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“Heat of the Flame” Fire Jar Spell

A jar spell to empower your passion and motivation to reach for your goals and work on your talents.

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You Will Need:

🔥 A Jar with a lid/cork
🔥 Cayenne Pepper Flakes
🔥 Cinnamn
🔥 Basil
🔥 Bay Leaf (crushed)
🔥 Rosemary
🔥 Red Glitter
🔥 Garnet (recommended to use chips)
🔥 Calcite (recommended to use chips)
🔥 Orange Glitter
🔥 Sigil for Passion
🔥 Sigil for Motivation
🔥 Red Candle
🔥 Fire Safe dish/bowl
🔥 Mortar and Pestle 
🔥 Red Ribbon, String or Cord


🔥 Cleanse yourself and your space before beginning spell. Drink black tea or coffee to energize yourself before hand if needed. Prepare yourself however you like

🔥 In your mortar and pestle grind up all of your herbs especially your bay leaf until they are well mixed and fine. While grinding them up focus on your intent to motivate yourself and your passions

🔥 Add them to your jar

🔥 Draw your sigils onto paper, preferably with red ink if you can, and carefully light them on fire using a candle, matches, lighter etc. Place them in the fire safe bowl so they burn down to ash.

🔥 As they burn chant: “The burning strength of fire motivates my heart, motivates my soul, so I shall achieve my goal.”

🔥 Carefully add the ashes to the jar once no more smolders are left. On top of the ash add your crystals before sealing your jar tightly

🔥 Place your candle on top and light it and let it burn down until it properly seals the jar (don’t leave it unsupervised please)

🔥 Snuff or blow out your candle if needed then tie your red ribbon around the jar or the stub of the candle

🔥 Keep the jar in your favorite room or on your desk to help motivate you and keep your passions alive

Note: Recharge in the sun occasionally, cleanse with smoke or incense occasionally before charging. To break spell either break jar (safely) or break its seal.

The Incredibly Moronic Prat Who Lived

Harry frowned when he looked down at the counter and was faced with his own biography, Harry Potter, The Incredibly Heroic Boy Who Lived (Twice!). When he accepted the job at Flourish and Blotts he never considered that he might have to sell books that were written about himself. Harry’s frown turned into a grimace when he realized that the customer buying this book would probably be starstruck when they realized that the one and only Harry Potter was standing on the other side of the counter.

But when Harry looked up to see the customer, he was the one who was starstruck. Because standing in front of him was Draco Malfoy. Unbearably attractive, adorably flustered Draco Malfoy.

“Potter,” Draco said, shocked.

Harry was too busy staring at the blond, memorizing every perfect detail of his face, to respond. He hadn’t seen Draco since his trial two years ago, and the last he heard Draco was in France studying to be a Healer. France has been good for Draco, Harry thought as he admired Draco’s no longer skinny, but fit body. Draco was also silently appreciating Harry’s appearance, but the blond had been taught that it was impolite to stare, so he broke the silence by clearing his throat. Harry’s eyes immediately flew to Draco’s face.

“Malfoy,” Harry said, his voice hoarse. “How have you been?”

“Spectacular as always,” Draco answered dryly. “And you?”

“I’ve been…” Harry searched for a casual way to say completely lost. “Fine.”

Draco nodded. Both boys seemed at a loss for words and Harry looked back down at the book on the counter. The book about him. That Draco was buying, for some reason.

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So I drew this last night after half a bottle of prosecco… um if that’s any explanation at all.

Wasn’t it amazing when Viktor changed his final pose for his free skate at the gpf in @kazliin‘s latest chaper to Chris throwing him a huge sign declaring how gay he is for his rival? tbh he might as well have done Yuuri u blind sod did u know its rude to leave while someone is confessing their love for u through interpretive dance???????

I’m gonna post a serious thing later but I’m hungover so it might be a while  

Many Loves

by Allen Ginsberg

Resolved to sing no songs henceforth but those of manly attachment
                                                                        –Walt Whitman

