pinned through the heart like a voodoo doll, and I can’t escape.

Babes! what even is this!? how are there 450 of you following me? first off, THANK YOU. when i created octavia back in july of the last year i never imagined i would ever make it to almost a year of writing her. i was just having fun for the time being, writing a character i had fallen in love with. it never even crossed my mind that so many of you would enjoy my take on her. now, i can’t imagine not being on this blog. i’ve made so many memories & strong friendships that i’ll carry with me always. i just really wanted to thank you all for being so amazing and kind & it’s a pleasure seeing you all on the dash. each day your guy’s writing inspires me in so many ways. my octavia would be nothing without you guys!

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actually send me 👻 < this emoji and ill tell u a spoopy experience ive had or someone i know has had

A couple of nights, I was out taking care of our chickens with my younger brother. This is something we’re used to, but, with school, we had fallen prey to waiting until night had fallen.

My brother went to get more food from a nearby shed. The night already felt eerie as I walked over to the coop and began to open its door to retrieve the eggs from inside.

But then I heard something moving from behind me.

I spun around. My heart racing in my chest, I quickly raised my flashlight. Its dim beam of light shone on the area where the source of the sound should have been. To my horror, there was nothing there.

I called out to my brother. He started to come to where I was standing, only to stop when I heard the sound once more. I was much swifter with my flashlight this time. The light illuminated the culprit, and I released the breath I had been holding for the past few minutes.

It was just a rabbit.

The Edge of Everything (18)

Ah! I can’t believe how much I remember. Anyways this is a happy chapter. Don’t get too happy; there’s more to come!

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Chapter 18

I didn’t sleep at all that night. I sat on the couch and listened as the cops tried to find them. After my phone call he shut off all devices that could be tracked. He didn’t use his credit card again, it was like he vanished from the town. The police searched his parents home, his sister’s apartment. They couldn’t find him, they had no idea where he had gone.

I felt sick every time they turned over a rock and it was empty. My heart shattered with each hour that passed and my daughter wasn’t back home with me. Cassian kept me in his arms but that didn’t help. He tried to make me eat, but I wasn’t hungry. My stomach was in knots and I knew if I put anything in it it would all just come back up. So I refused.

Then he tried to get me to lay down. He thought sleep would help me, but I was stubborn. I wouldn’t do what he wanted. I sat there and ignored his pleads, staring at the phone waiting for it to light up. I just wanted my little girl back.

At some point during the evening Cassian brought me Rey’s dragon, the one he bought her when she was born. She never slept without it. It was a permanent fixture beside her in her bed. He named her Abraxas and she cried whenever she couldn’t find him. Seeing the stuffed dragon made my heart hurt even more. My chest tightened as I wrapped my arms around the stuffed animal. Because she didn’t have him, she wouldn’t be in her own bed tonight.

Cassian sat back down beside me and pulled me into his lap. I laid with my body pressed against his, my head on his chest. He had his arms around my back, drawing lazy circles on the skin he found under my shirt. He had set us up for the night, he knew I wasn’t moving until Rey found her way back home. I took in a deep breath, I was exhausted. But I refused to sleep, I refused to close my eyes.

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Taylor and Calvin broke up two years ago because of something that deeply hurt her and since then, Taylor had her walls up. She’s found herself and has come to terms with the fact that he’s hurt her and he’s gone. When her friends invite her to a club for a girl’s night to get out and have a good time, Taylor gets an unexpected surprise that shocks her. Will Taylor and Calvin ever reconcile again and get that love they once had back for each other or will things stay broken forever?

Word Count- 9018

Second Chances- Tayvin One Shot

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Harry's Whole World

The thought of going out tonight killed you. It was one of those nights that your introverted side came out. You and your friends had been in Vegas for 4 days now and they wanted to go clubbing. Again. You love going out, but after the past three nights all you wanted was to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea. Here you were though, applying eyeliner in the bathroom and dreading the impending evening. 

“Come on, Y/N!” your friend said slapping your back, “don’t look so down.”

You half smiled, attempting to seem like you were pumped. Another reason you didn’t want to go out was because the past three nights taught you that guys here in Vegas tended to overlook you. They looked at and danced with your friends but you always ended up alone. Normally you are cool with that but dealing with dancing alone three nights in a row? Yeah not that fun, and you didn’t want another night of that. You notice everyone is so pumped for another wild night but you just felt so blah. Nothing could make this night better.

You arrive at the nightclub, the music already too loud and you’re only outside. You drag yourself into the building and are instantly overwhelmed by it all: lights, sounds, smells and people.  All your friends instantly head to the bar ready to start the night. They all order some fruity little cocktails but you decide one of those whimsy drinks won’t cut it. You order a double 7&7, the whiskey could help make this night bearable.

One by one your friends are dragged to the dance floor by some creep who probably only wants to hit it and quit it. You sit at the bar for awhile simply drowning your boredom in your drink.  “Why are you such as sourpuss?” you ask yourself.

