my hands are so sweaty he is so hot

Dating Jaehwan would include
  • A to the E to the G to the YO 
  • You’re cooking ?
  • You’re cleaning ?
  • ‘ UJUJUJU”
  • You’re just freaking sitting ?
  • Aegyo attack
  • Laughing until you LITERALLY pee your pants 
  • ‘Please Jaehwan stop I can’t’
  • ‘No no but hear this , this is the best part !’
  • Skinship all the way but it’ll be so natural 
  • Holding hands whenever you go 
  • Or just whenever he get the chance
  • Outside
  • Inside
  • When there is a crowed or just alone
  • ‘Not like I’m complaining but my hand is getting a bit sweaty’
  • ‘I’m just too hot for my own good’
  • Ken isn’t the shy type so even if the members are around he would casually put his arm around your shoulders or make you sit on his lap & shamlessly flirts with you
  • If he get teased ?
  • Well guess who doesn’t give a flying fridge ? Lee Jaehwan
  • Will sulk if you ignore him & whine about it later on
  • Poking and pinching his cheeks & nose when he’s mad until he smiles
  • You’ll have to save him from Leo’s wrath 7 times out of 10
  • Taking you out on random dates
  • Knocking your door early in the morning with a big smile
  • ‘Jae it’s 2 am’
  • ‘Perfect timing for a Road trip !’
  • & Who would say no to that sunshine ?
  • When his favorite jam  comes on, be prepared to have a blast
  • Head banging until you get dizzy
  • Getting to hear his dumb jokes & puns
  •  Arcade dates 
  • Amusement park dates
  • Movie dates 
  • Playing boarding games with the members 
  • Competing against Ravi for Ken’s attention 
  • Karaoke dates , where you sing until your throat hurt & out off tunes
  • Jamming to One piece
  • or just chilling at some coffee shop
  • You’ll always have something to do & never have a blunt moment in your relationship
  • Nevertheless quiet moments with Ken were you do nothing or just enjoying a little chitchat will be so meaningful 
  • Always having eachothers back & always be supportive 
  • Having a cheerleader instead of a bf tbh
  • At times when he feels down & insecure just staying by his side & letting him lean on you will mean the world to him
  • His a precious sunflower
  • Playing with that fluffy hair of his
  • Having unspoken communication
  • Teasing you then running for his life
  • ‘Remember when you slipped and did a split and ur jeans-’
  • ‘SHUT UP’
  • Having ugly pictures of each other saved on your phones
  • Blackmailing 24/24
  • Always sending you Good morning texts & G-night ones when he is busy & don’t have time to meet
  • Late video calls with a tired puppy when he is on tour
  • Lot and lots of I love you / Miss you
  • Cheese cheese , too much cheese talk 
  • Getting you cute gifts from each place he goes to
  • Cuddles the hell out of you when he sees you after a long time
  • Excited puppy
  • Telling you about his journey without catching his breath and you’ll be like BREATHE Jeahwan BREATHE
  • Couple names
  • But mainly  ‘Baby’
  • -Babe’
  • -‘yeah ?
  • -Baaaaaaaaaabe
  • Yes Jae ? ~
  • -BABE
  • -WHAT-
  • -Nothing
  • Couple rings
  • Couple hoodies
  • Couple pulshies
  • Sending you random snaps and funny videos 
  • You wondering what good deed you did in your past life to be with such a sunshine
  • From Well planned dates to let’s go and figure it out , there is no in between
  •  Cute little pecks
  • to
  • Passionate making out /Jaehwan is such a good kisser HAVE U SEEN HIM ???/
  • Goes from cute to hot before you can say POTATO
  • and you’ll be like HOW
  • Jaehwan being extra SO EXTRA
  • Often asking you if you love him and why ,just for science you know
  • & you’ll always have the same answers but he just like to hear it
  • Constantly humming some song 
  • Visiting him at practice 
  • Listening to his melodious honey  like voice
  • Giving your opinion and ideas for a new concept
  • & he’ll  listen to every word you say
  • Being comfortable & honest with each other 
  • Having burp competitions 
  • SnAcKs
  • ChOcOlAtE
  • Teaching you how to draw because Kencasso
  • Making you listen to his ‘skill’ Which are basically : 
  • imitating a mosquito Or a tyrannosaurus 
  •  Making your ears hurt  because it’s damn too high pitched 
  •  Trying to convince you that his farm dog and street dog bark is different 
  • ’ I don’t see any difference Jae , they both woof woof ??' 
  • 'No if you listen carefully you will hear that the farm dog is more like WOOF WOOF WOOF and street is WAAF WAAF 
  • Kenahjumma 
  • Nagging your ears off 
  •  Kenahjumma club along side with Hakyeon 
  • Doing weird dance moves or just talking weirdly
  •  And you will just like stare and the members will be like yeah that happens
  •  Kendenis Making you fall on your knees from all the hotness 
  • -I’m the cute main vocal Ken
  • Jaehwan with glasses
  • Jaehwan with his hair up
  • Bashful Ken when you shower him with complements
  • ‘Stooooooop it’
  • Catching him looking at you or vise versa
  • Best friend kind of couple
  • Making people around you cringe to the fullest
  • Hongbin be like ‘I’m gonna puke’
  • Singing you a lullaby when you can’t sleep
  • Ken’s Lost Stars lullaby 🎤😴

