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What do you think of raw food diets? I'm a final year vet student and one of our senior clinicians absolutely hates them. We have to barrier nurse them in the uni hospital, which I sort of agree with but am trying to get a few different opinions out of interest. Question tax: what was the last book you read for fun? Was it any good?

I have spoken about raw feeding here, but you can find other posts on the same topic using the search function.

Overall I’m fairly neutral on it for adult, healthy dogs and cats, however those that are raw feeding zealots would interpret that as being against it, and somehow in the pocket of the pet food industry. (I wish, I could really do with a few thousand extra dollars right now.)

They are not a miracle cure for everything under the sun, though they can be useful, sometimes, in pets with food allergies or IBD. But they do cause the pets to shed increased numbers of food borne bacteria in their saliva, feces and on their hair. Of particular concern are salmonella and campylobacter.

Note that I specified ‘healthy’. Because of their increased bacterial load, I generally recommend against feeding raw if the family has young children, or if someone in the household is immunosuppressed. If you are in a hospital situation where other patients potentially have suppressed immune systems, and it’s a hospital so at some point you will, barrier nursing those raw fed patients (or feeding cooked for the duration of their hospital stay) is a reasonable precaution.

(My personal pet hate is when I see a raw fed animal dog vomiting and diarrhea 6 times in 12 months and they still refuse to consider feeding it a cooked diet.)

Raw feeding advocates might take offense at their pets basically being treated like a biohazard, but in a hospital you need to consider the bigger picture. Humans on chemo are told to avoid high risk foods for the same reason.

The last book I read for fun was the Shepherd’s Crown by Terry Pratchett. Shows you how long it’s been, but I don’t have a lot of spare time these days.

Soulmate!AU: Xu Minghao (The8)

Prompt: You have the same coloured hair as your soulmate. If one of you changes it , the other’s change too.


  • Your mother had told you from a young age that whenever your soulmate changed their hair colour
  • Yours would change to match theirs
  • At first you didn’t believe her
  • Bc your hair throughout your childhood had remained a constant colour
  • Which was black
  • However
  • When you were about 17-18
  • You woke up one day and your hair was blue
  • And you were like ???
  • What is happening am I dying
  • And your mum came in and was like
  • Damn your soulmate has weird taste in hair colour
  • And you’re like akdnkdndks
  • It’s not my soulmate
  • But then your mind was changed after a couple weeks
  • When your hair changed to a mix of pastel blue, pink and yellow
  • Tbvh it kinda suited you well
  • And everyone else thought so too
  • Now you’re just confused
  • What does your supposed soulmate do for a living
  • Like do they have a job???
  • You were going to find out somehow
  • A couple months later your hair turned to a more natural blond-ish colour
  • And you had recently started getting into a Kpop group
  • And their name was seventeen
  • You don’t know what it was about them
  • But they had great music
  • And amazing personalities
  • There was also a member who shone the brightest to you
  • His name was xu minghao
  • He had a beautiful smile
  • His dancing skills were no joke either
  • Although he wasn’t the most popular member
  • He was your favourite and you loved him very much
  • Somehow
  • In some way
  • Seventeen came to your town and you managed to score tickets to a fan signing
  • You were so excited
  • You couldn’t wait to meet your favourite boys
  • The day finally rolled around
  • And your hair had changed again
  • And was now bright red
  • Seventeen had just come back with their latest hit “boom boom”
  • It’s lit
  • You also vaguely noticed that minghaos hair was red too
  • But pushed it to the back of your mind
  • Meeting the boys was fantastic
  • And just being in the presence of them was overwhelming
  • Minghao was near the end of the table
  • So you went through all the other members
  • And you had a wonderful conversation with them all
  • And then you got to minghao
  • Who looked up at you
  • And did a double take
  • Bc what tf you have the same colour hair as me
  • He asked you a couple questions
  • Like what’s your name etc
  • And then he was like
  • “How often has your hair changed colour?”
  • And you were like
  • “A couple times in the last few years and it only recently changed to this colour”
  • And he was like
  • “How recent”
  • At this point you thought you were going crazy
  • “Like 2 weeks ago”
  • He nodded and had a slight blush on his cheeks before he scribbled something down on the page
  • You thanked him and witnessed his cute smile
  • The one where his cheeks are so round and full
  • And didn’t think anything of it afterwards
  • Until you got home
  • And checked what he had written on the post it note
  • “I think you are my soulmate, but I didn’t want to make a fuss in front of everyone, so here is my number”
  • At the bottom of the sheet it said
  • “I’m dying my hair again in a couple weeks, tell me if yours does the same”
  • So you went on about your daily life
  • A couple weeks later
  • Bam! Your hair was now silver
  • You remembered what minghao had written down and immediately sent him a message with a photo attachment
  • “My hair is silver now”
  • Not even 5 minutes later
  • Minghao responded
  • With a similar picture
  • And the same colour hair
  • You were so happy right now
  • You couldn’t believe your soulmate was the xu minghao
  • And your mother was right all along
  • Minghao was your soulmate
  • And you guys would have matching hair whenever you saw each other


