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Second Chances (James Conrad)

Pairing: James Conrad x OC

Warning: Little, tiny bit of violence. And giant bugs. Lol.

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I couldn’t relax. Couldn’t close my eyes without seeing it all over again. 

Choppers being tossed from the sky, like tiny toys. Flames licking away at molten metal. Bodies falling from midair. And those eyes. Those huge, yellow eyes. I squeezed my own eyes shut, desperate to make those horrible mental images vanish. Though the second I tried to think of something else, anything else, my mind wandered back to him.

To James Conrad.

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Rooftop Night // Jughead Jones Smut (ish)

Pairing: Jughead Jones x reader

Requested: Yes and I’m so so sorry that you had to wait for so long, hope you’ll like it xo

Warning: kissing, cursing, makeout session going on also

Word count: 1,345

Plot: You and Jughead are friends. One night when you’re at his place things get heated, but you’re on your period. What will happen?

A/N: You know you can stil´l request me and I promise I’ll write it faster, but I was so busy with graduating and parties with my friends that I just didn’t have time, but now I do. Enjoy x

A song to listen while reading :)

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I wake up to my phone buzzing. I got a text from Jughead.

Juggie: Please come over, I’m so bored !

I smile at my phone and check the time. It’s 10 minutes past midnight.

Me: My parents won’t let me.. :(

You respond and see him typing.

Juggie: Just don’t tell them, sneak out

Me: You know they’re going to kill me if they find out

Juggie: No they won’t , ‘cause they won’t find out

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Push Rewind

summary: 2009!phan where they have skype sex and their first time together, and phil is just a caring guy that wants dan to have fun and feel safe

genre: fluff, smut

warnings: blowjobs, skype sex, anal sex, good boyfriend!lester asking for consent every so often

word count: 3332 (yeS)

read on ao3!!!

a/n: i wrote this like two years ago, but i was rly proud of it at the time and i never got around to posting it until now!! it’s been polished and some parts have been rewritten, but otherwise it should be good to go! i hope you guys enjoy it :) tomorrow or the day after i should have the start of a cool chaptered fic posted, so stay tuned for that. okay love you, i hope you like it <3

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Ellen’s in Y/N’s ear (Shawn Mendes x Reader)

Summary: Ellen Degeneres sends famous (your profession) Y/N to a local coffee shop with an earpiece. Y/N must follow everything Ellen tells her to say. It is a funny game until Y/N realizes her long-time crush Shawn Mendes happens to be in that very coffee shop. Ellen got to have her fun.

Italics= what Ellen is saying

A/N: Who doesn’t love Ellen?

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“Alright, so in honor of her 18th birthday and all the success she has had this year, we sent (your profession) Y/N Y/L/N to a local coffee shop in Toronto where she is staying. I know, she actually prefers Canada.” Ellen Degeneres winks to her laughing audience.

The audience’s attention refocuses on the screen in front of them, showing Y/N in comfy sweatpants and a tank top.

Okay Y/N, if you hear me scream out loud: “It’s freezing cold outside, but I want to show off my abs!”

Y/N chuckles and whispers: “What abs?”, before shouting:


The people standing around her stare at her and laugh softly.

Okay Y/N, walk in the shop. 

Y/N grabs the door, and opens it, stepping into the nice coffee-smelling building.

Sniff around, and look like you’re heavily enjoying the aroma of coffee around you.

Shaking her head, Y/N walks further into the shop, sniffing around. She shuts her eyes and sighs.

The audience laughs, some of them muttering how she looked high while doing that.

What Y/N and Ellen did not know however was songwriter Shawn Mendes was sitting in the corner and had raised his head up from his phone upon Y/N’s arrival.

The corners of his lips tugged up into a smile. Shawn had always harboured a little crush on the renowned (your profession). They were following each other on social media and occasionally would retweet each other’s posts and such. Each time Y/N liked his posts, or tweeted something so goofy reflecting her personality, Shawn always had a little warm fuzzy feeling in his chest. They had met at the Teen Choice Awards, and he remembered clearly how amazing she looked in her dress and how much he couldn’t stop thinking about how they took a picture together on the red carpet. Since then, Shawn only saw glimpses of her at other award shows but never had time to go speak to her.

So, seeing her there today made his heart leap. He has never seen her in anything other than dazzling gowns, but he found her just as effortlessly beautiful in a laidback casual outfit.  

Okay, so walk up to the cashier.

Y/N coughed and whispered:

“Ellen um there’s a line.”

Cut the line! An audience member shouted. Ellen smiled. Cut the line.

Y/N took a deep breath in, and slid in in front of a man waiting in line.

“Um, excuse me?” He said.

Say you’re a celebrity.

“Yes sir, I’m sorry I cut you, but I am a celebrity.” Y/N responded, blushing slightly.

Ellen rolled around in her seat with laughter.

“Well miss that’s not an excu- Wait Y/N Y/L/N?” He gasps.

“Yes.” Y/N giggles.

“No way, my daughters love you! Can I get a picture?”

“Oh yeah, great! Tell them I say hi!”

And the man takes out his phone, snaps a picture of them together and leaves straight away exclaiming to his phone; without his coffee.

Alrighty then, Y/N you got out of that.

Y/N grins cheekily.

Shawn watches from a distance, a little perplexed. Was Y/N actually that rude about being famous? But yet again, her grin at the end was impossible to hate.

Y/N walked up to the cashier, waiting for Ellen’s directions.

Ellen kept quiet, pursing her lip to hold back laughter.

Y/N clears her throat, looking from side to side as the cashier watches her expectantly.

Playing with her hair awkwardly, she bites her lip.

“Can I help you miss?” The cashier asks once again.

“Hmm, oh yes.”

“So what can I get you?”

“Yep.” Y/N responds. She looks up to the hidden camera, raising her eyebrows slightly at Ellen.

Meanwhile in LA, Ellen is red from holding her breath and the audience is on the edge of their seats, waiting for Ellen and Y/N’s next move.

“I’m sorry, so what would you like to order?”

“Yeah that’s the one.” Y/N continues, swaying slightly from side to side on the balls of her feet to release some awkward tension.

“So uh miss, would you like to maybe hear the specials?”

Say: No, I know exactly what I want.

“No sir thank you I know exactly what I want.” Y/N answered.
“Okay perfect what would that be?”

Ask for a smoothie.

“Can I get a smoothie?” Y/N exhales, relieved the silence didn’t go on.

“Yes of course, we have strawberry, honey melon and mixed berry.”

Respond: Ooh I love melons. They look a little bit like breasts. You know with the little circle in the middle.

The color rose in Y/N’s cheeks.

“Ooh I love melons. They look a little bit like breasts. You know with the little circle in the middle. Looks like a nipple…” Y/N blurted out.

The cashier rose his eyebrows, then laughed out loud.

“Oh you are funny miss. So one small honey melon smoothie?”

“Yep, that’ll be that.”

Ellen then got an idea. Remembering her previous Ellen in Your Ear episodes, she decided to get a little bolder. Y/N, say: “But of course they don’t look like my breasts. Those melons are huge!”

“But of course you know, melons don’t look like my breasts. Ha ha um no, those are hu-uge.” Y/N gestured, positively red by now.

Shawn let out an involuntary laugh, clapping his hands on his mouth. This went unnoticed by Y/n who was too embarrassed and busy trying not to laugh, but not by Ellen.

“Wait, camera crew zoom in on the left hand corner. Aah ladies and gentlemen, there is singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes.” Ellen chuckled mischievously. Her audience oohs in surprise. “Y/N walk to the back of the shop and go sit beside Shawn Mendes.”

“Shawn Mendes?” , Y/N thought. Not the handsome, kind, down-to-earth singer Shawn right? The Shawn she has had a crush on for the longest time ever?

Y/N walked to her left, spotting him and sitting down beside him, hating herself for blushing.

“Hey.” She said.

“Hi! It’s so nice to see you here.” Shawn smiled back.

“So what brings you here?” He asked.

I needed somewhere to pee.

“I um yes, needed somewhere to pee.”

Shawn looked a bit confused, but carried on.

“Oh, bathroom’s broken at your place?”

Nope, I just love gross public bathrooms.

“No I just love gross public bathrooms ha. Love em!” Y/N squealed, wondering why she agreed to do this segment again.

“Anyway I heard your new single Bad Reputation and wow I can’t stop listening to it!”

“Wow thanks a lot, is that what you’re listening to now?” Shawn said, pointing to her earpiece.

Y/N closed her eyes for a second. Shoot busted, she thought.


Hand him the earpiece.

“Here, listen.” Y/N said, taking it out and giving it to Shawn.

He accepted it, feeling his flesh burn as he grazed her fingers and stuck it into his ear.

“Hello Shaaawn.” Ellen said into the earpiece.

“What? Y/N who is this?”

Y/N merely grinned and gestured to him to keep listening.

“It’s meeee, from Finding Nemo.”

“Ellen?” Shawn asked.


“Oh! That explains why you were doing and saying such weird things.” Shawn threw his head back in laughter as he placed the earpiece down on the table.

“So I’m guessing you heard what I said, eh?” Y/N cringed.

“Yes, it was very entertaining.”

“Eeven the melon part huh?”

“It was one of the best parts.” Shawn chuckled.

“Oh, and just so you know, I don’t actually enjoy peeing in public bathrooms.” Y/N remembered, earning her another laugh from Shawn.

“Well um, there’s this beautiful restaurant downtown, and their bathroom is not um gross.” Shawn said.

“Is this your way of asking me out to dinner?” Y/N giggled.

“Yes, you caught me.”

