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Fear of love Pt.1 [College AU]

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Request:  Can you do a Yoongi college au where he denies his feelings for you and ends up hurting you? -Chichi

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader, Bestfriend!Jungkook x reader, ft. Bangtan 

Genre: Angst 

Word count: 2 508

Warnings: None

A/N: Hi Anon Chichi! I’m sorry if there isn’t as much Yoongi x reader interaction as you wanted, hope you like it tho. Thanks for requesting <3 

Also, I’m doing two more parts of this, I’ll try to publish Pt. 2 this week. 


Yoongi have been in the same spot trying to study for the past two hours. Clue word is trying. The constant noise from his roommate and his best friends were a constant distraction for him, and by now his temper got the best out of him as he stood up, exiting his room, walking to the small living room.

“Ya! I’m trying to study, you know, keep it down.” He said trying his best not to sound too harsh, but his crossed arms and angry expression didn’t help much. At the angry presence, immediately seven head shot up to see him, trying their best to seem innocent.

“Sorry Oppa, it’s mostly my fault, I was taking photos of them for my project.” You said stifling a laugh, Yoongi never actually scared you when he was angry, in your opinion he looked adorable. Of course your lack of reaction to his anger always drives him mad, he swears to God one day he will end up murdering all seven of you, but specially the cute girl who seems to make him soft much to his despair.

“And I didn’t really consider we would make such noise when I said to (Y/N) to make the photo shoot here…Sorry hyung?” His roommate, Namjoon, added so you wouldn’t take the entire fault. A bunch of “Sorry hyung” followed him.

Yoongi sighed heavily, he can’t get angry at you, he hates it but it’s the truth. “It’s okay, it doesn’t matter.” He sighs while scratching the bridge of his nose, making you notice how tired he was so you made a gesture to Jungkook so he would pick the stuff you brought. Since you were roommates it’s not like he had much choice.

“You look tired, you should take some rest.”  You say while raising a brow, almost like accusing him for not taking proper rest. “I’m not tired” Yoongi replied with a scoff, but not long after that he couldn’t contain a yawn, making you laugh a little. “Yeah right, and my major is Laws.”  After your sarcastic remark, you approach him to give him a kiss in the cheek, him trying his best to look indifferent at your actions.

“Better for us to go and finish our projects in our apartment.” You say before hugging the rest of the guys and living with Jungkook, both of you already discussing if you were actually finishing your projects right away or playing a round of Overwhatch, making the others laugh at their youngest friends.

“You look tired; you should take some rest, my sweet and handsome oppa.” Taehyung started to imitate you once you were gone, kissing in an exaggerated way Hoseok’s cheek who quickly got in role, looking blankly at Tae. “I may look like I’m a stone and I don’t like you, but I’m actually screaming inside.” He said in a monotone way, all five of them bursting into laughs, gaining a death glare from Yoongi.

“Don’t be such idiots, I don’t like her.” He couldn’t like her, even if he knew he did, he didn’t want to. His past relationships didn’t end up well, at first he was the one who gave it all and the most recent ones he noticed he was the one hurting them. He created such façade to prevent himself of getting hurt that unconsciously he neglects anyone who made him feel even the slight affection, this time would be no exception. He didn’t want to do it, you were so important; he couldn’t bear the thought of not having you in his life because he hurt you or something in-between those lines.

“Oh, so I guess it doesn’t bother you that I heard Kookie’s idea for the project was to take nude pictures of (Y/N)” Jimin said simply, a mischievous look in his eyes, the only of the boys who didn’t understood it was a lie to make Yoongi jealous was Tae, who made the most shook expression ever.

“They…What?” Almost immediately after reacting in an almost angry way, Yoongi realized he fell in a goddamn trap set up by the little pink-haired devil.

“Come on, hyung, don’t lie. What is wrong with liking her? She clearly likes you and cares deeply about you, and you obviously care about her too.” This time Hoseok spoke, he knew how Yoongi was scared of loving, even if he didn’t admit it himself. Yoongi knew their intention was the best, but they didn’t understood, he wasn’t good for you. If he could avoid everything going to the absolute trash by erasing his feelings, he would do it. “There’s nothing wrong because I don’t like her, now stop being so damn stubborn. I’ll take a nap.” The words came out of Yoongi´s mouth in a harsh way, rolling his eyes before exiting to his room, leaving the five guys with a sad look.

