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7 Days of Heaven (Day 3 – Jinyoung)


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Characters:  Park Jinyoung (Junior, GOT7) X You (OC/Reader) X GOT7 members

Genre:  Smut

Warning/s:  Kitten Kink, Master/Pet (Whatever it is called but meh), Very very light bondage, Park Jinyoung in suit with his forehead exposed isn’t that enough

Words:  3,829 words

A/N:  3rd Day of the journey to heaven!  Some of you may be confused as to why Jinyoung came first before Jackson (when Jackson is older).  There is no big reason behind it, I just thought that Jinyoung was the one present when the reader drunk confessed, so… He was one of the firsts (if that makes sense) haha

—Shoutout to @jinmeowie dear!!!!!!

Jaebum grabbed you from Mark when he sensed that Mark is getting too detailed with you. You whined at Jaebum’s actions and you were sitting in between the hyungs again.  You crossed your arms against your chest and pouted.  Mark murmured a sorry to Jaebum that you were unable to hear.

“I was talking to oppa!” You pouted and you are about to lay your head on Mark’s thighs again when he stood up to sit on the other single couch instead, making your head hit the soft throw pillow.

“Enough with the silent Mark Tuan, ______.  Oppa wants to know what you think about Jac-“

“Park Jinyoung…”  You interrupted Mark and Jinyoung’s head shoot up.

“I wanna talk about him.  He looks so gorgeous whenever he wears a suit… Do you agree with me that he has a fucking kitten kink?  Like… he will call me kitten during sex… while he is still in his suit!”  You blurted out and giggled right after, as if you are talking about something not related to a dirty sex kink.

“Fuck I cannot take this anymore. I’ll be back but I need some fucking release.”  Mark stormed out of the room while you are still in your thoughts.  Jinyoung and Jaebum, on the other hand, just shook their heads in sync and waited for Mark to comeback.

“I will go next once Mark is back, Jinyoung.”

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G-Dragon from Bigbang, the line "I'll kick his ass if he touches you again"

Jiyong just stared at you and your friend on the dance floor, your hips swaying against each other as your hands are wrapped around his neck and his are on your hips, guiding you to dance with him.

Jiyong knew that you are only friends with this guy that you are dancing with, and you have convinced him multiple times not to worry about him because your relationship with him is purely platonic.  However, Jiyong is still unsure about him.  He trusts you that you do not like him in that way, but he just cannot seem to trust this ‘friend’ that you are talking about.

The dance is getting heated and the guy started to grind his groin all over your backside and you start to feel uncomfortable.  You started to move away from him, but he locked his arms around your waist and his mouth is on your ear.

“Where are you going, ______?”  You can smell the alcohol from his breath and you felt disgusted.  He never acted this way towards you before, he has always been a good friend and an older brother to you.

“I-I’m going to go back to Jiyong, oppa, let me go.”  You tried to remove his arms from your waist, but he kept a solid grip on you, making you helpless.

“We are still having fun, babe.  Let’s go to the dark side of the bar, and I will give you the fun that you deserve.. more than your boyfri-.”  He got cut off when he was thrown to the floor by no other than your boyfriend.  Jiyong hovered him and his hand landed a solid punch on his jaw; causing blood to spill out of your friend’s lips.

You quickly eased your way towards your boyfriend, circling your arms around his waist before pulling him off of your friend, which is now struggling to stand up because of the intensity of Jiyong’s punch.  Your other friends helped him stand up and brought him away from the two of you while you try to calm Jiyong down.

“That motherfucker.  And you told me not to worry about him?  Huh?”  He glared at you and you know that he is angry and you felt sorry.

“Sorry, oppa.  He was just drunk so I am sure that he didn’t mean what he said and did.  L-let’s just go home and forget about this, okay?”  You hugged him tight and kissed his lips, making him sigh in relief.

“Look, baby, if I ever see him around with you again, he will be dead.”  He warned you and you smiled at him.

“Is my handsome oppa jealous?”  You joked and he just rolled his eyes at you.

“I am not joking, _____.  Moreover, I’ll kick his ass if he touches you again… is that clear?”  He raised his index finger at you and you nodded.

“Understood, oppa!”  He pulled you in for another hug before you walked out the door of the bar, hoping to continue the night somewhere private and more quiet that the place that you just left.