“Well I’d love to check out that restaurant. For their bathrooms, of course.”

“Yes yes of course.”

They sat there for a tiny while, just smiling back at each other, dumbstruck and not believing their luck.

“Yo lovebirds, you forgot I can hear and see everything.” Ellen shouted into the earpiece, causing the pair to jump.

“Oh right, excuse me Shawn I have to end the segment.” Y/N joked.

She stood up and said at the top of her voice to the people in the shop:

“Hey guys! I’m Y/N and if you saw what weird things I have said, it’s because… You’re all on the Ellen Degeneres Show!” She waved her hands happily at the cameras as the coffee shop cheered with glee.

“So, maybe we can check that restaurant out right now?” Shawn stood up next to her.

“I’d love to.”

“Okay, that wasn’t the best Ellen in Your Ear since there was no dancing involved, but if they do get together, I’m taking full credit.” Ellen stood up and said to her audience. They laughed and cheered, as TV screens worldwide went to commercial.

Authors note*(Y/c/n) = your cats name. Also, this is the first fic that I have ever completed! Usually I give up halfway through. ~Goldie

Dark’s POV

I wandered around the house aimlessly. Occasionally I will pick up an object of (Y/N)’s, a picture or her favorite pen and place it somewhere it had no place being. (Y/n) had left early in the morning muttering to herself about needing a break from the literal pressure in the air that I cause. My lips curl into a smirk at the thought that I had actually ran her out of the house. My smirk vanishes the moment I see her damned feline however.

For some reason that I can’t explain, (Y/n) loved that thing. No matter how many times it would knock items off the counter or hide under the bed and attack her feet, she would still swoop down and cuddle the furry little creature as it tried to squirm and run away. I, personally, was sure that if it weren’t for the steady flow of food, the cat would have fled a long time ago.

When (Y/c/n) locked eyes with me I could feel the mutual hatred crackle in the room. It was always like this with animals, they seem to be able to sense the darkness within me. But they usually just run away. This cat however, it seems to search for me, almost like it is looking for a fight. It intrigues me.

Straightening my jacket, I stare down the small animal, trying to understand why I am mutually drawn to it as well. Without even realizing what I’m doing, I speak.

“What are you staring at?” I snap. “I won’t lie, I much prefer you over that dog that Mark owns. That Chica…. much too hyper for my taste.” I scowl at the thought of that ball of energy and fur. “You know,” I say taking a cautious step towards (Y/c/n). When he doesn’t run I take another step. Now standing directly in front of (Y/n)’s cat I crouch down to look him in the eye. “We are very similar, you and I. Both of us are just manipulating (Y/n) towards an end goal.” (Y/c/n) starts to slowly walk towards Dark and pushes his head against his hand. Dark starts to pet him. “Your goal happens to be food, mine… may be more personal.”

I was about to say that the two of us should get along when I heard the click of a camera. Looking up, I see (Y/n) with a huge grin on her face.

“That’s one for Instagram.” (Y/n) says waving the phone in my face.

“You best give me that phone.” I growl as she runs to her bedroom laughing hysterically all the way.

By Goldie

Ringo Starr and George Harrison, Friar Park, 1978/1979. Photo: Nancy Lee Andrews.

“Ringo and I went to visit [George] and Olivia at Friar Park in 1979. They were so happy. Olivia cooked a delicious dinner, he played the guitar and we wandered around that huge mansion while he told us its history. He opened a door, I think it was in the kitchen and handed us candles and told us to follow him. I thought, Oh, we’re going to the spooky cellar but the stairs kept going down and down and finally we landed on a flat surface. I looked, and couldn’t believe what I saw… it was a cave complete with stylolites. Walkways through a cavern. There was even a stream running through it! I had my camera with me and we had a hilarious time shooting with and without the flash. I have so many incredible pictures of us in that cave.
After that we settled in his study/music room and he handed me a bowl of rubies… big ones, small ones that were all cabachons. It was days before my birthday and he said to pick what ever I want and have something made. While he and Ringo talked and played the guitar I settled in front of the fireplace and designed a necklace with lots of hanging rubies. One of those nights I’ll never forget.” - Nancy Lee Andrews,, 2008

Cellophane Wrap || Peter Parker

Not gonna lie, this was inspired by “Harry’s payback video” where he played the cellophane wrap prank on Tom.

OH! And before I forget to mention, I’m now taking requests (only for peter parker, he’s the character I’m most comfortable with writing for!) if any of you readers are interested. I’m keeping the anon asks on if you readers would like to request anonymously (however if I get any amount of hate or just trolls in general, I might turn it off ;; we’ll see.) But yeah, I don’t have a set schedule of posting, I just post whenever I feel the need to write, and I don’t mind taking requests.

I’ve got some new Peter stories planned, but I’m willing to write any requests that you have and don’t mind saving my own personal stories for later ♡

don’t repost/plagiarize this story. reblogs are fine!


You were bored out of your mind, casually scrolling through your phone as you waited for your boyfriend, Peter, to finish with his shower.

Wondering if there were any new videos for you to watch, you open your YouTube app and search through the numerous videos. You continue scrolling down before stopping at a particular video that had been trending.

The video was simply titled //CELLOPHANE//, and you decided to click on the thirty second video to see what it was all about.

With a hand placed beneath your chin, you watch the video, hearing a woman giggling as she kept her camera poised against an open door.

After waiting a few seconds, you hear her gasp before shouting, “OH MY GOD! HONEY COME HERE QUICK THERE’S A HUGE COCKROACH IN HERE! IT’S SO GROSS! I’M AFRAID TO TOUCH IT!“

“What?! Hang on babe, I got you!”

From your phone’s screen, you hear rapid footsteps quickly approaching and immediately knew what was about to happen.

When he appeared, the man ran straight into the clear cellophane wrap, the impact causing him to grunt in pain before he fell to the ground. The video ends with the woman laughing, taking a quick close up of her boyfriend before ending the video.

When the clip ended, you were a giggling mess. You had a difficult time trying to control your breathing when a rather mischievous idea filled your mind.

Practically sprinting into the kitchen, you find the roll of cellophane wrap and some clear tape, quickly bringing them into Peter’s room. Smoothing out the wrap to the best of your abilities, you cut a rather long stretch of wrap and place some tape on one end. Once you taped that end of the wrap to the door, you worked on stretching it out so that the wrap could touch the other end of the door. When the wrap was perfectly stretched, you sealed the other end with some more tape.

Now, all you had to do was make Peter come rushing in, and you knew the perfect way to do it.

When you hear the showers suddenly turn off, you wait a full minute before shouting, “OH GOD PETER THERE’S A SPIDER IN HERE!”

“WHAT?! [Name], please don’t hurt it! Spiders mean a lot to me-!!” You hear Peter’s panicked reply.

With a smirk, you continue to scream, “I DON’T CARE PETER! IT’S SO BIG AND UGH, IT MIGHT BE A BLACK WIDOW! That’s it I’m killing it with your calculus textbook!”


You hear Peter’s footsteps, and when he attempted to run into the room, his face was immediately met with the clear wrap. His features were momentarily warped before he landed on the ground, taking the cellophane wrap with him.

“Oh my god, P-Peter, I’m so sorry b-but that was so f-funny! Hahaha!” Your laughter echoes throughout the room, and you were laughing so much that your stomach was practically clenching in pain.

He groans and covers his face. Looking at him clearly now, you realize that he wore nothing but his boxers as he practically writhed on the floor in exaggerated agony. Grunting, he tears the wrap away from his face before hoarsely muttering, “That’s it, I’m breaking up with you.”

You feign a sad pout and kneel down next to him, placing a gentle kiss on his cheek, “I’m sorry. How about later I make it up to you with some cuddles and a whole night marathoning all of your favorite movies with popcorn and all?”

He looks at you with narrowed eyes, “Can we make out?”

You roll your eyes and nod, “Fine.”

Suddenly, you hear Peter’s cellphone ringing from his desk. Ignoring your boyfriend’s whining (“Seriously [Name], I’m hurt so badly right now! I’ll need at least a thousand kisses in order to heal!”) you pick up the phone, “Hello~ Parker residence!”

“[Name], where’s the Spiderling? Did something happen to him?” You recognize Mr. Stark’s voice and look down at where Peter was laying before shaking your head.

Trying to make yourself sound absolutely miserable, you let out a fake sniff and tell him, “Mr. Stark, I-I’m sorry it’s hard to talk- it’s just… I can’t believe Peter Parker died. He’s the only love of my life, and I know that now that he’s gone, I will never love again.”

“WHAT?! Babe, quit telling Mr. Stark that I died!”

The older man hears Peter in the background and begins to chuckle knowingly on the other end, “Is that so? Then how come I can still hear him?”

“Oh but believe me, I can sometimes hear him, too.”

“Give me that!” Peter was suddenly behind you, wrapping his arm around your abdomen before taking his phone away from you and answering, “Hello, Mr. Stark? Yeah, I’m fine.”

He holds on to his phone with his shoulder, freeing his hands before tightening his hold on you as he began to kiss at the junction between your neck and shoulder, earning several giggles from you when he left a few bites here and there, “Your punishment for pranking me.”

You hear Mr. Stark complain on the other end, forcing you to tell Peter to behave and that you would accept his punishment later. With an amused spark in his eyes, Peter lets go of you and continues his conversation, “Yeah, I heard you. You have my full attention now.”

With a sigh, you head toward Peter’s bed and lay down, continuing to stare at your boyfriend with loving eyes.

It must be true love if he didn’t get mad at me for pranking him. He still loves me, and I’m so lucky to have him.