“So…is Jungkookie really taking nude photos of cupcake?” Asked Taehyung calling you by your pet name, Jimin looking at him in annoyance.

“No, dummy, that was a lie. Ah, you really are a lost case” Jin laughed, dragging the rest out to let Yoongi rest.

“Kookie-ah!!” You screamed from your room as loud as you could, hearing the quick steps to your room and two seconds later an alarmed Jungkook was in your door. You laughed at his appearance, his face with paint all over while his left hand was holding a paint brush. “Don’t. Do. That!” He exclaimed between breaths, rolling his eyes. “I almost ruined my paint because of you, so it better be a good reason.” He crossed his arms, looking like an angry little child.

“Does it look good?” You ask with your best angelic smile, turning around to show him your outfit. You never were one to care that much about fashion, so you could understand the confused face of your roommate.

“Yeah but…why do you ask? You never do that…oh, wait, don’t answer. This is because of certain grumpy hyung.” Jungkook starts to tease you as he walks closer, raising his brows and doing a weird dance. You couldn’t help but blush, smacking his muscular arm while moving to your mirror so you could start your simple make-up routine.

“Don’t worry, he most like you, he never gets angry at you!” Jungkook exclaimed with a happy tone, sitting in the edge of you bed as he saw you get ready for the party almost everyone in the campus was invited to. “Don’t be a fool, that’s just because I don’t bother him as much as you do.” You reply with a laugh, looking at him in a funny way. You start being bothered by the paint in his face so you took out a tissue and approach him to wipe his face, being as gentle as you could.

“I just…feel so strange with him; like everything is at peace…you know that feeling? But he probably doesn’t like me, even if he’s oblivious about it we all know the entire music faculty wants to get in his bed, how can I compete with girls who not only have the same interest as him but also are older than me? And way more pretty also.” You started to ramble, starting to pay no attention to your current task, making Jungkook scrunch his face, placing his hands in yours so you would snap out of your thoughts. “Ouch, (Y/N)” He simply said with a small smile, knowing you needed to let it all out. “Sorry…” You smiled back, going back to clean his face.

“You don’t have to worry about others, I guarantee you that hyung probably is already all head over heels for you.” Jungkook smiled sweetly, poking your sides playfully. “Could you pick my outfit? If you are going like that I should dress up too.” You laugh at your best friend, nodding with your head as you finished cleaning his face, throwing the tissue away before going to Jungkook’s closet with the happy bunny behind you.

After an hour you both arrived at the party, both looking effortlessly stunning. It didn’t even passed a second before you saw your group of friends calling you over, whistling at you, but you didn’t knew if it was because you put a little of effort in your outfits or because you were always late.

“Damn, look at our babies, looking good!” Jimin exclaimed, resting his arm in your shoulders.

“We are just a year younger.” You rolled your eyes, but at the same time you couldn’t help but laugh noticing the tipsy state of your friends. That’s when you noticed a certain pale boy was missing. “Where’s Yoongi?” You asked, making them all smile in a creepy way at you.

“Why you want to know?” Taehyung asked, leaning closer to you. You limited yourself to send him a warning look before turning to the others, waiting for them to answer.

“I don’t know, but you should look for him, he may be happy to see you.” Namjoon said before sending a wink your way.

“If you say so…” You tried not to get your hopes high, after all Yoongi didn’t act like you were something more than just a friend.

“Good luck my little flower” Jin dramatically said, sending one of his infamous hand kisses.

You laughed a little before heading to the backyard, as you walked you asked yourself whose house was this, Jungkook was the one who told you about the party but you really didn’t knew who was the host or if there was one at all. You started to wonder around the house full of teenagers in all kinds of substances looking for the black-haired boy who managed his way to your heart without even meaning to.

