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Have you SEEN my THIGHS?

asks the beanpole nine-year-old girl (whose thigh circumference, in point of fact, is barely bigger than my wrist, not that that should matter), whose home life has exposed her to nothing but love, validation and acceptance; whose parents have never once bodyshamed anyone, who do not ever use words like “good” or “bad” or “guilty” when talking about food, who only speak of exercise in terms of how fun it is and how strong and energetic it makes you feel (never about “burning calories” or “since I ate all those brownies” or “to fit into those jeans”), who have never policed portions or discouraged seconds by word or deed. Is there no way to win this? Is there no way to kill these monsters who allow their poison to reach my daughter’s ears? 

a small tutorial on how i create sigils, requested by @runecycle (sorry it won’t mention you directly, dear)

so step one: write down your phrase in a positive way. as you can see, i wrote down ‘i love myself.’ it’s better to avoid negative phrasing like ‘i do not hate myself.’ better energy that way! lots of people find that they like to avoid phrasing like ‘i will,’ since it leaves the time frame up to interpretation; however, i find that i like to use ‘i will’ because it gives it a sense of belonging to me, or an energy that reflects the fact that the statement has potential and that with the sigil i’m activating that potential. do whatever feels right!

step two: cross out all the vowels, and then the repeating letters. this is just to shorten phrases, since it can get a little out of hand when you have tons of letters to deal with in creating the sigil itself. (for name sigils, it’s important to note that they are short enough not to remove letters, so i don’t. i also translate the letters into futhark runes to make names look and feel more unique. that’s up to you, though!)

step three: combine the remaining letters in a way you like. i often end up trying many times to get things right, but sometimes they just come to me. i find name sigils are easier, too, for some reason.

step four: charge your sigil! i usually use either physical exertion (anything that gets my heart rate up) or burning with flame. i find that i like burning them better, but that can be dangerous especially since my family doesn’t know about my witchcraft and i’d really rather they not find out. if you need ideas on how to charge sigils, there’s a ton of options! @sigilathenaeum has a fantastic list here, which i reference often. remember that whatever you do, you should keep the intent of the sigil in mind or i find the activation loses power. happy sigil making!

I don’t think there’s anyone out there that is more obsessed by Yousana than me like guys I read fan fiction, I pray for a Yousana clip every single day, I check the Yousana # on Instagram, on Tumblr on ao3 3 times a hour and I also check Youtube for the new edits of Yousana everyday. And I feel my heart burn like hell at every look, smile, conversation of them. I am a psycopath.

Japanese version of KHUX features a special BbS trio medal obtained by merging medals of Terra, Ventus, and Aqua together


My Rant™

I’ve read some things on tumblr and twitter about Angelo and Corteo and Nero, and after episode 11 I just wanted to rant a bit and tell you my opinion.

I think we can say with certainty that everyone in the fandom is sad about Corteo’s death. Episode 10 destroyed me, smashed my fucking heart to bits and then burned them. I was really sad. But after that episode I started reading some posts in which people wished for Corteo to be still alive so that Angelo could get his happy ending after he took his revenge on the Vanettis. And until that is a prompt for a fanfiction, it’s okay. But in canon?

I don’t think so.

Yeah, my reasoning is obviously not the absolute truth and everyone has the right to interpret the actions of every character. But I want to explain my point of view, so let’s explore that possibility: let’s imagine that Corteo is not killed in episode 10, and in the end Avilio is successful and kills every last Vanetti. Now he can go back to Corteo and they can live happily ever after. Right?

Weeeeeell… let’s say that there are several reasons for which, imho, the last part of that scenario is ideal at best and total bullshit at worst:

First of all because Angelo would still be involved with the mafia, be it the Galassias or anyone else, so Angelo and Corteo would have to live their lives on the run or accept to keep being part of the mafia for the rest of their lives.
But let’s say we want to ignore that. Let’s say Angelo planted a bomb and killed everyone, and there’s no one preventing him to live his life in peace.

