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Laurel’s Guide to Grimoires

A while back I made a post about how I organize my Grimoire/Book of Shadows and for a long time since then I’ve wanted to a sort of 101 for creating a Grimoire/Book of Shadows. Be warned, this will be a long post! As always, this is merely my opinion, my word is not law.

(UPDATED 4/24/17; All updates are marked)

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-The Grimoire Basics-

What is a Grimoire?

As my own personal definition, a Grimoire is simply any book used by a witch in his/her/their own personal practice. There is no limit as to what a Grimoire can or cannot be, as each one is as unique as the witch who wrote it.

How do I use a Grimoire?

A grimoire is used to document, or keep track of, any magickal information that is relevant to the practitioner.It serves to log everything you need to know in your own personal craft. 

-Types of Grimoires-

These are my own personal “styles” of grimoires that I have made over the years. These are not the only “kinds” of grimoires, merely suggestions.

- “Textbook” Grimoire: This is a grimoire that is set up to serve as a reference book, a book strictly for spiritual or magickal information. 

- “Practical” Grimoire: This is a grimoire that can serve a practical purpose, such as a recipe or spell book. Often more portable than a standard grimoire.

- “Inspirational” Grimoire: These are often called inspiration journals. They are filled with spiritual images, quotes and writings to serve as a sort of “bible.”

- “Memory Keeping” or “Journal” Grimoire: This is a grimoire that serves to be a personal record of thoughts and feelings pertaining to spiritual activity in your life. 

-Grimoire Keeping Methods-

- Blank bound or spiral bound Notebooks
    - I’ve actually seen someone tape composition notebooks together to get             a “thick” book.
- Recycled or used hard/soft cover books
- Binders
- OneNote/Tumblr/Internet
- Computer Folder/Flash Drive/Memory Card

-How to make a Grimoire-

I recommend that if you are starting a grimoire or are a relatively new witch, don’t even bother buying a nice, expensive, fancy journal. Most of the time (unless you’ve already done one or two grimoires before and you know exactly what you’ll be putting in this grimoire), that book will sit on a shelf and collect dust. Many new witches get excited to have a “fancy” grimoire and then become terrified of “messing up” in it which results in that book never being used. We’ve all been there, done that.

That being said, here are the basic steps I followed when making my “permanent” grimoire.

- Decide on your Grimoire Keeping Method
 - Gather the information that you would like to put into your grimoire (this can sometimes take a very long time, it took me years), although if the “write as you go” method is more comfortable for you, then go ahead.
- Organize your information. If you’re a perfectionist like me, this might take a bit. It’s also completely natural to change up your organization style later on.
- Protect/Consecrate your Grimoire. This is completely optional, but it can also be a fun “witchy” way to bond with your grimoire.
- Put all your information in your book in anyway that you desire. I found it useful to “plan” out the book before I started writing in all the information. This way I knew exactly what pages were going where.
- Decorate your Grimoire. Also, completely optional. Some people like decorating with flowers and ribbons and pictures and stickers. Other people prefer straight to the point text. Either way works perfectly fine.

A quick note for those who suffer from the perfectionist complex: don’t sweat it. We all want our books to be “perfect” but after writing about six grimoires I’ve learned that grimoires really don’t ever become “permanent” because our preferences change as we grow. If you’re worried about it being perfect, starting “planning” pages in a cheap journal. Take note of any mistakes or things you want to change. You can always create another grimoire later. Don’t let that pesky perfectionism hold you back. And if you make mistakes, try to work with them and turn them into something else instead of scrapping your book to start over.

I used to dream of having a huge, Charmed-like Grimoire, and now I prefer the small, sloppy, scrap book, messy-writing kind of grimoire. Don’t sweat it.

Things to put in your Grimoire

- Correspondences
- Sabbats, Esbats and any Holidays you celebrate
- How to cast spells
- Spells and Rituals
- Divination
- Astrology
- Herbs and Recipes
- Crystals
- Topics you’d like to learn about later.

@cosmic-witch has a HUGE list of topics here

How to organize your Grimoire

This post details my own personal Grimoire Index. However the best way to organize your grimoire would be whatever works best for you. I personally like having everything divided into matching sections. However, if you write spells a lot, you may want spell writing notes in the front, while correspondences would be better in the back. It’s all up to personal preference. 

 Witchy-Woman’s Grimoire Organization

TripleVirgo’s Grimoire Index

 My Tips on Grimoire Organization

(UPDATED 4/24/17)

Other Grimoire Tips

- Intention Cheat Sheets. When you want to write a spell, nothing sucks more than having to flip back and forth all over your grimoire to find the information you need. My advice is to make “cheat sheets” for each of your intentions. Pick an intention, such as Money, and write down anything that corresponds to that (colors, herbs, moon phases or zodiac signs, crystals, incense, etc) this way the next time you want to do a spell for Money, you can just flip to your cheat sheet and be done. (UPDATED 4/24/17)

- Incognito Grimoire: Find a generic book that you like at a Goodwill or second hand shop. Write your witchcraft notes/correspondences in the margins and spacing. Use markers or crayons to draw pictures and symbols. You can also glue blank pages into the book so you have more space to write anything you want. This way your Grimoire can sit in plain sight on your bookshelf when you have company over and no one will be the wiser.

- So You Don’t Think You Can Grimoire: Tips and ideas for witches who struggle with the “My handwriting is terrible and I can’t draw” complex. (UPDATED 4/24/17)

- Scrapbook Altars

- Create a Magickal Memories Folder

This post will probably be a “masterpost” of sorts that I’ll continue to add to as the inspiration strikes. If anyone has any ideas or grimoire-related topics they’d like to see, feel free to share!


Jackson Heights - Peter Parker

request -  Hey! I was wondering if you could write a fic where the reader is recruited to fight in civil war with Steve and she ends up fighting peter and while fighting they spark up a conversation and become friends? And then soon they become more than friends?

a/n - going back to peter in civil war and trying to bring out his more rookie/dorky side was fun but i went back and forth with a ton of ideas for this fic, i hope it turned out good enough and isn’t trash like me :( but don’t forget to request a fic if you’d like and follow!

The airport terminal was ripped into pieces as the minutes went by. The battle between Stark and Rogers had spread like a disease, influencing the whole team to pick sides and fight until one victor remained. I was among that group, suddenly finding myself fighting against the people whom I held dearest to my heart, supposedly helping Captain in this messy situation.

My back was pressed up against Wanda’s, circling around to defy anyone that came near us. T’Challa had tried his best to come and toy with us, my spine shivering once I heard the claws come out of his suit and pounce towards Wanda and I, only to be stopped by the force of her hands. I watched as his body flew across the premise, landing on pieces of debris.

“(Y/N). Spider-Man coming for you from Eastside.” Carter said over the intercom.

“Spider what?” I furrowed my brows, turning around only to get swooped into the air.

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i say “i’m bisexual”
but all you see is me holding hands with my girlfriend
and you suddenly can’t hear me over “i didn’t know you were a lesbian" 

he says, “i’m bisexual”
but his coming out goes unheard
over you telling him, “it’s just a phase, you’ll pick a side eventually" 

she says, “i’m bisexual”
but you can’t hear her over 
“oh, honey, you’re just confused, you’re too young to know for sure”

we say, “i am bisexual”
but you hear
“i am greedy”
“i am indecisive”
“i am wishy-washy" 

we are bisexual
and we are so fucking tired
of your stereotypes
and your assumptions

we are bisexual
and we are valid

—  i couldn’t wait until bi visibility week to remind you that bisexuals are visible.
(cc, 2016)
Bygones of the Sun | 04 (M)

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Genre: Angst/fluff/(future)smut || dance captain!hoseok, bad boy!au, uni!au

Pairing: Reader x Hoseok

Length: 4.8k

Summary: Jung Hoseok was once the sweetheart of the school, the dance captain whom every girl, including you, can’t help but fall head over heels for. But like the force of the ever-glowing sun, everything that rises must also set. A year of inactivity later and he’s now the school’s resident bad boy. You’re a firm believer of allowing the past be the past, and yet you can’t help but wonder where the risen sun has gone into hiding—because perhaps its shadows have out-shined its own radiance.