Neal Cassady was my animal: he brought me to my knees
and taught me the love of his cock and the secrets of his mind
And we met and conversed, went walking in the evening by the park
Up to Harlem, recollecting Denver, and Dan Budd, a hero
And we made shift to sack out in Harlem, after a long evening,
Jack and host in a large double bed, I volunteered for the cot, and Neal
Volunteered for the cot with me, we stripped and lay down.
I wore my underwear, my shorts, and he his briefs–
lights out on the narrow bed I turned to my side, with my back to his Irish boy’s torso,
and huddled and balanced on the edge, and kept distance–
and hung my head over and kept my arm over the side, withdrawn
And he seeing my fear stretched out his arm, and put it around my breast
Saying “Draw near me” and gathered me upon him:
I lay there trembling, and felt his great arm like a king’s
And his breasts, his heart slow thudding against my back,
and his middle torso, narrow and made of iron, soft at my back,
his fiery firm belly warming me while I trembled–
His belly of fists and starvation, his belly a thousand girls kissed in Colorado
his belly of rocks thrown over Denver roofs, prowess of jumping and fists, his stomach of solitudes,
His belly burning iron and jails affectionate to my side:
I began to tremble, he pulled me in closer with his arm, and hugged me long and close
my soul melted, secrecy departed, I became
Thenceforth open to his nature as a flower in the shining sun.
And below his belly, in white underwear, tight between my buttocks,
His own loins against me soft, nestling in comradeship, put forth & pressed into me, open to my awareness,
slowly began to grow, signal me further and deeper affection, sexual tenderness.
So gentle the man, so sweet the moment, so kind the thighs that nuzzled against me smooth-skinned powerful, warm by my legs
That my body shudders and trembles with happiness, remembering–
His hand opened up on my belly, his palms and fingers flat against my skin
I fell to him, and turned, shifting, put my face on his arm resting,
my chest against his, he helped me to turn, and held me closer
his arm at my back beneath my head, and arm at my buttocks tender holding me in,
our bellies together nestling, loins touched together, pressing and knowledgeable each other’s hardness, and mine stuck out of my underwear.
Then I pressed in closer and drew my leg up between his, and he lay half on me with his thighs and bedded me down close, caressing
and moved together pressing his cock to my thigh and mine to his
slowly, and slowly began a love match that continues in my imagination to this day a full decade.
Thus I met Neal & thus we felt each other’s flesh and owned each other bodies and souls.
So then as I lay on his breast with my arms clasped around his beck and his cheek against mine,
I put my hand down to feel his great back for the first time, jaws and pectorals of steel at my fingers,
closer and stiller, down the silken iron back to his waist, the whole of his torso now open
my hand at his waist trembling, waited delaying and under the elastic of his briefs,
I first touched the smooth mount of his rock buttocks, silken in power, rounded in animal fucking and bodily nights over nurses and school-girls,
O ass of long solitudes in stolen cars, and solitudes on curbs, musing first in cheek,
Ass of a thousand farewells, ass of youth, youth’s lovers,
Ass of a thousand lonely craps in gas stations ass of great painful secrecies of the years
O ass of mystery and night! ass of gymnasiums and muscular pants
ass of high schools and masturbation ass of lone delight, ass of mankind, so beautiful and hollow, dowry of Mind and Angels,
Ass of hero, Neal Cassady, I had at my hand: my fingers traced the curve to the bottom of his thighs.
I raised my thighs and stripped down my shorts to my knees, and bent to push them off
and he raised me up from his chest, and pulled down his pants the same,
humble and meek and obedient to his mood our silence,
and naked at long last with angel & greek & athlete & hero and brother and boy of my dreams
I lay with my hair intermixed with his, he asking me “What shall we do now?”
–And confessed, years later, he thinking I was not a queer at first to please me & serve me, to blow me and make me come, maybe or if I were queer, that’s what I’d likely want of a dumb bastard like him.
But I made my first mistake, and made him then and there my master, and bowed my head, and holding his buttock
Took his hard-on and held it, feeling it throb and pressing my own at his knee & breathing showed him I needed him, cock, for my dreams of insatiety & lone love.
–And I lie here naked in the dark, dreaming

Seashell Charm for Self Acceptance

A simple seashell charm to help the wielder with self image and self acceptance. It encourages self love and self care.

You Will Need:

🐚  A White Clam Shell
🐚   Pink Candle
🐚   Red or Pink Marker


🐚   Light your pink candle near you and let it burn as you work on spell.

🐚   With your pink or red marker draw a heart inside the clam shell.

🐚   “Seashell, seashell, help me love me for me. Seashell, seashell, please listen to my plea.” Fill in the heart you drew while saying this.

🐚   Blow out your candle and drip the melted pink wax into the shell until the inside is filled with the pink wax and the heart is covered

🐚   Leave overnight in the moonlight or the window

🐚   Carry the shell around with you to help encourage yourself to accept who you are and love yourself for it

The Tomb

This is actually one of my personal favorites, shorter than most but more poignant I think. Anyway, not like anyone reads these so.. here you go. 

“Why here?” I asked my human comrade. We stood in front of an ornately carved piece of marble, in front of which two human Marines paced back and forth in dress uniforms, holding ancient projectile weapons made of wood.

I was a visiting dignitary from the Itaxan Republic. After humanity had resoundingly crushed the Texar-Hakara, they had become a dominant force in the galaxy. Leaders in many new technologies they had captured from the Texar-Hakara and put into production for themselves.

And they were universally known as the last species in the galaxy to fuck with.

They were small these humans. And smelly. And to be frank their cuisine left something to be desired. But their concepts of honor, courage, respect, they were instilled in their warriors. Interestingly enough they do not have a warrior caste, instead their military is all volunteer except in times of the greatest conflict.

