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If I say it every week, it’s still true every week: I am very much in utter love with STAR WARS fandom, it’s still filled with such talented and kind authors, there are still so many wonderful stories to read, and there are still some absolutely stellar stories being told here! There is so much to love in the movies and shows, but there’s always something special about a fandom who also really works with that and creates something magical–and that is exactly what SW fandom does every week! 

Tano and Kenobi by FireflyFish, obi-wan & ahsoka & anakin & shmi & satine & cast, time travel, 144.3k wip
  Master Skywalker always said “The Force works in mysterious ways” and Ahsoka Tano has to admit, getting thrown backwards in time by about forty years was very mysterious.
Coda by lilyconrad, obi-wan/anakin & padme/sabe & cast, nsfw, modern au, ballet au, 65.3k
  Anakin is an up-and-coming first soloist for the New York City Ballet Company, a brash, confident dancer with a smoldering sensuality to his technique and an electric smile that makes fangirl toes curl and quite possibly his choreographer’s.
The Apprenticeship by Nny11, ahsoka & yoda & anakin & cast, 31.4k wip
  The doors only open when a Master opens them for their Padawan, a subtle reminder to them that a student needs a teacher’s guidance and that teachers must let them go. The force thinks it’s rather funny when it alters history by forcing Master Yoda to take on a very young Ahsoka Tano as his Padawan.
Cataclasm by dendral, obi-wan & anakin & ahsoka & waxer & cast, 35.3k wip
  For reasons unknown to all but himself, Obi-Wan Kenobi has left the Jedi Order in the midst of the Clone Wars, taking with him a single clone.
untitled by fireflyfish, obi-wan/anakin/padme & luke & leia, 3k
  Padme Amidala, Senator from the Chommel Sector, former Queen of Naboo and wife of retired Jedi General and Knight Anakin Skywalker looked up from where her son Luke was making snow angels to see her daughter, Leia, levitate a three foot in diameter ball of snow over her head.
everything will glow for you by waterandsilver, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 2.4k
  Sometimes when Anakin kisses, Obi-Wan has half a mind to remind him that he’s not in battle anymore.
One of These Days by rogueleader, obi-wan/anakin & rex & cody & cast, 11.4k wip
  In the middle of the Battle of Christophsis, Anakin and Obi-Wan’s forces are overwhelmed by the Separatists’ droid army, and their rescue ship is shot down. After crashing in the Christophsian wilderness, the Jedi must get themselves and their troops back to the city before the Separatists can catch up to them.
Somewhere In Time by DonkerRood, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, time travel, 25k wip
  Anakin crashes on Tatooine and to his surprise finds Obi-Wan there. He learns he has travelled in time and ended up in a terrible future.
hey there by retts, obi-wan/anakin, 4.6k
  ‘Sick,’ says Anakin, stood in the doorway of Obi-Wan’s room aboard their ship. ‘You’re sick.’
Put That Thing Back Where It Came From by FireflyFish, obi-wan/anakin & cast, 1.6k wip
  Anakin picked up something he really shouldn’t have and now he and Obi-Wan are on “medical leave”.
Sun Kissed by Vee017, obi-wan/anakin & cast, nsfw, past sexual assault issues, 84.8k wip
  Being on a world that supports slavery is one thing. Buying a slave and bringing him into Republic space is entirely another.
untitled by darthcuddles, obi-wan/anakin, modern au, ~1k
  There is something intoxicating about this place, and it’s not the whiskey or the music or the lights. It’s him.
The Creche Master by avarand, obi-wan/anakin & cast, NSFW, 14.8k
  Anakin is found at fourteen and trains at the Temple for a non-Jedi role. Surprising no one, he decides to be Creche Master. And there’s a certain Knight who hangs around but that can’t happen. Can it?
The Nature of Fire by Phosphorescent, anakin/padme & cast, 6.2k wip
  “One Jedi, then,” Padmé offered to the others. At least let me speak the truth to my love. At least. Please, she pleaded with them silently. “There is one Jedi—one whom I truly know all of us can trust absolutely …” Her voice trailed off into appalled silence when she realized that she wasn’t talking about Anakin.
Lightly, Lightly by DraloreShimare, obi-wan & anakin & ahsoka, ~1k
  Anakin may not be a Padawan anymore, but he could still use a lesson or two.