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Baby, please don’t go.

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You and Ethan were basically the same person. You guys both loved memes so much that considered yourselves “Meme King and Queen”, passionately love sushi and pineapple on pizza, love acting like a bunch of doofus in public, and love hanging out with each other every minute. You love being with him and you thought it would always be like that until he broke the news.

You were at his dad’s house, in his room, laying on his chest. You were home from college and you try to see him every chance you get when you come home. You like moments like these, laying on his chest, listening to his heartbeat while he’s playing in your hair, whispering little things to you. You can stay like this forever but moments like these do have to end.

“We need to talk.” Your heart dropped. Talk? What the hell did you need to talk about? “What’s wrong?” He bit his lips. You sat up to look at him. “[Y/N]…” He grabbed your hand. “What’s going on, Ethan? You’re scaring me.”  You told him. “[Y/N], I’m leaving for California.” “What? When are you leaving.” You didn’t want to believe what you were hearing. “I’m leaving in two days.” Now, you really didn’t want to believe him. “When we’re you going to tell me!?” You pulled your hand away and stood up. “[Y/N], calm down.” He tried to grab you hand again but you backed away. “How can you drop this bomb on me and expected me to calm down. I can’t believe you!” you hissed. You didn’t even give him a chance to explain himself before you bolted out of there. You heard him calling your name but you ran off before he could even catch up with you.  

You sat in your room all night listening to music while looking at old photos of Ethan and you. You’ve been together since the freshman year of high school and been friends while you guys were toddlers. You couldn’t imagine being away from him, hell leaving for college was a pain for you two even though you were 2 hours away from home so with him living across the country is going to be a huge adjustment for you.

“I didn’t know you were coming home, dad.” I heard a door open behind me. “He’s not.“ Ethan. I turn around and saw him with a picnic basket in his hand, I gave him a small smile. "How about we go for a little picnic.” “It’s almost 10 o'clock at night, Ethan.” He gave you his famous puppy dog face which always causes you to melt. “Fine…”

“I wanted to tell you earlier, I just didn’t want to lay it on you since you had exams coming up and moving into your apartment and I just didn’t know when to tell you.” He told you as he was laying beside you, looking at the stars. You have been busy for these past weeks and he’s been supportive of you, so can’t you be like that for him. “I’m sorry that I didn’t let you talk. I’m glad that get to follow your dreams and I want to be there every step of the way.” You grabbed his hands. “But… I realized that with you moving and going to be busy all the time and with me focusing on my double majors….“ Ethan’s eyes started to look glossy, "Please don’t tell what I think you’re about to say. We can work this out. We could take turns visiting each other, I’ll call, text and Skype as much as I can, just please don’t end this.” He wiped the tears off my face. “Are you sure? I don’t want to weight you down.” His face looked at you with disbelief. “What… You’re not weighing me down. You’ve actually been one of the most supportive person I know besides my parents. You’re the reason why I stay motivated!” He gave your hand a quick squeeze and kiss it, “I love you too much to just let you walk away [Y/F/N]. I want you there by my side and I want to be by your side when you graduate and follow your dreams! I want us to be happy.” Before he continues his rambling, you stopped him with a sweet, tender kiss. His hand went to your cheek as yours wrapped around his neck. You pulled away and laid your forehead on his, “I love you so much, Ethan.” He gave you a big goofy smile before pulling you back into a passionate kiss. “How about we continue this at my place.” I pulled away, making circles on his chest with a lip bite. His eyes widen and try to grab everything as fast you can before be dragging you to his car.

Today’s the day. Ethan was leaving. You made sure he had everything and double checked for him. “Ethan, you need to get ready to leave.” You laughed as he pulled you in his bed while kissing all over your face. “Five more minutes! Besides, would it be bad if I miss my flight, I can spend one more day looking into your [Y/E/C] eyes, telling you how beautiful you are and say how great that ring looks on you.” He said playing with the ring he gave you. He gave a promise ring, promising that you’ll both be there side by side no matter what. “Well as much as that sounds great, I’m not trying to get yelled at by Mark so let’s go.” You hopped up, grabbing a suitcase. 

You watched his flight take off, trying not to cry. You were hoping for a cheesy movie ending with him running towards you saying, ‘I couldn’t leave you.’ but it’s for the best.


“BABE! HAVE YOU SEEN MY PHONE!?” "It’s right there, Ethan.” You pointed to the kitchen counter. “This is why I love you.”  He kissed your forehead and grabbed his phone. Since you decided to take summer classes, you ended up graduating early and getting a job in California so you can live with Ethan. You also started a youtube channel of your own as well as a couple vlogging channel with Ethan and you love every minute of it. “I know. I don’t know what you’re going to do without me while I’m at work?” you told him, grabbing your bag for work. “Have a big day ahead of you?” “I have two important meeting plus video conference from London all in one day. I’ll try to stop by for lunch if my boss isn’t on my ass today.” You grabbed your car keys and gave Ethan a kiss on the cheek. “So, I’ll see you tonight then?” he laughed as you give him a nod. “Love you!” “Love you too!”

After hours of boring conversation, you finally were able to come home to your loving boyfriend seeing the blue boy with a picnic basket. “Picnic? The last time we went on a picnic, you were leaving for L.A… Are we moving back to Maine? I love it here!” you babbled before he cuts you off “No we’re not moving! I just wanted to go on a nice picnic with my girl.” He smiled.

You guys talked about your day to a random topic to childhood memories you loved to the point that the sun started setting. "Remember when we used to play married when we were in pre-k?” you giggled and nod, “Yeah. We were the stereotypic husband and wife. You came home from the jungle gym while I was cooking ‘pasta’ for my tired husband even though the pasta was fake and all you did was hang upside-down from the monkey bar.” You laid your head on his shoulder. “That was some damn good pasta though.” He laughed. You gave him a quick eye roll and looked at the sunset with him. “I love those memories.” He mumbled in your hair. “I want to create more of those.” He added. You looked at him confused. “I love waking up to the girl of my dreams every day, I love it when you come by the office and bring lunch for the whole team after we just edited so many videos,I love it when you cheer me on when I’m doing the dumbest thing, I love it when your eyes light up for little things like a dog walking across the street or when you see food, I love it when you’re always active in all of our youtube community after a long day at work, I love it when you smile, when you talk about the latest memes, when you giggle about the silliest things, when you see a fan out in public and show them so much, love. I love everything about you. After almost losing you before the move, I couldn’t see my life with you. I love you [Y/F/N] and I want to be with you forever.” He got on his one knee. Your hands cover your mouth as your crying your eyes out. He pulled a velvet box out,“[Y/F/N], will marry me?“ You quickly tackled him and peppered him with kisses. "OF COURSE, OF COURSE, OF COURSE!!!!” you beamed. He slid the ring on your ring finger and shouted, “YOU CAN COME OUT NOW!” You saw the whole crew cheering for us with cameras. You ran to them and gave them a huge hug, “I’M GETTING MARRIED! I’M GETTING MARRIED! I’M GOING TO BE MRS. NESTOR!!” You hopped with Amy and Kathryn. “Congrats, you guys!” Mark cheered. “I can’t believe I’m marrying my best friend.” You looked at Ethan. “Well, believe it, baby.” Ethan pulled you into a kiss.

Hello! I hoped you enjoyed my imagine! I’m started to get the hang of typing again and I realize how much I love writing (even though it could be trash)! Anyways, my inbox is OPEN so you can always request an idea for me to write and I’ll see you later!

Let’s Prank Him

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Ratting: I guess PG-13

A/N: soooo my imagine for you tonight was gonna be different but then I distracted myself from writing with girls pranking their bf videos and……..this happened.

You pressed record on your video camera, not sure where you were going to post this yet but all your fans and his fans were suggesting it and you were bored so why not? 

“Hey guys,” you spoke into the camera. “So,’ you smiled and giggled, covering your mouth, "Tom’s been in China for the past couple of days for the um, Spider-Man movie premiere and I’ve been reading your guys’ comments on my social media and a lot of you were saying to prank Tom that I am pregnant and guess what? I’ve fallen into peer pressure and now I’m gonna do it.”

"They said they were gonna land in about an hour or so, Haz just texted me, so I gotta go ahead and prepare.” You looked around the apartment; everything was clean and organized, thanks to you tidying it up a couple of days ago and managing to keep it like that. You really were a low-maintenance girl. “I mean I don’t really know how to prepare. Should I fake a pregnancy test or… I don’t know, I guess I should just mentally prepare.”

You stopped the video, knowing you were going to edit it all in later and texted Tom. Then you turned the camera back on again. “Okay, so I just texted Tom, telling him that he shouldn’t bring Haz or anything back to his apartment because… you know, that’ll be awkward.” You heard a ding come from your phone. You laughed, looking at the text. “He just said ‘Okay.’ He probably thinks I have something planned for him if you know what I mean. Well it’s not that buddy but I promise I do have something planned.” You turned it off.

You hit record, talk-whispering. “Okay so Tom just said he was in the car to the apartment so I’m gonna go ahead and set up the camera. I think I’ll set it up-” you gestured in the direction, “-behind that little plant we have on the coffee table in the living room and we’ll see how it goes. I laugh a lot and I’m definitely not an actor so hopefully it goes well enough that he’ll believe me and get some… reaction out of him. This is for you, Hollanders.” You pointed into the camera, play-frowning a little bit and pressed 'Stop.’

