my hands are so sweaty he is so hot


Keith goes up to Shiro one day after training and says “I think I’m allergic to Lance.”

And Shiro, bless him, is legit concerned like “What do you mean allergic? What’s wrong? Do you need medical attention?”

And Keith goes “Every time I see him I get heart palpitations and my face gets hot and my hands get sweaty. I think I should stay away from him.”

And he’s so fucking serious and worried that Shiro doesn’t know what to tell him so he just gives him a pat on the head and goes off to try to find someone more qualified to explain to Keith what a crush is.

Sam’s Reward

SPN FanFic

~Sometimes you need to flip the tables on your man…~

Sam x Reader

1,569 Words

Warnings: NSFW. PWP. Sub!(ish) Sam Smut! (he’s tied up) Just dirty, dirty smut.

A/N: This is a drunken tag-team effort between myself and my buddy Jess @wi-deangirl77​. We were chatting and this happened. Hope you enjoy ;)

He was just a little too long for the motel bed, but you made it work. With his legs and arms spread wide, he fit just fine. His navy striped tie held his wrists high above and the cuffs you’d lifted from Dean’s duffel had his ankles bound to the foot board. Thank God for old fashioned beds…

Although he knew he couldn’t move, he still tried.  His muscles bulging and twisting, and the light sheen of sweat that began to cover his body just added to that Greek God look.

He wasn’t one to submit, ever… but it had been a long day and you’d whispered promises every chance you got. He was more than ready to see what you could do. Ready to let you take control; ready to submit and let you play out your fantasy.

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A new family member (Rami Malek x Reader)

So, here we are again! Hope you like this new one shot! I must admit I have so much fun writing stories like this with our Rami! I think he’ll be a very good father and I can’t wait to see little baby Maleks! Feedbacks are welcomed and appreciated!!! <3 H, hope you like it, too! xoxo

Word count : 1,912

“I want a baby.” Rami said one night as we both made ourselves comfortable on the couch, him watching  “The late late show with James Corden “ while I was reading a magazine. As I heard what he said, I almost spit the hot cocoa I had taken a gulp of on the ground. My heart pounded against my chest heavily and I felt my hands become a little sweaty. I felt very surprised because he confronted me with something so unexpected. Especially in the situation he was now. His career had made a huge jump to success and every director wanted to work with him from now on. So how could he even have time for a baby?

 I made contact with his eyes, laying the magazine on the table in front of me. Rami looked at me expectantly, his face turned to seriousness in one second. I also could notice a little bit of insecurity in his beautiful green eyes, but I didn’t know what he was so afraid of.  “Can you tell me that again, baby?” I asked him, and moved closer to him to close the gap that was between us. I took his hands in mine and felt that they were trembling slightly. With I smile on my face, I tried to calm down the man who was also my husband for two years.

“I want to have a baby, (Y/N).” Rami repeated, avoiding my gaze as it was something to be ashamed of which of course was totally nonsense. I forced him to look at me in the eyes by lifting up his chin. “What changed your mind so rapidly, Rami?” I questioned. A few months ago, an interviewer asked if children were a part of his plans in the future but Rami turned it off by telling he wasn’t in a hurry. And I couldn’t blame him for saying that because I wanted him to concentrate on his job first.

I wanted to have kids, yes, I wanted to be a mother so bad. Only the thought of a baby who resembled Rami made tingles spreading in my whole  body. To carry his child was something to be proud of next to being his wife. My life already changed with entering Rami’s life but having our own baby would be a new adventure and I was sure of it.

Rami cleared his throat. “I know I said I wasn’t in a rush for children but… I think I’m ready for being a father. I mean, you remember the last week when we went to visit Sami and his wife?” I nodded with my head, not very sure what he was implying to. “I saw the sparkle in your eyes as you saw their daughter again and how you took care of her. I remember how you looked like when we returned back home, you tried to hide it but I saw the sadness in your eyes and the longing for our own children.”

I kept listening to him without any interruptions. I tried hard not to burst into tears and took a deep breath in. “After that night, I couldn’t stop thinking about you being pregnant with our own baby. How you would touch your belly only to assure yourself that our baby was still in there, how you would talk and sing to him or her, how we would set up its nursery and even go to buy baby supplies. I want it, I want all that now.” Rami looked at me with utter conviction, squeezing my hand lightly. “I want to experience morning sickness with you, I want to hold your hair back when you throw up into our toilet, I want to experience the joy and happiness in your eyes as you show me the positive pregnancy test, I’d love to see your baby bump growing every day, and hell I even want to experience you complaining about everything, back pain, headaches, no matter what. Please, let’s make a baby.”

The tears I tried to hold back in vain ran down my cheeks. A huge smile appeared on my face and leaned closer to his forehead. “What about your career?” I sniffled. “I mean, will you even have time to raise a child?”

“Don’t worry about that, (Y/N). I promise I’ll be there for you and for our baby. Nothing is more important to me than you and our family.”

“If that’s so, than I’m ready to try.” I breathed against his lips.

“Now?” Rami asked.

“Please.” I murmured before a captured my lips with his to a heated kiss. He lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his hips as he carried me to our bed room where tried to create a new life, made of passion and love.


“Shit, I can’t wait anymore!” I whined, waiting for a result of the pregnancy test. “Why is it taking so long?”

Jasmine, Rami’s sister and my best friend besides being my sister-in-law, was there to support me. I missed my period for a long time and was confronted with nausea every morning. I was suspicious about a pregnancy but I didn’t want to look forward to it too much. Maybe I was wrong and the pregnancy test was negative. Who knew?

“Patience, (Y/N). “ Jasmine said and stroked my arm soothingly. “A few more minutes and it’ll be done.” I closed my eyes and sighed. Patience was not one of my strengths and especially now I was going to freak out.

And then I heard the little sound that saved me. “Okay.” Jasmine said. “Are you ready to have a look?”

“I’m afraid to be honest. What if it’s negative?”

“You’ll only find out if you look at it.” Jasmine answered.

I nodded my head, taking the test between my fingers. I was so excited and nervous at the same time. And as finally took a look, my eyes were filled with tears abruptly.

“Positive.” I whispered and felt my sister-in-law’s arms welcoming me into an embrace.

“Congratulations, (Y/N)!” She called, her eyes filling with tears as well and she began to laugh in joy. “You’ll be a mother! And I’m going to be an aunt! God, I’m so proud of you!”

We stood there for a while, crying and laughing and making plans for the future.

“We need to tell the others.” Jasmine said. “What about a dinner?” I agreed and we called my parents and the Malek family to join us tonight and to celebrate the big news.


In the evening, everybody was gathered at the dining table. “May I have your attention, please?” I questioned. Everybody was looking at me. “First of all, I want to thank you for coming tonight. This really means a lot to me even though nobody knows what’s going on.” I earned some laughter. I turned to my husband.

“Rami, I have something for you.” I said, handing him a little box that I decorated with a little baby shoes, the pregnancy test and a little card, labeled with “For daddy”.

A confused expression appeared on his face as he took the box out of my hand.

“What’s that for?” he asked, laughing insecurely. Everybody stared at him and the box, wondering what was in there. And finally, Rami opened the box and his body froze for a second, his eyes were wide open, also his jaw dropped open.

“What’s the matter, son?” His dad asked as he saw Rami losing the color in his face for a second.

“Positive.” Rami mumbled as a response. “The test… it’s positive.” Then he made eye contact with everyone. “I-I’m going to be a dad.” Everyone stood silent for a moment, speechless. I turned to my parents and I saw my mom crying and smiling at me.

“We’ll have a baby…” Rami rambled. “I’ll be a dad. We made a baby. Our baby. We… We’re going to be parents. “  He got up instantly from his seat and wrapped his arms around me. Right then, everyone cheered and applauded, sending their congratulations.

“We’re going to have a baby, aren’t we?” Rami asked me. I responded with a kiss. “Yes, we’re going to be parents.”

“I love so much you, (Y/N).”  He kissed me again.

“I love you so much more.”


-Nine months later-

“Rami Said Malek! Tell your son he should stop kicking!” I whined. I was very close to my due date and the baby inside me had been more active than before. The closer we got the more I became nervous. I was afraid to be honest. I knew I was going to be confronted with lots of pain but it would be worth it. As soon as I held my baby in my hands, everything would be fine.

Rami joined me on the couch, wrapping his arms around my belly, stroking it. “Hey buddy!” He cooed. “Stop hurting mummy, please. She had a very hard day today.” I leaned my back against his chest, closing my eyes. I was very exhausted and tired and I was aware that I was facing more sleepless nights and exhaustion. Pregnancy was no fun. Nothing at all.

“Is it that what you have imagined?” I asked. I felt him nodding his head and resting his head on my shoulder.

