my hands are killing me tonight

If I retreat, words, wars and symphonies
Make room we’re taking over here
You’re the galantine, cold and alone, it suits you well
Won’t find me perching here again

May your feet serve you well
And the rest be sent to hell
Where they always have belonged
Cold hearts brew colder songs
Fate will play us out with a song of pure romance
Stomp your feet and clap your hands

Let’s kill tonight, kill tonight
Show them all you’re not the ordinary type!

Favorite part(s) of each song in Hamilton
  • <b> Alexander Hamilton:</b> "TIIIIIIIIME OHHHHHH"<p><b>Aaron Burr, Sir:</b> Revolutionary Bros™<p><b>My Shot:</b> "I'm PAST patiently waiting I'm PASSionately SMASHin every expectATION every ACTion's an ACT of creATIon"<p><b>Story of Tonight:</b> "Raise a glass to the four of us, tomorrow there'll be more of us"<p><b>Schuyler Sisters:</b> Angelica SLAYING Burr<p><b>Farmer Refuted:</b> "My dog speaks more eloquently than thee"<p><b>You'll Be Back:</b> "I will kill your friends and family... To remind you of my love"<p><b>Right Hand Man:</b> "I HAVE SOME FRIENDS: LAURENS, MULLIGAN, MARQUIS DE LAFAYETTE OKAY WHAT ELSE"<p><b>Winter's Ball:</b> "Hey ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Hey ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Hey ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Hey ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)<p><b>Helpless:</b> " I'm just saying if you really loved me you would share him" "HA!"<p><b>Satisfied:</b> " To your UUUUUUNIOOOOOOOON and the hope that you PROVIIIIIIIIIIDE"<p><b>Story of Tonight (Reprise):</b> "oh shit..."<p><b>Wait For It:</b> EVERYTHING THIS SONG IS A MASTERPIECE<p><b>Stay Alive:</b> "I'M A GENERAL, WHEEEEE!!" + "Chikaplow!"<p><b>Ten Duel Commandments:</b> "Okay so we're doing this"<p><b>Meet Me Inside:</b> "Son" "I'm notcha son"<p><b>That Would Be Enough:</b> "Let me be a part of the narrative in the story they will write someday. Let this moment be the first chapter where you decide to stay"<p><b>Guns and Ships:</b> Lafayette TAKIN THIS HORSE BY THE REINS MAKIN REDCOATS REDDER WITH BLOODSTAINS<p><b>HHIEOY:</b> "You have no control who lives, who dies, who tells your story"<p><b>Yorktown:</b> Tbh this whole song is so lit<p><b>What Comes Next:</b> "Awesome! Wow!"<p><b>Dear Theodosia:</b> "I'm dedicating every day to you"<p><b>Non-Stop:</b> "Yo who the f is this?" + "Lesgo"<p><b>What'd I Miss:</b> "Where have you been?" "Umm France?"<p><b>Cabinet Battle #1:</b> "Thomas, that was a real nice declaration. Welcome to the present, we're running a real nation. Would you like to join us? Or stay mellow doing whatever the hell it is you do in Monticello?"<p><b>Take A Break:</b> Philip rapping while Eliza beatboxes + "ALEXAAAAANDERR" "Hi."<p><b>Say No To This:</b> "Stayyy" "Heyyy" + "Fuuuuuuu"<p><b>TRWIH:</b> "My god! In god we trust but we'll never really know what got discusses. Click-boom then it happened"<p><b>Schuyler Defeated:</b> That subtle key-change tho<p><b>Cabinet Battle #2:</b> "... France" + "You must be outta your GOD DAMN MIND"<p><b>Washington On Your Side:</b> Madison's diction +"SOUTHERN MOTHER FUCKING DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICANS"<p><b>One Last Time:</b> "George Washington's going hoooooome"<p><b>I Know Him:</b> "They will tear each other into pieces Jesus Christ this will be fun!"<p><b>Adams Administration:</b> "Sit down John YOU FAT MOTHERFUCKSTICK"<p><b>We Know:</b> "You see that was my wife who you decided to" "WAAAAAAT?"<p><b>Hurricane:</b> "I wrote my way out of hell, I wrote my way to revolution, I was louder than the crack of the bell"<p><b>Reynolds Pamphlet:</b> Angelica ROASTING Hamilton<p><b>Burn:</b> "You forfeit all rights to my heart, you forfeit your place in out bed, you sleep in your office instead, with memories of when you were mine"<p><b>Blow Us All Away:</b> "How bout when I get back we all strip down to our socks?" + "My name is Philip. I am a poet. And I'm a little nervous but I can't show it"<p><b>Stay Alive (Reprise):</b> "Is he breathing? Is he going to survive this? Who did Alexander did yoU KNOW?!"<p><b>It's Quiet Uptown:</b> "You hold your child as tight as you can and push away the unimaginable"<p><b>Election of 1800:</b> "Jefferson has beliefs. Burr has none."<p><b>Your Obedient Servant:</b> "Here's an itemized list of 30 years of disagreements" "Sweet Jesus"<p><b>BOW+BOW:</b> Eliza being a perfect cinnamon roll who deserved so much better<p><b>The World Was Wide Enough:</b> "THIS MAN WILL NOT MAKE AN ORPHAN OF MY DAUGHTER" + Alex's monologue + "He aims his pistol at the skY WAIT!"<p><b>WLWDWTYS:</b> Eliza.<p>