You started to remember when you met each other, you weren’t even in college. Jungkook, your childhood best friend, wanted to present you his friends out of school, who were older than him. You ended up joining them every time, all of you becoming closer as time passed. But there was this feeling you got whenever you were close or alone with Yoongi, you became so aware of him, of every move, every word, and every little thing about him made you melt. You tried to be subtle, not showing too much how wiped he had you, you showed you cared in little details, hoping one day he would care too.

You snapped out of your thoughts when you reached the end of the hall, you gave up searching for him, figuring that maybe he went back with the boys. As you came downstairs to meet with them again, you saw him. Yoongi was seating in one of the large couches, but he wasn’t alone. A girl you didn’t really recognize was sitting in his lap, both too involved in a heated make-out to even notice your hurt stare.

“Cupcake! Did you found hyung?” The deep voice of Tae took you by surprised, but you still were too focused on the rather painful scene in front of you. And your oblivious friend didn’t seem to noticed it, since he just stayed there waiting for an answer with his cute innocent smile. You simply pointed with your chin in direction of the older boy in the couch; all leaving Taehyung’s mouth was a quiet “Oh…” He quickly pulled you away to go back with the boys, and you just followed him. You tried to suppress your feelings so much that you physically you had no reaction. You wanted to cry, but you found that being silly and immature. You were the one who created the whole fantasy, you were the one who gave different meaning to the occasional hugs, when out of the blue he took your hand or when he decided to visit you with the sole intention of cuddling. You didn’t notice when you arrived the small table your friends had claimed as their spot, or when Taehyung pointed the reason of your blank expression and lost eyes. You didn’t noticed the pitiful look in Jungkook’s, Jimin’s and Jin’s eyes or the anger in Hoseok’s and Namjoon’s expression, because they knew you were hurting and it was the most unnecessary thing ever since Yoongi had feelings for you, but in his stubbornness he thought he was doing the right thing.

You recovered you senses when you felt the strong arms of your best friend around you, giving you his best funny smile. But you could see the worry in his eyes, and you hated it. You smile as if everything was alright, but he could see the pain behind it, and he hated it. “You know, this party is lame, let’s go home?” You didn’t want him to go home, this was a huge party and you knew he was doing this just because of you, but before you even knew you were nodding eagerly. The rest of the boys tried to join you, but you told them to stay. Just because you couldn’t it doesn’t mean they can’t have fun either. In the ride you couldn’t make up a sentence to break the silence, your mind couldn’t even concentrate on the trip.

Why did you felt so broken? Probably because deep down, a part of you thought he did liked you back. But it turns out It was all in your head, you weren´t enough. Or so did you thought. Truth is, life has a dark humor, and even when Yoongi’s intentions were to keep you from getting hurt, he hurt you in the worst way. Because it was a whole new kind of pain when you felt less, when you saw the one you loved with someone else, thinking that she was better than you. Not in a general way but in his eyes she was better than you. You really want to slap some sense into yourself and stop the silent crying you didn´t notice until now, but you aren´t strong enough. You want to believe you are, that this will not affect you and that live goes on. But right now, all you are in the mood for is crying and feeling safe in your warm bed with the sole companion of your best friend.

They ended the night like this, both feeling helpless, both thinking of the other. He had a naked girl in his arms; he doesn’t remember her name, because all he thought was about you in his weak attempt to get rid of his feelings. You were in someone else’s arms, crying in Jungkook’s chest, holding for dear life into your loyal friend, feeling too weak to stop yourself. He had no idea the pain he caused you and you had no idea that he actually did loved you.

He loved you so much, but he was afraid. Sometimes the only thing humans should actually fear is fear itself. Now both of you were stock with a question, “Did I just dodge a bullet…or did I just lost the love of my life?”

7 Days of Heaven (Day 3 – Jinyoung)


Teaser 1 Teaser 2  Prologue Day 1-Jaebum Day 2-MarkDay 4-Jackson Day 5-Youngjae  Day 6-Bambam  Day 7-Yugyeom

Characters:  Park Jinyoung (Junior, GOT7) X You (OC/Reader) X GOT7 members

Genre:  Smut

Warning/s:  Kitten Kink, Master/Pet (Whatever it is called but meh), Very very light bondage, Park Jinyoung in suit with his forehead exposed isn’t that enough

Words:  3,829 words

A/N:  3rd Day of the journey to heaven!  Some of you may be confused as to why Jinyoung came first before Jackson (when Jackson is older).  There is no big reason behind it, I just thought that Jinyoung was the one present when the reader drunk confessed, so… He was one of the firsts (if that makes sense) haha

—Shoutout to @jinmeowie dear!!!!!!

