my hand is covered in scratches

Little Billie Joe things

-nervous neck scratching
-eye contact? who needs eye contact anyway
-DEEP BOOMY ONSTAGE VOICE vs **~soft gentle offstage voice~**
-giggle + head bob + blush for ultimate cute effect
-feets don’t touch ground when on stools
-sweaters too big, cover hands with sleeves
-right sleeve rolled up to show off 80 tattoo
-so good with animals and kids?? how??
-big hat + scarf + converse
-Any and All of My Facial Expressions Could Be Memes

You call it angry,
I call it scratching at myself until my skin tears. Lava boiling inside of me, like I’m about to snap any moment. Like I don’t have control over myself and I just want to hurt something. I call it shaky hands. I call it grinding my teeth together. Punching my thighs until they are covered in bruises. I call it screaming until my throat bleeds.

You call it sad,
I call it laying in my bed for two days, unable to eat. Crying until my eyes are swollen shut. Accepting the fact I am disgusting, worthless, unlovable. I call it taking ativan until I am so numb I forget I want to kill myself. I call it unable to talk, sleep, unable to function.

You call it happy,
I call it madly in love. Like I’m floating above everything. Nothing can hurt anymore. I call it giggling nonstop. Telling people I’m better now. Bragging about how flawless I am. I call it a rush of pure fulfilment.

You call them emotions,
I call them drowning. Because nothing is ever in between. I’m all or nothing. I don’t know any middles. Everything I feel is so strong it could knock me off my feet. I call it going from suicidal to content in an hour. I call it fucking exhausting.

—  Living with borderline personality
- b&b -

- requested: you’re sick & Shawn takes care of you -

My throat burns and scratches as I cough into my fisted hand. I quickly remove the covers from my body and run barefoot out of bed down the hall of the hotel room to the bathroom. Lifting up the seat, I throw up into the toilet for a minute.

“Baby, you okay?” Shawn’s gentle voice asks as he comes to the doorway.

“Stop,” I hold my hand up. “It’s stinks in here.”

Shawn walks into the bathroom and holds my hair. His large hand rubs up and down my back as I puke into the toilet bowl again. I cough out what was in my mouth and flush the toilet. He lets go of my hair to grab some toilet paper before he wipes my mouth and then tosses it into the trash can.

“You’re gonna get sick,” I tell him as I wipe away my teary eyes; they always got watery whenever I threw up and I hated it completely.

“That’s fine. I don’t have another show until two weeks. That’s enough time for me to get better.” Shawn replies. “Here, lets get you up.” He grabs me from under my arms and helps me stand up. He kisses the top of my head and carries me in his arms out the bathroom and back to the bedroom. Shawn sets me down on the bed and I get under the covers.

“So much for getting to experience Spain, huh?” I ask him. “Take a lot of pictures for me, please.”

“I’m not going out.” He says.

“Why not?”

“Because you’re sick. I’m staying in and taking care of you today.”

“Shawn,” I groan, “I’m fine.” As much as I wanted to convince him that I was okay being with myself, I go into another cough fit.

“You really are a terrible actress, you know that?” He replies.

“Your fans are looking forward to meeting up with you today. I don’t want you to disappoint them. Please, go out and meet them.” I plead.

“Is that what you want?” He asks me.

“More than anything.” I smile.

“Alright, fine.” Shawn playfully rolls his eyes. He leans down and kisses my forehead before grabbing his jacket and putting his shoes on. “Call the front desk if you need anything.”

“I will.” I reply.

“I love you!” Shawn calls out to me as he walks out.
“I love you, too!” I reply, followed by a weak cough.

I reach over to the bedside table and grab my phone. I check my notifications and reply to a few texts I had for about ten minutes.

The front door opens and I sit up in bed. Shawn walks back in the room with a brown paper bag held carefully in his hands.

“I told you to go hang with your fans!” I say through my raspy voice.

“I did!” Shawn replies as he walks over. “I hung out with them to and from the little cafe across the street. I took pictures, signed some stuff, and came back.”

