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Zach asking you to sleep over at his house - Part 2

A/N: Sorry on such a long wait for this imagine. I hope that it was worth it though. Enjoy my lovelies:)

The final bell rings, signalling the end of class and also the end of the school day. You start packing up your things with shaky hands, your nerves getting the best of you. It’s Friday today. Which means it’s the beginning of the weekend. This also means that you will be going to Zach’s house, staying there for the next couple of days.

You have been able to stay calm and collected the next few days after he had asked you to sleep over at his house for the weekend, but right now you can’t help but start to feel really antsy. 

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Characters: AJ Styles x OFC

Warnings: NSFW, cheating, adultery, influence of alcohol, age gap. If you don’t like this sort of thing don’t read.

Summary: The recent events in AJ’s life have been causing a great amount of stress and he feels like he has nobody to turn to. He also finds something inappropriate that the babysitter left behind and fed up with everything, has to have a little talk with her.

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Oops you got me pregnant//Jughead Jones

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Requested by anon

Requested: Hi there! Just thought I’d ask you if you could please write a one shot where the reader finds out she’s pregnant with Jug’s kid (they’re still in HS, maybe one night stand?) and he finds out from one of her friend’s like Veronica or Betty? You can decide what happens next! Thanks!!

(Y/N)’s P.O.V.

Looking down at the three positive pregnancy tests, you could feel your stomach come up to your ears. This was not supposed to happen, you were freshman, like everyone else, you couldn’t get pregnant. After Veronica Lodge, your best friend decided to throw a party and get you drunk, you had gotten pregnant. That was the only thing you could remember, who got you pregnant. Jughead Jones. The one who you’ve had a crush since third grade. Now, you were pregnant with his baby. With shaky hands you grabbed your phone, almost dropping it and dialed Veronica’s number. 

“Hey, sup?” Veronica’s peppy voice sounded in your ears. 

“Um V, you know that party you threw? Ya um, um, you see, Jughead and I did the do and he got me pregnant.” You said tears leaking out of your eyes.

“Oh hun. It-it’ll be okay. We’ll figure something out, Betty and I will help you.” She reassured.

“Thanks, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow. I now have to go tell my parents.” You said goodbye with shaky hands and voice.

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I lost my little sibling in IKEA and I need your help finding them au

Davey is awkward and anxious, Jack is a child and Les is a menace. Javid au

“Davey, the meatballs!” Les exclaimed, nearly pulling Davey’s arm from the socket as he yanked his older brother towards the cafe.

Davey glared at him and tugged Les back to his side. “Not now. We’re here to find a desk.”

“But Daveyyyyyyyyyyyy….”

Davey rolled his eyes and continued down the aisle, dragging his brother with him. He wasn’t thrilled to be here in the first place. IKEA stressed Davey out with its big crowds and people milling about, sitting on the furniture. He intended to be in and out to get his desk but his mother had insisted he take Les along so she could do the grocery shopping in peace. Les loved IKEA, she had said. Therein was Davey’s problem. Les would spend hours in the store, given the chance and Davey was already starting to feel panicked after being there five minutes.

“Hey look!” Les pointed at a bedroom display, causing Davey to look around.

He saw an adult man jumping on the bed, much to the chagrin of the other shoppers.

Les quickly slipped from Davey’s grasp and joined him.

“Hey there!” The guy said, grinning as he and Les caused a scene together.

“Les!” Davey pushed his way through the crowd to the side of the bed and dragged his brother down. “You can’t do that here!”

“He’s doing it!” Les protested, pointing at the man. “Besides, you can’t tell me what to do. You’re my brother, not my mom.”

“You’re brother sounds like a real wet blanket, kid.” The guy still bouncing on the bed commented causally.

Davey rounded on him. “Why? Because I behave like an adult in stores?” He snapped. “Come on Les. We’re going.”

“Bye!” Les waved as Davey dragged him away.

They went up the escalator to the office furniture displays. Davey breathed easier as this floor was less crowded than the others.

He examined the mix and match desk frames carefully, before finally deciding which ones he wanted.

“Okay, this is the one!” He announced, grabbing a tag for the warehouse reference number. “We’ve gotta go to the bottom floor Les. Are you-”

Davey broke off as he looked up and realized that his brother was no longer at his side.

“Les? LES?” Davey’s hands began sweating as he began walking quickly down the aisle, peering into the display rooms for any sign of his rambunctious younger brother.”

“Les! This isn’t funny! Come out right- ooooof!”

Davey rounded a corner quickly and collided with a large frame, stumbling backwards.

“Careful there!” The man he ran into reached out to steady Davey.

“Thanks,” Davey mumbled after regaining his footing. He looked up. “It’s you!”

The man who had been jumping on the bed earlier grinned. “I’m flattered that you remember.”