You set the camera up beside the little potted succulent on the coffee table, aiming it towards the entrance. You took a step back and sat on the couch, where you would tell Tom to “Sit down, we need to have a talk” and tilted your head this way and that, making sure it looked inconspicuous as possible. Then you walked toward the door and glanced at it from that angle. You could hardly even see it! Yes! As long as you didn’t laugh in the middle of it, this was going to go perfectly.

You went and hit record on the camera. “Come on those theater classes that I took in high school, don’t fail me now.” You whispered into the microphone and sat on the couch. You would cut out the time you had to wait, or maybe just speed up the footage.

Your phone dinged again and it was Tom. You showed your screen to the camera and mouthed, “He’s here!" 

Luckily, the remote wasn’t too far away so you quickly turned the TV on, acting like you weren’t just talking to a camera and got comfy, snuggling up with the throw blanket. 

"Y/N, I’m home!” he called. He propped the door open with his foot to roll in your luggage and you popped up from the couch. His tired voice almost made you feel guilty for what you were about to do. He probably just wanted to change into his pajamas, cuddle up with you, and go to sleep which honestly sounded pretty good to you too. Your heart was pounding so much, you felt that Tom would see it and the prank would be ruined anyways, why not just forget about it?

No. You really, really wanted to do this. You’ve been alone for days and needed this. You never pranked anyone in your life before and it if this one went well, you would feel so good. 

You walked up and hugged him. “Hey babe, how was your flight?” You said rubbing his back but remembering to stay in character so you were acting kind of timid. Your shoulders tensed.

“Oh, it was alright,” he said, coming fully into the apartment now and you helped with the door, closing it as he set his luggage down and took off his shoes. “So what did you want to talk to me about, love?”

You had to bite your lip to keep from smiling and you would’ve combed a hand through your hair, though you had put it up in a messy bun. “Right um…” you said as casually as you possibly could. You gestured silently to the couch. “Can we…..could we sit first?”

“Of course, are you alright?”

You two rounded the couch to sit and you wanted to say yeah but you stumbled around the word, think what was the most natural thing to say in this moment was. What would you do if the camera wasn’t rolling and this was real?

“No,” you decided upon, hand brushing across your forehead. You sat facing him on the couch. He put one hand on your thigh immediately.

“Darling, what’s wrong? Is something wrong?”

You briefly nodded and he scooted closer to you, widening his eyes in concern.

 "Baby, what is it? What’s on your mind?“ 

You did’t know what came over you but the the way he was staring at you with his perfect, brown eyes and his thin lips slightly parted and the fact that he called you baby (which he almost never does, only when consoling you, like now) made your eyes well up with tears. You looked down and started to pick the fabric on the couch. Great! This was really gonna be believable now!

"I um… I don’t…I don’t know how it happened,” you sniffed. “I mean well,” you looked at the ceiling, “I know how….I just can’t…”

“Baby, baby, look at me. What’s wrong? Did someone do something to you? Did I do something to you?” The fact that he thought he did something to you made you cry even more. He looked so lost and confused like a little puppy. 

“No, no,” you laid a hand on his thigh, furiously nodding. “You…. I just don’t how to tell you… I’ve been freaking out all this time you were gone. If the press ever found out about this…”

“Found out about what?" 

You looked right into his eyes and took a feigned, shaky breath. "I….. the reason I didn’t want Harrison to come over tonight was that I um…” you didn’t know where you going with that sentence and he was looking at you expectantly, almost causing you to break so you decided you were just gonna say it. “I’m pregnant.”


And utter.


Tom’s eyes were huge though you knew the camera wouldn’t pick up on it.


You nodded.


You nodded.

“B-but…. we used a condom…?”

You looked down, covering your mouth with your hand because you almost smiled, and forced more tears to come out of your tear ducts. “I know…” you murmured. “I know, I know…this is just really bad for you career and you have five movies coming up that you still need to shoot, so it’s okay if I’m alnoe with the baby and -”

“That’s what you’re worried about?”

You looked at him. 

“My career..?”

“Well yeah. I mean,” you wiped an eye. “Everyone’s gonna be freaking out about this. Not just your family, I mean, we’re not even married yet. We’re not ready.”
He stood up from the couch and started pacing slowly in front of the camera, running his hands through his hair. 

“A-are you mad at me?” You asked softly.

“Mad at you? No. We both did this.”

Another round of silence.

“When did you find out?”

“This morning, when I took the pregnancy test.”

“How far along are you?”

“I don’t know. We could go to the doctor’s and find it. They can also check if I’m really pregnant or not. Although those tests rarely give you a false positive and I did miss my period a few-”

“You missed your period? Why didn’t you tell me?” He almost snapped.

You were taken aback. “Well, I guess it’s not something you tell your boyfriend.”

“Yes! It is!” He sat down next to you again. “Darling, if you miss your period, I need to know. Because whether if it’s just stress or… or a chance that you could be pregnant, I need to know these things so you can get the attention you need.”

Oh my God. That made you cry even more.

“Well, I didn’t want to stress you about it. You were already busy with the premiere and having fun…. I figured there was nothing to worry about. Plus, you broke your nose… which you’re a fucking idiot by the way, for doing it again.”

You paused.

So,“ you started carefully. You had to end this before Tom had an aneurysm.

 "You’re not leaving me?”

“Why would I leave you at a time like this?”

“Not even after I tell you this one more thing?”

“What 'one more thing.'”

You couldn’t help it now; you stretched a big-ass smile all across your face and pointed to the camera. Tom quickly followed your finger and saw a red light poking out from behind the pot. "Oh my God!” He started laughing. But… was it nervous laughter? Relief? “OH MY GOD!

He came to the camera and you plopped down to the side on the couch, holding your stomach, laughing your ass off.

"This was a prank?” he asked, though he knew the answer.

“Yes! Yeah it was!” you said through bouts of laughter.

“Oh sweet mother of Jesus!” He walked out of frame. “Whew!”

“Were you freaking out?” You said smiling as you sat up again.

“Yes I  was!”

You grabbed the camera and filmed him. 

“Babe, my heart was pounding so much. I thought you were gonna notice.”

“Mine too after you told me! I was screaming WHAT THE FUCK on the inside. I was surprised you could keep a straight face with all the laughing you do.”

“Yo, I thought I was gonna laugh in the middle of it and throw it all off. Did you know your fans told me to do this?”

“They did not!”

“Uh bitch, wanna see the comments?”

He laughed again. “Oh my God. That was good. You got me there.” You hugged him. “Oh my God.”

“Love you!” you squeaked. “Well guys, I’d say that was successful.”

“Yes that was very successful.” Tom exclaimed from out of frame, getting his luggage and taking it to his bedroom. You turned the camera toward him. “I can’t believe you guys wanted me to freak out like that.”

You faced the camera toward you. “Well, I’m gonna go now. I hope you enjoyed watching this video. I know I had fun pranking my boyfriend. Yes! I can’t believe it worked! I hope this was all you dreamed for it to be and-” you came close, whispering, “let me knew what you want me to do next because this was actually super fun. Okay, bye!” You turned it off, placing it on the coffee table and went to the kitchen, getting yourself  drink of water. Your tummy still had butterflies in it and year heart was calming, but you were still on that high from laughing so much that you didn’t even notice Tom’s strong arms wrap around your waist. He swayed you both side to side.

“That was hilarious, darling,” his breath tickled your neck. “But maybe one day, I hope it won’t be a joke.” You felt him smile against your skin and this time it was his turn to laugh at your expense.

Encore, Encore, Encore! {Jackson Wang} ~Happy One Month!!~

Prompt:   Hi, can you please do number 3 and 4 for Jackson from got7 pretty please and thank you!! I looove your writing 💛💛 // Jackson finally talks his girlfriend into guest starring on his show,

Pairing: Jackson x Reader

Word Count: 1.6k

Warning: smut, cam boy!au

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**Eh, I didn’t use the prompts as sentence starts, but please, still enjoy!

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Request: Can I request an imagine where the reader is two years younger than Shawn (they’re dating but the fans don’t know it) and is worried that his fans are gonna hate on her but they actually end up loving her?

It seemed so easy at first. Well, a year ago it did, but everyday it got harder and harder, as if it were slowly ripping at the seams. As Shawn’s name got bigger, so did the risk of the blanket hiding your relationship being torn away. You both were private people. Shawn sometimes got nervous bringing his family into the light on occasion, so he couldn’t imagine how the media would treat you. He wanted to keep you safe. He didn’t want to ruin your normalcy just because his didn’t exist anymore. And you had no idea how the fans would take it either. The hate that hypothetically could fill your notifications didn’t settle at all with you, for Shawn especially. So you two kept it under wraps. You didn’t follow each other on social media, you guys snuck around to get where the other person was, you two definitely didn’t go out in public. The world didn’t have a clue.

Shawn was in the midst of writing his third album. He was able to finally settle down back at home and not have to worry about jet lag or whether he’s getting enough vocal rest for a show every night. And you were on summer break, so no more exams or assignments that you had to keep track of. Saying you were happy would be an absolute understatement, it allowed the two of you to spend more time together. 

“Hey, how was the studio?” you asked, looking up from the book you were reading as Shawn walked into the bedroom. When he was back home, you practically lived in his condo. He slowly walked over and gently laid himself on top of you, snuggling into your neck.

“It went really well. I finished a song today, but when I was driving home I saw this new frozen yogurt place. We should go try it out later.” You sighed and looked down at him. 

“Baby, you know we can’t. It’s too risky.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. Everything is too risky,” Shawn mumbled. Hearing his tone made you frown. 

“Is everything okay?” He propped himself up, making eye contact with you. Just by looking into his eyes, you knew something was bothering him. “Be honest with me.”