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What are your top 5 percabeth moments :)

  1. Because you’re my friend, Seaweed Brain. This moment is one of the most beautiful moments in the story of Percy and Annabeth, because first of all, they are best friends. Annabeth was the first person that choose to be Percy’s friend, I know you are gonna say Grover, but Grover was sent to take care of him, it worked out and they ended up being best friends, but Annabeth choose him, choose to be his friend and fight next to him even if that meant to go against her mother. Let’s not forget that I’m 99% sure Percy was the first best friend Annabeth ever had.
  2. Then [Annabeth] did something that really surprised me. She blinked back tears and put out her arms. I stepped forward and hugged her. This scene, when I read it, made my heart melt, it’s just so pure and innocent and it’s one of the scenes where Annabeth shows weakness because she only let herself show it in front of Percy, and little Percy just hugs her and it feels so right and it just make my heart fill with joy. 
  3. Annabeth glared at me like she was going to punch me. And then she did something that surprised me even more. She kissed me. THIS. FREAKING. KISS. I was absolutely not expecting it, I read the books knowing there was going to be an underwater kiss but this kiss took me by surprise and it’s just, Annabeth thought Percy was going to die so she kissed her, and little good Percy just became a big pile of melted seaweed because Annabeth kissed him and it’s their first kiss and it will always hold a special place on my heart.
  4.  She put her hand on my spine, and my skin tingled. I moved her fingers to the one spot that grounded me to my mortal life. A thousands volts of electricity seemed to arc through my body. ‘You saved me,’ I said. ‘Thanks.’ She removed her hand, but I kept holding it. ‘So you owe me,’ she said weakly. ‘What else is new?’” Okay, but when I add this part I mean the whole scene, we learn that they are connected because of Percy’s achilles curse, in this moment it’s obvious for everyone, them included, what the other feels about, and it’s just such a lovely scene and reading their dynamic there was, just such a good reading. Annabeth is and always be his anchor and I just, I think is a nice parallel to when he gave up immortality and saw her, because she is the one who anchors him to the mortal world. 
  5. I love you, Wise Girl. Ah, man, you can see how we went from because you’re my friend to I love you? This is the scene that we waited for, you know? For Percy to finally say he loved her, he showed it in so many scenes with his actions but this moment, after they made out and he left Annabeth breathless. Reading this scene has been the only moment in my life where I had to put the book down because I was fangirling so badly, I was screaming, jumping, crying. This whole scene made BoO worth it, I’ll be forever mad we didn’t get it from their POV but, this scene is the one I go and re-read after a bad day.

There are so many more moments that I love but you asked for five and here they are!

Retouched this drawing :p 

HadesxPersephone inktober day 2 (minoan): Persephone dancing, this is another scene from the book.

Recalling those memories, Persephone started dancing again and graciously, sang one of those songs She closed her eyes, feeling the joy filling her heart as she sang, as if feeling the joy filled her as she sang, as if Gaia blessed her at every step. When she hear a subtle buzz, Persephone opened her eyes and felt her chest full with emotion. Two bees overflow around her, expectantly and curious.


Gintama anime ep 316/manga chaps 550 - 551

Dear Gintama gods and Sorachi-sama,

I thought perhaps it was the lateness of the hour and the weariness of my eyes last night that caused the tears to run down my face right from the first moment of the episode: I lost it as soon as I heard dear sweet Yamazaki’s voice dictating his final report as the member of the Protectors of Edo, the Shinsengumi. Switching up Swimy’s ending song to the opening sequence instead just made me cry harder. When I watched the episode again tonight, though evening had only just fallen, and the same thing happened to me, Niagara Falls all the way, I was relieved to know that my tears hadn’t been due to exhaustion, that in fact the sadness I had felt and was experiencing again, was indeed completely genuine.