My human guide had become rather stiff, and I was concerned that he was undergoing a bit of a seizure or something of the like, until I noticed his hand was rigidly flat and touching just above his optical nerves.

He lowered his hand, and relaxed.

“You mean why did we stop here?” He replied, his translator spitting out near perfect Itaxan.

“This was the point where the Texar-Hakara were stopped in their invasion of Luna wasn’t it?”

“Yes” He admitted.

“Why here? This isn’t a particularly defensible position.” I noted. Despite the ignominy of our defeat at the hands of the ruthless invaders, we Itaxans prided ourselves on our tactical genius. We made up a large percentage of the higher echelons of the Allied Galactic Military.

“Because this is special.” My guide said.

“This is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.”

“The what?”

“Warriors who died, whose bodies were found but we could not name, they are laid to rest here where their memories may be forever revered and honored. They above all others deserve it.”

“I don’t understand.” I admitted.

“Neither did the Texar-Hakara. This is the new tomb, dedicated especially to those who die in space. There’s a prayer written on it. Would you like to hear it?”

“Yes?” I half asked.

“Lord our eternal father, grant me this prayer. Grant me this that I might be the sheepdog to thy Shepard. Grant unto me that which I beg, that I might guard the borders of man from the evils of the universe that you in your infinite wisdom have placed here to test our faith.

“Oh lord, grant me that you might strike down with great vengeance my enemies who come upon the field of battle. And if that be too much to ask, Lord I beg that you would grant me the Angels of Heaven, that they might fight beside me on the field of battle. And if that be too much to ask, then Lord give me strong men and women to stand beside me on the field of battle. And Lord, if that be too much to ask, grant me the strength and the courage to take my enemies and all the enemies of mankind, and deliver them unto your eternal judgement.

And Lord, if you will not grant me that I might take my enemies to their judgement, then grant me absolution, for I will not permit the enemies of humanity to live while I still draw breath. And Lord, if you will not grant me absolution, then I will burn in the fires of hell with a light heart, for I will have served humanity, my family, and my brothers in arms. Amen.”

anonymous asked:

Writing prompt: People assumed that Megan carried the sword to earn her keep, to defend herself from the monsters of the night and cut out the tongues that scorned her name. But no one knew that it was a blunt sword, one she had never killed with before.

(BTW, I do do prompts! I’ve gotten a lot of them so it may take me a couple of days :) Thanks for sending this one in anon!)

“I never wanted to become a legend,” Megan says gloomily, staring at the sheathed sword on her knees.

Across the campfire, the mountain troll snorts. “Don’t flatter yourself. You’re a horror story, not a legend.”

Megan isn’t sure she wants to be hearing that from a mountain troll, particularly not one who had been trying to sneak up and eat her only twenty minutes before. She doesn’t answer, staring at the way the firelight flickers over the metal scabbard, sending long, deep shadows into the engravings along it.

“If you’re going to kill me,” the mountain troll says, “hurry up and do it. Sun’s coming up and I’d rather go by that sword than a bit of sunlight.” The troll looks anxiously to the horizon, hands twisting in the ropes binding it to the pine tree behind it.

Megan, feeling dangerous, picks her sword up with both hands, one on the scabbard, one on the hilt. The troll’s beady eyes fix on it, the breath seeming to still in their lungs. Slowly, Megan drew her sword just one inch. Then two.

“The Sword of a Thousand Souls,” the mountain troll breathes. The troll stares for another beat and then laughs without humor. “They said you could feel the pressure of your kills from across a field.” It swallows. “They were right.”

So even this one can’t tell a blunt sword from a live one.

Megan sheathes her sword with force, the metal singing a protest, and stands. She doesn’t know what she expected. To be caught? To be freed of this reputation? To be understood?


She can’t look down at the troll, the troll being taller than her even while sitting, but she tries. “You’re a disappointment,” she says coldly. “Maybe the sun will think differently.” She turns sharply on her heel and clicks her fingers. With a hiss, the fire goes out.

“Wait,” the troll says with alarm. “Wait! You can’t leave me here! Behead me, stab me, take my heart, anything. I don’t want to burn!”

Megan scoops up her bag, purses her lips, and keeps walking.