He ran a hand threw his hair, letting out a deep breath. “I’m tired of this.” The simple statement automatically made you drop your book and sit up. 

“Tired of what?”

“The never getting to go out on dates. Always saying no whenever I get asked if I’m dating anyone during interviews. Staying inside. At first I thought it was the best option and it was, a year ago, but I can’t hold it in any longer.” You could feel your whole body freeze. Taking it in, your head moved down to face your lap. 

“I don’t know, Shawn.” He took your head in the palm of both of his hands, moving it up so your gaze met his. 

“I want to be able to hold hands with you in public. I want to take you out to whatever restauraunt we feel like eating at. I want to take you on tour with me. I just want to love you in front of everyone so they know that you’re mine and that I’m yours,” he pleaded. “It’s killing me knowing that I have to hide it. I shouldn’t have to.”

You took his hand into yours, lacing them together. “It’s killing me too,” you hesitated. “What if the fans don’t like me? They’ll probably say that I’m too young or how I’m using you for money.”

“Babe, you’re only two years younger than me, and who cares if they don’t like us. I love you, and if they can’t realize that, they’re gonna have to deal with it for the rest of their lives because I’m marrying you in the future whether they like it or not.” A smile broke out on your face and a million butterflies filled your body. 

“You want to marry me?” Shawn chuckled and rolled over so you were laying on top of him. 

“Of course. Why wouldn’t I?” You leaned into his chest as he wrapped his arms around you. “(Y/N) Mendes. Rolls right off the tongue. I know we’re way too young, but when the time comes.”

“When the time comes,” you repeated, grinning. “We have to tell everyone first then.” Shawn’s eyes widened in surprise. 

“You want to?” 

“Well, I want to marry you in a couple of years, so we’re gonna have to.”

The two of you were making breakfast in the kitchen the next morning, but you didn’t notice Shawn slip out of the kitchen to go grab his phone from the charger in the living room. With shaky hands, he tapped on the Instagram icon and pushed the button to go on live. Immediately, thousands of people poured in to watch. Now that it was happening he started to get nervous. He couldn’t predict how people would react.

“Hey guys. I hope you’re doing well. I’ve been writing a lot lately. Maybe I’ll give you guys a sample later,” Shawn smiled, knowing a bunch of people were probably screenshotting or recording the whole thing.

“But I have something else.” As if on cue, you called out to him, making his smile grow. 

“Uh, babe? I think the bacon is ready and I really don’t trust myself with hot oil,” you half shrieked, half laughed as the popping sounds of the bacon filled the kitchen. 


Was that a female voice?

Shawn walked into the kitchen and set his phone down, helping you take the bacon off of the pan. Glancing at the screen, you saw how much it was blowing up, but your heart raced when you noticed the red box saying “live” at the top. Looking back at you, Shawn’s eyes immediately softened when he followed yours. 

“Are you ready?” he asked, pulling you into his arms. “I can end it. We can do it another day. I’m not going to rush you.”

“It’s okay. Let’s do it.” Taking your hand into his, he led you to the living room and sat down, pulling you onto his lap. His arm automatically wrapped around your waist, the other holding the phone up. 

“It’s time you guys know.” He then propped his phone up on the coffee table, letting you into the camera’s view. “This is my girlfriend, (Y/N)! We’ve been dating for a while, but we decided to keep it private until now. Trust me, she’s the greatest.” You were too nervous to look at all the comments, so you kept your eyes on Shawn. His words making you smile.

She’s adorable.

About time, Mendes. 

Aw, you guys are cute!!

“Hi everyone,” you shyly said, only making heat rise in your cheeks. The comments were overflowing with support. It made all the butterflies in your stomach multiply as you read all of them. After warming up to the camera a bit, you started to talk a little more.  

“Does Shawn snore? Eh, sometimes. It honestly depends, but when he does, it’s always in my ear,” you chuckled. 

“Oh yeah? This one over here talks in her sleep occasionally. One night, she was planning a whole murder. It was terrifying,” he said into the camera. Your head flew back as you laughed. “What’s scary is she doesn’t even remember all of it.” He looked at you giggling. 

Eventually, the live stream ended and you let out a huge breath. Shawn grinned at you, kissing your forehead. “See? They loved you. And now that everyone knows, we can go to that fro-yo place. I can even hold your hand while we wait in line,” he happily said, nuzzling his head into your neck. You hummed in content. 

“We gotta eat the bacon that almost killed me first,” you added, standing up. 

Groaning, Shawn followed you into the kitchen. “Frozen yogurt is better.”

juicyqueenlme  asked:

Can u do an imagine where the reader and grayson are in a long distance/internet relationship, and you meet for the first time, and its just really cute and fluffy, thankyouuu

First Time // Grayson Dolan Imagine

A/N: Hope you like it! 

(Sorry for any spelling errors in typing this on my phone.)
Today was the day. The day you have been waiting for. You were finally going to meet your boyfriend of six months for the first time. After successfully convincing your parents to let you fly out to Los Angeles, you booked the next flight out. This was the day you dreamed of since the day you two started talking on Twitter. You remember the day you saw Grayson Dolan Follows You on your lock screen. At first you ignored it thinking it was just one of those scare accounts on twitter giving you false hope, but then you got a dm from the same account saying ‘hey.’

You freaked out a bit when you saw he followed you and dm’d you out of the blue. Quickly you opened up your app and saw that it was indeed Grayson Dolan that had followed and dm’d you on twitter. Since that day the two of you exchanged numbers and talked all the time. You two found out you had so much in common and started developing feelings for one another.

One night as the two of you were on Facetime Grayon looked really anxious. You asked him what was wrong and he would shrug it off by changing the subject. Ethan was actually the one to give him the extra push he needed to officially ask you out. You remembered Ethan yelling, “Just tell her already,” in an annoyed voice as he was listening in to your entire conversation wondering when Grayson was going to grow the balls to ask you out.

That made you ask him what he wanted to ask you. His face grew a deep shade of red as he looked down to his lap and then back up at you. You nervously bit your lip waiting for him to tell you what was going on with him.

After a few seconds he finally blurted it out, the phrase you had been hoping to hear for weeks now. 
Will you be my girlfriend?

Smiling you softly said yes and then let out a giggle when Ethan cheered you guys on. That was by far one of the best days of your life. The two of your had never met. You lived in Indiana and he lived in New Jersey and in California. Both were a long car ride away and you had school to attend meaning you couldn’t go off to visit him.

You visiting him was going to come as a complete surprise. You spoke to Ethan about wanting to come out and surprise him. Ethan immediately agreed and asked you if it was okay if he filmed it. You, at first hesitated, but after a while you decided it would be fun to look back on.

Currently you were waiting for your flight to be called. There had been a 2-hour delay which annoyed the crap out of you. Now you were going to get to LA at one in the morning instead of the planned eleven at night.

Ethan and you planned for Grayson to not call or text you all day. That of course fell through when you saw Grayson was calling you on facetime. You knew if you didn’t answer he would think something was wrong and would keep on calling/texting you. Quickly you got up and went to lean up against a wall in an empty hall.

“Hey babe!” He exclaimed cheerfully as soon as his face popped up on the screen.

“Hi baby, how are you?” You asked him with a smile as you saw he was in bed.

“I’m doing good. Ethan’s been acting weird all day and I’m honestly becoming a bit worried.” He laughed while running his hands through his hair. Smiling at the sight you heard a loud bang in his apartment making you wonder what Ethan was up to.

“How is he acting weird?” You asked him hoping Ethan wouldn’t ruin the plan.

“He’s been asking me a bunch of questions on what I want to do when today is filming day. We have this whole skit planned out but he won’t co-operate with me and wants to go out. I’m growing a bit annoyed with him,” he explained as the intercom went off announcing that your flight was now boarding.

Quickly you put him on mute and waited for the intercom to go off. You watched as Grayson’s eyebrows furrowed together in confusion making you begin to feel nervous. Gosh you hoped that you didn’t just screw up the plan.

“Babe I gotta go. My mom wants me to go with her to her friend’s house. I’ll text you later, bye!” You smiled while waving bye to him.

“Aww okay,” he pouted, “I’ll talk to you later. bye.” 
The two of you had not said I love you to one another. You both wanted to wait until you met in person to say it to one another. Both of you agreed it would be more meaningful to do it that way instead of over a phone screen or text. You couldn’t wait to be in his arms and finally say those three small words that held such a great meaning.

You were now in Los Angeles and you couldn’t be more excited. Currently you were waiting for Ethan’s car to pull up. Taking pictures of the scenery around you with your phone you felt anxious. In less than thirty minutes you would be meeting your boyfriend for the first time, the love of your life. Tapping your foot on the concrete you looked around the area and finally spotted Ethan’s car. You waited for him to park before opening the door.

“Oh my gosh guys this is her! Say hi to the camera Y/N,” Ethan excitedly spoke to the camera before facing it towards you. “Hi camera!” You laughed while waving awkwardly.

“She isn’t used to the camera on her so she might look a bit awkward at first. Just give her time guys. These full two weeks she’s going to be on camera a lot trust me.” He smiled. Shaking your head you looked down with a smile. Putting your bags in the back of his car- with Ethan’s help once he put the camera down- the two of you were on your way. You were nervous and Ethan could tell.

“Everything’s going to turn out great. Grayson’s currently sleeping and didn’t notice I even left. Trust me he’s going to love this.” He reassured you. Giving him a small smile you thanked him before looking back out the window.

“He really does love you, you know that? He never shuts up about you. Everything we do he’s always like ‘i wish Y/N was here to experience this with me’ or ‘Y/N would love this’. I’ve never seen him this happy,” he continued making you blush.