“Have you seen my little brother anywhere?” Davey asked, wringing his hands. “He was right there and then he was gone and now I have to find him in IKEA and I hate this fucking store so much and there’s so many people and my mom is gonna kill me and-“

“Hey! Take a breath there.” The guy reached out to pat Davey’s back. “My name is Jack and lucky for you, I have nothing better to do today than help you hunt down your brother in IKEA. What’s your name?”

Davey took a shaky breath and counted to ten. “I’m Davey. And my brother is Les and I really need to find him and-“

“Davey,” Jack cut in smoothly. “I said we would find him and we will so you need to calm down. You’re gonna give yourself a heart attack.”

Davey nodded as Jack gave him a final pat on the back.

“C’mon.” Jack gestured to the escalator. “If I were a kid in IKEA, I wouldn’t be spending my free time in the office furniture.”

“You’d be jumping on beds.” Davey mumbled as he followed Jack down to the floor below.

“Exactly!” Jack smiled.

When they reached the bottom of the stairs, Davey’s breath caught in his chest as he looked at the sea of shoppers and thought of trying to find his brother.

“C’mon.” Jack said quietly, grabbing Davey’s hand.

Davey looked up in surprise. Jack’s hand was warm and big and felt really nice in Davey’s but he was still basically a stranger.

“Can’t have both of you getting lost.” Jack muttered, blushing slightly.

Davey bit his lip in an attempt to hide his smile as Jack guided him through the crowd, toward the model apartments.

They searched the first one with no luck. But in the second apartment, Jack pulled back a loft bed curtain to reveal Les sitting on the futon, playing on his game system.

“Hey guys! Davey did you know there’s wifi here?”

“What were you thinking?” Davey exploded, dragging Les off the couch. “I couldn’t find you!”

“Well you found me now.” Les rolled his eyes.

Davey glared at him. “Les, I’m serious. You can’t just run off! I-“

“I think,” Jack began. “That this would be a good time for Les to apologize for causing his brother a lot of stress in a big, crowded store where it would be very easy for him to search for hours by himself.”

Les had the decency to look ashamed as he scuffed the toe of his sneaker on floor and mumbled “Sorry Davey.”

“Excellent!” Jack clapped his hands together. “Now to celebrate the return of Les, I propose meatballs!”

“We really need to be going…” Davey said, looking uncertain.

“But Daveyyyyyyyyy!” Les whined.

“But Daveyyyyyyyyy!” Jack echoed, mimicking Les’ pout.

Davey sighed. “Really, we can’t. I have to be at work in an hour and we still need to check out. But thank you for your help Jack.”

He turned, grabbing Les’ shoulder to steer him toward the escalator but Jack called after him.

“Wait! Davey!”

Davey and Les both turned as Jack hurried toward them.

“Aren’t you at least gonna take my phone number so you can ask me on a date later?”

Davey went bright red as Les snickered.

“I… Well I mean- I think I should… I’m sorry, I didn’t… Um here’s m-my phone. You can put it in me, I mean it! You can put it in it.”

Davey looked like he wanted the earth to open up and swallow him whole as he handed his phone over to Jack, who merely grinned wider.

“Please call me.” He said, handing Davey’s phone back.

Jack patted Les on the shoulder and then did the same to Davey, letting his hand linger on the older boy’s arm much long.

“Take care guys.”

“Bye Jack!” Les smiled.

“Bye Jack.” Davey blushed.

Jack gave Les a salute and Davey a wink as he turned and headed back into the depths of IKEA.

“So that was fun.” Les wiggled his eyebrows at Davey.

Davey cuffed him on the back of the head.

“You’re an idiot.”

“But now you have a date!”

“You’re still an idiot.”

The argument didn’t end until they got home a half hour later and Mrs. Jacobs told them both to shut up.

The fact that exclusionists believe they are “protecting” the community through this awful gatekeeping baffles me. Literally all their rhetoric hurts not only LGBT/queer people, POC, CSA survivors, but their own cause. Like, really. I’m agender but that doesn’t mean I’ve never been enbyphobic. I’m neurodivergent but that doesn’t mean I’ve never been ableist.

You can spew hatred no matter who you are. Especially when you decide copied TERF rhetoric is the best way to exclude someone just because you don’t understand or care to understand their experiences.