Tonight you say
you wish you were dead
when I bring you a cup of water
and prop up your feet

it kills me a little
your words
blade sharp
in my battle
to keep you alive

how weary I am
under the weight
of our disintegrating minds

maybe this isn’t a poem
not enough purple smoke
the mirrors all cracked
like the newest lines under my paladin eyes

measure my love
in the dirt on my face
the callouses on my hands
the knots in my too long hair

measure my loss
in burdens not shared
words not said
futures rewritten

and for all the heat of your fear
the bed made cold
without you

#their hands here are killing me #but I’d also love to see real hand holding if not in this episode, at least before the season is over #the fandom needs it

#a reminder that I’m expecting some kind of apology from Lukas tonight or I won’t be totally happy (no matter the amount of kissing we get) #I just need Philip to hear that freaking apology and I want Lukas to know that he owes it to him

Hamilton Songs as Yahoo Answers

Alexander Hamilton: I Am A Genius Listen To This Please It Could Change Our World Forever.?

Aaron Burr, Sir: how to make a friend?

My Shot: TEENS: its confession time!?

The Story Of Tonight: Musicals: gay?

The Schuyler Sisters: Are any straight women in the world NOT attracted to confidence, ambition, and money?

Farmer Refuted: My mum thinks I m a loser? Please help?

You’ll Be Back: Why do white people kill their family?

Right Hand Man: Why can’t I get a freaking job?

A Winter’s Ball: Women are horny too?

Helpless: I need a dick bad?

Satisfied: I hate everything?

The Story of Tonight Reprise: Is my gay boyfriend and his straight male best friend secret lovers?

Wait For It: I pity myself?

Stay Alive: How can I seduce my boss in order to get a raise?

Ten Duel Commandments: can’t the gays be stopped??

Meet Me Inside: I flipped off my dad ? ?

That Would Be Enough: Not even been married a year and I hate my husband, what should I do?

Guns and Ships: I’m just a crazy motherfucker?

History Has Its Eyes On You: Thanks, problem solved!?

Yorktown: Why can’t everything be free?

What Comes Next: When will the U.S. ever learn?

Dear Theodosia: Can I name my CHILD ‘Queef-Magician’ if I want to?

Tomorrow There’ll Be More of Us: Why does life feel as painful as porkypine quills to me?

Non-Stop: Can never sleep, but always tired?

What’d I Miss: I feel like even strangers hate me?

Cabinet Battle #1: Drama alert! Do you think this is unnecessary?

Take A Break: What’s so special about a Man’s private parts that women go crazy over?

Say No To This: I can’t control my horny level?

The Room Where It Happens: My friends don’t know the real me..?

Schuyler Defeated: Should I give up on making friends?

Cabinet Battle #2: Fuck you all people?

Washington On Your Side: How can I wake up from this nightmare?

One Last Time: Can I just leave?

I Know Him: American people are so WEIRD?

The Adams Administration: normal to want to kill?

We Know: What is the worst crime?

Hurricane: I’m an asshole and I need help?

The Reynolds Pamphlet: why am i smart, but so stupid?

Burn: Broken to pieces … :o(?

Blow Us All Away: Hello darkness my old friend?

Stay Alive Reprise: Do you ever just want someone to wrap yo u in a blanket burrito and hold you?

It’s Quiet Uptown: No life, no friends, no job. Nothing…?

