my heart can't contain it

(this is kind of old, i know, i know.. but shh—)

i just wanted to point out how important it is to me that Kaneki told her how much he loved that shop, a shop she’s been building up for the past 4 years and worked so hard to get… because of him, for him. To me, it’s extremely relevant that he told her that minutes before the shop was destroyed, because I don’t really think Touka cares about that anymore when Kaneki told her that he did like it, that all the work she’s spent into it was worth it, because he liked her shop.. even when he didn’t even know who she was, what that place was, and still he doesn’t exactly know he’s the main reason for the existence of :re. It’s like Touka’s mission is complete now at some point, :re did what it had to do—to bring him back and make him feel like home, I just can’t even imagine the way Touka must feel at knowing that all her hard work and hopes were not in vain, that in the end that shop wasn’t just a regular shop for him, that he liked it, it was special for him too *bursts into tears*

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I love misha. So damn much. Like so much my heart can't contain it. But his kids always look so unkempt and dirty. They're never dressed nice and always have messy hair. Idk how I feel about this. As a parent myself I wanna scream from the rooftops to take care of your child's appearance ugh. Sorry for the mini rant. Again love misha! Not saying he or Vicki are bad parents it's just bugged me for a while.

As a parent yourself I’m sure that you’re aware: kids are messy! It happens.

I think that what you’re describing is part of Misha and Vicki’s overall parenting philosophy. They give a lot of independence to their children, including control over their appearances. Misha has complained before about West and Maison taking too long in the morning to choose their socks before school, for example. I don’t pretend to know the details of his mindset, but despite his frustration sometimes with his childrens’ choices it seems like he tries not to interfere or make too many decisions for them; he seems to want them to be responsible for their own bodies. 

(Which, sometimes, includes ignoring general kid messiness.)

West and Maison’s often unkempt appearances aren’t the result of a lack of love. In fact, they are proof of a solid bond of trust between parent and child.

I, personally, like that a lot. I hope you aren’t offended by this or anything, but children are not dolls that need to be groomed for good impressions at all times. Kids should be allowed to be kids. If they’re not hurting anybody and they don’t present a public health risk, who cares if their hair is messy or that their clothes don’t match? They’re expressing personal autonomy. It’s not like they don’t bathe ;)

Omg, guys. Imagine if Yuuki also sent her familiar during the times Zero and yuuki couldn’t be together because of how busy they’d get, and having her familiar stay by Zero was Yuuki’s way of letting him know that even if their apart for long periods of time, she’ll always be right there beside him, always with him, as she let’s him feel her presences. And anytime he does, he smiles.