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Can you do an angsty fic based off the song "Dancing on My Own" by Calum Scott pa-leeeaaasseee! I'm in a very angsty mood right now and need this. Cheers! xo

i have been watching old niall interviews from after he released this town and in one of them he said after writing this town he had kind of a funk and like the next 30 songs he wrote were “absolute crap”. how do you think he would act coming home from the studio to his missus during that time? small drabble maybe please!

So I joined these.  The second one isn’t exact but I felt it fit here.  Enjoy the pain y’all.

“Willie…ya wanna go out tonight?”

“Um…suuuuuuure.”  Willie answered in a slight state of shock.  

I couldn’t blame him.  It usually wasn’t my idea to hit the clubs.  Not lately anyway.  I had an album to write and record.  I’d promised it would be out by spring, summer at the latest.  And when I’d released “This Town” I really thought I could meet that deadline.

But nothing I’d written since “This Town” was worth the paper it was written on.  I couldn’t put together a coherent though no matter what I did.  The last 30 songs had to be the worst shit I’d ever egotistically called music.

I needed a release.  The pressure I was putting on myself was stifling.  I couldn’t think.  I couldn’t write.  And worst of all, I couldn’t feel.

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Tonight is the final night of The Vampire Diaries. While most are shedding tears of sadness, I’m shedding tears of happiness. 8 long years I’ve had to deal with inconsistent writing, awful ships, fandom coddling, disastrous retcons, and ship wars.

TVD had so much potential to be an amazing show. That was until Julie Plague got her grubby hands on the sole writing, and hired the devil incarnate Caroline Drywall. They ran one of my favorite shows, a show I used to run home to every Thursday, into the ground. They lived their lives through certain characters and ships, to live out some pathetic school girl fantasy.

The only main POC who happens to also be a WOC, got the worst treatment of all. Bonnie Bennett, who I related to the most on the show, was the most selfless, kickass character I’ve ever known. But because she wasn’t Caroline or Eleanor, she got the shit end of the stick. Bonnie fans wanted nothing but the best for her. It took three seasons for Bonnie to even get a house, when we’ve already visited the other girls home. Where was Bonnie’s 18th birthday? Caroline and Elmo got one.

Don’t even get me started on Bamon not being canon. Or any interesting Bonnie ship for that matter. Instead we were thrown bread crumbs (i.e. B/remey & Bon/nzo) to “satisfy” us. I can go on forever on why Bamon should have been canon, but I’ll leave that for the Bamon Captain, Ian Somerhalder.

“Certain rabid Bonnie fans…”

“Bonnie is too beautiful and strong to be with a vampire like Kol…”

But yet this woman spent 8 years coddling another certain fan base, giving them stunt flash backs and retconned storylines.

I’m gonna stop now. I just wanna say goodbye and good riddance.

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What about Kid Cobra and Mechanica being buds?

First of all, bless you Anon for letting me write about my two faves.
Second of all, bless you for letting me write about my two faves interacting.
And Thirdly, I’ve imagined these two being lil shits pranksters *rubs hands together* time to finally talk about it!

i apologise in advance for this turning into Big Brother Kid Cobra™

Kid Cobra and Mechanica Friendship Headcanons:

- The worst thing to ever happen to Twintelle’s life
- Seriously, Kid Cobra has been a terrible influence on Mechanica
- Mechanica always had a bit of a troublesome streak, it came naturally with her being a teen, but let me tell you, despite being an adult Kid Cobra still acts like some rowdy teen at times and that really rubbed off on the little mech girl
- They love to team up and pull all sorts of pranks. And with Mechanica’s skills at building all sorts of robots and Kid Cobra being as sneaky and slippery as the snake he is, they make a great combo
- Much to the other’s dismay
-Thankfully, for the others, Twintelle gave them both a stern telling off for when their pranks go a little too far
- They’ve managed to tone them down a bit (lest they fear the wrath of Mom Twintelle again)
- Originally Mechanica enjoyed hanging around Kid Cobra, since for the longest time she assumed he was her age. It was nice to have someone closer to her age (apart from maybe Ribbon Girl)
“Around your age? I’m 19.”
- Dreams were shattered, but Mechanica quickly got over it. She’s kind of accepted that her fellow ARMS Fighters are all gonna be older than her
- Didn’t stop these two from being close friends, though
- In fact, under all those jokes, they’re pretty close, you just won’t see it too often
- Kid Cobra has always found it hard to open up to others, Twintelle was really the only one before Mechanica
- After Helix and Twintelle, Mechanica was the third person Kid Cobra confided in about his true identity (ala being a snake)
- She took it well! Honestly though it was super cool! Asked him a lot of questions about what’s it like to be a snake, which he was more than happy to answer, now that he felt more comfortable with her
- Kid Cobra’s legs aren’t organic, they’re robotic, ARMS Gene or no he sadly didn’t end up with legs. So he built them himself, but now that he opened up to Mechanica, she takes care of re-modelling and fixing them instead (and frankly, does a much better job!)
- Over time they developed a sibling like bond, probably helped by the fact they both have a habit of calling Twintelle ‘Mom’. It felt natural for them to see eachother as brother and sister
- Whether they’re pulling pranks, messing around, or just generally hanging out, Kid Cobra always makes sure Mechanica is safe and feeling fine. Some of the other fighters tease him for being almost as motherly as Twintelle at times, when really he’s just excited about having someone he’s considers family, especially one younger than him
- Kid Cobra never had someone to look after him, so he wants to be there for someone else
- He feels a responsibility to be a good big brother, even if he’s sometimes the reason they get told off for pranking others too much
- He takes her Snakeboarding whenever he can. Took her a long time to learn the basics, mostly with her falling off the board a lot, but they both enjoyed it! Of course he had a First Aid Kit ready for even the tiniest of scratches (per Twintelle’s request, I mean if Mechanica came home harmed then there’d be hell to pay)

