my head is an animal

MBTI types as Of Monsters and Men songs

Third MBTI x music post, enjoy! (types as: Florence + the Machine songs, Lana Del Rey songs, ABBA songs)

ISTJ - Your Bones
said goodbye to you, my friend
as the fire spread
all that’s left are your bones
that will soon sink like stones

ISTP - Hunger
I’ll grow tall to fill the void
let me go, cause you’re just a shade
of what I am, not what I’ll be

ISFJ - Little Talks
there’s an old voice in my head that’s holding me back
well, tell her that I miss our little talks
soon, it will all be over and buried with our past
we used to play outside when we were young
and full of life and full of love

ISFP - Sloom
the sea said goodbye to the shore, so the sun wouldn’t notice
the seaweed that wrapped its arms around you
the carpet on my cheek, it feels like a forest
and I run through the tall trees with your hand chasing me

INTJ - Thousand Eyes
I’ll be the calm, I will be quiet
stripped to the bone, I wait
no, I’ll be the stone, I’ll be the hunter
a tower that casts the shade

INTP - Wolves Without Teeth
I can see through you, we are the same
it’s perfectly strange, you run in my veins
how can I keep you inside my lungs
I breathe what is yours, you breathe what is mine

INFJ - Slow and Steady
the lights go out, I am all alone
all the trees outside are buried in the snow
I spend the night dancing with my own shadow
and it holds me and it never lets me go

INFP - Dirty Paws
her dirty paws and furry coat
she ran down the forest slope
the forest of talking trees
they used to sing about the birds and the bees

ESTJ - We Sink
I know that it’s a waste of time
chasing in the dark
but keep me in your clouded mind
till time ignites the spark

ESTP - Slow Life
why are they shaking their heads
we’re stuck in slow life
is it the beating of the chest
that makes us fear the rest?

ESFJ - Crystals
I know I’ll wither, so peel away the bark
cause nothing grows when it is dark
in spite of all my fears, I see it all so clear
cover your crystal eyes, and feel the tones that tremble down your spine
cover your crystal eyes, and let your colours bleed and blend with mine

ESFP - Mountain Sound
I heard them calling in the distance
so I packed my things and ran
far away from all the troubles
I had caused with my two hands
alone, we traveled on with nothing but a shadow
we fled, far away

ENTJ - King and Lionheart
howling ghosts, they reappear
in mountains that are stacked with fear
but you’re my king and I’m your lionheart

ENTP - Human
plants awoke, and they slowly grow beneath the skin
so breathe in, breathe out, let the human in
the air is silk, shadows form a grin
if I lose control, I feed the beast within

ENFJ - Empire
I find comfort in the sound
and the shape of the heart
how it echoes through the chest
from under the ground

ENFP - Yellow Light
somewhere deep in the dark
a howling beast hears us talk
I dare you to close your eyes
and see all the colours in disguise

King and Lionheart
Of Monsters And Men
King and Lionheart

S O N G   O F   T H E   D A Y

December 7th 2015

King and Lionheart - Of Monsters And Men

His crown lit up the way as we moved slowly
Past the wondering eyes of the ones that were left behind
Though far away, though far away, though far away
We’re still the same, we’re still the same, we’re still the same