“The last nine months have been the best I’ve ever had no matter how hard they were. They always will be special to me and I see more wonderful years ahead us. With you and me and our little one here.” He said, caressing my belly again. Suddenly, my baby kicked against me stomach, making his daddy smile. “I can’t wait to meet him.” He told me.

“I can’t wait to see him too.” I agreed.


“Congratulations, you have a healthy, strong boy.” The doctor wished us as he handed my son over to me. Rami, who stood next to me, looked at the little infant with admiration and adoration in his eyes. Finally, our bundle of love was there!

“Hey, there.” I whispered to my baby. “Welcome to the world.” I earned a little yawn of my new born son and he wrapped his tiny little fingers around my pointer finger. I turned to Rami, whose eyes were red from crying and he gave me a kiss on my lips.

“I’m proud of you.” He whispered into my ear. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” I said. “Here, hold him.” He took our son carefully out of my arms and kissed his soft cheeks.

“Hi baby, I’m your daddy. And I’m going to take very good care of you, I promise.”

I wanted to cry myself as I saw how my husband was interacting with our son. I thanked god for giving me the perfect soul mate for life and a wonderful little child.

“He has your eyes and your nose.” Rami claimed. I offered him a smile.

“He looks exactly like you. “ I said. Like his father, our son had little curls on his head. “He’s going to be handsome as his father.”

“I can’t wait to take him home.” Rami admitted. “I’m looking forward for our future, baby.” He came closer to me and sat down on my bed. “What do we call him?”

“David.” I answered. “Only if you’re okay with that.”

“David is fine with me.” He weighed our baby back and forth.

“David, you made our family complete.”

" Wow you're hot " [e.h x reader hc]

This was requested!

- you would just be waiting for Evan at your locker to walk home together, like always, and he would be a little late so you just blow your hair out of your face and pout a little when you see him coming.

-he’s “so so sorry and the English teacher held him up and he’s really sorry.”

-you just giggle at him bc what a dork.

-you walk outside and it’s a little chilly when the autumn air hit you, so you just hugged your sweatshirt a little tighter and hoped the wind wouldn’t make your hair too much of a mess.

-he would be staring at you almost unapologetically bc you looked so pretty with your windblown hair and a small pout on your, slightly chapped, lips.

-you would catch him staring and ignored it first but now you got a little self-conscious….

- “Evan, why are you staring at me? Is something wrong? Is there something in my face, because if there is you have to tell-”

“No! No, it’s just like- just like wow, you’re hot.”

-your eyes would widen and so would his bc be really just said that to you.

-your cheeks would be pink but hoped they already were bc of the cold air.

- “I- I mean you look really, uh, nice! And your hair is really pretty, and it looks super- like super soft?” He would talk almost too fast for you to understand him and he’s just so embarrassed.

- “thank you.” And your would grab his cold hand and intertwine your fingers. (that would shut him up and almost cause him to faint)

- “you’re welcome? I mean I shouldn’t have phrased it like that… I mean, you’re really pretty! But hot just sounded so vulgar and then I probably came off as a creep and I’m so sorry!”

- “Evan?”


“Shut up.” And you would kiss his cheek.

- he almost fainted again.

-the whole walk back he was SWOONING bc ohmygod a nice, pretty girl kissed him on the cheek??? And was holding his hand??? What do I do?? Is my hand sweaty???

- he’s so confused?? And you would lean your head on his shoulder a little when you got too cold and he would just love it so much? The scent of your shampoo and warmth you brought was so adorable??

-he’s so in love it hurts ; and you are too.

Bakugou’s known as the guy in the apartment complex that’s always setting off his fire alarm bc he’s a grad student trying to get his masters in chem and Kirishima is one of the firefighters that always comes to check up on everything bc protocol but he’s hOT and the first time Bakugou sees him show up in his tight blue t-shirt and baggy firefighter pants with the suspenders and everything he’s thinking, “I want to cliMB yoU like a goddamn ladDeR.” And each time Kirishima shows up he’s like, “Ayyy nice seeing you again, Blasty. What trouble did you get yourself into this time?” But he’s always smiling and looking so cute akljeglek yet Bakugou’s still, “Fuck off. I don’t need you here to save me. It’s called studying.”

“Haha, damn. Do you always put your life at risk when you’re studying?”

“I’m in fucking grad school. What do you think?”

This one time Bakugou actually does set his kitchen on fire and tries to put it out with water, but the thing keeps growing, so eventually one of the firefighters leads him out, and while he’s standing in front of his complex waiting for them to do their thing, Kirishima appears down the stairs with his cat, cheeks a little black from smoke and sweaty and ghHHuHH so Bakugou mutters, “You’re fucking so hot—” Pause. “—’cause you were just in fire.”

Then Kirishima hands him his cat with this huge ass grin on his face and says, “Thanks, man! You, too. Y’know, ‘cause you’re always blowing stuff up.” And he fucking winks and pats the spot over his heart. “Like this thing.”

And Bakugou just storms off, “Don’t ever fucking save my cat again, save me.”

They’re both blushing like idiots.



Request: Could you do a Richie imagine where the reader is one of the smartest in the class and he thinks they’re annoying but one day he sees them at the arcade and finds out they have a lot in common and starts liking them? Thank u 💛

A/N: thanks to the anon who requested this cos its rlly cute!

Warnings: Cussing, bullying mentioned like twice

I raised my hand, waiting for the teacher to call on me. “Yes Y/n?” “The answer is B,” I informed. I heard Richie sigh and could practically feel him roll his eyes. “Well done,” she replied. The bell rang and everyone, including me, ran out of the class; too excited to care about the no running rule. 

As soon as I stepped out of the school doors I made my way to the arcade, being careful to avoid Henry and his gang. I stepped through the doors of the arcade, smiling. I made a B-line to my favorite games and got my quarters prepared. “Y/n?” I turned around to see the one and only Richie Tozier. “Oh, hey Richie,” I greeted shyly. “Uh, what are you doing here,” he asked hesitantly. “Playing video games, what else would I be doing,” I asked back. “Well yeah, but why the fuck are you here?” “Just because I’m smart doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy regular kid things,” I replied. “If you fucking say so.”

I inserted the first quarter in the game and began to play, Richie still behind me. “Turn right,” Richie called out suddenly. I did as he said and turned right, resulting in me not dying. “Stab that guy!” I once again listened to him and won the level. I grinned and turned around giving Richie a high five. “Nice job,” he shouted. “I couldn’t have done it without you,” I replied humbly. I felt my face fall slightly and my eyes trailed to RIchie and I’s still joined hands. He followed my gaze and quickly pulled away his hand. I followed suit and looked down, my cheeks red. 

“Why have I never seen you here before,” Richie asked me after a moment of silence. “I try to only come her when Henry isn’t out terrorizing people. I like to avoid him as much as possible, which isn’t a lot unfortunately.” “Don’t fucking tell me he bullies you too.” He looked at me knowingly and I shrugged my shoulders. “He bullies me. I tend to annoy him, along with a lot of other people, with my smarts,” I explained quietly. Richie looked down guiltily and I realized what I had said. “I didn’t mean you,” I clarified quickly, trying to make him feel better. “I’m so fucking sorry for being so rude to you Y/n,” he apologized, not looking at me in the eye. “It’s okay Richie,” I assured quietly, “enough of this sappy stuff, let’s play some video games!” Richie grinned at me and nodded his head. 

After two or three hours of playing I decided to get something to eat. “Do you want to go the diner across the street? I’m hungry,” I asked him. “Yeah!” We walked over to the diner and sat in a booth, ordering our food. “So what else do you like,” Richie asked me. “What do you mean,” I questioned, confusion lacing my voice. “What are your interests? I mean you like video games so you must like other cool stuff too,” he clarified. “Oh. I don’t really know. I spend most of my time at the arcade because I don’t like being at home,” I explained quietly. “Why not?” “My parents don’t pay much attention to me,” I replied simply. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. Me too,” he yelled out. “No way! Seriously?” “It’s like you’re my soulmate,” he exclaimed. I blushed and giggled, watching as his face turned red too. 

Eventually, our food arrived and we instantly began to eat. I looked up from my plate and saw Richie had mustard on his face. “Richie you have something on your face,” I informed. “Where?” “Here, let me help,” I offered, gently wiping the food off of his cheek. “T-thanks,” he stuttered out, blushing. I blushed too, smiling slightly. “No problem,” I replied quietly. “Y/n I really like you,” he rushed out after a moment of silence. I dropped my fork and looked up at him with wide eyes. “W-what?” “I like you. A lot. I don’t know why or how but all I know is that you’re way cooler than I thought and when you stand next to me while playing video games my hands get sweaty and my heart starts racing. I like the way you say my name and giggle at my jokes. And I never thought I’d ever be saying this in a million years but I think that it’s really hot that you’re so smart.” My cheeks were red as a firetruck now and all I could think about is the fact that Richie Tozier called me hot. “I like you too. So much,” I answered. “Really?” He let out a relieved sigh and I saw his shoulders untense. “Yeah,” I smiled, nodding my head. “Hey waitress! Could we get a milkshake with two straws over here?” I giggled and looked at him with excitement in my eyes. “Coming right up sweetheart,” she yelled. This was the start of an amazing relationship.