You know, it wasn’t until I started writing these that I liked the idea of them having a sibling relationship, like Mechanica and Min Min, y’know? So I kinda added that in… a lot… whoops?

- Mod Kid Cobra

The New Member says Meow

Summary: Negan encounters an unlikely companion that gives him more trouble than expected.
Word count: 1.451 - oneshot
Warnings: Negan being Negan, language
A/N: First attempt at a fanfic :’) oh boy. Please note that this is probably OOC since it’s 100% pure fluff, but I wanted to do something different from the other honestly fantastic, call me jealous fanfics posted within this promp. Also, English isn’t my first language, so please go easy on me when it comes to errors. Ah well. Here we go.

For @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash‘s 2k writing challenge!

“Piss off.”

Negan turned around and stepped forward threateningly, foot stomping on the ground in the hopes it wouldn’t attract any nearby walkers and instead would scare away the affectionate little animal that had been following him for what seemed like hours now.

In reality, it had only been a couple of minutes. It hadn’t been long since he had split up with a couple of his men, scavenging for more of the guns Rick had managed to magically pull out of the woods the other day. Being on full guard, it only took the softest of meows to get Negan’s attention. He noticed the whitehaired kitten had climbed into a tree and was sitting uncomfortably on a branch that was close to snapping, right into the arms of a hungry no-brainer that was desperately reaching out to snack on it.

He had hesitated for a moment, knowing damn well the noisy animal would attract a lot of attention. Negan was never one to take care of pets; in fact, he thought they were way too demanding. But as soon as he huffed and started to turn his back to the entire situation, he could almost hear Lucille yell at him for being a fucking dick. Fine.

Deciding that it was a small deed to at least kill off the walker, he had smashed his trusty bat against the reanimated corpse’ skull, the little kitten meowing louder to the point where it had certainly attracted anything, or anyone, in the nearby area. He had shot the new-born cat a dirty look at its loudness and was about to leave, but its giant blue eyes looked down at him helplessly and despite being the tough badass leader he is, he couldn’t just leave it there. He had sighed deeply, head shaking at himself as he reached out and grabbed the kitchen clumsily with his hand. He had almost dropped it onto the ground when it started showing its claws playfully. In Negan’s defence, cats had sharp claws. He wasn’t sure if kittens had sharp claws too, but he remembered a certain moment in history where he had just recently started living with Lucille and her cat hissed at him and scratched open his forearm, and he surely wasn’t going to go through that avoidable pain again.

He had put it on the ground, waving it away with his hand, expecting it to run off to god knows where. He even waved Lucille in front of its face, but the small pet was braver than it seemed. It instead meowed, and Negan had raised an eyebrow as it started approaching him, taking tiny steps closer to his feet. He had taken one giant step back, brows furrowing even deeper as the small kitten took it upon himself to chase his boots, resulting in a cat and mouse kind of game.

“What the fuck,” Negan had whispered to himself as he kept out of reach of the kitten that was playfully chasing his leg, “No, go away. What the hell is- seriously, fuck off!”

The joyful kitten had interpreted the tall man’s anger as taunting, and had continued chasing the man with sharp claws and focused eyes. Which left him where he was now, trying to walk away from the feline while it was still following him in confusion.

