my heart bursts with joy for these two

It’s All Good

The Season of Richonne is upon us. 

After three seasons of build up, every single Walking Dead fan will FINALLY see what we’ve known all along…

These two damaged souls were meant to meet….

become friends….

and eventually family.

We’re at a crossroads, my friends. 

NOW is the time for Rick and Michonne to become ‘Something Else.’ 

NOW is the time for them to realize that love was right next to them all along.

And when it happens? THIS Shipper’s heart will be bursting with joy.

I can’t wait to enjoy this Season with all of my shipper friends!

For Life

In one day:

Two thousand lives.

Three hundred livers.

Five hundred pancreases.

Six hundred kidneys.

Countless tendons.

Miles of intestine.

Endless skin.

Eight hundred eyes.

A necropolis of bone.

A river of blood.

One hundred hearts.

Two thousand lives. In one day, my son had saved more people than I could in a hundred straight days of hunting down criminals with iron fists.

The day my son cut his hand instead of an apple, I was the happiest father in the world. Because when he held his palms towards me, there I saw only a red stain on unbroken skin. My child will never be harmed—I was bursting with so much joy, I let him forgo school and spend the entire day in the sky. He gripped my shoulders tight as I attempted to fly as high as I felt.

Then, on his twelfth birthday, his school bus crashed. When I got to the hospital, he hugged me tightly and told me everyone survived. Then, he said he had met the world and it was bleeding, and he knew the best way he could help.

The doctors called the initial tests “a phenomenal success.” Everything grafted with a one hundred percent success rate with no risk of transmitting any disease—he was a universal donor.

Then, they informed me of what my son had not.

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