A different kinda au!! I hope you guys like it~

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Oh does the FrostIron Fairy has me intrigued. I would wonder if Tony questions his willingness to engage with him. How long has Loki really been following him and is he one of the fairies that visits Thor?

Loki has visited Thor several times, but never gets too close to the woodsman. He is a giant after all, but Thor always leaves pretty things for Loki, and one time as Loki perched in the the tree above Thors wood pile, watching as the man swung an axe to fill his wood shed, Thor spoke without looking up, without pausing in his work–

“You remind me of my younger brother, Thomas. His hair was curly, but the way you are quiet and watch is how he used to. He died when we were young, we were on a bridge and he fell off the edge and I couldnt save him. But with you hanging about, it almost seems like he is here again.” 

Loki didnt answer, because he never did, but the next time Thor left one of those lovely scarves out on his deck as a gift, Loki wove a flower crown and left it as a thank you. 

He laughed until he nearly fell from the tree when Thor wore it the next time he went to chop wood. 

They have an odd friendship, but Loki thinks if it wasnt for him, Thor would be all alone in the woods, and that makes him sad, so he keeps coming back. 

#frostiron fairy

i’m not mad.

i. Whoever said that holding your breath and counting to ten helps to stanch anger was a dirty, rotten liar; in fact, he probably gave this advice so he could mock the next person that followed it. Holding one’s breath accomplishes nothing but making the breath-holder look completely ridiculous. I took it to extremes as a child, promising that I would absolutely not breathe until I got my way. I petulantly puffed out my cheeks until they shifted a dangerous shade of red and my vision swam a bit, just to prove my strength of will. Then I very sneakily breathed through my nose. I was a little monster when I was angry– I pulled hair, I bit arms, I clawed and threw toys, I whispered vicious barbs into the ear of my beloved, and infinitely irksome, brother. I assume I looked quite ugly. I am not one of those girls with a delicate frown. My childhood anger was not cold and clean around the edges, like the young ladies in books. I did not bother to contain it in meticulously crafted insults. I cared little for my own dignity; rather, I surged with a determination to feel the gratifying scrapes from the tile floor and to make my enemy, be who it may, feel them worse. I was a chubby, snaggle-toothed Godzilla, and I was terrifying. It was glorious.
ii. Anger in its most undiluted form is a talent that all are born with, and few learn to keep. Fewer still are entitled to it, and I cannot help but feel a mixture of disgust and envy towards those white, straight men who can scream at a television or traffic jam or woman with little differentiation and no consequences. I am often resentful towards these people who have the privilege of being mad in whichever way they please– truthfully, I could do it better. They lack creativity. It is always the same pattern of lashing out, followed by the predictable painfulness of shouldering their sulking, their tantrums, their messes. It’s overdone, and done again at every inconvenience. Entitlement begets dullness. Give the freedom to be angry to those harboring a lifetime of unfairness, violation, and frustration within themselves. They will make the most of it.
iii. There comes a point where the people who are not allowed to be angry are unceremoniously partitioned from the ones who are; I’m not sure when it happens, but it does. I remember it in elementary school, where I learned to swallow my words along with my graham crackers– both felt like chalk in my throat, which was dry from anxiety at making my teacher upset. Calling boys poopy-heads was, apparently, not a very attractive thing for a young lady to do. I remember it in middle school, where I learned to smooth the lines in my forehead. Frown lines stick, I was told. I remember it in the litany of casual wisdom imparted by my mother, my friend’s mother, the mother of a character on television: snotty post-crying noses are revolting, being bossy is a bad thing, nobody likes a temper, you won’t make or keep friends this way, taking the high road is more mature. I saw it happen to the people around me, from the black girl who used to sit passively next to me in Sunday school as the aforementioned poopy-heads snagged her curls in their sticky fingers, to the waitress at the restaurant I used to work at pretending not to hear the man she was serving make lewd insinuations about how