my hands phase is not over

i say “i’m bisexual”
but all you see is me holding hands with my girlfriend
and you suddenly can’t hear me over “i didn’t know you were a lesbian" 

he says, “i’m bisexual”
but his coming out goes unheard
over you telling him, “it’s just a phase, you’ll pick a side eventually" 

she says, “i’m bisexual”
but you can’t hear her over 
“oh, honey, you’re just confused, you’re too young to know for sure”

we say, “i am bisexual”
but you hear
“i am greedy”
“i am indecisive”
“i am wishy-washy" 

we are bisexual
and we are so fucking tired
of your stereotypes
and your assumptions

we are bisexual
and we are valid

—  i couldn’t wait until bi visibility week to remind you that bisexuals are visible.
(cc, 2016)
OMFG This happened to me today! Richonners Unite!

So I was talking about episode 708 of TWD with my colleague/friend, and how excited I was when the gates opened to reveal Michonne and Rick holding hands. She made a face and I asked her why. She responded: “I get why *you* would be happy about that, but I was super excited when Rick let her hand go to run over to Maggie.” When I asked her why (purely out of friendly curiosity), this biatch replied: “Because I really want Rick to get back to his own kind, like Maggie. I get that Michonne is exotic in Rick’s eyes, but you can’t turn an animal into a housewife. Phases come and go and so will Michonne.”

I can’t believe that I’ve been working with this ignorant chick for 5 years! Like what the hell?

Real talk tho, she about to end up missing..


So against my better judgement (and the advice of my wonderful fellow richonners/richonnettes), I spoke to my coworker and former “friend”. More like I listened to her speak because she begged for the chance to explain her previous statement after she figured out that that was why I was pissed at her.

She said that when she called Michonne exotic, she meant that as a compliment not just to the character and the actress Danai who plays her, but to all black women as she thinks of women of color “in high regards”. When she called Michonne an animal, what she really meant was that Michonne is a fierce warrior type woman who fights like an animal, and that she (my coworker) has a hard time seeing Michonne in a more domesticated housewife and mother figure role. She feels like because Maggie, Rick and his children have a similar look, they can be more cohesive as a unit, and Maggie would fit the domesticated role better.

But here is the fucking kicker; the best for last. When she said that Rick should be with his own kind, she was actually trying to convey her disappointment in the show. She feels like the show is trying to push the affirmative action/interracial agenda, and while she’s fine with that because she understands the need for diversity, she feels like they’re pushing it too much. She wants Rick to get back to basics and restore his image, and she feels like he can’t do that if he’s behaving like the others below him.

The others being: Glenn/Maggie, Abraham/Rosita, Abraham/Sasha, and Tyrese/Karen. They were enough in her eyes to create diversity and equality in the show. And with Richonne as canon, and now that it seems like Carol and Ezekiel (or Morgan alternatively, but both men of color) might get together, she thinks it’s too much. She wants the writers to dial it back a bit so they can focus on “other” things, whatever the hell those other things might be.

At this point, I am SO done with this bitch. The fact that she justified her hate with MORE hate, is enough to make me cut ties with her for good. I’m keeping a log of everything she says from now on, and if she keeps it up, I will go to HR.

Thank you all for your support and love! I appreciate each and every one of you so very much! I might have lost a friend, but I feel as though I’ve gained many new, beautiful ones in return.

And for those of you that are curious, I did ask her what animal she had in mind when she said that Michonne was a strong warrior who fought like an animal. But I’m not going to say which one came to her ignorant ass mind first because I’m pretty sure Tumblr will crash soon afterwards, lol.

