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I NEED a BLURB ABOUT HOLDING HARRY BC HE is sad about his performance and you comfort him pleaseeee

Here you go, have some fluff :)

Saturday Night

He was nervous.

He didn’t want me or anyone else to know he was, but I could tell. And who wouldn’t be? It was his first performance in over a year, and his first ever as a solo artist. I would have been nothing but a ball of nerves if it were me. He’d paced back and forth in the green room, spreading his fingers out as far as they would go, bringing them back into a fist over and over again, repeating the cycle each time he’d make it to the other end of the room and turn around on his heels.

I’d sat quietly on the sofa, nibbling on the display of fruit and crackers that sat in the middle of the coffee table. I was nervous too, but I said nothing unless it was to reply to a question, giving him the most space I possibly could. I’d asked him earlier if he would rather I took a seat in the audience, but he assured me he wanted me backstage, waiting for his return. Though he never expressed why exactly, I took it to mean he wanted me to be there for him, for him to see my face and perhaps share an embrace after he’d walked off stage, and I took comfort in that.

I’d watched his first performance on the monitor in the green room, sitting on the edge of my seat, my hands tucked underneath my thighs as I bit my bottom lip. By the end of the song, I’d felt my eyes well up, quickly wiping them away with the back of my hand before he saw. I could tell as soon as he walked in that he was less than pleased with himself. He’d missed a couple of notes, his voice raspier than usual from all the practicing, and once he’d even had to drop a word at the end of the phrase due to lack of air. I knew he had to be mentally scolding himself. But I’d thought it was flawless. He’d done it. He was Harry Styles, rockstar.

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You have been here to try and keep me sane-
Whatever sanity I still have left, anyway.
Right when I want to go insane,
You tell me, save it, for better days.

You let me lose my crazy mind
Only so that I can find it, one more time.
You tell me to think things through
Before I let my emotions stick like glue.

You keep me with my feet on the ground
While helping me rise up higher than I thought.
You brush my doubts away with a blown kiss
Like they are leaves, lost in a breeze.

You tell me to breathe, making me feel at ease;
It’s like I can feel my mind- finally settling down.
You tell me to let out all that’s in my beating heart;
And you pick up my broken pieces, working to put them back.

This isn’t a love poem-
And yet, 
It is.


@teacup13…because a mere thank you, just would not do.

What I’m Salty About

Nikolina. Out of all the love interests, Nikolai is probably the only one that makes sense to me. Mal seems too forced and predictable. The Darkling is interesting, but quite impossible (although it’d be such a plot twist if Alina did end up with him, but that’s for another post). Out of all the love interests in the trilogy, Nikolai is the only one who never resents her power or want to manipulate her. Yes, he did want Alina to be his queen. But it was of course for the good of his country and he never coerced her to it. Even when it comes to kisses, Nikolai understands the concept of consent. There is a mutual respect between Nikolai and Alina. It was truly appalling how Alina never fell in love with him. Sentences written about how Alina felt towards Nikolai felt more real than the sentences about Mal. I loved the quote “I’d missed him. The way he talked. The way he attacked a problem. The way he brought hope with him wherever he went. For the first time in months, I felt the knot in my chest ease” because isn’t it how you’re supposed to feel about someone you love? While troubles in a relationship is guaranteed, relieve is supposed to be the overpowering feeling. This is how Alina felt about Nikolai; not miserable (Mal), or questioning your heart (Darkling). Nikolina was so good and pure, honestly believed they were going to be together. Don’t get me wrong, I thought the ending of R&R was alright. It was bittersweet, but unsatisfying. I can’t help but feeling that Bardugo gave us false hope for Nikolina (and Alarkling). Although I understand why she chose to end the series that way, I will never stop wanting this ship to happen. 

It’s the middle of the night and I’m thinking about you, not in any particular way, just of you. I wonder if you’re up too or if you’re sleeping what it is you’re dreaming about? I wonder if you were here, would you pull me close or just stay a safe distance? Would you give in to your heart’s desires as you lay here half asleep, your eyes barely open and your raspy voice that I’m sure would sound delightful to my ears, would you cave in for just a moment? Just long enough for me to feel you against my skin and have this moment ease it’s way, way into my heart. It’s the middle of the night and if you were here that would be the only thing that would make this better.
—  I Think About You More Than I Should And More Than You Know

i have a special place in my heart for animals who save humans so here is the headcanon no one asked for in which the cats save andreil.

  • neil wasnt sure what had brought the fight on, it was rare that andrew shut him out these days 
  • yet here he was, unable to process what had just happened when andrew walked away from their table and let neil sit alone with the others at eden’s
  • nicky’s sloppy “he’s probably with roland, don’t worry.” comment didnt help neil feel at ease at all but at least he stopped looking into the crowd for andrew’s frame
  • some time later when neil was getting more drinks, roland greeted him at the counter, alone 
  • alarm bells started ringing, and neil left to search for andrew without getting any drinks

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note: i miss sasusaku everyday of my life

when sasuke returns from his voyage of redemption, sakura is nothing like he thought she’d be. she is distant and evasive. she seems jittery, he feels, perhaps because it has been five years since she hasn’t chased him. but he is optimistic, as much as he was ambitious, and sakura is his endgame.

when he finally asks naruto how sakura has been, after much deliberation, and because he could not ask sakura due to the strange nature of their communications, naruto replies: “she’s just not used to having you here like this.”

and he doesn’t understand, because hadn’t she greeted him with the same twelve year old enthusiasm when he left five years ago? wasn’t she blushing when he turned his back on her for the second time in their lives? he remembers leaving with his heart throbbing in his chest, vowing to organize himself until he could, with accuracy, return to konoha and ask sakura to–

somewhere in an unknown country, between the borders of this and that, sasuke had realized that he wanted to hear sakura’s voice. not only her voice, but touch her skin. he remembers her voice in the forest of death, on the night he left, and at the end of the war: they are delicate cries, and they pierce his heart. the hand that held his as he went through the worst pains of his life and the certainty of her presence had cemented him unconsciously to this particular path.

all this time he had thought she would follow in this path with him. he knows he never told her, that she does not know from his mouth that they would be together, but sakura has always understood him better than anybody else.

“sakura,” he calls as she walks home one night. his voice is not as rich; thinner than usual. it shakes.

she smiles at him, but it is not the same, it is not as bright. it shakes too.

sasuke thinks, this relationship is unstable. the instability was caused by me. and it is also up to me to fix it. but i dont know how, because sakura has always fixed everything with her optimism, but now it seems i am the only one with optimism. it makes sense, because i left her for five years and its been six months since i returned and she doesnt know that i cannot sleep because of her.

the resolution of their relationship becomes more urgent the more sasuke waits. yet the less he does. the less he knows what to do. he knows it is not hopeless, but it hangs in the back of his mind like the other phantoms that’s hung over his life.

he thinks, i just want to hear her voice. i dont want to hear her cry, because that’s all i have in my head, i just want her to tell me she loves me.

so he says, in his firmest tone, “i love you,” and he knows it is surprising but he cant stand it anymore so he takes her hand in his so that he could finally feel her touch, “i love you with all my heart and i want to make you happy.”

and he wants to repeat to her the same speech she gave him, the one he has burned in his brain and the one he replays when he feels as if the world has been unfair to him. it has not been, he is reminded, because it gave him haruno sakura.

there is silence, and he almost dies because he doesn’t think he can handle any more silence, but her fingers gently wrap around his hand, and she says: “thank you.”

like that, the balance in their relationship is restored, and the tension eases from his shoulders. she leans into his arms, without anymore hesitation, and she starts to cry. this is different, he thinks, she is not crying because i am leaving, but because i am staying.