the menu didn’t have anything he was interested in eating– was she for sale? I saw the response to taunts of “ching-chong” bit back into the cheek of the Chinese student in my physics class, I saw that careful apathy in the mirror as I practiced my poker face for the next time someone brought up The Gays at dinner. We all choked down retorts, balled up fists behind our backs, tried holding our breath and counting to ten, with varying frequency. We all became more agreeable, more friendly, more palatable. At times, we do it to each other, purposefully stepping on toes and expecting people to lay down on the ground and turn the other cheek for our heels to grind into. Why we do this, when we are all just as familiar with how humiliating this is, is beyond me. Perhaps we do it for the illusion that, for once, we are not the ones belly-up.
iv. I digress; the people who have kept their knack for unfettered anger inspire me. There’s a stubborn streak to the way some women act the part of the bitch, a streak that appeals to me as much as it appalls me. It’s ugly, I think when I see veins popping from necks and hear voices that crack with emotion. Then again, that’s the point. These people who refuse to accept anger as a luxury, but rather demand it as a right, have fought for it. As much as it is genuine, it is political, and radically so. It is a deliberate challenge to the monopoly on negative emotion, a threat to the neat binary of “allowed to be angry” and “other.”
v. I am not easily provoked to anger anymore. I’ve grown to hate confrontation, which I blame on my astrological sign (I’m a Libra). I try my best to be patient with others, because that is a virtue. I list excuses instead of blaming the person– they might be tired, hungry, misinformed, sad, they’ve had a bad day, a bad week, a bad month. Maybe their behavior is also the fault of their birth chart (an excess of fire signs, harsh aspects between their Mars, Sun, or Pluto, Mars in the seventh house– I’ve done extensive research on the topic). When I begin to get annoyed, I take three deep breaths and pretend that my mean words are graham crackers. Sometimes, people will ask if I am mad at them. The thought scares me. I don’t remember how it feels to scream in frustration, to pitch a fit. The idea of being angry is alien to me, it is volatile and full of too many opportunities for hurt feelings. I shun it and shake my head. No, I’m not mad. I stuff it inside of myself because I have a reputation for being nice. I am pleasant, sometimes so much so that it sickens me. People feel comfortable comparing lesbians to pedophiles around me, and I resist the urge to spit at them. It would perpetuate the man-hating trope that invalidates the opinions of other, intelligent, unbiased queer people. Comments are often made about my appearance, and I graciously ignore them with as little awkwardness as possible. I do not push back, or demand an apology. It would ruin the spirit of open dialogue. It would be oversensitive of me. My intellect is casually slighted, and I humor it. I don’t argue with people; instead, I swallow the bitter pill of my unspoken words and will the knot in my stomach to dissolve. I’m not mad, I don’t think I have been in many, many years– but I wish I was.

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i mean, he is faking it hard. larry isn’t. look at it this way, it’s so horrifying it’s emmerdale’s way to celebrate halloween

I’m gonna be so mean in about five seconds… I should preface this by saying, in general I love body hair, the more the better - it’s natural. I also like age-gap relationships (within reason).

But something about Larry’s bare nekkid fuzzy shoulders… especially next to Robert’s smooth young dolphin body (cos dolphins are the only thing that pop into my head when I try and think of hairless creatures… obv)… I actually feel queasy. I think it’s cos I really dislike Lawrence as a character now and find him supremely unattractive. He’s on a par with his youngest daughter in his levels of desperado. 

But Lawbert in bed together?? Robert trying to perform his boyfriendly duties???

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Mrs Willison’s Homemade Jam

by reddit user FamilialDichotomy

As a child, I was a picky eater like I assume most children are. As my parents tell it, my eating habits transcended normal childhood proclamations of “I don’t like broccoli!” and evolved into a refusal to eat absolutely anything of substance. Things other children might eat and enjoy like chicken nuggets, spaghetti, or even a hot dog were shunned by toddler me. It got to the point, they say, where they and my paediatrician became concerned for my health.