01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05

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i say “i’m bisexual”
but all you see is me holding hands with my girlfriend
and you suddenly can’t hear me over “i didn’t know you were a lesbian"
I say, “i’m bisexual”
but my coming out goes unheard
over you telling me, “it’s just a phase, you’ll pick a side eventually"
I say, “i’m bisexual”
but you can’t hear me over 
“oh, honey, you’re just confused, you’re too young to know for sure”
I say, “i am bisexual”
but you hear
“i am greedy”
“i am indecisive”
“i am wishy-washy”
I am bisexual
and I am so fucking tired
of your stereotypes
and your assumptions
I am bisexual
and I am valid
—  Unknown
Of Tantrums and Tactics

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: SMUT (Ages 18+)

Summary: Bucky’s been ordered to train you, the new recruit, and sparks fly. Deadly ones. Your arguments and harsh attitude are a lot for him to handle, so one day, he snaps.

Word Count: 3.7k

Request for @purplekitten30 

You charged to the middle of the ring, using little to no tactics, relying on just your strength and pure power as you moved to tackle Steve, but he expertly used your own velocity against you, ducking to the left and grabbing hold of your arm, propelling you backwards. Your back hit the mat with a loud thud, knocking the air right out of your lungs and causing an odd wheezing sound to leave your mouth.

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marino-kun  asked:

Do you take prompt? What about Stiles having a secret crush on Derek but when saw him, taking care Scott's son, he fell in love.

I’m not much of a kid fic person, so this took me a while, but I tried. Hopefully it’s kind of what you were angling for!


“Do you think I’m ready for fatherhood?” Stiles asks, trying to keep the panic out of his voice. He’s not freaking out about this. He’s not.

Boyd says flatly, “Stilinski, you’re twenty-one years old. You’re supposed to know how to use a condom by now.“

Stiles’ hand spasms and he accidentally squirts a huge glob of ketchup on his mound of curly fries. Fuck. He has the ideal ketchup-to-curly-fry ratio down to a science, and this is not it. “No, absolutely not what I meant. It’s just. Did you know Derek had a kid?”

Boyd meditatively takes a bite of his burger. “No. But the nice thing about Derek is that he doesn’t go in for personal talk.”

Stiles shoots him a weird look. Of course Boyd would think that was nice. Stiles, though, has been trying to break down Derek’s walls even just a little bit for months now—sitting with him in class, sharing his notes, studying with him in the library and getting late-night waffles together afterwards, little by little pulling Derek out of his shell. He’d thought he was getting somewhere, but obviously not, not if Derek failed to mention this kid even existed.

Which he does. Stiles knows, because he can see him right now, over by Prof. Martin’s pool. Apparently his name is Jamie.

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Eddie Kaspbrak || Jealousy

A/N: I wanted to take the quote that was requested and use it in a fun and playful twist, Bite that lip one more fucking time and you won’t be able to walk til the next morning, so I am hoping everyone enjoys this!

“Bite that lip one more fucking time and you won’t be able to walk til the next morning,” Eddie growled in a threatening manner, his eyes hard on Richie as Eddie caught Richie not-so-discreetly checking out his girl. Richie turned to Eddie with a mischievous, shit eating grin across his face, “oh, now that is some kinky shit, Eds. You talk dirty to Y/N like that too?” Eddie almost snarled at his friend, he was so tempted to reach over the table to wrap his hands around the boy’s throat.

“Richie, quit antagonizing him. You know he doesn’t like it when you screw around like that and neither do I.” Your voice cut through the tension as you sat down next to Eddie and placed your hand on his thigh comfortingly, to which Eddie eased down some, his ego immediately boosted when you sat down next to him. It was almost ridiculous since you were, in fact, his girlfriend. “Hey, it isn’t my fault that you’re so fucking hot. A man can’t help but to screw around.” Richie’s tone was pure teasing, “no, now you’re just begging for me to kick your ass, trash-mouth.” Eddie’s words seemed to not phase Richie as he snickered in response, “damn, but you make it so fucking fun, Eds!”

You rolled your eyes at that, “you know for an eighteen year old, you act like you’re a fucking five year old.”

Eddie came down from his near jealous rage at your sassy comeback and his hand came to rest over yours, his thumb soothing over the top of your hand. Richie’s response came in the form of an over dramatic shock expression and a hand against his heart, “a five year old?! How insulting! I at least act like I am a six year old!”

“Jesus Christ, shut the hell up, Richie.” Stan quickly came to sit beside you, “I just got here and I’m already annoyed.” Eddie snorted at that, “try having three classes with him.”

Richie’s face quickly contorted into a mocking offended expression, “well, I would much rather have three classes to stare at Y/N in, but instead of her, I have your cute little mug. So, here we are.”

Eddie immediately went back into his defensive look of rage that was only fueled more when Richie turned to face you and gave you a wink and blew you a kiss, “that’s it! I’m kicking your ass, Richie!” Richie snickered as he quickly jumped up and ran in the opposite direction as Eddie ripped himself from the seat and sprinted after him.

“Wow,” Stan’s tone practically screamed unamused as he quickly bit into his sandwich, “I got five bucks on your boyfriend, he looks like he is ready to kill Richie.”

“I’d double that,” you add, watching carefully as Eddie ran behind Richie, Stan snorted out a quick, “deal.”

“Eh, I don’t know. Richie may be able to out run him, so my money is on Richie.” Ben added as he joined you and Stan, obviously he had caught enough of the conversation to know what the bet was over. “Eddie’s a great runner though, hell he can out run me,” your tone held your pride in your boyfriend’s progress as you watch Eddie begin to close in on Richie.

“W-what’s g-going on?” Bill’s voice came from behind you, “betting pool on Richie out running Eddie long enough before Eddie gives up and Eddie kicking Richie’s ass when he gets his hands on Richie for everything he dared to say about Y/N in front of him.” Stan narrowed it down and Bill snorted, “M-my m-money’s on R-Richie,” Bill took a deep breath, “h-he’s just gotta ou-out r-run Eddie,” he forced out the rest of his words quickly.

“Stan and I already agreed ten each.” Your voice finally cut through, but your eyes still trained on your boyfriend, ready to bring him his inhaler at any moment.

“Let’s sweeten it, twenty each.” Ben’s voice held high confidence and your smile grew, “deal for me.” Bill and Stan quickly echoed, “deal.”

Eddie was closer now, if he wanted, he could jump out and tackle Richie, “s-shake on it.” You reached behind you, not ripping your eyes from the boys as the others hands fell on yours.

Not even thirty seconds later, Richie’s voice cut through the distance with a loud yell, he saw the handshake so he knew there had to be a bet, “Hey, Y/N!” His voice came out breathless as he ran, Eddie’s attention perked at the mention of your name, “I hoped your sweet ass placed a bet on me!”

“Oh, we got this!” Stan bellowed out in laughter as pure rage filled Eddie’s face and he sped up and tackled Richie, sending him face down into the grass, “I’m going to fucking kill you, Tozier!”

You shot Ben and Bill a grin and a wink, “Well boys, I expect my payment by the end of the week!” Stan laughed as the two of you ran to the two rolling on the grass, Eddie trying to ‘kill’ Richie and Richie snickering beneath him as Eddie basically cussed him out and landed weak, but meaningful hits on him.

“Alright boys, break it up.” Your voice stilled Eddie as he looked up at you, a smirk on his face, his quick breaths came out in huffs, before he stood up and closed the distance between the two of you. Eddie’s hair began to curl from the wind and sweat, his hair no longer neatly parted as it now sprung wild and free, a layer of sweat covered his face, and his cheeks flushed from running. His arms wrapped around you, he leaned down and pressed a quick kiss to your nose, “a bet? Over us?” A new confidence washed over him as he pulled you close, and shook away his inhaler after you offered it to him, his hands grasped your waist, “you won?”

“I did.” A smirk rose to his lips before he licked them to wet them, “how much did you win?”

A wide grin rose to your lips, “we made the bet on twenty each so forty bucks for Stan and I… how do you feel about a beach trip?” Eddie smiled, “I’ve never been, so let’s do it.” Richie gave a wolf whistle, grabbing both yours and Eddie’s attention, you turned to face Richie was a standing a few feet away as he panted, “gotta kiss for me, Y/N?”

Eddie’s jaw tightened, he was clearly ready to give Richie a piece of his mind, again, but instead you cut him off by placing your hands on Eddie’s cheeks and pulled him into a kiss.

Eyes Closed ;; Tom Holland


summary: tom and the reader are roommates and he has to close his eyes to help her out in certain situations

warnings: uhhh mentionings of nudity and some foul language


“Thomas!” I yell from the bathroom, hiding my bare, cold, and wet body from behind the shower curtain.

God this was so embarrassing, but an honest mistake as well. My face started to heat up, my mind making up scenarios and the things Tom would say. He’d probably think I’m a major dumbass and who wants to live with a dumbass? Idiots. And Tom is not an idiot so therefor, after this is finished with, I am expecting him to start boxing up his stuff or something.