Angelo himself stated that he had no reason to live before the letter. He didn’t see Corteo for the most part of those 7 years, and lived his life as a reject, with no wishes and no feelings. During the anime (so far) he lives for revenge, and he has stated that the letter gave him back a reason to exist.
But when he’s finished with his revenge, what’s left for him?
Because after he takes his vengeance, his parents would still be dead, they are not coming back; his guilt for not holding Luce back would still be there, ‘cause it’s gonna haunt him forever. He’d still feel responsible for it, he’d still feel empty, he’d still feel lonely, he’d still be carrying the weight of that night on his shoulder, except the weight would be heavier because in those 91 days of revenge he committed lots of crimes and stained himself with all kinds of sins, making himself just as horrible as the people who murdered his family.
So if he felt like that before, how would Angelo feel after his revenge? He’s human after all, he’s someone who’s lost everything to an injustice, and committed much more injustices in the attempt to make himself feel better. Wouldn’t he hate himself? I, for one, think he would probably be suicidal because of all the reasons I just mentioned. Not to mention that, from the start, I always thought that Angelo didn’t want to live at all. He didn’t seem to have that will. He lived for that day he lost everything, because of that day. He was, and is, desperate. Even the whole revenge mission was a suicidal one from the start.

But, yeah, let’s say Angelo survived his revenge and didn’t kill himself right away. Corteo would be there for him and he would be able to shower him with love and affection and care. But would Angelo want that? Would he want to be with Corteo, which he considers his childhood friend and brother, which he cares about (in his own way)? Or would he feel guilty and unworthy because of everything he has done, like killing tons of people and getting his best and only friend involved with the mafia? Considering everything he went through, would he really want to live with someone and be happy? Would he be able to be happy?
As much as it’s wonderful to think that love fixes everything, it’s not like that. People who are depressed and suicidal don’t just “become happy” because they are loved by someone. So it makes no sense that vengeance (which, for the record, doesn’t help coping with someone’s death at all) and Corteo’s affection would “fix” Angelo.
Moreover, Corteo does not have the means to really understand Angelo. That’s also what I like about him somehow: his affection for Angelo is great because although he does not understand Angelo, although he cannot share his wishes and values, he still cares about him so deeply that he is willing to sacrifice himself for his sake. Corteo showed a blind loyalty to Angelo, and as much as I love and appreciate his strength, I also recognize that this is his limit.
And, because of this limit, Corteo cannot really help Angelo. He can try, but he can’t really succeed because he doesn’t have it in him. Corteo is not broken, not as much as Anglo is, at least, and he can never fully emphasize with how Angelo feels. He can never do that, because his character is different, the way he reacts and sees things are different, and their perspective of the world are different. And that’s not a bad thing in itself, but in this case, it means that there’s a limit to how much he can share Angelo’s feelings and thoughts. Corteo accepts everything about his childhood friend, and that’s more than most people would do, but Angelo is broken and flawed and he can never be whole again. What Corteo wants (what he wanted when he asked Angelo to come back to him) is for Angelo to return to his former self, and that’s impossible. No amount of love and dedication can ever bring the Angelo he knew back.

And this is why I don’t think that scenario was ever remotely likely to happen.

To be honest, what I though from the beginning, what I always thought right from the first episode, when I saw what Angelo was like, was that Angelo was a person who lost everything, and he had no reason to live. He found that reason in revenge, but that’s only temporary.
So, when in episode 11, Nero said “I’ll give Avilio a reason to live”, I was surprised, but mostly I was happy to see that finally someone understood Angelo. Finally someone figured out what Angelo really needed. Of course, Nero figured that out for the wrong reasons, because he thought Avilio was only suffering heavily after he killed his own best friend, and that was true, but not exactly the whole story. Either way, he did. He was the only one in the whole anime who really understood Angelo.
And, I don’t know if Nero still wants to give Angelo that reason now that he knows everything, I don’t know if he still can do that, I don’t know if he had even found the right reason for Angelo, I don’t know if it would have worked. But Nero tried to understand Angelo and succeeded, probably because by now, he’s just as fucked up and broken as him.
And with this I am not saying that Nero can fix Angelo. Angelo can’t be fixed. But if they both really are broken in the same way, maybe Nero really can understand him, and he really can give him something to live for. Or maybe not.