“You sneaky son of a… You found a loophole, didn’t you?” I smile.

Shawn gives me a small, yet cute and innocent smile. He walks on over and sets the paper bag on the bedside table besides me. “Scoot over,” he says. I scoot over on the other side and he sits down on the spot where I was previously.

He unravels the bag and takes out a styrofoam bowl, a packet of crackers, and a plastic spoon. “I bought you soup.”

“If I weren’t so sick and didn’t have vomit breath, I would kiss you so much right now,” I say.

Shawn smiles and I wrap my arms around him torso as burry my head in the side of his arm. “I love you so much right now!”

“Come on, eat it before it gets cold. You’ll feel better after you eat something.” He tells me. I let go of him and sit up as he dips the spoon into the hot soup. He brings the spoon up to my mouth and feeds me.

“I wouldn’t want to enjoy Spain without you,” Shawn says as I chew. “So I’m only leaving this room to bring you food.”

“So is this like my own personal bed and breakfast?” I ask after swallowing the food.

“Yeah,” he smiles. “I’m your personal butler for the time being.”

“Put your maid outfit on. That’ll be hot,” I joke, laughing before going into another coughing fit.

“Less jokes, more eating,” Shawn says to me as he brings another spoonful of soup to my mouth.

Shawn continued to feed me until I finished the whole bowl of soup. After I ate, he called to the front desk for some tea.

“Are you wearing socks?” Shawn asks me.
“No,” I reply.

He gets out of the bed and walks on over to his suitcase. I watch as he pulls out a big and cozy sweater and a pair of his socks before sitting down at my side of the bed.

“Put this on,” he tells me. “You should probably sweat this thing out.”

I pull back the covers as I sit up. He hands me the sweater and I put it on over my shirt as he puts the socks onto my feet. Shawn pinches at my toes before walking out the room. He comes back moments later with an extra blanket and I tie my hair back into a sloppy bun.

“Get up,” Shawn says.
“For what?” I cough.
“Get up, you’ll see.”

I get out of the bed and Shawn removes the covers before lying down the duvet, then the bed sheet, and then the blanket.

“Lie down. I’m rolling you into a burrito.”

I lie down on the side of the bed and Shawn grabs the end of the covers and places them over my waist. He then begins to softly roll my body over and over until I’m snug into a burrito of warmth. My feet stick out of the burrito and I shift my body inside so that I can breath and my feet get warm, too.

“Wait, what if you get cold?” I ask him.

Shawn shrugs his shoulders while his hands are at his hips. “I get cold.” He walks over to me and sits down at the bed. “As of now, you are checked into Shawn’s Bed and Breakfast. Enjoy your stay.”

I weakly laugh as he leans in and places a kiss at my forehead.

Claire? Are you all right, love?”
“Am I all right? My God, Jamie!” Tears stung my eyelids and I blinked hard, sniffing. He raised his good hand slowly, as though it were weighted with chains, and stroked my hair. He drew me toward him, but I pulled away, conscious for the first time what I must look like, face scratched and covered with tree sap, hair stiff with blotches of various unmentionable substances.
“Come here,” he said. “I want to hold ye a moment.”
“But I’m covered with blood and vomit,” I protested, making a vain effort to tidy my hair.
He wheezed, the faint exhalation that was all his broken ribs would permit in the way of laughter. “Mother of God, Sassenach, it’s my blood and my vomit. Come here.”
His arm was comforting around my shoulders. I rested my head on the pillow next to his, and we sat in silence by the fire, drawing strength and peace from one another. His fingers gently touched the small wound under my jaw


(this scene should have been in the show) 

heartbrokenpeach  asked:

hi idk if you're still doing the name aesthetics but i love them and was wondering if you'd do one for my crush ? she has brown hair and chocolate eyes plays basketball and listens to soft music and is called princess by everyone :)