This episode means so much to me because it perfectly brought to life the moment that started my letter-writing campaign to you. As silly and most likely futile as my efforts might be, as soon as I started doing this I instantly realized how important it was to me to properly express my gratitude to you for all the joy you have brought and continue to bring to me on an almost weekly basis, whether it’s through the pages of your manga or by the way of the anime. I still regret not writing to you sooner; I should have started as soon as I fell in love with Gintoki right when he was introduced. But much like Gin-chan, I am a lazy person by nature, and therefore as much as I loved him and Gintama, and shipped Gintoki/Hijikata with the fervor of a thousand shippers, I did not do anything proactive about my love and appreciation, even as my affection grew in spades over the years. In fact, somewhere along the line, I actually started shamefully falling behind on both your manga and anime, since even as much as I loved Gintama, I began to take it for granted, figuring that it will always be there waiting for me. The fact that the anime always came back further lulled me into a false sense of security.

But then, towards the beginning of last year or maybe at the end of the year before, I got word that the anime was returning yet again and also, most importantly, that I have been missing out on a pretty epic arc that was taking place in the manga. It finally hit me then just how much I had been grossly neglecting Gintama and how I should really hit the books again to see what I’ve been missing. In doing so, I almost flipped out when the truth of just how much I missed really struck me since I dove in right when you were in the middle of the Shogun Assassination Arc.  It felt a bit like experiencing whiplash, as all of a sudden all these important events were happening. Little did I know that arc would just be the tip of a pretty epic iceberg.  I also quickly realized that I needed to do a lot of back-tracking since I missed just so damn much and had forgotten even more than that. As a result, even though I was probably less than 100 chapters behind at that point (I think I missed out on most of 2014 chapters), I actually started over from around chapter 200 and quickly caught up to chapter 520-something within just a short 2 and a half weeks span of time. If I did not have real life obligations I would have probably finished sooner. Revisiting the old chapters of Gintama felt like returning to a land of endless joy: a place I didn’t want to leave and couldn’t even remember why I would leave it in the first place.

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How I started shipping Ichihime

When I started watching Bleach at episode 113 (when I was 13 years old) I immediately thought that Orihime was Ichigo’s love interest and as I continue to watch the series it was more and more blatant.

The way Ichigo only apologized to Oirhime for not ebing able to protect her the guilt he had for not being able to protect her not being able to properly look at her because of said guilt.

And then he stays bowed and VOWS to protect Orihime. Then he actually yells at Ukitake for implying that she died and how he was ready to lunge at the screen for the Captain Commander calling her a traitor. All of this I was thinking yes this is Ichigo’s love interest I pretty much figured out immediately that Orihime is in love with Ichigo before she even confessed and then she confessed and I yelled I knew it. 

But I didn’t quite ship it yet this was simply me figuring out the series and getting to know the characters well into bleach. And as I continued to watch Ichigo get provoked by Ulquiorra after he refuses to fight because his Nakama is in danger. And Ichigo lost his shit when he mentioned Orihime’s name at this point I was getting quite certain that Ichigo has feelings for Orihime even though I had no idea that Ichigo has never gave verbal confirmation to that at that point.

I still didn’t ship it but to me it was pretty obvious how things were set up but oh boy when Ichigo and Grimjow started fighting and Ichigo protects Orihime with his body from Grimmjow and how affected he was by her showing fear over his hallow mask because she was afraid that he’ll be consumed by his hallow just like her brother. At that point I knew he had to have feelings for her because of how affected he was by her reactions.

At this point I still didn’t ship it because at the time I only liked gay ships at the time like this stupid fan i was back then. Until this scene.

This was the scene that made me a shipper and I have not looked back since I did honestly tried to see ichigo and rukia as a romantic ship but I could not espeically since all their interactions are platonic a mentor and student relationship. 

When I saw this scene for the first time I was sold to this ship it is my favorite Ichihime moment for this very reason and it shows just how much Orihime loves Ichigo and shows just how much Ichigo cares about her. From this moment on I’ve been shipping them and I have never once regretted anything.

They have such pure and sweet moments with each other that leaves my heart so warm and filled with joy seeing them together they mean so much to me since I was in a worse state of depression at the time of this scene and their scenes always make me feel better. I just love this ship so much.

SPOILER ALERT! Guardian: The Lonely and Great God

Even until the very end, I still got tears in my eyes.

Thank you for the last 2 months filled with laugh, joy, fear, confusion, love, tears, wailing, sadness, and finally, happy.

