my handsome prince


You don’t really get to choose who you fall for.
It’s embarrassing after all the horrible things I’ve said about him!!!

Storytime! by s0alaina

Well Thomas, @thatsthat24 it’s been a wild ride and I’m so glad you invited us to share it with you! I’m sad that Vine is coming to an end but I’m so excited to see what you do on Youtube and in the future! Thanks for making me laugh, for being so wonderful and positive, and for giving me courage. You have no idea how much it means to me.

Thanks for motivating me to draw (and animate) you! XD I hope this picture brings you happiness. Continue to change the world for the better history has it’s eye on you and keep smiling! :D

Zhang Yixing is everyone's type of guy!

Guys with Dimplies!

Guys with nice Arm’s!

Guys with cute Smiles!

Guys that do the sexy Thing!

Guys that look good in a Suit!

Guys that are a bit Strange!

Guys that aren’t afraid to Cry!

Guys that look High!