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Jughead x Reader

A/N: thank you to everyone who’s made a request! i’m working on them & having so much fun. i love you guys ❤️ also- i hope i captured the feelings of a panic attack correctly. i’ve been fortunate enough to never actually experience one, so i based it off what i’ve read. but if you guys ever need someone to talk about this stuff- or anything- with, i’m here.

Requested by: @minigranger

Word Count: 1621


It happened for the first time when my parents broke the news to me about Jason. Cheryl, my older sister and Jason’s twin, was soaked when my eyes landed on her; her mascara had left stains on her cheeks, and her eyes were glossed over, like she couldn’t hear a word anyone was saying. Like she couldn’t even think; couldn’t breathe.

That’s how I felt. No matter how much oxygen I pumped into my lungs, it wasn’t enough. Then the room would spin, and the tears would spring to my eyes. I think my parents were scared, the first time it happened. I was too. But, as sad as it is, I’m almost used to it now. Not that you can ever really get used to panic attacks, but they happen so frequently these days, that I know exactly what to do. Or at least, that’s what I like to tell myself. I have a routine- when I have one at school (which is quite frequently) I excuse myself from the classroom, and rush straight to the bathroom with my head down. Then, I enter one of the stalls, and wait until it’s over. Afterwards, I clean myself up, and head back to class.

My biology teacher was handing back tests on this particular afternoon. I tried to mentally prepare myself for the grade I knew I would receive; this test had been a hard one, and I knew it didn’t go well. But when my teacher handed me back a test with a big red "F” on the top of it, I felt the air leave my lungs. Then, my hands began to tremble. I put my head down and stood up hastily. “Excuse me,” I mumbled quietly, to no one in particular, as I made my way to the door. I kept my head down as I rushed to the bathroom. “You’re almost there,” I tell myself in my head. “Almost there. Almost there…” I push the bathroom door open and smash straight into someone standing inside. I pick my head up to see the one and only Betty Cooper looking at me with wide eyes.

“I- I- I’m- I’m s- so- sorry,” I manage to stutter out.

Her eyebrows furrow when she takes in my flustered appearance. “Hey, are you okay?” she asks me gently. I open my mouth to respond, but I just start hyperventilating. Tears are beginning to slip from my eyes, and the room is spinning so wildly I can’t see a thing. Betty reaches out and takes my hand, steadying me as I squeeze my eyes closed, trying to collect myself.

“Are you alright?” another girl asks me. I straighten myself upright and take a deep breath, the spinning in my head finally slowing down, leaving me with a wicked headache. “I’m fine,” I whisper, barely audible.

“Are you sure?” she presses.

I let my eyes open, wincing at the harshness of the bathroom lights.

“Yes,” I mutter, a bit louder. I’m faced with the concerned looks of Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge. “I’m okay.”

“Do you need anything? Advil? Some tissues?” Veronica offers.

“Advil would be great, actually,” I tell her. She takes a small bottle out of her purse and hands me two small pills. I swallow them dry as I walk towards the mirror. I let out an audible groan when I see my appearance; my eyes are red and puffy from crying, and I have tear stains running down my cheeks.

“You know, I could help you with that,” Veronica offers, giving me a tentative smile.

“Thanks,” I sigh, allowing her to clean up my face with whatever makeup she’s pulling out of her bag.

“What happened?” Betty asks me quietly.

I sigh again, closing my eyes like Veronica instructs me to. “Panic attack,” I reply. “Happens pretty often.”

“I’m so sorry,” Betty tells me, and I hear the sincerity in her voice.

I reopen my eyes and give her a small smile. “It’s alright.”

“Hey, aren’t you Cheryl’s and Jason’s sister?” Veronica asks me.

My eyes drift down to the floor. “Yeah,” I whisper, saddened by the thought of my deceased big brother.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t-”

“It’s okay,” I cut her off with a smile. “Don’t worry about it.”