Thank you for all the angst and feels, thank you for every dialogue, for every songs, for every quotes, for every hugs and kisses, for every tears and cry, for every smile and sorrow.

Thank you for the story, for the characters, for every beautiful scene and scenery.

Thank you for the bottom of my heart. You guys deserves to go on that Thailand holiday!

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So what'd you think of episode 10 of Yuri on Ice?

WHAT’D I THINK OF YURI ON ICE EP10………. thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to rant my friend 🙏

i had really high expectations since i bought the 5th DVD (episode 9 & 10) and lemme tell you. This episode was a gift that kept giving……… so many things happened and i still can’t believe this anime is even real

We got victor doing the narration, giving us more indepth about him and the way he thinks (which showed us he’s very wise & sensitive), but also his view on yuri and how in freaking love he is. Like holy shit. “when yuri’s searching for an answer, his eyes sparkles, even when he’s not saying anything” ? can you imagine how mesmerized this man is with yuri?????

then we got yurio & otabek. I was sure i’d love otabek but this boy is a sweetheart and he’s perfect for yurio (i don’t know if “i want them to become the best bros in the universe” counts as shipping but thats how i feel). im so excited to see how it’s going to change yurio’s agape performance ..sparkly eyes..

The rings exchange. this scene was incredible on so many levels, it still doesn’t top the airport scene in my opinion because i cried like a baby when “i wish you’d never retire” happened BUT THEY’RE FUCKING ENGAGED NOW!!!!! THEy’rE…FIANCEES…. typing this makes me feel like im trapped in a fanfic but its real they’re fiancés now everytime i see the rings my heart is just filled with love and joy and emotions and i dont usually care a single bit about marriage BUT FOR SOME REASON THESE RINGS GOT ME ON THE FLOOR HYPERVENTILATING…..

aALSO…. i think we’ll never talk about that yurio & victor scene enough. i feel like there’s so much things left in the dark and i cant wait to have more context and to fully understand what exactly happened, why victor became so violent, why he was shaking (if not because he was trembling with rage), and that sentence :  “[…] yurio’s wouldn’t have been so motivated to fight…. and neither would i have” yurio’s is fighting for the GPF, but then what is victor fighting for? Probably fighting for yuri to have the gold medal, but i’m still not sure. I feel like it’s too evasive…….

AND LAAAAAAAASTLY. the ending. the god freaking ending that left me drooling on my keyboard. Kubo’s art, Yuri breakdancing and pole dancing, how swol yuri was, the instant where victor fell in fucking love….. i loved every bit of it and i want it playing in my funeral. For 10 episodes i felt like yuri on ice couldn’t get better and every episode i was proved wrong. Episode 10 didn’t prove me wrong, it reverse slam dunked me back to my senses like i was a naked baby understanding my mom didn’t actually steal my nose. It was incredible to understand victor has been in love with yuri for almost a year and that becoming his coach just made him want to spend the rest of his days with him. And i’ve been having a blast reading all the meta posts pointing out how a lot of things pre-episode10 changed after episode 10′s revelation. yuri’s actually the playboy in eros? victor’s face when yuri said his eros is katsudon? more like crush my skull into powder and throw it in the ocean

we still have 2 more episodes but yuri on ice has been killing me with the character developments, the narration, the plot-holes-less story, the little details scattered all over the episodes… from the bottom of my heart, i want to thank kubo, sayo and everyone working on yuri on ice for blessing us with this anime. I want them to be happy for the rest of their life and have a big , well deserved rest when it’ll end. (can someone wake me up when the sequel comes out please)

I think that the accurate representation of PTSD in In The Flesh goes straight into the background when people talk about this wonderful show as more issues are represented correctly such as homosexuality, suicide and sexual assault.

But I honestly think that the character Jemima Walker is one of the most important characters and she never gets the recognition she deserves because people link her in with Gary and what she did in her past; she’s also over shadowed by the lovely Amy who is larger than life (no pun intended).

The fact that Jem is suffering with nightmares and full blown panic attacks speaks volumes about what she really felt about killing the PDS sufferers and the fact she is still torn between two groups of people is destroying her mentally as she doesn’t want to be seen as a ‘Zombie protector’ nor does she want to be seen as a 'Zombie killer’.