No Hard Feelings Part 1

Pairing - Bucky x Reader
Story request: The reader is a normal psychology student who accidentally finds herself in the middle of an avengers mission. She is taken under the wing of the avengers (she still stays in school while living in the compound) and falls in love with Bucky. Who tries to stay away from her because she’s pure and untouched by darkness.
Warnings: Violence, maybe a swear word?
Word Count: 2,125

You were walking across campus, on your way to your next class, the bitter chill of the wind nipping at your cheeks. It was a cold, November day in Western New York, and with any luck, it would snow tonight. You rolled your eyes. You hated snow. You were about halfway across campus when you heard the distinct sound of a woman screaming, followed by a bright light and the sound of metal crashing beside you. You fell to the ground, covering your head with your arms as you let out a cry. What was happening? You heard another loud noise, followed by gunfire, and you stayed down, wishing you could just disappear. You could hear footsteps come closer to you, followed by voices. “Get her out of here.” A man spoke, and you suddenly felt hands on your back. “Hey, sweetie. Let’s get you out of here, come on.” A woman’s voice coaxed you out hiding. You looked up, coming face to face with a beautiful redhead. “Are you okay?” She asked, and you nodded slowly, jumping when you heard more gunfire. She took your hand in hers, leading you away from the fight.

Everything was moving so quickly around you, you didn’t have time to notice the other people who surrounded you, or where you were being led. The woman stopped running when you reached a bridge. “Stay here, okay?” She pulled out a small gun, pressing it into your palm. “This is simple, anyone tries to shoot you, you pull the trigger first, got it?” She asked, her eyes scanning your face. You opened and closed your mouth a few times, your lower lip trembling, “I-I don’t think I…” you paused, looking at the gun. “It’s only if you have to.” She told you softly, a smile on her lips. “Try and stay out of sight, and stay here. I’ll come back to get you when it’s safe.” She spoke and you nodded, watching her walk away as you gripped the gun tighter in your hand.

Once she was out of sight, you pushed your glasses further up your nose before you put your free hand over your heart, trying to calm yourself. Just breathe in and out, Y/N. In and out. You tried practicing some breathing exercises that you had learned in your psychology class yesterday, but got quickly distracted when you heard footsteps coming towards you. You ducked down behind a large piece of rubble, seeing someone that you recognized, The Winter Soldier. You’d know that vibranium arm anywhere. He was walking towards you, limping, obviously wounded, when you saw a man in all black combat gear appear behind him, holding a fairly large gun. “Finally.” You heard the man snicker, and before you could stop yourself, you were stepping out from behind the rock, shooting at him. The Winter Soldier looked up at you, shock written on his face. You didn’t actually wound the guy, you were a terrible shot, but you managed to distract him long enough for the Winter Soldier to take care of him. Within moments, the man was lying on the ground unconscious.

You stood there, your eyes wide and your hands shaking. Did I really just do that…? You felt your lip tremble again, and suddenly there were a pair of blue eyes blocking your vision. You looked down at his lips, seeing them move, but not hearing anything he was saying. He shook you a bit, snapping you out of your daze. “Are you okay?” He asked, his tone laced with concern. You nodded quickly, still shaking. “I..I.. I think so.” You told him softly, and you saw his forehead crease with worry. The redhead woman from earlier came up behind him, her face worried, too. “What happened?” She asked, wiping a drop of blood from her lip. You opened your mouth, but nothing would come out. “I think she’s in shock.” The Winter Soldier spoke, and the redhead nodded. “We should take her back to the compound with us. Get the doc to look her over.” He nodded slowly, before looking over at her. “She.. she saved me.” He whispered to her, and her eyes widened. “That could cause some complications.. She’s gotta come with us, now.” She sighed. You shook your head, tears pooling in your eyes. “Please - I’m already late for class I-” the redhead interrupted you by chuckling, “Sweetie, I think it’s safe to say that your class is cancelled for today.” She told you, and you took that moment to look at your surroundings. The campus was in ruin.

You let out a shaky breath, and the redhead rested her hand on your shoulder. “You’ll be safe with us, come on.” She told you softly, and you nodded, knowing that you didn’t really have any other choice. “My name is Natasha. What’s yours?” She asked, trying to distract you from the chaos surrounding you both. “Y/N.” you told her softly, and she nodded. “What you did, saving Barnes.. that was.. really brave.” She said, and you shrugged. “I.. I didn’t really do anything.. I didn’t even hit the guy.” You replied, and she chuckled. “Maybe I’ll teach you a few things.” She teased, and you found a small smile making its way onto your lips. “So his name is Barnes?” You asked her, referring to the shoulder. “James Barnes.” She told you, and you nodded again. “He usually prefers Bucky, though.” Your eyes widened as you saw the huge aircraft that you were approaching. “Is that…?” You paused, clutching the strap of your bag tightly. “That’s our ride.” She confirmed, tugging the sleeve of your jacket to lead you onto the craft.

