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  • (VIXX standing around the broken coffee maker)
  • N: So. Who broke it? I'm not mad, I just wanna know.
  • Hongbin: ...I did. I broke it.
  • N: No. No you didn't. Hyuk?
  • Hyuk: Don't look at me. Look at Ravi.
  • Ravi: What?! I didn't break it.
  • Hyuk: Oh that's weird. How'd you even know it was broken?
  • Ravi: Because it's sitting right in front of us and it's broken.
  • Hyuk: Suspicious.
  • Ravi: No it's not!
  • Hyuk: If it matters, probably not, but Ken was the last one to use it.
  • Ken: Liar! I don't even drink that crap!
  • Hyuk: Oh really? Then what were you doing by the coffee cart earlier?
  • Ken: I use the wooden stirrers to push back my cuticles. Everyone knows that Hyuk!
  • Hongbin: Okay let's not fight. I broke it. Let me pay for it N.
  • N: No! Who broke it!?
  • Ravi: N... Leos been awfully quiet.
  • Leo: REALLY?!
  • (Everyone starts arguing)
  • N: (being interviewed) I broke it. I burned my hand so I punched it. I predict 10 minutes from now they'll be at each other's throats with warpaint on their faces and a pig head on a stick. Good. It was getting a little chummy around here.

guys me and my bf adopted a dog today and im literally petting him rn as he sleeps w his head resting on my other hand and im legit crying lmfao i haven’t been this happy in so so long

Soo @mistamakehercum this is the last edit of me and you. I had a lot of fun shooting this. I know told this man I wouldn’t be sentimental but that was a lie. But you’ve been my right hand and I’m honestly glad to have met and spent time with you. You and @krisamaevu mean the world to me.  Thank you for all the laughs, the love, and for never sugarcoating things for me. You’re a real one Neez. Don’t ever change. Thank you for the support and having my back through everything. Love you big head and I hope to see you again one day. Don’t be a stranger. 

– Aly

Bad update
Peanut has more than one lump. She has one by her comb and one on her leg, possibly more than that. Could be Marek’s disease (she and all others should be vaccinated?)…could be cancer…idk
For now we’ll just treat her with Blu Kote and hope for the best. My mom doesn’t wanna spend the money for the vet on her since she’s just a chicken. However if I can sell my monitor and phone I’ll have enough to cover a vet bill excluding surgery without digging into Rex’s medical fund!
She’s very affectionate rn and starts crying if I don’t rest my head on her. Or if I put her in her container, even if I have my hand in there with her, even if she can see me ❤️ don’t worry little Peanut, we’ll figure it out.

Voltron Fic Rec List


you have received entirely, entirely by loveghost

Shiro blinks at him. Lance doesn’t blame him; he’s horrified at himself too. What karmic sins did he commit in past lives to bring this upon himself? To now, in the midst of a training session of all times, blurt: “Hey, guys? You ever think about soulmates and shit?”

Lightning in a Bottle by amillionsmiles

“Well, buddy, beach volleyball isn’t a fight,” he says, getting close enough so that he can clearly see the navy blue of Keith’s eyes, their noses almost brushing. “It’s a dialogue.”

Keith thrusts the ball back at Lance’s chest, eyes flashing.

“Oh, yeah? You’d better start talking, then.”

(or: it’s good to be back at Veradera Beach. It’s good to be back home.)

Kiss Me, You Idiot by @glowdroid

It happens at 2 am, like all regrettable-but-painfully-sincere things do, even in Altean time.

He’s Shallow, Is What I Mean by @lancecmcclain

This is actually just Keith being gay and Pidge being aro as hell. Rated G for Gay. 

bench press me by eggboi

“The hell are you doing?” Keith grumbles out, body mid-push up. There’s a snicker behind him, too close to his ears, though Keith can’t really understand what would be so amusing about this. Then again, he’s not really sure why Lance is lying on him while he’s doing push ups either. Other than to be, of course, annoying.

“Nothing.” Lance finally says. Keith hears the grin in his voice, which only proves to irritate him a little more. ‘Nothing’ his ass. “Continue with what you’re doing, Mr. ‘I’m-Too-Good-For-Socialization’.”

(Lance, as always, tries to annoy Keith by making his exercise harder. It doesn’t work. At all.)