Sure! XO

Princess. She is the soft scratching of the needle against the vinyl record. She is the coo of the morning dove near a window pane. She is the reflection of the sun in a pair of warm brown eyes like fire. She is soft, mint chapstick covered lips and rough hands. She is the swish of a skirt and the pinkness of warm cheeks. She is Princess- a nymph of the sun and sky. 

the kids don’t stand a chance

rating: m

pairing: dia/you

summary: it starts with a pretty girl and a misspelled name

notes: all mistakes mines. this got posted to ao3 last night while i was sleeping cos technical difficulties ? i guess ,, i just found out myself when i checked my email today


i. it starts off like this:

At 12 pm on a Tuesday, a girl so beautiful walks into the coffee shop that You forgets to let go of the whipped cream button and finds her hand covered in sticky fluid. “You!” Riko calls out, and You notices it and lets it go all the while still looking at this girl. 

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Armenia. Tavush. 2013. Emma Arzumanyan is 75 years old. She picks fruit in the forest outside the small town of Ayrum where she lives.
We came across Emma and her daughter picking berries on the edge of the fores. Emma looked very fragile in her big pale blue cardigan that had massive holes in the elbows (from catching on the thorns). She had scratches covering her hands and wrists from the thorns on the berry bushes. And when she stepped through the bushes to get nearer to the ripest berries, her flimsy long skirt caught on the bushes revealing more scratches on her ankles and legs.
“I started picking fruit to earn money when my husband died. If I can sell my fruit at the roadside market, I will get 300drams a kilo .. around 1, 000 drams for a full bucket.
I get a small pension, but I don’t have another income. I live with my daughter in one room. I know that the processing plant will be opening next year and I’m hopeful it will help me with guaranteed sales and fixed prices.” © Cristina Garcia Rodero/Magnum Photos

i just bought a cute new nailpolish but i also have ceramics class and design where i’m basically working with my hands and getting covered in water, dust, clay, and scratching my hands/nails with pottery tools for 3 hours at a time every day and there’s like no point to me painting my nails b/c they’ll just get ruined and i’ve basically given up on painting my nails at this point

but on the other hand….. it’s so pretty……………

Nightmare (Alex Gaskarth  - All Time Low)

  “Y’know, I would of been way better if I’d have stayed on that vacuum. I probably didn’t have gotten to eat dirt.“ Alex chuckled beside you, scratching the back of his neck. Giggling I shook my head and thought of a small Alex trying to ride the vacuum until he was pushed off by his older brother.

  “Y'know,” I said quietly, rubbing the comforter covering both Alex and I’s legs. “I’m really glad you’re my boyfriend. You just, well make me very happy.” Smiling, he wrapped his arm around your shoulders and pulled you to his chest, letting your head rest on his shoulder and your hand just below his collarbone.
“I’m  glad I’ve got you too. This, you, has been the best time of my life. Heartbreak sucks, I would know, but when you’re here, it’s something I don’t have to think about. Cheesy, yeah, I know, but it’s true.”
Looking up my (e/c) eyes grew a little bigger, practically forcing him to kiss me. 

  “Also do you realize I could of made gingerbread cookies this morning? I mean, its Christmas! I totally could of!” My exclamation was sudden, making Alex jump slightly. We both started laughing, going on about how good those gingerbread cookies could’ve been.

  “Okay, okay,” I said putting my hand up, pushing myself off of Alex’s chest for a moment. “What if-stop laughing, just listen, you turd! What if instead of the apocalypse being because of zombies or robots or whatever, it was because too many dogs farted and people couldn’t take the smell, so they just dropped dead? And then they came back to lif- wait. That’s still zombies, dammit!” Falling back and letting out a huff, I listened as Alex broke out into a fit of laughter, holding his chest.

 His laugh was contagious enough to make me start laughing, which in return, caused a ‘how much louder can I be instead of you when I laugh’ war. Soon enough Alex’s voice went so deep he started to yawn. I started shaking my head knowing what was going to happen next. Turning away, I continued to shaking my head though the yawn. I tried to talk but got attacked by yet another, longer yawn. This time Alex was laughing, shaking his head, until he himself started to yawn.