Within Temptation starters (1/2)

enter  (1997)

  • ❛ all my love, i gave to you. ❜
  • ❛ lift me up from here. ❜ 
  • ❛ i forgot where i came from. ❜ 
  • ❛ one by one, they died. ❜
  • ❛ they had no chance. ❜
  • ❛ you can’t kill what has been killed before. ❜
  • ❛ i’ll never help you through. ❜

mother earth  (2000) 

  • ❛ i find my strength in believing that your soul lives on. ❜ 
  • ❛ a new beginning always starts at the end. ❜
  • ❛ you better keep moving. ❜
  • ❛ you better hide before she finds you. ❜
  • ❛ haven’t you seen the ruins of our world? ❜
  • ❛ i can almost see your smile, the warmth of your embrace. ❜
  • ❛ there is nothing but silence now. ❜
  • ❛ is this our farewell? ❜
  • ❛ sweet darling, you worry too much. ❜
  • ❛ you are not alone in life, though you might think you are. ❜
  • ❛ never thought this day would come so soon. ❜
  • ❛ we had no time to say goodbye. ❜
  • ❛ how can the world just carry on? ❜
  • ❛ i feel so lost when you’re not at my side. ❜
  • ❛ i’ll watch you through these nights. rest your head and go to sleep. ❜
  • ❛ everyone with a friendly face seems to hide some secret inside. ❜
  • ❛ he told me he loved me while he laughed in my face. ❜
  • ❛ i feel so cold inside. ❜
  • ❛ you promised to return to me, and i believed. ❜
  • ❛ i’ll make them bleed down at my feet. ❜
  • ❛ there’s always a sparkle of hope if you just believe. ❜
  • ❛ remember who you are, what you stand for. ❜
  • ❛ don’t you die on me. ❜

the silent force  (2004) 

  • ❛ it’s the best way of living, between the truth and the lies. ❜ 
  • ❛ this is not the end. ❜
  • ❛ our dream ended long ago. ❜
  • ❛ we won’t be together forever and ever. ❜
  • ❛ late at night, things i thought i put behind me haunt my mind. ❜
  • ❛ no more denying.  i’ve gotta face it. ❜
  • ❛ it’s time for me to face it… but can i take it? ❜
  • ❛ this might just be the ending of the life i held so dear. ❜
  • ❛ there’s no turning back from here. ❜
  • ❛ i have to fight, ‘cause i know, in the end, it’s worthwhile. ❜
  • ❛ i have no strength to go on. ❜
  • ❛ you’re the reason i have to stay. ❜
  • ❛ you were my savior in my time of need. ❜
  • ❛ there’s no escape now.  no mercy.  no more. ❜
  • ❛ i still remember the smile when you tore me apart. ❜
  • ❛ you took my heart, deceived me right from the start. ❜
  • ❛ it was all just a lie. ❜
  • ❛ the memories ease the pain inside. ❜
  • ❛ all of my memories keep you near. ❜
  • ❛ you know i’ll love you ‘til the end of time. ❜
  • ❛ you made me feel alive. ❜
  • ❛ i need to be with you again. ❜
  • ❛ i fear who i am becoming. ❜
  • ❛ i’ll keep on trying until my dying day. ❜
  • ❛ wherever you are, i won’t stop searching. ❜
  • ❛ i’m longing to see you again.  it’s been so long. ❜
  • ❛ i did my best to please you, but my best was never good enough. ❜
  • ❛ i have failed you, but you have failed me, too. ❜
  • ❛ do you ever wonder if it’s justified? ❜

“Hanging out with you has made me weird, J. All I do is sit around thinking about my feelings these days. Thanks for that.”
I crawl forward and hug him right around the middle and he responds immediately, wrapping me up against him. My face is pressed to his chest and I can hear his heart beating so hard. He’s still hurting so badly right now, and I keep forgetting that. I need to not forget that.
I cling to him, wishing I could ease his pain. I wish I could take his burdens and make them mine.

Tom Holland Imagine:

Warnings: Panic attacks and cringe writing

Gasping for air, I sit up straight in the bed and open my eyes. When I come to my senses, I see that I’m still in bed beside Tom and it’s two in the morning. I blink and try to steady my hands or my breathing as I slowly crawl out of Tom’s arms. My feet instinctively move to the window and I crack it open before siting on the ground in the corner. I rock back and forth as I try to shake away the nightmare and quickly rising panic in my chest. Tears slip out of the corners of my eyes so I bite my lip to muffle my sobs.

Within seconds, the fear turns into panic and I’m shaking miserably as tears stream down my face. Suddenly, Tom sits up in the bed and whisper-shouts, “Y/n? Babe? Where are you?” I gulp before trying to speak only to let out a few whimpers instead. Tom doesn’t need more than that before he springs into action and is crouched in front of me. His curly hair is a soft-looking mess and his eyes, though tired, are filled with concern. Slowly, he creeps forward until he’s sitting beside me, a majority of our bodies touching.

“I’m here, Babe, don’t worry. Deep breaths.” His voice is steady and quiet so I force my breathing to slow and gain some form of a pattern. Tom gives me a small smile and nods, “Good. You’re doing amazing, Babe. Do you want to play the game?” I bite my lip and try to stay focused on breathing, but nod anyways. His smile grows and he starts with, “Okay, what are five things you see?”

Looking around, I think for a second and Tom gives me the time I need. Finally, I lick my chapped lips and shakily whisper, “I-I see… I see lights. And you. I see your messy hair and your smile. And I see the alarm clock.” He gives me a big smile and lets me hold his hand as he tells me, “Good, but don’t focus on the alarm clock. It doesn’t matter what time it is. You’re the only thing that matters. Okay?” I swallow harshly and nod, despite my eyes flicking over to the bright red letters.

When Tom decides that I’m ready for the next question, he asks me, “What are four things you feel?” I consider telling him about the way it feels like my own thoughts are strangling me and how I feel like my body is on autopilot and driving straight off a cliff. But then I decide not to focus on that and tell him what I can touch. Staring into his eyes, I announce, “I feel the wooden floors. They’re cold.” Tom laughs and the sound puts me slightly at more ease as he nods, “Yes, what else?” I look at my hands and see his holding mine, “You’re hands. They’re really soft and warm. I feel the wind that is coming from the window. It’s smooth and calming. And I feel my heart beating like crazy in my chest.” The last one slipped out, but Tom doesn’t point it out as he continues the game instantly.

“Y/n, you’re doing great. You’re really good at this game. Babe, what are three things you hear?” I blink and immediately tell him, “Your voice. It’s really steady and it helps me focus. And I hear your heart beating. It’s really slow and calm and like a lullaby. And I hear some people walking out on the streets.” He smiles brightly at me and squeezes my hand slightly, “You’re almost done, Babe. Just stay focussed. Okay, what are two things you can smell right now?”

I let my eyes close as I focus and closely pay attention. Words slip out of my mouth without me realizing it and I’m suddenly telling him, “Your cologne. It smells like home and safe and happy. It makes me feel like maybe everything isn’t caving in on me. And I smell coffee. It smells like when we met and beginnings and fresh. It makes me feel hopeful that what I’m feeling will be over soon and there will be a new feeling.” Tom is smiling and I hear it in his voice as he praises me, “Yes, Babe, you’re almost done. Just one more. What’s one thing you can taste?”

I open my eyes and his smile is slightly bigger than I expected. Without thinking about it, I lean forward and kiss the corner of his mouth. He sits in confusion as I tell him, “Home. Safety. Happy. You.” Tom blinks in confusion, but doesn’t think too long about it as I lean forward again and kiss his lips directly this time.