Jaebum grabbed you from Mark when he sensed that Mark is getting too detailed with you. You whined at Jaebum’s actions and you were sitting in between the hyungs again.  You crossed your arms against your chest and pouted.  Mark murmured a sorry to Jaebum that you were unable to hear.

“I was talking to oppa!” You pouted and you are about to lay your head on Mark’s thighs again when he stood up to sit on the other single couch instead, making your head hit the soft throw pillow.

“Enough with the silent Mark Tuan, ______.  Oppa wants to know what you think about Jac-“

“Park Jinyoung…”  You interrupted Mark and Jinyoung’s head shoot up.

“I wanna talk about him.  He looks so gorgeous whenever he wears a suit… Do you agree with me that he has a fucking kitten kink?  Like… he will call me kitten during sex… while he is still in his suit!”  You blurted out and giggled right after, as if you are talking about something not related to a dirty sex kink.

“Fuck I cannot take this anymore. I’ll be back but I need some fucking release.”  Mark stormed out of the room while you are still in your thoughts.  Jinyoung and Jaebum, on the other hand, just shook their heads in sync and waited for Mark to comeback.

“I will go next once Mark is back, Jinyoung.”

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Onew caught happily dancing around as Eunsook   (◕‿◕✿)

SHINee’s School of Rock BTS

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G-Dragon from Bigbang, the line "I'll kick his ass if he touches you again"

Jiyong just stared at you and your friend on the dance floor, your hips swaying against each other as your hands are wrapped around his neck and his are on your hips, guiding you to dance with him.

Jiyong knew that you are only friends with this guy that you are dancing with, and you have convinced him multiple times not to worry about him because your relationship with him is purely platonic.  However, Jiyong is still unsure about him.  He trusts you that you do not like him in that way, but he just cannot seem to trust this ‘friend’ that you are talking about.

The dance is getting heated and the guy started to grind his groin all over your backside and you start to feel uncomfortable.  You started to move away from him, but he locked his arms around your waist and his mouth is on your ear.

“Where are you going, ______?”  You can smell the alcohol from his breath and you felt disgusted.  He never acted this way towards you before, he has always been a good friend and an older brother to you.

“I-I’m going to go back to Jiyong, oppa, let me go.”  You tried to remove his arms from your waist, but he kept a solid grip on you, making you helpless.

“We are still having fun, babe.  Let’s go to the dark side of the bar, and I will give you the fun that you deserve.. more than your boyfri-.”  He got cut off when he was thrown to the floor by no other than your boyfriend.  Jiyong hovered him and his hand landed a solid punch on his jaw; causing blood to spill out of your friend’s lips.

You quickly eased your way towards your boyfriend, circling your arms around his waist before pulling him off of your friend, which is now struggling to stand up because of the intensity of Jiyong’s punch.  Your other friends helped him stand up and brought him away from the two of you while you try to calm Jiyong down.

“That motherfucker.  And you told me not to worry about him?  Huh?”  He glared at you and you know that he is angry and you felt sorry.

“Sorry, oppa.  He was just drunk so I am sure that he didn’t mean what he said and did.  L-let’s just go home and forget about this, okay?”  You hugged him tight and kissed his lips, making him sigh in relief.

“Look, baby, if I ever see him around with you again, he will be dead.”  He warned you and you smiled at him.

“Is my handsome oppa jealous?”  You joked and he just rolled his eyes at you.

“I am not joking, _____.  Moreover, I’ll kick his ass if he touches you again… is that clear?”  He raised his index finger at you and you nodded.

“Understood, oppa!”  He pulled you in for another hug before you walked out the door of the bar, hoping to continue the night somewhere private and more quiet that the place that you just left.


I don’t know how many of you have seen this before, but still… just wanna show how Awesome Minwoo oppa is :D :D I Friggingggg Love His Dance moves!!!! <3 arrrrrrrr!!!!!