Election of 1800: Is..Is It Over? *Comes out of the bushes*?

Your Obedient Servant: Everybody betrayed me! I’m fed up with this world.?

Best of Wives and Best of Women: is it ok to sleep from 6am to 3pm ?

The World Was Wide Enough: How to kill and get away with it.?

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: Are we in hell, is earth Hell?
Joker Kill by izukura | Playmoss playlist
Killing Stalking is incredibly fucked up, lets make a…

‘Killing Stalking is incredibly fucked up.’ I say as I make a playlist for it.

Put Your Smile On -Electro Swing | An Unhealthy Obsession - The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra  | Killing Me Softly -Fugees | Chloroform Girl - Polkadot Cadavers | Serial Killer - Lana Del Rey | Tonight You Belong To Me -Patience and Prudence | Be My Friend - One Eyed Doll | Cherry Red - Ida Maria | Freaks - Hawks in Paris | My Bloody Valentine - Good Charlotte | I Hold Your Hand in Mine - Tom Lehrer

I remember the taste of your skin tonight

Hello, sorry my posts aren’t as planned as it should be but it’s a rush in school :’( Anyway I hope you’ll like this piece.

Asks and requests are always open / Masterlist


I am home doing some hand make cookies jamming to my Spotify playlist. It was an old habit of mine, dancing and singing in my big white kitchen while doing some childish food.

Suddenly, thanks to ‘If you don’t know’ I remember you and I remember that I miss you. So I take my bag, stupidly leaving the cookies in the oven and I run to my car. I drive quickly and I look on the passenger seat hopping you would be there.

Usually when we were driving around we dance. Well when I say dance we move our body in a weird way which makes the significant other laugh a lot. Also we scream on our favorite tunes, I guess those singers wanted to lock us somewhere and gag us but they never did. You were also there when I start to drive and you never showed me how scared you were of my pathetic driving skills.

I stop at a red light and as I look around I spot where we had our first restaurant date. You were so shy when you spotted me you blushed hardly and try to hide yourself behind those fancy clothes. You were looking handsome in that grey suit that you wear for prom too. As we had dinner you were telling me stories because you knew how shy I was. When I started to feel comfortable, you became the real dorky guy you actually are. I had the best night of my life. When we get out, as it was late December, the first flakes started to fall and you hold my hand and we shyly exchanged our first kiss.

I keep driving and try to focus on the road and not on you. The faith had thought otherwise because ‘Amnesia’ comes on the radio. I can’t help but let my mind remember when you were creating a new song in the living room. I was usually on the couch near you, reading a book. I was actually faking it because I rather watching you playing the bass. Then when you would find something cool you’d give me that big smile and you made me dance with you to your new hit because you were doing stuffs that made you happy. When you sang me Amnesia for the first time I was really shocked: the song was so powerful and expressing so many feelings that it soon became my favorite song of the band.

Soon after the end of the music that I mouth, I park and get out of the car. I came to this place so often these 2 last years that my feet knew the way without me noticing it. I finally stop where I wanted and take in my hands one of the little paper you used to let me on the table every morning. It could be “Love you” or some parts of a new song, anything actually. The one I got in my hand is the last you wrote me, it’s just a heart a bit messy because you were on a rush, so much on a rush that you didn’t take the time to close the door properly, so much on a rush that you didn’t buckle your belt. You weren’t the only one on a rush and on the highway the other driver didn’t see you and, to get on his way, he pushed your car against the security barriers.

You stayed 3 weeks in the hospital, barely speaking or breathing. I remember your pale face without any sign of a smile every time you were coughing I was getting closer to you. Your whole body seemed broken. One early morning, our 3rd anniversary to be exact was your last day; the doctors said afterwards that you put all your last forces in this day, for me. When I walk in your room you seemed happier, healthier even. You finally put a smile on your face and I found back the dork that made me fall in love three years before. We spent the day having fun together, watching TV shows or playing games, this night when I headed back home I was sure you would make it and you would be sleeping next to me any time soon.

I was completely wrong and I only understand it, a week later on your funerals. Everyone was there: family, bandmates, friends and me; they all seemed sorrier for me than for his mother. Maybe because Calum helped me a lot and they were afraid that I’ll go backwards now. They knew that because when I knew about him passing out, Luke was there and I literally fell on my knees and I cried for a whole week.