You wish you could party and party like your friends but thats not who are. You notice a guy fill the empty seat next to you and pray he talks to you. You are super bored and could use some company but nope, nothing. He orders a drink, scotch. He must be having a long day. You glance in your peripheral to get a look at him, however you can’t see his face because he’s looking down at his glass. You look him over, he has dark shaggy hair and a nice sense of style, you wish you could just get a glimpse of his face. As you think this his head turns and soon your eyes meet. Sparkling eyes. Is this the green Dorothy experienced? Shining emeralds grasped your attention. You realize after a bit that you’re staring so you quickly look away. Something about this guy made your heart race. When you looked into his eyes it was like you were seeing destiny.  You now realize how far fetched all of this is.  You can’t even say hi to this guy yet you feel like he is definitely your future. The alcohol is obviously working. It’s probably best for you to leave now. You place some money down and hop off the barstool and survey the club for your friends. 

“You’re leaving? You haven’t even finished your drink,” you hear a slow, deep accented voice say.

You whip around and see the voice’s owner is Mr. Green Eyes. You half smile and shrug your shoulders. He stretches his hand out to your old seat silently asking you to join him.

“Harry,” he says once you are seated. 

You accept his handshake, his hand swallowing yours because it was much larger than yours.

“Y/N” you reply.

You both hold hands for awhile. Something about your hand in his was sending electrical currents through your body. Eventually you pull your hand out of his grip. Harry doesn’t say anything for awhile, he just stares into your soul. It literally feels like he is understanding you just by looking at you. You know that’s crazy, but it’s how you feel.  Harry finally speaks up, however, all you see is his lips moving, you can’t hear a word over the loud music.  You shake your head indicating you can’t understand him. He then points at you then him then to the dance floor and then he shimmies his shoulders. You get that he is asking you to dance. You slightly chuckle because his delivery was comical and unusual. He cocks his eyebrow at you waiting for an answer. That cocked eyebrow made your stomach do somersaults. Just a couple minutes ago you were ready to leave but now you definitely have a reason to stay so you figure why not. You shrug your shoulders and nod your head yes. He gets off the stool and you quickly realize this guy is tall. Harry only stands a little shorter than when he was seated. He extends his hand to you, helping you off your chair. Standing there you feel so small to Harry, but not scared. His large stature is comforting and almost welcoming to you in an odd way. He leads you to the dance floor and the two of you find a spot. Instead of dancing though you both just stand there looking at each other. You now have a clearer picture of him. He hair has a slight curl to it and it keeps falling in his face so he keeps sweeping it off to the side. This motion gives you full access to his face. His eyebrows are slightly furrowed and whether it’s from the bright lights or because he is studying you, you don’t know. In the light his eyes seem to be more mesmerizing than ever, not only are they green but you see flecks of blue and hazel within. You move down his face and his smile is a cheeky little one thats brings out dimples. Overall, his beauty is not like anything you’ve seen. Everything about his seems perfect. You want to dance but you feel like that’s not how to handle this current situation, you feel something else would be a better method of socializing with Harry. Harry leans down and puts his face next yours, you feel his lips slightly brush your cheek before the reach their final destination of next to your ear,

“Do you want to get out of here?” Harry asks.

“Sure,“ you reply.

Where would you two be going? Why did you agree to this? What if he kidnaps you? Maybe those feelings of chemistry earlier were not butterflies but a gut instinct to run from this guy. Harry grabs your hand and leads you outside of the club. 

“Thank God,” you breathe once you are finally out of the club.

“Really crowded in there,” Harry says “Not a huge fan of crowds.”

“Then why go to a club?” you ask while taking a seat on a bench, Harry sitting next you.

“Honestly?” Harry asks looking embarrassed and rubbing the back of his head.

“No, lie to me” you say with sarcasm.

Harry laughs at your demeanor, his smile is so big that you can’t but help smile and laugh with him.

“I came here for you,” he says, the light tone in his voice now gone.

You swallow hard. You aren’t sure what Harry could possibly mean by that. You can’t help but feel like Harry’s statement should make you uncomfortable but it doesn’t.

“Oh yeah? And why would you do that?”

“Because I saw this girl the other day in the store, she caught my eye and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about her,” Harry forces out.

You sit there in utter shock, you can’t believe something this intense is happening to you. Guys never really fall for you let alone follow you to get a chance with you. Harry reaches over and pust his hand on your chin,

“Close your mouth” He laughs while pushing your chin upward “We wouldn’t want you to swallow a fly, but maybe you wouldn’t die considering you are not an old lady but still no flies going in your mouth tonight.” 

You look away hiding the small smile that’s crept up on your face from his touch. When you look back you just see Harry staring at you.

“What’s your favorite movie?” Harry asks.

“What?” you are perplexed by his random question.

“Someone once told me if you never really know what to say to someone ask them what their favorite movie is. And, well, you have me speechless.”

“Stop that!” you say smacking Harry’s chest. 

Harry just looks back at you with a face of confusion, He raises his arms as if asking what he has done.

“You can’t keep saying stuff like that,” you tut at him “makes a girl’s heart race.”

He sits there now chuckling and putting his hand over his face. 