Negan’s loud footsteps, but in his opinion it was the cat’s meowing, had attracted a walker, and in the small timeframe where his attention left the kitten at his feet and was focused onto taking the walker out, the kitten took its chance to finally climb up the man’s muscular leg, claws pinching his leg through his jeans. He winched out in both pain and annoyance as he felt it climb up his leg rather quickly, sighing and hating how easily he was persuaded into the situation. By a pair of goddamn sad looking eyes.

“Dude, I always knew you were a pussy magnet, but this beats all,” Simon laughed as he made his way from behind the treeline into Negan’s vision. Negan looked up at him almost as helplessly as the kitten had looked at him.

“Simon,” Negan started as he turned to him and followed said man’s gaze down towards the playful pet firmly planted on his hip, “This motherfucker won’t leave me alone. Get this thing off of me.”

Simon instead examined the kitten closely, the fluffy ball of fur looking up at him with big, curious eyes. It purred softly as it nuzzled closer into Negan’s hip, clearly not having any intentions to stop tormenting the poor man any time soon. Simon looked up at Negan who was staring down at the kitten in disgust and that’s when he realized…

“Are you- Negan, sir, are you scared of cats?”

Negan eyes shot up at Simon, brows furrowed in disbelief as if he had just claimed that the undead taking over the world wasn’t the bitter reality of this life, causing Simon to laugh out loud.

“No, no, stop laughing,” Negan tried quickly as he carefully attempted to pick at the kitten’s scruff, the kitten in return reaching out to play with his gloved hand, “No, Simon, I swear to fucking god - if you tell anyone about this, you might as well start befriending Dwight, because you the two of you are going to have matching faces.”

The feline started climbing up higher, and Negan was seriously getting pissed off now. Both at the kitten and at Simon, who was seriously being a fucking dick.

“For the last time, get this predator off my fucking leg, or I’m shooting it.” Negan threatened, to no avail. The both of them knew he wasn’t really going to shoot it, no matter how serious he seemed about it. He could kill anyone with his bare hands, bash people’s dome in with Lucille, and gut people all day long, but Negan wasn’t going to shoot an innocent kitten that hung onto him for dear life, even if he hated the thing for scaring him with its retractable claws and all.

Simon only chuckled deeply in response, his hand reaching to his holster to make sure his sneaky leader indeed hadn’t taken it. It wouldn’t be the first time that happened. “You don’t have a gun on you.”


Making his way over to a clearly clueless Negan, Simon held back another chuckle, not wanting to test the waters any more than he already had. He picked up the affectionate companion by its neck firmly, earning a soft meow in protest before it yawned. If anyone wonders - no, the soft sigh escaping Negan’s mouth wasn’t caused by the secretly truly adorable sight of a small kitten yawning. No, sir. Definitely not.

Simon noticed the kitten going limp, sleep taking over its tiny body. It’s blue eyes closing, head tipping down as it lulled to sleep. Simon held it up higher, turning it around a bit as he studied it.

“We can take it back, you know, to the Sanctuary,” he proposed, “I think it wants to be your friend.”

Negan hit his hand down on his dark green jeans, attempting to clear it of the - unfortunately very obvious - white hairs the kitten left.

“I don’t want to be his. It can fuck right off.”

Negan looked up at Simon as no further protest came, or at least, that’s what he was hoping for. The man held the now sleeping kitten in his hand, it’s tiny body barely any bigger than his palm. Negan would never admit it, but the furry friend was actually quite.. adorable. He’d almost want to keep it himself. Almost. He could at least let Simon take it home. Maybe surprise his wives with it, give them something to keep them company. Surely his wives would love having a cat around. Chicks dig cats.

“Fine, it can stay.”

A full blown smile crept on Simon’s face as the words came out before Negan even really thought it through.

“But only if it doesn’t do the thing with the fucking claws again,” he added, “Shit’s sharp, man.”

“You hear that, little fella?” Simon spoke softly to the quietly snoring feline, mocking Negan. “You scared the big man.”

Negan shot him a dangerous glare. “You’re taking some really un-fucking-necessary risks here.”

Swinging Lucille over his shoulder with ease, he started making his way to the truck he left somewhere along the trail, Simon following along with his gaze fixed on the new member in his hands, petting it softly.

“C’mon, you’re going all soft on me now. Let’s go home,” Negan chuckled, “We got a new Savior to introduce.”

Skysolo drabble loosely inspired by this amazing artwork.

“What makes you think I need your help?”