I was now in front of your grave and now I remember that all this is real, you were really gone for a better world, far away from me. As the tears were falling down my cheeks I take my phone and put on the song you used to sing me to sleep. I lie on the grass next to you and start to sing “'Cause I remember the taste of your skin tonight. And the way that you looked, you had those eyes. I remember the way it felt inside and the names of the songs that made you cry. You would scream, we would fight, you would call me crazy I would laugh, you were mad, but you always kissed me and the shirt that I had, that you always borrowed. When I woke, it was gone, there was no tomorrow”

The song may be about fighting and arguing but those last words reminds me of your loss, there is no tomorrow with you and all that I have is those shirts I kept wearing. People may think that I’m crazy but sometimes I talk to you, I even buy your perfume to put some on my sheets and my clothes. Actually I’m not crazy, I’m just heartbroken.

TRUST | Eggsy x Reader

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A/N: You can find the (mobile) masterlist here. Let me know what you think!

You looked at Eggsy after the video was over. “They have my family,” he sighed. “They want me to kill Roxy by the end of the night tonight or they’re going to kill my mum and sister. What are we gonna do?”

“Well we aren’t gonna kill her,” you chuckled, choking out your laugh as soon as you saw Eggsy’s face. “Don’t worry,” you said as reassuringly as possible. “You think I don’t have any contacts in England? We will get this sorted.”

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So, I want to write for you guys. But I am exhausted.

I got called into work an hour early today and stayed the whole shift (I tend to get sent home a little early after our shift change because so many people come in and labor goes through the roof) so I basically ran the kitchen all damn day by myself. And since it’s Friday, we were rather busy. It was great *note the sarcasm*

Plus, I bruised my back at work yesterday so it has been killing me all day. I also somehow bruised the palm of my hand, which I didn’t actually know was possible??? And my hip has been sore because it’s been raining for like three days. 

So, honestly, I’m just really fucking tired. 

I may get some writing done tonight, but it’ll probably be shit. I really just wanna go to bed. But I hope I can at least get some things posted/worked on tomorrow and Sunday.

Have a lovely day/night/existence!

P.S. Sorry for all the complaining! It’s just been a rough day and I needed to vent a little lol

Share of Eternity – Feysand Fluff

Thank you so much for all the support from my Feysand Headcannons! Since it reached over 400 notes, I decided to write a fic. about some of them. The is the first Fic. I have ever written so bear with me here (and excuse my grammar). Hope you enjoy :-) 

 It was a vivid night. I gazed at he stars as we walked through the crowded streets of Velaris.

 It was such a relief to see people in the streets, laughing and dancing together, no longer huddled inside their houses in fear of a another attack. It has been a long while since we were able to have a night like this, we deserve it. We all fought bravely against Hybern, who had terrorized and killed countless innocents. But I wouldn’t think about the war, not tonight. Tonight is intended solely for joy and celebration.

  Sensing my thoughts through our bond, my mate’s grip around my hand tightened, he looked at me with a concerned look. I sent only love and joy down the unbreakable chain between us, I gave him a tender smile as we continued to walk down the cheerful streets of the Rainbow. My mate, my equal. That love filled my heart again, making me want to combust in happiness.

 He let go of my hand and wrapped his own around my waist, gently pulling me closer to him. My left side was pressed against his fine black tunic that accentuated the broad muscles of his torso. I laid a hand over his chest, leaning into him.

 “Indeed, it’s a lovely night, Feyre darling.” He purred.

 “And we are also late,” I countered.

 “I know,” He inclined his head against mine nuzzling my neck with his nose.

 I arched my neck and focused on the feeling of his lips so close to my skin, as if in answer Rhys laid a small kiss where my neck connects with my shoulder, my skin had already begun boiling. With my heart beating faster I arched my neck farther, allowing him to have better access to the delicate skin there.

  I didn’t care that we were in public and people were watching,  just as I didn’t care we were not even watching where we were going. I needed him. Now.

 He leaned further into me, I raised my other hand to caress his black ebony hair. His lips parted, around my main artery, his tongue just slightly brushing–

 Someone cleared their throat from behind us, making us both snap back to reality. “We wouldn’t be late if you two didn’t take so long to get ready,” Said Mor.

 Her hair was unbound allowing her golden curls to drift in the wind, she was finely dressed in a pretty red dress that complemented the red on her lips, and hugged her curves tightly. She looked stunning. Which I guess is why Azriel couldn’t take his eyes off her.