“Y/N? What’s up, is something wrong?” I hear his concerned voice muffled behind the closed door.

A soft smile is brought to my face at the sound of him, but I hurry to answer his question, “I’m fine, just forgot my towel on my bed. Can you like, I don’t know…”

There’s a brief silence between us and I hear his lighthearted chuckle, “You want me to bring it in there for you, Y/N?”

“I’m that much of a trouble?”

“Not at all, darling.” I listen to his footsteps fade away and then another light knock against the door, “I’m coming in, my hand is over my eyes so I won’t see you.”

I peek from behind the curtain and hold my hand out. The doorknob twists and he opens the door. It hits the door stopper and he walks in. I can’t help but let out a little giggle at how adorable he was acting. I’m glad he let me have my privacy and that he didn’t seemed phased by this. I grab the towel and thank him, our hands brushing in the midst of him handing off the towel.

“You’re great, T.” I smile, drying myself off from behind the curtain.

I hear him shut the door then on the other side of it say, “I’ve always wanted to hear you say that about me!”



Well actually, not really, more like piss but whatever. I’m still stuck on the toilet with no toilet paper. Why am I always stuck in this situation, and why do I always drag Tom into them? By this point, he probably doesn’t care, but I always feel so guilty afterwards.

“Tom!” I yell his name, setting my elbows on my knees in an effort to lean closer to the door. No response, “Thomas Stanley!”

Quick footsteps sound and they make their way closer to the door until it swings open, Tom appearing on the doorframe right in front of me, “Sorry love what’s up-“

“Tom! Get out what the fuck!”

The door slams as I grab the hem of the oversized sweater was wearing and tried to hide myself with it. My face burns with embarrassment, knowing all too well that he saw more than either of us wanted. I hold my head in my hands, mortified. Man, I need to start locking the door.

“I am-” Tom sighs from the other side of the door, “so stupid. And so so so sorry, Y/N.”

I breathe out a laugh, letting go of the sweater, “Your not stupid, it’s fine.”

“What did you need, darling?”

“Uhhh, toilet paper. Sorry.” I chuckle, knowing that the last thing he wanted to do was walk back in to the bathroom with me still sitting on the toilet.

“Alright, I’ll close my eyes this time. I promise.” he says, the smile on his face was evident in his voice.

The door handle twists again and I pull my shirt down again, just in case. His entire arm is thrown across his eyeslids this time as he holds out the toilet paper. I snatch it and he quickly turns around, blindly finding the door and walking out. It was a hilariously precious sight, and so nice knowing that I had at least a little dignity left.

“Thank you! I love you!” I call, tearing off some of the paper, the ripping sounding like angels singing.

“Of course. Wouldn’t want to deliver toilet paper to anyone other than you.”


“Arrghhh!” I groan, throwing my arms down at my sides and stomping my foot in frustration, “This is why I should always wear sports bras.”

The clasp on the back of my bra was stuck and wouldn’t come undone. I would try and pull it over my head, but being that this is my nicest one, I wasn’t willing to risk damaging it. I look at the time on the stove and huff before throwing my arms behind my back again and struggling miserably, again. I should probably head back to my bedroom instead of standing in the middle of the kitchen with no shirt. But alas, the flat door opened and in followed Tom.

And like any sensible girl does when she’s only wearing a bra, I collapsed to the ground, hiding behind the kitchen island.


“Y/N? Why are you broached behind the island?” he laughs, confused by my hiding.

“Uh,” I mumble, trying to think of a reasonable excuse but none are believable, so, i just blurt, “I’m not wearing a shirt and I can’t unhook my bra. Help?”

“My eyes are already closed, love.”

I rise slowly from the ground, watching him navigate his way towards me by touching everything. I guide him, and finally he’s behind me. His fingers cold against my hot skin, causing goosebumps to rise as he fiddles with the clasp.

“Oh, lacey? Who were trying to impress, Y/N?” he hums teasingly, playing with some of the small ruffles on the straps.

“I thought your eyes were closed, hmm? Don’t be a peeping Tom now, Tom.” I laugh at my own pun and can practically sense Tom rolling his eyes at my terrible comment.

“They are love, I’m a man of my word, I can feel the lace though.” He says, his breath hitting the back of my neck, causing a slight shiver to go down my spine, “Who’s the lucky guy?”

“Myself.” I state matter-of-factly.

“Atta girl.” he chuckles, finally twisting the clasp free.

“Wow, you must have experience, Holland.” I chuckle, wondering how in the world he unhooked it with his eyes closed.

“Well,” he mumbles, eyes still closed as I start to walk away, “I may have peeked once or twice. And the blue looks nice on you I must say.”

“Thomas!” I squeal, running back to my room and shutting the door behind me.

First Impressions Gone Bad (Serpent!Jughead x Serpent!Reader Request)

Request: ‘Serpent!Jughead x Serpent!Reader. He’s still with Betty and he takes Y/N to Pop’s Diner to meet his friends and her Betty starts arguing and instead of fighting Y/N gets up to leave but Betty wants to get the last word in and says something terrible about the gang so both Y/N and Jughead leave and get together?’- @andywicked

Characters/pairings: Serpent!Jughead x Serpent!Reader, Betty x Jughead, Archie x Veronica

Warnings: Dark/Mean Betty (although I’m tempted to write what happens in Pop’s after they leave to show where she was coming from), kissing.

Word Count: 1883

Notes: This was great practice for my upcoming fiction The Serpent or Me so thank you for such a fab request! I had a lot of fun with it.


Originally posted by kylogue

‘Do you really think this is a good idea Jug?’ I’d never felt so out of place. I peered into the window of Pop’s Diner, it was straight out of the 50s. Not a place I’d expect Jughead to frequent. My leather jacket stuck out like a sore thumb as Jughead practically dragged me in. An old man behind the counter, the famous Pop I presumed, greeted Jughead instantly.

‘Usual order Jughead?’

‘Make it for two tonight Pop.’ He nodded back to me, I gave a little wave. He didn’t seem phased by our Southside appearance unlike the rest of the diner. I could feel daggers on me from every angle as we walked over to a booth. Jughead acted coolly, barely taking in all the passing glances. I drummed on the table anxiously.

‘Y/n, you need to calm down.’ He said, grabbing my hands to set them still on the table.

‘Sorry but I can already hear everyone gossiping in here, who’s to say your friends aren’t gonna do the same?’ I had to be honest with Jug, he was a serpent now and there were no secrets between the serpents. Well maybe one.

‘They’re different, they know I’m a serpent now and they know why I chose this path. If they have a problem, they’ve definitely kept it to themselves. They know the serpents are the only family I’ve got now.’ I twitched at the word ‘family’. You weren’t meant to have romantic feelings for your ‘family’.

The bell of the door rang and in walked Jughead’s other gang. A broad shouldered redhead came first, he wore a blazing letterman jacket and had his arm around a black haired girl, her dress looked expensive and she was even wearing heels. That would be Archie and Veronica, Riverdale’s latest sweethearts, I remembered Jughead mention. Behind them, came the beautiful blonde. Her hair was in her signature high ponytail, her face beaming as she got closer to us. She wore a white summer dress and a pastel yellow cardigan on top. While that outfit would usually make me gag, she made it look flawless. If this is what I was up against, I was screwed.

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anonymous asked:

Nr 51 from the writing prompts pleaseee😍

Thank you so much for your request, babes! Sorry this one took me a bit longer. Between the other requests I had and keeping up with No Control, this took bit of a backseat, but I finally got time to write it. Hope you like it!

Also, this got a wee bit out of hand, so it kinda ends on a cliffy. If you want a second part, just let me know!

51. “I see the way you look at me when you think I’m not looking.”

Originally posted by thedailystyles

Y/N was fucked.

Well, not literally, which was part of her problem, she thought. At least if she was literally fucked, she would be getting something other than feelings of immense frustration and a little bit of self-loathing from this situation. 

But, no. Y/N was fucked in the metaphorical sense where she knew no good could come of the feelings she could sense growing in her tummy, like a snowball that has somehow rolled itself into an avalanche without anyone noticing. One day she’d been happy to have a laugh with the boy she had no business even being friends with, and now she got butterflies in her stomach and a little flutter in her chest whenever he’d so much as smile because of her. She wasn’t sure when or how it’d happened, but it had, and now she was fucked.

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Friends With Benefits: Bill Skarsgard... Chapter 1 (NSFW)

Life is good, great infact.

 I’m successful, I work on sets of movies as a make up artist and I’ve met some pretty cool people because of it. I have a nice apartment located in a nice area and I drive a real nice car. I moved away from my family home when I was only 18 and made a life for myself, I have more than most 20 year old kids and I only have myself to thank for it, hard work does pay off.

