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Persona 5 : Phantom Thieves Edition Click & drag [Do not repost !]

Another c&d bc I love Persona way too much ! I added Mishima since he is a member of the PT as well and  i’ll fight you with my bare hands if you disagree


I was going to keep his head down, but my hand disagreed with me.  He’s still cute, though…

I gave up after I drew him, but I wanted to complete this, so, mhm.  This is fine.

Idea from @floppyamon , I hope you think it looks all right.


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"Is that a hand I feel on my butt?"

“Papa,” Peter giggled uncontrollably as Steve purposefully turned away from him. “Papa.”

"Can you hear something, honey?” Steve asked Tony, who was trying to hold back laughter of his own. “It’s like a squeaking noise.”

“I can hear something,” Tony agreed. “I have no idea what it could be, though.”

Behind Steve, Peter giggled again. “Papa.”

"There’s the squeaking again!” he gasped, grinning.

“Papa!” Peter squealed, planting his little pudgy hands on Steve’s backside.

“Is that a hand I feel on my butt?” Steve asked.

“It can’t be,” Tony disagreed. “My hands are right here.”

“Well there’s definitely someone - Peter!” Steve gasped melodramatically, finally turning around. “I’d wondered where you’d gotten to!”

Peter was cackling as he threw his arms up in the air, and Steve dutifully scooped him up into his arms for a kiss.

"How long have you been down there, little bean?” he asked.

“Uh long time, Papa,” Peter grinned. “Y’can’t see, ol’ man!”

"Wow, okay, Daddy has been teaching you new stuff again, hasn’t he?” Steve laughed, and then sent Tony an exasperatingly fond look. “If anyone’s the old man in this family, it’s Daddy.”

“Rude,” Tony replied, sticking his tongue out.

Fury Road and misogyny in the fandom

Misogyny is obviously a thing in our world. That’s why I take people in the fandom seriously when they point out misogyny. I want to know how they experience it, how it works and how it affects them. And what we can do to prevent it.

Because, honestly? I do not see much misogyny in the fandom.

Yeah let me explain ok. I have such a great time here. After I watched the movie I literally spent weeks doing nothing besides reading meta and headcanon. Fury Road absorbed me, ok? I contribute meta and fanart myself and sometimes participate in discussions. Aside from maybe one incident there was never a time I had the impression people were disregarding each other? Or even being misogynistic?

Do I overlook these incidents? Or do I interpret them differently?

Is the popularity of the War Boys really misogynistic considering the relative unpopularity to the Wives/Sisters? Or are we all just war boys like bonehandledknife pointedly says? I’m not sure if the War Boys are preferred by the fandom because of misogynistic reasons or because it is so much easier to grasp their concept. I think the reasons for the War Boys’ popularity are much more complex than to simply blame it on misogyny.

What I have seen many times, however, is people calling out other fans for liking War Boys. As if it was a sin to like male characters when there are -finally!- developed female characters. So yeah maybe I have seen people disregard other fans, albeit because of some kind of gatekeeping rather than misogyny.

Your thoughts and opinions please.


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