my hair was surprisingly curly all night

Preference #90 Going To The Movies

You loved movies, especially the classics. A few days ago, you were downtown when you discovered a cinema that was down on the corner of the street from where you and Niall lived, and to your surprise, they only showed vintage films. You begged Niall to go with you and when he finally gave in, you were ecstatic. You practically ran out of your shared flat, dragging Niall along with you. You purchased the tickets right away and sat in the painfully old and squeaky blue seats. The film started rolling while Niall and you munched away at the bucket of cheese popcorn you had bought. The movie had your full attention, to the point that you didn’t realize Niall had fallen asleep until his head swayed lightly, landing on your shoulders.
When the movie ended, you decided to get him back for falling asleep. The Irish guy was a heavy sleeper, so playing pranks on him wouldn’t be much of a problem. Quietly, you removed Niall’s head from your shoulders and you walked to the back, behind the seats Niall and you once occupied. You ducked in the small, tight space, patiently waiting for him to wake up and realize that you left. After a good fifteen minutes, he awoke, startled and horrified.
“Shit,” you heard his thick accent say as he stood up, frantically searching for you. “Y/N?” he called out. Niall ruffled his hair, and began gathering the empty popcorn carton when you rose from behind and scared him.
“AH!!!! Shit!” He screamed. “What’d you do that for, babe?”
“That’s what you get for sleeping!” you laughed and stuck your tongue out and walked to the exit, leaving a confused Niall behind.

Being the man with a kid’s spirit Liam was, when he came back from tour, you surprised him with IMAX tickets to see the Avengers. Liam agreed excitedly and couldn’t stop fidgeting while the two of you drove to the theater. Luckily, you booked the tickets on a weekday, which meant there wouldn’t be much of a crowd. When you got there, you fetched the tickets out of your purse and presented it to the guard, allowing you and Liam access to the movie screening, while she handed you your 3D glasses. Liam was beyond happy and towards the end of the film, he tore his gaze away from the movie to thank you.
“For what?” you questioned.
Liam took your hand gently and responded, “For this. I really appreciate it, babe,” He gave you a kiss on the lips that soon turned into a heated make-out session, without minding anybody else in the small, almost-empty theatre. You didn’t notice that the credits were already rolling and the movie was finished until a flash light shone brightly on Liam and you, blinding you both.
“Oh!” a guard screamed awkwardly. “I’m sorry ma’am, and sir but, uhm-you gotta go. Movie’s over, folks,” he said as you peeled yourself away from Liam in embarrassment. On the way to the car, you both laughed it off, giggling at the officer’s terrified reaction.

It was no secret that you and Louis were great troublemakers. Preston and all their security guards absolutely dreaded it when you came to visit your boyfriend on tour because they knew well the disaster the two of you were going to cause. You pulled pranks on the boys and even their whole team, and they had no idea how to get back at both of you. It was strange to people how someone can have the same crazy mind and humor Louis Tomlinson had. But there was a group of people that you hadn’t tried a prank on yet, the fans. When you flew to Orlando for the boys’ new movie, Louis had the idea to prank the fans who attended the special screening. It took you a night to plan the whole thing secretly and when the night finally arrived, you couldn’t wait. You both disguised hideously to hide your identity, and surprisingly you did great. Nobody noticed who you two were. Throughout the whole movie, Louis and you pretended to be annoying directioners.
“Oh my gosh! Neil is just so hot with curly hair and all!” your boyfriend exclaimed loudly causing eyes to glare at him. He said it pretty well, typical mean girl style with the annoying accent to match. If they only knew what else was in store for them. The movie went on with Louis interrupting a lot, and throwing unnecessary comments here and there. Eventually, you saw that someone had had enough and called the security.
“Lou! Security,” you murmured, signaling Louis on your next plan.
He nodded, the curls from the blonde wig bobbed up and down and he grabbed something beneath the seats, numerous cans of silly string. Before security could get to you, you and Lou both shook it and fired it at the fans, causing them to all turn to look at you, annoyed. If looks could kill, you would’ve been murdered. You saw the security coming, probably to escort you both out and charge you when suddenly, Lou peeled the mask from his face, and the wig on top of his head, revealing who he was. The security was taken aback when you removed your disguise as well, giggling at the fans’ new reaction. They all squealed in excitement, rushing over to Lou and even you, to take pictures. After about half an hour, you got back home to the hotel with a smile plastered on you and your boyfriend’s faces. Soon, the whole event was trending on twitter and everybody gushed on about how mischievous you and Lou were.

Dating Harry, you never got a lot of time to see him because he was always touring and traveling. Having him spend time with you for at least a day was more than enough. Harry suggested you go out to see The Age of Adaline, a film both of you had been dying to see for weeks now. But as soon as he stepped down the car, fans and paparazzi bombarded you two, making it hard to get to in the theatre. You waited at the side, with tickets and food as Harry stopped by to snap pictures with some of the fans. As he made his way inside, he apologized, “I’m sorry, love. I know you’re not okay with this and I’ll make it up to you. Do you want to go somewhere else?”
Sighing, you interrupted him, “Harry, it’s fine. Let’s just go in, shall we?” Harry nodded in response, as you two made your way to the far seats in the corner of the large, dark theatre. By the middle of the movie, you just couldn’t take it anymore. From the corner of your eye, you could see your boyfriend gazing at you.
“Harry, what’s up? Why are you staring?” you asked curiously.
Even in the dark you swear you saw Harry went tomato-red, embarrassed that he had been caught. “Nothing it’s just,” he groaned, “you’re so beautiful. And I have no idea how you handle all of this, how you handle me.”
“That’s because I love you,” you sighed giving him a much-needed kiss. And soon enough, let’s just say Blake Lively was no longer paid attention to by the both of you.

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Written with the amazing help of: miss-manila