When I pull away for a breather, I let my forehead rest against his and smile at him, “What would I do without you Thomas Stanley Holland?” He shrugs and I can see his cheeks are tinted a pink color, “I’m just doing my job, Babe.” I shake my head and stare into his eyes, “Yeah, but you go above and beyond what normal boyfriends do. You help me through panic attacks and nightmares and scary streets. And you take me to empty beaches and peaceful parks and cute coffee shops. You are literally everything I could ask for and more. Tom, you’re my hero.”

His cheeks are a vibrant red and he shakes his head, “Y/n, don’t say it like I saved you. I helped you, yeah. But you’re your own hero, Babe. You never needed me to save you. You just needed me to help you focus.” I sigh and run my fingers through his hair, “You always downplay yourself and it can’t be healthy how much you do it. I probably would have still been in a full on panic attack for the next three hours if it hadn’t been for you. Tommy, please just admit that you have a major role in saving me?” He chuckles and reminds, “Fine. But only because I can’t say no to you when you look that cute.”

Glancing at the alarm clock behind him, I frown and announce, “It’s three in the morning, Tommy.” He smiles at me before picking me up bridal style and informing me, “Well, that just won’t work. I can’t have my princess missing her beauty sleep.” Setting me gently on the bed in my normal spot, I giggle and roll my eyes at him, “Gosh, I love you, Tommy.”

*SOOOO… This was my first ever imagine I did and it’s crap, but I’m gonna post it anyways. Please don’t hate on it.*

An Other called Buck

“So, wait. It can’t fly?” You ask with a frown.

“Nah. Big bastard probably wishes it could though. We’d be sooo fucked though if it did, could you bloody imagine?” Buck gives you a meaningful look, then smiles.

 You laugh. It all seems so strange; stuff you never thought possible just laid out of for you so clearly. ‘A deal well struck,’ you think.

“There’re a lot of other things people think the old Slug’s kin can do. But they can’t really. That Beast didn’t need none of that fancy Hollywood shit when it fucked the King up good and proper. No sir, just waltzed in and stirred the Elsewhere up like you wouldn’t believe. Weren’t even meant to be here in the first place,” said Buck.

 He looked sad for a second. Staring at the ground, his golden eyes glittering with old memories. You almost feel sorry for him.

‘It’, you correct yourself. Not ‘him’.


 At first glance, you might’ve described the thing that called itself Buck as a person. But once you had a closer look (if you were an idiot), you would quickly realise that Buck was too perfect. He looked photoshopped; an immaculate black man with flawless features, that smiled and moved just like a person. But Buck was not a person.

“And, yeah, now it’s just sitting around. Under the old English building, doing fuck all. Lazy prick.”

 Buck smiles again and looks at you.

“Anything else you’d like to know, kiddo?” he says.

 You think for a moment.

“Yeah, actually. You mentioned…” You resist the urge to rub the iron nail resting in your back pocket, “…the King. Is that like, um, I mean I’ve heard about the Royalty and the…”

“The Queen?” Buck nods, his eyes flit around for a second, searching the shadows with fierce glowing eyes. To you, it seems like it’s just the two of you, but you can’t be sure.

“Sorry Pumpkin, not really my story to tell. Always a bigger fish, and all that. Bigger teeth. You understand.”

You frown, a little disappointed, but you decide not to push your luck any further. If even half the rumours you’ve heard about the Royalty and the Queen are true, then you suppose that not knowing might be for the best.

“Um, no, in that case that’s all I’ve got, I think,” you say.

 You double check your list:

-Ask about the Good Neighbours (check)

-Where they came from (check)

-What they are (check)

-Why Elsewhere University? (check)

-What else was out there (double check; you just know you’ll be having nightmares for months)

-The Royalty (better luck next time)

 Buck was very thorough with answering all your questions. For hours, the two of you had explored all the angles and details of your queries with a forthrightness that surprised you. The Fair Folk weren’t known for their candour. But then again, that had been part of the bargain you’d made.

“Excellent. Glad I could help you out.”

 Buck’s smile widens, but in a human way. Not the ear-to-ear grin that you’ve seen from some of the other… Others.

“Your turn now,” he says, “I kept my side of the bargain.”

“Oh. Shit, yeah.” You hesitate for a moment.

“Come on, just one kiss.”

 The deal was one kiss for all the answers to any question you could every want an answer to. You’d brought a list to remind you, so you couldn’t leave with anything left out. You’d found Buck, one of the more ‘human’ of the Fair Folk, and broached an exchange with strict guidelines.

“One kiss. And I leave this meeting in the same condition that I arrived, no funny business. That’s what we agreed.” You say, nervous and sweating, your heart pounding now.

 Buck rests his hand on your shoulder, you feel almost at ease by this very human gesture.

“I know, don’t worry. No changes of any kind. You’ll leave this meeting the same way you came. Mind, spirit, and body. I gave my word,” he says, “now pucker up.”

 You close your eyes and he kisses you. Bucks lips are cold and clammy, pressed against yours. He tastes like sour milk and rust, and you try not to gag.

 He pulls away. You realise that you’ve been holding your breath.

“You taste great. Minty. I like it,” you hear Buck say.

 You open your eyes.

 A sharp wetness hits your pupil and the world blurs, stinging, as you blink franticly. It burns. It throbs with an icy burn that blisters the insides of your lids. You rub at the pain furiously and your palms come away wet with tears and fairy spit.

 Then you squint around, searching amongst the unfocused, too bright haze of Elsewhere University, looking for Buck. You keep blinking, the pain recedes and you can finally see with a vague clarity. The focus sharpens suddenly and you can see Elsewhere for what it truly is.

 You babble inanely for a moment as your eyes stream, still tender with a dull ache. Madness tickles at the edge of your mind. Shards of light and torrents of shadow swirl about you. Eyes of all shapes and colours gleam out at you, attached to faces born of pure insanity.

 Buck smiles at you. The smile breaks, exploding with golden teeth, his body covered in filthy, matted fur. It is no longer even remotely human, with fur that bubbles like molten tar and drips like oil, ever changing. Long leathery fingers reach out for you.

“Don’t worry. You’ll leave in the same condition that you arrived. Mind, spirit, and body. But in the meantime,” Buck’s golden eyes flare with delight.

“Fancy another kiss?”


You awake on your back. Staring at a dazzling sun, you wince. Thinking for a moment you remember what you were supposed to do. You’d brought a list after all. You’d thought this through.

 Now all that is left is to find the Other they call Buck.

All I Wanted; C.H. 27

part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10**, part 11*, part 12*, part 13, part 14, part 15**, part 16, part 17, part 18, part 19, part 20, part 21, part 22, part 23, part 24, part 25, part 26

“You’re unbelievable.” Calum breathes as he slowly steps closer, biting his lip as he glancing me up and down. I shrug my shoulders as I drop onto his bed, crossing my legs over one another. “You make it sound as if you weren’t aware of that yet.”

“You can’t blame me; you surprise me every day.” Calum breathlessly chuckles as he steps closer. His knee rests between my opened legs and envelopes my body with his. It causes me to lay down onto the mattress. I can already feel my breathing get jagged, and Calum hadn’t even started yet. His fingers start on my jeans as his lips leave butterfly kisses along my neck and collar bone.

His hands are warm, rough and it makes gooseflesh appear all over my sensitive skin. He raises from the bed again to slowly pull the confines from my legs, only for his own to follow suit after. My fingers are grabbing at his waist to pull him onto me and feel his skin back on mine. He seems reluctant though and I drop my grip to gaze up at him.

“I’m going to take my time right now.” Calum breathes, his right hand squeezing my waist. A sigh leaves my lips as I let his hands wander, explore, as if it were our first time together. I let my eyes flutter closed as Calum’s hands trail from my waist to my knickers. His fingers hook underneath my cotton and he slowly starts dragging it off of my legs, his lips leaving occasional kisses along my exposed skin.