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Which idea should I do next??
  1. Todoroki finds a page of him in Deku’s hero journal and decides to make a journal dedicated to Deku with cute descriptions. (comic)
  2. Todoroki shielding a sobbing/panicked Deku. (single drawing)
  3. Deku and Todoroki wearing thing 1 and thing 2 and Todoroki thinks Deku resembles the things, calling him cute in the process. (comic)
  4. Deku and Todoroki flipping Endeavor while holding hands (single drawing)
  5. Deku being held by Todoroki Lion King style (single drawing)
  6. Todoroki: I don’t have an ideal lover
    After fighting Deku
    Todoroki: This here points at Deku is standards for all lovers. (comic)
  7. Deku: My heart catches on fire when I see you clutches chest
    Todoroki: That’s called a heart burn, you should get that checked
    Todoroki with sunglasses as he hits the drums ba-dum-tss (comic)
  8. Todoroki: Midoriya
    Deku: Yes?
    Todoroki: Did you know I can hold space in the palms of my hands?
    Deku: Huh? Is that even possi-
    Todoroki holds Deku’s cheeks
    Todoroki: See? All the little stars are right here too.
    Todoroki rubs his thumb across Deku’s freckles and Deku is blushing madly (comic)
  9. Todoroki and Deku have flowers in their hair that looks like the other’s hair (single drawing)
  10. Crossover with servamp where Todoroki is Licht and does his angel pose while Deku is Lawless fawning over Todoroki (single drawing?)
  11. Todoroki holds onto Deku’s arm
    Deku: Hm? What’s up Todoroki?
    Todoroki: I’m just holding onto my hopes and dreams.
    Deku blushes madly and stutters (comic)
  12. Deku: Note to self: don’t be an idiot.
    Deku: …
    Todoroki from a distance: He’s so adorable (comic)
  13. Todoroki puts a hand on Deku’s chest
    Deku: ?
    Todoroki: My hand is cold, but your heart is warm.
    Deku blushing (comic)
  14. Todoroki: Step on me
    Deku: ??
    Deku steps on todoroki’s shoes
    Todoroki: This is not what I me-
    Deku kisses Todoroki and Todoroki left in a daze before blushing.
    Todoroki: This will do… (comic)
  15. Todoroki puts a hand on Deku’s chest
    Deku: ?
    Todoroki: My hand is cold, but your heart is warm.
    Deku about to cry with joy
  16. Deku: I’m awful
    Todoroki: Awfully cute
  17. Todoroki: Jokes on you guys I’m gay!
    Someone: We already know that Todoroki!
    Someone else: Yeah, your dating Deku, remember?
    Someone: Look your holding his hand right now!
    Todoroki is holding onto a blushing Deku face-palming.
  18. Deku holding his phone in his hand.
    Deku: Hey Todoroki! Look at this!
    Todoroki: Ah, wait I need to adjust my glasses
    Todoroki slams his head on the table
    Deku whispering to himself: What the fuck?
    Todoroki picks up his head and faces Deku.
    Deku: You could’ve just done the anime thing y’know.
    Todoroki: Don’t tell me how to life my life.

I don’t mind if you pick more than one just don’t pick basically all of them pls,,, (I’m working on one for tomorrow but I’m not sure what I’m going to do after that ok) 

Crossed out ideas are ones that will be in the process of making and hasn’t been completed yet.

i can rip you apart with my teeth

i can tear your skin off with my claws and burn you with my gaze

but oh, i could never hurt you.

i can draw blood with a single nail

i can bite and scratch and scream bloody murder while you die

but oh, i could never hurt you.

i can sink my fangs into your neck

i can pull you apart, dismember you with ease until there’s nothing left of you

but red

but oh, i could never hurt you.

you could cast me aside

you could break my heart and fear the monster that is me

you could run away screaming, and i wouldnt chase you.

i wouldnt blame you.

i would let you go.

but you promised you wouldnt. because you love me.

and i love you.

so i will rip apart those who hurt you, and tear their skin off with my teeth.

i will burn them with my gaze and sink my fangs into their neck

i will pull them apart, limb by limb until they are nothing

but red

because oh, no-one is allowed to hurt you.

“You Will Remember My Name” Ember McLain - Inspired Pop Culture Curse

Like dead trees in cold December, nothing but ashes remain.”

Originally posted by queerheadcanonoftheday

Requested by anonymous.

Best used against an abusive ex-lover/friend, but can be used against those who have hurt you.

Best done during a New Moon!

What You’ll Need:

  • A candle (any color)
  • Something to light a fire with (a lighter/matches)
  • The Song “Remember
  • Any old notes/drawings/etc, burn-able things they’ve given you
  • A fire-safe bowl/dish
  • A poppet filled with grass/hay/paper strips and a slip of paper containing the target’s name/name sigil

!! Be sure to practice fire-safety! !!

What to do:

🔥 STEP 1: Light the candle and turn on the song.

🔥 STEP 2: Place the notes/drawings/burn-able stuff into the fire-safe bowl

🔥 STEP 3: Place the poppet on top of the notes/etc. saying:

  • Laid upon these memories,
  • you hold no power over me.”

🔥 STEP 4: Light the notes/etc. and poppet on fire. Let them burn to ashes, while you say:

  • Your heart has rendered your loss, now bear the shame.
  • Like dead trees in cold December, only the ashes remain.
  • You can not forget me, no matter how hard you try.
  • You will remember my name until the day that you die.

