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More anime to realism, but with my second favourite from the Stardust Crusaders.  X3

Kakyoin, like Avdol, was interesting to do.  Namely, because in the Crusaders, he’s the only member who’s a full-blooded East Asian.  As a result, to draw him more realistically, he’d have features that are quite different to the rest of the group which would include a smaller nose, single eyelids and a less “heavier” looking and flatter face.  

I also had a set idea on what a realistic Kakyoin’s face would look like - I wanted his face to definitely fit the stereotypical Asian actor/idol looking face but to not be extremely pretty where he looks like a girl or extremely young one where he looks like a kid.

Am I the only one horribly disappointed at the anime portrayal of possessed!Guren? Because in the manga every scene with Mahiru taking over Guren is fucking beautiful and the anime does absolutely no justice to the original.

These scenes are so elegant and breathtaking, like the calm before a catastrophic storm, and the little details are the most important part.

After Guren switches personalities, everything about his body language changes. When he raises his sword his movements are all smooth and effortless, everything perfectly choreographed by Mahiru. He stands straight, no cocky slouching to be found. His uniform is perfectly buttoned up, despite being already torn and tattered from the previous battles. His face is completely blank, devoid of his usual swagger and determination, none of his usual fire or personality. There is no smile, no sign of joy at the surge in power. His eyes are cold and sharp yet burn with an inner agenda. Critically, he doesn’t speak at all when he doesn’t have to; it’s like Mahiru has no patience for this world and has no interest in anything other than her goal. And even though his body is still visibly wounded, he looks like he’s untouchable, unstoppable.

And instead in the anime we get this.

They simply make him look like a madman drunk with power. He’s portrayed as an out of control beast. He’s actually lurching around, dragging his sword, making a mad dash for his attacks. There’s none of the tragic magnificence we see in the manga, no restraint and control, no grace, just brute force. Even his collar is undone in another clumsy attempt to literally show how unbalanced he is. The worst part is the personality they decided to give possessed!Guren, with a talkative, loose mouth and an ugly smirk.

Guren should have been given his usual outward appearance, but with enough half-hidden details out of place that you realize that something’s very wrong. Instead, what we get is so utterly not what the original scene in the manga was trying to convey that I’m honestly disgusted.

Today I woke to tenderness in the palms of my hands,
Sewn in between lines that hold my fate,
And to a pair of blue eyes,
Cooling the flames taking shelter in mine.
You cut the silence in two
And stitch it together
And make it ours.
Today I woke and merged serenity and storms together,
Hips against hips,
Lips against lips.
If rage ever knew me,
I never knew her.
I’ve changed my name
And let me hair grow long.
—  P, extract from “Rage, Love and Three of Swords”

TITLE: A Mother’s Rage


AUTHOR: megsesvids

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being Loki’s lover but you not of royal blood, so you have to keep it a secret.

One day you realize that you are 


NOTES/WARNINGS: There is a reference to an Asgardian weapon in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. called the Berserker’s staff. I love the TV show I and I think it would work well in this story. So all you need to know is that the staff feeds on a person’s rage and makes then have the strength of 25 Asgardian Warriors. It has after effects if you don’t know how to control the rage.

I stood there in the doorway as the guard unsheathed his weapon to kill me. I looked into his eyes. I was no longer afraid for my life but for the life that had brought happiness to Loki. “You will never get into Valhalla if you do this,” I said.

The guard hesitated but did not relent either.

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My name is Nicole and my url is

