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ID doc´s  year in life


Christmas is almost here and I can´t believe that it´s gonna be a year since I started…doctoring. AND WHAT A YEAR. I feel like i learnt a lot but also like I still have even more learning to do.

There is a lot of u here, still don´t get how this rant-filled blog has so many followers but I am glad it has. I am glad there are folks out there caring about my every day bs (and some of u even follow me on twitter! what a ride that has to be.)

Well anyway, I feel like i haven´t posted anything of value in a while. So for the first time in a long frickin time i sat down with my computer, opened a bag of extra cheesy nachos and started to write down some ideas.

In this first post (out of few i guess) I wanna write u down some of the ideas/schemes which worked for me about how to handle your time as a first year doc. As u can see I won´t be using the term intern. Where I am from …u r not really an intern. U are a full fledged doc who still needs some supervision but also sometimes when somebody professionally younger ends up with you….sometimes I am the “attending”. Doesn´t happen often but it does happen sometimes. So if u are from similar backround, or even if u r not…I hope this is gonna be helpful…or something.

  1. Plan your year

What? A year? YOU MUST BE CRAY.

No actually it´s pretty neat so just hear me out. Have some sort of plan/planner. I use my iphone calendar which can sync with my computer´s and I use a paper planner too…bc I am oldschool. 

There are occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, work stuff like a conferences and tests and certificates to take which has to be planned super ahead. Making a rough outlook of your next year wont hurt. Setting up a reminder for your boyfriends bday a month ahead so u can research the perfect gift? I mean common…that can be neat. Reminding u the next dentist or gyno visit…..The last possible day to pay for that conference….SET UP SOME REMINDERS. Made my life so much easier.

2. Plan your month

Girl u gotta set up those period reminders. Getting stuck in a all nighter without pad or a tampon and  have to ask the nurse to bring u some from the supplies u have for patients….not pretty…and those pads and AWFUL. Nothing worse that handling your shift well just to realize your panties are like something from a murder scene. 

Totally kills the vibe.

Also it´s good to know when do u have shifts. Mark the dates. Do meal prep before a shift and a “cool down” activity after a shift. I usually go out to see a movie or just plan a fun night with my bf and a bottle of wine watching Gilmore girls. It will make u something to look forward to as u get up at 4:00 in the frickin morning for otherwise healthy young man who had one watery stool and vomited once…and u bet your ass he called himself an ambulance. OH the rage.

If u have some holiday that month…do so! Sleep in, cook food, chill out…self care folks. Planning is caring.

3. Plan your week

I usually play my week around three or four main activities. Firstly work, second my free tme, my chill time and my beauty time. I´ll talk about work later.

My free time is all about friends, family and my boyfriend. I make sure I stay connected with people I care about even only when I send the poo emoticon to my brother. I call with my mom. I do some reding for work, I check up with finances, I check up what´s needed at home. I make plans to cook/buy/clean up. If not on paper at least in my head. I do yoga.

I CANNOT recommend a more useful app as Wunderlist. If u like lists and u have a partner with who u share a flat THIS IS THE SHIT. It makes u share lists and u can see if he or she checks the boxes as DONE. Makes doing house-work and buying stuff way more easier. And fun.

My chill time is about winding down. I don´t usually do a lot of moving during my chill time. I either just watch netflix or read a book or scroll on tumblr or play new Dishonored. I just chill and I dont care if there are dirty dishes or if my core isnt tight enough.

Beauty time is all about the pampering. Working at the hospital is gonna take a lot. Not just the stress and long hours - but also the overheated rooms during winter when the ganitors run the central heating UP TO MAX SOLAR LEVEL BURN BURN EVERYONE BURN. Your hair suffers and your skin suffers and its all dry and kinda unhealthy looking and there are weird spots and veins….I take long baths, I do face masks and hair masks and essential oils. At least once a week there is a section which is all about that bod. Your body is your temple. And u wouldn´t want your temple to be dry gray depressing wasteland would u. Take care of that bod. There are few essentials, when it comes to these things- I use/bring to wards everyday but about that some other time.

I usually plan one or two fun activities each week. Might seem like that´s not enough but When I come at home at four, it already dark outside, and its six below zero…there isnt much will left in me to even do stuff, not talking about going outside! that´s cray! So that leaves weekends. I plan meetups with friends, trips to the cinema, getting to know the city (bc we moved). Anything really. Something to look forward during your work hours. Unless you work weekend in which case everything sucks and nothing can save you.

4. Plan out your day

Oh boy. I use to plan a day  into two big sections. Firstly work, secondly the rest.

I have to be at work before 7:00 and I should know at 7:00 if shit went down with my patients. It usually means sitting behind a computer, eating my breakfast, slurping strong coffee and reading my colleagues notes about the night shift.