 I’m not the most social person and I’m not really that fond of letting people into my life, I guess I have pretty bad trust issues, hence why I’ve never really had a boyfriend, only casual flings.

 I have one best friend, the only person I thought worthy enough to come into my life. I trust him more than anyone else and I just know he’d give me the world if he could. Bill is the most incredible person I’ve ever met, and I just knew I needed him in my life from the moment I clapped eyes on him while he was working on the set of Hemlock Grove.  He’s selfless, loyal and one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. Despite all these qualities, we’ve never seen each other in any other way more than friends, it’s just not us. We spend most of our time together, we have sleepovers, movie nights and even a key to eachothers places.


“You know, you should just start dating. Fully throw yourself into it, what have you got to lose?” Bill casually remarked, leaning up against my kitchen counter with his long arms crossed over his chest, a smile on his face.

 I snorted and shook my head, continuing to slice up some peppers.

 “I have no interest in meeting anyone, Bill. You might be a social butterfly, but it’s just not my style. I’m perfectly content on my own.”

 “Christ, Mya. You can’t just spend the rest of your life on your own, you’re 20 years of age. I bet you haven’t even gotten laid since moving here!’ He laughed, unfolding his arms and pushing back onto my counter, a big smile stretching across his full lips as he watched my roll my eyes.

 “I’ve met a few guys and it’s lead to a night together, I like sex but I don’t like dating.”

 “You’re more into the idea of friends with benefits than finding someone who you could potentially spend the rest of your life with?” Bill questioned, seeming shocked by my reply.

 I nodded.

 “Well, then find someone to have that relation with. I like sex too, nothing wrong with that.” He continued, picking up a slice of red pepper and shoving it in his mouth.

 “Bill, I’m not gonna just go out there and beg someone to have sex with me. It’s fucking weird, looks desperate and it’s 2016, I think guys are more into relationships than girls these days.” I muttered, throwing the chopped vegetables in a wok.

 “Liking sex doesn’t make you weird or desperate, Mya, it’s just sex. I fucking love sex, especially no strings attached sex.”

 “Then maybe you should just be the one I ask!” I joked, throwing my bleached white hair over one shoulder with a small laugh.

 Bill shrugged his broad shoulders, and rubbed his face. His long fingers curved along his structured jawline, rubbing softly at his cheek.

 “I mean it’s not a bad idea..”

 My mouth dropped open, Bill was prone to making jokes, he’s a funny guy but sometimes his remarks stunned you and you had to take a minute to process them.

 “I was fucking kidding.”

 “I wasn’t.” Bill replied, rolling up the sleeves on his grey t-shirt that fit him quite tightly and flattered his toned, elongated frame.

 I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t attracted to him, but it seemed getting close in a way that wasn’t just friendly seemed messy and I wasn’t willing to lose my best friend, we’ve virtually been this close since we met a year ago.

 “Shut up, Bill.” I scoffed, turning my back to him and adding spices and garlic to the stir fry I was preparing for our dinner.

 In all honesty, part of me just didn’t want to look at him anymore, mostly out of embarrassment.

 He was right, and truthfully I was ashamed of being the way I was with people, sometimes I crave to be more like him. So affirmative, confident and attractive.

 I was so caught up in my thought that I didn’t feel his arms wrap around me, I gasped and looked down.

 “You’re gonna burn the food.” He murmured softly in my ear, his fingers grasping the stove’s dial and turning it down.

 I shivered at the feeling of his breath against the skin on my neck, and I could almost feel his lips turn upwards into a satisfied smile.

 He grasped me enough to turn me around back to face him, his eyes searching my face as I started right at him.

 He stepped back and relaxed, smiling casually like this situation wasn’t awkward at all.

 Bill has never made me feel like this before, there has never ever been an ounce of awkwardness within the friendship, until he basically offered to be my booty call.

 “Relax, Mya. I’m joking! Lighten up!”

 I gasped and smacked his arm, which only made him guffaw.

 “You scared me for a second, I full on thought you were serious. What would you have done if I agreed? Huh?” I retorted, placing my hands on my hips.

 “To be quite honest, I’d have dropped my pants right here and fucked you over the counter.”

 “You’re crazy.” I shook my head, his comment didn’t really phase me. Bill was blunt and just spoke his mind, he never really thought about was he was thinking, wether it was appropriate or not to say out loud.

 “I don’t know why you’re so against it, I’m single, you’re single. We’re best friends and it’s not like I haven’t seen you in your underwear before, I spoon you in it all the time!” He defend, waving his arm around.

 “We’re just friends, Bill. I’m grateful that you offered, it was kind and slightly weird but it was nice of you.”

 “Come on, Mya. You just said you wanted sex, not a relationship. I’m so up for it, and yeah, we are best friends. But that’s not a bad thing, it might be awkward at first but that’ll soon go! Think about it…” He urged, staring into my eyes.

 I bit my lip.

 It could be fun…

 I shook the thoughts away, and ran my fingers through my hair.

 “Things would be awkward, I can’t lose you..” His light eyes moved over my face, from my eyes down to my lips.

 I sighed, slightly surprised that I’d even considered using my best friend to take out all my sexual needs on.

 Bill took in a sharp breath and took a step towards me, making me back up against the wall of my kitchen.

 “I bet I can change your mind.” He whispered.

 My breathing hitched slightly as Bill was really close to me, his hands on either side of my head. He was pretty tall, over 6 feet. But I was also pretty tall, he was probably about 5 inches taller than me.

 We were really close together but I couldn’t bring myself to push him away despite how crazy this sounded.

 Before I knew what was happened, his lips were on mine and I was eagerly responding. My arms moved up to his hair, running my fingers through the length of it, tugging ever so slightly.

 There was a sense of urgency within his touch, his large hands moving down my sides to my hips where he clutched them almost painfully.

 It didn’t feel particularly abnormal for me to be kissing him, after all we were both after sex.

 I removed my hands from his hair and moved them to his cheeks, with one hand on either side of his face, I detached our lips.

 Our eyes met and we were both breathing heavily, almost panting.

 I couldn’t deny the fact I was aroused and Bill definitely couldn’t.

 “Why did you stop?” He questioned, frowning.

 “I don’t know if this is a good idea, Bill. I’m really worried things will get strange, once we have sex, we can’t just forget it. I don’t want our friendship to change, you’re the only person I can count on.”

 Bill shook his head in disagreement, he glanced at me for just a second before hastily pinning my arms above my head and moving his mouth to my neck.

 I let out a soft moan.

 “Okay fuck it.” I gave in completely, I crumbled under his touch. I was horny and he was too, that’s all that was required in this situation.

 Bill didn’t need to hear anything else because within seconds our hands were all over eachother, mine were tugging his shirt over his head and his were confidently unbuttoning my plaid shirt, pushing it back over my shoulders and revealing my black, lacy, see through bra.

 He groaned and moved his mouth to my chest, he payed particular attention to my cleavage and had a strong grip on me as I hastily undid his belt, practically yanking his black jeans open.

 Bill paused for a second and I momentarily freaked out, hoping he hadn’t changed his mind. If he had, it was certain that I’d be taking a very long shower and attempting to satisfy my needs myself.

 To my relief he only stopped to yank my leggings down my legs and I responded by kicking them off, as he also did the same with his skinny jeans.

 Bill and I were left in our underwear, him in his black boxers and myself in very revealing underwear. I watched as he looked me up and down, running his thumb across his plump bottom lip. His stare was hungry and dark, but there was something comforting about it, I wasn’t scared of him, not at all.

 In a flash Bill had picked me up and set me on the counter, his lips were on mine once again and he hands fought to undo the clasp of my bra, I hadn’t even noticed he’d gotten it off until his mouth moved from mine, I let out a quiet noise of dissatisfaction until he’d moved to my pierced nipples.

 I grasped his hair again, arching into his touch.

 “Your piercings are so sexy, fuck.” He muttered, pulling away and observing my almost naked state.

 He ran his fingers back through his hair, making it even more dishevelled.

 He bit his lip as he watched me remove myself from the counter, pressing my bare body against his.

 I could feel every inch of him, I could feel the heat radiating from his body and I could sense the excitement of what was to come.

 This didn’t feel strange or unnatural, it just felt good.

 “You’re beautiful.” He spoke, running his fingers down my arms.

 I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at his comment, I was never one for compliments and he hated that.

 He kissed me gently and gripped my waist before pulling back with a smirk.

 “So, do you wanna do it here or in bed?”