After a few moments of silence, Betty asks me, “Do you want to join us at Pop’s tonight? It’ll be the two of us, plus Kevin and Archie and Jughead. And you, if you want.”

I give her smile. “Yeah, I’d like that,” I tell her.

“Great!” Veronica beams. “Can’t wait.” She links her arm through mine, and I link my other through Betty’s. We walk out of the bathroom like that, the three of us, and eventually head our separate ways in the hallway. But now I have plans with some pretty nice girls, and something to actually look forward to.


Veronica, Betty, Kevin and I arrive at the diner first. Veronica and Betty slide into one side of the booth, and I take a seat on the end. Kevin sits across from us. We all place our orders, mine consisting of fries and a chocolate milkshake. We sit there, falling into easy conversation, talking about anything and everything until Archie and Jughead show up. “Hey there, boys!” Veronica calls to them, a playful smile on her face. The laughing boys walk over to join us, Archie sliding into the booth first, followed by Jughead.

“Guys,” Betty starts, smiling at me, “this is Y/N Blossom. She’ll be joining us today.”

“Jason and Cheryl’s sister?” Archie clarifies.

I give him a small smile. “That’s me.”

“Jughead Jones the third,” the boy across from me introduces.

I extend my hand out to him. “Nice to meet you,” I grin. A waitress- Veronica’s mom- walks over to our table, taking Archie and Jughead’s orders. Once they’re placed, we slip back into conversation, letting the time pass by as we laugh and eat and talk. Archie and I discover that we share a love of music, and the way his face lights up when he talks about it makes me giggle. Jughead stays quiet pretty though, adding in a sarcastic comment here and there, laughing at the rest of us. After a little while, though, the solace I’d found in that booth is shattered when Reggie Mantle walks in, surrounded by his little posse.

He recognizes me immediately. “Hey there, Blossom!” he calls to me.

I sigh. “Hi, Reggie,” I say.

“What’s uhh… what’s going on here?” he asks, eyeing everyone in the booth with me.

“Just trying to eat,” I tell him, desperate for him to leave.

“When did you start hanging out with this crowd?” he asks me, puzzled. Before I can answer him, he adds, “You know, Jason really wouldn’t approve of this.”

And just like that, all the of air suddenly escapes my lungs. “What?” I whisper, looking away from him.

“He would want you hanging out with the people he liked, not… well, you know.”

My hands start to shake, and my eyes burn with tears. “Excuse me,” I say, getting up from the table. Unfortunately, once I’m standing, I run straight into Reggie’s chest, causing him to reach out for my shoulders so that I don’t fall.

“Hey, where are you rushing off to?” he asks me.

“Please let go,” I whisper, trying to pull back from him. The room is beginning to spin and I start taking short, ragged breaths.

“Hey,” I hear someone say. “Let her go.” I recognize the voice as Jughead’s, and feel the familiar warmth of his hands as he steers me away from Reggie and out the door of the cozy diner. Once we’re outside, he lets me go, and I fall to the ground on my knees. I keep sucking in air, but it’s like the oxygen gets lost on the way to my lungs. The world is spinning, my head is pounding, I-

“Hey,” I hear someone say, breaking through my thoughts. “Hey, Y/N, look at me.” My eyes are still squeezed shut, but I manage to slowly pry them open. “There she is,” he says with a smile. “Deep breaths now, come on.” My breaking is too shaky to take a real breath in.

“I c-can’t-”

“Hey, just look at me,” he says softly. The world’s spinning begins to slow down, and I focus on radiant color of his eyes. He takes my hands in his, giving them a reassuring squeeze. “It’s alright,” he tells me. And I believe him.

The spinning finally stops, and after a few minutes, I am almost able to breathe correctly again. I sigh, and gaze at the dark haired boy in front of me. “Thank you,” I whisper.

He gives me a sweet smile. “Anytime.”