🔥 STEP 5: When they’re burned and the song has stopped, blow out the candle. Bury the ashes in your yard/garden.

🔥 Happy Cursing! 🔥

Favorite HxH Quotes

Killua:   “Horrible parents, right? So I stabbed my mom in the face, my brother in the side, and ran away from home.”


Leorio: Fine! We’re simple-minded!

Gon: We?


Knuckles: I…trusted…you

Gon: What’s with him?

Killua: Obviously he’s a total idiot.


Killua: I’m sorry I left you down here so long Alluka.

Alluka: It’s okay! I missed Onii-chans scent!


Gon: So let’s travel together! It’ll be a blast!

Killua: Yeah…that doesn’t sound too bad.


Knuckles: What do you call that technique?

Gon: ‘oops! I forgot to name it!’


Kurapika: Killua, what do you call that technique you used?

Killua: Technique?

Kurapika: The one to take that mans heart.

Killua: Oh. That wasn’t a technique. I just reached out and grabbed it. But to help, I manipulated my body a bit. Mass murderers are still amateurs. I used to be a professional.


Killua: Between you and Hisoka would be about… *draws ways away* ..Here. And I’m being generous. 


Gon: I choose the long candle cause it’ll burn a longer time!

Leorio: ……..He’s taking it at face value?


Killua: Don’t hesitate to kill. Been a while since I flipped my switch on.


Kurapika: Even just seeing a spider sets me off.

Gon: *whispers to Leorio* I think we should keep Kurapika away from spiders.


Mereum: How unsightly.

*falls in love within a few episodes*


Ortho brother: Do you have some experience with darts?

Killua: I mastered the game when I was six.


Killua: If you enter this circle, I’ll kill you.


Senritsu: You have a very soothing heartbeat. You’d make a wonderful doctor. 


Gon: It has to be Killua! No one else can do it!


Killua: *sighs* It’s hard not killing people.


Gon: I don’t need a mother. I have Mito-san.


Killua: Are you an idiot!?

Gon: Yeah, I’m an idiot!!


Killua: Sorry, but what’s about to happen…is just me blowing off some steam.


Killua: Ahh. I feel much better. Now I’m awake…or should I say liberated.


Leorio: Hey! I’m a teenager like you guys!!

Everyone: No way!


Killua: Would you stop saying such embarrassing things?

Gon: Why? I’m just being honest!


@ishihimeweek Day 1: A Soft Realization

When Ishida volunteered on teaching Inoue the waltz she hadn’t realized how much she would enjoy these lessons. Of how much her nearness to Ishida makes her heart beat faster and her face burn. Or that he smells like fresh laundry. She just hopes he doesn’t notice.

hey just to clarify since I got that lovely ask, I am really not into drawing SU stuff right now, and maybe won’t be for a long long time, for a lot of reasons. 

SU kinda causes me literal pain whenever I see it and I only keep up with the show out of habit. So it is not likely that I will get back to drawing gem stuff any time soon unless I am commissioned to do so.

I really needed a change of pace with my art. SU was fun for a while, but drawing as much as I did for it really burned me out in ways that I don’t think I can fully recover from. The fandom stresses me out immensely, people constantly stole/copied/traced/reposted my art and I was really tired of dealing. 

like, don’t get me wrong, I love Steven Universe to death. The show holds a special place in my heart, but I am just so exhausted with 99% of the fandom and fandom content.

Right now, I’m feeling really at peace with what I’m drawing. I’m able to flesh out my own art style again instead of feeling compelled to imitate the SU style to perfection. If you don’t like what I’m drawing right now, that’s fine! Literally no one is forcing you to keep following me. The unfollow button is right there, feel free to use it if you only want SU stuff from me

Keepers // 1

Keepers — ft. Oh Sehun

// Romance
// Adult Fiction
// Angst—so please, please, please don’t read it if you don’t want to be left in a puddle of gloom. It’s not as angst as Red though haha (or at least I don’t think)

A/N: This is my take on a soulmate!au and I used this prompt from silentpeaches:

The Red String of Fate exists and only some people have the ability to see the strings. These people can actually cut strings and knot other people’s strings to alter the soulmate laws. Your best friend’s wedding is tomorrow and they know you can see the string. They ask you to help them defy the laws of the universe and help them be with the person they love even though they know they’re not their soulmate. You know they love each other so you help them regardless if your best friend is your soulmate.

I’ve always seen them—these lines of fate stretching from one person to another. It’s my family’s gift to see what others can’t. My parents and their ancestors called our kind Keepers but at current I can’t determine if it’s a gift or a curse as I look around the vineyard with all its varying characters.

Each person has a red string connecting them to their destined half. It’s affixed to their left wrist and colored in a rich deep red representing the lifeline between two people. Their energy, their emotions, their love traverses through the single thread back and forth so each partner always knows what the other is feeling. The crimson seams are usually clean, unaffected and free of incisions and marks. They’re not meant to be tampered with because they symbolize the person we’re supposed to be with. They equate to the man or woman we’re meant to live out our lives with because they’re our perfect match and we’re drawn to the ones we love.

