my hands are puny


My part of the art trade with the very lovely @tsurakerusartandcraft​ ♥ ♥
Hope you like it!! qwq I’ll draw you something better soon I swear ;; v ;;

I did a cute chib just for you look at him love is blind zfdzfdzfdqsdd

And we are standing now,   my country and I,   hair in the wind,
            my hand puny in its enormous fist and now the strength
            is not in us but above us,
            in a voice that drills the night and the hearing like
            the penetrance of an apocalyptic wasp.
            And the voice complains that for centuries Europe
            has force-fed us with lies and bloated us with pestilence,
for it is not true that the work of man is done
that we have no business being on earth
that we parasite the world
that it is enough for us to heel to the world whereas the work
             of man has only begun
and man still must overcome all the interdictions wedged in
             the recesses of his fervor
and no race has a monopoly on beauty,   on intelligence,   on strength
and there is room for everyone at the convocation of conquest
and we know now that the sun turns around our earth lighting
             the parcel designated by our will alone and that every star falls
             from sky to earth at our omnipotent command.
—  Aimé Césaire, Cahier d'un retour au pays natal [Notebook of a Return to the Native Land], 1939.

stormcatcher, feet propped up on desk leaning back with arms behind his head: ya ive got a monstrous creation of my own. way cooler than your puny emperors.

lightweaver, hands slamming down on desk: oh ya i bet you didnt even make it youre just claiming all the credit for yourself. where is this beast you speak of anyways if its so great why havent i seen it??

stormcatcher, puts feet down and leans forward pressing call button: baldwin bring it in.