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They have my favorite interactions from the brawl. I can’t handle them. They’ve got the whole friendly rivalry thing…the sass…the fuggin sad Hanzo….JUST….FUGGIN-

I’ll fear for my life if Robert and Aaron split up. On paper, the relationship between them shouldn’t really work, but it does. They’ve already been through so much and they’re strong together. It would take a lot to split them up now. It’s amazing how huge the fandom has become. I’ve never seen it in soap before. People are rooting for them. If they didn’t wed, the fans would be gutted, and so would I. Robert is the only person he has deeply loved this way.
—  Danny Miller on Robron

Cadmus seem to have eyes everywhere so what if Lillian finds out that Supergirl is also Kara Danvers and she sees how much time her daughter is spending with Kara so she imprisons Lena at Cadmus to ‘protect her from the evil alien’ of course Kara goes to rescue Lena and you just see them running hand in hand down a corridor. Lillian sends one of her subjects to stop them and Lena ends up getting hurt. Kara is that worried about Lena that tears start rolling down her cheeks and she ends up shouting at Lillian “you asked me what your daughter is to me, well it turns out she’s a lot more to me than a friend” and up to this point Lena thought that her feelings were one sided but suddenly Kara is caressing her cheek and gazing into her eyes and she’s leaning closer and closer and then HER LIPS ARE TOUCHING HERS and Lena just lets out a muffled sob….. I’m so far gone with these two help me.