But it doesn’t mean the lines are indestructible. 

They can be cut. 

They can be separated. 

They can be tied to another person to change the laws of fate and it’s this horrific request sinking my heart as I face my best friend and his chosen bride.

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And the only solution was to stand and fight
And my body was bruised and I was set alight
But you came over me like some holy rite
And although I was burning, you're the only light
Only if for a night

Florence + the Machine - Only if for a Night
Roman Holiday (Daryl Dixon X Reader)

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Once again, I wrote this imagine on my Wattpad account first (LisyDixon066) 

Warning : I do not own any of the book reference or the song lyrics I used in this imagine and I’m aware of the fact that this song didn’t exist in 2010 but I love it and it fits with my story. ;)

Imagine comforting Daryl after he woke up from a nightmare after Merle’s death. 

I’m sorry this is a shorter one. 


Originally posted by birdmacklin

You laid awake in your bed. Your eyes studying the dusty ceiling of your cell. It was late at night, or early in the morning, but you couldn’t sleep. You turned around in your bed, burying your face in your soft pillow to muffle your desperate scream.

It was slowly getting on your nerves. You never had insomnia before the apocalypse, your nights were always peaceful, long and restful. Now, it was another story. If by chance you could fall asleep, your night was filled with nightmares and night terrors.

After all, you had to face the reality of this new world, meaning that you had to face the death of your family and friends. You sighed and fluttered your eyes open, accepting the bitter reality: you won’t sleep tonight.

You rolled your eyes at yourself and sat up on your bed. You reached for a book you had found on a run and started reading it. They say that reading helps to calm your mind and helps you to finally sleep at some point so why not?

“Natasha Romanoff hated pierogies-but more than that, she hated lies. Lying she was fine with. Lying was a necessity, a tool of her tradecraft. It was being lied to that she hated, even if it was how she had been raised. Everything Ivan used to say was a lie. Ivan Somodorov, Ivan the Strange. She hadn’t thought about him in a long time, not until tonight. Years. And right now, as Natasha clung to the side of a rusting Ukrainian warehouse on the edge of a waterlogged industrial dock, even the moon looked like just another one of Ivan’s lies.”

Okay maybe you hadn’t just found the book on a run but were intentionally looking for it for ages. You were a big fan of the Marvel Universe (Black Widow being your favorite superhero). “Forever Red” of Margaret Stohl was one of your favorite novel inspired of the comics.

After an hour, you were still reading the thrilling story when soft cries erupted from the cell next to yours. You looked up from your book, closing it and listening closely. The cries became louder and you got up. The cell next to yours was Daryl’s, it didn’t made sense but you suddenly started to panic. What if Daryl was really in trouble?

Without hesitation, you ran from your room to his. You walked into Daryl’s cell and your eyes widen. There he was, laying on his back, tossing from side to side violently and gripping the sheets in an iron grip. Cries of pain and despair escaping his lips. You didn’t know what to do. Should you wake him up? Surely. You approached his bed and kneeled down by his side, you reached up and softly wiped the tears away from his cheeks.

“Daryl. Daryl please wake up. It’s gonna be okay. You’re fine.”

You tried to soothe him and gripped his shoulder. Suddenly, Daryl sat up and pushed you away. You looked at him carefully as his hands were shaking. He looked at you with the saddest eyes you had ever seen. It almost made you gasp. Such pain and weakness written on this strong man’s face.

The man you secretly loved.


Daryl spoke up, his voice breaking at the end. You reached for him once again and this time Daryl grabbed your wrist and pulled you into a bone-crushing hug. You hugged back instantly even if you were shocked out of your mind.

Daryl Dixon was hugging you! Well, he was more clinging to you for dear life.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

He said as he was crying into your shoulder. You ran your hands through his hair and kissed his temple softly, rubbing his back with your other free hand.

“You have nothing to be sorry for, Darebear.”

You answered the broken man, using the nickname you had given him to try and lighten the mood.

“I do.”

He simply stated and buried his face in the crook of your neck. He pulled you into his lap, basically using you as a human sized teddy bear. You smiled lovingly at the man then kissed the top of his head. You heard him sighed against your neck, his lips softly brushing against your skin. You closed your eyes and squeezed him tighter.

“I couldn’t save him…”

Daryl said, just above a whisper.

“He’s dead because of me.”

“Don’t you dare say that. You have nothing to do with Merle’s death.”

You answered, pulling away slightly to make him look at you but Daryl kept his head low. You placed your hands on his cheeks and lifted his face up slowly, locking your eyes with his.