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I’ve never been so genuinely miserable.

Like why do I have to be fucking sick now. I only have 2 more fucking months until he moves far away and I don’t know if I’ll ever see him in person again and I can’t see him now because I’m fucking sick. And to top it all off it’s 70 fucking degrees in February so I’m sweaty/hot/dying/ and missing more and more time with him.

Another New Feeling.

4Note: So. This is another part thing to my A New Feeling. So you know. Yeah. (: Soz for any mistakes and Soz if it sucks ass.

Warnings: Blowjobs, mentions of handjobs.

Word Count: 1094


“P-Phil, fuck!” Dan moaned, back arching off his bed. His chest was sweaty as was his face, hands griping at the sheets on his bed as lips sucked on his neck and a hand pumped his dick.

“You’re so hot like this, you know,” Phil started, leaning up to look at the boy writhing beneath him. Dan was panting, eyes half shut as he tried to focus on Phil’s normally blue eyes, but were now almost completely black due to lust. “All spread out, naked and sweaty. Just writhing, waiting, wanting to cum. And what if I don’t let you?” Phil teased, making Dan gasp.

“Please, God, please let me,” he almost cried out. Phil chuckled from above him. leaning down to press his lips to his best friend’s in a frenzy of teeth and tongue.

“Daniel Howell!” Dan jolted awake, sitting up and looking around to see that Phil was standing in front of him. It was an empty classroom and he noticed that he must have fallen asleep during his study hall. He yawned, leaning back and stretching, sighing as he felt his back crack. He felt slightly uncomfortable, though.

“Have a good nap?” Phil teased, waiting fro Dan to stand up. He gave him a shy smile, going to stand up when he realized why he was uncomfortable. His eyes went wide for a second as he looked down to see his hard on quite visible in his skinny jeans.

“Oh, Jesus,” Dan whispered, feeling his face go a deep shade of red. He looked around Phil and saw that the teacher was sitting at the desk in the front of the room. He swallowed thickly.

“Are you okay?” Phil asked, tilting his head sideway a little bit. Dan grabbed the jacket from Phil’s arms and tied it around his waist before he stood up. The realization on Phil’s face let Dan know he didn’t have to explain as they walked out of the room, but he didn’t miss the smirk that happened to be on his best friend’s face.

They walked in silence at first until they saw their friend Pj standing there waiting for them.

“Oh my god, guys, you’ll never believe what happened today,” he said, turning to walk the same way as the other two. Dan was hardly listening because he felt Phil’s hand constantly brush against his ass and he wasn’t for sure if he meant to or if he was seriously trying to make it hard for him.