Once you were onboard, Natasha had you sit down on a bench, buckling you in tightly. “Just stay here. You’ll be fine.” She whispered, before walking towards the front of the craft. You did as you were told, staring at your hands which were now caked in dirt. You let out a slow breath, closing your eyes slowly. How was this even happening right now? You were just supposed to go to class, ace your pop quiz and go home to your dog, Merlin. Your eyes snapped open. Merlin. You reached into your pocket, pulling out your phone quickly and sending a message to your dad. I don’t think I’ll be home tonight. Can you please check on Merlin for me on your way home? Love you. You shoved your phone back into your pocket, letting your head hit the wall behind you as you sighed once more. “Who are you?” You heard a male ask, and you looked to your left, seeing none other than Captain America standing there. Your eyes widened, and suddenly, you couldn’t form a coherent sentence. “She’s the girl who just saved your best friends life.” You heard Nat call from the pilots seat, and you gulped, shrugging.

The captains eyes narrowed at you as he studied your features, and you felt so small under his gaze. “It’s true.” You heard Bucky’s voice speak, and you let out a small sigh of relief as he came to stand next to the captain. “Not that I’m not grateful or anything, but why’d you do it?” Bucky asked, turning his gaze to you. You tucked your hair behind your ear, staring at your shoes. “Because… it was the right thing to do.” You whispered, guilt washing over you suddenly. What if you had hurt that other guy? You wouldn’t be able to forgive yourself, even if he was a criminal. Suddenly, there was a figure in front of you, taking you out of your thoughts. Bucky knelt in front of you, a small smile on his lips. “Thank you.” He whispered, his hand resting on your thigh gently. “Y-you’re welcome.” You breathed, and suddenly the smile on his face changed to a frown. “The bad news is, now that you’ve been seen trying to protect me… they’re going to be after you, too.” He told you, and you felt your stomach drop. “But I.. I didn’t do anything. I’m no one special, I’m just a college student.” You stammered, and he stared at you, pity in his eyes. “Don’t worry, doll. We won’t let anything happen to you.”

- - - - - -

When the aircraft finally landed, you were feeling seasick and nervous, which was not a very good combination. Nat helped you out of the craft, leading you into a fairly large building. “Where are we?” You asked her, you surroundings seeming vaguely familiar. “Not too far from your college, but hidden enough to where nobody will find you.” She replied, and you nodded stiffly, letting her lead you to what looked like a medical wing. “Why am I here?” You asked her, and she let out a sigh. “Just wanna make sure you’re alright is all.” She assured you, motioning for you to take a seat on the hospital-like bed that was in the center of the room. “I’ve got some things to attend to, Dr. Banner should be right in, okay?” She asked, giving your shoulder a light squeeze before she left you alone.

You set your bag on the floor beside the bed before sitting down, your hands shaking from nervousness. Why am I really here? You wondered. You heard footsteps come towards you, and you looked up, seeing a man with dark curly hair and a white lab coat entering the room. “Y/N, I presume?” He wondered and you nodded slowly, eyeing him warily. “I’m Dr. Banner, but you can call me Bruce. How are you feeling?” He asked, walking over to the sink and washing his hands. You shrugged, “I’m alright. Confused, I guess.” You said softly, and he nodded, drying his hands off with a paper towel. “I heard you had quite the adventure today.” He mused, coming over and standing in front of you. He pulled what looked like a pen out of his pocket, clicking the end of it and making a small light appear. He flashed it in your eyes quickly, before letting out a small sigh. “Do you have any medical issues I should know about? Anxiety, depression?” He asked, and you suddenly felt uncomfortable. “I um.. yeah. I have a bit of anxiety.” You told him, and he nodded. “That’s alright, we all do. Tell me, Y/N, what do you study?” He asked, pulling a stool up to the bed. You let out a small breath. “I’m a psychology major.” You told him, and a small smile made its way onto his lips. “Maybe it’ll be good to have you around then.” He mumbled, and you cocked your head to he side, confused.

That’s when you heard another set of footsteps enter the room, and you looked up, seeing none other than Tony Stark. Your breath got caught in your throat. “Hey there.” He said, approaching you casually. “Heard you saved Barnes’ life today.” He continued, and you shrugged. “It was nothing.” You mumbled, and he patted your shoulder gently. “If you say so, kid. Look, although we are eternally grateful that you saved the life of our soldier, it seems that it has put a target on your back. You were seen protecting him by a lot of people.” You felt your mouth go dry as anxiety boiled in your stomach. Your hands clenched the sheets on the bed under you as your eyes fluttered closed. “Woah, calm down, champ. No need to worry. We’re going to protect you.” Tony spoke again, and you opened your eyes, looking back up at him. “How?” You asked, and he smiled, “You’re going to stay here, with us. One of us will escort you to and from the campus. It’ll be fine.” You chewed on the inside of your cheek, letting his offer sink in. “What about all of my stuff? My apartment? My dog?” You asked, staring at the floor. “We’ll get it all taken care of. I know the team would love to have a dog around, too. Cap is a sucker for animals. We’ll all be friends, it’ll be great.” Tony told you, a smile still on his lips. “I’m not very good at making friends.” You told him softly, your eyes flashing to Bruce who smiled sadly at you. “That’s okay. We’re all a bit fucked up in that sense. That’s why we all get along so well.” Tony reassured you, and you shrugged. “I.. I guess.” You agreed reluctantly, and Tony patted your shoulder again. “Come on, I’ll introduce you to everyone and show you where you’ll be staying while we make arrangements for your stuff to be brought over.” He offered, and you nodded, hopping off the bed and picking up your bag.