I went to a party tonight and I mentioned how one shot of alcohol puts me over the edge and then my friend’s boyfriend says “one shot one kill” just loud enough for me to hear and I lost my shit

1) I have a headache that will not leave
[A] and in the late hours of the night I fear that it might
[B] because then I would be alone
[C] the pain reminds me being alive comes at a price

2) my body has perfected the act of abandonment
[A] and I won’t make her come back to face this
[B] I will live out my days in a constant haze if it will protect her
[C] I will not be the one to take away the little joy she has left

3) everyone is sick of me, and I am sick of me
[A] if I stopped spilling useless words they would hear all the
things I say to myself
[B] so I’ll never close my mouth if it saves me from the pity
[C] but never listen to closely sometimes they speck louder than others

4) my pain is not beauty
[A] I have never lived a day of my life without fear
[B] and my youth was stolen by a man who didnt know beauty
[C] so I spend each day losing conscienceness to get farther from him

—  Living pt.1

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parts; (two)

summary: in which you fall in love with a prince that has already fallen for someone else. 

word count: 1,465

warnings: swearing, mentions of sex (no smut tho u nasties)

author’s note: track the tag crowns ft calum for updates!!

Calum Hood was one of your suitors. At least, that’s what his mother had said. Calum was another story, he didn’t seem too happy about being kind of forced to suit you. Yes, he thought you were attractive, but he had his eyes on a completely different person, someone whom his parents greatly disapprove of, and that pissed him off more than anything. If there’s one thing Calum knew about himself, it’s that he didn’t express his feelings very well through oral sentences, he’d rather stay quiet and let his passive aggressiveness show on his beautifully defined face.

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Three (more) characters per MBTI type:
  • INFJ: Merlin (BBC Merlin), Remus Lupin (Harry Potter), Olivia Benson (Law & Order: SVU)
  • ENFJ: Riley Matthews (Girl Meets World), Mariana Adams Foster (The Fosters), Regina Mills (OUAT)
  • ISFJ: Ted Mosby (HIMYM), Rory Gilmore (Gilmore Girls), Ann Perkins (Park & Recreation)
  • ESFJ: Cersei Lannister (Game Of Thrones), Peggy Carter (Agent Carter), Karen Page (Daredevil)
  • INTJ: Sherlock Holmes (BBC Sherlock), Ben Wyatt (Parks & Recreation), Snape (Harry Potter)
  • ENTJ: Barney Stinson (HIMYM), Tom Riddle (Harry Potter), Rachel Duncan (Orphan Black)
  • ISTJ: Dexter Morgan (Dexter), Elsa (Frozen), Dwight Schrute (The Office)
  • ESTJ: Annabeth Chase (Percy Jackson), Jack Thompson (Agent Carter), Red (OITNB)
  • INFP: Belle (Beauty And The Beast), Ellie Nash (Degrassi), Amélie Poulain (Amelie)
  • ENFP: Amy Pond (Doctor Who), Ariel (The Little Mermaid), Rebecca Sutter (HTGAWM)
  • ISFP: Shawn Hunter (Boy Meets World), Callie Jacob (The Fosters), Percy Jackson (Percy Jackson)
  • ESFP: Ron Weasley (Harry Potter), Foggy Nelson (Daredevil), Jasper Jordan (The 100)
  • INTP: Elliot Alderson (Mr Robot), Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds), Leo Fitz (Agents of SHIELD)
  • ENTP: Moriarty (BBC Sherlock), Gregory House (House MD), Stiles Stilinski (Teen Wolf)
  • ISTP: Megara (Hercules), Raven Reyes (The 100), Jessica Jones (Jessica Jones)
  • ESTP: Han Solo (Star Wars), Nathan Scott (One Tree Hill), Dean Winchester (Supernatural)
  • Part 1:

Working on smaller octo today. Not actually a good idea given my headache (continuing from yesterday). A headache I forgot to medicate before leaving for school this morning. Still have another 2.5 hours before I can go home and take something. and then I have to turn around to go to work at the language school. ugh.