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i say “i’m bisexual”
but all you see is me holding hands with my girlfriend
and you suddenly can’t hear me over “i didn’t know you were a lesbian"
I say, “i’m bisexual”
but my coming out goes unheard
over you telling me, “it’s just a phase, you’ll pick a side eventually"
I say, “i’m bisexual”
but you can’t hear me over 
“oh, honey, you’re just confused, you’re too young to know for sure”
I say, “i am bisexual”
but you hear
“i am greedy”
“i am indecisive”
“i am wishy-washy”
I am bisexual
and I am so fucking tired
of your stereotypes
and your assumptions
I am bisexual
and I am valid
—  Unknown

With all this pro and con yuribek discussions all over the Internet I remembered my own experience when I was 15, I was dating a 18yo guy who was a really nice and respectful gentleman (also on the shy spectrum), that made me picture this:


Yuri, at 16, is through a very common phase of his teen years: EFFING SEXUAL AWAKENING!!!!, But Otabek is having nothing of this, and keeps it into holding hands and sharing milkshakes terms:

Yuri: BUT WHYYYY!!!!!!!
Otabek: You’re a minor.
Yuri: I’M 16!!!!!!
Otabek: My point.

At 17 Yuri thinks that because he’s getting closer to being a legal adult he can make Otabek agree, and so he asks for a “birthday present”

Otabek: *kisses Yuri’s cheek*
Yuri: what?
Otabek: that’s your present.
Yuri: NO! I WANT SEX!!!!!
Otabek: no.
Yuri: I’M 17 NOW!!!!
Otabek: Still a minor.

Yuri counts down the days until his 18th birthday, when it comes he just corners Otabek:

Otabek: Yes, you’re not, I think we can do it then…

And Yuri proceeds to ravage Otabek, because built up sexual tension and because I do ship grown up top Yuri!!!!

Perierat et Inventus est (8)

Bucky x Steve x OC


Notes: angst, fluff, smut, violence, torture/conditioning, dubious medical procedures.

A/N: Enter: Tony Stark and Clint Barton, and a new life long bond is established. 

Bucky doesn’t seem phased by the question and fishes his cellphone out of his pocket. “Go ahead”  he says and hands the phone over to Bruce.

“And don’t even think of accusing my Omega for this, because I instructed him to leave his at home” Bucky adds calmly and looks over to Steve for conformation briefly.

Steve nods instantly, a hard look in his eyes.

Bruce sighs and nods. “Sorry. I’m still gonna have tech take a look at your phone”

“Sure” Bucky shrugs and turns to Steve, giving his Omega a stern look in order to calm him down. Steve is seething, angry because Bucky just risked his life for this man, and Javen, when he has no ties whatsoever to them. This is just his job. Nothing more. And still, he’ll risk everything, and this is what he gets in return. It’s not right.

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Dina’s Fun Aunt Holiday Bonus Part 1 – Ellen Thwoorp

Summary – Katya has a proposition for Trixie, but it takes some upturned dinner plans, some Shakespearean quotes and some stupid puns before she can actually get around to it.

A/N: Surprise, more Dina’s Fun Aunt because I had more ideas and didn’t have the power to resist the temptation to write it. I’m going to try and update this roughly every week with my new AU series until it’s done. (Was originally going to post in one go but I’m pushing 13k and it ain’t even finished.)

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Drabbles - 142

Hold my hand so he gets jealous.”  J-Hope

“So, what did he do? Your ex?”

“Cheated on me… with multiple people,” you answer matter-of-factly, sliding your rum and coke between your hands. The bartender gives you a pointed look, so you stop and smile sheepishly. “He was an ass. Good riddance.”

Hoseok nods, smiling, glancing at said ass across the room for a second before turning back to you. “He keeps looking over here. He probably wants you back.”

“Sucks for him,” you joke, poking your straw at the ice cubes. “I’ve moved on from my asshole phase. I’m much more into guys that dance like fire and have high cheekbones.” You look at him from under your eyelashes, the rum having eased your typical shyness. 

A slow grin breaks across his face, mischief and delight shining in his eyes, before he says, “Do you? You should hold my hand, so he gets jealous.”

“I should?”


You hold his gaze for several moments, raising one brow with a pointed look, when he starts laughing, a tinge of embarrassment mixing with the loud, happy noise. 