At one point Sam’s temperature climbs above 108 and he goes down hard in the bunker’s hallway, wandering half-delirious with Dean fluttering anxiously at his side. Dean sees Sam start to crumple in his periphery, catches his brother by the underarms and lets his dead weight carry them gracelessly to the ground.

Then Sam starts seizing.

Dean gets a thigh wedged under his head to keep it from banging against the cement while he lies twitching and jerking on the floor, holds him steady like that with fingers wound tight in the fabric of his shirt. There’s saliva foaming up between his lips, dribbling down the sides of his face and his breath is making an awful choking, rattling wheeze in his throat. Dean tilts his brother’s head to clear his airway, hangs on with adrenaline and sick dread churning away in his stomach.

Eventually the spasms stop and Sam goes still. Dean keeps him there on the cement, head pillowed in his lap, rubbing circles into his shoulder and speaking soothing, senseless things while Sam’s eyelids flutter—the way he used to when Sam would have nightmares, or when the hallucinations got so bad there were long bleeding scores on his arms and throat where he tried to claw out the maggots he saw writhing there.

Like those times, it takes a while for Sam to come back to himself. His eyes are half-open but unfocused, failing to take in much of his surroundings. His lips are parted and shining, moving a little as he sucks in air rhythmically. Dean mops the saliva from Sam’s chin with the cuff of his shirtsleeve, smooths the sweaty hair back from his forehead.

Sam is still searing hot to the touch. Burning up from inside. Transforming.

Dean hangs on tight tight tight—prays with all his strength Sam won’t crumble to ash beneath his hands.

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16 w jikook :)

i hope u know u have just corrupted me lmao

Send me a pairing + a number: jikook, “oh… sorryomgwrongnumber”

smut | sexting

Jimin wasn’t a virgin, he had a pretty good amount of sexual experiences on his back. But the thing was, sending nudes was a whole other different thing. It was new – at least for him –, and it made him nervous like a stupid high school boy with a crush. Except he didn’t have a crush, he just wanted to get laid – but his heart was racing and his palms were sweating anyway.
Jimin stared for another eight minutes at the picture taking the whole screen of his phone. He was with his back to the mirror, profile partially appearing over his shoulder as his hand held the phone high by the side of his body. It wasn’t the best picture he had ever taken of himself, but it was nice. His butt looked pretty, just like his hair. However he still couldn’t stop the nervousness bubbling up in his stomach, making him wonder if a stranger he met at a bar was worthy of that picture. Maybe Jimin was a bit too desperate for sex, trying to shove a certain mistake he had made with a certain someone to the back of his mind. But it didn’t matter – at least the bar guy  was cute, didn’t seem like an asshole – and for god’s sake it was just sex.
Jimin selected the picture and rolled the page of his contacts down until he found the newly added number. Jonghyun. He took a deep breath, placing his thumb just above the name and then squeezing his eyes shut – like that was going to stop the embarrassement of doing what he was actually doing – to click on the screen, instinctively dragging his finger to the send button afterwards – eyes still tightly closed. Jimin only allowed himself to open them when he heard the sound indicating that the message had been sent coming out of the speakers of his phone.
He released the breath he was holding back and stared at the sent picture – there was nothing to do now, it was done. Relief almost settled in his chest, the burden of doing the most difficult part having left his shoulders – when Jimin realized, in a silent gasp of horror and dread, that Jonghyun hadn’t been the one he sent the picture.

Jungkook – online

Jimin was mortified for a second until the sign of seen appeared on the screen and he completely freaked out.

You – 9:12 pm

He couldn’t fucking believe it. Universe must probably really hate him like crazy, because, fucking Jeon Jungkook from all people.
Fucking Jeon Jungkook, the stupid little shit Jimin had had sex with five days ago, because they were both too drunk to be thinking straight. Jeon Jungkook the biggest fuckboy Jimin had ever met – and surprisingly, the best friend too. He couldn’t fucking believe it. He had spent the last couple of days fucking and being fucked by plenty of different guys just to erase the drunken memories of Jungkook’s body on his – Jungkook’s lips on him, kissing him and sucking bruises with a hunger as if the world was falling apart around them. And even though it were just blurry flashes of a very fucked up night, it still brought things to Jimin’s stomach he didn’t want to bother finding out what meant. He just needed to forget everything and then it would be okay.

Jungkook – typing…

Oh god.

Jungkook – 9:13 pm
fuck hyung

Jimin’s heart stopped in his chest.

You – 9:13 pm
did u open it???

Jungkook – 9:13 pm
yeah it was kind of too late

Jimin wanted to die and bury his entire body into the biggest hole he could dig with his own hands. His cheeks were burning red, so hot it was tingling his skin. He didn’t know what to do, so he just kept terrifiedly staring at Jungkook’s name until the word ‘typing…’ appeared again.

Jungkook – 9:14 pm
hyung i know you told me to forget but how can i now
u have just fucked up my stability
i’m so hard

Jimin tightened the phone on his hands, the sides of the metalic thing burying on the skin of his sweaty palms, his breath hitching. He closed his eyes, trying to steady the flow of oxygen entering his lungs, but his phone buzzed against his skin again and his eyes snapped open in a heartbeat.

Jungkook – 9:15 pm
pls dont do this
u can’t just send me this and keep quiet as if nothing happened
i want to touch you
i want to touch myself thinking about you
hyung im really so fucking hard please talk to me

But Jimin was barely breathing. He could only feel his heart pulsating in every inch of his body, the furious muscle knocking against his ribcage violently. His own cock started twitching inside his pants, Jungkook’s words arousing him a lot faster than it should.

Jungkook – 9:16 pm
you have the most perfect ass
i want to get my hands on it again
my biggest and only regret of that night was not being sober enough to remember every single detail about you
i want to have you again so bad hyung
i could do whatever you asked me too
i could suck you so good you’d come in my mouth crying my name

Jimin whined out loud, not being able to repress the painful hardness between his legs anymore. Jungkook’s tongue and mouth on him was the most vivid memory he had of that night – and it was fucking up his head.

Jungkook – 9:17 pm
i could eat you up like you have never been before
i’d make you scream
and beg
you’d like that right

Jimin gasped this time, his hand going down to cup his painfully hard cock before he could realize it. He heard the tiny moan falling out of his lips as he rubbed it through the fabric of his boxers, precum having wetted it like it never did before.

Jungkook – 9:18 pm
fucking talk to me hyung
im touching myself and i think im going to come but i want u
i want you jimin please

Jimin took his hands of his boxers – a tiny whine of complaint forming in the back of his throat –, fingers finding the button he wanted on the screen of his phone before he could think about what he was actually doing.
Jungkook answered in the first ring.
“Shit.” Jimin heard Jungkook’s breathy voice at the end of the line, making him clasp his knees together in response, thighs pressuring the tingling head of his sensitive dick against his stomach, needing some kind of friction so he wouldn’t lose his mind, “Hyung, fuck. Mmmm… ha… H…hyung, say some…thing, please.” There was a pause, Jungkook’s loud breathing completely filling Jimin’s ears along with the obscene sound of his hands working himself up and down. Jimin moaned. “Shit. Shit, hyung, do that again. I need to hear your voice, please.”
He swallowed hard, throat dry and mind dizzy, too clouded from scenarios picturing Jungkook jerking himself off thinking about him.
When Jimin’s voice finally surged, it was deep and hoarse, drowned in a lust he didn’t know he possessed.
“Come over.” He murmured, breath failing on the last syllable. “Now.”

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Msr 15, 35, 72! I'd love to see how you do this! X

Lovely anon, this can be read as a stand alone or a companion piece to this prompt and this one. It’s Mulder, Scully and William and they’re all happy and waiting for baby No.2. Sorry, I’m all about the fluff these days.

“I’d kill for a coffee…literally.” + “Take your medicine.” + “Just smile, I really need to see you smile right now.”

It’s almost over, finally.

38 weeks, two more to go, Mulder muses while picking up one of William’s toys. His son, sitting on the living room floor, is singing one of his favorite songs. Or at least he’s trying to. Mulder fears no one but him would even recognize it. Watching his young son, so immersed in his own little world, he falls in love with him a little bit more. If that’s at all possible.