Color Me Intrigued by dreamcp

Lance draws. Specifically, Lance draws Keith. A lot.

twelve feet deep by starspecters

Keith doesn’t respond, but he does smile - which is honestly better, in Lance’s opinion - and Lance starts to worry that maybe he should have applied more sunblock when the tips of his ears grow hot.

never been kissed by kairiolette

“You give off the obnoxious popular vibe. The mullet, and the rap sheet, and—the fingerless gloves,” Lance replies, and barrels on before Keith can take it the wrong way. “I’m so handsome, my name’s Keith and I’m a pilot.”

“That sounds more like a compliment than an insult,” Keith says slowly, a disdainful quirk to his eyebrows that only spurs Lance on. He tilts his head a bit, his bangs shadowing his face, like he’s assessing a particularly impossible physics problem. “And I don’t like that voice you’re using.”


according to protocol by amillionsmiles

“PDA in uniform can result in a demerit of fifty to a hundred points,” Shiro murmurs.

“Good thing we’re not in public, then,” Keith mutters hoarsely.

Part 1 of the this corner of the universe series

keep up with you by amillionsmiles

“Clay thinks you have an eight-pack.”

Shiro’s eyebrow jumps. “Does he, now?”

“I told him I wouldn’t believe it until I saw it,” continues Keith, eyes dancing with a challenge.

Part 2 of the this corner of the universe series

Victorious by themorninglark

“When you come back - ” says Keith, again, and then he can’t finish the sentence for the enormity of it, so he stops short. Leaves it hanging like a promise, waiting to be fulfilled, and settles for reaching out to rest his hand on Shiro’s shoulder instead. Lets the contact linger for as long as he can, etched like life lines and heart lines into his palm.

Shiro nods. He doesn’t break promises.

Neither does Keith.

For the Damaged by commodorecliche

You’ve held your head up
You’ve fought the fight
You bear the scars
You’ve done your time
Listen to me
You’ve been lonely, too long

i love yoongi so much :( i wanna go on dates with him i wanna go to different restaurants and try out their food and rate them and make a little book of every place we’ve visited. i wanna hold hands with him while we’re walking down the street. i wanna go to the park and have a nice little picnic with him and drink mate. i wanna fall asleep w him under the sun on a blanket…….i wanna kiss his lips and cheeks and nose and hands i wanna bury my head in his neck i wanna run my hands thru his hair and play with his fingers and his ears…………im crying rn

Prove it. (SR)


Hello!Can you write an imagine where you’re spencer’s girlfriend and you go to give him something that he forgot at the bau and the rest of the team doesn’t believe you two are dating?thank you very much❤❤

Warnings: none

Your POV:

I woke up in the chilly morning to a ringing phone. I jolted around and ran my hands over the bed looking for my phone. I reached under the pillow and found it bringing it out and answering it. “Hello?” I said groggy and tired. “I’m sorry love but I forgot something at the house. Will you please bring it to me?” I yawned and rubbed my eyes. I groaned when I sat up. “Yeah what do you need?” I asked stretching. “Thank you so much, its a file that is on my office desk love.” “Okay I’ll be there soon, I have to get ready.” He said a quick okay and love you. I hung up and placed my feet slowly on the soft carpet. I raised my hands above my head and arched my back letting it pop. I let out a long sigh and went to my vanity, pulling out makeup. I started my makeup. After I was done with my makeup I brushed my teeth. I then walked into the closet pulling on one of Spencer’s casual shirts and leggings. I put on some tennis shoes and pulled my hair up in a high ponytail. I looked in the mirror and cringed at the tight looking hair. I pulled out some of the strands, nodding my head and shut the light off.

I went into Spencer’s office and turned on the lamp looking around at the tidy space. I glanced over his desk noticing the cream colored file. I grabbed it putting it under my arm so I could turn the lamp off. I walked into the foyer and grabbed my keys walking down the steps to the basement into the garage. I pushed the garage door button and got in the car.