 I was diagnosed with trichotillomnia when I was nine year old. I am now twenty and I have seen no long term remission over the past 11 years and I’m okay with that. I have come to a point in my life where I have have this dream of being pull-free, but I realize this may be just that- a dream. I am lucky, I have had trich for more than half my life and have never had significantly noticeable bald patches except for when I was in middle school. During this period, I felt so isolated and lonely, I felt as though I were a freak of nature. I used to have a bald spot on the crown of my head that made me resemble a Franciscan Friar. I wore a hair piece as well as hats, bandanas, and headbands. I used to eat my lunch in the bathroom and cry, only to hear other girls talking about how weird and ugly I was. I used to get called baldie, cancer girl, and alien. One kid ripped off my bandana on the playground and ran around with it like a trophy, I was humiliated. The older I got, the more depressed I seemed to become. I tried to kill myself 7 times. What child should feel so horrible that they would want to attempt suicide once, let alone 7? I tried drowning myself, hanging, I contemplated pills. when I was in high school I slept so much that I missed multiple weeks of school, my depression was getting way out of hand. I went to so many doctors over the years, they increased my prozac dosage to where I couldn’t feel anymore and for a while that worked fine… but I wanted to feel something. When I went to college and I thought I would be okay, I thought a change of scenery would be what I needed. I was so wrong. I went to one of the top schools for Fashion Design in the world, I was one of the 2% of people that got accepted to my major. I should have felt great. My trich became worse, I stopped sleeping, I forgot to eat, and I was depressed all the time. I tried to fake being happy, but that didn’t work. Well into my first semester, my grandmother got sick and two moths later she died. Do you think my professors gave a shit that my grandmother passed away? No, they yelled at me for missing class or coming in late or asking for an extension even though I had just lost one of my best friends. I also had special accommodations from NY state because of my anxiety, but it didn’t matter. Then when finals were winding down, one of the good friends that I made became really withdrawn and she tried to kill herself. I remember her sitting in my room one minute and the next minute she walked out muttering something about her phone. She was gone for a half hour until I finally said something to my other friends. We ran down to her dorm and tried to open the door, it wouldn’t budge. She had pushed her bed in front of the door so no one could come in. Her roommate pounded on the RA’s door as we all stood there shaking.  The RA ran out and she pushed the door open. We walked into the room and there my friend was standing outside the 6th story window getting ready to jump. I still have nightmares about watching her- high buildings and windows give me horrible flashbacks of her about to jump. After this I got diagnosed with PTSD and I went home for winter break. When I came back for spring semester I had horrible insomnia, I was having panic attacks every single day, pulling and picking all over my body, my mood was all over the place, I started hallucinating, and I was delusional. I believed I could phase through cars, I thought that I could stay awake forever, I screamed at people I loved for no reason, I went into violent rages, I pulled so much hair, I asked my friends to get me alcohol, I lied to people, I compulsively stole, and I felt invincible. I stopped showing up to class. My grades were good, but attendance is mandatory. I had to drop down to 9 credits and beg the college to let me continue being a full time student. I got diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I went for treatment and it helped a little, until I went back to school in the fall. I once again was delusional, not sleeping, not eating. I had stopped taking my meds. I stopped hanging out with my friends. My family was concerned. I finished the semester and withdrew from college… I am still unsure about this decision, but I feel better now. I am transferring schools and had to have my family threaten to kick me out, I got put on new meds and am doing better. I presented at the national annual trichotillomania conference this year. I told my story and came full circle. 10 years ago I was a scared little girl attending her first conference, finding out for the first time that what I did had a name and that there were others. This year, I helped scared little girls, boys, teens, and parents learn that they are not alone. For the first time in my life I don’t feel the need to blend in, I feel like I’m here for a reason. I am now part of TLC’s Millennial Task Force and help run the blog

Hopefully I can help other people see that it gets better. Life gets better.

Well I didn’t get to finally meet Taylor but I had the time of my life last night!!!! TAYLOR WAS AMAZING the show left me in a pile of tears! It was so incredible!!!!! When my video of me raging in my bathroom with my hair straightner to Blank Space popped up on the pre show entertainment reel I swear I passed out!!! What an incredible feeling to see yourself on the mega screen like that! When Taylor sang Sparks Fly Tameka and I thought we died! SPARKS FLY WAS THE DEATH OF US!!!!! THE SPINNING CATWALK, THE NOTE CHANGES, THE BASS THE GIANT PAPER AIRPLANES AND TAYLOR’S BEAUTIFUL WORDS WILL BE SUCH A BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL MEMORY! Thank you taylorswift for such an incredible night! I will always love you!

Shelby (aka the hair straightener girl 😉)