 Rhys smirked from my side. “I can’t help it if my mate looks absolutely delicious when she is dressing.”

 My cheeks warmed at the memory of him ‘helping’ me dress.

 Mor just grinned and rolled her eyes. Stepping closer, her hand found Azriel’s. She grazed a thumb down his scarred, mutilated hand and he smiled. Since he and Mor confessed their feelings for each other, Azriel smiling became a more common occurrence. His shadows seemed to lighten and his overall posture became more content.

 Around us the night reigned on, the streets filled with music and light, the colours of the Rainbow seemed more lively than ever. Occasionally, a citizen would stop and greet us, their High Lord and High Lady, and we would kindly smile back.

 The night’s breeze blew against my gown’s skirts, making them float in the wind. I wore a simple dark blue top, short enough to expose my midriff, and flowing chiffon skirts of the same colour. I bore silver jewelry, embedded with bits and pieces of sapphire that sparkled when the street lights caught them in the right angle.

 We finally reached our meeting point, I could already see a bulking form and a small delicate wisp against the light. Cassian and Nesta, bickering just outside the restaurant’s door. Cassian was casually dressed, unlike Rhys, for once out of his fighting leathers, his siphons still gleamed against the city light reminding everyone of the power he held inside.

  Nesta was a sight to behold, she wore a orange rayon dress that strapped around her neck in a golden clasp leaving her back visible, the fabric hugged her curves while still making her skirt flow gracefully around her. No doubt a high end article from one of the shops in Velaris.

  Cassian could barely concentrate on their argument, his gaze drifted from her eyes every once in awhile. Knowing how Nesta affected Cassian, It was a miracle he was still left standing. I surmised this was her way of revenge for some kind of argument they might have had earlier.

 Although they are mates, they still clash against each other. I didn’t think Nesta’s sharp tongue and Cassian’s fiery temper could ever truly be suppressed, but now they fought without aggression. Anger and rage no longer lingered in their eyes when they argued, that was long ago replaced by love and care. Even when they argued I knew Cassian would never hurt my sister, and I knew my sister did not have space in her heart for many people, but Cassian would always have a place there, along with me and Elain.

 Noticing our arrival they turned to face us.

 “What took you so long?” Nesta puffed.

Rhys and I exchange glances, grinning at one another. Cassian lifted his eyebrows in question and opened his mouth to say something. Rhys was quick to shoot him a glare, and Cassian thought better of if, closing his mouth with a knowing smirk.

 Nesta groaned her impatience. “If you knew you were going to be late, then you could have at least have warned us,” at that she turned around, dismissing us and heading inside.

  We all moved indoors, the restaurant was fairly busy tonight but we still all managed to fit inside the little waiting room. The owner nearly jumped from behind the small stand with the waiting list to greet us. She kissed each of us in the cheek, as always. It took a while for Nesta to grow accustomed to the familiarity of Velaris, but she ultimately liked it, finding comfort in it.  

  Albeit Rhys insisted that we waited in the waiting list like everyone else, especially on a busy night like this, she urged us to sit at our usual table in the edge of the restaurant, where we could still smell the spices coming from the inside while gazing at the stars and the festive streets of Velaris.

 I sat beside Rhys on the side of the table that was perched outside, Az and Mor sat in front of us, Nesta took the seat beside me and Cassian the seat in front of her. I spreaded my napkin across my lap and turned to Nesta.

“Any news from Elain?” I felt the whole table still, at the mention of my sister. Even Azriel’s shadows seemed to have wavered. Touchy topic with Nesta.

Nesta paused, “No. No news. For all I know, she is still dallying with her mate in Spring Court,” she said sharply.

 It had been a shock when Lucien was crowned High Lord of Spring when Tamlin had neglected his people to aid Hybern, and had eventually been defeated. But the biggest shock was when Elain announced she would be staying in Spring Court with her mate instead of coming back with Nesta. It took a long, long, long time for Nesta to finally come to terms with our sister’s wishes, she is finally able to hear her name without wanting to go back and drag Elain here personally.  Nesta respected her wishes, but I don’t think she will be truly over it any time soon. I didn’t have to see it to know Cassian was gripping her hand under the table.

 The owner came back to our table with a stack of menus propped at her waist. She weaved around the table, handing them out to us one by one and paused before Rhys.

 “Would you like the special menu?” she asked him even though she already knew the answer, as did I.