This was going to be interesting.

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Prisoner - J-Hope Smut

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Hobi x You

Smut based off the song Prisoner by The Weeknd.

His hand lingered on mine for a while as he stared deep into my eyes. Pupils relaxed, hands soft, and lips parted. He was staring deep into my soul and tearing out everything I ever was. I could have died in that moment and I would have been happy. His beautiful expression and the burning passion in his eyes forever sketched in memory. I grasped at my heart nearly ripping my cotton shirt as I thought about him while lying in my bed. Jung Hoseok was becoming a problem, meeting up every now and then for casual sex started to feel not so casual. Selfish we were, eating each other up in lust for our own benefits. But there was something more for me. I hated to admit it and there was no way I could tell him because he probably does not feel the same after all.

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I got shaky hands, but here’s a pic of my lovely notebook. I love stamps almost as much as I love postcards. That’s a lot of love. Love, love, love.

I’m feeling really sick today. Ironically, this is my health journal! :’)

I... Love you *Wanda Maximoff x Reader*

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Requested by Anon-Can I have Wanda x fem reader where Wanda is trying to tell the reader she loves her for the first time lots of fluff and smut?
Warnings: Swearing and implied smut-maybe
Admins Note: I am not writing full-on smut because I am not at the point where I am comfortable writing it, hopefully in the upcoming weeks I can commit to writing something good on smut, for now I am just levelling myself. Hope you enjoy this, I love writing Wanda requests, she is so perfect. LOOK AT HER, OH MY GUHD… I am so deeply in love with Wanda its unreal.

Yourself and Wanda had been a committed relationship for almost six months, ever since she officially joined the Avengers you started to have feelings, you were the first to make a move and actually ask her out. Everyone loved you both together, believing you were meant to be with each other, and you agreed. 

Despite this, neither of you have actually said those three words, not that it mattered-you both knew how each felt and you have a difficult time showing or expressing emotions. That might also be why you hadn’t even fully done the deed yet either, you’ve kissed and gone nearly all the way but never actually full committed, something either stopped you or it just didn’t feel like the right time for you or Wanda.

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imagine your otp as disabled in a realistic well-rounded way:

  • you’ve told me this story 6 times already but i’m not gonna stop you because you’re really cute & i like hearing you talk
  • i got up earlier than i needed to so i could make you breakfast & get all your stuff together because i know you feel guilty about how long you take to get ready, so i’m cutting down on that time because i’m the one that can
  • neither of us have the energy for anything more than just lying next to each other in the same room but it’s chill, it’s still better than being apart
  • i’ll talk to this stranger/carry this bag/go to the shops/etc because you can’t, let’s tag-team our way through life, together we have enough skills & strengths to make one abled person
  • [buys one of those “just a reminder that i love you” cards] [writes ‘also have you taken your meds’ inside]
  • we only have 3 flirting scripts between us so they get a Lot of use
  • hey i love you also have you eaten yet? do you need me to make you food? shit wait have i eaten
  • for your birthday i got you this cool cane, look it’s got flames & shit on it
  • hey look what i learnt [signs ‘i love you’]
  • my hands are really shaky today so i asked you to do my makeup & im just saying it would go a lot quicker if you stopped pausing to tell me im cute and/or kiss me 
  • the supermarket was doing a deal on that one kind of instant noodles you really like so now we have…. a lot……
  • i spent like four hours on google trying to find a fancy restaurant near us that’s wheelchair-accessible & serves food we both like but i did it so hey wanna go on one of those date things abled people are so hyped about?
  • the tone for my reminder alarm on my phone is our song
  • i spend so much time in hospital waiting rooms for you but i only complain a little bit
  • this guy was harassing you so i kicked him in the shins on your behalf
  • like all of my impulsive behaviour revolves around you now, i know your birthday isn’t for months but i got you all this cool stuff, also i booked us a vacation
Black Ink|Chap. 03

// He was God. He wrote with such beautiful, spindling words, they lured anyone to their own death if it was deemed. And every letter of every book he ever wrote were those of Spring - beautiful, and clean, and pure, and fresh. But he was cold like ice, and his eyes were harsh with all the ugly words he could never write. And she - well, she was his Ending.