“Hi, I’m here for Dr. Reid.” I said smiling at the front desk. She nodded her head and pointed her finger to security. “Go through security.” I nodded and walked over to security letting them check me and my purse. They handed me back my purse and pointed me towards the elevator. “Thank you.” I said to the officer letting him nod his head. I boarded the elevator and rode up. I got off the elevator and went to another receptionist. “Hi, I’m here for Dr. Reid.” I gave her a soft smile. She pointed over to Spencer. I walked over to Spencer and slung my hands around his neck. “Hey babe.” I kissed his cheek and smiled when he blushed. “Hey Y/N. Do you have the file?” He asked rushing to turn around. “Yes babe I do.” I said laughing and bringing the file behind my back. “Come on love I need that.” “Not until you give me a kiss.” I said giggling. I felt a arm sling over my shoulders. “Who is this pretty boy? You’re cousin?” A dark tall man said from beside me. I furrowed my brows and raised them. Spencer coughed. “No. This is Y/N my girlfriend.” He said lowly. The man laughed loudly throwing his head back. “Yeah right Reid.” He said removing his arm from my shoulder. Given the awkward situation I slid closer to Spencer moving my hands around his. The man looked confused looking me up and down. “You’re not serious?” He asked. I shook my head and moved my body closer to his side. “Lets see a kiss then.” He said crossing his arms smiling. I blushed looked down shaking my head. “We aren’t going to do that just for you Morgan.” “Ha! See y’all aren’t together.” I tilted my head and laughed. “Just because we won’t kiss doesn’t mean we aren’t together.” I said crossing my arms. “Then lets see a kiss come on if you guys are together then you shouldn’t have a problem with it.” I rolled my eyes turning my head up to Spencer. I wrapped my arms around his neck bringing him down to my lips. I pressed my lips to his kissing him soft yet hard. I felt his hand come down around my waist resting his hands right above my backside. “Alright we get it.” Morgan said annoyed. I pulled back and smiled. “You’re welcome.” 

Sorry it is absolute shit. I’ve had a lot of things going on rn and I feel bad not doing requests. 

now tell me this,
and you tell me true.
would you still love me,
if I hadn’t bloodied my hands,
crawled my way out of hell for you?

I loved you first; I'll love you still, so what’s one more bitter pill? (h.m.)

inspired by Not Easily Conquered by whatarefears and drop-deaddream

Every time an article says ‘far right wing’ or ‘far left wing’ I hold up my hands to figure out which way is left and which way is right. I then recall that right is conservative and left is liberal, whilst staring at my hands, nod my head in affirmation, and continue on with my day.

squirreltastic  asked:

I'm listening to some horror stories while putting together this squirrel puzzle and the narrator just described the main character as looking "like a scarecrow that dressed up like Ronald McDonald" and I'm !!!!!!! Don't put curly red headed Jon in my head story I dont need that level of adorable in my head rn

On the one hand, he did wear a set of striped stockings and leggings in the Catwoman issues, but on the other hand…I feel a little repulsed at the idea of Scarecrow dressing like Joker.

Burlap and clown makeup do not mix.

anonymous asked:

Hey Sam, I've been thinking about this prompt recently... (Werewolf) mates Jikook are arguing and things get heated up to the point where they start to questioning their relationship ("maybe we were not supposed to be mated" "maybe he's not my soulmate") and they want to disclaim/cut off their connection (basically like divorce/getting back together au). Would you like to make the hc/story based off this? What do you think?

hello dear, first of all I’m really sorry for the late reply… I don’t want to give excuses because they are always the same and I don’t want to keep saying how much of a mess is my head rn….
About the matter at hand, fuck to yeas!!! I’ve never read something with this plot before and it’s sure something interesting. The fun of ABO is the fact that both parts involved are supposed to be mated forever and that even if they hesitate their nature is what guides and pushes them to be together, sometimes without really knowing their partner.

It could involve lots of drama and lots of tears and a lot of thinking about emotions and reflecting about life and love….oh wow….. I would love to write this, make it a full long story….

ok let’s do something, once I’m open for taking requests I will save a spot for you. Come back with this idea (bc i know i will forget about it) and I will write it for you if you still want to read it ^^

Imprint (werewolf calum)

“You’ll always be my best friend”
“Pinky promise?”
He held up his tiny finger with a grin plastered on his face. I interlocked my own with his and we paused for a second, letting the promise sink in.