“Is the baby coming today, daddy?” William holds up his pudgy arms when he sees his father approach him. Mulder picks him up and plants him on the couch next to him. As much as patience is a virtue, his son doesn’t have any to speak of. Not that Mulder can blame him; he can’t wait for the birth of their second child either.  

“Hm, no, Buddy. The baby needs to stay inside your mom’s belly a while longer.” Disappointment flashes on the boy’s face.

“But,” Mulder tips Will’s chin up, “how about we go out for some ice cream while we’re waiting?” His son squeals in excitement, jumping up and down on the couch. He’s lucky Scully isn’t home; neither of them is allowed to jump on the furniture. Scully explicitly gave that speech to both of them after they were caught using the bed as a trampoline.

Will is still furiously jumping up and down when the front door opens. Startled, Will changes course mid-air and lands right in Mulder’s lap. On very sensitive equipment. He yelps loudly, causing his son to turn around too quickly, his arms still in the air. A tiny, yet very sharp elbow lands right in his nose.

“Did I hurt you, daddy?” Will plumps down on his lap and puts both his hands on Mulder’s cheeks, staring at him intently.

“I’m fine, Buddy.”

“Mommy, daddy is bleeding!”

“I really can’t leave the two of you alone.” Scully lets her purse fall right at the door and waddles over as quickly as possible, her face red and sweaty, and Mulder would apologize if his nose wasn’t throbbing so badly. Will watches as his mother carefully examines Mulder’s nose.

“It’s not broken,” she decides, “We just need to stop the bleeding.”

“Does it hurt, daddy? What about the ice cream?” Will carefully puts his index finger on his father’s nose, nudging it carefully.  

“Ice cream?” Scully asks, gently tipping Mulder’s head forwards and pinching his nose shut.

“Daddy said ice cream! Cause no baby today.” Will informs Scully with a huge grin. She turns to look at Mulder, who can neither talk nor nod.

“Mulder, I need you to pinch your nose like this.”

“I can do it!” William exclaims happily.

“Baby, you can help me in the kitchen.” The boy is immediately convinced and jumps off his father’s lap. Mulder winces.

“I told you: no jumping on the furniture, Mulder.” Scully whispers and leaves a kiss on his cheek. Mulder pinches his nose just like Scully showed him and thinks he should have asked for her to bring ice for another part of his anatomy, too. It’s a good thing she’s pregnant already. He’s currently not sure his equipment is still working right.

“Daddy, I bring you medicine.” William announces, holding the ice pack with both hands like a priceless treasure.

“Put it on his nose, Will.” Scully tells him and he nods. Will climbs up the couch and right back into Mulder’s lap. He puts the ice pack on his nose, his little tongue sticking put in concentration, and Mulder sighs in relief. His son observes him curiously, trying to figure out if he’s doing it right.

“Great job, baby,” Will beams at Mulder upon hearing Scully’s praise. “Now, Mulder open up for us.” Scully is way too happy about his discomfort, he finds. Opening his mouth sounds so easy in theory, but Will is taking his job as ice pack holder seriously.

“Come on, Mulder.” Scully urges.

“Take your medicine.” Will joins in, sounding eerily like his mother already. Finally two pills that Mulder doesn’t recognize pass his lips and he tries to swallow them dry, almost choking. Scully puts a glass to his lips and carefully tips his head backwards.

“You did good.” His son pats his cheek, happy with himself. “Now can we have ice cream… please?”

“I think your dad needs some rest,” Mulder knows that it’s Scully who need to rest and so he nods at Will, who looks disappointed, “Maybe tomorrow.”

“No baby and no ice cream,” Will sighs, “Today is not a good day for Will.” He shuffles off, leaving Mulder and Scully alone for the moment.

“Hi.” He tells her and leans forward for a kiss, but Scully leans away from him.

“Pinch your nose, Mulder.” He does as he’s told.

“You’re home early. Where’s your mother?” Just because he’s pinching his nose, doesn’t mean he can’t talk. No matter how nasal and stupid he sounds. Scully had been happy to go see her mother this morning. Being heavily pregnant in August, right during a heat wave was not fun – for any of them. Least of all for Scully, though.

“She dropped me off.” Her snappy response is all he needs to know. Maggie Scully might be one of the most patient people Mulder has ever met, but her daughter has not been herself those last few days.

“Did you have fun?” He regrets the question as soon as it’s out. If only he would catch a hint every once in a while, keep his mouth shut, and accept her simple answers. But no, not him.

“Oh, Mulder!” Scully slaps his shoulder and he’s certain she didn’t mean to hurt him. Except she sometimes has no idea how strong she really is. “You know I love you, right?” Those words are not at all what he expected, especially after her recent outburst, and so he’s taken aback. He finds his words right before she hits him again.

“Of course I do, Scully. I love you, too, you know that.”

“I’m so tired, Mulder.” Her head lands on his shoulder, the same one she just violated, and it’s like a band-aid on the sore spot.

“Of being pregnant?”

“No, I mean yes. It’s just too hot and my body looks everything but.” She leans against him, feeling heavy and sweaty, but he puts his arm around her anyway, drawing her even closer. He puts his hand on her belly, stroking it softly.

“Your body is very hot, Scully.”

“And,” she completely ignores his comment, “I’d kill for a coffee…literally.”

“Hey, you need me once two of our offspring are running around here.”

“I already need you with the one.” Scully yawns, cuddling into his side and getting more comfortable.

“I could take Will to have ice cream. Give you some time to yourself.”

“And my bladder.” If their child would stop playing football with it, maybe she could get some actual rest. Getting up from the couch is a two person job these days, but just as Mulder is about to help her, she stops and freezes.

“Scully? Is that – did your - did your water just break? Scully, your water just broke!” Mulder is on his feet and his ice pack falls to the ground, momentarily forgotten.

“What do you need? Where is your suitcase? We’re prepared, we are, I know it.” He’s running in circles around Scully like a squirrel.

“Mulder, stop,” she tells him quietly, holding her stomach, “We have time.” He stares at her, open-mouthed and wide-eyed. “Get the suitcase from upstairs, take Will and I’ll call my mom from the car.”

“Is that all?” Mulder is out of breath; his nose throbs painfully, but there’s no time to think right now. The baby! His mind screams. This time he’ll be there for every single moment. He’ll get his hand crushed, he’ll get yelled at and then he’ll hold his newborn child. He’ll be by Scully’s side for every excruciating second. Mulder already feels woefully inadequate when he sees her sweaty, tired face. This is only the beginning and he knows how strong Scully is, knows it with every fiber of his being, but if only he could do something. Something to help her.

“Do you need anything else?” He’s already at the stairs, ready to sprint, ready to get them on the way.

“Just smile,” she tells him, panting, “I really need to see you smile right now.” That he can do, he thinks. He flashes a huge smile, full of teeth and wrinkles, and when he hears her chuckle, he sprints upstairs to get them ready. To have another baby.

dcnerd98  asked:

Hey can you write a (Ross)Reggie X reader where the reader is Archie's sister. Pretty please with a cherry on top

Originally posted by alinok

Posted: 04.05.2017

Paired: Reggie Mantle X Reader, Sister!Reader X Archie

“Are you sure they aren’t home?” Reggie asked kissing me on my neck. “Yes, I’m sure and they won’t be home until at least two hours!” I said and kissed him. We were both laying on the couch with him on top of me. Suddenly the door opened and Vegas came running towards us, “what is going on here?” dad yelled a little angry but really surprised and soon Archie came inside confused and in a hurry. “Dad, Archie! I can explain I ha- “I said before being interrupted by Archie “Reggie? What are you doing here?” he said sternly and Reggie looked at me before turning his gaze towards my dad and Archie. You could feel the thick awkward feeling. “Ohm. we’re kind of dating?” Reggie said more like a question. “dating?!?” both Archie and dad exclaimed.  “I should go” Reggie said before he grabbed his stuff and left. Dad looked at me before he left and said “that’s not my business” …

“When were you going to tell us Y/N Andrews?” Archie said a little mad. “you don’t understand!” I said but he continued talking “when Y/N? he isn’t someone you should be hanging out with. You know that.” Archie had this look on his face that I couldn’t recognize. Hurt? Sad? Anger? “when were you going to tell me? That you’re dating my enemy?!” he said frustrated “I don’t know okay? This wasn’t how you were supposed to find out” I said while walking up the stairs with Vegas following me “he will hurt you Y/N!” he said. “no, he won’t” I told him and slammed my door. I heard him screaming “this conversation isn’t over Y/N! and you are not allowed to date him Y/N”.  “Oh Vegas! How I really love you right now!” I said while scratching his head and hugging him.