“I really love him too. He means everything to me. Trust me the moment he asked me to be his girlfriend I thought I was dreaming. Gosh if my friends were here with me they would be telling you about how I wouldn’t shut up about him. I just can’t wait to finally be able to tell him how I feel in person.” You admitted with a smile on your face.

Ethan was recording the entire conversation, yet you didn’t know that. This would be later shown to Grayson and yourself at a later date.

The two of you now stood in front of their apartment door. You were shaking with nerves to finally meeting Grayson. On the way there Ethan came up with this ingenious idea on hiding you inside a box with a bow inside of it. You agreed to this thinking it would be funny to scare Grayson by jumping out of it. Ethan explained how he set up cameras inside the house and made sure Grayson wouldn’t be able to see them. You nodded your head to inform him you understood the plan.

After successfully putting you inside a box and slapping a small bow he found lying around, Ethan yelled out for Grayson.

“Grayson! Wake up dude!”

You tried your best to stay quiet inside the box as you heard shuffling around you.

“Ethan shut the fuck up and go to bed! It’s almost two in the damn morning and I’m tired,” You heard your boyfriend yell from his bedroom. Feeling your heart-rate increase you smiled knowing Grayson was just a few feet away from you. Yet he was still clueless to this.

“Dude seriously I think someone snuck inside our house. There’s a huge box in our living room. Come look!” Ethan lied making you let out a small giggle. Slapping your hand over your mouth you held your breath trying not to laugh.

“Etha- what the fuck. Why is their a box in our apartment?” Grayson asked sounding extremely confused and tired.

“I don’t know! I just got up from editing a video and saw the box in our living room. Go check it out.” 
“No! What if it’s something dangerous or something,” Grayson exclaimed making you smile.

“I highly doubt it. I mean it has a bow on it. Seems non-dangerous,” Ethan said trying to convince Grayson to get near the box.

“Bro just because it has a bow on it doesn’t mean it’s safe,” Grayson said in an annoyed voice. You softly nodded your head agreeing with your boyfriend.

“Grayson oh my gosh just seriously go open the damn box,” Ethan groaned sounding equally as annoyed as Grayson did.


Hearing footsteps grow closer to you, you prepared yourself to jump up and scare him. Hearing the tape being ripped off the box you waited for him to open a flap.

“SURPRISE!” You yelled out while jumping up from inside the box scarring the shit out of your boyfriend. Laughing as he jumped back and fell on the floor you watched his face turn into pure shock.

“No fucking way,” he whispered while getting up from the floor and rushing over to you.

“Yes fucking way,” you laughed as he pulled you into a tight hug and pulled you out the box. Wrapping your arm around his neck you buried your crying face into the crook of his neck. You were scared of letting go in fear this was all a huge dream you would wake up from at any moment.

“I can’t believe it. Oh my gosh it’s really you. How? When?” He questioned as he looked over at his twin who now had the camera in his hands. 
“We planned this a few weeks back behind your back. It was the hardest thing to keep from you especially when all you would talk about was wanting to have her in your arms,” Ethan teased. Laughing you looked up at Grayson who also had a tear stained face and a huge smile.

“It was my idea

“This is the best surprise ever. Wait but I was talking to you earlier today? It looked like you were home,“ Grayson asked.

“Yeah well that was the airport wall near the bathrooms. I also muted you when they announced my flight. Ethan annoying you was kind of part of the plan during filming,” you explained.

“Ethan annoying me is an all time thing not just today,” Grayson laughed as Ethan threw a small football at him. Hearing his laugh in person was the best thing ever.

You loved how soft yet loud he sounded. Everything you imagined about meeting him was beyond your expectations. You felt safe and loved in his arms. You felt whole.

“How long are you staying?” He asked.

“Im all yours for two whole weeks,” you responded.

“I love you,” Grayson softly spoke to you. Feeling your heart beat hard against your chest you felt butterflies erupt in your stomach. Looking up at him you stared into his hazel eyes that had a huge sparkle in them. They were filled with hope, adoration, and love.

“I love you too,” you finally spoke. The moment those four words left your mouth you felt like a lot was lifted off your shoulders. You felt free to finally be able to tell him how you felt. Soon you felt his soft lips on yours.

The intensity in the kiss was strong; both of you were scared to let go. The first of many kisses the two of you would share. You were the first one to pull away from the kiss. Feeling breathless you pressed your hands on his chest and softly pressed one last peck on his lips.

“Aww that was cute and gross at the same time. Anyways I’m going to go, so say bye to the camera!” Ethan spoke. The two of you had forgotten that he was in the room recording the whole thing. It felt like it was only the two of you until, well he spoke.

“I’m assuming you filmed the whole thing so bye guys and we will see you next Tuesday!” Grayson exclaimed as he stood behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist.

“Join us for the outro babe,” Grayson smiled.

Nodding your head you waited for Ethan to get in the gram with the two of you.

“Peace guys!” The three of you guys yelled. Ethan soon shut the camera off and excused himself to his room to give you two some alone time. He, of course said that with a teasing smirk before walking off.

“Gosh do I love having you in my arms,” Grayson said as the two of you now lied on his bed. Cuddling into his chest you grabbed his hand and intertwined them with yours.

“You make me the happiest person in the entire world,” you whispered.

“You make me the happiest guy the entire world,” he repeated. The two of you lied in bed feeling happy, content with everything around you, and free. You two had finally got to be together after many months. You would forever be grateful for having such a sweet boy in your life and an amazing best friend that came along with it. You wished the two of you lived at a closer range, but you wouldn’t change anything else. Everything you had now was everything you would have never dreamed of.

Soon the two of you fell asleep in each other’s arms. Your hearts beat as one as the moon shines in through the window.

Two people who were meant for each other had finally met and the universe was happy.

The star and the moon had now finally met.

Care of a Magical Slytherin: Draco x Reader

**You are extremely talented in Care of Magical Creatures, Draco however is not. Dumbledore and Hagrid assign you to help Draco pull up his grade. Enjoy!**

You sat at a table in the back corner of the library waiting for the infamous Draco Malfoy. You had just been assigned to the job of tutoring him for Care of Magical Creatures the class you excelled in. You had read Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them like 20 times you knew every detail front to back. After that you went on to many other magic-zoology books and memorized them as well. Animals loved you, you weren’t sure why but they were always drawn to you. You were skimming the latest issue of The Quibbler as you waited for Draco. You look at the clock it was 3:50! Draco should have been there 20 minutes ago. About 10 minutes later Draco Malfoy strolls into the library, a green apple in his hand.

“What are you doing?” You questioned him.

“You’re supposed to help me study, remember?” He replied cockily.

“Yes I remember you twit! You were supposed to be here a half an hour ago!” You were shouting.

“SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHH,” that came from the librarian, who’s name was escaping your mind at the moment.

“Wow Y/n getting in trouble already,” Draco mocked shaking his head.

“Oh shove it Malfoy,” you retorted. Draco took a bite of his apple and sat down.

“Well, are you going to tutor me or not L/n?” Draco kicked his feet up onto the table. Your eyes shot daggers at him as you got out the monstrous book of monsters. You promptly stroked its spine as it opened up immediately. Draco’s eyes widened.

“How did you do that?” Draco was completely shocked.

“Well I stroked his spine and I don’t mock him,” you replied turning the pages.

“It’s a him?” Draco asked genuinely curious.

“Yes, Hagrid told me, and his name is Jared,” you finally found the lesson the class was working on.

“Oh, okay,” Draco took his feet off the table and scooted closer to you.

“Yeeeessssss?” You questioned. Draco was a little close for your liking.

“I couldn’t see,” Draco replied already reading the lesson. You couldn’t believe your eyes, Draco was actually interested!

You two spent the rest of your free period studying. Draco actually seemed genuinely interested in Magical Creatures. Just as the bell rang to signal it was time for lunch, you reached into your bag. You pulled out your copy of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and handed it to Draco.

“Here, I think you’ll like it,” you smiled and surprisingly he smiled back.

“Thank you, I’ll give it back next week,” he looked at you one last time before his face went slightly pink as he muttered a goodbye and ran off to lunch. You shook your head and made your way to the great hall.

You went and sat down at the y/h table and coincidently you could see Draco from where you sat. He was reading the book you gave him, and he was barely even eating. You smiled and shook your head, maybe this isn’t going to be as hard as you thought.

Next week came by quick and again it was time for a tutor session with Draco. You strolled into the library about 10 minutes early so you could find a new book. As you walked back to your usual table to sit down your things you saw Draco sitting there his feet up, once again eating a green apple. You walked up and sat down your bag.

“Well, early are we?” You questioned smiling. Draco immediately took his feet off of the table.

“Well I didn’t have anything else to do,” Draco seemed anxious which was extremely odd for him but you ignored it. “Oh yeah,” Draco exclaimed. He reached into his robe pocket and handed you Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. “I really liked it, thank you,” Draco said genuinely. You took your book and smiled.

“I’m really glad you liked it, Newt Scamander is an amazing person,” you replied happily.

“I agree,” Draco smiled. You couldn’t believe the way he was acting! He went from a complete dickwad to an actually nice human being. It was so weird to you, how he could go from one extreme to the other. It didn’t bother you, you actually liked nice Draco. It was just odd.