// Chap.01 | Chap.02 | Chap.03 | Chap.04 | Chap.05 | Chap.06 | Chap.07 | Chap.08 | Chap.09 | Chap.10 (FINAL) | Epilogue |

// jihoon x reader

// word count: 2148

  Before Jihoon could really stop it, the days had rather quickly gotten colder. But he had expected it, on some level. Considering it was January, and the average temperature in New York City was 2℃. But it wasn’t like Jihoon was really surprised with the temperature, anyway. In fact, when he lived in Busan, South Korea, that was basically the average temperature in January as well.

  The only difference, possibly, was the rainfall. It rained on occasion in New York City, and this only made Jihoon grumpier with the extra coldness and his numb fingers. After all, how was an author to write when he couldn’t even feel his own hands?

  And, on top of all this, the coffee shop Jihoon regularly stayed at did not have a thermostat. It had broken when a six year old boy had thrown a ball in the shop and hit the old thing. Or, so the manager, Seungcheol, had said. But Jeonghan had snorted at the time when he overheard, later whispering to Jihoon that it was broken from the moment the coffee shop had opened for business, and Seungcheol was always too cheap to pay someone to fix it.

  Many times Jihoon had contemplated leaving the shop and retiring to his apartment where he had some thick blankets and a heater, but he could only think of Y/N, and he somehow needed his muse to survive throughout the day. That was something else that had recently happened before Jihoon could stop it - he’d begun to call Y/N his muse in the privacy of his own head.

  But it was raining outside, and she was late - or, at least, later than usual. And Jihoon could hardly feel the tips of his fingers anymore. He’d balled them into fists and held them closely to his jacket, but it still couldn’t stop the lack of warmth from staying there.

  Chan had tried to serve him with his usual cup of black coffee, but Jihoon had immediately rejected him. He somehow couldn’t handle the idea of someone other than Y/N serving him, and he was truthfully angry at himself for being so mean and ridiculous when he saw Chan’s embarrassed face, and heard his mumbled apology.

  He shivered for probably the third time, and Jihoon hugged his jacket tighter around his body. Where was Y/N?

  Just then, almost as if she had been waiting for his silent plea, Y/N had walked in through the open doors, hair and clothes slightly damp. She didn’t seem to be out of breath, but she certainly looked freezing.

  “I’m late again!” She called out weakly. “I’m -” Jisoo interrupted her, a small smile on his face.

  “Sorry, we know.” He laughed to himself. “You’ve been late for the past week you’ve worked here. Quite a record.” He pulled out her white apron. “Go serve the customers.” She smiled at him, something kind and genuine, and Jihoon absolutely hated it. For some reason, he couldn’t just cope with the idea of Y/N smiling at anyone else except him. He tried to tell himself the dumb excuse that it was probably just a writer instinct, but, of course, he didn’t believe himself.

  Y/N was walking to him, legs shaky, and Jihoon could see the weariness on her face as she tried to tie the apron around her waist. He saw the frustration on her frowned lips. He saw the blueness in them, and the glaze in her eyes as she yawned for what he would’ve guessed would probably be the seventh time. And that - that - was a writer instinct. And Jihoon just knew she was his muse. Because he’d look at her, and thousands of words just wanted to spill from his mouth.

  She was still trying to tie the apron around her waist when Jihoon had come back to reality, and he sighed, biting his lower lip before he begrudgingly stood.

  “Here, let me help you with that.” He murmured under his breath, and he gently pushed her hands away when Y/N shyly turned around so her back was to him. Jihoon took the two strings in his hands, and even he had some trouble with it considering the coldness of the room, but after a few seconds, he’d managed to get a decent knot, and he let it fall on the small of her back before sitting back down.

  “Black coffee?” She weakly asked, and Jihoon nodded, eyebrows furrowing at the tone of her voice. She tried hard to grip the stubby pencil in her fingers, and Jihoon saw that, but he also saw the tremble in them, and the way she dropped the writing utensil before hurriedly picking it back up.

  And before Jihoon could stop it, she was murmuring an apology and scurrying back to the kitchen. With a huff, he realized there were a lot of things he couldn’t stop today. And it just put in perspective how many things he wanted, but just couldn’t stop. And with an even greater huff, he realized Y/N was one of them.

  Soon, she was out of the kitchen again, a white coffee mug in her hands, and Jihoon watched with worry as she seemed to sway on her feet. She truly did look exhausted. At one point, when she was right beside his table, she almost spilled the coffee with her shaky hands, and Jihoon had to reach out to steady her before she did. And then, with a hot blush rising to his cheeks, he realized their hands were actually touching, and oh my God, was this even real life anymore?

  Jihoon quickly took the coffee into his own hands instead, and he set the hot drink on the table before returning his attention back to Y/N. And finally, he asked the question.