“That’s very sweet and all, but I’m a bit impatient.” I chuckle, lifting my head and shooting Calum an expectant look. He shakes his head as he crawls back over me. “Un-be-lievable.”
I let my fingers skim across his jawline before I curl my arms around his neck and pull him towards me, crashing our lips together hastily.

His laugh is boisterous as he smiles against my lips and he unclasps my bra. His teeth sink into my neck, my back arching off of the mattress as I grind my core against his thigh. Calum groans loudly as I feel his grip tightening, grinding his crotch against my hip as I feel his breathing pick up.

He lays down beside me, our lips still locked blissfully as I feel his hand starts to massage my breast. A low moan leaves my lips as I feel Calum’s hands trail lower and lower, but I stop his hand when I realize what he is implying to do.

“No, Calum – I – not today.” I let my fingers curl around his erection and give it a few light tugs, slowly inching him closer and back on top of me. He lets out a guttural groan, pressing and rubbing his erection against my folds as I squirm underneath him.

As he presses into me, I feel my heart stop beating for just a split second. It’s different this time – I can feel it. I feel less troubled, more at ease and I think I might be in love with Calum. And now that I’ve come to think of that, I think that has happened quite some time ago.

“You alright?” Calum questions and pulls me out of my own head. I slowly blink a few time as I see Calum grin down at me, which ultimately draws a smile on my own lips. “Why wouldn’t I be?”
“Because.” Calum mumbles and the frown that forms quickly dissipates as Calum starts moving his hips. My sentence that I had started stops abruptly as a low, dragged-out moan leaves my lips which makes Calum chuckle. Cocky little bastard.

He never needed a lot for me to bring me to the edge in record speed. A few deliberate thrusts of his hips and a groan in my ear before his teeth sink into my neck and enough for me to arch my back off of the mattress and pressing my breasts into Calum’s toned chest.

I’m moaning out his name, digging my nails into his biceps as he picks his pace up. Sweat is drippling down his back from the heat and effort he’s putting into this, almost as if this is a way for him to apologize to me. If that means a mind blowing orgasm, I don’t mind.

Only a few thrusts are needed to send me over the edge and I clench my walls around Calum’s erection, causing him to stutter before he goes even faster. I’m incredibly sensitive, a moaning mess beneath him as he chases his own high. He drops down onto me before rolling off of me and dropping onto the cool mattress beside me. He momentarily turns away from me and I can’t help but immediately frown as I scoot away from him.

He feels me move and turns back around, drowsily glancing over. “Come here.” Calum mumbles, half out of breath, as he raises his arm so I can lay in the crook of his shoulder. I scoot closer, cuddling up to him as I rest my hand over his heart. Calum sighs out, almost blissfully, as I feel his muscles relax.

“I’m really sorry I have been such a jerk. But – I don’t know. I just, I feel differently about you. And –“ Calum pauses and I hold my breath, not speaking so he would hopefully continue. “I don’t know, I just didn’t how to act and instead of using my half assed brain I reacted poorly.”

I turn on my back, staring up at the ceiling as I nervously lick my lips. “I’m not going to say it’s alright, or that you’re forgiven. Because it actually did hurt me a lot, I’m not going to lie to you.” I take a break, pausing with a heavily deep breath while Calum groans. “That also doesn’t mean that I’m not willing to give this another go. I would say second chance but you’ve already screwed that one up too.” I laugh dryly but I know Calum isn’t so happy about my words. He remains silent.

“Look, Cal. We’ve got off on the right foot. But everything was against us. We could always give it a try. I at least want to try again.” I smile up at him and when he doesn’t react, I press my lips against Calum’s stubbled chin. Calum smiles and turns his head, catching my lips with his.
As soon as the door slams shut downstairs, I know I am in deep trouble.

To sleep, perchance to dream (BATB fanfic)

I kept seeing headcanon posts where Adam and Belle end up sneaking around the castle to spend the night with each other because they have nightmares when they sleep alone. I finally got the chance to sit down and write out a quick fic of their first night together. I did my best to keep it innocent/safe for work. My fanfics are pretty much all fluff and feels… Anyway! Hope you enjoy it. I’m sure it could be better but I tried…

Adam sighed contentedly as he and Belle lay curled up together in the library. The excitement and activity that had followed the curse’s end had finally died down, leaving room in their day to day for peaceful moments like this. It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon; the faintest hint of fall in the air. Somewhere outside the open window a bird was singing. Belle had found a blanket for the two of them to share while they snuggled on the couch. It had felt like an eternity since they’d had a quiet moment alone. A moment to just be still and enjoy each other’s company. Adam closed his eyes, savoring every detail. The weight of Belle lounging against his shoulder, the smell of her hair, the lilt in her voice as she read him amusing passages from Don Quixote.

When was the last time he had felt this content? He couldn’t remember ever feeling this happy before Belle came into his life. He smiled to himself as he let his head sink back a little deeper onto the arm of the couch. Had this couch always been this comfortable? Or was it having her here with him? It must be her. Everything was better with Belle by his side.

He allowed himself to drift, letting Belle’s narration wash over him. He hadn’t slept well the past few nights. The joyous chaos that had kept him occupied in the prior weeks had dissipated, leaving his mind to wander, robbing him of sleep. Nightmares of the curse had begun to plague him. The nights were growing colder again. If only the west wing could feel as cozy as the library…He could feel his head growing heavier as the sound of Belle’s voice and turning pages lulled him even deeper into the couch.

“Two households, both alike in dignity, in fair Verona, where we lay our scene…”

Belle’s voice stirred Adam from his slumber. When had he fallen asleep? He squinted sleepily in false annoyance at her change in reading material.

“I thought that would do the trick to wake you,” Belle laughed, kissing his forehead as he stretched.

“What happened to Don Quixote?” Adam grumbled playfully, rubbing his eyes.

“I put down the tale of our favorite Spanish knight when I noticed you were asleep. I knew you wouldn’t want to miss anything and you seemed like you needed the rest.” Belle explained, tenderly brushing a strand of hair away from his face. “You have a very cute snore by the way.”

“I do not snore.” Adam protested, but he couldn’t help but smile. “How long was I out?”

“Oh, I don’t know. A few hours maybe? You made a nap seem so appealing I drifted off for a while myself. Mrs. Potts was just in a few moments ago to say that supper was ready.”

“Already?” Adam asked, surprised. The sun was indeed hanging much lower in the sky than before.

“Come on sleepyhead.” Belle laughed, kissing his cheek. She untangled herself from him and took his hand to help him up from the couch. “I heard Chef made your favorite soup.”

Belle awoke with a start, the screams of her nightmare still ringing in her ears. It was dark. She was in her bedroom in the east wing. She sighed gratefully as she tried to shake off her dream. She’d dreamt that she was locked in Monsieur D’Arque’s wagon, her father desperately trying to pick the lock to no avail. Her hands were bound. She wore a wedding dress. She could see Gaston riding off to the castle as the wagon began to drive away, her cries for help falling on deaf ears… The thought of it still left her shaking.

Adam…Belle knew it was just a nightmare. That he was safe and everything was fine and yet… she needed to see him. She needed to hold him. To reassure herself that it was all just a horrible dream. She wouldn’t be able to sleep until he was by her side. Resolving herself to this, she wrapped herself in her duvet as adrenaline propelled her into the hall.

The castle was quiet. There was an almost eerie stillness to the silver pools of moonlight that streamed in through the windows. She hadn’t bothered to light a candle. Carefully, she tiptoed her way to the west wing, her feet silent against the cool marble. She paused a moment when she reached the doors to the west wing, suddenly feeling very shy and childish. Timidly, she pushed open the door to Adam’s room.

“Adam?” She whispered shyly into the dark room before her.

