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This photograph was taken of an alien big cat in Iverness, Scotland, on March 26th, 2017. 56 year old Paul Dawson took the photo from about 1 km away with a 300mm lens. Dawson says he always has his camera on him because his home often is visited by deer that he likes to take photos of. Head of Living Collections at RZSS Highland Wildlife Park, Douglas Richardson, made his statement on the photo: 

“Based on the photograph, I believe this to be a domestic cat. The posture, tail position and apparent thickness, size of the animal and its apparent shoulder height in relation to the grass are consistent with this.

“Accurate identification at a distance is often difficult, and a smaller creature can appear larger when there is little nearby to show scale.  Some years ago there were sightings and a couple of captures that came to the Highland Wildlife Park of so-called Kellas cats, large black cats.”

Dawson believes this is not a domesticated cat because the creature is bigger than his two pet cats. He claimed that the cat could have been the same size as his pet labrador.

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Ahaha I splurted out my coffee when I read your previous reply to anon about "self-lubricating" anus and realistic portrayals in yaoi. It just suddenly popped in my head about Kamon Saeko's works. Don't get me wrong, her works are ooh-la-la smutty. But I Hatsujou Animal, it's smexy, but really, sex out in the open school yard of both campuses with a metal fence in between them? Can't they meet up somewhere, with, you know, a bed or something comfortable at least?? But still..(‿!‿) ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ)

Hey, everyone has their kinks xD

Put Nalla in the guide harness (its dusk and I can barely see) and went out to look/listen for my kitty one more time before dark. Nalla also points at animals when she sees them.

Checked some trees and bushes, nothing.

I decided to walk in through my back door to check back there again. As I’m coming up to my back fence I was attacked by an off leash bully breed type dog. I managed to pick Nalla up over my head (at the cost of slipping a rib out of place) to prevent her being injured. 

The whole time I’m yelling for help this dog is circling and snarling and barking and this guy is going my dog is friendly. Yeah, he’s the fucking friendliest dog I’ve ever met with the snapping and the snarling. 

He got the dog away from me and I got Nalla into the house and told Zac (while we were in the backyard) I needed the phone to call the police and animal control. 

The guy starts yeliing dont do that my dog is friendly he wanted to play. BULLSHIT. I train dogs. I know at least some dog behavior (I’m by no means an expert) and that was aggression, plain and simple. 

Called animal control and cops, I have a case file and someone will most likely be around tomorrow. 

I got back into my house and five minutes later this guy is pounding on my front door. I deadbolted it, warned my roommate not to answer it and walked away.

All this on top of losing our little kitty cat. 

I took some psych meds and I was going to just get shitty drunk but my friend was kind enough to remind me I have liver disease and shouldn’t kill myself by accident. 

Just fuck today.

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Name: Elizabeth

Nickname: Libby

Gender: female

Star Sign: Virgo

Height: 5′6″ 

Sexuality: lesbian

Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff

Favorite Animal: dogs (especially terriers)

Average hours of sleep: 6

Dogs or cats: DOGS

Blankets you sleep with: 3-5, I am a freeze baby!

Dream trip: I’m not a big vacation person, but I’ve always wanted to just head out on a spur-of-the-moment road trip, just me and my dog, no destination.  

Dream job: Made-for-TV lesbian romcom movie writer. Like, I just wanna write gay, cheesy, trope-tastic romance movies. I love them so much. I just want them gayer.

When I made my blog: June 2011

Followers: ~7400, which is just unbelievable ❤

Why I made my Tumblr: my BFF/college roommate saw that fandom was migrating off of livejournal and dragged me over

Reasons for my url: it’s been my pen name since high school and I can’t leave it though I tried once I made it when I was falling down the Buffy rabbit hole 

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fave buzzfeed unsolved moments?

  • ‘hey ghouls the boys are here’ a tru #classic
  • so is ‘hey there, demons, it’s me, ya boy’ 
  • ryan: you can’t see gravity and thats real
    shane: i can drop an apple
    ryan (gently but with feeling): fuck 
  • ‘whatever. this demon’s racist. i don’t respect this demon’ 
  • ‘she’s writing lemonade in her head right now’ 
  • ryan’s ‘id be a friendly ghost who does chores and then tips my hat and tap dances out of the room’ 
  • the ghost of yankee jim 
  • also, shane trying to make small talk with the ghost of yankee jim about boats
  • ‘hey timmy i heard you like balls’ 
  • the bear vs shark argument 
  • ‘we’ve been over this before the bear is the most deadly animal of all time’ i love ryan
  • ‘i have a secret to tell you…… i am the phantom of the sky’ 
  • ‘just- to be fair…. fuck christopher columbus’ 
  • ‘you’re saying the ocean is full of ghosts’
  • underwater area 51
  • tbh the whole bermuda traingle ep is fav
  • all the arguments over whether or not bigfoot is supernatural ‘maybe he picks up on energies’ ‘oh he’ll pick you up all right’ 
  • ‘thats a guy i’d wanna share a cold one with. is what bigfoot would say. about me.’
  • ’i wasn’t fat shaming bigfoot’ 

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taking the team concept seriously😂 (every team into its own world)