Don’t Forget Me (Dean Winchester)

A/N: Gifs are not mine. Flashbacks are in Bold

Tagging: @spnfanficpond and my Angst Angel @fandom-onetwothreeshots (Enjoy the angst bby)

Pairings: Dean Winchester x Spirit! Reader

Warnings: Character death, blood, violence, drinking, swearing, crying, angst

Word Count: 2278

Summary: You wake up in the bunker, no memory on how you got back here or what happened on the last hunt you went on

The world was foggy as I opened my eyes, black spots swimming in front of my vision. As I sat up I gripped the side of my head, the headache pounding relentlessly against my skull, leaving me feeling dizzy and slightly sick. Once my sight had come back completely I looked around the room, recognizing the room I shared with Dean in the bunker but confused as to why I was here; the last thing I remembered was the wendigo hunt we were on four towns over.
I remember standing by the boot of the impala, dean’s calloused hands cupping my cheeks as he pressed his lips to mine, pleading for me to be careful, to stay behind him and Sam as much as possible, I remember telling him to quit worrying, I could hold my own after all and I remember the reverberating screech of the monster above us, claws scraping through the bark of the trees.

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Headaches - Namjoon

A/N: This is my first fic, so please leave some feedback and feel free to request!

You stumbled to the bed, barely staying upright.

Your head pounded as you clambered under the sheets and laid back against the pillows. Closing your eyes against the light filtering in through the window, you breathed heavily against the sick feeling in your stomach.

A long day at work had left you with what felt like the worst headache you’d ever had. The dizziness had almost made you crash the car on the way back to your and Namjoon’s apartment. Fighting the vomit threatening to surface, you turned on your side away from the window toward the door. Namjoon had promised to be home early after feeling guilty for spending so much time at the studio the past week. You must have fallen asleep at some point because the next thing you knew, you were being woken up by a crashing sound from the living room, muffled swearing following after. “Namjoon?” you called weakly.

The door creaked open and Namjoon peeked around the door. “Sorry, jagi,” he said. “That damn table gets me ev-” His words cut off as he took in your curled form under the covers. “Shit, jagi, are you okay?” He hurried over to the bed, checking you over frantically. “I’m fine, Monnie,” you croaked. “It’s just a headache.” Despite your feeble attempts to assure him you were fine, it did nothing to stop him from nearly sprinting to the kitchen and coming back with some water and painkillers. Placing the water and pills on the nightstand, he gently pulled you up to rest against the headboard. Sipping the water, you managed to swallow the pills without throwing up and lowered yourself back down onto the pillows.

Toeing off his shoes, Namjoon crawled into bed beside you and draped his arm over your waist, pressing a soft kiss behind your ear. “Go to sleep, (Y/N),” he said. “You’ll feel better in the morning.”

“Thanks, babe,” you mumbled, your eyes drooping. “I love you.”

“Love you too, jagi.”

Unfinished Business Part 13


Genre: action, fluff, angst, strong language, +18 content, gang material , character death

Read to find out who the reader will end up with. There will be several chapters of this so I hope you’re ready to die and anticipate many things.