Jem’s emotional and physical torture is a perfect representation of PTSD and I love the fact that the BBC weren’t afraid to go into that subject and go into it so much that it’s quite disturbing to watch at times.

I don’t know I just loved how they done all of the sequences showing Jem having those nightmares about being trapped in a test room with zombies, panicking and crying when one on Blue Oblivion came at her in the school corridor causing her to be so afraid that she wet herself.

It’s realistic.

It’s acted perfectly.

Written perfectly.

Why the hell can’t this be done in all shows?


I’d also like to point out that this show is about zombies and they were still able to make an accurate representation of all of the mentioned issues were as shows centred on 'normal’ people can’t even be bothered to represent them and if they do then it’s normally in a very insulting manner and not taken seriously as it is in In The Flesh.

The conflict she suffers between being terrified of her brother, her best friend and wanting to be right by his side standing up for him is powerful and beautiful when she eventually learns to look past her fear, not get rid of it but learns to push it away from her and ask for some help, hugging her brother as she’s crying.

( Let’s not forget that she’s not only holding the killings of many zombies over her head but the accidental killing of her own friend yet somehow she still manages to try and go about her life. )

I can’t even put into words how much that scene moved me, it broke my heart and filled me with joy at the same time as Jem was going to get help for her breakdown and PTSD.

People call Jem weak when she’s actually one of (if not the) strongest character in the entire series and the hate towards her is extremely difficult for me to understand.

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like six years ago, lozenger8 tagged me to choose my top five skittles moments. it apparently takes me this long to just PICK FIVE, and then just one stupid day making shitty graphics for them cause I’m a nerd.

~dedicated~ to anomalagous cause of her day and stuff. so there.

(runners-up include “your ass is fine”, “wanna try making out?”, motel california, and the world was gone, the entire lacrosse bit in muted, being paired off at the end of 3a, everything in the pilot, scott’s joke about sex with clients, “NO STILES”, mr harris separating them and stiles’s tiny little “no!”, malia catching them mid-bj obviously, fuckin weaponized, every time one of them looks at each other, etc etc etc.


f i v e ;;

“you still got me.”
    “I had you before.”

where I get my otp tag from and everything. it’s probably almost a cop-out at this point to use this, but it’s just such a good scene and like THE ONLY HAPPY ENDING THIS SHOW HAS HAD and they’re just being normal teenage boys with a little werewolf power thrown in, and also I love the song.

f o u r ;;

“let me see it.”

UGH, this scene!!! yes, it’s sad because wow, when will people take care of scott, and it was really just putting a band-aid on a bigger problem but guess what!

I don’t caaaare. because this scene is fucking beautiful, and they are basically fighting about how much they love each other, and their FACES throughout the entire thing kill me. and oh hey, the music is super romantic RIGHT AS THEY TOUCH HANDS and like, what the hell, show?!

t h r e e ;;

“I think we’re in a gay club!”
    “man, nothing gets past those keen werewolf senses, huh, scott?”

it took me forever to pick a final top five and when I remembered this scene’s existance, I punched myself in the face for not remembering it sooner. this shit is perfection, that is all.

t w o ;;

I’ll do something.”

another easy pick, but will anyone blame me? I have seen this scene so many times, and I tear up every single time. just…everything about it is gorgeous, and tragic, and loving. the way scott can’t even look at stiles for longer than a second when stiles is talking about the disease. the way he knows what’s coming. the way stiles is terrified, but almost resigned to his fate. and then scott finally looks right at him and doesn’t look away, to promise that he will save stiles’s life if that’s what it comes down to.

also, the way the sheriff and melissa totally leave the two of them in the room like they’re fuckin husbands.

o n e ;;

the entire fuckin opening of the benefactor 

look, I will not apologise for my favourite shit being the comedic shit. I don’t care how many heartbreaking scenes these two get, for me, the very very best is when they are ridiculous idiots doing dumb things. and kidnapping liam, then accidentally terrifying him, then losing him and tumbling down the damn stairs? every freakin line/moment of this opening is GOLD, and I will never not be thrilled that they went this way with it instead of like. having them be GOOD at dealing with scott’s first beta. no, they let them be teenage losers, and it fills my heart with love and joy every time I think about it. LOOK AT THEM!!