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K-Pop Group BTS Reveals Its Biggest Beauty Secrets for Glowing Skin

Last month, BTS, a K-Pop group from Seoul, cemented itself in American pop culture by winning the Top Social Artist Award at the Billboard Music Awards. The second the boy band hit the magenta red carpet, thousands were exposed to the wonders of K-Pop. Since then, people have been quick to call BTS, which is short for Bangtan Sonyeondan (or Bulletproof Boy Scouts in English), the One Direction of South Korea. However, that’s just an easy way to give them some context. In reality, BTS is actually completely different. Why? The seven-piece group’s performances are complete with flawless choreography, expert rapping, high-fashion looks, and insanely catchy vocals. Oh yeah, and they look damn good while doing so.

No matter where BTS is, their skin is forever smooth and has an enviable glow to it. Their eyes are typically adorned with a subtle smoky eye look, which both Jin and Jimin told me is their favorite part of wearing makeup. Their lips always have that popsicle-stained look that everyone’s been craving lately. Their hair colors are constantly changing, too. In 2017 alone, Jimin’s hair has been bubblegum pink, silver, platinum blonde, sandy blonde, and caramel brown. If they had to choose just one shade, though, Rap Monster tells Allure that he prefers “ash gray and ash blue because these complement my skin tone well.” Agreed. Also, Suga added that his favorite hair color is blonde because “I just need to de-color and that’s it.”

The beauty aspect of BTS’s fame alone separates them from the likes of One Direction, the Jonas Brothers, and the Backstreet Boys. And their legions of fans, lovingly called A.R.M.Y., live for it. YouTube is filled with makeup tutorials inspired by looks from BTS’s music videos. A whole Tumblr account called Dewy Bangtan is even devoted to tracking down the beauty products BTS uses based on screenshots from behind-the-scenes videos.

If the names I mentioned above didn’t ring any bells, let me give you a quick summary of each of the seven members of BTS.


At 24, Jin is the oldest member of BTS, but he doesn’t act like it. He has a very specific skin care-related reason for that. In a recent video, he said, “I have a motto of my life, ‘If you behave young, your face becomes young, too.’” Noted. His good looks went viral after the Billboard Awards. On Twitter, he was called the “third one from the left”, accompanied by dozens of heart-eye emojis. His response? He’s “worldwide handsome.”


Many will identify with Suga, one of the group’s rappers, on a spiritual level, as I do. When he isn’t working his ass off producing, writing, and composing songs, he just likes to lay. Same. Just as his hair color preference suggests, he’s the most low-maintenance of the Bangtan Boys as far as beauty routines goes. He’s basically a granddad trapped in a 24-year-old’s body.


V’s interests lie in the finer things in life like Gucci, Van Gogh, and photography. The 21-year-old also makes some of the most hilarious facial expressions and has the most velvety voice in BTS. Some consider him to be the most handsome in the group, but I’ll let you decide.


Jimin is the king of selfies. BTS’s Twitter is filled with evidence of this statement. In their music videos, you can pick him out by his sharp dance moves. In a group photos, you can pick him out by his seriously adorable baby face. Don’t let it fool you — he’s not the youngest. He’s 21. And if anyone was wondering, he’s what K-Pop fans call my “bias,” aka my favorite. His pink hair sealed the deal for me.


Ok, now it’s time to talk about the youngest member of BTS. Jungkook, 19, is a classic, hard-working millennial. He can do everything, including sing (in English), dance, and rap, and do it all incredibly well. When not suited-up in a dress shirt or velvet bomber jacket on stage, you can catch him wearing a white T-shirt and Timberlands.

Rap Monster

Meet the leader of the group. BTS was literally built around the 22-year-old. As you probably could have guessed, Rap Monster, well, raps. He’s also BTS’s mouthpiece. Fluent in English, he usually takes the lead in stateside interviews. (Watching Friends helped him learn the language.) He has a habit of winking in photo shoot and making people across the world melt. Cringe-worthy hairstyles from BTS’s debut in 2013 aside, Rap Monster has some of the best looks of BTS.


I’m convinced J-Hope’s ever-positive personality is the true secret behind his glowing skin. (More on his actual secrets later.) Also 22, he’s like BTS’s portable charger, giving them (and fans) the energy and encouragement. Watching him dance will give you strength, too. Trust. He’s s-o g-o-o-d.

Now that we’re all on the same page, here’s the best part: BTS took a break from their massive world tour, which has made stops in the US, Australia, and Brazil, to chat with me about their skin care routines. Yup, you’re about to find out some of their secrets.

