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Orc concept

Okay so let me start out with a few facts.

Elf souls:

  • If they refuse to go to the halls, their souls (their fea) can stick around
  • It is more susceptible to corruption and shit, basically they lose who they are very quickly and just become this malicious wandering thing
  • Sauron can gain control of them quite easily
  • These wicked versions of the souls are noted as being put into bodies occasionally


  • Originated from something (Tolkien couldn’t decide really) having to do with elves
    • One version is that they’re tortured/corrupted elves
    • One version is that they’re beasts/forms made by Melkor then animated like a “parrot”
  • However they’re not just evil elves, their bodies are all fucked up too
  • They reproduce in a human/animal/elf method, so their bodies are indeed biological
  • If we’re going off Peter Jackson’s versions of them, not sure if this is also in the books, orcs can become immensely physically fucked up (head collapsed, head split in two, etc) and just generally a walking heap of deadly injuries and scars

So my concept for orc origin is that Melkor TRIED to make his own original beings, like elves or humans or dwarves, but couldn’t. He could only make Frankenstein’s monster-esque meat dolls. Sauron remedied this by taking the souls of dead elves, which once out of the body easily fall into an orc-like state in which they can speak, function, fight, etc but lose their old sense of self and take on a wickedness. Shove those fucked up souls into the meat dolls and there you go. Instead of making fresh meat dolls you can’t just reuse an actual corpse, which explains how and why orcs look so fucked up like mangled corpses. 

I was sharing this in a discord chat with my friends a few days ago and there were some interesting takes/additions on this, like what if one of the bodies used or souls used was slightly recognizable to someone who knew them pre-orc. 

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Your 4 year old was a daddy's girl, and she was reserved just like Bucky. At your hair cut appointment, she was snuggled in her daddy's lap as he sat in the chair, head on his shoulder as he held the animal magazine for her to read with him. "Flip," she'd say softly, and he did so with a kiss to the top of her head. When you were done Bucky would gush about how beautiful you looked with a kiss, baby Barnes pressing one to your cheek as she broke her shyness to squeal at her mamas beauty.

Oh my heart yes I love the magazine omg and she definitely calls her mom “doll” like her dad ahaha

Daddy Wednesday™

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is it weird that sometimes i'll rub my thumb against my palm and imagine a significant other doing that? or pretending my pillow/stuff animal is my significant other lying next to me/hugging me?

No it’s not weird at all. I rub my head a lot wishing it was someone else’s hand. I also heard somewhere they we naturally like warm things on us cause they resemble human touch, like warm showers :””) not weird at all

Getting to Know Me Tag

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  1. Nicknames: Kay, Cat
  2. Gender: Female
  3. Star Sign: Libra
  4. Height: 5′5″
  5. Time: 6:10pm
  6. Birthday: October 1st
  7. Favorite Bands: EXO, GOT7, Highlight, Drug Restaurant/JJY Band
  8. Favorite Solo Artists: Jung Joon Young
  9. Song Stuck in My Head: “Sympathy” by Jung Joon Young
  10. Last Movie I Watched: Mad Max: Fury Road
  11. Last Show I Watched: Currently watching 1 Night 2 Days
  12. When did I create my blog: I made this particular blog about 3 weeks ago but I’ve been using Tumblr for like 4 years now
  13. What do I post: Been trying to post moodboards more consistently, I mostly reblog stuff tho
  14. Last thing googled: “animal crossing pocket camp” lol I just downloaded this and it’s hella fun
  15. Do you have other blogs?: On my other account I had 3 blogs that I’ve since abandoned to use this one lol: a main rock bands/personal blog, a poetry/aesthetic sideblog, and a kpop sideblog (if you’re curious ask me and I may give you a link lol)
  16. Do you get asks: I message people on here but I don’t really get asks
  17. Why did you choose your url: Was trying to come up with one that combined my fav groups/biases and thought of this one; dae for Jongdae and luminosity as in light aka Highlight c:
  18. Following: 129, I keep saying I’ll go through and unfollow inactive/irrelevant blogs but then I get lazy lol
  19. Followers: 168 :’)
  20. Favorite colors: Blue is my fav, also pink and purple
  21. Average hours of sleep: 8
  22. Lucky number: 3, it’s more just my fav number tho
  23. Instruments: Guitar and piano
  24. What am I wearing: a t-shirt under a sweatshirt, sweatpants, and fuzzy socks
  25. How many blankets I sleep with: Currently 3
  26. Dream Job: Singer but I am lazy and untalented lol
  27. Dream Trip:  I love tropical places with a lot of tourists, been to Mexico 4 times now lol so maybe the Caribbean
  28. Favorite food: I usually just say sushi but I actually rly love instant ramen lmao esp Shin Cup ramen
  29. Nationality: American, ethnicity: Vietnamese
  30. Favorite Song Right Now: “Holiday Song” by JJY Band (I can’t stop listening to this)