Me Watching Mr Robot season Finally

“That episode was so intense, i can’t wait for season 3″

“hey neat, a post-credit scene, (reminds me of GTA for some reason)”

“humm wonder who they are” 

“waiiiit could it be!?!!. No Impossible ”

“yessss they ‘re back, AND unharmed aah my heart is filled with joy”

“ I missed those two so much, i was so worried” 

“ Wait who dat ??? Who is he talking to ?“


Is it too much to ask for a scene of Regina where she genuinely laughs. Not a half hearted or sarcastic one tho those are still happily welcome  but a full on belly laugh where we actually hear her joy filled laughter and see her stunning smile (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

bittersamgirlclub TOP 5 PROMPT #6: TOP 5 CUTE SAM MOMENTS

I thought it would be hard to narrow it down to just 5 cute moments because, lets face it, as much as Sam is a total and utter BAMF, he’s also the most ridiculous cutie puppy lion man the world has ever seen. As it turned out all of these moments came to mind pretty much instantly, so I’m going to take that as a good indicator that they truly are my favourites.

So without further ado, in no particular order:

  • “Uh, should we dim the lights and synch up Wizard of Oz to Dark Side of the Moon?” “Why?" - its the little laugh and the smile, and the confused look of a complete lack of comprehension that make this exchange. I love moments where Sam is so damn innocent like this, in part because this is very much a Sam is me moment, since the first time I listen to Pink Floyd with my b/f he pretty much made that same joke and my reaction was practically identical to Sam’s. Anyway innocent little lamb Sammy will always be the cutest!
  • Sam being a flustered cutie - I’m using the moment in the French Mistake where Sam is talking to Gen and gets himself all shy and babbling like this " No, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I-I know. I know. That – that’s what I mean. That’s what I was…” because its pretty high up on my list of flustered cutie moments but really just any and all times Sam finds himself all worked up and blushy when talking to people (or when they are folding their underwear in front of him!) are my kryptonite.
  • Sam thinking he’s the best prankster ever in Hellhouse - first all Sam, I’m gonna break it to you, your pranks are lame, but its ok because it only serves to enhance your cuteness factor by about 10,000 that you were actually so proud of this prank. Its the sass with which he does it that makes the scene.
  • Sam seeing Bones in Dark Side of the Moon - and by cute, here I clearly mean, about to have my heart ripped out and stomped all over. But the actual moment in which Sam greats his one time pet is unbelievably sweet, he’s filled with all that childish joy that we so rarely get to see from him, he’s practically radiating excitement and happiness at seeing Bones again. Of course all this only serves to make what follows even more heartbreakingly sad…
  • Smiling at Charlie when she saves the day in Slumber Party - LOOK AT HIM GUYS! HE’S SO PROUD OF HER! Its just so sweet how genuinely happy for Charlie he is, their friendship is the the cutest thing ok! GIVE ME MOOORE SAM AND CHARLIE!………….ahem….
Do you know what's the biggest irony?

TO & the CW tried so hard on tuesday to create media buzz, to the point that they leeched put down another show, you can’t be free to use Spotify without being practically harrased by the commercials, and none of that worked, at all, and today they release 3 stills of a probably 30 second klaroline scene, and klaroline trended for almost an hour on twitter, and currently there’s a second KC ww trend.

It couldn’t possibly be more clear as to what the fanfom wants, and just to think about Plec & Co.’s face and bitter hate over it, fills my heart with joy

Can you believe the last clip for s3 was everything I hoped for and more? The girl squad were incredible, the bro squad being awesome in the kitchen, Eskild being hilarious af, Sana being a queen and we had a SanaxEvenxIsak scene, also Chris and Eva 😍 and let’s not forget the talk Eva and Isak had 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Magnus and Vilde 😭😭 so fricking cute and finally. The last and the very not least Isak and Even ☺️☺️☺️ my heart is filled with joy and happiness for those two, I’m so happy to have been a part of their journey. In the space of less than 15 minutes this show has given me more than any other show ever. What a perfect end to an even perfect show 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