Then I make small notes about my patients like
“Miss X will have CT today, need to call the tech and tell him…..”


“Mr. Y doesn´t like his diet…gotta talk with the diet nurse and come up with something..”

Stuff like that. Stuff actual FOR THAT DAY. 

If u are freshly out of school and suddenly u work at a hospital…the whole process can and probably will take some time to getting use to. You will have to make up a system which works for u -  from how to best manage patient, who u can turn when u need a surgeon´s opinion when the the surgeon on call is a total asshole. Which therapist is the best and actually helps people. Where u can score some free pens ? Stuff like that.

For me the hardest thing was how to most effeciantly do rounds. I often have 8-10patients. SOmetines when I am all alone on the floor I have 20patients. And they can be all very difficult cases. And nobody is there to help me.

So I usually start - first the acutely worsening - septic, old folks which cardiac problems, suspected PE etc….there is A LOT that can happen in ID department. If there isn´t anyone actively dying on me I usually start with new admits. They normally take the most time.

I check their papers, their vitals, their main complains and after I go check on the physically. Then I come back and write my notes, order tests etc. When that is all done I check out if any new results came in.

!!I always write notes into my patient´s papers about which results we are still waiting for.

Again, if nobody is actively dying, around twelve I go to have a lunch. I eat regularly. Bc, once again guys. Self-care. The department won´t crumble after you leave for 20-40minutes for your legally required brake. Also running a floor…its a team effort.

And thats why I have to make  a correction here…

The first thing I actually do when I come in in the morning, I ask the nurse: Who do I need to see first. Bc nurses are your eyes and ears and hands.

After lunch I write down plans for my patients, something like :need another chest xray and if clear will go home the day after tomorrow…etc. In that case u always know who and when u wanna discharge somebody.

Also I write discharge papers…I try to write a bit every day of their hospitalization…but i am gonna be honest…sometimes I am just too frickin lazy.

And then its 5minutes before the end of my work day. And that´s that.

When it comes to most of my notes in my planner about my post-work activities….I usually have writing down stuff like - V cooks dinner, dishes are on me this time, gotta start christmas decorations. Gotta buy a christmas tree! Write down all the food I wanna cook on christmas…look up recepies and ….

U get the idea.

I was never a big planner. I kinda swam tru my life plan-free. Stuff happened and I managed. But once I started working as a doc I realize there IS A LOT I have to keep up with - work and home and friends and LIFE. It cannot be all work and no fun.

Change- A Sam Wilkinson Fanfic- Chapters 5 and 6

So guyss… you think i should still update this? i need feedback pleasee. Hope you like it, ilysm

Previous chapters here

Chapter 5

“So, what am I supposed to wear tonight?” I asked a bit insecure as Jenn and I sat on one of the round tables of the back of the cafeteria.

“I don’t know, whatever you feel sexy in” she exclaimed making a weird voice and winking creepily “Something short and tight will make Sam go cray cray” I laughed and so did she.

“But really, what are you wearing? Like it’s a fancy party and I’m supposed to wear a dress or something more casual and I’m supposed to wear shorts and a tank top?” I asked biting my apple

“Have you ever watched Project X?” I nodded “Well, Ryder’s party is the sickest party of the year, and yeah, you could compare it with Project X”

“Ok…” I said not catching what she was saying

“Ugh, you are slow. Have you seen and lady wearing a fancy dress in that movie?”

“Well, no”

“That’s my point honey”

“Ok, no dress, casual outfit. Got it”

“You are welcome” she said trying her sandwich.

We heard some laughs and shouts from the entrance of the cafeteria. Jack was moving toward us as he said hi to some people on the way. He seemed really popular or at least liked. He came over and sat in the table with us.

“What’s up ladies?” he said taking a bite of Jenn’s sandwich

“Hey asshole, that’s all I’m eating today” she exclaimed furiously

“Sorry darling” he said imitating her voice. I laughed “Hey Y/n, so you are actually going to Ryder’s party tonight?”

“Yeah, it sounds fun. My first party in L.A.” I laughed

“Not every girl attends to her first LA party with a date…” He said smirking

“It’s not like a date.” I said defensively “he only offered to take me there”

“I told you she was naïve” Jenn said to Jack and they both nodded in agreement.

“When are you understanding the fact that he thinks you are cute? Come one, if you didn’t get the signals, you really need to see a doctor. He has been flirting with you ever since you stepped the school” he said tapping his head in frustration. I looked at Jenn and smiled to her.

 “Sorry, it’s actually kinda weird that a guy thinks I’m cute” I laughed faintly, “Are you sure?”

“Oh my God, I’m going to hit you right now” Jenn said.