 I sucked in a quiet breath, not quite believing we were gonna be doing this. I wasn’t that confident but at that moment I’m unsure what possessed me, because I stood up straight and smirked.

 “My room.” I answered, pulling on his hand, leading him out of the kitchen and away from the clothes that were scattered all over.

 I could feel Bill’s eyes on my backside as we walked to my room, him behind me as I seductively pulled him inside.

 As soon as we entered my room Bill slammed the door shut, span me around and picked me up, My legs were wrapped around his slim waist and our mouths were fighting for dominance once again. Bill had obviously been in my bedroom so many times before, but not quite like this. What we were doing now was bit of a step up compared to eating snacks in my bed while we watched a shitty film on the flat screen that he’d mounted to the wall for me. He knew where to take me even with me block his view, and before I knew it he’d practically thrown me onto the grey bed sheets.

 He had nothing but a pure expression of lust on his face, I propped myself up on my elbows and I ignore the sudden feeling of awareness that I was lay on the bed, in just a sheer pair of Brazilian knickers infront of my best friend who was 6 years older than me.

 I was so invested in my own panic that I hadn’t noticed Bill move onto the bed, he managed to knock me onto my back gently.

 His eager mouth went to my throat, kissing and biting down gently. My hips bucked unintentionally and Bill let out a dry laugh against my skin, his hand wondering down between my breasts, over my stomach and to the waistline of my underwear where he paused before pushing his hand down under the material.

 I let out yet another moan and his fingers explored while he began to kiss me once again.

 “Please.” I begged against his touch, between kisses.

 “You sure about this?” He questioned as he pulled away and kneeled at my feet, and I bit my lip in response.

 I hesitated slightly, could our next move ruin everything?

 Bill didn’t give me a chance to properly reply before he’d yanked my underwear off, well, ripped them off and buried his face between my legs.

 This time the noise that escaped my body was something I’d never let out before.

 His mouth worked magic, he knew every spot. He licked and sucked every part that made my body convulse in pleasure and writhe, he knew what made me weak.

 I wanted the feeling to last forever, it had been a long time since I’d felt touch like this. Infact, I’d never felt the way that Bill was making me feel.

 A sound of disappointment left my mouth as I felt his tongue move away from where I wanted it most and he leaned back over me, wiping his full lips.

 I tugged eagerly on his boxers.

 “Off.” I pleaded, pinching the elastic between my manicured fingers.

 Bill complied, standing up from the bed and watching me intently as he pushed his underwear to the floor.

 My eyes dropped to his impressive length and I mentally gulped, it had been a considerable amount of time since I’d had sex, weeks, months even.

 “Get on your hands and knees.” Bill demanded, his voice strong and confident.

 “Wait, Bill… promise me this won’t change things between us.”

 “Chill, Mya. It’s just sex, remember? No strings, no feelings, just two friends fucking. Now do as I ask, turn around.”

 I complied and was soon on all fours, facing away from him. I could feel his fingertips lightly tracing out my spine, moving to my ass where he slapped it pretty hard.

 I smirked, I wasn’t unfamiliar with what Bill was into. We’d shared those details a few times before, and he’d told me after he hooked up with a few different women.

 Jealousy cursed through me when he used to tell me, because I never got to feel the way those women felt. I felt like a stranger to pleasure, like I’d forgotten what the touch of a man felt like.

 “You’re still on the pill, right?” He asked and I looked back with a timid nod, this was happening now.

 It felt like a lifetime since we’d had the conversation of being friends with benefits, but in reality it had probably been about 10 minutes.

 And within seconds, I felt him rub against me while he stood behind me, one hand pressed to the small of my back.

 “You’re literally dripping wet, I like that.”

 I can’t explain to you the feeling of having Bill inside me, pounding away while one hand was tangled in my hair and the other clawing at my back.

 It felt like there was shocks of electricity cursing through my veins. I have no idea how long we were doing it for but I do know that I finished multiple times and we explored many positions.

 Before I knew it I was riding Bill, while both his hands cupped my breasts, sheer satisfaction was plastered across his beautiful face as I rode him, moving my hips against his.

 His lips parted and he clenched his fists before moving them to my hips, his eyes tightly closed for a second before springing open.

 “I’m close.” He let out between clenched teeth and this only encouraged me to spur on and grind against him harder as he was deep inside me.

 One hand left my hips to clench at the sheets, balling them up in his tight fist.

 “I’m coming.”

 My head dropped back as I continued to move while he finished, the feeling was indescribable.

 I slowed down completely and just sat onto of him as he gained composure and rode out his orgasm.

 “Fuck.” He breathed out between pants, both of our chests heaving.

 I braced myself against him, my hands flat on his chest. My red gel polish created such a huge contrast against his milky skin, and I took a moment to observe him.

 “Thank you.” I whispered and he let out a little smile.

 Bill had made me feel alive and I’d forgotten how much I missed sex, and even just the touch of a man.

 He tugged on my wrist, urged me to lie by him. I awkwardly removed myself from him and lay down beside him as he managed to manoeuvre the sheets so that they were over us.

 “That was so good, you have no idea. This is gonna be so much fun, I just know it.” Bill grinned, pushing the hair from his face and turning his head to look at me.

 I rolled my eyes playfully.

 He was right, this was gonna be fun.


- Just a quick little note, this will be a story with mutliple chapters but I’ve had this idea for awhile and just needed to get it onto paper, I wanna see what feedback it gets before I do Chapter 2, I worked quite hard on this and I hope you like it :)

for my first winner of the guessing game, a soulmate yuta!!
find my soulmate!doyoung (here

  • in a world where people’s soulmates are pre-determined, you’d never thought you would end up with a crush,,,,,
  • on someone,,,,,,,,who was very much NOT your soulmate
  • yuta,,,,,is everything you’re pretty sure you didn’t ask for when looking up at your ceiling in fifth grade murmuring ‘handsome (ok so yuta was good on that), kind, and most of all only in love with me’
  • because ok yuta was “kind” but he most definitely wasn’t a soulmate type of person
  • like the guy waltzed into your class on the first day, doing a full circle around the room, than sitting down beside a friend of yours went
  • “you’ve got the cutest look on your face today - so for today ill sit here”
  • then flashed a million dollar, blinding smile at the rest of you all
  • and sure people gossiped about outlier’s, those who refused to believe in soulmates 
  • but you’d never met one,,,,,,,yet here he was causing an unprecedented storm in your classroom
  • and,,,unfortunately,,,in your heart
  • because no matter how much you told yourself he was just playing around, he was just doing this to have fun 
  • even when he spoke with other people, flirted, gave them this illusion of some sort of interest
  • you felt it, yuta’s eyes on you 
  • when no one else noticed or seemed to care, he’d steal glances that made it feel like fire on your skin
  • you didn’t want to admit to some of the daydreams you had in class about him,,,,,,,,and you didn’t want to admit that when you’d see him coming toward you in the halls you’d make an excuse to run away
  • stupid crush,,,,you’d think,,,,,,,,,go away,,,,,,,or don’t,,,,,,,,
  • “you’ll find your soulmate one day - it’s super easy all you have to do is wait for this to glow!!”
  • the ‘this’ your friends all referred to was the necklace that hung low on your neck. everyone had one, and the way it worked was once your soulmate had touched it - it would glow
  • yet,,,,,out of everyone,,,,yours had yet to turn any new color. it was the same, dull silver as it was last year and the year before that and so on
  • you were beginning to be worried that your soulmate wasn’t in this town,,,this city,,,this country,,,,
  • and that’s when you’d noticed that the necklace that hung around everyone elses neck ,,,,,,,
  • was not around yuta’s
  • for a while you were sure he was hiding it on purpose, maybe because it was already glowing because he had someone he loved or maybe because he was embarrassed,,,,,,that it didn’t,,,,,just like you
  • either way - you knew you’d never get to ask
  • not until one afternoon,,,,,,,,,,,when he slinked his way into the chair beside yours
  • and you did your best to seem unimpressed but yuta,,,,with eyes that looked full of secrets,,,fixed on you 
  • his mouth curling into a handsome smirk, put his hand on your book and went 
  • “want to come up to the roof with me?”
  • you don’t know why he had invited you, or why you decided to say yes
  • maybe it was your heart racing so fast in your chest, or his leather jacket thrown over the mandatory school uniform, or maybe it was a small - miniscule really - slither of hope
  • the school roof was empty, the clouds were grey and everyone knew it was going to rain soon
  • “yuta-”
  • he turned around and for a second you froze, because out of his pocket he pulled out the necklace 
  • the same, dull silver necklace that you had
  • “remember my first day?”
  • he asked, tinkering with the necklace in his hand as you watched him, your own hand reflexively coming up to touch your own
  • “what about it?”
  • “i sat next to,,,whatever their name was and said something about them being cute,,”
  • you were getting slightly anxious
  • “y-yeah?”
  • was your friend his soulmate? was he going to ask you to go get them? why had he dragged you up he-
  • “they were cute, but there was something else. there was someone else that made me for a second realize that this soulmate stuff,,,,”
  • you jumped at the sound of a thunder above you two,,,,looking up the grey clouds had darkened
  • “yuta-”
  • “that this soulmate stuff is true. look.”
  • reaching out, he put his free hand around your pendant, the silver slowly fading as yuta ran his finger along the side - letting it go the necklace glowed a hazy red
  • in shock, you almost didn’t feel yuta drop his own necklace into your palm
  • and looking at it, you could see the same red glow
  • “like magic,,,,,,,,” he whispered
  • and you could feel the droplets of rain falling around you, the sound of an oncoming storm didn’t even phase you 
  • not until yuta had shrugged off his jacket, coming over to you to cover you with it
  • “you- you’re my soulmate?”
  • whispering you looked up, yuta’s smile was much softer this time
  • “i can’t believe it either, but it’s true.”
  • carefully, with slightly shaky hands you lifted up the necklace and slipped it over yuta’s head. hanging around his neck, against the drop of his white uniform shirt the red looked so gorgeous
  • so bright and strong
  • “i thought you were just,,,,,,,a dumb crush,,,,,,,”
  • yuta chuckled, “a dumb crush turns into a soulmate apparently.” 
the wedding- h.s imagine