The next few days I was still mad at Archie, and dad, he didn’t seem to care so much. But I still want them to accept him. I still hadn’t managed to talk to Reggie yet. I found Cheryl changing into her cheerleading uniform in the locker room. “hey Cheryl” I said politely to her, “is there anything you need Y/N?” she said a little too harshly. “Panties got you in a twist? I’m not in the mood for a fight, Cheryl. I just want to talk to somebody.” I told her, she softened her look “I’m sorry. I just couldn’t sleep last night” she sighed. “What’s wrong?” she said. “Dad and Archie found out about Reggie and I…” I told her and continued how Archie got really angry and basically forbid me for dating Reggie and stuff and to where we were right now. Not on speaking terms. “Did he really get mad? Come on, you guys are twins and you both can’t be mad forever.” She said “I know and I kind of miss him. It’s been days since we’ve talked though. I guess I am still mad at him for not at least making an effort talking to me or Reggie. I just wish he could be a little more understandable.” I said to Cheryl “Just give him some time Y/N. he’ll come around” she told me and I nodded

As we walked pass the boy’s locker room and we heard the team and Reggie talking really loud, but he wouldn’t stop talking and that made me laugh a little. I grabbed Cheryl’s arm and pulled her to the door “Ouch what are you doing?” she winced and I hushed her. She listened closely and we both heard Reggie talking to someone. I could see through the little crack that Reggie was talking  to Archie, but his back was facing us, so i could only see Archie and he was really sweaty “damn what a hot piece of goodness Mr. Andrews” Cheryl said while licking her lips “Gross, that’s my brother you are talking about” I said disgusted. He had a weird expression on his face…

“Ohm… hey Andrews! I’m sorry about your hand. I didn’t mean to be so harsh out there. And I’m sorry we didn’t tell you guys. I just didn’t exactly know what you guys would think of me. I just really really like your sister and I think I have fallen in love with her. I do. I love her. I love Y/N. If you don’t want me to date her because you are her brother, then I understand that completely but I want you to know that I love her and wouldn’t do anything to hurt her.” Reggie finished. He loves me? I smiled at his confession. I heard muffled voices but I could hear that Archie agreed and Reggie promised not to hurt me.

I walked in the front door and heard lots of laughter. “Reggie? What are you doing here?” I asked confused as I saw dad, Archie and Reggie talking and laughing. “oh hey!” Reggie said while he walked up to me and gave me a peck on the cheek. I had no clue on what was going on. “they are okay between us!” Reggie whispered in my ear. “What’s going on?” I asked the boys. Dad and Archie smiled and said nothing, my face expression had a mix of confusion and mysterious look. I wondered what they talked about. Reggie put his arm around me and I smiled up to him. Thank you, I mouthed to dad and Archie. Dad nodded and smile back. Archie gave me an awkward smile.

Jealous - Ethan Dolan (Requested)

Warnings: Smut and Swearing

Happy reading ;)

You sat there staring at your phone, scrolling through instagram.“How did he manage to drag me into this?”you thought. You shifted uncomfortably in your seat as you looked around at your surroundings, you were at a party filled with wild, drunk idiots. You weren’t much of a party animal, you’d honestly rather lay down and watch Netflix all day. You rolled your eyes as you saw the person who dragged you here in the first place. Ethan. You took a deep breath as you saw him, your boyfriend, your mans, the love of your damn life walk right over to you. “Why the face Y/N?, c’mon baby lets go have fun!” Ethan shouted excitedly as you just chuckled. Even though you were irritated and hella mad at him right now, you couldn’t deny he was the cutest boy in the world and you knew you just couldn’t stay mad at him. He stuck out his hand for you to take, and so you did. “That’s my girl.” He smiled. “Dance with me?” you nodded your head and watched as a smile crept onto his face as he walked you over to the dance floor. 

As you took a look around all you could see was sweaty, drunk bodies grinding against each other. Ethan pulled you close to him, your ass his against crotch. You started to grind on Ethan to the beat of the music. Ethan placed his hands on your waist, guiding you as you started to feel his member get hard through his jeans. “You’re so hot baby girl.” he whispered in your ear as you felt his hot breath. You just continued to grind against him, smirking from knowing the hold you have over him. Ethan stopped your waist and flipped you around. “I’m gonna go get us some drinks, okay?” You just nodded and watched Ethan go to the bar. You decided you’d try to have a little fun and dance by yourself while Ethan was getting the drinks. You were dancing and to be honest, having more fun by yourself than you did in a while. You got lost in the music when suddenly you felt a pair of hands grab your waist. You smiled as you felt them starting to grind against you. “Ethan, why don’t we get out of-” “Who’s Ethan, my name is Aaron and we can definitely get out of here babe.” You stopped grinding against him immediately when you realized that wasn’t Ethan. “No thanks I have a boyfriend.” you said slowly backing away from the stranger. “Where I don’t see him?” he said smirking, walking over to you once again. "He’s right here and you have two seconds to back the fuck away from my girl or i’ll make you sorry you woke up this morning.” Ethan growled. Your eyes widened when you saw your boyfriend behind the stranger, clenching his jaw. "Holy shit, that was hot.” you thought as you watched the man back away with his hands in the air. “That’s what I thought.” Ethan mumbled under his breath watching the man walk away with a scared expression plastered all over his face. “Eth-” “Car. Now.” he cut you off and you just nodded your head walking out of party. You knew better than to go against what he says especially right now. 

You and Ethan got to the car and immediately he got inside as you did as well. “Backseat.” He growled and you did as he said, getting to the backseat. Ethan climbed to the back, grabbing you by your hair. “You think it’s okay to talk to other guys, huh? Well guess what princess, it’s not. You’re fucking mine and I’m going to make you scream my name and remind you who you belong to.” he growled lowly into your ear. You didn’t think it was possible to be this wet, you were practically soaking at this point. “Strip, now.” he demanded and you removed your dress along with your bra and your matching lace underwear. Once he saw you completely naked he smashed his lips against yours. After about a minute of your full on heated makeout session, he removed his top and jeans along with his boxers. 

You started to move down, reaching for his cock when he stopped you. “Not today kitten, I need to punish you asap. Bend over.” you bent over as you felt Ethan start to rub his cock against your folds. “Ethan… please…” you moaned out in frustration. "What’s my name, huh?” “Daddy” you moaned out. And with that, he slammed into you without warning. You practically screamed out, feeling a mix of pain and pleasure. “Holy fuck Y/N you feel so fucking good around me.” he groaned out, slapping your ass. He grabbed a fist full of your hair, pulling it roughly while pounding into you over and over again. “Who makes you feel this good, who do you belong to?” he growled in your ear. “You daddy, you make me feel so fucking good.” You moaned louder when you felt him hit your g-spot “That’s the spot, huh baby girl?” He continued to ram himself inside you as you let out a loud “yes daddy”. “I want you to cum all over my cock baby, I want you to remember you’re mine.” He flipped you over missionary style and rammed back into you again. “I’m gonna cum daddy oh my god” you moaned out. “Cum for daddy baby, I don’t think I can last any longer.” You then felt your legs shake as your orgasm was nearing, screaming out Ethan’s name while shaking in pleasure you released all over him. He groaned out and came inside you, continuing to ride out his high until he pulled out. You gathered your breath as you looked up at your sweaty boyfriend, hair sticking to his forehead. “That was so hot.” You chuckled. “It was baby, but you’re mine okay?” Ethan laid down on the hot car seat along with you. “Yes E, I’m yours. Always will be.” He smiled peacefully and that was the last thing you saw before you passed out soon after in his arms. 

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What was it like meeting lynz?

OH GOD OKAY… This is gonna be long

So like… I was the first one in the building to see her and they were only letting in one person at a time so it was JUST ME and a few people waiting at the door and like… The guy who owned the gallery smiled and opened the gate for me and put his arm out like he was inviting me in and I saw Lindsey laughing on the other side of the room with another lady and my stomach literally felt so weird I almost puked!!!!! My hands were really sweaty and my arms and chest went numb and I felt my face get hot and then I walked towards her and she instantly turned around and grinned at me and my heart was POUNDING SO FUCKING FAST

I was all like !!! HI !!!!!!! I GOT YOU STUFF!!!! And she smiled even bigger and thanked me like 3 times in Different Ways in one sentence and she smelled so fucking good like Rich Lady Perfume + vanilla but it wasn’t Gross and overpowering sdkhgdsg and then she took the flowers and went “I’m trying to hug you by the way!” because I was so overwhelmed I didn’t notice her arms were open slightly for me kdsjgs and she hugged me so tight :(( like… SO TIGHT and she squeezed me and rested her head on my shoulder and I almost cried but I made sure I didn’t omg 

I got a picture / video with her but it was REALLY BAD and I was too scared to go up again so after walking around and taking pictures for other people I went up to her a second time and asked for another one because it sucked so much and she was like YES OF COURSE! So she put her arm around me and we talked about bass and I told her how much I loved her and the whole time she had her head turned to the side and was smiling at me and didn’t break eye contact ONCE and she was commenting on little things I said and she CARESSED MY HAND and said it was really small so the Aerodyne was a really good bass for me :) She asked how I was doing with it, if I liked it ,etc etc

AND THEN NEAR THE END i went up to her a third time and said goodbye :) I told her I had such a good time but I had to drive 18 hours back home now and she was all OH MY GOD THATS RIGHTTTTT and she immediately grabbed me and hugged me again and told me it was so nice meeting me D; She signed my arm and squeezed it before she let go and smiled again and AHHH

But anyways… Lindsey is seriously the sweetest person I’ve ever met in my entire life and she truly cares about what each and every one of her fans has to say no matter how many people are there and she’s just so :((( i love her so much it was the best day of my life, really 

Speaking of the Devil (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

Prompt: Draco’s girlfriend getting comforted by Draco himself in a really special way. ;)

Requested: Yes. (4 times)
Word Count: 1,695.
Warning(s): SMUT, fluff.
Note: That was so intense for me to write holy crap.