“Okay, maybe I just want to hold your hand,” he says, his smile so wide that it’s nearly blinding. 

You stare at him, his black hair pushed back behind a snapback, a worn Supreme t-shirt with ripped blue skinny jeans conforming tight to his body. You think about the feeling of laughter in your chest that brings a smile to your face, the casual politeness that he’s shown you. The fact that you’re sitting in a bar, strobe lights and hiphop music thumping around you, and he wants to hold your hand. 

“I don’t really care about making him jealous,” you tell him, taking one last sip of your rum and coke before pulling a pen out of your bag. You write your number on napkin and slide it across the bar to Hoseok, who’s watching curiously. “But I’d be interested in holding your hand sometime. Maybe next Saturday, for example.”

You pick up your bag and slide from the stool, smiling when he looks up at you with surprise. “Hope to hear from you, Hoseok.” 

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andymientus: #WITCH101WEDNESDAY

It’s a common misconception that Wiccan and witch are synonyms. Wicca actually refers to a religion which uses witchcraft, but witchcraft can be used by anyone of any religion or of no religion (💁 hey girl) as a way to communicate with your own spirituality and focus on your intentions. Think of it like meditating with props and actions. Knocking on wood for luck or wishing on birthday candles. I’ve never been good at sitting quietly and getting in touch with myself- I like to get my hands dirty.
Lesson One: know your moon phases
🌒- waxing: build, increase, create
🌕- full: complete, celebrate, be a lunatic
🌘- waning: decrease, release, banish
🌑- new/dark: rest, replenish, set new intention

Try living in accordance with that natural rhythm over the next cycle: Set a goal at the new, work toward it during waxing, aim to complete it at full, release what you no longer need as it wanes, and then rest come the next new. See if you don’t get some magical results. Till next time, coven 🔮


It’s go time! Finally finished the (7) mindmaps, probably the fastest I’ve ever done mindmaps in my life, it’s on to the flash card phase now though I have to remember to read over my notes on experiments in context… These are all sociology mindmaps or are they really just summaries??? And a bit of Leo for moral support (also because he fitted the space) look at his hairband!! Anyway, I hope you all have a great day tomorrow, as great as Leo!

Morning Sickness - Calfreezy Imagine

Calfreezy X Reader

Description: Can you write a calfreezy imagine where y/n gets pregnant but doesn’t know how to say it bc they’re scared with his career and all, but you get into a scream fest and it comes out?? Idk is this bad? 😂😂

Requested?: yes by anon but a few people have requested just general Calfreezy imagines so this goes out to you too 💕

Notes: I’m so happy I get to write a calfreezy imagine! I definitely went through a phase of obsessing over him and I didn’t think that there were enough imagines etc for him so here we go xox

A breath of warm air swamped my face and my eyes fluttered open. And there he was, my darling boyfriend, Cal. His blue eyes twinkled and all I could think of was how beautiful he was. ‘Hello honey, how are you this morning?’ Cal asked putting a hand to your face and wiping where your eyes had been leaking in the night. Suddenly, your thoughts of how drop dead gorgeous your boyfriend was were over whelmed by the nauseous feeling in your stomach rising up your chest. You quickly jumped up and ran to the bath room.

‘Y/N!’ You heard Cal shout behind you. As you got to the bathroom, a groggy looking Callux stepped out of the toilet.

‘Are you okay? You look a bit… white?’ He said rubbing your shoulder. You pushed pass and knelt by the toilet. You tied your hair up loosely and got ready for the wave of sick to come. A warm, bare torso lent against your back and hugged their long arms around you loosely, comforting you as you lent over the toilet bowl.