The kid – he looks like a kid, anyway, maybe 19 or 20 at most – cants his head toward one shoulder with a charmingly lopsided smile. Sandy blond hair tumbles across his forehead, those brilliantly blue eyes altogether too knowledgeable for someone who looks as though he’s still tuning the finer points of puberty.

“You’re lost,” the kid states, matter-of-fact, though his tone is faintly teasing. “You have no water, no shelter, no means of transport. You’re miles from the nearest settlement. You’re –”

“Alright already, I got it.” Han huffs an irritable sigh and rubs a wide palm over his eyes. Albeit begrudgingly, he’s got to admit that the kid makes a valid point. How else is he supposed to fix his ship and get out of this place in one piece? That asteroid belt had come out of nowhere, leaving a gaping hole the size of an R2 unit in the Falcon’s hull. He’d been lucky to make it down to solid ground with only a nasty bump or two, though it was just his rotten luck that he’d landed in the middle of a desert wasteland with nothing but sand and rock and open sky as far as he could see. A day of wading through searing-hot sand had gotten him nowhere other than hopelessly lost, harsh sun merciless on the exposed nape of his neck. The Falcon’s emergency supplies would only last him so long; he needed to find a town. 

Preferably one with a well-stocked tavern.

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Why #ytffManila was one of the worst experiences of my life

i won 2 gen ad tickets for the youtube fanfest manila. me and my friend came to the place at around 12 nn since the event was @7:30 pm. We came in the hotel and there were 4 lines of people who came before us. we seated on the floor and waited until 2:10 pm to get in the registration booth. after we got registered the guards made us move to the other side of the lobby which was in front of the escalator. after that we seated on the floor for about 3 hours. note that at this time the lines wasnt arranged and there were so many people who were cutting in front of us. it was almost 5pm when someone started screaming. i have no idea why they screamed but bc of this everyone rushed to see what was happening or who tf came in. everyone sitting on the floor started standing and pushing just to get a glimpse of why everyone screamed and brought their cameras out.

many of you might have seen this video rt’d by caspar lee yesterday

after he rt’d that i saw so many people tweeting that they wish they were there. I WAS THERE AND YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW IT FEELS. I was standing in the front, almost 4 feet away from that escalator. and we all being pushed by the ones in the back thinking they could get closer. WE were in that fucking mosh pit for over an hour and you literally cannot move your arms an inch away from your body without hitting other people. it was so fucking hot, (reminder that the Philippines is a very humid place) i felt like i was inside a sauna or an oven. i literally could not breath. it was a fucking ocean of human sweat. we needed to fucking tilt our heads to get fresh air above us. i felt so sorry for the small people because they were literally inhaling human skin. to make it worse so many people were fucking screaming and stepping and pushing. there were little kids crying because they couldnt breathe. someone lost their phone. there were people who were having anxiety attacks and someone almost fainted.

 after that fucking horrible experience they let us in at around 6 pm. when we got upstairs there were absolutely no signs or people guiding us of where should go. everyone was running and the guards literally had no clue of what to do. we fell in line for the third time in front of the was so hot. i was fucking thirsty, we were all pissed at how they arranged this event but didnt complain because we just wanted to get to the event and see our faves. @7:00 pm they opened the door and the whole pushing thing started again. this was even worse than the one downstairs. my foot was stepped on and the girls standing next to me was crying. i literally felt like i was gonna die just bc people wanted to get in so bad. after that stampede we were the the few lucky ones to get inside early.

you see those men i encircled? they were the tech people controlling the light and the music. and we were standing BEHIND THEM. WHAT KIND OF EVENT DO  YOU GO WHERE YOU GET TO STARE AT THE BACK OF THE TECH PEOPLE RATHER THAN THE STAGE. i knew we had gen ad tix and i didnt expect to be in front obviously BUT BEHIND THE TECH PEOPLE??? that is fucking insane. i would get it if the back was elevated but its not !! we couldnt even see the stage and people were still pushing us as if that would change anything. that was the time when my friend and i decided to leave. we waited in line for 6 and half hours, we were pushed, groped and stepped on. we were screamed at. we were sweaty, tired, hungry and fucking dehydrated and it was NOT at all worth it to see white people as tiny as ants.

to all the people who were sad bc they didnt get tickets, dont be. you’ll regret even going to the place. we wasted so much time, money and effort for useless event that was rushed and was not AT ALL organized. I can think of a million ways that the organizers could have made that experience wayyyy better. Just because the tickets were free does not mean we had to go through all of that hell. I woke up today with a huge bruise on my arm, a ripped bag,  and a very very sore body. and worse i didnt even get to see my fav youtubers. i hope that this wont happen again to anyone. ever.