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At least they didn’t do Boy Meets World over again in this one…OR DID THEY?

Elaborate headcanon time!

So we heard Cory reference the falcon. What Topanga said was “I want you to be free to soar majestically as long as I know that you’ll always come back to me.” This was right as they were going into the Lauren arc.

So, Lucas thinks he’s Cory and Riley’s Topanga (based on the jelly bean scene, called back here, which was yet another recycled BMW scene from the Lauren arc.) However, I think Lucas is Lauren. Riley is Cory. Maya’s Topanga. I’ve been saying that for ages though. Now the show has actually said it. “You’re my extraoridinary relationship.” Not just a scene where they repeat Corpanga’s words, but a scene where Riley actually tells Maya “we’re like Cory and Topanga.”

And by Riley’s own admission, Lucas is just some boyfriend who might not be that forever. It makes me think of Cory’s version of the jelly bean scene. Shawn says, “It’s a tie. You like Lauren as much as you like Topanga and you can’t live without either of them. … Maybe this was a bad idea.” Cory replies, “No. No, this was a good idea. Shawn, yeah…I like Lauren. I like spending time with her…but I can live without her. I-I can’t live without Topanga. (puts the whole bag on one side of the scale) It’s no contest.” And then he doesn’t turn around and get all wishy-washy about it. He knows who his extraordinary relationship is. And Riley knows who hers is. Lucas is the Lauren of this show. The stumbling block on the way to the true endgame.

Or I’m deluding myself.

Fandom can squabble over whether Rilaya is romantic or platonic, but it’s literally canonized that Maya and Riley are the extraordinary relationship. And it’s because they’re the extraordinary relationship that I want them to be romantic. In my eyes, not having it be a romantic relationship would be a waste of the greatest potential this show has.

Riley and Maya have made eye contact in literally every single episode of GMW. Lucas isn’t even in every episode of GMW.

I said recently on my other blog, about another show with queerbait a femslash couple that’s frustratingly not actually canon yet (and even gayer than Rilaya) that heteronormativity has a flipside. It leads to a certain blindness toward things that are not straight, but it also leads to lazy writing of het ships. Because romance is so readily assumed between boys and girls, writers take shortcuts. Who needs to spend time building substance these days? And because audience’s just accept heterosexuality, you can just have another character say that these two have chemistry, without actually demonstrating that chemistry on-screen. Like, if the writers put the kind of development into Riley and Lucas’ relationship that they put into Riley and Maya’s relationship, I’d be significantly less bothered by the pairing. (I doubt if I would really ship it as such, but it wouldn’t bother me the way it does now.) If the writers would spend as much time and energy on their M/F romances as they do on their F/F gal pals, maybe I’d actually give a damn. I mean, if you’re gonna ignore the potential in Rilaya, at least do something interesting. Put some time into really developing the relationship between the characters beyond superficial details. Make me care about the story. Whatever it is that appeals to that portion of the audience is completely missing me. I’m not connecting with this random boy from the subway.

And it’s not just that it’s a straight ship. Representation is important and seeing a story told with LGBT+ characters is always refreshing. But I’ve shipped straight ships before. I loved Corpanga. For all of their gooey sap, they still had substance. It’s not because R*cas is straight that I dislike it.

If any other relationship had gotten the kind of development that Rilaya has had, I might not have bothered to make this blog. It’s becuase they have what is so sorely lacking in the rest of the show that they seem so obvious to me. If there had been any other element balancing out the scales, I would’ve just dismissed my thoughts as reading too much into it. But Rilaya is and always has been head and shoulders above everything else that this show has to offer. It’s no contest. They are this show’s extraordinary relationship.

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Random HC Thing: what fills up the glove boxes of each of the FAHC's personal cars?