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Sherlolly, "I knew it was a mistake to get the twins matching clothes."

For this meme. This is more of a drabble than a full-fledged fic.

Molly had never seen her husband look so frightened. Facing off against psychopaths, he was cool and calm. Faced with the prospect of looking after two identical toddlers for two hours, however, he was as terrified as any other father did when faced with the prospect of childcare.

“I’ll only be gone for about two hours,” she said, hitching her bag onto her shoulder. “But I’ll be back in time for supper, okay?”

Sherlock gave a small nod, his gaze fixed on the two little girls who were innocently sat in the centre of the living room, happily playing and giggling with one another. Molly gave a laugh and dropped a kiss on his cheek.

“You’ll be fine. And remember: I’m just a text away.”

Her husband broke out of his trance just quickly enough to pull her back and catch her in a rather breathtakingly affectionate kiss before she pulled away, laughing a little as she departed from the flat, closing the door behind her. Swallowing a little, Sherlock looked to his daughters. The way they stared back at him was in a manner that was inquisitive, eager and more than terrifying.

“Right,” Sherlock said softly to himself. “Two hours.”

That was practically nothing. He could cope with that, easily.

“Sienna, that’s not–”

“I’m not Sienna!”

“Eloise – ow, what are you doing – ow!”

“Not Eloise! I’m Sienna! And I’m climbing. You’re my ladder, Daddy.”

“Climbing – Eloise, careful!”

“I’m Sienna!”

“I was talking to Eloise—”

The first thing Molly did, on stepping through the door to 221b two hours later, was to laugh. For that moment, she didn’t care about the crayon drawings on the wall, nor did she care about the jam stains on the sofa.

On seeing Sherlock stood in the centre of the floor, one daughter climbing up and onto his back with little to no care for his facial features whilst the other merrily hummed as she skipped around the living room of 221b, the tell-tale stains of strawberry jam around her mouth and crayons in her hands. Sherlock raised an eyebrow at Molly briefly before he looked upwards at his other daughter, who happily continued to clamber up her father’s back and onto his shoulders, gripping at his curls with one hand as she reached up with the other to touch the ceiling.

Sherlock gave a sigh as he looked again to Molly.

“We never should have given the twins matching clothes, Molly.” He reached and with both hands, plucked a laughing Sienna from his shoulders. “Whose idea was it again?”

Molly leant against the doorknob, smiling.

“It was yours.”

“Of course it was.”

Melissa McCarthy rants Nobodies. SHE FUCKING BURNS THEM.

Rachel: Oh my god Melissa! I can not tell you how relieved we are. We thought you were mad at us.

Melissa: Shut up! You shut your big tooth big bushy browed face. God you’ve got a dumb face. You’re playing with fire and I’m gonna enjoy watching you guys burn to the ground.

Larry: Melissa I hear what you’re sayin-

Melissa: Larry why is your dirty stupid mouth hole talking to me? You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna take that little pocket square that you folded incorectly and I’m gonna snap it up so it almost becomes like a wire and I’m gonna wrap it around those little tiny testicles of yours and I’m gonna pull it tight, not to tight! Not to tight! But tight enough to make them shiny and start to loose blood suply and get real dark purple and then right when you’re thriving in pain I’m gonna snap it and I’m gonna pop those testicles off and shove them down the mouth hole. And I’m gonna make you choke ON YOUR OWN BALLS.

Larry: So you’re still mad?