+     +     +     +     +     +

You were bored out of your mind, staring out of the window in Potions while Slughorn was talking about some other, stupid potion. Every time you looked at the clock, it’s been seconds since the previous time when you looked at it. Everything was going so slow at school. It felt like you’ve never got some spare time, and oh man, boyfriend Draco knew everything about it. Your relationship wasn’t going so well since you’ve been very busy with school lately and you guys didn’t do things as much as before. And when you were together, it was always you complaining about no freedom and him comforting you.

“Miss Y/N Y/L/N, please head to the headmaster’s office,” you heard and immediately you looked up from the window. What? Where was that voice coming from? Neither from the speakers nor from someone who would be standing at the door.

Your classmates looked at you and even the teacher looked pretty pissed about the interruption.

“Eh…” you said nervous and started to pack your things. You slung the backpack on your back and without saying anything else, you left the classroom, heading to the office

“What the hell did I do?” you groaned at yourself and just when you wanted to walk along a corridor, two strong arms grabbed you by your hips and then one hand clapped in front of your mouth.

You screamed and kicked the person behind you and when you hit his crotch, you heard him hiss and he let go of you. It was obviously a male because of the amazing strength in the arms. Reminded you of your boyfriend.

Speaking of the devil.

“Y/N! What the hell!” he laughed and when you turned around, you saw Draco, standing up because you kicked him to the ground.

“Oh my god sorry Draco, I-I didn’t…”

He shook his head and laughed. “Babe, doesn’t matter,” he said and he wrapped his arms around you.

“What are you doing here? Was it you, who I heard in class?” you asked, knowing the answer already.

“Yeah,” he said, making you furrow your eyebrows, “I took some potion I got from the Weasley twins. Otherwise you would recognize my voice.”

You gasped and hit him in the chest playfully. “You are such a dork, oh my god.”

“But I am your dork,” he grinned as he rubbed your back. You smiled and backed away, but not that much so you were still in his arms.

“What are you doing by the way?” you asked him and you two started walk towards the Slytherin common room.

“Surprising you, thought you could use that,” he said as he placed his lips on yours without waiting for a respond. You reacted immediately and he started to make it rougher by squeezing your bum. You gasped and he slipped his tongue inside your mouth. You couldn’t help but smile and hummed by how smooth Draco was.

He let go of you and smirked. “Let’s continue this, shall we?” he asked and you nodded with a smile, before you were heading to the common room.

“What’d you mean by continuing exactly?” you asked, looking oblivious on purpose. Draco smirked and acted like he was thinking. “I don’t know, how about a dinner in Hogsmeade,” he teased, you knowing he definitely didn’t mean it. But to tease along, you smiled and hugged him.

“Great idea, Draco,” you whispered as you pecked his lips. Confusing flashed across his face, but seeing you getting “excited” changed his mind to a real dinner. Eventually he groaned and murmured: “God dammit,” before arriving at his dorm to have a cuddle session with you.


You started getting ready kind of early just so you’d be able to take your time and relax a little bit too. After your shower, you put on a pair of cute lace undies and a bralette and sat down on the floor in front of your big mirror, starting to brush your hair.

While your hair was still drying, Draco came into your room and saw you there, half naked, as he said: “Oh my god, babe, you’re so hot.” You kind of brushed it off as just a compliment and not really thought anything of it, until he came up to you, pushed your wet hair to the side and started kissing your neck.

“Draco, I’m trying to curl my eyelashes, can’t you wait until after dinner?” you said and he groaned and walked away because you rarely ever said no to any kind of sex with him but when you said “later” you meant it and he wouldn’t try and push it. So he went into your bathroom and took a shower like it was his own, damn bathroom.

When he came back into your bedroom, he only wore a towel and you saw very clearly that he had a hard on so you laughed as he rolled his eyes and went to get dressed. You started drying your hair with one hand and scrolled through Instagram with the other so you weren’t really paying any attention to him. 

After a couple of minutes your hair was finally dry, so you turned off the hair dryer and the first thing you heard, was Draco moaning. Immediately you looked up and saw him watching you in the mirror with one hand in his boxers, slow movements visible. 

“Oh my god, Draco,” you laughed at the effect you had on him. Getting up from your place on the floor, you climbed on the bed and straddled him. “Y/N, I need you so bad,” he said quietly. “You look so hot when you’re pleasuring yourself, how could I say no to you?” you mumbled against his neck as you started kissing your way down his body. 

The kisses were sloppy and slow and just as you were about to unwrap the towel from his body, he said: ‘No, Y/N, please, can we skip the teasing?’

You raised one eyebrow, palming him through his towel before lifting yourself up again and earning a groan from him.

‘Alright baby boy, let me show what you got,’ you whispered in his ear as you felt his heart pounding in his chest like crazy. You thought you heard him whimpering, but as soon as you wanted to do something else, he flipped you around as a surprised sound left your mouth.

When you looked up to his eyes, they were dark and full of lust, ready to drill you into the mattress and fuck you senseless until you were unable to walk to next couple of days. And god, if that didn’t work on you, then what would?

Yeah, nothing.

He slowly took off your freshly new panties as you slowly unwrapped the towel around his waist. Moment later you two were totally naked, your bralette was being thrown across the room. Not before Draco complimented you about how smoking hot you looked in it of course, but he didn’t feel a little bit sorry about ripping them of your chest.

The tip of his dick was touching your entrance, his head dipped in the crook of you shoulder, leaving hickeys all over the place. In one, swift move he entered you, groans and muffled profanities leaving your mouths as he started to pick up the pace.

‘Draco, oh- oh my god,’ you moaned his name, which made him go harder like you were encouraging him. You dug your nails in his back and left scratches every time he pumped in to you. The pain made him moan even more as he rested his forehead on your forehead, looking at your eyes so lustfully, finally getting what he wanted.

His pumps started to slow down, him not entering you fully anymore, so you took this opportunity to toss him on his back so you could ride him.

‘Y/N, oh,’ he moaned as he grabbed your hips while you were bouncing up and down his cock, the end hitting your g-spot every time you hit his hips. Your hand searched for one of his as you entangled your fingers with his, before you started to circle around him, Draco pushing his head into the mattress because of the different move you made.

When you started to slow down, Draco sat up a bit, leaning on his elbows as he pumped with your movements, skin slapping against each other. ‘Yes, yes, yes,’ you started to chant in moans when he hit the right angle, him going even faster as you couldn’t keep up with the pace anymore, tired of bouncing.

‘I’m… almost… there,’ you groaned and then again, Draco flipped you two over.

‘Me too babe, me too,’ he whispered in a husky voice as his thumb made circles on your clit, wanting to let you finish first like the real gentleman he was.

You screamed and tried to muffle it with screaming into his chest, but it didn’t really work. Seconds after your orgasm, Draco pulled out of you and came on your stomach, exhaling a deep, throaty moan. 

After some while, he collapsed next to you on your bed as you tried to catch your breath again, because bloody hell, that was probably the best sex you guys have ever had. And there was nothing to complain about, it was amazing.

Draco grabbed your hand again, this time tenderly and soft, like it was made out of glass, as he pulled you close, pulling the sheets over your two, sweaty naked bodies. ‘That was so great, Y/N,’ he breathed out as he started to play with your hair, your eyelids starting to get heavy even though it was only 7 pm.

'No diner I guess?’ you whispered as you felt Draco chuckling heavily. 

'This was your desert.’ You giggled before nuzzling in his chest more, letting your eyes close as you were very tired all of the sudden. 

'Goodnight baby,’ he whispered as you responded with a sound that was supposed to sound like a yes, but after a couple of seconds you drifted off to sleep, Draco following minutes later with his arms secure around your body.