'It’s okay, sweety, I’m here,’ Cal said comfortingly. You leant back weakly and turned to the right so you were being cradled by him. Cal rocked you back and forth blowing cool air on your face, 'Do you know why?’ He questioned looking concerned. You shrugged your shoulders slightly. But, you knew, you were lying. About a month ago you had gone to the doctors to see why you were throwing up and he had ran a few tests, they came back positive for pregnancy. You had tried to keep it a secret, both the sickness and pregnancy. Only because you were worried about Cal and how it would affect him. 'Well, maybe we should go to the doctors then? Get you checked out?’ He said sitting you up next putting his hand to your sweating forehead. You shook your head.

'I’ve already been…’ you said, Cal looked at you questioningly. 'I went last month, I couldn’t tell you because I know you worry and I wanted you to concentrate on your job.’

'Baby, nothing is more important than you. What did the results come back as?’ Cal said standing up and also picking you up gently to sit you on the toilet lid, then getting you a glass of water.

You sipped your water and took a deep breath, 'positive,’ you said looking up into his light blue eyes. He looked back questioningly 'I’m pregnant, Cal.’ You said looking down at your shaking legs. There was a moment of silence, then you looked up at Cal. He looked emotionless, if anything, he looked as if he was going to be sick. Just then, Harry walked in.

'I thought I could hear you two, is everything okay?’ He said looking at you then to Cal. Cal slowly started nodding at the floor, a small smile starting creeping in his lips.

'Yes! Yes, everything is perfect!’ He said picking you up and spinning you round. He put you down and turned to Harry, 'I’m finally going to be a daddy!’ He said half jokingly. It took Harry a while to realise, but when he looked at you laughing and standing up for Cal to cringingly put a hand to your belly, he clocked it and starting jumping up and down like a 3 year old, screaming 'I’m going to be an uncle everyone!’. He ran round the house for a bit. You giggled and then turned to look to Cal.

'I love you, Y/N.’ he said and before you could reply, he crashed his lips to yours and pulled you in, one hand on your jaw, one hand on your belly.

The Sign of the Broken Heart

Well this got out of hand in about 0.5 seconds flat. Inspired mainly by @janestrider with a little of a @dirkar-inspired mythos softly laced in. I hope you like it​! I got a little Too Into It.

They say the Gods once named the stars.

Whatever names they chose, whatever stories they drew in glittering lines from point to point, we do not know if we still speak the same tales. Perhaps we have forgotten, perhaps we have remembered, but all we can know for certain are the words spoken to us by our ancestors as their fingers traced the shapes we came to see among the cosmos, teaching us these lessons that we might remember where we came from, the we might honour the hands that once held our Earth cupped in their steady palms.

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Me: Over dramatic? Me? Please, I have a heart of stone. I have skin of steel and blades running through my bloodstream. Nothing phases me. I’m ready for anything. When I have I ever been over dramati-

Laia: *Takes Elias’s hand and starts making faces at him during Mamie Rila’s story*

Elias:*Grins and makes a face back at her*


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Its common. He knew how to handle a break down in his office. We can even go as far to say he excels in these situations. Today however, he was taken off guard.
    Cliff calmly moved from his desk over to the sitting area in the middle of his office. Considerate hands delicately pulled the coffee table away from them for their own safety and space. He did hesitate to move closer and take a seat in front of them. They didn’t phase him in any way that made him nervous to get near them, but he did not want to startle them or encroach on their comfort zone.
    He lets them go about their moment before breaking the silence between them with a soft breath,Sometimes, I lock m-myself in my car and just watch the world go around m-me.”

Like a reverse zoo. I can feel as th-though others are not watching me. That I am in a fixed space in time.” He muses openly to them. Whether they are listening or not. They assume im t-talking to my cars bluetooth and I can be m-myself without concern. No one can hear th-the st-stutter. No one can hear m-me talk to m-myself.”

“You know what’s sad?”