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Okay, I have this Sterek story stealing space in my brains, and I can’t write it. So I’m releasing it into the wild in the form of a super messy headcanon. We never know, some of you may like it or want to have fun with it!


So, we all know that because of the whole Nemeton thing, Beacon Hills attracts all kinds of monsters of the week and zealous witches.

But let’s say that with the magic seeping into the ground, the town has a bigger problem: it can’t keep its dead people in their graves.

For a long time, it was not that much troubles for the Hales. The town was small and some people in the known paid a lot of money to prevent the construction of a cemetery inside Beacon Hills’ territory.

The worst the Pack ever had to take care of for centuries were half-dead pets and forest animals. They never understood why some of them came back and not others, but it never got out of hands.

But these last seventy years, Beacon Hills has increased dramatically in size, and has been run by dozens human mayors and sheriffs.

So, now, Beacon Hills has built a big cemetery just on the edge of the forest.

They find a vampire from Connecticut willing to take the job of undertaker and the town finally buries its first dead. Things seems to go perfectly well for a while.

Then, several months later, Derek Hale finds a woman during one of his usual patrol in the woord. She’s pale, shaky, and trying to open her car to go to work, hoping on her only leg toward the road. A few miles away, he finds a man crawling toward the theater in town, despite his body looking like a particularly fucked up Picasso.

A very pissed off Talia Hale learns the next day that the vampire undertaker run away when confronted with the overwhelming works handling the cemetery reperesented.

The Hales are not happy.

Despite the panic, Deaton assures them immediately that he has the perfect candidate in mind to replace him. It’s a young human, the son of the current Sherriff. Talia, after meeting the mysterious candidate, apparently agrees with Deaton’s opinion and comes back home with an amused but relieved smile.

Derek doesn’t like any of this.

For the last ten years, his family left him in charge of the zombie animals problem.

Derek was the one breaking his heart again and again when he had to prevent dozens of pets from trying to get back to their owners. He was the one taking care of them until they could be brought outside of the boundaries of the city, to rest in peace.

Derek has been strong for years, resisting old dogs and chirping birds and one eared bunnies.

And now, there is nothing he wants less than having to handle dead people. Derek is not good with alive people. He doesn’t want to be the one announcing to them they can’t go back to their loved ones, can’t see them cry, can’t fight them. 

Nope. He’s not leaving this between the hands of some stupid kid only wanting to live through a zombie movie.

These people and animals are not a joke, they are not there for living the horror movie experience. They deserve to be treated with respect and patience.

So, Derek patrols the city and the forest compulsively for weeks. He looks for any kind of abnormal activity. For any weird squirrel, croaking bird or ramping corpse.

But nothing happens.

Somehow, it turns even worse in his mind, and he starts imagining all kind of horror story, from the kid shooting up the dead in the head when they try to raise up to sealing them directly in their graves.

 After nights of turning over and over in his bed, Derek decides to go directly to the cemetery to gather evidences. He will force his mother to fire him. Derek is only two days of anxiety/terror away from just taking the job himself.

When he arrives there, he just has to jump over the gates to be confronted with…a scene he wasn’t expecting.

Sitting on the grave near him is an old lady, pale skin characteristic of the dead, looking at him with disinterested eyes. She is petting what looks like the skeletons of five cats, all of them purring loudly and rubbing against her hands.

A few feet away are the two runaways Derek found in the forest a few weeks ago. They are laughing, the man resting on the woman’s lap and describing something with ruined hands.

There is an old man watering plants, caressing the leaves with judgmental noises, an old dog walking slowly behind him. An couple is walking through the alleys, holding hands and gigling like children.

Things are quiet, except the laughs and animal noises. Derek blinks at them all.

Then, there is a warm body behind him and two hands against his temples, smelling like magic and dirt.

“The cemetery is closed at night. Who are you? Not gonna lie buddy, your answer better be good.”

So, this is how Derek meets Stiles.

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