Why is it important to you to take good care of your skin?

Jin: “Skin is what completes my appearance. I value my looks very much, so it’s equally important to take good care of my skin — that’s a pivotal part of my face.”

J-Hope: “Taking good care of your skin is the No.1 rule for all celebs. I get to meet a lot of fans face-to-face at fan meetings and similar events, and I’d like to look my best for them.”

What’s your biggest skin concern?

Rap Monster: “My skin is dry most of the time, and my biggest concern is keeping it [moisturized]. I get zits from time to time and that concerns me as well.”

Jungkook: “I get pimples sometimes, and it’s very stressful.”

You guys travel a lot. Do you do any skin-care treatments while you’re on the plane to keep your skin from freaking out?

V: “On the plane, I dampen cotton pads with toner and put on lotion twice as much.”

Jimin: “I don’t really do anything extra special for my skin on the plane, but I try to drink as much water as possible.”

What are some of your favorite beauty products?

V: “I’ve been looking for my absolute favorite beauty product for a long time because my skin becomes dry and oily relatively fast. I haven’t found the right one, but I’m not giving up! Any recommendations?”

What is your skin routine like?

J-Hope: “[In the morning, I use] toner and face cream. [At night, the steps are] toner, essence, acne care, lotion, cream.”

Jungkook: “Toner and cream for night and morning routine.”

A lot of people find skin care routines to be a form of self care. Do you agree?

Rap Monster: “I totally agree. My favorite brand is Mediheal, and it has a variety of sheet masks you can choose from after a long day of work.”

Jimin: “I do agree because I try to clear my mind by cleansing my face after performances.”

Do you have any bad skin care habits?

Suga: “My bad habit is that I don’t take care of my skin.”

V: “I don’t particularly have a bad habit, but I’m worried about my skin having lack of elasticity. How can I prevent this?”

Are there any Korean beauty trends that you particularly love?

Jin: “I love sheet masks. I try to put them on whenever I feel my skin is dry and exposed too much to the sun. They help me make up for lost moisture and brighten my skin.”

Do you have any go-to skin care tips for clear, glowing skin?

J-Hope: “I try to go to the dermatologist when I have some free time after work.”

Jungkook: “I wish I had one! Let me know, and I’ll try.”

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Will you ever draw Yurio's reception to Viktor's mafia? You've traced it in one ask (with rain and street and everything), and it was so beautiful that I want to see it drawed *♡* (And then I could fangirl over it even more because your Mafia AU is better than drugs)

Hahahaha, I wanted to draw it too, so, here is is! >w<

Victor also had long hair in this AU when he was young :3
Yurio resisted at first, but, he quickly began to enjoy the family he had become a part of ^w^

The Reason I Don’t Do Cold Readings Anymore…

by reddit user Skarjo

I don’t do ‘Cold Readings’ anymore. I don’t tell fortunes. I don’t read tea leaves.

And I do not do contact ‘the other side’.

Look, don’t judge me alright? It was an easy gig. I mean, the first time I did it, it was a joke. I did it just to impress a girl. You’ve been there right? It was something I’d read about online and I thought I’d give it a go.

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when my grandma was a young woman she and her friends used to pick out their best dresses and do up their hair and put on their gloves and go ride the streetcars downtown in detroit to dance with handsome soldiers to live big band music

once, she saw sinatra perform live

“grandma,” i said, “what was he like???”

“he was very…” she paused, searching for the right words. i leaned forward. “…skinny,” she said, mouth twisted in derision. “i never understood what girls saw in him. standing behind a microphone, he just about disappeared.”

grandma lived to be 93 and she was fiercely loyal and she had such a warm, sweet love for her family but let’s take a moment to remember her like this, too: standing there with her whole life ahead of her, dressed to the nines and surrounded by friends, 1000% fucking unimpressed with frank sinatra

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thx for drawing young lucretia w white hair like everyone forgets and i get sad because its such a cool detail

You know, I was never sure if it was mean to be an age thing or a permanent trait (since she’s only in her 50′s ‘currently’, I guess your hair can turn all white by then)

I just liked it so much when first drawing her, I had to keep it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I love Reinhardt so much because he’s like this huge buff intimidating old man in a steel armor with a giant hammer that he rams into his opponents… but he’s also a fan of D.Va and shyly asks her to say her catchphrase, he calls his teammates “my friends”, he shouts “wait for me!” when he respawns, he talks about his tan in the map Watchpoint: Gibraltar, he tells Ana she’s as lovely as ever, he often says “I’m not as young as I used to be” when he charges into an obstacle, and when Pharah tells him she used to have posters of him in her room when she was little, he says “I remember the poster! I had good hair in it!”