 Rhys smiled “You know I always love to pick from your exquisite special menu,” he said.

 The owner blushed as pure satisfaction filled her eyes, “Of course,” she said handing the menu to him.

 Ever since I accepted the mating bond, I always felt a spark of adoration down the bond whenever Rhys ate soup. It wasn’t long before that was the only food he would order when we dined in one of Velaris’ many restaurants. The owner must have noticed that, because she so cleverly assembled special soup menu, filled with all sorts of soup,  just for him.  One day, she just presented it to him, I  felt his joy rolling down the bond when she did.

 The owner took our orders and strolled to the kitchen. The night was more alive than ever now. There were a few street performers just outside the restaurant, close enough that we could hear the melody from our table. Since the war had ended, and I officially became High Lady, I had the pleasure of visiting many other courts. From all the music Prythian has to offer, the Night Court melodies will forever be my favourite. The rise and fall of the notes as the crescendo took over the melody, marked each and every piece played on our signature  violins, made of black oak ingrained with small freckles of sparkling rock, so it looked like the night sky.

 It didn’t take long before our food arrived, made with special care. Rhys sighed as he sniffed the smell coming from the warm noodle soup he ordered. Across the table Cassian was already draining his second glass of wine and pouring himself another one, Nesta scowling at him to mind his manners.

 The owner remained at our side long enough for Rhys to take a sip. “How is it tasting?”

  “Absolutely remarkable– as always.”

 She looked fulfilled, and it was no lie, her cooking was truly remarkable. I remember the first time they took me here, I had never tasted food so amazing.

 The owner left the table leaving me and Rhys smiling at each other more content than ever. Across from us Mor and Azriel seemed just as content as we were. I noticed how Azriel’s eyes had not left Mor once, as if he could still not believe that she was his. Everytime Mor caught him looking she would take his hands in hers and kiss them until he was back again, until he was sure that it was real. I could relate though.

 I remember how hard it was for me to let go of the misconception that I shouldn’t be with anyone after Tamlin. And I also remember how it felt after I let go of that, to finally allow myself to imagine a future with Rhys.

 Love poured down our bond, coming from Rhys. I turned my attention to him and was met with a sweet gentle smile, the one that made his face light up, and my heart sing in awe.

 From there the conversation kicked off. I finally felt secure and happy. No more threats. No more war. No more death. For the next long years to come we would live peacefully, that though finally seemed to sink in.  

 We finished up our meal and lingered a little longer until we decided to leave. Rhys  tipped the owner, quite a fair amount I’m sure, and payed the bill for everyone else, ignoring our friends’ protests, and we all left the restaurant.

 We walked down the street along the river. Mor and Azriel were holding hands, grinning like love birds. Nesta had quieted down, she sayed close to Cassian leaning her head against his shoulder, goosebumps on her arm, from the night chill. Cassia pulled her closer and ran a hand down her arm in an attempt to warm it.

 We were almost at the bank of the river when Mor blurred out “Who want’s to go dancing?”

 Cassian and Nesta exchanged looks, Nesta grinning at him.

“We’ll go,” He said.

 Nesta turned to me. “Coming?” she asked.

 Rhys didn’t have to ask to know that I didn’t feel like it. Overtime, I came to cherish these moments we spent together, just the two of us. Not that we didn’t go dancing and drinking, which we did, a lot.

 “You guys go ahead. We’ll stay,” He said

  They were already on the other side of the street when Rhys called back. “Oh, and Nesta?” she whipped her head toward him “Don’t let him get too drunk,” He said with a smik, she laughed and rolled her eyes. We watched them walk away before Rhys dramatically offered me his arm, which I took, and we began walking again.

 The night grew quieter as we did. The streets started emptying out, people either going home or inside some pub or restaurant. We walked along the riverbank until Rhys paused before the railing to admire the view, a blank mournful expression took hold of him.

 And I realized.

 We were in the same spot his sister loved. He claimed his father had to yank her from here, from this city. So much has changed, and yet nothing has. I could feel the guilt and desperation, the mourning and torturing thoughts down the bond. He was thinking about her, how he failed to save her, how that beam of light he swore to protect was ripped away from him.

 “Rhys,” I said quietly.

 He looked at me, pain filling every corner of his eyes. I placed my hand above his from where it sat on the metal railing.

 There was nothing to be said. There were no words that could soothe his pain. So I sent him loving stokes, ones that ensured him I understood. I gripped his arm leaning in to him and gently placing my head on his shoulder.