 It went back and forth for what felt like hours- which was only for around five minutes- before the two of us decided to call it a night. It had turned out we lost track of time, realizing it was almost one in the morning. Snuggling into the blankets, I put my head on Alex’s shoulder and closed my eyes, feeling his warm hand find his way to my hip.

 Letting out one last big breath, I felt sleep starting to consume me. Within a few moments, I was fast asleep, alongside Alex. After a couple hours of peace and quiet, Alex’s breathing started to get heavier. I could feel his chest rising erratically, harsh breaths coming out of his mouth. I was woken when he gripped my shoulder a little harder than normal.

  Propping myself up on his chest, I watched as his eyes scrunched together, his mouth moving without sound. "Y/n.” I heard him say under his breath, his head turning abruptly to the right. Starting to worry, I shook his torso. , whispering his name. “Alex come on, baby its just a dream.” I shook him a little more until he shot up taking me with him.

  "Alex, baby,“ I whispered, feeling him bring you onto his lap at the sound of my voice.

  Pulling you into a tight hug, his jagged breaths soon calmed down just enough for him to talk correctly. "I- I thought- I thought I lost you, y/n. I thought,” He shook his head, pressing his face into the crook of my neck. Running my fingers through his hair, I kissed his temple before feeling him raise his head.
Staying still for a moment, I could make out the small movement in his chocolate eyes as he drank in every detail of your dimly lit face. Once he was done with that, He lurched forward and pressed multiple kisses to your face; starting at your forehead, then too my eyes, my cheekbones, the tip of my nose, the corners of your mouth and then finally, my lips

  Giggling from the shower of facial, I kissed his lips as well, feeling him let out a sigh of relief ."Please just don’t leave, okay? I really need you in my life, Y/N. I really do.” Kissing him again, I cupped his face in my hands, feeling his hands squeeze on my hips. “I’m never leaving, Alex. You’re stuck with me forever.” Cracking a small smile, he laid back, letting me slide off his lap and into my previous spot.

 "Now lets go to sleep, yeah?” He nodded, meeting me in the middle when I leaned up and placed one last kiss on his lips before falling asleep once more.