Some of this may make its way into center consoles if they exist in the cars, but for the seven-man crew:

Geoff’s is mostly full of everyone else’s shit. Jack threw in a contact book with all the numbers of the crew members and their contacts (even though Geoff insisted he didn’t need it because his cell had all the information. Until his cell phone was lost in the ocean and he didn’t know anyone’s number). Ray keeps little snack packs there, and Jeremy makes sure that Geoff has at least a spare bowtie or something, just in case. 

Michael leaves the occasional grenade and sticky bomb, and Gavin throws just about anything in there if there’s room - his sunglasses, phone charger, candy, bullets, basically whatever is in his pockets that he doesn’t want. Ryan once left a cactus in the glove box as a present, which Geoff didn’t know about when he reached in for the flask he stowed at the bottom. It had been an unpleasant surprise, to say the least. A fake dismembered hand has also been found in there for some reason, but anyone who dared ask Geoff what that was about didn’t get much more than a chuckle.

Jack keeps things that people might need. A collection of charging cables for different phones and iPods and handheld game consoles. There’s also a couple headphones (different kinds of earbuds, because of varying preference within the crew), all of which are rolled up neatly so they don’t tangle. There’s a small first aid kit, a flashlight, and a flare (that is “only to be used for emergencies, not for setting people on fire”). There’s also a small but powerful pistol tucked away among everything else.

Jeremy doesn’t have a whole lot of useful items in his glove box. There’s a box of ammo and a gun, but then there’s a lot of receipts and trash that he threw in there to get off the floor. A few of Ray’s snacks found their way in there and a bottle of pain reliever. Though there’s always a toy monster truck (sometimes the exact truck changes) that’s sitting near the top of the mess. It occasionally finds its way onto a velcro patch on the dashboard.

Ray has a collection of CD’s and his iPod in his glove box, so he can subject everyone who rides with him to his music. There’s snack packs of crackers and cookies and candy. Of course, he also has a stockpile of games and a DS hidden away, though he has assured the crew (Jack and Geoff) that he doesn’t play them when he’s driving. Usually. Though they generally are good for when they have to sit around before a heist.

Michael’s glove box is an explosion waiting to happen. Grenades, sticky bombs, car bombs, ignition buttons, small pieces of det cord, fuses, duct tape. It’s just his extra storage space in case he needs an explosion quickly. There’s also a small felt bear knight that Gavin once put in the glove box, and Michael has griped and complained and threatened to throw it out cause it’s just taking up space, but it’s never moved.

Gavin’s is a disaster. Literally anything he thinks might be useful, anything that was once useful, or whatever he doesn’t want in his pockets goes in there. He has extra sunglasses (because he breaks his often enough, a back-up is needed every few weeks), loose bullets, food crumbs, tangled cords and wires and electrical components, flashdrives, a golden flare gun without ammo. The most useful thing he keeps there is a burner phone for emergencies only.

Ryan has an odd assortment of items. He has a knife and a gun and a box of ammo. There’s small containers of extra face paint and the brushes for it. Duct tape, a lighter, and some small explosives. Though alongside all of that is a bag of dog treats for the strays he sometimes stops for (not that anyone knows about that, right Gavin?). He has a little cactus that will sometimes be pulled up to his dashboard, and is only kept inside the glove box because someone once snatched a previous plant from his car.

The one thing none of them keeps in their glove box are insurance and registration. Not because they don’t have them - if the cars weren’t obtained and insured legally, Jeremy and Gavin were able to put together convincing enough papers that no one would really suspect them to be forgeries. But really, it makes identity theft way too easy if someone was stupid enough to steal one of the crew’s cars. The identity theft wouldn’t last long when it was discovered, but better to avoid the situation entirely.