“Aloha, Hawaii!” Harry yelled while grinning at the view he was looking at from the airplane window.

You chuckled and dog tagged the page you were reading in your book and leaned over to look at the islands below you. “This is going to be so awesome!” you cheered.

Harry looked over at you with a wide grin, “I’m so glad you agreed to be my date.”

You blushed and nodded your head. You grabbed Harry’s hand and intertwined your fingers together. “I’m glad you asked.”

Yours and Harry’s relationship was still at the honeymoon phase. Even though your relationship was about ten months old, you guys couldn’t get enough of each other. You guys were constantly texting each other. Constantly you guys found yourself at the other’s apartments for days. It was puppy love. That’s why Harry asked you to be his date to Jon’s wedding, with permission from the bride of course.

Once the plane finally landed, Harry collected his and your belongings before leading the both of you out of the private airplane he had arranged. He wanted to try to make things as perfect as possible for you since it was your first time in Hawaii. When you guys got off the plane, there were two people who placed leis on your head and welcomed you with a kind, “Aloha.”

Harry looked over at you, a colorful lei rested on his chest. He mimicked the words that you said to him earlier. “This is going to be awesome.”

“Goodness gracious, Harry! The view is amazing!” You exclaimed while looking out the balcony from your hotel room. It was overlooking the ocean. Down below you could see little shops and street vendors that you just couldn’t wait to take a look at. You turned around to see Harry standing in the middle of the room, smirking at you. You chuckled loudly, having to cover your mouth to contain yourself. He was wearing his iconic bright yellow swim trunks and in his hands was a two pice for you that matched. “Shall we check out the water?”

You were finishing the last of your makeup when you saw Harry’s reflection in the mirror in front of you. You smiled softly, “Why Mr. Styles. Don’t you look ravishing.” You turned around to see him blushing softly. You walked over to him and wrapped your arms around his neck. “But don’t you know it’s bad luck to wear white when you’re not the bride?” you smirked.

Harry chuckled and wrapped his arms around you. You were wearing a navy dress, a color that Harry loved on you. “I’m sure people will be focusing more on the bride than on me.” You smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek, careful not to get your lipstick on him. You whispered into his ear, “I know I’ll have a hard time focusing.”

As the bride was walking down the aisle with her father, you noticed Jon, the groom, tearing up a little. Your eyes brimmed with tears yourself. You were an absolute sucker to weddings. You loved hearing the vows the bride and grooms made for one another. You loved hearing the stories on how they met and most importantly, how they fell in love with one another. You thought it was so sweet whenever the groom cried. To you, it showed how happy they were that they were getting to marry their best friend. (Even though some argue that the groom crying was lame according to your guy friends) Harry was looking over you occasionally during the ceremony. He knows he should have been focusing on the couple in front of them, but he couldn’t help thinking about you being his bride one day. He smiled at the thought while staring at you. You looked over when you noticed his eyes on you and gave him a smile as well. You reached over and intertwined your fingers together.

The little girl sat on your lap was cooing at you and Harry. Both you and Harry looked like absolute idiots trying to make her laugh by making random faces at her. She howled in laughter when Harry pretended he was a crab. The little girl’s mother came back, smiling at the both of you. “Thank you for watching her. I’ve had to use the bathroom for the longest time.” Her daughter crawled out of your lap and back into her mother’s. “No problem at all. She’s lovely.” You smiled while booping the little girl’s nose.

Adele’s “When We Were Young” started to play softly on the dance floor. Harry, knowing how much of a sucker you were for Adele, held out his hand. “May I have this dance?”

You smiled and took his hand, letting him lead you to the dance floor. The little girl’s mom smiled at the both of you, knowing that you guys had something special. Anyone with eyes could see it.

Harry wrapped his arms around your waist while you did the same to his neck. The both of you staring into each other’s eyes, swaying to the music. It was a comfortable silence. The kind of silence where no words needed to be exchanged. Harry was the one to break it. “I love you.”

You smiled and rested your head on his chest, “I love you too.”

Harry placed his chin on top of your head. “Is it bad that the whole time of the ceremony, I was imagining you as my bride one day?”

You looked up at him and smiled, “No.”

He smiled back at you before you continued, “Cause I was imaging you as being my groom one day.”

omfg looking at all the pics of harry in hawaii i was like how can i nOT write something?! lol, i hope you guys enjoyed it as much as i did writing it!

Avengers x reader

A/N: This is my first Avengers imagine/reader insert, so I’m trying to get used to writing them. Otherwise, I like how it turned out for my first try(even though I can point out a list of things I could have done different, or added, but whatever?) Anyways, I hope you enjoy!

It was a typical Friday night for New York City and the Avengers themselves, who resided inside the tower for the night. A thunderstorm raged on outside the tall building, the secure windows of the main lounge area showcasing the pouring rain and occasional lightning strikes outside. 

Most of Earth’s mightiest heroes were relaxed in the lounge. The TV was playing a Pixar movie; Steve and Bucky’s eyes glued to the screen. They’ve been going through their list of movies to watch and catch up on and tonight it was the movie UP. It was getting to the emotional bits, so the two super-soldiers’ attention were on the screen. 

Clint and Natasha sat near the kitchen, chatting over whatever came to mind. Mostly any interesting or exciting things to happen through the week. Tony and Bruce were in the lab working on their most recent project. Everyone else was either in their rooms or somewhere else around the tower. No one was dumb enough to venture out into the storm.

A ding came from the elevator, catching the attention of the two assassins before its sleek doors slid open to reveal (Y/N).

“Hey, (Y/N), we were wondering when you’d-” Clint shut his mouth after catching a look of their teammate before laughter spilled out of his mouth immediately after.

Stepping out of the elevator, (Y/N) stopped and stared at the hysteric archer, unamused. The girl’s (h/c) locks were plastered to her face, pretty much every inch of her body soaked from the rain outside. “Go ahead, laugh it up,” she grumbled.

“Did I hear- MY FLOORS!” Tony’s distraught cry fueled Clint’s hysteria more but with an elbow to the ribs from Natasha, he shut up. “What happened to you?”,the redhead made her way over to the drenched girl with a small chuckle.

The other two in the room paused their movie to help out, getting towels from the hall closet.

(Y/N) sent a thankful smile their way, putting a towel under her feet as to not ruin Tony’s precious flooring. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see him relax, making her roll her eyes while she dried herself some. 

“I was walking home from work when the storm came out of nowhere,” she explained. The girl shifted the towels in her arms, pulling something from underneath her hoodie. “I was almost home when something- or rather someone- called out for help.” With a small smile, she pulled the towels back just in time for a tiny kitten to peak it’s head out.

“Aw!” Natasha cooed, joined by Clint once he walked closer to the group. The group stared at the little bundle of cuteness as it took a look around, curious. The kitten was young, about a few weeks old, a varied colored tabby with big brown eyes. 

“This little guy was all alone in al alleyway.” (Y/N) further explained the creatures sad story, stroking its head. “The box he was in was mostly drenched and there wasn’t any other cats or people around so I couldn’t just leave him.”

