my happy place

in this message of “morality” with regards to Regina’s character, what it actually is is more like “shut up and obey” they have repressed every emotion, every dark complex emotion that makes her human and replaced it with “no, you must always be kind, it doesn’t matter what you think or how you feel. The Charmings come first.” The Charmings have no fucking quams about telling Regina how stupid bringing wish Robin back was but Regina can’t tell Emma she’s making mistakes, or to to have any sort of anger towards the unfairness in life… she just has to sit there and take evey situation and make the best of it because that’s what her redemption expects of her… 

I understand now why more and more critiques are coming up saying “Regina is boring”…. yes, this morally obedient and silent pacifist Regina is as thrilling  to watch as watching paint dry. 

Foraging was a success yesterday! My best friend Maya and I didn’t find a lot but we found enough. Lobster mushrooms, slippery jacks, and one single cute wee puffball. We found some boletes we weren’t familiar with too, took a few home to identify and test. I also gathered some old mans beard moss.

I want to sketch you with words
Drawing the memories that bank the fires in my heart
So that as the embers crackle after years of loving you
I will still remember the way it felt
When you surprised me by showing up unannounced
Or the way my heart dances when you trust me with your emotions
And the way warmth spreads through me when you nuzzle me unconsciously
Because you love the feel of me near.
I don’t want to forget the happiness that flutters in my chest
Or the desire coursing through my veins
Or the sleepy sighs of contentment that escape my lips as I drift off.
No I need to find a way to capture all of you, of us,
Before time and age fade them away.

© Courtney Turley 2016