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It was getting too long, I had to cut it, I’ll make 2 more parts on the Art tips!!

Have a super good day!! Hope it helps~~

*** Flipping your canvas on traditional media:  Look at your painting in the mirror, or turn your paper and put it against a light, to see the reverse image or take a pic of your drawing with your phone, and in the pic editor, just flip it~~

// part 1 // part 2 // part 3 //


♥ Jumin Han and the love of pancakes ♥

Omg I finally finished ! My first short comic, I’m so proud ;A; 

The beautiful idea with Jumin and pancakes comes from @serensama with this drabble ! You can found here ! 

snjfnajnklsna I love you & your fanfiction so much, I’m stalking you in secret lol. Jumin: To Misunderstand #4 made me cry, I was a mess ;; Please keep up the super job ! THIS COMIC WOULD HAVE NEVER COME TO LIFE WITHOUT YOU ♥ ♥ ♥ 

@jumin-love thanks to her to explain me how to do photoset ! I’m a noob my god.

P.S. If you find mistakes, please tell me ! English is not my first language ORZ. 

I was really inspired to start drawing again after reading @velocesmells webcomic CTC!!! Go read it its awesome!!!! After reading I really wanted to contribute an oc so here they are :) (this character is literally based off a plant called “Solomons seal” - a plant that i spent an entire day digging the tubers out of my grandmothers garden bc IT SPREADS EVERYWHERE - which kind of inspired the duplicate power).


7-26-17 | 96/100 Days of Productivity

hi everybody, sorry for having not posted in a like over a week. even though my summer school’s over, things have still been pretty hectic for me, oops. but i’m back, and i only have four days left for this challenge? wowza. anyways, california weather is trippy af, one minute it’s pretty nice with some cool winds, the next minute … it’s hot. very hot.

i hope you all have been alright! again, drink lots of water and be sure to treat yourself every now and then :’))

🎶 currently listening to : If You - NU’EST W (it’s such a lovely song alskjf;alskdf i hope they get all the support they truly deserve)

I’m not an art journal pro or anything like that, but these are the last pages of my current journal/sketchbook and I want to dedicate it to anyone who want to start journaling. Of course you don’t have to own all of those tools to start. I just list what I usually use for my pages.

Some binding tips from the Voltron boys! Stay safe everybody <3

This is Day 3 (You’re a Star!!/Armor) of the trans voltron week put together by @trans-legendary-defenders  which ended 3 days ago soz

This took me like 3 days to make but I’m :’) so proud

btw I don’t bind yet (I’ve done quite a bit of research in preparation tho) so please let me know if any of my information is wrong!


Now what do I do with all these Mami feelings?

(This is dedicated to debrisyume because she introduced me to The Different Story manga and even though it destroyed me I’m glad it did because it’s an amazing story)