She’d forgotten how enormous the west wing was. It was considerably tidier than when she had seen it last, a fact she was quite grateful of as she tiptoed further into the room. It would be just her luck to have made it all the way here without notice only to trip over a footstool.

“Adam…” She whispered again, looking about the room for him.

She found him standing on the moonlit balcony, watching the stars.

“Belle?” He breathed, startled, confused, but not unhappy to see her.

Any feelings of shyness left her as she ran to meet him, throwing her arms about his torso.

“What are you doing up?” He asked quietly, stroking her hair and lifting her chin to meet his eyes.

“I…um…I had a dream. A nightmare… I couldn’t sleep. I needed to see you…” she stammered, trying to find her voice.

He smiled softly, drawing her closer to him and kissing the crown of her head.

“It’s alright. I’m here…”He assured her, smoothing her hair.

“What are you doing up?” Belle asked curiously, feeling much more at ease with his heart beating softly in her ear.

“You’re not the only one who has trouble sleeping, my darling,” he quipped. “You just happen to be braver than I am when it comes to seeking comfort.”

Belle smiled into his nightshirt, feeling her running here to him in the middle of the night was anything but brave.

Twirling herself in his arms, she turned to look at the stars with him. They were both quiet for a moment.

“Do you suppose I could stay here tonight?” she could feel a blush creeping across her cheeks. “I’m not proposing anything indecent. I just… The east wing is so far.. if I have another dream… and the floor is so cold…”

Adam chuckled, scooping her up in his arms and cocooning her in her duvet.

“There’s no need for excuses, Belle. All I have is yours for the claiming. That includes my bed. All you need to do is ask.” Adam purred, tickling her neck with the stubble of his beard as he kissed her. She giggled and squirmed in his arms, holding tight so he wouldn’t mistake it for protest.

Her arms around his neck, she could feel his pulse thundering steadily against her palm. Despite his confident tone, he was as nervous and thrilled about her spending the night with him, however innocently, as she was. It was nice to know she wasn’t the only one whose heart was racing.

He deftly carried her to the bed, laying her down gently before crawling in himself. Belle rearranged her duvet so that it lay over top of his sheets.

“Why did you bring your duvet with you?” Adam chuckled curiously.

“I couldn’t remember where I put my robe and I didn’t feel like wasting time to look for it…” Belle confessed.

Adam grinned and drew her close to him.

“Well I’m glad,” He replied. “Because I have been freezing the past few nights.”

He placed his ice cold toes on her legs, making her jump. He laughed and pulled her closer to him once again.

“Comfy?” he asked, twining his fingers into hers.

“Very,” she sighed happily. “I should sleep easy having you here.”

“Even if I snore?” He teased.

“Especially if you snore.” Belle laughed, kissing the tip of his nose.

“Well I’m glad. Though I don’t know how you expect me to get any rest tonight.”

“And why is that?” She asked, snuggling down further under the covers.

“I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, my dear, but you are incredibly distracting. How can I sleep when such a beautiful, captivating woman is beside me?” He chided playfully.

“You didn’t seem to have any trouble earlier today in the library,” Belle replied.

“Yes. Well…that was different. We weren’t here…” Adam trailed off. Was he blushing? Belle couldn’t tell with only the moon for a light.

“Do you know what my father would tell me when I had trouble sleeping as a little girl?” she offered. “He would tell me to lie back, get comfortable, to think about what I’d like to dream of most, take three deep breaths… and go to sleep.”

“Take three deep breaths and go to sleep?” Adam repeated, skeptical. “That was his advice?”

“Repeat as necessary. It works, simple as it may sound.” Belle shrugged.

Adam smirked and pressed a kiss to her hand, still entwined in his, as he thought it over.

“If you say so…”

Belle smiled and tucked herself under his chin, wrapping her arm around his waist. He nestled his nose into her hair.

“Thank you for letting me stay with you tonight…” She said quietly.

She could feel him smiling. “Of course.”

Belle closed her eyes, finally feeling at ease enough to sleep.

“Belle…”He murmured. There was a hesitation in his voice, as if he wasn’t quite sure how to say what was on his mind. “…I love you. Sweet dreams.”

She hugged him a little tighter. “I love you too, Adam. Sweet dreams.”

And for the first time in a long time, they both slept soundly through the rest of the night, safe and secure in each other’s arms.

I’m sorry ( Zen x Mc xYoosung)

Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Pairing: Zen x MC (reader) x Yoosung
Rating : Mild angst

Summary:Mc used to be in a relationship with Zen, but after being bullied by his fans, things changed - Zen changed and so MC is left alone with the wounds of her past. The one who tries to mend her wounds is Yoosung, but will their relationship turn into a romantic one or is the past going to ruin it all? (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

Authors notes: This is Mc’s perspective throughout her relationship with Zen and how she felt with Jaehee not trusting her and being against their relationship. How did MC’s life change while she was in a relationship with Zen? Did it turn for the better or did his fame only hurt her? Read on and find out~~ Hope you like it, cuties~  ( ˘ ³˘)♡


Life without him, is something can hardly imagine. Just picturing all the times, we used to chat and the conversations we had and the first time he saw me in flesh. Maybe that time when he saw me, was actually the moment where I knew that I was in love with him. How he got all excited and just how big his eyes got. He reminded me of how excited children would get when you gave them something they really wanted. Did his expression mean the same – did he really truly want me?

Someone so … normal like me? If I had to be honest I was constantly afraid of how he would react to me once he would get to meet me. But at some point I was waiting in anticipation for the day where we could be together in our own small world. Because maybe, just maybe, after all the times Jaehee was, how can I say…mean and very, hum, possessive of Zen, I didn’t know what to do. At one point I tried to understand her, but the more I tried the harder it was. Being doubted and not trusted left a scar in my heart which I knew wouldn’t heal so quickly. It was painful, trying to help the organisation when at the same time, the very people you wanted to help, did background checks on you and didn’t trust you. 

Zen trusted me with ease, he always said he just had a feeling that I was trustworthy and a good person. The more I interacted with all of the members of the rfa, the more everyone warmed up to me, I was starting to feel welcome and maybe even … loved?

But there was always Jaehee, always with her “if I may be so bold…” yada yada, I get it you don’t like me. It’s hard being nice to someone like her, when I actually really wanted to be her friend. But how can any relationship work, where there is no trust. And honestly I was starting to get fed up with how she would meddle constantly, just because she was a fan of Zen’s. I do understand that she was only protecting him, but there is a line between wanting what is best for someone and being possessive. In all that protecting she forgot about the one person she cared for – Zen. She forgot that he too has feelings, that he too is human and that if his fans did love him for who he was, they would accept the fact that he would maybe someday be with someone who loves and cherishes him. Also – his fans are supposed to love him for his work and not just for his looks. Maybe that is one reason, for why Zen liked me?
Because frankly, I wasn’t his fan, didn’t know about him. 

But I cared for him and his passion for his work. He is dedicated, strong and works hard in everything he does. That is why he so amazing and that is why, I fell in love with him.

It was nice how everyone in the rfa gave us their blessing, after a while even Jaehee warmed up to me. To this day, she is still at times is weird and goes on and on about how we should wait with every small thing in our relationship but I don’t mind, I see in her eyes that she is my friend and that now – she even means all what she says not to turn me away, but in a way to protect me.

This – me thinking about the past and reminiscing about how lucky I was is something that as of lately would often do. I would sit on the couch with a warm cup of tea in my lap and just think about everything. Before that happened all of us were happy.

The sudden ringing of the doorbell woke me from my thoughts and I walked towards it, I already knew who it was.  As I opened the door and welcome my visitor with a big smile.

“Hello MC, how have you been lately? Is everything alright, can you manage living all by yourself? Hopefully you don’t feel to bored without any company.” 