Sans p.o.v

It had been a long day training and I couldn’t wait just to get home to patch myself up; of course without my older brother noticing. If brother found out about the scratches… I don’t even want to imagine how angry he would be. I tilt my scarf so it covers on of the scratches on my clavicle while slowly opening the door to my home. My eyes flick around trying to find my lazy brother, and like usual; I see him on the sofa. A cigarette held between his teeth and his hands in his pockets. Slowly, I step forward as quietly as possible.
“Hey bro,” Papyrus said nonchalantly, keeping his eyes on the movie in front of him. I sigh, stepping towards him until I reach the sofa and wrap my arms round his neck in a awkward hug. Papyrus’ boney hand came out his pockets to hold my arm gently. “Why are you sneaking?” He asks bluntly. I chuckle lightly.
“I saw you were watching a movie and didn’t want to-” Before I could finish, I was pulled onto Papyrus’ lap.
“Bullshit,” My eyes go wide as my brother pulls my scarf off and sighs, “What did I tell you last time about training?” He rubs his forehead while closing his eyes.
“Y-you said not to get injured,” I say hesitantly, Papyrus opens one eye and looks down at me.
“Come on,” Papyrus whispers softly while standing me up, then standing up himself.
“Where are we going?” I ask curiously while walking up the stairs after Papyrus.
“You’re having a bath,” He says blatantly making my face twist in confusion.
“A bath?” Papyrus opens the door to the bathroom, letting me in first then following. He quickly leant down to the taps and turns them on before squirting some bubble-soak into the water. It soon began to froth with bubbles and my eyes lit up at the sight. I haven’t had a bubble bath in months, all the training with Alphes makes me too tired so I just go to bed.
I run up hand through the bubbles and giggle lightly at my bubble coated fingers. Papyrus chuckles next to me, probably at my childishness, I pout. “What?” I say, looking his way only to see Papyrus also running his phalange bones through the water.
“You’re just too adorable sometimes,” He murmurs with a light orange coating his cheekbones. I also blush, as his eyes flick up to me. We pause for a moment, caught in the enchantment of each other’s stare.
Papyrus abruptly looks away and turns off the tap while coughing softly.
“Uh, sorry I’ll leave, have you’re bath. I’ll go get the medical supplies to patch you up,” He says nervously, rubbing the back of his neck.
Before Papyrus could leave I grab his hoodie’s sleeve.
“Don’t go,” I say hesitantly. Papyrus looks at me worried.
“What’s the matter?” He asks, his eyes soft.
“N-nothing, just, just… Have a bath with me?” I ask, my cheeks glowing with blue. Papyrus stared for a moment before sighing and pulling off his hoodie.
“Tch, ok…” I blushed again whilst also pulling off my shirt, shakily at first as I felt Papyrus’ eyes on me but I quickly became confident in my body and shimmied my shorts off. Papyrus’ laughed making me blush again, Papy slowly slid into the bath and moaned at the warmth. “Get in then,” He said, opening one eye slightly. Gulping I slid into the bath with my back to him only to yelp when he grabbed my hips and pulled me down.
“Why did you do that?” I said, twisting in his arms to see Papyrus smirking.
“You were taking too long,” His smirk widened into a grin. I sighed, turning my back to him and leaning against his rib cage before closing my eyes.
“Hmmm, this is nice,” I murmur, enjoying the feeling of the warmth on my bones and… Oh no. Why now?? Damn.
“It really is, isn’t it.” Papyrus sighed and I could feel his body relax beneath me. Gasping, I blush brightly as I feel his hand on my thigh.
“B-brother,” His hand jerked away.
“Hn. Sorry bro, I didn’t realise my hand slipped that low,” He murmured while putting his hand on my ribs. I dont know why, but I instantly regretted mentioning it. I could see the blue glow coming from the water… What should I do? If I tell Papyrus.. He’ll. He’ll.
“Sans, what’s wrong?” My head jerked up only to see his eyes were still closed.
“What do you mean?” I ask shakily.
“It’s obvious ain’t it? I can feel you tensing up,” He said pulling me closer. Before I could reply he pulled me beneath him, hovering above me with a smirk. His eyes staring blatantly at the dim blue glow.
“D-dont look, I’m sorry,” I stutter moving my hands to try and cover the dim light. Papyrus stops my hands, pinning them above me as he reached into the water. A gasp fell from my lips as he gripped me lightly.
“You’re hard?” He smirked. He reached down a hand to touch it lightly and I shivered. “Need some help, lil bro?” I shook my head only to gasp when he gripped it.
“P-papy” I drawled, licking my teeth and blushing bright blue.
“How lewd,” Papyrus whispered while stroking lightly. I choked on a moan, throwing my head back as I gripped the bath tub.
“pahhh~~” The word turned into a moan as Papyrus kissed me, his fingers tightening around my cock. A faint glow of orange came from Papyrus’ mouth and eye as he summoned a tongue. “W-what are you?” Papyrus smirked, his tongue gliding over his teeth.
“Calm little bro, I’m gonna help you relax,” My eyes widened as he slipped down and pulled my legs over his shoulders leaving my cock right near his face. Papyrus smirked and licked his teeth again, his hands coming to rest on the sides of my hips as he licked the length.
“Hnngh,” I choked, shivered and closed my eyes. I had never felt anything like this before, it’s… Thrilling. The sensation came back but in a fuller form when Papyrus licked the whole length to suck the tip. “Nngh, f-fuuu,” I bit my lower jaw to keep from cursing. That mouth was wonderful, too good to be true. This must of been a lewd dream. Papyrus sucked again and I gasped, clenching my teeth as my fingers dig into the bath tub.
A hell of a vivid dream.
“Hn? What are you thinking about Sans,” Papyrus looked my in the eye before running his tongue along the length again. My legs quivered, on his tongue was a mix of blue and orange. A hazy look had filled Papyrus’ eyes.
“N-nothing,” I lied, my eyes stuck on a drop of blue running down Papyrus’ jaw from his tongue. He paused for a moment and smirked.
“So cute,” He whispered making me blush darker. Again, his mouth engulfed my cock. My legs twitched as I clenched my teeth, my eyes squinted as I struggled to keep them open. The suction grew more intense and began to feel Papyrus’ hands explore my spine. Sensations rushed through me, scrambling my brain into unintelligible thoughts.
“Hnngh, hnn~~~ b-broahh,” I could feel Papyrus smirk around me, his tongue lapping at the tip as he sucked. “D-damn P-papy,” Papyrus quivered. I bucked my hips, moaning in delight as Papy gagged slightly. My hands came to rest on his head as he deepthroated, sending tremors through my skeleton.
“Pa-apy,” I moaned as my toes curled and my teeth grit together. It was too much, my body was tensing to every touch. Papyrus licked my cock and looked up, his hand taking his mouth’s place as he leaned forward.
“Just let go Sans,” He purred before kissing me, my eyes slipping closed as he licked my teeth. Opening my mouth, our tongues danced together, moaning in sync as my hands pulled him closer. I whimpered as he stroked faster and my legs trembled more.
“Hnngh, Papy, I think.. I’m gonna, hnn,” Papyrus sped his hand, his breath growing heavy with mine as he leaned his forehead against mine. Moaning a final time, I gripped his shoulders, cumming with a gasp. Papyrus smirked brought his hand to his mouth as I stared through hazy eyes. Panting, I watched as his long orange tongue lapped away the blue cum making me blush violently.
“Hmm sweet,” He grinned.
“Papy!” I shouted but couldn’t help laughing awkwardly, while he wrapped his arms around me and lay on my chest sighing.
“You relaxed now?” He said closing his eyes.
“Yeah, thanks brother… I love you.” I smirked stroking his skull as he smiled against my ribs.
“I love you too, kid,”