~Draco’s POV~

Y/n has been zoning out for the past 5 minutes, just staring out the window. I took the chance to study the features of their face. It was perfect really. The e/c eyes, the adorable nose, the h/hl/c hair that pulled everything together. I had liked Y/n for awhile but I kept it hidden, I didn’t think I was good enough for them. Should I tell them? I thought as I gazed at Y/n’s face. Suddenly Y/n came out of their ‘trance’. I quickly looked away, I could feel the red slowly creeping up my cheeks.

~Y/n’s POV~

You shook your head and realized you had been zoning out the whole time! God that’s embarrassing! You looked over at Draco and just managed to see his head turn away quickly. You smirked. “Like what you see Malfoy?” You asked flirtatiously, for about two seconds before you started giggling up a storm. Draco’s face was bright red, you felt kinda bad. “Hey I was just kidding,” you told him holding your hands up like you were surrendering. You sat there for a moment awaiting Draco’s response, suddenly Draco grabbed the sides of your face gently and kissed you. Your eyes flew wide open, and then slowly shut as you melted into the kiss. Draco’s hands caressing your jawline as you two kissed. It was perfect, except when you heard a flash. Both of you backed away and looked to see Colin Creevey hiding behind his huge camera.

“Oh this will look great in my scrapbook!” Colin said running off. You and Draco both took off running, but holy shit for a small kid he sure was fast. You eventually gave up after Colin ran outside. You had you hands of your knees and your head hanging down. Draco stopped next to you, red faced and out of breath. He smiled, you smiled back.

“Hey ..(breath).. Y/n?”

“Yeah?” You replied lifting up your head.

“Would you..(breath) to go out sometime?” Draco asked very nonchalantly. You stood up, eyes slightly widened.

“…You know what, yes that sounds great,” you smiled brightly.

“Amazing, want to go grab some gilly water?” Draco asked holding out his arm.

“I’d love to,” you linked arms and walked away.

     All was well.

Debunking studyblr stereotypes, or something like that

I see a lot of new studyblrs worrying about these things and it really bothers me that these are worries at all. This is not me railing against the many studyblrs who are fortunate enough to have or happen to have all the supposed “studyblr” things, but rather the point of view as a blogger who feels entirely at home, supported, and accepted in the community, and who is also paying for college. I’m opting not to use a read more, because I feel like read mores get disregarded half the time.

To start with, I will unabashedly admit that I use few, if any, of the studying techniques touted by the studyblr community. They just don’t work for me, and that’s cool. I don’t have the time/energy/ability to do mind maps and aesthetic notes, I don’t have the discipline to do pomodoros, and my attempt at bullet journaling failed within a few days. I have a cute school planner, but to be honest as the weeks approached finals I legitimately did not write anything in it.

As for stationery. My current favorite pen is this Paper Mate Write Bros. pen my friend lent me in psych class one day. Yup, you know the ones I’m talking about — the ones that schools stock in bulk because it’s $2 for 12 pens, and $7 for 60. The closest I ever got to “studyblr” was the Pilot G2′s, which I like, but I still far prefer my super cheap alternatives. I also got a giant bag of similar pens (Bic, Paper Mate, and Staples) for free on Freecycle, and I’m 1000% content with that collection. I didn’t buy anything new except $5 worth of bargain school supplies this year (some notebooks and filler paper). I reuse old notebooks to make filler paper. A lot of my binders and folders are dog-eared, but I mean they work. I also like the college-ruled notebooks you can get at like pharmacies and generic brands — no fancy dotted, high quality paper for me! Oh, and I only have Mildliners and Fineliners because a follower sent them to me. I love them, particularly the thought behind them, but I do still revert back to my Bic highlighters and Paper Mate pens. Look, if someone offered to send me stationery (which I don’t need at this point), I would ask for a white-out pen (which I received!! Thank you!), maybe a couple new erasers, a Sharpie or two, and if I’m really splurging, a 60-pack of those Paper Mate pens. (((*cough*mywishlist*cough*))

Now let’s talk electronics. I have a MacBook Pro from 2011 that I received as a gift when I started high school. It’s literally imploding, like each of its functions are gradually falling apart (first the battery went to shit, and now the CD drive doesn’t work). It’s a Mac, but honestly as soon as this one dies — and I intend to stretch out its life as long as humanly possible — I’m going straight for a $200 Chromebook or other PC laptop. Let’s be real, literally all I need it for is to go online and tote around with me, and I don’t even have $500 to spare. Plus, using messages/FaceTime on my Mac slows it down, so there’s no real reason to hold onto the Mac OS X. I bought my iPhone 5s when I was 18 (two years ago) with my own money, paid cash up front. It’s sluggish now, but like my old MacBook, I’m seeing if I can make it last through til grad school. And the idea of having a high quality camera is laughable. I film silly little, hopefully relatable vlogs on my iPhone, edit them, and upload them to Google Drive.

Also, I don’t have succulents; I’d kill them by mistake. I don’t make cute healthy meals; if I make ramen it’s a huge deal. I’ve had the same twin bed and bedsheets MY ENTIRE LIFE and not a single one is white. My desk is a hand-me-down wooden monster and it’s got stains all over it.

Here’s the other important thing. Do I feel remotely bad or envious of studyblrs with all this fancy stationery, who can be so productive? Frankly, no. I think it’s awesome they have everything they need, and that it works for them. But being a studyblr is about SO MUCH MORE than materials and studyspo. I appreciate the “real studyblr” movement that happened a little while ago, but I dislike the divide it created at all. Live and let live, right? The only reason I’d want a pretty new MacBook Air is because it probably isn’t as slow as mine. I wouldn’t reject Muji stationery or pens, but I don’t really feel any desire for them. And much as I admire others for being able to do habit trackers and bullet journaling, it’s not like I sit around wishing I could do it too. I mean, I can watch professional dancers all I want, and appreciate their beauty and ability, but I’m not going to go home and berate myself for not being able to do the same thing. They’re doing what they enjoy doing, same as I do.

MY POINT IS, to all these new studyblrs who are worried that they don’t have what it takes to be a studyblr, BRO DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT. I’m relatively well known and respected in the community, and we’ve just listed all the ways I’ve breached every single fabricated studyblr “rule” — so if I can do that and get away with it, you certainly can too.

Cancer Crew foursome

Hey guys, so I’m gonna be writing a smut, yes a smut. I got inspiration from this picture my friend sent me over twitter. So let’s get fucking into this guys!


   Today was finally my birthday, I was finally turning 18! Max, my good friend since I was in third grade and he was in fifth, he decided to celebrate with me with his friends in the U.S. Flying from Australia to America was long and nerve wracking but worth it! His friends are super funny, sweet, not to mention sexy. I mean, Max was most definitely sexy, I’ve had a crush on that boy since I don’t know like 8th grade! But he’s always been older and had a girlfriend, so I could never have him.

     I was always the first one awake in Max’s friends Joji’s house, almost always. I’m an early bird, so I was just sitting on the couch watching cartoons and waiting for the others to wake up. I was looking forward to it, Max always made a big deal out of my birthday, he would throw huge parties, give me extravagant presents and make me feel like some sort of princess. But this year I’m turning 18 so he might make a bigger deal out of it, I was excited needless to say. 

   I was flipping through the cartoons, trying to find a decent one, I wasn’t used to the American cartoons. I was getting bored, the boys were still asleep, They sleep all day I swear.  ‘Are they ever gonna wake up?’ I thought to myself. 

    I then suddenly heard loud thumping coming from across the house, I smiled to myself, They’re awake now. 

“Where’s my birthday girl?” I heard Max’s voice yell from across the house, I giggled and stood up, Max walked into the living room, shirtless with his messy hair. He smiled and pulled me into his arms embracing me in a bone crushing hug, his cologne still faint on his skin, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment being in his arms. 

  “Happy birthday you beautiful bitch,” Max said putting me down, Joji walked in with Ian, both shirtless in their boxers, Joji holding boxes wrapped in colorful wrapping paper. I smiled.

“The cancer crew took it amongst themselves to make this a good birthday so we got you a few things,” Ian said handing me a smaller box, it had a bit of weight to it, I grinned and hugged him tightly.

“Aww, you guys really didn’t have to get me stuff, thank you guys so much!” I said giving hugs to the three of them, they stared me down as I sat back down on the couch with the present in my lap, I looked back up at them and back at the present and started to tear the wrapping paper.

“Oh, by the way, that ones from me,” Max said proudly, I laughed and discarded the wrapping paper. I picked up the box and gasped.

“I know how much you love taking pictures, so I got you this cool camera,” I gasped looking down at the vintage Polaroid camera in my lap, a huge smile crept onto my face, I leaped up and wrapped my arms around his neck, he wrapped his arms around my waist.

“Oh my god, thank you so much, Max! I love it so much!” I squealed as Max put me down, I picked the box up again and admired the beautiful camera.

“These ones are from me, Happy birthday,” Joji said sweetly handing me a box,

“Aw thank you Joji, You really didn’t have to get me anything!” I said tearing the wrapping paper apart, my eyes widened as I saw the box, It was a whole box full of polaroid film, I gasped and leaped up to hug Joji.

“Max told me how much you loved photography, so I got you a shit ton of film.” He pointed to about three boxes of more film, I squealed and kissed his cheek. Ian chuckled and handed me his box.

“I figured since you’re turning 18 I’d get you some condoms. You’re a pretty girl and you’ll never know when you’ll need em’,” I let out a loud laugh and my face turned a bright shade of red. 

“Oh my god, Ian!” I said in between laughs, the boys laughed with me.

“I’m gonna go make some breakfast, any requests? (Y/N)?” Joji said walking to the kitchen, Ian sat on the recliner, Max sat next to me wrapping an arm around me making me blush.