Spoke the cute blonde. At his question I only shook my head and showed him to step inside, he sighed slightly and nodded. I was about to go and prepare him a cup of tea, when he stopped me in mid of my tracks and took my hand.

“MC, I know that after all of that you don’t want to … see him or her and I am glad that you are even staying in touch with the rest of us. I feel like we all … weren’t good friends to you, we could have protected you better.”

I saw how his eyes watered and squeezed his hand at that and gave him a small smile. 

“I miss your voice, I miss your laugh MC. What those fans did to you is unforgivable.”

Ah, that is right …  I was bullied by Zen’s fans and … they almost killed me and the result from all that trauma was that I became a selective mute and I could only speak with some people. When I did speak though – I only spoke out a few words, but after some time I couldn’t talk anymore, I just stopped. At times the only one I could speak to was Zen, but after some time, when he started to change I couldn’t even talk to him anymore. He did feel responsible for everything that happened and as I was hospitalised. Zen would often visit me and bring me gifts and talk all about his work and how he missed me, missed … us. 

 Then after a while the visits would stop and I would often just be all alone in that white room. At those times all I had were the thoughts in my head that would slowly make me go insane. One thing that did keep me going was my window. Though it was painful to see the time fly, to see how the world was still moving even after all those horrible things happened to me. But I loved it, I loved how the sky would change in colour, how it would look different at different times in the day.  

As naïve as I was, I would always turn to the door and wait for someone, anyone that I knew to visit me and help me forget all about that time. That horrible time when I tried my hardest not to let Zen know just how much his fans hurt me, how mean they would get and just how mean Jaehee could get. If the rfa member knew just how much nasty things were behind the scenes, would they still claim to love each other? To love me?  

I believed them nonetheless. I was aware of the secrets and the things V hid from everyone, I just didn’t know how big these secrets actually were – so big that it endangered lives. But I loved them, I truly did, each and every one of them. Even if Jahee did those unspeakable things, even if Zen left me, I loved them and this love that I felt for them has only given me more pain. I believed in them, in my lovely members.

The rfa members, just didn’t have the time to visit and I understood. I knew that they would visit if they could, deep inside I knew. At least the ones who knew what happened could have visited. The only one who didn’t know was Yoosung – all of them thought that he would not be able to handle what happened to me. I understood and tried to be strong. But after all that happened and after all that they did to me it still it hurt and I wasn’t as strong as they thought I was. I was slowly crumbling and I was starting to loose myself.

As I gazed at my wrists that held light marks from that time, when I was weak and didn’t find any other way, Yoosung gently took hold of my wrist and kissed it. Ha…Yoosung, after they finally told him what happened he changed. All that anger that he felt for V and the organisation turned to hate, he hated them all. He was so mad at them, for betraying his trust, for letting all of this happen. He only stayed for my sake. He would run to me so many times, it turned to daily visits and he would stay for a long time or I would visit him and watch him play LOLOL. His presence calmed me and I wasn’t as scared. He grew to be taller, stronger and muscular. His shoulders were broader and I felt safer. I looked at him and no matter how much he might have grown I still saw the cutie Yoosung that would always blush at my compliments.

 Even now there was a slight dust of pink on his cheeks. And he spoke up while holding both of my hands; “I would have protected you if I knew, I would try to save you, would try to make the pan go away. I am so sorry that I couldn’t, I am sorry that you are hurting. I wish I was you knight.”

He led me to the couch and wrapped his arms around me and held me, maybe he thought that I was going to cry.

“You can…you can let it out if you want.”

I shook my head, I couldn’t’ cry anymore. All that happened has passed and I even if my life has changed I tried to live on. Zen might have left me, but I still had the comfort of my friends Yoosung and Jumin. Both of them have dedicated their time to visit me and make sure that I was alright.
Just as I thought of Jumin, Yoosung asked me; “Did Jumin visit you lately? How long has it been since he was here?”. I pulled back from the hug and showed him with my finger the number three – signalising that it has been three days. A slow hum escaped Yoosung.

“What about him? Does he ever contact you? Or…?”

I put my finger on his lips and only shook my head and after a long while feeling comfortable to speak up, I opened my mouth and in a hushed voice I said; 

“You are here.” 

He wore a shocked expression on his face, which instantly softened into a warm smile and tears in his eyes he embraced me again, but now stronger and … it felt warmer.

“And here I will stay! I promise to protect you, from now on I will be there!”

I wanted to cherish this sweet moment, feeling warm and safe in the arms of someone who cherished me so much. But this moment would surely pass – for a message was sent from an unknown number on my phone and the only thing it said was; 

“I’m sorry.”

Part 1 is here.  Part 2 is here.  Part 3 is here.  

The Weeping Willow – Part 4

They say that the weeping willow tree encourages the expression of emotions.  That it teaches the value and consequences of love and loss. It’s something she read over and over again over the past couple of days, focusing on the value of love.  She thinks now that she probably should have considered the consequence of loss.  

She should have never came here.  Never set herself up for this.  She’s typically so meticulous about planning, so steadfast in trying to keep herself out of situations that could cause her harm.  But then again, she never anticipated finding harm here.  Never predicted one simple look could destroy her even more than she already is.  

Abigail had pushed a newly opened bottle of wine and the phone towards her two nights ago, advising her that if she didn’t call Tom that she would.  She repeated “tell him” at least a dozen more times before Taylor stopped her, placing the phone down and the wine glass to her side and telling her that this was something that needed to be done and said in person.  Her friend smiled softly at her then, reluctantly agreeing.

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Okay, I decided to share some more of my favourite bits of Lafayette’s letters to Washington. They are too cute (and this ship is too real).

Lafayette to Washington (11 January 1779)

Farewell, my dear General, I hope your french friend will ever be dear to you, I hope I Schall Soon See you again, And tell you myself with what emotion I now leave the Coast you inhabit, and with what affection, and Respect I’ll for ever be, my dear General Your Respectfull and Sincere friend - lafayette

Lafayette to Washington (7 Octobre 1779)

My dear general

from those happy ties of friendship By which you were pleas’d to unite yourself with me, from the promises You So tenderly made me when we parted at fishkill, I had Such expectations of hearing often from you, that Complaint ought to be permitted to my affectionate heart—not a line from you, my dear General, is yet arriv’d into My hands…

Lafayette to Washington (14 May 1784)

Adieu, My dear General, Be pleased With Your Usual kindness, to Receive the tender wishes of one who More than Any Man Existing May Boast of Being, Your excellency’s Most Affectionate, Respectfull friend and Humble Servant


Lafayette to Washington (8th Octobre 1784)

I Beg Your Pardon, My Beloved General, But I want to See You, and No Heart Can Better feel the pleasure to Be with You than the filial Heart of Your Respectfull and affectionate friend


Lafayette to Washington (21 December 1784)

My dear General

I Have Received Your Affectionate letter Of the 8th inst., and from the known Sentiments of My Heart to You, You will Easely guess what My feelings Have Been in perusing the tender Expressions of Your friendship—No, my Beloved General, our late parting was Not By Any Means a last interview—My whole Soul Revolts at the idea—and Could I Harbour it an instant, indeed, my dear General, it would make me Miserable—


Adieu, adieu, My dear General, it is with Unexpressible pain that I feel I am Going to be Severed from You By the atlantick— Every thing that Admiration, Respect, Gratitude, friendship, and filial love Can inspire, is Combined in my Affectionate Heart to devote me most tenderly to You—in your friendship I find a Delight which words Cannot Express—adieu, my dear general, it is not without Emotion that I write this word—altho’ I know I shall Soon visit You Again—Be attentive to Your Health—let me Hear from You Every month—adieu, adieu.