“Uh… Papy what is that pressing against my leg?”
“Haha, sorry, you just looked too delicious,”
“ekkk, shhh!!”
“Heh heh”

—  Welp, this is an old fanfic of mine… Thought I might share it. It was called “bubbles and blowjobs” and was a underswap fontcest… Uh… Hope you like it?

So, it’s no joke that @alainaprana has inspired me to start sewing again since getting her commissions and since then I have made the collection of colourful plasters that I submitted already.

This is probably the biggest thing I have made from scratch and I am very happy with it. I mostly made this because I really liked the small painted bead that @dc-the-traveler made and thought “I could plushify that.”

Its 7inches tall from the bottom to the tip of the soul and is like a lil cushion. (based off this here image)

Thank you @furgemancs for inspiring my piece of felt craft I did here! it was fun to make.

(EDIT) tumblr squashed the pic, click it to see it properly.

Birthday Blues

[Plot: It’s your birthday and your boyfriend Josh wanted to do something really special for you, but he ends up in the hospital after an unfortunate accident where you spend part of the day.]

You woke up to the sun shining on your face, and the birds chirping, and someone whispering in your ear. 

“Babe, it’s the time you were born,” it was Josh and he was lightly scratching your scalp. 

“Which also means it’s incredibly early,” you croak turning towards him, attempting an exhausted smile. 

“May be early, but you’re still beautiful.” 

You pulled the white covers up over your face, “Five more minutes mom!” you laughed underneath the sheets. 

Josh tugged the covers away from your face, and rolled over you, holding himself above you with his hands and planted a kiss on your lips. 

“Rise and shine my dear,” he said, cracking that smile that made his eyes squint. 

“only because I love that face,” you said cupping his face with both of your hands. 

Josh got out of bed and you laid there for a few minutes admiring the way his body looked in just his boxers. 

“Up! Up!” he said, shaking the end of the bed, “or else I might just have to get you out myself…” he said lifting his hands indicating a tickle fight. 

“Fine! Fine! I’m up,” you sat up, but Josh tickled you anyways. 