“He looks healthy,” mumbled Tony, surprisingly taking the cat from (Y/N)’s hands to cradle it awkwardly. “I’ll get Bruce or Vision to take a look at him while you get changed.” (Y/N) couldn’t stop the touched smile that spread on her face.

“Thanks, Tony. That’s really-”

“Just don’t mess up my floors further.” The group all rolled their eyes, going back to their own activities once Tony left.

(Y/N) padded down the hall, warmed up from her shower and in a fresh pair of PJs. She smiled at the growing excitement in her chest at the thought of her new found furry friend. 

There were more voices coming from the lounge when (Y/N) got closer. She eventually entered the room, spotting a few more faces that joined everyone on the couches. Bruce, Vision and the Maximoff twins joined in on the fun of gushing over the kitten they found earlier.

“He seems fine,” Bruce shifted the cat in his hands, the little guy now bundled in a small blanket on his lap. “No injuries or any illnesses. A little malnourished from being left outside, but otherwise okay.”

“One lucky little fella!” Pietro petted the kitty, earning a cute little meow. It seems he enjoyed all the attention.

“Thanks again you guys.” (Y/N) slipped in between Bruce and Wanda on the couch, the doctor handing the cat over once she settled. “I was worried no one could let me keep him.”

Well-” Tony raised a finger, about to protest when Bruce sent him a look over his shoulder. He sighed, giving up any further attempt at an argument. “I mean, who could say no to the little guy.”

“Right?” (Y/N) smiled at the cat, picking him up gently to kiss his teeny nose. “You’re just so cute!” He mewed again, the group of heroes laughing at the interaction.

The next day the skies cleared and the sun shined down on the city. The tower was going through its morning routine when excited shouted traveled through its halls.

Guys guys guys!”(Y/N) ran into the kitchen where mostly everyone was seated, eating breakfast. She slid on the tiled floor, a huge smile on her face as she held something behind her back.

“What what what!” Clint cried back, imitating his friend and earning a few collective chuckles from the group. The thrilled hero took out the object from behind her, holding it up for all to see.

The rescued kitten from the previous night sat in her hands, droopy-eyed from waking up. Besides that a little white turtle neck sat snug on his body, roomy enough to be comfortable with small arm holes.

“Oh my gosh, that’s adorable!” Wanda instantly came to their side, forgetting her breakfast to hold the kitten.

“You made that?” Bucky asked, to which (Y/N) nodded proudly. She sat next to him at the bar, taking the mug of (f/d) Tony offered her.

“Yup,” she answered, popping the last syllable. “While he slept. Poor little Leo, I shoved that thing on him right after he woke up.”

At the choice of the kitten’s name, Tony sent her a look, as if to say ‘really?’. “Leo?” (Y/N) simply shrugged. “First name to come to mind.”

“Who is this Leo?” Thor and Loki now entered the kitchen, along with Sam who went over to chat with Steve. He flicked Bucky’s ear on the way which caused a mini slap-fight to follow. (Y/N) ignored the cat fight in the background to address the gods. 

“Leo’s a kitten we rescued last night from the storm. He’s now a part of the family~” Loki rolled his eyes and instead of fawning over the cat went in search of coffee. Thor, on the other hand, seemed thrilled, taking Leo from Wanda and into his hands. Leo looked even smaller in the bigger man’s hands but didn’t look phased at all. 

Thor brought Leo eye level before speaking to him. “Hello Leo, I am Thor.” Another eye roll from Loki while the others laughed. 

A/N: Thanks for reading! I just couldn’t help writing this once the idea popped into my head as I found that picture on Instagram. I hope you enjoyed, and I’d love to read your feedback if you have any! :D Although, I apologize if I don’t have messages set up or something like that. I’m new to Tumblr when it comes to posting and communicating. 

My Babygirl-Part Six

My Babygirl Masterlist

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Dean lightly hit Sam on the arm when he saw your mom walking over to them; you were holding her hand and toddling behind her. You were currently going through a phase where you always wanted to walk and if anyone tried to carry you, you’d throw a fit.

Unless Dean was the one carrying you; you were always happy in your dad’s arms.

You looked up and let go of your mother’s hand when you saw your father standing there. You bolted over to him where he happily picked you up and placed a kiss on your cheek, “Hey babygirl, you have a fun trip with Mommy?”

You nodded your head before wrapping your arms around Dean’s neck in an embrace, “Missed you Daddy.”

Dean rubbed your back, “I missed you too babygirl. Why don’t you go say hi to Uncle Sammy while I talk to Mommy.” Dean said as he handed you over to Sam who happily accepted you.

“We gotta talk.” Your mom said as she sent Sam a forced smile. Dean nodded his head, he was worried that your mom might try this, to take you away, but he wasn’t going to let it happen.

He wasn’t going to lose you.

“Look, I know what you’re gonna say.” Dean started as your mom and him stepped away from you, “And I get it. I was just as pissed- even more pissed then you were when those demons showed up. They’re gone though and I promise nothing will ever come back.”

“Dean, you promised that before and look what happened.” Your mom responded sadly. “I know you’re a great father and I know that you love Y/N with all your heart. She loves you just as much, it’s just-”

“It’s just what Y/M/N? You can’t take my daughter away from me. I won’t let you.” Dean said strongly.

“You can’t do anything about it Dean.” Your mom responded coldly, “Dean Winchester is dead according to the law.”

Dean stared at your mom with wide eyes, “You aren’t-you aren’t serious are you?”

“I’m sorry Dean but, it’s what’s best for Y/N.” Y/M/N replied.

“What’s best for Y/N is to be around her dad.”

“What’s best for Y/N is to grow up not worrying if a monster is going to jump out of her closet and take her because of who her father is.” Your mom said with venom in her voice.

Dean shook his head, “I’m not leaving town. I won’t. I’m not leaving her.”


“No. I’m not leaving. Please just-just sleep on it, give me a week. Let me show you how safe it’s going to be here now. Nothing can get her here.” Dean begged.

Letting out a sigh your mom took a moment to think before nodding her head. “Fine.”

“Fine? Okay? Okay. I promise Y/M/N everything is going to be fine. Tomorrow after work I’ll swing by and show you everything we’ve done to protect the house.” Dean said with a smile.

“Sounds good Dean. Y/N and I have to go. Being out of town for a week, lots to catch up on.” Your mom said in an almost nervous tone.

“Right, um tomorrow after I show you everything I’ll take her, let you catch up on things. Sound good?” Dean asked, happy about spending time with his little girl.

Your mom nodded her head before walking back to where Sam was happily tossing you in the air as you squealed with delight. “Say bye to Uncle Sammy Y/N.” Your mom told you.

Looking at your uncle you wrapped your arms around him, squeezing his neck before placing a sloppy kiss on his cheek, “Bye bye Unca Sammy.” You reached out for your father who took you and gave you a squeeze.

“Bye babygirl, I’ll see you and Mama tomorrow okay.” Dean stated. You nodded your head before puckering your lips for your dad to give you a kiss. He did before he placed you on the ground and ruffled your hair. “Love you sweetheart.” He called to you as you walked away with your mom. Turning back around you waved to your dad yelling back,

“I love you Daddy!”

That was the last time Dean heard those words from you.

Part Seven

See You Down There

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Requested: Can you do that imagine where jason and Y/N having a baby please ?


I gave you direct instructions which you have failed to fall through with. There is no excuse. You have ten seconds to fuck off.” Jason’s voice was stern, terrifyingly calm but underneath was an undying tone of anger for the man and his inability to complete a task.

I knew at that moment he wasn’t bluffing, when was the last time Jason Mccann had ever bluffed? And the trembling man before him obviously knew no better.

Or maybe he did - for he was in this situation after all as a cause of his reckless behaviour. Jason trusted the man with his shipment, directly told him to be here with his guns at seven sharp. Yet here he stood at Nine forty five with no guns and a terrified expression.

Sorry buddy, but you had this coming.

“Please Mr Mccann. You have to understand, I have a family!” 

“So do I.” Jason stated, directing his eyes over to me and my swelling belly. “That’s why when I’m told to do something, I get it done. I will not risk not coming home to them for filthy pleasures.”

“It was one time. I-I didn’t mean to!” The man pleaded.

“Last time I checked you don’t place a bunt in your mouth and smoke it on accident.” Jason spat. “That shipment was really important! My client was expecting me to deliver it hours ago but because of your ignorance, I lost an ally tonight.”

“Please Jason-” The man pleaded to which jason lifted a lip and snarled in anger as well as in warning. The man’s eyes widened, making quick to correct his error. “I mean, Mr Mccann. Don’t kill me. Don’t you have a heart!?”