 From the shore you could see the townhouses on the other side. The water and sky were so dark, the stars were seamlessly reflected on the water. Every single one of them glowed against the Sidra, making it seem as if it were the contents the Cauldron used to form our skies. There was barely a line separating them at all, the water and night blended together in a way that seemed infinite. Together we stood there, gazing at our share of eternity.

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  • valentina: and you do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around that's what it's all about
As man and wife we ever unite;
We never doubt about our love.
Let us enjoy our fill tonight
As tender as a cooing dove!
Thinking of the way I should go,
I rise to see if time is due.
The stars appear dim high and low;
Adieu! I must bid you adieu.
Away to battlefield I’ll hie;
I know not if we’ll meet again.
Holding your hand, I give a sigh;
My tears of farewell fall like rain.
Enjoy the spring flowers in view!
Do not forget our time in glee!
Safe and sound, I’ll come back to you;
Even killed, my love won’t die with me.
—  留别妻; Su Wu to His Wife before leaving for battle 
Domestic Sentence Memes

Send my muse one and they will respond!

  • “What do you want to eat?”
  • “I tried to cook you dinner.
  • “Did you buy any tea?”
  • “I think the refrigerator is giving out.”
  • “I might have killed the microwave.”
  • “Do you like burned pizza?”
  • “Your hands are cold!”
  • “Your feet are cold!”
  • “Come here, I am freezing.”
  • “If you wash the dishes for me, I’ll pay you.”
  • “How about we go out to eat tonight?”
  • “I misplaced the remote control.”
  • “I think I left my phone at the store!”
  • “Milk or orange juice?”
  • “Do you want a massage?”
  • “Do you want me to rub your shoulders?”
  • “Please, rub my feet.”
  • “Rub my shoulders.”
  • “You aren’t king/queen of the couch!”
  • “I think I have a cold.”
  • “I think I have the flu.”
  • “Are you sick?”
  • “Tickle war!”
  • “Stop it, my feet are ticklish!”
  • “You know my sides are ticklish!”
  • “I’ll tickle you into submission.”
  • “Have you seen my brush?”
  • “I heard footsteps in the attic.”
  • “You got mud all over the floor!”
  • “Can you come home from work early?”
  • “It is only 10 a.m. Why did you wake me up?”
  • “Five for minutes.”
  • “You look so cute when you are sleepy.”
  • “The computer gave me the blue screen of death.“
  • “The computer won’t turn on.”

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Oh yeees my daily dose of gillovny, thank you very much <3 <3 <3 any chance we get a new chap of moving forward on this sunday before G will kill us with her outfit tonight? could you please ask?

@sembell sent me her new chapter to read, so it’s my hands now. I will definitely read it today, so she’ll post it soon. And I have another fic to come today :)

My stupid ethics teacher!
  • Teacher: What are some things that all relationships have in common?
  • Kid: They all consist of 2 people,*bunch of other shit...
  • Teacher: Good gob! Now does anyone disagree with anything he said?
  • Me: *awkwardly raises hand* I don't agree with the 2 people part because you can't exclude polyamerous relationships
  • Some random kid: YES!!! *claps*
  • Teacher: Okay, but were talking about REAL relationships.
  • My brain: Really bitch? Ima kill u tonight!
1.) You hold my hand the wrong way. You don’t intertwine fingers. You link us together and it always makes me feel like a school girl on a field trip.
2.) You killed us long before the distance did.
3.) Truthfully the ache between my legs never settled after you.
4.) The sun will rise, set, rise, set. And I promise. I do not think of you. Not tonight. Not tomorrow. Not the way you want me to.
—  Alison Malee @alisonmalee
Day #1

Aggy’s Story: Part One

Bryan pops his annoying face over my cubicle wall. “Hey, Aggs, what are you doing after work tonight?”

I keep my eyes on my screen and my hands on the keyboard as if I’m actually working on something and not reading an article about how to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you. “Nothing.” This is very sadly true. “I’m just going home to make dinner for Aaron and then going to watch tv. Why?”

Bryan scoffs at me. “Aaron’s a grown man, he can make his own dinner. You’re coming to an art exhibit with us.”

“Us?” I finally look up at him. “Art exhibit?”

“Yeah, some of us from the office are going to this art thing.” He smiles at me. “My cousin’s gonna be there.”