Lafayette to Washington (23 August 1790)

My dear General

What Would Have Been My feelings, Had the News of Your illness Reached me Before I knew My Beloved General, My Adoptive father was out of danger! I was Struck with Horror at the idea of the Situation You Have Been in, while I, Uninformed, and to distant from You, Was Anticipating the long waited for pleasure to Hear from You, and the Still More Endearing prospect to Visit You, and present You with the tribute of a Revolution one of Your fine Offsprings—for God’s Sake, my dear General, take Care of Your Health, don’t devote Yourself So much to the Cabinet

and finally Lafayette to Washington (6 October 1797)

… in Vain Would I Attempt, My Beloved General, to Express to You the feelings of My filial Heart, when, at the Moment of this Unexpected Restoration to Liberty and Life, I find Myself Blessed With the opportunity to let you Hear from me. This Heart Has for twenty Years Been known to you—Words, that, Whatever they be, fall So Short of My Sentiments Would Not do justice to What I feel—But You Will Be Sensible of the Affectionate and delightful Emotions With Which I am Now Writing—to You, and I know also it is Not Without Some Emotion that after five Years of a death like Silence from me, You Will Read the first Lines I am at Last Enabled to write—With What Eagerness and pleasure I Would Hasten to fly to Mount Vernon, there to pour out all the Sentiments of Affection, Respect, and Gratitude Which Ever Bound me, and More than ever Bind me to You—Your paternal goodness to My, to Our Son Was not Unexpected But Has Been Most Heartily felt

Mornings with Dean

Originally posted by thedeantrbl

Genre : Fluff 

Word Count : 1659

A/N : This is just a scenario that my friend wanted me to write for her & yes I did put myself in my own scenario … because i can . - . ( fight me ) and i decided to just post it on here :) i hope you guys enjoy ! <3 

You wanted to wake up with the birds singing and the sun warming up your little toes, not your phone vibrating against the table. The sound resonating in the quiet morning as if it was an earthquake. You groaned as you slung your arm towards the table, grabbing your phone.

You had a rough day at work last night, having to help your best friend Christian with a music video he was directing for the oh so popular, Kim Jiwon or Bobby as his stage name claimed to be. The Whole crew had gathered together to begin filming at 12 pm and Christian had announced that the first half of the video should be filmed and done by 9 pm, but that didn’t go as planned:

Bobby was late by 4 hours resulting in the promised time to be pushed back, they argued over each other’s ideas, and the set had just decided to fall apart on top of you…literally. You were lucky enough to walk away from it without any injuries, only a few minor scratches here and there.

“ Hello? ” you groaned through the device, not even bothering with checking the caller ID.

“ Hey it’s Christian, meeting is at four but I told the prick to meet us at 12. How’re you feeling? ” “ I’m feeling it now” you grumble, stretching a bit feeling the soreness in the legs.

He chuckles, “ Sorry its early but Linda and I had to take Lori to the Vet for her checkups and I needed to kill time. ” You hear another voice in the background, most likely Linda’s, “ Alright I’ll let you go back to sleep. Oh and Don’t forget to take pain killers, it’s going to be another long night. I’ll call if there’s anything else. ” You let out hum of agreement before hanging up and checking the time, letting out an aggravated groan: 7:00 am.

You threw your phone back on top of the table, before turning back into the bed. You nearly got a heart attack, body shaking from the scare; Hyuk was here, sound asleep. You let out whispers of curses, clutching onto your chest as you tried to settle your heart down. You haven’t seen him in what feels like years when really, he was only gone for a couple of months, 2 to be exact.

It was always like this whenever he needed to get songs done for the album. he’d pack his belongings and would camp in his studio, letting the receptionist know not to let you into his studio no matter what. There were the rare occasions you did get to see him, through the screen of your phone. He’d always FaceTime you in the middle of filming. Christian would spot the brightness of your phone and would immediately call it a day, using “ he needs you ” as an excuse. Even though he wasn’t wrong because Facetiming nights were always the hard nights.

Hyuk would be at his breaking point. He’ll always FaceTime you whenever he was extremely stressed out and it always broke your heart to see the effect of it. But Despite looking so wrecked, he’ll never express it. “ I need my Muse. ” and that’s all he says before you tell him about your day, in hopes it’ll ease his mind a bit. And here he was, in your bed, the duvet only covering half of his body, exposing his bare back, as his arm laid across your lap.

You watch as his upper body would rise and then fall, lips slightly parted, some parts of his hair sticking up in different directions, and a few strands falling down his forehead. You notice he’s wearing the pair of earrings you got him for his 20th birthday but you also notice something else: the art that had covered parts of his neck and shoulder. Was this even real? You wondered.

It might have been fake for his music video or something. You thought. You cautiously reached your hand over and scratched at the piece of art, wondering if any pieces would fall off, but they didn’t. Hyuk mumbled a bit, slightly smacking his lips, before the arm that was on your lap gripped at your thigh and pulled you in closer to him. You almost screamed due to the sudden action, you clutched onto your chest as you had to calm your breathing for the second time. You went back to examining the tattoo, when did he even get this? Why hasn’t he told you about it? More importantly, what did it even represent? I’ll have to ask when he gets up.

Pushing the thought aside you moved your attention to his face, the face of the man that you oh so desperately had wanted to see. You pushed the strands of hair that had covered his face aside, letting your hand linger on his cheek. He was only gone for two months yet, it’s as if he had aged within those months. His eye bags more prominent than before, he’d managed to lose the baby fat on his cheeks, his jawline was noticeable and you began worrying if he had forgotten to eat his meals. Despite not wanting to see you, you still sent in daily reminders to make sure he eats and you know he sees them. You had to beg him to put the read recipient on for you:

“ It puts my heart at ease when I know you’ve seen my messages at least.” You stated.

You laid back down, only for him to bring your body against his. Feeling his heat transfer onto your body and your glad it isn’t summer, otherwise you’d have to push him away.

Precious, is what you’d describe him asleep. You wanted to protect him and shower the man with love, you blame his baby like features.
Easygoing yet determined, is what you’d describe him personality wise. Hyuk has never gotten mad at you, even when you had accidentally deleted one of his songs he had been working on. You remember apologizing countless of times and Instead of screaming at you, he just looked at you with an expression that wasn’t describable. He was probably choking you in his mind and maybe throwing you out the window but he nonchalantly shrugged, “ it’s okay babe, it sucked anyways. ” He ended up staying up all night writing a big hit for VIXX, Voodoo Doll. Hyuk’s been composing songs even before the two of you began dating, even managing to collaborate with the big artists such as your good friend Hyoseob or Crush, Zico, he even co-wrote Beyoncé’s song Halo. You couldn’t help but feel proud, a huge smile cascading over your features as you planted a kiss on his parted lips. After realizing what you’ve done, you let out a light gasp. You’ve never initiated a kiss before, scared that you might come off desperate or clingy. You glance over at his face in hopes you didn’t wake him, but he simply lets out a small groan. Initiating a kiss wasn’t bad, it felt … Good, it made you feel … Cool.

A smirk taking over your face at the sudden idea. You gave him a peck on the lips again and when you noticed no reaction you gave him one on the nose before continuing to pepper kisses across his face. Hyuk merely groaned before rolling onto his back, left hand arm covering his face. Given the opportunity, you sat on top of him; legs on both sides of his waist before peppering his face again with kisses, trailing them down his neck, grazing over his new tattoo, and down his chest before trailing back up. Only to be met with sleepy eyes Hyuk. You giggled nervously, “ morning ” before he rolls the two of you over, smothering you in kisses as he hums, “ what did I do to deserve to be woken up so lovely? ” You stuck out your tongue towards him before he begins smothering you with kisses again.