He has always been there for me, ever since that day at the park, where he flew off the swings and scraped his knee, and he started crying. I gave him one of the princess bandaids that my overprotective mom always made me take with me wherever i went, just incase disaster struck. He smiled through the tears and declared me his best friend.
We were there through thick and thin. I went to all his soccer matches, he was my “plus one” to all my academic banquets. He was like my knight carrying a shinning shield when kids picked on me. I was there for his first heart break. He always kept him promises until the day he left. He didn’t tell me he was leaving, he didn’t tell anyone. It was like one day he was there and the next day he was gone. I’ll never forget waking up to the call at 5 in the morning, after he never came home from a walk. His mom thought maybe he stopped over and fell asleep here. He never said goodbye.
Going over the past always makes my heart hurt and my eyes swell up with tears. Nothing has ever made me feel the pain that Calum’s disappearance had. I think about him all the time, and imagine him spontaneously returning. We use to talk about running away some day, after high school graduation we’d go off to some college or whatever and just live. Leaving town was all he ever wanted to do, but he was suppose to take me with him.
Nights like tonight were always the worst. I lied in bed with the tiny lamp casting a dim glow on the bedside table, my phone softly playing old songs that reminded me of him. I’m never able to sleep, and the sound of rain isn’t able to sooth me anymore. I hated how things I used to love now just made me think of Calum, and it hurt.
One of his favourite Good Charlotte songs was finishing when I heard the thump outside my window. I didn’t move from my curled up position on my bed, but my heart was racing. It wasn’t unusual to hear noises outside. It was constantly raining in my state, and tree branches always knocked against the house in the wind. This thump wasn’t a tree branch though.
The playlist on my phone had ended and an erie silence slipped into my bedroom. I was too afraid to open my eyes and put on another song. I was debating on how fast I could hop up and run into my brothers room or if it would be better to stay put when I heard it. A hissing outside the window.
I wanted to believe that it was just a stray cat caught in the tree, but there was no way, it was too human.
“Fuck.. Y/N, let me in! Please.”
The voice was nearly drowned out by the wind and rain, and I swore I was hearing things. I had to be delusional from overthinking, and now I was actually imagining things.
“This branch isn’t very strong, if you don’t let me in, I’m gonna fall to my death.”
There was no mistaking it this time. I scurried out of my bed and over to the window. I peeked out but it was pitch black beyond the glass, and I couldn’t even make out the tree branches. It didn’t matter, because something was compelling me to unlock it and slide the frame up.
“Thank god! Step back, will ya?”
In a state of shock, I listened to the voice. I heard the branch break off the tree as a figure leaped through my window and landed silently.
“Calum..” I felt like I was being choked and couldn’t get air
“That’s the greeting I get after this long?”
He stood up from his crouching position, wincing and raised a dark eyebrow at me. He’d gotten so much taller and filled out. He had tattoos across his collarbones and on his arms. He held one of his giant hands across his torso but it didn’t hide the blood.
“What the hell is going on?” I felt stunned, like someone had punched me in the gut “You.. You, oh my god. You disappear, without a goodbye, you don’t contact me for months. Now you’re showing up here in the middle of the night, in my tree might I add, while its fucking raining outside and you’re bleeding and you just leaped through my window and you’re just-“
“Y/N! I have some explaining to do, I know.” He held out one of his hands in defence
“Damn right you do, if you weren’t bleeding right now I would punch you so hard. Why are you bleeding?”
“That’s a long story.”
“And you owe me an even longer one.”
“I know, I know.” He walked over to the computer chair on the other side of my room
“Hold on a second, don’t sit down. You’re soaking wet and covered in blood,” I walked over to my dresser and pulled out a pair of black jogging pants from the bottom drawer “You left these here, put them on, I’ll be right back.”
I tossed him the pants and exited my room. I creeped along the old floorboards in attempt to make it to the bathroom undetected. I pulled out the first aid kit from under the sink, if the circumstances were different, I think my mom might be a little ecstatic about her kit finally being used. I returned to my bedroom and creaked open the door
“Decent?” I asked before entering
I closed the door behind me and hurried across the room towards him. I put the first aid on my desk and popped the lid, preparing the alcohol to clean his cuts.
“Move your hand.” I reached for it, trying to pry his fingers away so I could assess the wound
“Wait.. Hang on! You’re gonna freak out.” He tried to explain before I successfully removed his hand to reveal dried blood across his stomach, but no wounds
“You were bleeding when you came in, like full on dripping blood. Is this some kind of joke?”
“This is gonna be hard to explain…You aren’t gonna believe me..” He closed his eyes, leaving him looking tired
“Enlighten me.”
“I’m a..werewolf..” He ended it like he was questioning it himself
“Calum, don’t you think I deserve to have you be serious with me right now? Do you have any idea what you put me through? Now you’re not even going to tell me the truth?”
“But I am! I swear to god, would I lie to you?”
“I don’t know if you would, I use to know, but now I don’t. You broke your promise.”
“Fuck..” He held his head in his hands, shaking “Sit down, just let me explain.”
He followed me to the bed and sat down next to me. His eyes were closed and he was silent for a while, gathering his thoughts.
“You remember when I started to hang out with those guys before I left?”
“How could I forget?” I grumbled
“They’re my pack.”
“You’re still going with this whole werewolf thing?” I asked in disbelief
“Y/N, its the truth! They’re my pack, they’re all like me. They helped me understand who I was and what was happening to me. I’m a werewolf, and I can’t change this, believe me if I could, I would. But it’s in my blood, it’s who I am. Anyway, this pack, they got into some trouble and we had to leave immediately. I couldn’t stay, I wanted to come back to say goodbye, but my Alpha wouldn’t let me, and what he says goes. I felt so guilty this whole time, I’ve missed you like crazy, Y/N. Not a day has gone by where I haven’t thought of you.”
“Why’d you come back?”
“It’s a full moon today. We can change any time we want, but on full moons its almost like were not humans anymore, the wolf takes over everything, its even worse around other wolves. We got a little rowdy, I guess, our Alpha didn’t like that, and then stupid me challenged him. I lost the fight and had to leave the pack.”
“Cal.. I’m sorry.”
“I’m not. It means I can stay here now.” He finally turned to look at me, his eyes filled with a look I’ve never seen before “You know.. Werewolves have the ability to imprint.” He leaned in closer to me
“What does that mean?”
“Mates, we find mates,” He cupped my face in his hands “And we only have one for our whole lives. I should’ve known before I left. I was trying to deny it, so it would be easier to stay away, but when I left the pack tonight, all I could think about was you. Which is how I ended up here,i guess, just running and thinking about you brought me to your house. And I was standing on your lawn, thinking about how big of an idiot I am, and how terrified I was to come in here. But I could hear Good Charlotte playing, and I saw the light on and knew you were probably lying in bed, reading or something and it was driving me insane. I had to see you and you can’t imagine the relief I felt when I jumped through that window. I don’t know how, but you’ve gotten even more beautiful since the last time I saw you.” His forehead was pressed up against mine
“I love you, Y/N”
He pressed his lips to mine, it was soft at first, it felt like his lips were just brushing mine. I moved my hands up and tangled them in his dark hair and deepened the kiss, pulling him closer to me. It was a while before we broke apart.
“You need a haircut.” I commented, feeling the damp hair brush against my forehead
“I just confessed my love for you and all you have to say is a comment about my hair?”
“I love you, Calum.”
He smiled my favourite smile of his. The one where his eyes crinkle up in the corners. He rubbed his nose against mine and pulled me against his bare chest
“I’m exhausted.” he mumbled into my hair
He wrapped the covers around us and shut off the lamp. We lied there in the darkness, his hand drawing lightly along my arm. Soon enough, he drifted off to sleep, his light snores filling the room. I smiled to myself, I hadn’t felt this happy in a long time. With my head of his chest, the drum of his heartbeat lulled me off to sleep.