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What pets (if any) do you think Sharon and Nat would own?

i completely forgt this omg also im sorry im never on here these days :/

i think they would totally own a whole bunch of pets tbh!

it all starts with a small kitty sharon brings home one day and shes like “look how smol she is she reminded me of u” and nat just glares at her bc “im not that smOL” and sharon is like “yes u are”. nat just melts tho bc the kitty is so adorable. she then responds “ur the one one can make cat pun with her name tho” and sharon is like “what do u mean, nata-chat” and nat just sticks her tongue at sharon. 

then one day nat adopts a tiny puppy and theatrically enters their home like “look it’s u”. and the puppy is cute and so fluffy “like u, sharon”.

they then adopt two other puppy, one named steve, the other pancake, and a tiny cat they name bucky. “why dont u get a bird and call it sam it’s unfair” steve and bucky complain “we have cats guys” “so what my bird will fight them”, sam jumps in the convo. so they get a birb. 

they also have a goat, a tiny baby goat, billy,  that nat saw in a farm on her way home from a mission and decided to adopt it. bc goats. they take photos with billy wearing sweaters and sunglasses. “it’s for the meme, sam”, they explain when he asks why the hell a goat. 

okay, I just need to talk about Barry’s ability to lie, just for a moment here. 

true, the boy has no poker face. but then again, with a face as honest as that, he probably doesn’t need one. 

case in point: his introduction in Arrow. he told a fairly plausible tale and said with it enough conviction that even Detective Lance accepted it without question. true, his deception was discovered fairly quickly by Oliver and Co. but mostly because Oliver was paranoid enough to look into it.  

just think about Barry getting out of trouble over the years thanks to his honest face and big green puppy dog eyes. people believe Barry, mostly because they think he’s too transparent to lie effectively. and that sort of makes it easy for him to pull the wool over their eyes because no one sees it coming from him.  

unless you’re like Joe and Iris and have known him for forever and can tell when he’s lying or not being entirely truthful. the point is, Barry can sell pretty outrageous tales to people who don’t know him well enough to see the signs. 

(also, as an aside: con man!au–Barry Allen with his honest face and wide eyes and sweet smile, the most effective con man Central City has ever seen and Iris West, the detective determined to track him down. this nonsense writes itself is what I’m saying.)

Overwatch heroes and the music they listen to
  • Bastion:plays disgustingly sweet pop music while mowing down opponents in turret form. everyone knows to scatter when the music suddenly gets louder and closer.
  • D.Va:dubstep. she likes to blow her MEKA when the beat drops.
  • Genji:ambient electronica. he used to go hard in his wild years, but as he's mellowed out so have his music tastes.
  • Hanzo:everyone blames McCree for the country music that sometimes plays late in the evenings. Hanzo doesn't correct them. it is his secret shame.
  • Junkrat:wasn't sure what he liked until Winston played him Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture. then he decided it was "anything with cannons."
  • Lúcio:a little bit of everything. his eclectic taste keeps his own music fresh and new.
  • McCree:fucking loves classic rock, and will take every opportunity to inform you of that.
  • Mei:anything and everything Disney. each song has hundreds of plays, and she knows the lyrics to every single one.
  • Mercy:folk, both new and old. but she keeps the more grim songs about famine and pestilence out of her hospital.
  • Pharah:rap and r&b. she's been known to light up the skies with fiery beats when she's flying a mission.
  • Reaper:hardcore punk. before being recruited into Overwatch and then Reaper-ified, he was very active in the scene.
  • Reinhardt:overly invested in musical theater. he likes to sing show tunes at full volume.
  • Roadhog:doesn't really react to any music. but he really likes mosh pits.
  • Soldier 76:still thinks the Beatles discography is the pinnacle of modern music.
  • Symmetra:dislikes most music - it's too chaotic and dissonant. but sometimes she plays the old music she used to dance to. that's when she really turns hard light into art.
  • Torbjörn:likes to work the forge while listening to symphonic metal. it makes everything feel very Epic.
  • Tracer:anything you can dance to! swing, in particular. she likes to follow because of all the spinning.
  • Widowmaker:an insufferable indie fan. once a song plays on the radio she's done with the band.
  • Winston:classical. not because he's pretentious, but because Dr. Winston always played it in the lab.
  • Zarya:pounding electro house that she blasts in the gym at ungodly hours in the morning.
  • Zenyatta:twelve hours of whale noises.