Tl;dr: Reinhardt is amazing and I’m growing so fond of him

BTS reaction to overhearing other members talking about their s/o

Seokjin: Jin overheard Jimin talking about you. “Have you guys seen y/n round an juic- OH HEY JIN!?” Jin is the type of guy that doesn’t get jealous that easy on the surface so he’d start joking around to mess with Jimin while dying on the inside.

“You mean her butt? Ahh yes, my jagi is beautiful but you better stop talking about her like that. You wouldn’t have even a little bit of a chance considering that you’re so small, you can’t even reach the things on top of a shelf”

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Namjoon: The most jealous guy ever. He’d hear Taehyung talking about you in your dress that you wore the other day. “Hot! Smoking hot!” Being angry as fuck he ran towards him. After a little talk he’ll eventually calm down.

“Smoking hot? Are you talking about yourself after I set you on fire? She is MINE, you know that.”

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Yoongi: He’d be the most annoyed but also really subtle about it. He’d overhear Hoseok being pervy as always talking about how much cleavage you show. “It’s really hot. I mean I’d be a bit concerned if I was Yoongi, probably a lot of guys are hitting on her” Yoongi would just sit casually besides Hobie and change the subject after his comment.

“You’re right, but I was hoping at least my best friends would not talk about her like that.” 

Originally posted by minshoot

Hoseok: Hoseok is a weird ass guy. He’d be kinda proud of being your boyfriend and ignore the fact that Jungkook just talked to the others about you. “…and her hair! All around from top to bottom. She’s bomb.” Like Yoongi he would just join the conversation.

“I know kookie, this is my girlfriend how did I deserve her? Anyway aren’t you a little bit to young for her?”

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Taehyung: Tae knows what’s his and he is very protective of you and… JEALOUS. But only when you aren’t around. He’d overhear Namjoon’s kinky comment. “I’d like y/n to call me Daddy.” Jealous Taehyung mode on. 

“Well I guess it’s good to know that she SCREAMS Daddy while I eat her out and doesn’t have time to think about you.”

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Jimin: Cute mochi would be angry as fuck. Jin wanted to make one of his jokes but it turned out quite unpleasing for Jimin. “ see him like this we need something better. I know! Y/n needs to get naked starts laughing” 

“Hell no, Jin. You better apologize.” 

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Jungkook: Usually Jungkook is the typical cocky and jealous type but his hyung Yoongi accidentally said that your his type. “I’d do her. Oh, I’m sorry Jungkook I forgot.” Kookie would get so angry on the inside but remain calm on the outside

“Of course… No, no problem. Even though it was quite inappropriate.. What, no I’m not mad”

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YOUR BITCH IS BACK!!! And I’m better than ever.. not. Thanks for still liking and rebloging my posts. The school year is practically over so I have more time now, yeay!

Things I want to see in Young Justice Season 3

Red Hood and the Outlaws.

Imagine it: Tigress is on a mission when she hears someone shout “Artemis!” and goes “???? That’s MY name” before remembering the red-haired Amazon that Jason has been following around like a lost puppy

Connor finds out that he has ANOTHER crazy older brother and just goes “fuck this shit, I’m out”

Tim goes to the ruins of the Cave to get something and finds Jason just… chilling there, basking in the memories, and is like “??????? Didn’t you die?” and Jason responds “Only a little bit”

Red Hood meeting Arsenal and the Watchtower suddenly collectively just goes “FUCK” because now there’s two of them

More Good Dad Batman™

Just… the Outlaws, guys


People always ask me why I decided to “go natural” and the answer is simple, I never decided. I didn’t wake up with a plan, I just embraced my inner being. I allowed the young woman who was always there to step forward. 👑

So when you see me just know my hair wasn’t a choice. It’s not a trend. It’s not an accessory. It’s who I am. Being natural is more than hair. Hair is expendable. “Natural” is a lifestyle, it’s a feeling, it’s a movement, it’s a vibe. Whether I rock an afro, a fade, braids, locs or twists… it’s mine. And I will not be suppressed, not at all.

