my heart attack

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okay so you're one of my favorite accounts, your content is so good and it always makes me laugh and idk i like seeing you on my dash it makes my day!! i also hope you're having a good day so far 💕

wow thank you sooo much!!! you just made my day even better! glad my incredibly dank memes made you laugh 💖 

hope you have a good day too!  (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧ 

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To be honest, I thought you and Gil Dong looked sweet together. It would have been nice if you two were to get married and live happily together.

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Are you ok

(( I’ll be okay. Just a lot of stress on me mainly due to school and also personal issues. One of my classes is absolute pointless hell because our teacher does not know how to teach and everyone in my Major is frustrated over it to the point 3 of us were in tears from tress by lunch time (one being me–I was the first one to break and thus ended up in the bathroom. Not that it helped much considering I broke down like 2-3 other times while in class afterwards). School aside my dad had a heart attack about 2 weeks ago and was very close to dying and yesterday made a joke about it–which normally I try to rub off cause I know its a way to cope but that night I had had a nightmare about both him and my brother dying so his comment just spiked up my paranoia and anxiety over the whole thing and whoops yeah. School is killing me and so are emotions + some shits been happening with friends and Im worried over them too and yeah yeah just got a lot on my plate and my hands been hurting so even writing or drawing is uncomfortable or hurts to do so I cant get much done. Next week is spring break though so hopefully that’ll help with all the shit thats been happening. Sorry for rambling. ))


all the best wishes to the most beautiful soul that is jung hoseok; hope u eat all the food u can imagine n surround urself with the bestest of ppl 

thanks for being the inspiration that u are