  • ok look we ALL KNOW alec misses magnus just as much whenever he’s stuck at the institute or on a mission or whatever obligation because the universe Hates Him
  • he also knows that magnus will curl up in his sweaters sometimes
  • and that’s ridiculously adorable not to mention sweet as hell
  • but also alec is lowkey jealous???
  • because he wants to carry a piece of magnus with him like that
  • except even magnus’s baggiest clothes wouldn’t fit him
  • and every piece of leather magnus owns is…
  • (*alec’s brain shorts out here for a minute* *boners may or may not be involved*)
  • so alec can’t wear magnus’s clothes in the same way
  • but then he remembers that magnus has enough jewelry to open his own damn store
  • plus jewelry is a lot more subtle than a shirt so alec could actually wear some to the institute
  • and alec is like, ???? why not???
  • so he starts wearing some of magnus’s more lowkey pieces whenever he knows he’s gonna be gone a while
  • a simple black ring
  • a wrist cuff hidden by the sleeve of his jacket
  • a long necklace tucked under his shirt.
  • and it helps a LOT but alec also feels really guilty
  • because he hasn’t told magnus
  • which means he’s basically stealing his bf’s shit???
  • every day??????
  • but the longer it goes on the harder it becomes to tell magnus
  • until he notices that the rings that used to be tight on his fingers widen a little whenever he picks them up.
  • and maybe the outline of the necklaces never seem to show through his shirt no matter what baubles may be attached to it
  • and alec realizes that magnus already knows
  • so one night he doesn’t bother taking off the jewelry as soon as he gets home
  • and he walks over to magnus who’s sitting on the couch wrapped up in one of alec’s sweaters
  • “you look good”
  • magnus smiles and runs a finger over the silver bracelet alec’s wearing
  • “so do you, my love”

seijoh locker room headcanons

  • Kunimi takes the longest to get changed while Iwaizumi is the fastest
  • Everyone had caught Oikawa and Iwaizumi in a compromising situation at least once
  • Watari keeps his locker super neat and tidy and will kill anyone who messes it up
  • Matsukawa and Hanamaki whistle and wiggle their eyebrows when people take their shirts off just to bother them
  • They also share a locker
  • Kyoutani is embarassed to change in front of the team
  • Oikawa has a mirror in his locker so he can do his hair, Kindaichi tries to use it as well but Oikawa doesn’t let him
  • The entire room smells like Kindaichi’s hair gel
  • Yahaba slammed Kyoutani into one of the lockers and now there’s a permantent dent
  • The first arm wrestling battle took place in the locker room after Hanamaki and Iwaizumi had an argument over who was stronger
  • Everyone lowkey stares at Iwaizumi’s muscles

I want Sherlock to be fed up with John’s “I’m not actually gay” comments.

I want him to copy Irene, I want his voice to be filled with his petulance as he says: “Well, I am. Who cares?”

I want to see John’s face after the words register.

And when they’re alone, I want to hear John utter the words: “I’m not actually straight either…”

I want to see Sherlock’s little ‘oh’ face before scowling. “There is always something.”

