my heart goes out to the students and their families

Otto Warmbier, the student held as a prisoner by North Korea for 17 months, in a coma for almost all of it, has passed away today. My heart goes out to his family and loved ones. And I hope that this tragedy will spark more serious discussion and action about the wide-scale atrocities and human rights violations North Korea is committing against thousands of prisoners and its own citizens every day. We always say “never again” when we look back at history, but we are letting history repeat there, once again.

Rest In Peace Otto, and the thousands others whose names we will probably never learn.

Today has been a hard day here in South Korea. The weather is miserable and it almost feels like Korea itself is crying because of what happened.  At school today, you could not only see but also feel the pain and heartache that all the teachers have today because of the ferry tragedy.

What I also realized today was that exactly a week ago, my school went on a field trip and we took a ferry as well. It wasn’t to Jeju, but the waters we traveled were very close to the sinking sight. I kept thinking about, how it could have been me and my school, and my students, and I just can’t imagine all the pain this whole country is going through right now.

My heart goes out to all the parents and families who are still missing their loved ones. May they come back home safely.


|-Ayotzinapa Somos Todos-|

Yesterday I watched the news saying that the remains of the 43 missing students were found. They were burned alive and thrown into a river.
I can’t even imagine what the families and friends of the students are going through. It’s painful, it’s messed up, people are heartbroken, and people are angry. My heart goes out to the friends&family. Those students were Mexico’s future, and their lives were taken away. Shame on the Mayor and his wife, and shame on the Government. Mexico is going through a lot and everyone can’t stand it anymore.

“Ya me cansé”

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