This was so intense, my hands are sweaty, I feel so weird about this but it’s so hot… I JUST WROTE THAT WOAH.

Draco Malfoy doesn’t need a condom, he’s a damn wizard alright.

I listened to Frozen songs while writing this, it was so weird I’m laUGHING.

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Hot Damn

Anon asked: 7. I’m drugged up on cough medicine and right now sounds like a gREAT time to tell you how hot you are and pass out in your car.” 8. ^ You passed out in my car because of strong medication and now I have to figure out how to get you home and avoid taking a picture of your cute sleeping face.” –with rich the one high on cold medicine and Jake driving

So here ya go!!

“You know Rich, I love you, but I don’t really like having to get a call from Jeremy to come pick you up from work because you’re too sick to be here.”

Jake was currently staring down at his boyfriend, who had his flushed face against the break room table. He looked up at him lazily, his eyes gliding around as though he wasn’t focusing on a single word Jake had said.

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The Joker x Reader - “Forgive and Forget”

You are 8 months pregnant. The Joker didn’t want the baby at all and you had a terrible fight. Again. In the heat of the moment, he pushed you down the stairs, wanting to get rid of both of you once and for all. This is something you can never forgive…or forget.

Best friends saga:

You scream in pain while the doctor is cutting and snipping at your body under the bloody sheets. After that terrible fall you started feeling worse and worse and by the end of the day your bleeding won’t stop. The Joker brought you the doctor you usually use at your hideout and he is trying the best to help, but the situation doesn’t look too good.

“Would you give her something for the pain so she will shut up?” the Joker sighs, annoyed, watching you squirm from his chair.

“You…you son a bitch, you pushed me…” you utter through your clenched teeth, panting, feeling dizzy from the pain.

“I didn’t mean to,” he bitterly replies.

“Yes, yes you did, you never do anything you don’t mean…” you whisper, wanting him dead for what happened.

“Busted,” he smirks. “I don’t want you or your stupid kid, why didn’t you just die, hmmm? It would have been easier on everybody.”
Normally words like this wouldn’t hurt you, but now the circumstances are different.

“Shut up, don’t say that!” you beg him, holding tight to your sheets while the doctor injects you with a mild pain killer. He can’t give you something stronger because you’re pregnant. It doesn’t help too much but it’s better than nothing.

“I say whatever the hell I wanna say. And stop whining, you’re a hit woman, one of the best, so just tough it out, God dammit!” he scoffs, his eyes burning holes through you.

“I’m going to kill you for trying to get rid of my baby, I swear!” you scream, taking deep breaths, trying not to push. The doctor told you it’s not a good idea so you are trying to do just that.

“Well, fuck, just do it then,” he mutters, getting up from his chair. He takes the gun from his holster and comes to your bed, places it in your hand, then points it at his forehead. “Do it! Free shot! Come on! Do it!” J snickers, looking you in the eyes. Your hand is shaky from the agony you’re going through but you really want to pull the trigger. After a few seconds you just lower your hand, then you press it on the Joker’s chest, giving the gun back to him.

“Get out! I never want to see you again, you monster,” you whisper, feeling another wave of contractions will hit you soon. “Get out, NOW!!!” you shout as loud as you can.
“Gladly,” he smiles, placing his gun back in his holster. “I don’t need you, I don’t need anybody.”

You watch him getting out of the room and you hate yourself for that little part inside of you wanting him to stay.

“Come on, Frost, let’s go!” the Joker urges his henchman that was waiting at the door for him.

“Sir, how is she doing?” Jonny asks, starting to walk besides his boss.

Frost suddenly hears you scream and stops in his tracks. J continues to walk.

“Move it, I don’t have all night!” J growls at his henchman.

“Why…why are you leaving, sir?”

“Because I don’t want to be here, I don’t care,” he shakes his head, amazed Jonny didn’t get it yet.

“With all due respect, boss, I am going in there and I am going to stay with her, she shouldn’t be alone right now.”

“Wh-what?! I told you to come with me,” he licks his silver teeth, getting mad.

“She’s my best friend, sir, and you know it. I am going to stay with her.”

Frost turns his back on the Joker and starts walking to the room where you are kept.

Suddenly, J pushes him against the wall, getting in his face, irritated as hell.

“You dare defying me???!!!”

They stare at each other for a while until Frost slowly unclenches the Joker’s fists from his shirt.

“Sir, she shouldn’t be alone, both of them could die, do you realize that?…”
The Joker takes a deep breath, releasing his hold.

“I fucked up,” he slowly says, stepping back. “But then again I always do so it doesn’t matter.”

He passes his fingers through his hair and begins to walk towards the exit. In a moment of weakness, you scream his name when your pain reaches unbearable heights again.

J stops for a few moments, biting his lips, then covers his ears and runs out.

Frost pulls himself together and steps inside, trying to hide his grimace when he sees so much blood.

Jesus Christ, he thinks, scared for your life. In the meantime the doctor hooked you up to an IV and he’s trying to keep you conscious for as long as possible.

“Jonny, come here,” you faintly smile, exhausted, signaling him to come by you.

“How are you holding up, Y/N?” he frowns, taking your hand and kissing it.

“Not too good…He left?” you ask, feeling tears building up in your eyes.

Frost nods a yes and he squeezes your hand tighter, trying to comfort you.

“Promise me something, Jonny,” you plead with shaky voice.

“Anything, you know that…”

“If I die and my daughter survives, please don’t let him kill her. Please! Please take care of her and don’t give her away ! Would you do that for me?”

“He’s not going to kill her and you are not going to die, ok? Everything will be fine.”

“Oh, Jonny, you are such a bad liar,” you try to joke, bringing his fingers to your red, sweaty face. He caresses your cheek, not liking the fact that it’s so hot. You close your eyes.

“Hey, Y/N, do you remember when we were 14 and I asked you to marry me?”

You open your eyes again and look at him. You giggle a little bit.

“How could I forget?” you place your right palm against his, looking at your tattooed wedding rings. “We were so stupid we got these tattooed on the wrong hand.”

“My old man kicked my ass for this ink,” he laughs, trying to cheer you up.

“Mine too, I was grounded for 3 months,” you wink, but the discomfort you feel building up again all over your body makes you wince.

“I never told anybody what this means, do you know that?” he confesses, kissing your hand again.

“Me neither. I’ll never tell, it’s our little secret, right?”


“I should have married you at one point…” it’s the last thing you manage to tell him before letting out a loud scream.

“You should have,” Frost mumbles while the doctor starts moving around the bed frantically.

“She’s bleeding too much; I really have to stop the bleeding. Y/N, don’t push, please!”
“I…I…can’t…I’m trying…” you answer, loudly breathing. You let your head slip back on the pillow, all of the sudden feeling very tired.

“Y/N, don’t fall asleep,” Jonny sighs, struggling to keep you awake.

You didn’t fall asleep; you actually fainted from the blood loss.

As soon as your eyes closed, The Joker rushed inside the room, screaming at the doctor with the gun in his hand:

“If she dies, you die and everybody that you ever loved and cared for will die too, got it???!!!!”

There’s no way for you to know, but he came back after Frost got inside and waited at the door, listening. J actually almost made it to his car when something weird took place: he suddenly felt a strange pain in his chest and he thought his heart stopped for a few seconds. He stood there, trying to breathe, not understanding what is happening to him. He took another step and then all he was able to do was not to move, stunned, realizing that what he was feeling was probably remorse and regret. But he wasn’t too sure since he always told himself he really has no feelings.

The doctor was able to save you and the baby and when you woke up the only one still with you was Frost. The Joker didn’t want you to know he came back but Frost told you anyway. You didn’t care; all you cared about was to run away into safety, as far away from Gotham and HIM as possible.


You covered your tracks very well, jumping from one identity to another in the following year, moving from LA to Boston, New Jersey to Washington, and now New York for the next month or so. You barely keep in touch with Jonny too, afraid the Joker might sniff you out.

You are heading back to the house on the lonely alley that leads to your fence, holding your daughter in your arms. She keeps on talking gibberish, pulling your earring with her tiny hand.

“Auchie, Evie, that hurts, baby girl. Stop doing this to mommy, will you?” you bounce her into your other hand, starting to look for the keys in your purse.

“Need help with that, Baby Doll?”

Your hand freezes on your handbag and you slowly lift your eyes to see J right in front of you. You gulp, panicked, holding your daughter tighter and turning sideways so you can protect her better in case he tries something.

“How…how did you find me?” you wince, wishing you had at least a knife on you.

“I…ummm, persuaded good ol’ Jonny to tell me. You know I can be very convincing,” he tries to joke but it freaks you out. “Don’t look so scared…Mrs. Frost. I took the liberty of looking through your mail box. Now, that was a shock!” he dramatically gestures with his shoulders. “I didn’t know that was one of your identities, Princess. Now, are you coming back and work for me again? I have a huggeee black list for you to take care of.”