Melissa: You know what I’m gonna do Larry? Coz you can’t seem to keep that mouth hole shut? I’m gonna fill it with coal and I’m gonna light it on fire and I’m gonna let my kids make s’mores off your charred bones and when they’re cleaning their little sticky fingers I’m gonna say that pile of ash is a dead Larry and they’re gonna throw their little heads back and they’re gonna laugh and then I’m gonna let them pee on you and I’m gonna sweep it into a gutter. So stop disagreeing with me. DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? I’M MELISSA MCFUCKING MCCARTHY! THAT’S WHO I AM! AND     YOU     ARE     NOBODIES.

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I’m not perfect, far from it. I’m not even complete, I’m broken, torn, beaten and bruised by life and heartbreak.
If you want me, take me for what I am, not what you think you can turn me into.
My looks? This is all make up! Take me for my rawness and heart.
I’m burned and scarred, but I wear them like a fashion accessory, and make them look good too. So if rough skin and a harder heart don’t scare you then that’s me.
If you choose me and fight for me despite all this, then I’ll give myself up to you entirely, I’ll write heart wrenching poetry for you and show you colours of love you don’t even know exist.
—  VoicelessConfessions || The Reality of Me
I’m not perfect, far from it. I’m not even complete, I’m broken, torn, beaten and bruised by life and heartbreak.
If you want me, take me for what I am, not what you think you can turn me into.
My looks? This is all make up! Take me for my rawness and heart.
I’m burned and scarred, but I wear them like a fashion accessory, and make them look good too. So if rough skin and a harder heart don’t scare you then that’s me. 
If you choose me and fight for me despite all this, then I’ll give myself up to you entirely, I’ll write heart wrenching poetry for you and show you colours of love you don’t even know exist.

Super Junior - 月蝕 (Lunar Eclipse):


Sora no hoshi mo koyoi wa matatakanai
Kimi naki yume wa monochrome 
Tsumetai kitakaze ga kaeranu ai wo nagekuyouni 
Woo…..wakare wo kanadeteru no

Kanashimi wa haruka long way to the moon 
Oh koukai no tabiji

Please me…..
Eien ni aenu hito yo
Douka akai tsukikage ni arishihi no maboroshi wo utsushite okure
Memories of you 
Namida ga ochiru honno tsuka no ma de ii 
Oh boku wo terashite miss you…..

Tashikananowa koko ni nokoru omoi
Sou kimi to ita toki wa kesenai
Mimimoto de ima mo hibiku kimi ga utatteta sweet sad song
Woo…..boku wo kuruwaseru ano flavor 

Iyasenai kodoku long way to the moon
Oh koe wa todokanai

Please me…..
Eien ni aenu hito yo
Itsuka misete kureta hohoemi de boku wo tsutsumikonde okure
Memories of you
Saigou no kioku wo sotto mune no oku ni oh
Yakitsukete nemuru yo

Kimi ga taiyou nara boku wa tsuki to natte
Tonight subete wo sasageyou

repeat *chorus 

English trans: 

The stars in the sky are not twinkling 
Without you, dream is monochrome 
The cold north wind is grieving for the dead love 
Woo…..the separation is playing

The sorrow is faraway, long way to the moon 
Oh the journey of regret 

Please me…..
The lover I’m unable to meet forever 
Please, help me reflect the vision of my lifetime on the red moonlight 
Memories of you
Tears are falling, even for just a brief moment 
Oh light me up, miss you…..

The sure thing are memories left in here
Yes, I can’t erase my time with you 
I can still hear it close to my ears, the sweet sad song you sang 
Woo…’s driving me mad, that flavor 

This loneliness is unhealed, long way to the moon 
Oh voice is not reaching 

Please me…..
The lover I’m unable to meet forever 
Show me someday, wrap me up with your smile 
Memories of you
The last memory, deep inside my heart quietly oh
I will burn them in and sleep

If you’re the sun, I’ll be the moon 
Tonight, I dedicate everything to you

repeat *chorus

Romanization and translation by @hyukarmpits