“What girl? You are crazy” Jack said laughing, “If Sam hadn’t put his eyes on you, believe me, roar” he said making a seductive smile and imitating the sound of a tiger. I laughed very hard and felt quite flattered.

“Fine, he think I’m cute then” I said sighing and looking down.

“He does, so you better rock it tonight girl” she said pushing my shoulder slightly

“Yeah, you could really use this valuable information on your favor” Jack said grinning.

“Yeah?” I asked “And how could I do that?”

“I don’t know. Just seduce him with some hip dances” Jenn said moving her hips and joining her lips forming a kiss, which she threw at me and then winked. I laughed and Jack rolled his eyes.

“Or you could just make the first move” Jack said, “Kiss him”

“What?” I exclaimed laughing, “Not that slutty sorry”

“Ooooh, we have a hard to get over here, do we?” he said laughing incredibly loud.

“Shut up” I said laughing at his silliness.

Chapter 6

I sighed and cursed a little as I hit my head against my bedroom’s wall. I was standing in front of the mirror, looking at my dumb reflection, unsure of what to wear for tonight’s party. At my right, there was a big pile of clothes stuffed on my bed. I thought that maybe there were going to be a lot of people, and nobody would really check my outfit. I was wishing so hard to go low profile. But I had to look good, not only to myself, but to Sam. And although it sounded lame, I was getting very worried about all of this. I finally picked a pair of jean shorts and a plain white t-shirt with a blue and green plaid shirt on top. I grabbed my sneakers from under my bed and put them on.

“Where are you going?” Ty said resting his head on my door.

“A party” I said brushing mi hair with my hands

“Ryder Caffala’s party?”

“Um, yeah?” I stopped to look at him

“Good, I’m going there too”

“What?” I shouted “Literally what?”

“Chill sis, I won’t get near you and yours friends, not that I care”

“How did you get invited to the party?”

“He goes to my English class, and we are friends. Well he is one of the many friends I made today. There are some really hot chicks in school, I think I’m starting to like it over here” he said laughing

“You are a jerk” I said passing him and getting out of my room. I went downstairs to wait for Sam. It was 20 to 8, so I sat on the couch and watched some TV. A car’s horn rang all over the house. I ran desperately to the window to look through to find something I wasn’t expecting. In front of me, there was a dirty red car with a bunch of guys holding beer bottles and screaming things I couldn’t understand. When they saw me they started whistling and shouting more stuff my brain wasn’t able to incorporate. I closed the window’s curtain and headed towards the door. I got out and a slightly cold breeze hit my face.

“Can I help you?” I asked

“Hey honey, looking good tonight” a guy with sunglasses, useless actually, and an opened shirt said to me. I rolled my eyes and threw him a bad look.

“Shut up Craig” the driver, who thanks God wasn’t drunk and seemed to be in his five senses said. “Hi, I’m Tom. Is Tyler home?”

“Um yeah, I’ll call him.” I smiled to the guy and walked back inside. As I did this, I heard more whistles and shouts. I ran to Tyler’s room and got in without knocking. He was lying in his bed with his headphones on. I ripped them out.

“Hey” he exclaimed

“Your friends are downstairs”

“Already?” he said sitting on the bed “They were supposed to come later” he said looking at his watch.

“Well, they are here so you better go because they are creepers and I don’t want them in my house.

He laughed, “What did they do?”

I didn’t bother in answer. He soon got out of bed and headed downstairs. I looked through Ty’s window and saw how he was greeted and got inside the car. Just after that, a very familiar car took the place of the recently gone dirty car. I smiled to myself. My pocket vibrated but I was lost in Sam’s car. I could see his perfect face through the window of his car. And then I realized. I took my phone out of my pocket to read a message.

“ From: Sam Wilkinson: Heyy, Y/n! I’m outside already”

I replied quickly, “To: Sam Wilkinson: coming!”

I ran downstairs to find my parents at the end of the stairs. My big smile fade away as I saw their faces.

“You didn’t tell us a guy was picking you up” my father said frowning

“Yeah, I’m sorry. I guess I forgot…” I said heading the door

“Stop over there, young lady”

“What do you want?”

“One thing is this boy bringing you home after school but a completely different thing is this boy taking you to a party or God know where at night, all alone.”

My mother exclaimed

“Ok, he is taking me to the party, and he picked me up first because he lives two blocks away from here. We are picking other people now, but I was the first one.” I lied. My mother sighed and looked to my father searching for one approval look. My father nodded after some minutes of dead silence. “Thanks” I said relieved “Have a good night” I closed the door behind me and smiled to see Sam outside his car, leaning on the door, writing something on his phone. When he saw me he smiled widely.

“Hi” I said smiling too

“Wow, you look great,” he said

“Thanks” I said looking down at my outfit, “shall we go?”