“Listen to me Dixon. You are not responsible. Merle chose to go alone, it was an heroic choice to make. He saved us. He gave us time to fight the Governor back. He was a good man and so are you! You are such an amazing person, Daryl. So stop blaming yourself for everything. It’s not on you. I will never ever blame you for anything, Hun.”

You finished and pecked the tip of his nose, making him chuckle deeply. You smiled at him and the man smiled back. You could still see sadness on his features but you knew it was impossible to wipe away the pain of loosing someone you cared about with words. It would take time for Daryl to be okay but you’ll be there for him, as long as he wants you to.

“Can ya sing to me?”

You heard Daryl’s sleepy voice ask. Your eyes widen and your cheeks burnt a deep shade of red.

“Hm… I… I don’t know Dare. I might wake up the other.”

“Sing just for me then. Just above a whisper. Please.”

You blushed even more, realizing how intimate singing that way would be but you agreed anyway. You would give him the moon if he asked you.

“Fine. Just lay back down and try to sleep okay? We need you awake and healthy.”

You said and Daryl laid back down on his back but this time he brought you with him. You kissed his cheek and cuddled to his side before starting your song softly.

“Do you remember the taste of my lips that night
I stole a bit of my mother’s perfume
Cause I remember when my father put his fist through
The wall that separated the dining room
And I remember the fear in your eyes
The very first time we snuck into the city pool
Late December with my heart in my chest and the clouds of my breath
Didn’t know where we were running to
But don’t look back.”

Daryl was caressing your back, up and down while you were singing. This song was one of your favorite and singing it to Daryl meant a lot to you. The fingers of your left hand were drawing random patterns on Daryl’s chest as your voice resonated into the cell, creating a little bubble of paradise for only the two of you.

“We’ll be looking for sunlight
Or the headlights
Till our wide eyes burn blind
We’ll be lacing the same shoes
That we’ve worn through
To the bottom of the line
And we know that we’re headstrong
And our heart’s gone
And the timing’s never right
But for now let’s get away
On a Roman holiday”

You remembered the first time you had seen Daryl. You were running down the street of your hometown, crying and clutching your cheek. You were 5 years old.

Your dad had once again taken his anger out on you. How could someone hurt a small child like that was a mystery to you. Even more at that young age.

You thought it was your fault. Something must have been wrong with you. You must have been dysfunctional. It must have been a flaw in you code… At least, that’s what you thought until that day when a boy older than you stopped you from being crashed by a car. The boy had saved your life and when you looked at his bruised face and into his baby blue eyes, you knew that you two were meant to be.

“Could you imagine the taste of your lips
If we never tried to kiss on the drive to Queen’s
Cause I imagine the weight of your ribs
If you lied between my hips in the backseat
I imagine the tears in your eyes
The very first night I’ll sleep without you
And when it happens I’ll be miles away
And a few months late
Didn’t know where I was running to
But I won’t look back”

The friendship you had with Daryl had always been strong. Every single time you would need him, he would be there. He was like a guardian angle. He was 10 years older than you and you always had the impression that he was looking at you as a little sister. It had pained you at first but when you reached 18 years old, Daryl’s behavior changed towards you. He would blush time to time when he would look at you or when you asked his advice on your dress or your hair. He would love to cuddle in the bed of his truck while stargazing with you during a warm summer night. You were desperately in love with the man but you had always been scared of telling him. In a way, you loved him too much to take the risk.

“We’ll be looking for sunlight
Or the headlights
Till our wide eyes burn blind
We’ll be lacing the same shoes
That we’ve worn through
To the bottom of the line
And we know that we’re headstrong
And our heart’s gone
And the timing’s never right
But for now let’s get away
On a Roman holiday”

The first time you had the opportunity to run away with Daryl, was two years ago. You had gone on holiday with him but not so far away as it was simply camping in the woods with him and his brother. You had had the time of your life, spending every single second of this week off with the man of your dreams. You had ran away from your problems and your home. You had ran away to live in a dream for an entire week.

Feet first, don’t fall
We’ll be running again
Keep close, stand tall

We’ll be looking for sunlight
Or the headlights
Till our wide eyes burn blind
We’ll be lacing the same shoes
That we’ve worn through
To the bottom of the line
And we know that we’re headstrong
And our heart’s gone
And the timing’s never right
But for now let’s get away
On a Roman holiday"

You finished your song softly kissing Daryl’s neck. He was now fast asleep so you cuddled more comfortably to his side and gathered your courage to say the four words you had always wanted to tell him. This man was your best friend, your confident, your love and your home. He had always been.

“I love you Daryl.”

You whispered before closing your eyes and slowly drifting to sleep but before you blacked out into a deep and peaceful dreamless sleep, you heard the gruff voice of your best friend whisper in your ears.

“I love ya too baby girl. I always have.”


I really hope that you enjoyed reading! 