My face immediately gets warm. Why would I want to see her again after the Christmas party? I made a total ass of myself. I start to involuntarily respond. “Well, that’s nice.” Shit. I can’t just leave it at that.

“It’s at five-thirty and there’s gonna be an open bar. I’ll drive you.” And with that, his face is gone.

This isn’t the worst thing I can do tonight. It’s not what I want to do, but it’s better than going home and fighting with my husband again. It seems as though that’s all we do lately. He’s talking about kids again and I just don’t have the time for it right now.

Work ends and Amy, Victor, Steve, and I pile into Bryan’s car like teens going to a concert. The reality is we’re all in our early 30’s going to an art gallery, most likely for the free booze.

The ride isn’t terrible. Amy gushes about her wedding for most of it. She’s the youngest of the group and the only one, besides Victor, who isn’t married yet. Her fiance just came home from Iraq about three months ago. They’re set to get married in November. She’s invited everyone in the office to be there. When Amy has finished telling us about her color scheme and how her mother cried when she tried on her dress, Steve confess to us that his daughter is sick again and his wife is finding it difficult to be positive this time. We spend the rest of the ride in silence.

When we get to the gallery, our first stop is the open bar. I get myself a glass of wine and Bryan orders a martini and then asks if he looks like James Bond.

“Well, if James Bond wore a pair of khakis with black ink stains and a plaid shirt, you definitely would,” I tell him and then clink my glass against his and take a sip of my wine.

We spend about forty minutes in the bar before his cousin shows up. She’s stunning. Tall, skinny, long blonde hair, big pouty eyes. I accidentally spent the entire Christmas party flirting with her. The night ended with us making out in a bathroom stall. That night, I went home and crawled into bed with my husband as if I didn’t resent him completely.

Meghan walks towards us and I panic. We haven’t spoken since that night. I left as she was begging me to go home with her. I told her I couldn’t because I had to feed my dogs in the morning. Never mentioned my husband at all. I wish I could live my whole life like that.

“Agatha, it’s been a while.” Her eyes flutter over my body. I worry about sweat stains on my light blue shirt, ink on my khakis like Bryan’s, dirt on my Keds, something that she’s going to pick out. She smiles, “You look great.” She turns her attention to Bryan and I feel like I’m able to breath again.

A man walks over to where we’re standing and puts his hand on the small of Meghan’s back. My heart sinks into my stomach. She introduces him to us to her boyfriend. His name is Frank or Fred, something like that. I don’t really remember. Meghan leads us to the section of the gallery where her work is. There’s ten large black and white photo’s of her hanging on the walls. She’s talking about the shoot and answering questions for random people who come up to see them photos.

I finish off my third glass of wine and head off to another section of the gallery. I wander through rooms filled of sculptures and vases, rooms filled with photographs, and rooms filled with paints. I’m not really taking anything in as passing by.

Until I see a painting that seems so out of place among the landscapes and still-lifes. The painting is entitled “Self-Portrait,” but it isn’t isn’t of a person at all. It’s a lion’s head wearing a crown studded with flowers instead of jewels. The lion looks powerful, but soft and loving. The background is the most beautiful shades of yellow, rose, and lavender. It’s dull like a polaroid picture, but still powerful enough to announce itself as paint. This painting is striking. I desperately look for a name, but there isn’t one. There are several other paintings, but they’re nothing like this one.

Bryan drives me home and tells me he’ll pick me up at 8:15 to bring me to the office. I thank him for the fun evening and then walk up the front steps to my house. Through the window, I can see the light of the TV in the livingroom. I sit on the bench on my porch and watch Bryan drive away. I take some time to compose myself and process the evening and try to come to terms with the fact that seeing Meghan with that man made me feel like I had been punched in the gut. I’m not ready to face Aaron. If I had my way, I would never have to face him again. He tells me all the time how much a divorce would break his mother’s heart.

The next door neighbor’s garage rumbles open and a young girl, maybe twenty-two, comes walking out. This is the first time I’ve actually seen her leave her house in days. She moved here a few weeks ago from Oregon, at least that’s what I assume from her license plate. She seems nice enough, just a little weird. I hear her leaving at all hours of the night, but she’s always back within an hour or so. She doesn’t seem to have a job because her car is always in her driveway.

I see her come out on a bike with a basket. Why anyone is riding a bike a night is beyond me. She closes the door behind here and takes off down the street. She’s so weird…