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everyone talks about Dylan/Thomas, dylan/ki hong, Thomas/ki hong Dylan/will friendship, but why no one talks about Kaya/Thomas friendship??? they genuinely love each other, and kaya just revealed that Thomas helped her with potc5 audition oh my... my heart is melting lol

Aww i know people talk a lot about the guys friendship but kaya is like a sister to all of them especially thomas and this is extremely cute

Tessa’s husband had been dead for long enough that his name brought back happy, faded memories instead of the raw agony she had felt for years after his passing. Other warlocks had loved and lost, but few were as hopelessly faithful as Tessa. Decades later she had not allowed anyone else to even come close to winning her heart.
—  The Bane Chronicles (The Last Stand Of The New York Institute)

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Did he just called her “Doondoon”??! Awww my heart  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

He had been taught many times that hope was foolish, but he could not help it, as heedless as a child straying close to a fire and stubbornly refusing to learn from experience. Maybe this time was different- maybe this love was different. It felt so different; surely that had to mean something. Maybe the year to come would be a good year for both of them. Maybe this time things would work out the way Magnus wanted them to.
Maybe Alexander Lightwood would not break his heart.
—  The Bane Chronicles ( The Course of True Love (And First Dates))

Cute Ohmiya moment: Nino adorably failing at Bank Bowling and Satoshi giving him all the support ♥ - VS Arashi 2009.08.22