Stiles doesn’t care about the corpse with a shattered skull on the ground and runs to Lydia to save her life, even though he knows she could kill him.

Stiles doesn’t care about his bleeding ears and hugs Lydia even more to calm her down and comfort her.

Stiles doesn’t care about the fact that the glass shattering could hurt is back and quickly protects Lydia with his body.

When it comes to Lydia, Stiles doesn’t give a shit about anything else in this world.

MALEC -The frustration of loving this ship.

When you can’t wait for Malec to get more serious in future episodes but then you remind yourself there is still this character called ‘Lydia’ who is going to try ruining it. NOPE. HELL NOPE.

Don’t know if I should be happy about the upcoming episodes or rather frustrated, but at the moment it just frustrates me.

Apart of Me

When you aren’t here, I miss you. It’s funny this thing you do. I have a clue, that maybe what we are us true. Maybe that’s why I think of you. Do you dream of me? What do you see? I feel my feelings call for you, this is new for me. I think you have become a apart of me. How clear could it be.