Ooh. Wrong move buddy.

Suddenly, Jason’s lips twisted into an evil grin - one of menacing amusement that was somehow blank but full of meaning all at once. “A heart?” Jason questioned. “I used too.” He chuckled. “But you see, there’s a problem now. My heart was stolen by a beautiful woman who is now carrying my child. It lays in her hands.”

That’s when Jason directed his eyes over to me, a look of love but that stern professional glare shining straight through, informing me that no matter how much he loved me, he meant business. “So tell me baby girl. What do you think I should do?”

A sudden wave of pain rush through me. It was dull but still much noticeable - something I had found was a very common thing in pregnancy. Decided to ignore the flood of discomfort for this really wasn’t a good time to complain about my pregnancy, I glanced around the room finding every pair of eyes burning sternly through my head.

Jason was the first I saw, a look of patient love but professional demeanor. Then the gang members guarding the room caught my eyes next. They all looked on with stern eyes, ready to pounce at the request of my decision, but the man sat with pleading eyes, begging to be spared.

This wasn’t a decision I was appealed to make everyday, so my mind at this point was rushing with thoughts of indecisiveness and fear.

This man had a family to go home to as well as his own gang to run, but over all he did us wrong and disrespected not only our request, but Jason himself. And no one disrespects my husband and gets away with it. I know Jason was giving me the choice to make for myself but deep down, I knew he hoped I’d declare this mans death.

And who was I to upset my husband?

“Kill him.” I spat.

The man’s eyes widened in shock, head whipping from side to side in fear as two guards began approaching each side of his body. “No! No please! Please! Don’t do this!!”

The two members of Bizzle gang roughly gripped ahold of the mans shoulder’s, ripping him up rather aggressively. The man’s cries and screams echoed through the entirety of Jason’s office, who must I say had a large and satisfied grin on his face.

Slowly, Khalil and Za dragged the man away kicking and screaming, yelling profanities of all sorts over his breath. But One sentence in particular managed to catch me off guard, his words burning through me and panging me with worry. A pang that was physically felt as a second wave of pain endured me.

“I hope your and wife and child rot in hell!” and at that moment, I watched as Jason’s face visibly twisted from one of satisfaction to a firing rage.

It was no less than point 2 seconds before Jason had flung his body out of his chair, face red and burning with anger. “Bring him back here!”

And not wanting to anger the boss, Za and Khalil dragged the boy back, holding him down on the chair forcefully. Jason leaned forward, his face mere inches from the man. His once honey eyes presented black and I was honestly scared for the man myself.

Jason snarled, teeth visible as he spat his words. So harsh that they sent shivers down my spine. “You will regret ever meeting me, let alone wishing death upon my family. I may be a murderer but I am a child of god. And so god help me, if they’re going to hell then I’m going with them. Just not going anytime soon.”

Then he smiled, one to send even the strongest of men running. A psychotic, treacherous smile. “See you down there.”

And with a swift movement he had drawn his gun, clicked the safety off and pulled the trigger all before I could blink. The sound rung throughout the room and I flinched ever so slightly at the echo of the shell clattering to the ground.

The sight before me had bile rising up my throat, pooling in my mouth. The sight usually wouldn’t phase me but this pregnancy was making it hard to keep anything down. Blood splattered the room and the mans body lay lifeless on the seat, a hole of nothing in the center of his forehead with blood oozing down it.

It was all too much and I was found doubling over besides me. My breakfast was fast to exit my body, relieving the nausea’s feeling pooling in my stomach.Though Jason was quick to run over to me, a hand on my back as I began to stand straight again.

“You okay baby girl?” He questioned with a sincere tone. He was used to my constant nausea episodes and found it quite normal that I had thrown up.

But yet again, another wave of pain fell over my body, a burning cramp riding up from my stomach, extending as far as my torso reached. This one was a lot stronger than the last, and I was found once again doubling over, but this time in pain.

A groan of misery was emitted from my throat, a hand reaching up to clutch my stomach. Everyone in the room stiffened, eyeing me with worry as I stood back to lean on Jason’s shoulder.

“It hurts!” I yelled. “Jason it hurts!”

He was quick to grab a hold of my body. He lifted both my arms, wrapping each around his neck with both arms around my waist to stabilize me. His eyes held worry with a glint of fear - something you never saw Jason feeling. “What is it baby?” He frantically asked. “What’s hurting?”

It took everything in me to muster up the words “M-My stomach! It hurts!” I Groaned. “I think I’m having c-contractions.”

Jason’s eyes widened as he glanced down at my stomach. He had read the pregnency books I asked him to read after a litle begging but none the less still asked, “What does that mean?!”

That’s when It hit me, and I began announcing the words we had been waiting to hear ever since the day I  found out I was pregnant. “I think I’m going into labour!”

Just like Jason’s, everyone’s eyes largened, and I almost wanted to slap them for just staring at me while I groaned in pain.

“Well don’t just stand there, do something!”

And then everyone was off. Jason began instructing the gang to start up the car and grab my hospital bag from upstairs, a few rushing around to follow Jason’s orders while others proceeded to cancel all jason’s meetings for the rest of the day.

But Jason instead stood by me, his forehead leant against mine with his eyes closed.

“I’m scared.” I announced.

Jason licked his lips, lifting a hand to caress my face. “It’s okay baby girl. Just breath.”

“But I’m not ready.” Tears brimmed my eyes and I felt like I was about to colapse right then and there.

Jason shook his head. “Shh.” He cooed. “You’re ready. More than ready. You’re going to do great. Just think about it, in a couple of hours were going to be right back here, but this time with a beautiful baby girl.”

I chuckled. “Boy.”

“Baby, It’s a girl.”

“I think It’s a boy.”

Justin shook his head, a smile present on his face. “It’s going to be a girl. I can feel it.”

There was a few more seconds of smiles before I once again groaned in pain, lighting everyone back to the situation at hand. Jason opened his eyes, looking down at the bump then back to me with excitement. I just wanted to kiss him, hold my baby in my hands and never let go.

“Y/N.” Jason whispered.

“Yeah.” I hummed.

“Let’s go have a baby.”

Extended Imagine - Morning Light

Intro | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3

The sun rose over the horizon, sending glimmering rays through the gap in your curtains. You squint, trying to keep the light out, but it’s no use. Cursing under your breath, you throw the blanket off and go to close the curtain. Well - you try to, anyway.

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mine (draco malfoy)

i feel like the word angst doesn’t describe the feeling like which sounds more accurate? “that was so angsty” or “that ripped my heart out and put it through the blender”

pair: draco x reader through the years (kinda)

song it’s based on: mine by taylor swift (i feel nostalgic stop)

lowercase intended

warning: swearing, teeny (or not) bit of angst 


“hey watch where you’re going!”

“you were the one looking down, genius!”

draco malfoy stopped short and turned on his heel to face the girl that dared to talk back at him.

“excuse me?” he sneered at you.

“deaf, are you? you were the one who was looking down the whole time you were walking!” you argued at him, fire behind your eyes.

draco smirked, the girl had nerve. respect.

“well then, apologies. i’m draco, draco malfoy.” he held his hand out to you.

he saw you hesitate before you smiled and took his hand in yours. “i’m y/n l/n.” 

you looked into his eyes, a beautiful grey-blue surrounded his pupils. he looked like he could be trusted.

perhaps first year won’t be so bad with each other.

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can't wait to hear you thoughts on dream daddy leela <333

hihihihi ifjsodifsdf well you’ve probably heard wayyy more of my thoughts on this vid than u bargained for but here’s one last post of things i loved in particular. as i said in so many previous ask responses, i found dnp’s demeanor in this to be so lovely and natural and enthusiastic. they were perhaps less outwardly energetic but to me that just felt like a product of their being reasonably immersed and into the game itself and all the reading that comes with it. i loved so many bits and to make it a little easier i decided to break them up by person. i also did this bc of the volume of people who were concerned about phil being ‘off’ or seeming disinterested or irritated or any number of negative things. i just kind of wanted to make a point of the fact that so many of my fav moments were actually little things from phil as opposed to dan. also i should say ,, shout out to this game itself bc i’m genuinely loving watching it unfold. i’ve not seen any part of the game before so i had no idea what to expect. i wasn’t prepared for how uplifting the concept would be and how interesting all the characters are and i’m genuinely so excited for the next episode not jst bc it’s dan and phil content and i want to watch them play, but bc i just simply want to know what happens next!!!!!!!! so with that being said here are some of my fav moments of the vid, just a small selection of the reasons why i really adored the video overall <3

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