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I told this boy I've been talking to that I wouldn't be able to make our date because my dad had just had a heart attack and was in hospital, and he replied with "Does this mean I'm not getting my dick sucked today or?"

vile block him and never speak to him what a disgusting human being, i hope you’re ok stay strong bud sending all my love to you and your family

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I, a gay, loved the cult ending idea! i thought that would've been so freaking cool. itd be amazing to have a horror game thats gay. Tho this game is so great with it being heart warming and just amazingly lovely. m very glad and lucky to play DDADDS.

Ok my nasty side loves it too, tho I have weird feelings about it ?? And I don’t know why?? Usually I’m all over shit like that but no one was supposed to find it and I guess that puts it off for me

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is it okay if i suggest layclaire? (speaking of lgbt headcanons im personally a huge fan of trans man hershel and gender fluid claire)

It’s totally ok! These two hurt my heart ;w; <3 they’re so sweet and shy
those are cute headcanons! hadn’t thought about that one for Claire before 

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Hi yes DID YOU THINK THAT JUMIN FIC WAS OK???? CAUSE IT WASNT?? MY HEART HURTS A LOT MY PAL (But it was so well written omfg please tell me there will be more i dont even care if it doesn't end happily)

• i therefore conclude that all of my followers are masochists………….. and i can imagine y’all being judged by jumin lolol

i mean he’d be looking at y’all like:

“I have no idea why I need to be in pain for all of you.”

• thank you so much! let me think about adding a part 2. since i’ve suddenly been bombarded with asks that tells me to make a sequel or a part 2 or anything. i’m afraid it’ll be like metallic lolol.


There’s no such thing as better or worse, in my opinion…I just have a firmer grasp on my hand control than a beginner artist, and even then, I was once in their place…I’m not even a beginning amateur at animation and I don’t think it’s something I’d pursue as a serious hobby, just something fun to occasionally work on, and I don’t think you should put yourself down as a form of compliment (but I do love your kind words otherwise, they fill me to the brim with joy)

I think every artist can have different style/ability paths - some people are amazing cartoonists but lack talent in the realistic section, some people are amazing with shading and shapes but lack understanding of anatomy, and so on. Personally I’m great with drawing people but I hate drawing backgrounds - I’d rather just paint them!

You find what works best for you, and just cause you start off bad, doesn’t mean you’ll never be good…I believe in you and I think you should keep on trying, especially if you ever get that tablet!


Doyoung “mom” protecting the kids 24/7  👨‍👦👦   

Support your daughter by overtly telling her that you support her, not that you would still love her “even if she is gay.” When you tell someone, “I still love you even if you are gay,” what you are really saying is this: “Obviously being gay is worse than being straight. It would be an obstacle in the way of my love for you, but I am willing to overlook it.” Say, rather, “I love you, and I’m so sorry that I’ve let you infer by my silence, that I would love you less if you were a lesbian.” […] If you want anything resembling a loving, honest relationship with your daughter, don’t perpetuate the silence and avoid speaking directly about sexual orientation. Be clear, be direct, and be affirming. Your daughter deserves it.

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….

lucky star !!! (10 year anniversary too!)

i just finished watching this series for the 5th time,, 

dare :: zach dempsey

word count: 1635

warnings: lil bit of bryce the predator but mostly fluff and :)

a/n: this is my first time writing an imagine for Zach / 13 reasons why so !!!! I love ross butler !!!!!!!!!!!

“Y/N, come and join us!” You glanced over your shoulder, spotting the gang crowed into a circle in the sitting room but more specifically, you spotted Bryce who was waving you over.

You rolled your eyes, smiling slightly as you told Clay you’d be back after a round of whatever they were playing. He nodded, turning to Hannah to continue their conversation and you left to join the rest of your friends.

You ignored Bryce who was insisting you sit beside him but you had very little trust in that boy, so instead you sat in the empty space beside Zach.

But Bryce was a persistent little guy, unused to the dismissal of his efforts from a girl and so he shooed the guy on your other side and seated himself next to you.

You rolled your eyes, relaxing your head back against the sofa to which Zach released a bout of laughter. You smiled, resting your head against Zach’s shoulder as you watched your friends decide on a game.

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Happy 15th Anniversary, Kingdom Hearts!!

My beloved Natasha Bedingfield - These Words ♥ The video is so adorable, the colours are amazing, this had to happen :>> i’ve never drawn anything like this before idk what i’m doing halp

Otayuri Week - Day 1 - Confessions

im so sad i probs wont have time to finish my other days this week i have something i need to prioritize i criii… i’ll post them one day i swear to glob

♪no repost/edit etc pls♪