Word count:2229

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the word rings out
over a crowded room
but still my ears an hear it
The word is used
To mean someone lesser
Someone stupid
Something stupid
Something wrong
That’s so…
Your phone dying means that it loves the same gender?
Did you ever pause to think
That maybe being…
Wasn’t so bad
That love is beautiful
No matter what form it takes
And that being gay means rising above the hate
And the stereotypes
Our own religions preaching from a pulpit
Saying being in love is wrong
If it isn’t exactly how we state
If it doesn’t subscribe to words written in a book
That we cherish above your rights
Being Gay
Isn’t so bad
I’m gay
And hey
No one really seems to hate me…
Or do they
a woman so tall she could touch the sky
Walks by
In a dress so bright we have to squint
And I say
“I love your dress”
and she smiles
like I have handed her the moon
and my family wait until she is gone and then I hear it
Cross dresser
And I feel the pain begin to well up
And I fight back tears
As the boy inside this female body cries
Because he can never be known to these people
For fear of being called a slur
That they don’t even think about saying
But it cuts me right to my bone
And I ask my parents if we can leave now
I have a headache
I’m cold
I think I need to lay down now
I might be sick
The amount of hate
About how your hetero marriage is tainted
And families are ruined
Because I can love freely
Is despicable
And honestly I would hate to meet your god
If the thoughts and feelings that I have are so wrong
That beautiful feeling I get when I hold Meg’s hand
And tell them I love them
Is not wrong
It is so right
And so tell your god
If he so says
He can shove leviticus up his ass
Because my love is not wrong
My love is beautiful
And natural
And strong
And its more important than a book
Written thousands of years ago
Probably by a man who had homosexual thoughts
And was tying to ban them to reassure his fragile masculinity
Because being gay is not a choice
Being a homophobe is
Wonder wich one is more wrong under the eyes of a just god
If god didn’t want us to be gay
Why would he put the male g-spot up their asses?
And why would he make thousands
Upon thousands
Of other species
Enjoy blissful same sex love
But tell this one
Made in his very image
That they could not love freely
That they should hate that witch they don’t understand
That they should condemn those who do not abide by their homophobic scripture
To a brutal and painful existence
Of bigotry and misunderstanding
I am gay
And I am proud
And I will wave my damn rainbow flag
And I will shout this victory to the heavens
Because damn
I am gay
And that
Is never going to be bad.
—  poetry about my life 

If there are any men want me to test whether or not their money meets the qualifications for “gold digger money”, I’m free for a consultation 🙄.

If there are any men who are just nice guys and want to take me out for pizza and a nice walk under the stars, Im busy, I have a headache, I just got on my period, leave a message at the beep.

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musical-devotee  asked:

I can't fall asleep it's like past when I usually fall asleep here and I am so sleepy. But I have a horrible headache and don't want to leave my room to take something

Sorry for the late reply, you’re probably asleep by now. Maybe next time this happens put on headphones and listen to calming music really quietly. This helps me when I can’t sleep so I hope it can help you as well!!

Brat of a Friend

Anonymous: Sehun fluff where Chanyeol knows you two like each other so he fixes you up with sehun

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1072

“So who is it?” Chanyeol waggled his eyebrows up and down, poking your shoulder repeatedly. He was so annoyingly persistent, that it was almost to the point of being admirable.

You sighed heavily, rubbing your temples as he continued to badger you. “I’m not telling you,” you grumbled for the millionth time. This had been going on for nearly an hour, and his nagging was not helping your hangover. Why, in your drunken state, you decided to crash at Chanyeol’s apartment, you would never know, but apparently, somewhere between the hiccuping giggles and fragmented thoughts, you had confessed to him that you had a crush right before you passed out.

“But you said! You can’t just leave me hanging like this, it’s cruel!” He whined, sighing dramatically.

“I’m having one of the worst headaches in my entire life right now and at the moment, your voice is the cruelest thing that could happen to me,” you hissed between your teeth, nearing your breaking point.

“Ok, fine. I’ll make a deal.”

“Why does there even have to be a deal?”

“Take it or leave it.”

“Fine. What is it,” you muttered.

“You tell me who it is, and I’ll leave you alone.”

You scoffed. “As if.”

“No! I promise! I’ll leave you alone.”

“If you knew, there’s no chance in hell that you would keep mum about it.”

“Tell me,” he insisted.

“Over my dead body.”

“Fine. Then I’ll just revert back to Plan A.” He began prodding at your arm and complained loudly about keeping secrets from ‘best friends.’