“Uh, Pancakes please!” I said sweetly, Max pulled me closer to him and kissed the top of my head.

“What do you want to do today?” He asked, I wrapped my arms around his waist and rested my head on his chest.

“Nothing really, I enjoy watching you guys film, so if you have to film I’ll watch.” Max smiled and looked at Ian.

“Yeah, we need to film a video for frank’s channel, so if you’re really ok with that, then sure.” I smiled and watched the cartoons again. 

-some time later-

I was watching the boys film, laughing my ass off. The boys kept on glancing at me every once in a while, I just brushed it off. I was taking pictures with my new camera of the boys, smiling widely the whole time. 

   I was looking through my photos when Max came and sat down next to me, covered in food, syrup, and alcohol. I stuck up my nose at the stench and smiled at him.

“can I look?” He asked, I nodded and sorted through the photos I had taken that day.

“Wait, I have an idea for a picture!” Max said winking, he stood up and walked to the boys and whispered something in their ears. 

“Ok, we’re gonna be right back and go get changed.” I raised my eyebrows and looked at fat cunt, he only smirked, I smiled at him and continued to look through the photos. I smiled as I looked at their bodies, they looked so cute, hard to deny you had a crush on all three of them. As if you didn’t make it obvious enough.

“Ok, (Y/N), ready?” I heard Max call from the back of the house, I shouted back ‘Yes’, grabbed my camera, and walked to the back of the house. I took some photos of my feet in the grass and other things before I finally got over there.

“Take this picture so you can have it when you’re back in Aussie and I’m away,” Max said, I looked up and my eyes widened.

“W-What the fuck?” I said covering my eyes to see that they were all butt naked, only their hands covering their dicks. I could feel myself blushing madly, I couldn’t look, what the hell…

“Just take the picture,” Joji said in a teasing tone, “It’s cold, hurry please,” Ian said shivering. I gulped and picked the camera up, I pointed it to them and looked through the lens and snapped the photo, the camera whirring to life instantly printing out a photo. Max laughed and they started walking back inside. What the hell was that about?

    I took the picture back to my pile, grabbed them and made my way back to the sliding glass door, I hesitated before opening it, is this why Ian gave me the condoms? Were they planning something? 

   I shook it off and opened the door, I set my camera down on the couch and started making my way to the spare bedroom where I was sleeping, so I could put the photos in a safe place. 

‘What was that naked photo about though?’ was the only thought in my mind. I was about to turn the corner when Max popped out of nowhere and attacked my lips, I jumped and the photos dropped from my hands.

“You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this,” Max started, the then started attacking my lips again, I then melted into the kiss and put my hands around his neck, pulling him closer.

“Wow Max, you’re not gonna share?” Joji said suddenly behind me, I gasped as I felt his hands exploring me body, I moaned rolled my head back as Max started to rub his hands over my slit. Joji started kissing my neck, I could feel my knees start to go weak,

“Don’t I get some?” Ian said, I opened my eyes and bit my lip.

“If you want it come and get it,” I said winking, Max then stopped, i felt joji step back.

“We’re taking this to the bedroom,” Max said deeply, his eyes dark with lust, He picked me up, I wrapped my legs around his torso, Joji, and Ian following behind us, Max kicked open his bedroom door and laid me down on the bed, I looked up at the three boys in front of me and I was instantly soaked, this was actually happening.

“I can’t wait any longer, I’ve been waiting for this moment so long (Y/N),” I bit my lip and watched as Max hovered over me. 

“How do you want it, babe?” He asked darkly, Ian and Joji started exploring my body, rubbing their hands all over me, I blushed and bit my lip to hold in a moan.

“Give it to my rough, Max,” I said letting out a shaky moan, Max Chuckled and kissed my neck, he started taking off my shirt, Ian and Joji working on my pants, I bucked my hips up helping them, Max ripped my shirt off and tossed it into the pile of clothes, Max pulled out a condom from the waistband of his boxers and ripped the wrapper open with his teeth.

“You’re gonna be a good girl right?” Joji asked sitting me up, whispering in my ear,

“Y-Yes, I’ll be good,” I said feeling completely vulnerable in his arms, I could feel Joji’s hard cock on my back, I opened my eyes as I saw Ian on his knees beside me, his cock making a tent in his boxers I moaned at the sight. He took his boxers off, his erection springing free, I moaned.

“Suck,” He demanded, I took him in my mouth, I swirled my head around the tip moaning loudly as Max entered me, Joji following him. They waited a minute before thrusting different speeds at different times, needless to say, it hurt like hell for my first time, but it felt so damn good. 

“F-Fuck, you’re so tight,” Max moaned, he started to play with my tits as Joji peppered my neck with kisses, I couldn’t help but moan loudly, sending vibrations down Ian’s cock making him moan louder.

“F-Fuck, I-I’m so c-close,” Ian moaned, his cock twitching in my mouth, I sucked harder as Joji and Max’s thrusts became shorter and sloppier. I felt a pit in the bottom of my stomach, signaling I was close, I moaned loudly, sending Ian over the edge, cumming in my mouth, He moaned breathlessly and fell back on the bed, I swallowed all his juices and leaned back on Joji who was breathing heavily. 

“I-I’m gonna c-cum!” Max moaned out, releasing into the condom, He pulled out and laid down, Joji wasn’t finished yet, He pulled out of my ass and laid down.

“Ride me,” He demanded, I  nodded and slid down on his cock, bouncing up and down, moaning louder each time, He dug his fingers into my hips, I could feel the fire in my stomach getting stronger as I finally released and clenched around him, moaning loudly.

“J-Joji!!” I screamed his name, arching my back, but he still wasn’t done, a few more thrusts and he was screaming my name, he released into the condom.

“F-Fuck, that was hot…” Max said pulling me close to him, Joji laid down next to me, Ian laying behind Max.

“T-That was a-amazing,” I said breathless, they all chuckled, Joji kissed my hickeys, soothing them, Max kissed my lips once more.

“Happy birthday baby girl,” Max said kissing my head before the four of us fell into a deep sleep. 


That took me about two hours to write so yeah, there you go.

Shape of You (12)

I hope this mends a few broken hearts. Enjoy =)

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One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven

Chapter 12

It didn’t hurt as much at work, surrounded by books. Even though the day was dragging and I felt like time would never move forward. It still hurt, that crack in my heart had gotten bigger but it wasn’t throbbing when I could focus on something other than what had happened. When I could look at the books and pretend like my life wasn’t falling apart. It was slightly easier to breathe, but I knew when I went home the numbness would fade.

And the pain would return.

When I woke up Feyre was still there. She had crawled into bed with me and stayed, trying to help ease my pain. I wasn’t any nicer to her. I was worse and I knew it was wrong. Because she didn’t have to stay. She didn’t have to try and help me.

But she did. Because for some reason Feyre always cared more than us. She always tried harder. And that made this whole thing worse. It made my heart hurt worse. It made the break ache even more than before.

Because it reminded me of all those years ago when she used to hold my hand and we all slept in a bed together. When we were poor and cold and our father didn’t give a damn about us. It was Feyre who kept us warm, who kept the clothes on our backs. It was Feyre who sang Elain a lullaby so she could sleep.

And it was Feyre who was trying so hard to mend my broken heart. My broken world.

Today all I wanted to do was snap at her. I was done crying so now my grief had turned to anger. I was angry at the world and my little sister was in my path.

Feyre left when I went to get ready for work. She hugged me tightly and promised it would get better. I knew she wanted to tell me to talk to Cassian, but right now I couldn’t. She knew that too so she didn’t push that on me. She was just there for me. Promising to call me later to check up.

I was seven hours into my shift and the hollowness in my chest was still there.

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“Halftime” - Kurt/Blaine

because Blaine loves football and Kurt loves scarves

and because I’m a helpless little monster

self-indulgent (as helllll) fluff about Gaga’s concert at the sports thing. thank you @whatstheproblembaby​ for info about the actual game lmao 

1500 words | AO3

“Mark my words, Anderson: you’re gonna owe me $50 when this is all over. Falcons have the lead and they’re not letting it go.” 

Blaine shakes his head and sets three cold beers and a fresh, warm bowl of cheese dip on the coffee table as he rejoins his in-laws in front of the TV. “Oh, I’m just ‘Anderson’ when there’s a game on the line, huh?” 

“You’re just ‘Anderson’ whenever you’re in a Patriots jersey,” Burt laughs, elbowing Blaine just hard enough to tip him over a little on the couch. 

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The Perfect Shot

Part Four

Originally posted by crossoceans

Pairing: Jughead x reader

Summary: the reader helps Betty and Jughead investigate another lead in Jason’s murder

Warnings: mentions of death, mild swearing

Part One

I sat across from Jughead, watching him scarf down the cereal as if he might not eat for days.

“Slow down,” I said softly. “We don’t have to leave for another ten minutes.”

He gulped back a huge mouthful. “Sorry.”

My eyebrows shot up in surprise at the apology, causing him to roll his eyes. “What?” he asked, staring at me with his head cocked to the side.

“Nothing,” I shrugged. “It’s just… what’s with you? You’ve been acting weird.”

He squinted his eyes at me, demanding more explanation.

“You haven’t insulted me for days.”

He grunted, returning to his cereal. “That can be arranged.”

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anonymous asked:

going to the oscars (while NOT being an actress, just there for him) with tom would include?

right lets go 

  • he’d be nominated for one of the awards and he’d obviously want you to come because he needs you beside him 
  • freaking out over it because you can’t get your hair to style how you want it and nothing is going as you had planned
  • “what’s the matter?”
  • “i’m freaking out!!”

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