my handwriting is so ugly haha

013larty  asked:

Wow! I really like Jonathan's signature; could you turn it into a usable font?

Here you go! Took me a hot minute haha. Umm…I’ve never shared a font before, so hopefully this link works. Just go there, download it and then place it in your ‘fonts’ folder in your computer and it should work!

I hope it’s not too ugly though haha idk I have zero patience/know-how to make this super nice. Maybe add extra spacing too b/t letters if you’re using something like Gimp.^^


ok tbh i haven’t been posting recently because my midyears are done so i havent been studying ooPS but i got my results back and i actually did really well!! (way higher than what i expected) / tagged by @steudious / tagging @mediocrestudyblr @studyandlush @jessastudy @ediestudies


Like I promised,  more TF2 sketches :D

(at this rate this blog will turn into a tf2 blog haha … >_>; )

Medic, Heavy and Pyro are the only characters I referenced before,  so the others look a bit derpy

+ bonus  quotes written by my classmate.  (the  really ugly handwriting is mine though, her’s is the clean one lol)


(also excuse the poor quality, I don’t have a scanner so I had to take multiple photos and patch them together <_<;;)


I’ve tried Moleskine journals several times, but never managed to finish a single one. It’s something to do with the way it becomes so full/fat by june that the pages won’t open flat anymore, making it difficult for me to write. Apart from that I like the paper, the faded lines (can’t stand bold/thick lines on notebooks, urgh), the size… I will be posting a few pages from my old books here; they’re a bit messy and over the top but whatever, documenting history. (blurred text mainly due to ugly handwriting, haha)