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excerpt from Madonna of the Evening Flowers by Amy Lowell

“…I see you,
Standing under a spire of pale blue larkspur,
With a basket of roses on your arm.
You are cool, like silver,
And you smile.
I think the canterbury bells are playing little tunes,
You tell me that the peonies need spraying,
That the columbines have overrun all bounds,
That the pyrus japonica should be cut back and rounded.
You tell me these things.
But I look at you, heart of silver,
White heart-flame of polished silver,
Burning beneath the blue steeples of the larkspur,
And I long to kneel instantly at your feet,
While all about us peal the loud, sweet te~deums of the canterbury bells.”

Happy Birthday Bona-mana!!!

well… i was late!!! i’m so sorry @bona-mana !!!! an hour and a half late by my time, but even more so by your time!!! AGGG!! but at least this way maybe it will be even more of a surprise!? (-O wO-)

i knew i was going to draw something in honour of your birthday!!! and i knew it had to be as soft, and fluffy, and sweet, as all of the feels you give me with your work, your incredible kindness, and your good humour! <3 <3 <3 i wanted there to be one flower in this for every time you made me swoon, or cry, or inspired me! <3 <3 <3 so, i think this gets close to communicating that!!! I hope you had a most WONDERFUL birthday! and that your year to come is MAGICAL and full of time spent doing what you love! <3 thank you so much for all the amazing work you’ve shared with us, and for the generosity you’ve shown me as both a friend and a fellow artist! (-^ O^-) thank you so much! all of my love and 1000 hugs!!! <3 <3 <3


The blissfulness of our slow beginning made me curious about you, about anything i may one day come to feel for you, the ease of our relationship came from a mutual feeling of being hurt too many times before but finally finding peace in the others energy.

I was broken and scared when you met me,
I could tell you were too.

I saw the kindness in your smile though, so even if I wasn’t sure, I kissed you back and gave you my trust.

Then you left me at that cursed mountain, you betrayed me, broke my heart and left me to die, I know it couldn’t have been easy and that it had to be done but I still hated you for It.

I spent three months in the wilderness trying to forget about you, your perfectly shaped pink lips, your enchanting green eyes, the way my name sounds coming from your lips, everything about you.

I failed.

The moment my blue eyes met your green ones for the first time after the betrayal my heart filled with anger and all i wanted was to make you suffer, make you pay for what you put me through. But since your very strong guards were watching me, ready to attack if I were to lay my hands on you, I had to settle for spitting in your face and screaming hurtful lies.

How you managed to replace the hate in my heart with love in the span of a few weeks is beyond me.

I fell for you. Hard. Every little detail about you.

The sky fell for the ground.

The moment I was told that a line was gonna be drawn between us, that I might never get to look into those magical green eyes of yours or feel your soft lips on mine ever again, I decided to give myself to you.

The second your lips met mine for the first time for what felt like an eternity you had me feeling like the sun.
Sweating and burning up with your hot skin igniting mine.
Blazing unearthed feelings.
Daring you to draw me in closer.

You had me feeling like the ocean.
Our naked bodies crashing and colliding coming to a swift calmness while I lie here on waves hearing your heart beat.

You had me feeling like a tornado, the graze of your lips swirling emotions in me.
My tongue twisted for a loss of words
Slowly twirling me into your romantic arms.

Then the unexpected happened.

“ Don’t be afraid ”

One second i was lying in your embrace feeling as safe as ever and the other i was kneeling beside your injured body begging you to hold on.

“You’re not gonna die” I knew that the words leaving my mouth were lies, not even a stubborn and strong soul like yours could defeat death.

As I sat beside your weak body and awaited your last breath I cursed myself for all the moments I could’ve held you in my arms but didn’t, for all the seconds I spent hating you instead of loving you the way you deserve to be loved.
I took your soft hand in mine and entangled my fingers with yours one last time as I caressed your wet cheek.

In peace may you leave the shore,
In love may you find the next,
safe passage on your travels
until our final journey to the ground.

It’s been ten years and I still remember the sound of your voice.

I miss you so much.

Please come back to me.

- Clarke.

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Imagine spamano Youtuber!AU where Antonio and Lovino are Youtubers and really admire each other, until they actually meet irl for a con and fall in love. And then they start making videos together too, and they're super cute and their fans love their relationship, they would also make those "boyfriend does my makeup" or "surprising my bf" things !!


yes just imagine lovino & antonio living in two different states & only ever meeting for the first time at playlist live or at vidcon through a mutual friend & hitting it off really really well & gradually they start making collabs with one another as much as they can whenever one of them was in their home state for a visit. 

for them it was like skinny love until & they decide to own an apartment in LA together, which caused the both of them to confess their feelings & start up a relationship & a while after they do the “Boyfriend Tag” & aLL THEIR SUBSCRIBERS THAT SHIPPED THEM FROM THEIR FUNNY COLLABS & MOMENTS SCREECH IN JOY I LOVE THIS AU OMG