“I make your heart race?” Harry exclaims “You make my heart feel like it is going to explode out of my chest!”

So Harry felt the connection too it seems. Somehow you both have fallen into this state of bliss. Harry is just staring at you again. He wasn’t even saying anything but you were already feeling your heart rate pick up.

“10 things I Hate About You,“ you say.

“Excuse me?” Harry utters, seeming to have taken offense.

“My favorite movie.”

“No way, that’s one of my tops!” Harry exclaims, so happy that we share something in common. “Want to get out of here?”

You shrug your shoulders at him, and get up from the bench and follow Harry. He grabs your hand again, unexpectedly. You worry that he’ll feel your sweaty palms and be super grossed out but you can’t just pull your hand back. You two walk a distance in silence before you finally ask, “Where are we going?”

“Not sure,” Harry responds “Kinda was hoping you’d suggest for somewhere to go.” 

“Oh,” you remark “Do you have a room? I guess we could go there.”

What is up with you today? You just willingly go to some strangers room, this isn’t like you. But then again how you feel around Harry isn’t usual. Tonight is just a wild night, you figure. Life is all about living and if this guy is your destiny then you have to take these chances, you think. After a short walk of silence you arrive at Harry’s hotel. His hotel is way nicer than the one you and your friends were staying in. You just silently take in the high class environment you were now in. Harry leads you to the elevator, laughing at your reaction to the place. 

“I’m going to be honest again, something about you is just so fascinating,” Harry states.

“Thanks!” you exclaim while sticking your tongue out. 

After what seemed like the longest elevator ride, you guys went to the top floor, you arrive at Harry’s room. Now you realize you have no idea what you are doing here. You begin freaking out inside, and this must have showed on your face because Harry questions you,

“You okay?”

“Fine,” you blurt out, “Actually I never do things like this, but somehow I’m comfortable with this and you and it’s all a little odd to me.”

“Yeah that’s crazy because I feel the same way.”

“You do?”

Harry nods his head yes and opens the door. Harry chivalrously holds the door open for you. The minute you walk in your mouth hits the floor again, Harry’s room is the penthouse.

“I thought we talked about this,” Harry chuckles and walks over to shut your mouth.

Harry walks over to the couch and takes a seat. He grabs the remote and suggests that you could watch something. You are still standing by the entrance, in awe of the grandeur of the room.

“I have my own business,” Harry offers up an explanation to your silent question, “and you seem smart so you can figure out that it’s doing ok.”

You chuckle, embarrassed with how you acted. You walk over to where he is seated but as you approach the couch you trip on the area rug. Soon you are going from an upright position to an angled position. Harry jumps up to catch you and you both tumble onto the couch. You are now under Harry. His warmth on top of you makes your heart pick up the pace. Harry has a necklace with a cross and the Star of David on it dangling off his neck. You run your fingers off the charms and then you don’t know what comes over you but soon you are pulling Harry’s head down and your lips are on his. You feel the instant desire for Harry sweep over you. Harry returns your kiss placing his hands on the couch in order to support himself. You run your hands through Harry’s hair, pulling at his hair bringing him closer to you, needing more of him by the second. Harry breaks the heated kiss and soon begins kissing your neck and slowly moving down your chest while lifting your shirt over your head. You moan wanting him all over you. Soon Harry flips you over and you are straddling him. You look down at him, how did you both get here? The question is stupid considering the only thing you need right now is this gorgeous green eyed man. You reconnect your lips to Harry’s and continue exploring his mouth. Soon you leave his mouth and trail down his neck. You slowly unbutton his shirt, pulling it open you find little works of art all over his body. You are stunned by them.

“Not a fan of tattoos?” Harry questions.

“They are so intriguing,” you explain to him. You place your hand on his left bicep, tracing his cartoon heart then move to the anatomical heart. You lay gentle kisses on both. Now you’ve come to trace the swallows along the top of his chest, noting the small differences between the two. You also lay small kisses on both. You now come to the butterfly across his stomach.

“What’s this?” you ask pointing to something next to the butterfly’s left wing.

“Oh that’s one of my extra nipples,” Harry explains. 

You run your hand over it, so fascinated by every little thing about this man. Tracing the butterfly slowly, you notice all the little details. You can’t help but smile, butterflies have always brought you joy in life. You begin to place small kisses around the insect when all of a sudden you feel something moving up your lips. You eyes fly open and to your surprise the butterfly has come to life and is no longer on Harry’s chest.

“What in the world?!” you yell.

“Oh I should have warned you,” Harry sheepishly says, “This is Darcy, my pet butterfly.”

“Whaaat?” you stutter, so confused by what’s going on.

“He’s magical.” Harry explains, “Abra-Cadabra.”

Soon the once normal sized butterfly has now grown larger.

“He acts as a sort of magic carpet” Harry offers up a explanation.

Soon Harry is climbing onto the butterfly. He reaches his hand out to you,

“Come aboard, Y/n! I can show you the world!” Harry says eager for you to join him.

You figure why not, and climb up next to Harry and soon you both are busting through the window and cruising past all the bright Vegas lights and begin your journey for a fabulous life together.