“Go to hell!” You gather your courage and start walking, passing him by as fast as you can. His grin freezes on his lips when he notices how upset you are. You lift Evie higher on your hip and she keeps on waving at her dad, happily smiling for some reason, probably liking his green hair. As the distance between you two grows, you hear him say:

“She looks just like you.”

You keep walking, trying to get to the door when you realize the porch is full of flowers so you can’t even get there. You start kicking the flowers, annoyed and the frustration building up inside you makes the tears rolls on your face without you even noticing. Why did he have to find you? Now you have to move again, and fast.

“Can I see her?” The Joker’s voice is right behind you and you turn towards him, holding Evie so tight she starts whimpering, uncomfortable. You fastly wipe your tears with one hand, backing out.

“If you touch my daughter I WILL kill you, mark my words! Why are you here? Leave us alone, you didn’t want us!” you yell so loud it makes you tremble.

Evie starts crying, scared; she doesn’t know what’s going on. You try to soothe her, rocking her in your arms while staring at the Joker’s blue eyes, completely ready to do something crazy if you have to.

“I’m dying…” he whispers, looking away, hoping you will feel sorry for him.

“We all die!” you shout, kissing Evie’s head and stepping back again when he comes towards you.

“I don’t have much left so I guess you could say karma is a bitch, hmmm? Cancer is going to kill me soon so I just wanted to see you one more time.”

“Please go away,” you whisper. You are so distracted and tense you barely hear what he’s saying.

“Don’t you feel sorry for me?”

“No, I know you’re lying, you bastard, I can always tell when you lie!” you huff, trying to find your keys again.

“Yeah, you could always tell when I bluff, one of your special talents…” the Joker sadly smiles, taking another step towards you.

“Stay right there, I mean it!” you threaten him, aggravated, wiping more tears from your face. Evie buries her little head with ponytails in your chest, cooing.

“Can I hold her?”
“You must be shitting me! Try to touch her and you’ll see what happens to you!!!” you start bowling, finally getting the keys out of your purse and trying to open the door.

“Here, let me help you,” he tries to reach around you and you push him away, crying so hard you can’t even see the lock.

“I said go away!!”

His hands grab you from behind, stretching to reach Evie too.

You struggle to escape and he presses himself against you, making you unable to move since you are holding your daughter too.

“Don’t touch my kid,” you beg him through tears, afraid he will hurt her. “Don’t you dare…”

“I am not doing anything, Princess, I just wanted to hug you both,” the Joker mutters in your ear before letting go, lifting his hands in surrender when you turn towards him. “Can I please hold her?” That’s a word he’s not too familiar with.

“No, never…” you shake your head in denial, forgetting to cry.

“Can you forgive me?”
You give him such a look he feels that weird pain in his chest again.

“N-never,” you cut him off. “I will never forgive or forget what you did.”

“And I don’t want you too,” he is fast in agreeing. “…Can I see her at least?”

“No, she’s upset,” you caress her back, leaning against the door, sniffling.

“Can I just sit here and look at you two?”

You close your eyes and slowly turn Evie towards him even if she fights it.

“Here she is, now leave,” you command, moving her back in the safety of your embrace after a few seconds.

“She really looks like you, baby Doll. And I like the name; but you could have asked me too when you chose it… Sorry, bad joke,” J sighs, seeing the sour expression on your face.

“Go away, J, I don’t want you here.”

“You know, it’s not a good feeling…not being wanted I mean.  Must have been worse for you, after what I did.”

“Don’t you dare playing your mind games with me!” you frown, rocking Evie again because she’s getting impatient.

“I’m not, I swear,” he reassures you, watching you unlock the door and getting inside your house. “Can I come in?”

“NO!” you slam the door in his face, locking it behind you.


You keep on watching him patrolling up and down your porch all night until you fall asleep with Evie on the couch.

When you open your eyes in the morning, it takes you a few seconds to realize she’s not there. Did she crawl down the couch? Sometimes she does that.

“Sweetie, where are you?” you ask, worried, starting to look around the living room, then head towards the kitchen when your heart stops: the Joker has Evie on the kitchen table, holding her waist while sitting on a chair in front of her.

“You are cute, you know that? You look like me too,” he smiles and her eyes get big, no doubt mesmerized by his silver teeth. “I can’t believe I almost killed you,” he talks in a low voice, stroking her cheek and she giggles. “Your dad is a jerk, did you know that?”

“Hey, what the fuck are you doing? How’d you get in here?” you shriek, darting to get her.

“Back door,” J points towards it, and you snitch Evie away. “It was opened.”

Dammit, with everything going on you forgot about the stupid back door.

“Out of my house, now!” you snarl, unhappy J touched Evie.

“I didn’t do anything to her, we just…caught up,” he cracks his fingers, yawning. “I’m so tired, didn’t sleep all night. Can I crush here?”
“No, get out!!!”
Evie is starting to reach her little hands for the Joker when he waves at her.

“See? She knows I’m her dad, lemme hold her, I think she likes my hair,” he snickers, happy at his little victory.

Evie keeps on reaching for him while you struggle to keep her calm.

“No, baby, he’s a bad man,” you tell her and she starts whimpering because she can’t get to him.

The Joker rises up and walks towards you with his arms reaching for his daughter.

“Come on, I want to hold her!”
She squirms really badly and whines until you finally let him have her.

“See? I’m not doing anything,” he emphasis, reaching for the back of his jacket with one hand. He takes out his gun and gives it to you:

“Here, it’s loaded; you can shoot me at any time. But I’m not going to hurt her.”

He then starts walking around the kitchen, lifting her up while she laughs and screams, delighted. It makes your skin crawl.

“I’ll never forgive you,” you remind him, aggravated.

“I don’t want you to,” he stops for a moment, looking your way, wanting to hug you but you will probably pull the trigger so he gives up on the idea. He starts playing with Evie again. “Can you please change your identity? Mrs. Frost sends shivers down my spine.”

“Don’t care,” you grouchily reply.

“Fair enough, hmm?” he addresses Evie while she bounces in his arms, excited. “Mom can keep it for a while.”


My love

Summary: Tom just being cute

A/N: I’m sad because the start of my series got no love but here’s a tiny tiny drabble of cuteness

Y/N came home with an aching stomach and sore feet, they beat like the sun in late July. Being a waitress was not her ideal dream job but a girl has got to pay the bills some way right? Her bag landed with a thump on the oak flooring and she shuffled down the hallway down into the kitchen to see Tom sitting at the breakfast bar, Tess whining for the breakfast bar in his hand. Whilst he chops through it and flips through a magazine she trudges towards him and lands her head on his bare shoulder to which he jumps a bit.

“ Hi love, you don’t look so good, are you ok?” She groans and lets Tom stand up so he can wrap her into a bundle into his arms. Kissing the top of her head he sways them back and forth and Y/N picks up on Frank Sinatra in the background, “I don’t want to work in a sweaty coffee shop anymore.” He laughs and pulls away, placing his hot hands on my throat and planting multiple kisses on her lips. “Give me twenty minutes.”

Twenty minutes later both of them are sitting in a bubble bath full of rose petals and bath salts. Her back pressed to his front and two glasses of wine are held in their hands, Y/N cradles hers to her bare chest but Tom’s left hand rests loosely around her waist whilst the other grips the wine. “Better?” he hums against her hair that sits in a messy bun, piled onto of her head, with her eyes closed she mumbles a yes and sinks lower into his chest. “As long as my girls happy.”

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anonymous asked:

Being high with Harry and really wanting to have sex, but him knocking away your advances. Finally after pushing your hand away from his happy trail, Harry has you take of your panties and putting you over his thigh, saying "If all I am to you is a sex object, here you go." And stone facedly ignoring you as you ride his thigh

Wow damn I mean I would totally love to get high with harry and have sex but during this fantasy he doesn’t seem so happy and seem like he wouldn’t enjoy it. I mean if he was truly down for the sex I would but that stone cold ignoring you doesn’t seem that fun and seems like he’s only doing it for your pleasure. Plus since he made that comment of him feeling like all you do is use him for sex would break my heart. I would want cuddles and little kisses and tell him all the true reasons I love him so he knows the real reasons I love him. Harry is a precious baby that needs to be loved.

But yes if he was into it I would ride him all night and it would be so hot and sweaty and him just running his hands from the top of my back to my butt to give it a good squeeze and a smack. Your hair would be a little wet sticking to your body and your lips move with Harry’s in a sloppy make out. You moving so slow but it doesn’t matter bc you can feel all of him and it feels so good. When you both finish you are so tired you don’t say anything you just get off and both fall asleep in each other’s arms. ❤️

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