marauders + kissing styles
  • remus seems like he would be the most awkward kisser, but is secretly the best and most experienced out of the four. he’s the one with the most refined technique. he is an anxious lil werewolf, and one of his nervous tics is constantly putting on chapstick (like, muggle chapstick he buys by the handful during the summer, and then brings with him to hogwarts, and everyone is like, “tf?”), and so his lips are rly soft and kind of smell like vaseline, but in a good way. he can’t bite bc of the werewolf thing, so his signature move is lower lip sucking, and he likes to wrap his fingers in his partner’s hair, and pull their head closer to him while he does it. he loves kissing (esp when he starts dating sirius), and could do it all day every day if he could
  • peter kisses like a bashful fourteen year old on his first date, but like, always. no matter how many times he does it, he always gets really nervous, and isn’t sure how much tongue to use, or if he should use tongue, or what he should do with his hands, and just, why is kissing so hard?? (in seventh year he starts casually dating a fifth year hufflepuff chick, and it’s the first time he regularly gets to mack on anyone, and she teaches him a little bit better technique, but it kinda goes out the window once they break up and the next time he tries kissing it’s like he forgot how lips work. poor peter)
  • sirius kisses really passionately, which doesn’t necessarily mean he’s all about the tongue and the groping (tho he’s not opposed), but he just gets rly invested in the act of kissing. he puts all of his concentration into it. even little “bye have a good day” pecks on the lips with remus are completely dedicated, as though time stops for that split second, and every bit of his body is hyper focused on it. it’s not like he has bad technique or anything, but the main reason he’s such a good kisser is bc he does every kiss like the world is gonna end
  • james, who is always full of energy and easily distracted, kisses all over the place. don’t misunderstand, he loves kissing lily on the lips, but how can he just kiss her on the lips when she’s got three freckles on her cheeks that go in a straight line, and he can kiss every single one of them in a row? or what about that mole on the left side of her chest? he has to make sure that gets kissed. and lily uses such good lotion, her skin is so soft, like, do you understand what it’s like to kiss up and down her arms?? (he’s also the master of forehead kisses. he gives out forehead kisses to everyone. he once kissed dumbledore on the forehead, ok?) james never lingers too long on one spot, bc he feels it is an injustice to limit to just the lips
  • just. marauders kissing, you guys. i live

@queerly-sirius, here is ur trash

Pokémon Go Team Leader Headcanons

Spark is the KING of hand porn. He has the most amazing hands.

Candela’s hair is soft as hell. Everyone thinks that Blanche has the softest hair, but Candela’s is literally like stroking a cloud.

Spark once bought a coat with a fur-lined hood purely so he could carry eggs in it, and let it sit in a warm, soft place.

Blanche regularly pulls all nighters to watch Pokémon interacting with each other at night; they won’t listen when Spark and Candela tell them just to buy some infra-red cameras and set them up in strategic locations.

Candela will never wake up in the same place she fall asleep. She moves so much in her sleep, and sometimes even sleepwalks.

Spark once tried to hold his breath for 4 minutes so he could hold and watch a Horsea egg underwater while it hatched; needless to say he passed out, and was lucky Blanche was there observing a Poliwag that was close to evolving.

Candela has been slapped in the face by a Gyarados’ tail; to this day, she’s positive Blanche put the Gyarados up to it.

Candela has been hit full on in the face by a Blastoise’s water cannon. Her nose didn’t stop bleeding for 15 minutes, and she had a black eye for 2 weeks. She was trying to coax the Blastoise to hit a sensor to test the strength of the water cannon.

Spark holds the record for the most Pokémon caught without a Pokéball.

Blanche’s hair is seemingly immune to balloon static, or any kind of static, much to Spark’s dismay. Candela’s, on the other hand, will stand on end within 5 metres of any mild static.

Candela enjoys meditation, as it helps her unwind and keeps her from losing her head during battles.

Blanche has phenomenal balance. Both Candela and Spark swear on their lives that they’ve seen them standing on an exercise ball as though it was a flat surface.

Spark has most definitely slept surrounded by eggs to make them feel safe and protected.

Candela has a pocket of her special ‘science satchel’ filled with lollipops to give to trainers she sees.

Spark regularly runs out of Pokéballs, so more often than not, upon discovering he’s run out, he’ll sit down beside the Pokémon, chatting to it, in the hopes of simply gaining its trust. (He’s been bitten and scratched a lot because of this)

Blanche has gotten stuck in a tree more than once while trying to track flocks of Spearow during their migration.

Candela has run into more trees than you’ve had hot dinners.

Blanche has a Flareon plush in their room, a treasured gift from Candela.

Spark was the first of the trio to catch an Eevee, but it was Blanche who discovered that giving them different stones made them evolve.