“So, you got a blowjob?” He heard Phil say. Dan perked up at that. Immediately, the image of Phil between his legs, lips wrapped around his cock. The feeling of his tongue just tracing along it, teasing and holy shit.

“I’m going to the bathroom,” Dan said, breathing being slightly shaky as he turned to go into the bathroom.

“I’ll see you later guys. Mom needs me home!” Pj said, running off. Dan waved at him and grabbed Phil’s hand, dragging him inside the small boys bathroom. He shoved him against the door, lips pressed to his in an instant.

“Someone’s eager,” Phil laughed, switching their position.

“I had a fucking wet dream about you and now I can’t stop thinking about it and your lips around my cock, so please can you just suck me off this time?” Dan panted, groaning as he rutted against his best friend’s thigh.

“Hmm, maybe. If you tell me what this dream of your was about,” Phil hummed, leaning forward and pressing his lips to the side of Dan’s neck. Dan let out a soft whine, gripping at his shoulders.

“We were at my house, mom wasn’t home neither was dad because they went to the store with Adrian. We had been talking and you just kind of shoved me onto my bed and started to palm me until I was hard and then you told me to take off my- fuck.” Phil dropped to his knees, playing with the button and zipper of Dan’s jeans after he took the jacket away.

“Keep going, gorgeous,” he said, looking up. Dan let out a moan at the name.

“You were above m-me and you kept telling me how good I looked and holy shit, Phil,” he groaned, feeling Phil’s lips wrap around the head of his cock. The feeling of Phil’s tongue licking at the tip was enough to make his knees shake. Dan brought his arm up, biting it in order to be quiet. They learned that when Dan is really turned on, he gets quite loud, especially when he gets close.

Phil hummed, taking him deeper, making Dan gasp, biting harder onto his arm in order to stop the noises. His free hand went down and tangled into the soft, black hair of his best friend’s. He pulled on it slight, making Phil moan around his cock, the vibrations cause a the coil in the pit of his stomach to grow.

“Shit, Phil, I’m getting close,” Dan panted, finding himself bucking forward into Phil’s mouth. Phil continued to bob his head, going faster as he heard the words. He reached down, palming himself through his jeans and moaning at the feeling. He looked up at Dan through his eyelashes, humming to get Dan’s attention. Dan looked down at Phil and the sight sent him over the edge.

He looked absolutely gorgeous, eyes glossy with slight tears from where he tried to deep throat, almost completely black with lust. Lips wrapped around his dick, bobbing up and down. Hand moving on himself, hips thrusting just slightly into his palm.

Dan threw his head back, mouth hanging open as he let out a slightly too loud moan, hips thrusting up into Phil’s mouth as he came.

Phil pulled off, cringing slightly at the taste as he swallowed.

“Holy fucking hell. I’m going to have to show you that,” Dan said, legs shaking slightly. Phil wiped at his mouth with the back of his hand, standing back up and pressing a quick kiss to Dan’s lips.

“That was kind of a disgusting taste, might I say,” Phil said, making Dan laugh.

“You don’t have to swallow for future times if you don’t want to,” he said, wrapping his arms around Phil’s neck.

“Who says this will happen again?” Phil teased.

“I know you liked it,” Dan said, moving his hand down to the bulge in Phil’s pants, making him gasp.

“Shut up and help me,” Phil said, pressing more into Dan’s hand.

“Let’s go back to your house first,” Dan said pushing Phil away and walking out of the bathroom. Phil stood there for a second, recollecting himself before he shook his head.


ok so Noah fleiss is p damn swole and you know what if Chris is too and so either Chris is at Josh’s place or other way around and they’re playing video games and it’s summer and hot as fuck so Chris has to shed some of those millions of layers of clothing he wears from winter to summer all day anyday and he’s like all sweaty n shit and Josh kinda just stares him all huge eyed and smiling but in the inside he’s like screaming and he just takes this real big gulp of water and almost chokes on that because dAMN HIS BFF IS TOO MUCH THE THIRST IS REAL

Chris doesn’t notice anything ofc and helps Josh from suffocating himself on water which kinda makes it all worse for Josh