  “What’s wrong with you today?” He hadn’t really meant for it to sound so rude. Perhaps he could’ve said something like, “Are you okay?”, or “Have you been keeping yourself healthy?”, and forever, Jihoon would rethink that question over and over again, and think of the millions of ways he could’ve reworded it.

  Y/N moaned, leaning over to steady herself on the edge of the table, and, quite boyishly, Jihoon was almost embarrassed at the noise. He cleared his throat as he stood, gently placing his hands on Y/N’s shoulders, and, to her, it was almost like the touch of a ghost. He guided her to sit down in front of him, and she whined, shaking her head as she tried to get back up.

  “No, I have to get back to work.” She mumbled, and there was another yawn coming from her perfectly pink lips that had Jihoon licking his own.

  “You can’t work. You’re weak, and tired, and exhausted. I can see that. You shouldn’t have even come at all.” She sighed, leaning back in her seat as she closed her eyes.

  “But I needed to serve you your usual black coffee. I can’t have anyone else serving you.” Jihoon blushed again, a brighter pink than before. Y/N shivered, and he caught the sight of her hands rubbing together in her lap - a desperate attempt to get some kind of warmth in them. He sighed, and even though his own hands were numb from the cold, he couldn’t help himself as he shrugged off his jacket, and moved closer to Y/N.

  Gently, he reached over to place it around her shoulders, and he saw her eyes open at the sudden feeling of warmth on her body. Her eyes were glassy but bright at the same time, and Jihoon swore he’d never seen colors more beautiful than the ones in her eyes. People usually classified eye colors as one whole color, but Jihoon was never fond of that, always looking closer - deeper - to see the different specks of shades in the irises. And Y/N’s were quite possibly the most pure he’d ever seen. He cleared his throat.

  “You gave me your jacket…” She mumbled, voice quiet and almost in a daze. Y/N was already slipping her arms through the sleeves, and his heart pounded at the sight of her hugging his jacket tighter around her body. He nodded, scratching the back of his neck which he was sure was redder than his face. He sat down.

  “Well, you look tired and cold.” He pushed his mug of black coffee forwards. “Here, drink this.” Y/N’s eyes flickered from his face to the coffee, and then back to his face, and Jihoon saw the hesitation in her features for a quick second before she was reaching over for the sugar, and pouring more than Jihoon would’ve liked into the drink. He smiled to himself. So she liked sweet things. It could be a good reference for the future. But of course, that was just him being an author. Planning ahead of the story was always a good strategy.

  She reached for the glass container of milk next, and after she had poured her liking of it into the coffee and made it swirl with the different colors colliding, Jihoon spoke up.

  “What were you doing that got you like this?” She stopped everything, not even mixing the drink as she looked up at Jihoon. She sat back in her seat.

  “Rehearsing. Over, and over, and over again. I have a performance coming up soon, and I need it to be great. My hands are shaky, and my fingers hurt so much, I need a rest. I probably only got two hours of sleep before I had to spend my savings on a bus ride over here. And I really needed that money for groceries, too…” She pouted, and Jihoon felt a pang in his chest. His muse didn’t even have enough money for groceries. How was she to stay healthy and continue inspiring him?

  “Let me buy you something to eat.” He found himself offering, and before Y/N could decline, Jihoon had waved Chan over and asked for a muffin. Chan looked excited - Jihoon had overheard him talking to Jisoo about his first time serving customers today - and had brought over the muffin in a quick instant. He gave a worried look at Y/N, and opened his mouth to say what seemed to be a warning to get back to work, but Jihoon tipped him extra so he could leave them both alone. Jihoon pushed the muffin to Y/N. “Eat.” He mumbled.

  She shyly smiled at him before sighing a quiet thank you, and then Y/N was biting off pieces of the muffin, her cup of coffee still unstirred - untouched. After she was nearly done with it, she put down the delicacy, and Y/N just stared at the cup of coffee for a long moment.

  “What?” Jihoon asked, eyebrows furrowed. She looked up at him, that smile on her face that was real and pure, and reminded Jihoon so much of Spring dandelions.

  “Look.” She simply demonstrated, carefully pushing the cup of coffee back to Jihoon, and he looked in the cup. The milk had not yet mixed with the coffee yet, and he caught wisps of dark brown among lighter brown, together, yet somehow still far apart, and Jihoon heard the sound of her voice as he still stared at the cup of coffee. “Is it weird to say that I thought of us when I saw that?” She asked. “I think… in a way, you’re kind of the black coffee. Your strong, and plain, and bitter… but people like you. And I think I’m the milk. Sweet, and pure, and a compliment to black coffee.” She paused for a long second, and Jihoon took this time to look up at her. She had a happy, faraway look in her eyes. “I think we make a good team.” She mumbled. And then, she seemed to come back to where she was, and Y/N was nervously laughing, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. “But, what would I know? I’m not the one who writes in here everyday.” Jihoon smiled.