While Blanche holds the record for the most books pertaining to their subject (evolution), Spark has the most non-fiction books on all subjects. Two walls of his room as taken up by sagging shelves filled to bursting with hundreds of books on almost every subject known to man

summer iwaoi headcanons:

  • oikawa hates hot weather, he constantly feels tired and drinks hectolitres of water
  • iwaizumi is one of those people who can bite into popsicle and it freaks oikawa out 
  • oikawa always gets horrible tanlines
  • he also can’t stand it when at the beach it’s iwaizumi who’s the center of attention. the only reason he still goes with him is that he can see him without a shirt for a few hours
  • the only good thing about summer for oikawa is that he can wear really short shorts and finally show off his legs
  • iwa-chan’s grandmother lives in a small village near the sea and they visit her every year
  • they think it’s the most beautiful place on earth, the night sky there is breathtaking
  • they like to just sit in silence and watch the sunset
  • despite everything oikawa thinks it’s the best time of the year

Take a moment to imagine when Finn notices that most everybody in the resistance gets holo-vids and messages from home and family or friends or loved ones and this usually gets routed through a whole labyrinth of satellites (to avoid detection from the First Order) to the base at the same time, maybe once or twice a month and realising there’s no message for him, there’s never going to be and he feels so isolated and alone so he starts hiding in his bunk around that time and eventually Poe realises that Finn’s nowhere to be found on these days he’s quick to pick up on why Finn hides so Poe tells his Dad all about Finn and the next time the messages are delivered BB-8 hand delivers a personal message from Kes Dameron for Finn and its Kes checking in and offering him advice and talking about day to day life on Yavin 4 and the next month there’s another message from Kes that’s 90% complaining about the pod racing and his favourite racer and this shitty call the Ref made over a technicality and the next month there’s another message and another and Finn answers each message proper and polite and with barely contained glee like he just can’t believe Kes Dameron, a hero in his own right, keeps contacting him and meanwhile he tucks all the messages into safe place alongside his repaired jacket that Poe fixed at his bedside during his recovery and Poe originally shares his care packages with Finn until he realises that most of the village he grew up in is now sending Finn care packages and messages because Kes, like his son, won’t shut up about Finn and the little old dears down at the old cantina keeps sending Poe messages like ‘when you gonna make an honest man outta tha’ boy?’ and 'you ain’t getting any younger dameron’ and 'how long before best pilot in the resistance fails to match up to jedi knight’ and Poe is only a little concerned that one day Finn may actually take over the galaxy with how quickly everybody’s taken to him. 

padfoot shenanigans that probably happened:

  • taking people’s toast and/or bacon
  • peeing in inappropriate places b/c he can
  • chasing birds & squirrels & cats
  • laying in his friends’ beds when he knows he has fleas
  • going to #12 and leaving a present on the front doorstep
  • chasing harry on his toy broomstick around the house
  • tormenting the potters’ cat (to james’s chagrin and lily’s delight)
  • chewing up shoes when he’s pissed @ someone
  • knocking the rubbish bin (just to be an obnoxious ass)
  • doing things he’d normally be too COOL for like sitting close to people on a couch and going down slides and stuff
  • leaving sticks inside the house just to piss his mates off
  • pissing on his loud flatmate’s doormat
  • getting caught in a fence u know he did
  • getting himself stuck in eight inches of mud cause he wanted to go swimming & jumped into a pond
  • playing sock tug of war w/ humans
  • getting his head stuck in things
  • jumping onto people and knocking them over
  • coming up to cute ppl so they’ll pet him

Okay we have adam in ronan’s favourite hoodie, but how about ronan visiting adam at college and stealing his Harvard college sweatshirt and taking it back with him to Virginia. And when people ask him if he goes there when he wears it he’s like “no, my boyfriend does” not being able to hide the pride from his tone of voice or from the smile on his face

im trash and im here to elaborate on my voltron coffee shop au character by character


