my hands are so uncontrollable


30 Days of OTP ♦ 02: Love Confession

this happens … less five minutes after Luffy figures out his feelings for Law

So my left hand pushes out my own energy uncontrollably and I can feel it when I focus on my hand and touch things and put my hand in its aura space, the energy forms up like a ball between my palm and an object. The intensity of the feeling increases when I think about it or anything involving energy, really.

My right hand takes in energy, when I touch things with my right hand I can feel how much energy comes off objects or living things, and the intensity increases in that hand when I think about it as well.

I can also channel energy using my finger tips. if I place a rock in the palm of my right hand and stick only one finger out, I can channel the rocks energy. However, if I do it with my left hand, it pushes out intense energy because its combined with my own.

Can anyone give an explaination to this or know what the hell is going on with me?