  “Yeah… ” He murmured quietly. “Yeah.” And he suddenly had a new idea for his book. He cursed himself in his head for not bringing his papers - Jihoon was slightly terrified of getting the pages wet, and he quickly stood from his seat. Y/N watched as he placed a few dollars on the table, stuffing the wallet back in his pocket. “I have to go.” He quickly spoke, already taking long strides to the front door.

  “Wait!” Y/N called out, and Jihoon did. He stopped, his hand already on the glass door as he held it open. “Your jacket!” She was gesturing at the jacket still around her shoulders, and Jihoon bit his bottom lip.

  “Keep it.” And he left.

TW: Self Harm

so my new blades aren’t as sharp as i thought i guess? idk usually i make a cut and go over it until its deep but i couldn’t really do it bc my hands were too shaky (haha restricting self harm probs) so i’m unsatisfied… i have half a dozen pencil sharpeners that i cant get the blade out of (the screw grooves just get smoothed out so idk if im using the wrong tools lol) IM JUST FUCKIN FRUSTRATED

animtrash18  asked:

Hello, I really liked the headcanons about the characters having a crush and then realizing they love them. So I wanted to request that for Gladion? Thank you in advance~

• Gladion would be they type of guy who would just say, “Hey, you look nice today.”  And then you’ll respond with “What?” and he’ll answer with “I said you look shitty today!”
• He’ll usually be really red when he’s around you and really shaky.
• He won’t really notice that he has a crush until Wicke tells him something like, “Oh. That girl is so cute. No wonder you like her.”
• He’ll be like, “No! She’s just my friend. Don’t get it wrong!” and then he’ll be eating cereal and realize “Oh fuck.”
• Afterwards, anytime his crush is around his mouth is dry and he’s sweating all over. He can’t stop shaking his leg and he keeps clenching and unclenching his hands.
• Gladion invites you to a lot of things.
• He’ll call you up and ask if you want to go and watch a match at the Battle Royale or help around the Aether Foundation.
• He’ll want to battle you a lot too. Like almost after every meet up, he’ll ask if you want to battle.
• After a battle, you both will relax for a while and his Sivally would be resting his head on Gladion’s lap while the rest is on your lap.
• It’ll actually take Sivally a while to warm up with you because Sivally is very protective over Gladion so Sivally would be on edge with you at the beginning while towards the end Sivally would be relaxed around you.
• Sivally would usually be rubbing himself on your leg or nudging your hand to rub him.
• This would actually ease Gladion around you because if Sivally accepts you then he won’t be as nervous around you.
• Don’t get me wrong, Gladion is still going to be sweaty and shaky just not as much.
• At one point, you’ll invite him over to go eat or watch the sunset. Probably to go watch the sunset on a cliff. You know the one on MeleMele Island that looks over the Seaward Cave.
• You two will be there and it’ll be quiet and there would be the sounds of the Oricoros and other Pokémon surrounding you both.
• Gladion would have this far off look in his eyes and you’ll place your hand over his and then that’ll bring him back into reality.
• He’ll jump and turn red and just try his best to keep looking straightforward. His hand would clench slightly but won’t move.
• You’ll ask what he was thinking and he’ll shake his head dismissing the thought. Probably mumbling about some memory with Lusamine and Lillie.
• You’ll nod and scoot closer to him and put both of the hands on your lap and squeeze lightly.
• You two probably won’t talk for a while and then when you both leave, he’ll pull you into a hug and leave.
• He’ll go home and probably let out a few tears while bunching up his shirt above his stomach. He won’t know what’s going on.
• He does know.
• He knows why his heart stopped when you placed your hand over his. Why when he’s near you, he’s always sweaty and can’t stop bouncing his leg.
• Why he’s so happy that Sivally and the rest of his team accepted you.
• He talks to Wicke in the morning and she gives him a smile and touches his bicep.
• When he looks at her, she’s got this wide grin and her eyes are twinkling and she says that he’s in love.
• For like a week or two, he avoids you. He doesn’t answer your calls. Whenever you visit, he’s never there or he’s just too busy.
• At night, he’ll knock on your door and when you open it he’s looking down at the ground and he’s balling up the sides of his sweater.
• You’ll respond with something along the lines of, “Oh? So you’re not busy today?”
• And he’ll look up and his eyes are kind of moist and he’s red.
• “No! Listen. I’m sorry that I’ve been avoiding you and it’s just that… Fuck.”
• You’ll grab his shoulder and asks what’s wrong.
• “It’s you! It’s just that you’re so great and my Pokémon love you. And so does Wicke. And it’s just not fair! Why couldn’t you be gross and mean?! Fuck! I just…” He’ll run his hand through his hair and swallow, “I think I love you and I don’t know what to do.”