my heart breaks; not sure if it's because it hit close to home or

“Man, I’m so bummed out I don’t even feel like battling today. I already passed on sailing with my big bro, but damn, that documentary last night was sure as hell effective if it aimed at breaking my heart.”

“Can I ask more about the documentary?”

“It’s about this new species of Pokémon discovered in Alola called Mimikyu. It’s this half-Ghost, half-Fairy type that no one’s actually seen the real form of because it always has a disguise. And its most common disguise is that of a Pikachu because it wants to be loved just like one. I mean, come on, how freaking heartbreaking is that?

“The worst part is how it hits so close to home. I’ve battled so many trainers who act like Steven Stone or Wallace or some other amazing trainer just so they could feel stronger, or as a way to convince themselves that they could defeat me. And that goes for me, too. After losing to Brawly so many times I figured I had to imitate his style more so I could improve in battle. And knowing that there’s a Pokémon out there who feels the same way I do…

“Man, I’ve bummed myself out even more. Sorry to be a downer, kid. But don’t blame Mimikyu, you hear? The documentary made me want to catch one for myself. I’m gonna love it so much that it’s never gonna feel lonely again.”