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so @kazliin writes this amazing fic called ‘Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts’ and if you haven’t read it yet i recommend you do because it’s beautiful and the angst gives me life ((seriously, just so much great angst)) i honestly love that fic to death 


Fanart for the Viktuuri fic Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches

From Chapter 12

By: @kazliin

I love it so much and can’t wait for the rest of the companion fic in Viktor’s pov ;-;

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After meeting you I just don’t think there will be any other. A part of me will never be whole again. I picked up your habits, good and bad. Phrases you said became a part of me and I find myself using them in sentences. I memorized the lyrics of all your favorite songs and I catch myself singing them randomly. I smell of your scent every once in a while and I cannot help but wonder where you are, and if you are thinking of me as well. I close my eyes and all I see is you. You are in every part of me, consuming me.

“Apart” 2/19/2017

Some fan art for @kazliin‘s amazing YOI story Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches. More specifically, it was inspired by this paragraph in chapter 12:

“Yuuri knew that it was how it had always been between them, brief moments of time together and then long periods apart, they lives, their worlds, separated by more than just distance. And he had accepted that, he had been content with that before. But now everything was different.”

I’m not going to write about all the times you screwed me over.
I’m not going to make you out to be this bad person.
Because at some point you were what was right for me.
You rescued me when I was lost.
You helped me win the battles with my demons.
You made me feel beautiful.
And when you looked at me, I knew I mattered.
Those are the memories I will remember you by
At some point in time, you did love me.

So no, I won’t hate you
For outgrowing me
For lying
For leaving
But I’m not going to pretend I’m ok with it either…

“i have a tendency to fall in love with people i already know will end up breaking my heart,

yet i still hope one of them will prove me wrong.”

- A.R. {love is my drug}


“Is there anything else you like about me Yuuri?” he joked as he set Yuuri gently down on the bed, unwinding the other man’s arms from around his neck and trying to make sure that Yuuri wasn’t going to roll straight off the moment he let go. As soon as his arms were free Yuuri reached up again, not wrapping them around Viktor’s neck this time but cupping his cheeks, running his thumbs over the skin there and staring up at Viktor, gaze intense.

“Your eyes.” he said, the words slurred but clearly audible all the same. “You have…pretty eyes.” Viktor nearly tripped over the bed in surprise but Yuuri didn’t seem to notice. “I’ve always liked your eyes…”

I read chapter two of the brilliant @kazliin’s Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts and as always it destroyed me, especially finding out what really happened at the Olympics. Couldn’t help but try and draw a quick something for it. ;;;; Bless you for this brilliant fic. ♥

[171207] Hoshi in the Vapp chat
  • He was in the vapp chat room for almost an hour today
  • He was talking to us informally and with a lot of aegyo as if we are very close friends 
  • He told us that he will come to chat with us more often from now on
  • He kept telling us that it’s late and that Carats should go to sleep but he kept talking in the chat anyways
  • At one point he apologized because it was only him instead of other members but Carats quickly told him they don’t mind
  • Since it’s cold outside he asked Carats what he should wear
  • Apparently he was at the dorm and Mingyu and DK were cleaning up
  • Jeonghan came to sit next to him at one point
  • (I’m not sure if I translated this correctly) Dino was wearing mismatched socks. HS said it’s apparently a trend but him and JH don’t understand it
  • He kept calling Carats adorable
  • HS wanted to send voice messages and photos and was disappointed that he couldn’t do so
  • He kept telling us how much fun it is to chat with Carats and that he wants to become closer to us
  • He said he would leave the chat room about 4-6 times and made a big fuss about saying goodbye but kept coming back a few minutes later
  • He was pretending to leave but would watch Carats talking among themselves because he thought we were cute (he called it Carat time)
  • He kept saying things like “OK I’m really going!” “Honestly this time!!” “The end!!” “I’m rea~~~~lly leaving now!” (he was using words like “yab” “byong” “yub yub” to say goodbye)
  • When he really left he was wondering why the chatroom was still open and why Carats still spoke to each other (the chatroom never really closes), he thought the chatroom was only open when one of the members logged on
  • When saying goodbye for the last time he said he will meet Carats in their dreams
  • EDIT: He also called Carats “My love”

/ translation by me (hoshidotcom) / DO NOT remove credit or repost without credit