A/N: its like 1 in the morning and i’m dead tired but i got this idea while i was trying to sleep so sorry if its crappy idk i just have a lot of calum feels rn, i also don’t know what it is but the fact that i always seem to end writing with them falling asleep??? idk feedback would be appreciated

i was tagged by @crazydiamonds !

Nickname: wasser

Zodiac: capricorn

Height: 5′4’’

Last thing I googled: cherry tomato seed guide

Favorite music artist: right now? ariana grande

Song stuck in my head: ocean man, take me by the hand,

Last movie I saw: guardians of the galaxy 2 (also, lol)

What am I wearing right now: college t shirt and japris (jean capris) (its my yard work clothes)

Why did I choose my URL: normally my url is wasserplane or starplats but rn im being paranoid that someone i know irl has found my blog so. its a misspelling of wasserplane

Do I have any other blogs:  

What did your last romantic relationship teach you: uhhhhhhhhh idk …. long distance fucking sucks???? lol

Religious or spiritual: idk….

Favourite colour: GOLD but also blue

Average hours of sleep: 6-8ish hours ? sometimes more?

Lucky number: 9!!!!!

Favourite characters: SONIC, owain, reyson, jotaro (and star platinum), jade curtiss, my friends oc chiron

How many blankets do I sleep with: uhh idk 3 or so?? but one i use as a pillow and one i use as a blanket and the rest i push away

Dream job: visual novel author, music video editor, documentary editor

Tagging: uhh @powerfulstarfish @wheaties13 @firedell @flightyfinch @haroldmason @narfgaraja and theres more people that i had in mind but i just straight up forgot urls

has anyone ever taken wellbutrin and how did it affect u cuz im at the highest recommended dose rn and im taking trintallex along with it, trintallex never had bad side effects but wellbutrin is making me have rly bad tremors like my hands r always shaking :( and i find i am more anxious lmfao also i overheat so much at night that its rly uncomfortable? ive also literally not felt like im in my own head like im playing a video game lol idk if thats a side effect but yeah any insight on wellbutrin ????