  • she inherited the café from her father after he passed away
  • basically the most sane person on board, keeps the staff from destroying the place
  • she has the best eye for decorating and aesthetics™, so shes always in charge of decorating. the entire café is just super cozy and comfortable and nice to be in
  • even though shes technically the owner of the place, the work is mostly equally divided between coran shiro and her
  • shes great at her job, but she will destroy you if ur rude or disrespectful to anyone who works with her
  • she loves to help students that come to the shop to study whenever she can
  • the coffee shop is small and on a corner, and isnt the most famous place, but the people that know about it are faithful clients and love the place


  • he used to work there when Alfor ran the place
  • when it passed on to allura he decided to stay and help her get through everything
  • hes basically their publicity guy, he makes all the flyers, hands them out to people
  • hes actually really good at getting new clients to come in and try their coffee
  • all of the frequent customers love him, and he often start all these secret betting pools about customers lives (whether x person will ever talk to y person, etc). Unbeknownst to shiro and allura, he bets about the status of their relationship with clients 


  • Shiro has been working there the longest asides from allura and coran
  • he makes the best coffee, not an understatement
  • basically a large part of the customers visit either because of the fantastic coffee or because of his fantastic looks
  • hes a total sweetheart and loves talking to all his customers, and knows all the frequent customers names and orders to perfection
  • hes always trying different combinations and brewing different concoctions to add to the shop
  • he came up with the cafes current name, Voltron Coffee. the old name was altea, but allura wanted to change it because it brought back sad memories
  • no one knows where he got the name from, but some say its pretty cool


  • Keith is a good friend of shiros, and has been working there since he dropped out of college
  • he used to do small gigs there singing and playing guitar even before working there
  • now he still does them, though not as often
  • shiro helped him through a rough spot in his like, and he may have a little unrequited crush on him
  • he has aspergers, and often struggles to talk to people and understand them, but taking the job at the café has really helped him a lot
  • when lance comes along keith is really annoyed by him at first, because, how dare this noisy guy come and disrupt his nice safe space?? 
  • but he eventually warms up to him
  • his coffee may not be the best, but hes really fast at making it and can amazingly memorize the most complicated orders


  • pidge finds the café through their brother, and starts going there
  • eventually it becomes their second home, the coffee is good, its comfortable, ,everything is perfect
  • allura actually keeps some of their textbooks and equipment stored in the back so that pidge doesnt have to drag it back and forth every day
  • 100% done with everyones shit
  • coffee is their life fuel
  • gets in on all of corans bets, and is almost always the winner
  • knows lance and hunk through college, and eventually introduces them to the marvelous little coffee shop


  • ok so, lance first goes to the café because of pidge, like, he doesnt even enjoy coffee. he usually hates the stuff
  • but the coffee shiro makes is actually pretty good, and hey, the other dude that works there is cute
  • so he basically starts coming back again and again to see keith
  • he flirts in spanish a lot, and its really obvious
  • but keith never really gets it
  • and lance gets really stressed over it, like, “how can i let this boy know i totally like him without letting go of my cool facade??”
  • also, spanglish. a lot of spanglish
  • i like to think lance can totally bake, he can cook, but his specialty is baking
  • so one day he brings some cupcakes down to the café as a gift (for keith but better make extra so that its not super gay)
  • and theyre, amazing?? like, no one knew he could bake like that
  • so he ocassionally helps out and bakes stuff for the café to sell after that
  • i like to think that when lances family visits he totally takes everyone to the café, and the tiny place is just completely stuffed with siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles, abuelas…


  • hunk is lances roommate and his best friend
  • he doesnt visit the café as much as the others at first, going when lance drags him along to see keith
  • but eventually he grows to love the place and spends a lot of time there too
  • basically its like a second home to everyone in the gang
  • hunk would probably start working there eventually, to help around with the heavy loading when allura isnt there
  • he helps shiro with taste testing new coffee blends
  • eventually he learns to make some pretty good coffee too

thats all i have for now. im gonna try to turn this into a fic but i dont have all that much time now so well see how that goes

id love to hear more ideas and suggestions for this au if you wanna talk!!