my hand is 5 years too slow

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List 10 songs you’re currently vibing to:

1. Rose Coloured Boy - Paramore
 2. Tell Me How - Paramore
3. Sweet Creature - Harry Styles
4. Mama - Jonas Blue
5. Certain Things - James Arthur
6. Slow Hands - Niall Horan
7. Talk - Kodaline
8. All I Ask - Adele 
9. One Last Time - Ariana Grande
10. She’s Not Me - Zara Larsson

Share 10 facts about yourself: ❤️

1. I’m one year away from being a photography graduate! 📷
2. I’m a massive fan of football (soccer to the Americans) and my team is Bolton Wanderers!
3. I have a mild obsession with Big Brother UK!
4. When I told my mum I was bisexual, she came out to me as bisexual too! 🏳️‍🌈
5. I work part time in a bakery! 👨‍🍳 
6. I have one male and one female best friend! 
7. I’m a super sensitive and emotional person! 
8. I’m a massive fidgeter! I was that annoying my classmates bought me a fidget cube for during lectures! 😂
9. My older brother is my hero!
10. I’m a FanFic whore and Calzona is end game!

I tag @heelyqueen @dreamofelectricmareep @pieces-falling-from-me @ithinkyoullknxw & @elisabethberkley to complete this too! 😊

Sorry for the onslaught of asks ! I can’t figure out how to check them in the iOS app anymore so I only answer them when I am not too lazy to check them on safari.

On the other hand!!!!!! IM ONE FOLLOWER AWAY FROM 2000!!!! I remember sophomore year, thanksgiving break and freaking out because I was like 7 away from 200…. wow I’m just 5 years my blog has grown so much. Thanks guys for being awesome and thanks for all the messages even if I’m slow to answer.


One of Constance’s most pleasurable activities is visiting the Public Library. At least once a week for the past twenty years she has been making the trip here to settle down in a comfortable chair and nourish her mind and soul with such heart-warming titles as Alternatives to Neoliberalism, a Marxist Perspective and Post-Anarchist Considerations on Totalitarianism and the Downfall of Capitalism. She prefers to do her reading at the library rather than borrowing the books and taking them home; she can never seem to find the time to read at home, not with 11 cats competing for her attention. The library is an oasis: calm and tranquil and for the most part free of cat hair. For the past few weeks she has been absorbed in a fascinating book called Direct Action versus Parliamentarism: The Impotence of Political Parties for Social Reconstruction and is looking forward to churning through several chapters today over a wholemeal watercress sandwich she brought from home. 

Except today she can’t find the book on the shelf. She scratches her head and looks again. Surely nobody could have borrowed it? Nobody has borrowed that book, ever…she noticed the first time she plucked it from the shelf that the card in the pocket in the front had never been stamped, was pristine, unsullied, unmarked…unloved. Much like herself, she had thought wrily.

She searches fruitlessly for another few minutes then admits defeat and approaches the front desk. The male librarian on duty listens with a serious expression while she explains.

Librarian: Somebody may have borrowed it. I’ll just check.

He taps some keys on his computer then gives a small nod of triumph.  

Librarian: Ha! I was right. It’s due back on the 21st.

Constance: What? Somebody’s actually borrowed it? That’s incredible. Nobody has ever taken it out before! I was thinking that it was a bit like me.

Librarian: What do you mean?

Constance: Oh, nothing. A very lame joke. Nobody’s ever taken me out before, either. You could say I’ve been permanently left on the shelf. 

Librarian: I find that very hard to believe.

Constance: What?

Librarian: I said, I find that very hard to believe.

Constance: That’s what I thought you said.

Librarian: I can reserve it for you when it comes back. Do you have your library card?

Constance hands him her card in slow-motion: it’s as if she’s been hypnotised.

Librarian: My name’s Stanley.

Constance: I’m Constance.

Librarian: I know.

Constance: What?

Librarian: It says on your card.

Constance: Oh. 

She wonders if it would be too forward of her to ask if he likes cats.