“hey, boyfriend- quit it! it’s my birthday!”

Josh laughed at your ability to already pull the “It’s my birthday” card before the day even started. 

“The bag in the bathroom contains the outfit I bought you for our special day,” Josh gestured towards the bathroom. 

“Oh, the first of many surprises I suspect,” you said clasping your hands together and raising them up underneath your chin. 

“Only the best for you love,” Josh kissed you on the cheek. 

“Getting older isn’t so bad,” you laughed. 

“Oh, and watch this…” 

Josh stood on the bench at the end of your bed and you could tell he was about to do a backflip. 

“Babe be careful, you just woke up. I don’t want any injuries.” 

“I’ve only been doing this all tour,” Josh said puffing up his chest, jokingly cocky. 

“Fine, show me what you got boo!” you giggled. 

He flipped backwards and what happened next seemed to go in slow motion. His legs gave out underneath him and his ankle twisted backwards. 

“Holy sh-… Josh, are you okay?” 

Josh was holding onto his ankle and you could tell he was holding in a scream or tears or something that indicated how painful it truly was. 

“I’m going to help you get dressed and we’re getting in the car, we have to go to the hospital right now.” 

“No, Y/N. I’ll be fine, I have this whole day planned and I know you’re really going to like it.” 

“What I really like is you, and I would also really like it if we could make sure you’re not broken, so let’s go.” 

You grabbed clothes that would be easy to put on so you opted for his addidas track pants, and a tshirt he had cut into a tank. You carefully lifted Josh’s ankle from the floor, sliding it into the pant leg while simultaneously focusing on his face to make sure you weren’t causing any discomfort. 

“You alright?” you ask. 

“Yeah, I got it from here.” 

Josh finished getting dress and you let Josh wrap his arm around your shoulder as you assisted him to the car. He wasn’t putting any weight on it which caused him to jump on one leg more than limp. 

Eventually you were checked into a hospital room. Josh was laying in the bed and you were in a chair next to him holding his hand. 

“I’m really sorry. I should’ve listened to you. I had all these fun things we were going to do.. like a pincic in the park, we were going to go to cedar point and then I had this warehouse set up with all these romantic lights where we were going to have dinner.” 

“Hey, Josh look at me. I love that you did all that, but I love you more. Being right here, next to you, holding your hand is the best gift in the world, hospital or warehouse it doesn’t matter.” 

“You’re the best Y/N. I love you so much.” He lifted up your hand and kissed it. 

“I hope it’s not broken… the bass drum isn’t something you can do without.” 

You laughed at the fact that his immediate concern was drumming, but it also didn’t surprise you. The doctor creaked open the door slowly and you and Josh both turned your attention to him, eager and concerned. 

“So…. it’s not broken. There’s a minor stress fracture, but that should heal fairly quickly. We’re going to put this brace on it so feel free to walk around and go about your day, just don’t exercise it too much.” 

“So no bass drum?” Josh checked. 

“unfortunately not right now, but walking will be okay,” the doctor smiled. 

“Well, looks like I ruined all the surprises that we can still do,” Josh joked but was clearly a little upset. 

“let’s get you out of here love,” you helped lift him out of the bed. 

You could tell Josh didn’t like being dependent on you, he liked to remind you how manly he was. Part of the reason you were in the hospital in the first place. 

“To the park we go!” Josh went to jump, but remembered his fractured ankle, “ugh, what the heck,” he whined. 

You and Josh went through the day he had planned and crawled into bed at the end of the night. 

“best. birthday. ever. one more birthday kiss?” 

“One hundred more!” Josh laughed, planting kisses all over your face. 

‘My Funny Valentine’

Nick, my companion of choice. It’s hard to put into words why I love him so damn much, but I just do! He’s Kayche’s right-hand man, always covering his back. 

So this was my first attempt at “painting” something. Not sketching it out, just painting from scratch and gradually refining as I go. It’s very rough because this kind of art is uncharted territory for me. Without lines, I’m semi blind, but I really truly want to get better at lighting, colors, and line-less works. 

slightly-awkward-cactus  asked:

for your 3 sentence meme: sterek on a plane :) thank you!