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Handyman (m)

Word count: 9.4k

Genre/Warnings: smut, angst, sub!Jimin, dirty talk

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Summary: Jimin is your landlord’s son. After one stressful day he comes to fix your shower for you. You find yourself constantly thinking about him. Could he be the perfect submissive? (here’s some lovely Jimin moans for the occasion: credit to owner)

I’ve been working on this for forever so i’m excited about it! :)

Parts:  one | two | three 

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Why I cut my hair short

A lot of people have been asking for my reasons behind cutting my hair short. Well, I’m here to spread the official reasons why.

  • I wanted the perfect Wolverine cosplay and needed to achieve his hairstyle (which I can now do with gel)
  • Short hair doesn’t block the exhaust vents in my jetpack
  • I am the opposite of the biblical Samson- I’m stronger the shorter my hair is (but the world couldn’t contain me if I cut it any shorter)
  • My hair flowing in the wind distracted those around me, causing mild traffic accidents wherever I went
  • Apparently secret societies enforce a maximum hair length
  • I needed a rope in order to escape from a locked tower and my scalp isn’t as strong as Rapunzel’s, so I wove a rope
  • My plans after graduation involve disguising myself as a young man and running away to seek my fortune
  • Short hair doesn’t show under my superhero cowl (or stealthy ski mask)
  • When I sang, birds came to style my hair and got tangled in my long locks
  • My pet dragon kept singeing my hair
  • I wanted to. That’s it. I promise. The only reason you need to cut your hair.

why-am-i-up-at-3am  asked:

*SLAMS FIST ON TABLE* MORE HEADCANONS. srs tho yours have got to be my fav i'm a slut for meme voltron shit.

happy season 2 my dudes!!

  • pidge swore off nature forever after getting a mosquito bite on a family camping trip
  • lance: “hunk is objectively perfect in every way” pidge: “false” lance: “explain” pidge: “he eats pineapple on his pizza”
    • lance, through clenched teeth and with visible effort: “hunk is… objectively perfect…… in……… every…………… way……………………..”
    • lance is a dedicated stan which is good because sometimes hunk tests his loyalty
  • real talk, all of them believed in aliens before the whole voltron thing. they’re space nerds who went to space nerd school and i know for a fact that it’s almost impossible to take an astronomy class w/o walking out convinced that They’re Out There
  • coran: *goofy space uncle with sick mustache* also coran: *lowkey the most likely in the castle of lions to have killed a guy*
  • when alteans are young their shapeshifting is really hard to control
    • so: 10 foot tall purple-haired green-skinned toddler allura
  • shiro’s in a weird mental place where he’s constantly stressed but also so used to things going wrong that when something does he’s like “well I suppose that’s a thing that’s happening”
  • has anyone else noticed that keith’s knife is like strapped over his butt
    • [galra soldiers corner the paladins] “alright i’m warning you, if you guys don’t back off right now my man keith here is gonna pull out his ass knife”

“When I was young, there was one girl I drew; one body and face and hair. It was my idea of what a girl should be. The perfect woman. And when I got out of the Army, somebody, a cousin of mine, knew a model, a hat model at a place called Laden Hats. He said, ‘Stan, there’s this really pretty girl named Betty. I think you’d like her. She might like you. Why don’t you go over and ask her to lunch.’ Blah, blah, blah.

"So I went up to this place. Betty didn’t answer the door. But Joan answered, and she was the head model. I took one look at her — and she was the girl I had been drawing all my life. And then I heard the English accent. And I’m a nut for English accents! She said, 'May I help you?’ And I took a look at her, and I think I said something crazy like, 'I love you.’ I don’t remember exactly. But anyway, I took her to lunch. I never met Betty, the other girl. I think I proposed to Joan at lunch.”
-Stan Lee on how he met Joan

R.I.P Joan Lee, mother of the marvel universe. You will be missed.

  • Baz: im a fucking vampire that can bite your neck and literally suck all of the blood out of your weak mortal body
  • Baz: im an edgelord like dont fucking touch me im so edged i would fucking cut you
  • Baz: the only thing darker than my hair is my fucking soul because its so dark and full of death
  • Baz: you cant break whats already broken because im dead
  • Baz: i feel noth-
  • Simon: *stuffs a little too much food in his mouth*
  • Baz: oh my god he's a baby squirrel that needs my love and affection . also i need to pet his fluffy hair because squirrel