This went on for another ten minutes, and although you put up a long and valiant fight, your exhaustion was no match for his determination to coax the secret out of you. If you weren’t still reeling from the pain of just standing up, you would’ve just left his place, but it was no exaggeration that this was indeed one of the worst hangovers you had ever had.

You gave in.

“You know what? FINE! IT’S SEHUN! Now leave me alone to nurse my headache, which is what ‘best friends’ should do when you come to their house in a drunken stupor and have a head-splitting hangover the next morning.”

No going back now.

This big eared brat was gonna ruin it for you.

Chanyeol blinked.


“I SAID LEAVE ME ALONE!!!” The yelling caused another explosion of pain and you gingerly cradled your head in your hands.

Chanyeol shut his mouth, respecting his promise, and plopped down on the couch opposite of you. The unsettling presence of his scheming gaze was almost palpable and his unusual silence was putting you on edge. Honestly, you didn’t know which was worse-his newly gained knowledge or his ignorance.

He was scheming indeed. With that dumb smirk on his face.

Everything was playing out perfectly in his mind.

After a minute or so of enduring his suspicious plotting, you started to complain again. And for once, he wordlessly complied to your requests. No joking. No loud noises. No annoying sounds or behaviors. You were in so much pain by then that you decided to ponder over his strangely agreeable behavior at a later time.

And Chanyeol really did keep his promise.

He didn’t mention Sehun or the fact that you even had a crush. He was quiet about the topic for several days.


It was 6:32 AM.

Me: what.


Channerd: why do you bully me

Me: i dont think thats a very accurate statement. it should be the other way around

Channerd: fine

Channerd: can i make it up to you with coffee or something????

Me: why…i dont want to go anywhere rn

Channerd: i will buy you pastries

Me: what time?

Channerd: 1:30ish?

Me: k

Channerd: ^^

Me: you better get me the one i like

Channerd: but thats like the most expensive one >____>


Channerd: k fine

1:45 PM

Where the hell was that giant. You were gonna kick his ass the second he showed up.

You frowned at the drink you had to buy yourself because someone didn’t show up and you didn’t want to look dumb in front of everyone.

The door chimed.

You snapped your head up impatiently. You usually had a hard time reaching up to pull his ears, but you were damn well gonna try.

It was…


Your heart jumped.

What the hell was he doing here?! You looked like absolute trash just planning on meeting Chanyeol and not…him. You frantically tried to make your hair look a little better and you glanced back up at him. He looked like he was lost or looking for someone. His eyes scanned the coffee shop and met yours. You heart skipped again. He smiled, glad to recognize someone and started making his way towards you. Your heart basically jumped off a cliff.

“Hey, Y/N,” he said taking the seat in front of you. “This seat isn’t taken, is it?”

“Uhhh…It-it might be.”

“Well, they can wait,” he said, grinning smugly.

You let out a little sigh of frustration. “If he ever shows up. He was supposed to be here fifteen minutes ago…”

“Y-you’re meeting a…guy? Who?”




“But I was meeting him for bubble tea.”

“What? He said he was gonna buy me pastries. What the hell?”

You both whipped out your phones.

Chanyeol was lounging on his couch waiting for his phone to blow up.

Sehun’s crush: where the hell are you and why did you tell sehun you were getting him bubble tea on the same day?!?!??!?!?!?!!

Me: huehuehue…

Y/n’s crush: why is y/n here. where’s my bubble tea?

Me: consider it a nice gift from a friend

Y/n’s crush: what the hell is that supposed to mean

Sehun’s crush: PARK CHANYEOL

Me: youll thank me later


Me: but i AM leaving you alone

Me: …with him

Y/n’s crush: dont ever talk to me again

Sehun’s crush: DONT EVER TALK TO ME AGAIN!!!!!

Chanyeol nodded proudly to himself. He was such a good friend.

Both of you dumbfoundedly looked up from your phones at the same time, awkwardly making eye contact and then looking away again.

Well, fuck.

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