[i wrote 1k words, just so you know.]


“Maybe you should talk to him –”


“Stiles, we’re going to spend an entire week in Hawaii, just talk to him.”

“Well, he should’ve thought about it before throwing away my Star Wars box set.” When Scott opens his mouth to reply, Stiles covers it with a hand. “The Collector’s Edition, Scott.”

“It was an accident!” Derek replies from his seat behind them. Stiles made him trade with Scott and so now he’s sitting next to Allison, trying to get Stiles’ attention every five seconds like a grumpy cat.

“Scott, tell him I know he did it on purpose because he’s always been jealous of my love for Star Wars.”

“For God’s sake, Stiles.” Derek huffs, flopping back on his seat. “I didn’t complain this much when you scratched the Camaro!”

“It was a ding!”

“That’s beside the –”

“Gentlemen.” The flight-attendant calls, raising an eyebrow at them. “You’re disturbing the other passengers. Maybe one of you should move?” She says, but the look on her face clearly states that it’s not a suggestion, but more like an order.

“Fine.” Stiles huffs, standing. “I’ll sit next to Boyd, at least he doesn’t talk to me.”

“That’s because he doesn’t care!” Derek replies, childish, before Allison is punching his chest.

Even though he knows Allison has a mean punch, Stiles absolutely does not feel sorry for him.

At all.

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Skulking in the shadows of the long grass
You scratch an open gate
into the ground,
past the bars
to mark your place.

There’s no trace of me
as the sun rages down, but
If you take your hand from the dirt to my shirt,
hold your fingers to my chest,
find the place you can rest.

Your carvings
still cover my walls, and
it holds the measure of love,
seeping pain
Pulsating beneath your knuckles -
in my heart -
Feeling the space between our lips as
A lifetime apart
from the place in the city at the start
where our eyes caught for longer than
Just Friends.

Smiles of old and
established comfort -
How much was it worth
for the promise of gold?

[couldn't think of a title right now]

AN: heeeey thanks setsuphernalia for the au suggestions! It’s lit.

Pairing: SasuHina

Prompt: im on the bus and my 2-year-old won’t stop crying, except you just smiled at them and they did


“Are you serious?” Sasuke paced his living room. “You said it would done Sunday. Sunday. Do you know what today is?” He nodded and walked into the kitchen to wipe his son’s oatmeal covered face. “It’s Tuesday.”

“Papa,” whined the boy. He scratched his arms. “Itchy!”

Sasuke put the phone to his chest. “Daisuke, come on,” said the Uchiha male. He rubbed the boy’s arms with one hand. “I’m going to take you-”

“But it itchy!” He cried out.

Sasuke nodded and put the phone back to his ear. “I have to take my son to the doctors’ and you’re playing games.” He shook his head. “Whatever, whatever. You get it done.” Sasuke hung up.

Daisuke was still crying. Sasuke checked his watch. They could make the bus if they left now. He hated the bus and Daisuke wasn’t fond of being crowded, especially in the heat.


“Daisuke, you’re going to have to just calm down,” said Sasuke. He picked the child up and grabbed his keys. It was times like these when he actually missed his ex. She was good at this.

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One of Preacher Ector’s boys, loves to walk through the forest at night and count the stars through the whispering trees, grew up catching snakes for the sermons with his older brother Kay, jeans with the knees worn out, hands always covered in dust, cross always mounted over the headboard of his bed. Heavy admirer of what he finds beautiful, which is to say most things

I haven’t done a lot of work with this project, so I wanted to make a graphic to pretend I’m a productive person.


I’m trying to do my schoolwork, but I can see the goats in their new barn from my window, and it is highly, HIGHLY distracting.  Plus it’s gorgeous outside today, so I took a break from reading about everything that can go wrong with the renal/urinary/male reproductive systems to go take some photos and smooch some Nubians.