He touches noses with you before he kisses you on the lips, hands gripping your waist as yours are around his neck. It’s the kiss you’ve been waiting for, for two whole long months. The kiss is slow and sensual, he’s running his hands up and down your waist occasionally squeezing them. You break away from the kiss to catch your breath but Hyuk isn’t letting up.

He kisses down your jaw and down to your neck, tugging at the skin from there and on your shoulder. “ God I missed this, ” he whispers into your ear before latching himself onto the crook of your neck. You let out a gasp, running your fingers through his hair. “ and this. ” he says before bringing his attention back onto your lips and by this time he’s already grinding into you. “ I missed you. ” he says, stopping everything as he looks you into your eyes. He sits up tugging you along with him so that your positioned on his lap, legs on either side. He runs his fingers through your hair before he lets them linger on your cheek. No words are exchanged as the two of you continue to stare at each other.

He breaks the blissful moment before squishing your cheeks together and giving you a peck on the lips. He’s a giggling mess as he notices the shock on your face and you just watch the way his eyes disappear when he laughs. You cross your arms, turning your head to the side as you pout. He riles you up only to leave you hanging.

He lets out a sigh of content before, turning your head to meet his gaze. It goes silence once again and he brings you down for another kiss, “ I’m home, love.”

This is for a fic swap with the wonderful @tyranttortoise! It’s some fluff about failed attempts to seduce a certain skele until the reader finally gives up and just confesses how they feel. I will say that it ended up a bit more angsty than I was expecting, so I hope it’s alright!

Pairing: Reader x US! Papyrus

You never understood how someone so flirtatious could be so naive. Here you were, sitting in the darkness together with nothing but the television, a bowl of warm popcorn, and his slim arms wrapped comfortingly around you, and yet, it was as if he didn’t even get it. How could he miss your warm blush pressing against his soft hoodie, or the way you stole glances at him, or the pickup lines you shot in his direction? Just friends. But that’s not what you wanted. You longed for so much more…

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Day 4: Unconditional LoveA love that surpasses human understanding.  How does one express this type of love for someone? Richonne College AU for @richonnefics

The shade that the tall oak tree provided was a welcome blessing from the heat of the late afternoon sun. Michonne sat on the cool grass with her knees pulled up near her body and her notebook resting on her knees. She tapped the end of her pen against the page that was covered in her neat handwriting before glancing across the courtyard.

Other students were finishing their classes for the day; some walking hurriedly with piles of books in their grasp; others, dawdling like they had not a care in the world. Michonne smiled when she saw Rick approaching her. His confident swagger always enticing to her. His face was alight with a jovial grin as their eyes finally locked.

“Hey,” he said when he was close enough to her.

“Hey,” replied Michonne.

Rick moved a book that was to her left and took up a seat; he brushed her hair away from the side of her face and pressed a kiss to her temple.

“Thanks for waitin’ for me,” he said as he absentmindedly rubbed her back.

“It’s okay,” she said. “Besides, I’ve got this little assessment task to do for my modern lit class, so I thought I’d use the quiet time to get it done.”

Rick brought his hand away from Michonne’s back and then held up the book that was sitting between them.

“Is that why you’re readin’ this?” he asked, before reading out the title. “Dear Fatty?”

“Yeah,” she replied. “It a collection of letters that this British actress wrote to family members and colleagues. It’s actually really good.”

Rick turned the book over and looked at the blurb on the back.

“Sounds good,” he said. “What’s the assessment?”

“I have to write a letter,” said Michonne.

“That’s easy!” said Rick as he nudged her with his shoulder. “Someone as smart as you needs a bit more of a challenge than writing a letter.”

She smiled at his compliment.

“Besides, didn’t you write three letters of complaint this week already?” he teased.

“Stop,” she said, nudging him back. “It’s an exercise in expression, not for me to express dissatisfaction with something like those other letters did.”

Rick nodded and smiled, “Got it. What exactly does that mean, though? An exercise in expression?”

“It means I have to express a strong desire or emotion in the form of a letter,” she explained. “It’s an easy enough task.”

“All right then,” he offered. “Show me what you’ve got.”

Michonne suddenly rested her forearms over her page, as if by instinct; Rick noticed.

“Is that it?” he queried, gesturing to her notebook.

Michonne bit her bottom lip.

“Maybe,” she replied coyly.

“Can I read it?” he asked, thoroughly intrigued by her bashfulness pertaining to the matter at hand.

“I don’t know,” she said. “It’s probably a little too sappy.”

“It’s most likely great,” said Rick with a smile, which Michonne returned.

“Fine,” she said. “But promise you won’t laugh at me.”

“I’d never,” he said in earnest, placing his hand over his heart.

Michonne handed the notebook to him and then wrapped her arms around her knees; she took in his profile.

“Don’t read it out loud,” she cautioned, eliciting a nod of the head from Rick.

Dear Rick, it began; he glanced sideways at her, and offered a sweet smile.

How can I tell you just how much you mean to me on this one sheet of paper? There aren’t enough minutes in a day for me to tell how much I really love you. There aren’t enough lifetimes in an eternity for me to express the depths of my love for you.

From the first moment we met, I knew there was something else about you; something that set you aside from all of the other people I had known. There was this kindness in your eyes that made me feel safe. There was a warmth to your smile that made my heart swell; there was this understanding in your discourse that made me feel at ease. A familiarity in your presence that made me trust that I was home.

I didn’t always feel that way. You, more than anyone, know how truly lost and alone I was. How the devastation that encompassed my very soul left me a shell of who I used to be. Yet you, Rick, you had patience with me when no one else did. You nurtured me; you brought me back. You showed me what it means to love someone so completely that the mere thought of being without them terrifies you. You showed me what it feels like to be loved so sincerely that you are filled with a courage and strength that you never knew you had…

The words on the page became blurry as Rick’s eyes welled with tears upon reading what Michonne had written.

“Babe,” he whispered, while wiping his eyes.

“What?” asked Michonne, her voice as soft as his.

“You really feel like this?” he queried, unable to stop the overwhelming emotions from washing over him.

“I do,” she said sweetly. “I love you, Rick, more than I can even say.”

He remained quiet as they searched each others eyes; gently, Rick took hold of her hand. The engagement ring he had given her, shimmering beautifully in the bright sunlight. It looked radiant against her soft skin.

“I love you, Michonne,” he finally said, before placing a kiss to her hand. “You make me a better person. I love you with everything that I am.”

i cannot
thank you
for your words
which have taken the shape of hands
and eased through the spaces in my rib cage
to take what was left of my heart
and squeeze it 
tighter than anyone ever has before
just to make me feel 
and for
piecing it 
back together
—  for the poets i have read this year, who have inspired me in more ways than one ♡ @rupikaurpoems ♡ @officialiwrotethisforyou ♡ @ladybookmad ♡ @michellekpoems
(cc, 2017)
Eloise: Life Before Katherine

Please note: there are some changes to Eloise’s history reflected in this (and future) piece(s). These changes are intentional and meant to reflect the slight differences that the novella will have

The very first memory Eloise had was of laying next to her brothers and sisters beneath the canopy of a covered wagon. She remembered the sound of crickets, creaking wood, and a huffing horse. The dark didn’t frighten her, but the pain in her stomach and rising heat of what would turn into a fever did. She crawled over her siblings to reach the cooler air of outside. The twinkling stars winked down on her as she curled up on the ground, silently crying.

She didn’t specifically remember her mother finding her and coaxing her back into the wagon, though she remembered feeling cold despite being wrapped in a blanket. One of her sisters—she couldn’t remember if it was Marguerite or Lucindy—gave her water and reassured her that she would be better in a few days. It would take two weeks, during which time they completed their long journey from Gloucester to a small plot of land in Acadia. Eloise was too young to understand how strange it was for her family to move there—much of the land was already claimed by French, Acadians, and Mi’kmaq.

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