“It’s knowing that he did love me. It’s realizing he truly cared. He worries when I skip my meals. He fusses like a mother hen when I’m down with the flu. He gives me reasons to laugh when the day goes horribly wrong. He hands me the box of tissues when tears threaten to spill over a mushy romantic comedy. It’s knowing that despite everything, I was only a phase. I was there when he needed someone to try on this whole relationship thing. I was available and he was looking for a temporary position. When he figured that he can’t be the boy who will always be there, he let go.

He loved me. Damn right, he did. It’s just he wasn’t ready. He never really was.”

—  EL
I’ve only ever been in love a handful of times, but I can tell you my favorite thing about it:

the feeling of having something constant

that is what I would die for, over and over again. 

Waking up and knowing that there is somebody there–that beyond good morning texts and a permanent breakfast buddy, there is somebody who got through all the phases of the moon without changing their mind about you. 

Not having to check over your shoulder all the time because you can trust a promise. It doesn’t matter how skeptic you are, how cynical you’ve grown to be, when you are in love, you sacrifice caution for instinct as if humans were specifically created to give themselves unabashedly and wholeheartedly to another. 

Unafraid of being honest. It’s like a switch is flicked off in your head because around them, all systems of worry and what if’s and resistance are shut down. There forms a stream of unadulterated compassion and consciousness, and you do not have to hold back anything you feel. They are there, whether you are at your best or your worst because love envelops all of that and it transcends right or wrong and black or white, because a place outside of loving you no longer feels like it exists. 

Sometimes love is too much for its own good. But when everything falls into place, when fate is putty in your hands, when the universe decides to let this world go on spinning, love is just right.
—  Love is the only constant until it burns out into something else

||This is my first attempt at an imagine, if you like it request me some shiz..ENJOY THIS FLUFF||


“Ughh” I groaned in frustration, flopping back in my bed. I’ve been working on my Chemistry for hours and I still don’t understand. The midterm is tomorrow and I’m so gonna fail. I was staring up at the ceiling debating which fast food place I should apply at when I fail out of school when my phone flashed, it was a message from Sammy.

Hey babe, you’re probably really stressed over the midterm so I’m on my way to help you out. I also have pizza ;) see you soon

I smiled, he knows me so well. I heard the front door open. “Hey Sam” I heard my mom greet him. We’ve been together for awhile so him walking in unexpectedly doesn’t really phase my family anymore. Sammy opened the door with his hands filled with pizza and junk food. I laughed as he struggled to walk to my bed without spilling anything.

“I could’ve helped you, you dumbass” I teased smiling at him. He chuckled and flashed me his dimpled smile. He flopped down beside me and grabbed my notebook.

“Holy Shit” Sammy exclaimed turning my book examining the notes in every angle..“This is English?” Sammy said confusingly, “I’m so glad that I didn’t take this class, I would have just skipped 98% of the time.”

“I don’t even know what it is,” I say annoyed “I’ve been staring at my notes for hours but I don’t get anything, I’m gonna fail…I’m not gonna graduate, I’m gonna be a loser living at home….” I started ranting becoming paniced when sammy interuppted with his lips pressed to mine.

“Shhh..Come here” He said pushing my notes away as I buried my head into his chest as he stroked my hair. “You need to breathe and calm down, you’re so smart and your problem is you’re worrying too much, you can do this in your sleep.“

“I-I-I don’t know, Sammy.” I said sitting up across from him. He pulled my legs closer and wrapped his arms around me.

“If you get worried, remember that I.Love.You.So.Much” he said in between kisses “ I always will no matter if you fail,” He teased. “Besides I think you would look pretty hot in a McDonald’s uniform.”

The Last Little Girl I Kidnapped

original / author

I sat on the couch admiring my latest acquisition.

She must have been 6 or 7 years old.

I had her hands and feet duct taped with a sac over her head. She howled at first. They always do. Now she was going through the whimpering phase. Satisfied that she wasn’t going anywhere, I turned on the news to see if any Amber alerts had been issued.

That’s when I heard her mumbling.

“2, 14, 26, 32, 40, 41,… 2, 14, 26, 32, 40, 41…”

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