“We shall.” he said in a fancy voice.

I laughed and he opened the car door for me. Once he was in the car as well, we headed to the party.

I smelled his car; it smelled exactly as the other day, when he dropped me home, except for the sweet smell of Sam’s cologne, which was diffused all over the car and got mixed with the tropical breeze of the car.

“Sorry for the delay” I said when we were two blocks away from my house.

“Nah, it’s ok” he glanced at me, “You guys always take a bit too much to get ready”

“Hey” I said pushing his shoulder slightly, he laughed. “My parents, they just interrogated me about everything”

“They did?”


“About me?” he guessed

I sighed, “They were worried about us going at night, all alone” I said imitating my mother’s voice

He laughed before saying, “So they have a bad impression about me, jeez, that’s an awful start, I’ll have to effort the double”

“What?” I replied laughing and blushing, he just smiled sweetly.

“So, where’s this party?” I asked

“Um not that far, but the road is always packed, so we might take a while”

“That’s fine by me”


The first of this mini series…Ryu x Lucario in a make believe crossover game!

But first…Do you know what day is today?  

It’s the one year anniversary of the day I submitted Bulbasaur to the internet in regards to that one project that I started called Pokemon One a Day! 

Before I give you my (usual, crazy long) write up for the art, I wanted to say thanks to all those who were with me during that journey…Can’t believe it’s over and that it turned out to be as successful as it was.  Insane!  Almost makes me want to do a season 2…

Ahem.  Back to this series!  By the way, this was started last year, before One a Day was a thing.  I sort of fell off of it and I decided to come back to it because I couldn’t just let the art sort of waste away…And with the announcement of Pokken Tournament today (the timing is insane and hilarious) it seems like the best time ever to start it up and share with you guys!


Lucario has been Ryu’s partner for a long time. The two have bonded to the highest possible level, and to this day follow the same routine in training. Lucario has picked up Ryu’s traits and personality down to the wire except at times he can be overly stern and serious. Other than that, he is calm, reserved and works tirelessly to keep up to his master’s level.

Ryu, Lucario, Ken and his partner have grown greatly since their initial challenge was issued and met. The four constantly spar, in doubles, of course. Ryu and Ken’s intense but friendly rivalry carry onto Lucario and his friend, although Lucario takes even light practice and sparring too seriously. Lucario’s only problem with Ryu is that he doesn’t understand why Ryu doesn’t go all out in the sparring matches with Ken.

Design and Concept

Lucario was the best possible choice for Ryu, in my opinion. I mean, I think it’s an understatement really. Lucario is a Steel/Fighting type, the two very types that embody Ryu to the fullest extent. The fighting type is sort of self-explanatory, but steel represents Ryu’s iron will and and never faltering nature.

Then you’ve got the fact that Lucario uses aura to fight and shoot projectiles…Kinda sounds like Hado and Hadouken, right? And what’s more is they both fire blue energy balls. Cray-cray!

When it came to giving a pose to the two, I had gotten Lucario’s right off the bat and was so very excited to implement it. In case you can’t tell, Lucario is mimicking Ryu’s iconic victory pose where he looks down, eyes closed, arms folded with his bandana blowing in the wind. It was clutch that Lucario has a band across his face and ears that look like the trailing bandana of his master.

Ryu is given a pose that you might expect him to make before any fight – getting prepped and ready to go. The general direction for this mini series is that all the duo portraits are pre-battle positions, like when the announcer is getting you set for the battle…Go for broke…Fight!!!

There’s not much else to say about Ryu – I wanted to make sure he looked Japanese, both in stature and appearance. His brown hair is traded for black, and he’s tanned quite a bit for training outside all the time. I made him shorter than usual as his heritage doesn’t usually churn out tall giant fighters. Because I used SFV character models as reference throughout the series, I suppose you’ll see some influence in the muscle department…For better or for worse for some of you:P

Oh, and lastly, the grass! I originally left it very simple and boring with shadows, but then I thought of spicing it up by paying homage to the older Pokemon games that began to add elements of scenery into the battle. I think it works well here, and grounds the two nicely. I added an outline to further connect the two different franchises and went with something more cartoony I suppose, despite the level of detail in the wrinkles of Ryu’s gi. I think it meshes well – what do you think?

So that’s today’s illustration! Ryu and Lucario are ready to battle! But who could they face!? Gee, I wonder… >. >

Thanks guys for tuning in and reading!  Just note that this series will slowly trickle over time. I know you guys are used to a daily series but I’ve learned to slow down and avoid the stress, so 1-2 day max wait for each new piece, okay?!  Luckily for you and I, a lot of them are nearly done so it’s all about getting in the finishing touches and doing these write ups!

Until next time, peace!